[Chasing the Cloud] Chapter 35 (End)

  During this period of time, Brother Jie read the entire ledger back and forth several times, but he couldn’t figure it out at all. It was full of numbers, which should have been encrypted. Judging from the list and data of the ledger, the names of the characters involved are replaced by numbers, but it can be determined that this is an important account of tax evasion and public relations bribery within the company.

  Afterwards, the three secretly met Zhao Yi, the deputy director of the Ouli Group, and handed over the ledger to him according to the deal agreed in advance.

  Zhao Yi got this long-lost account, and couldn’t help but smile. He carefully turned over a few pages and nodded with satisfaction. Then he got up and left, leaving a sentence before leaving, “Remember, we have never met.”

  Leaving the three of them in the teahouse box, not knowing what to do next, the plan to rescue Zhang Nini came to a deadlock. Xiao Su had no choice but to go to the rehabilitation hospital to look out the window of Zhang Nini.

  Brother Jie still did not give up the case, collected all kinds of information, researched loopholes, and looked for breakthrough points. Just when he was at a loss, he brought great news.

  Zhou Shijun was reported anonymously for tax evasion, bribery of officials, embezzlement of public funds, and the evidence is conclusive. The procuratorate is conducting a comprehensive investigation on him, and the people involved have been arrested, including Lao Jianliang.

  The news made them happy and ecstatic. The heroic army far away in Auckland also applauded, cursing the murderer to the end of the world.

  Obviously, this has something to do with Zhao Yi, vice chairman of the Ouli Group. It may be a company infighting, or a personal vendetta. In any case, it is in the right hands.

  Upon hearing the news that Zhou Shijun had been arrested, Xiao Su immediately rushed to the rehabilitation hospital and rushed to the VIP area on the sixth floor. Both the security guard and the nanny seemed to have gotten the news, so they didn’t stop Xiao Su.

  Zhang Nini was overjoyed to see Xiao Su appear again, holding the doll in her hand and hugging Xiao Su affectionately, tears streaming down her face. Although she is still incoherent, Xiao Su firmly believes that after she is freed from the clutches, she will slowly recover.

  Soon after, the procuratorate indicted Zhou Shijun and others on charges including serious tax evasion, bribery of officials, misappropriation of public funds, etc. According to the relevant laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China, they were sentenced to 15 years in prison, and their accomplice Lao Jianliang and others were sentenced to 10 years. Imprisonment and confiscation of all illegally acquired property.

  As soon as the news came out, Brother Jie immediately filed a second divorce proceedings. It was proposed that Zhou Shijun had to serve 15 years in prison in accordance with the law, was unable to perform his husband’s obligations, and could not take care of his mentally ill wife, and applied for divorce according to the “Marriage Law of the People’s Republic of China”.

  The court pronounced in court that, according to the National Marriage Law, through Zhang Nini’s request for divorce, the court forcibly dissolved the marriage between her and Zhou Shijun.

  Xiao Su’s eyes filled with tears of excitement, all this has finally passed, and Zhang Nini’s suffering has finally ended. When Xiao Su told Zhang Nini the exciting good news, she had some normal reactions, clenching Xiao Su’s hands and smiling with tears in her eyes.

  Now that the matter has come to an end, Chen Kai finally visited his father and hurried back to Oakland to meet with Xiao Su in Oakland again. Brother Jie also packed his luggage and returned to his city to continue the next lawsuit. The three shook hands and said goodbye. There will be a period later.

  Xiao Su returned to the rehabilitation hospital again, and after discussing with the doctor, decided to stay temporarily and be responsible for all the treatment expenses of Zhang Nini and the cooperation of the treatment plan. I won’t be able to go back to New Zealand for a while. I plan to find a job there first. With the returnee’s education and work experience, it’s not difficult.

  Soon after, under the advice of the rehabilitation doctor, Xiao Su’s parents brought Zhang Nini’s child to the rehabilitation hospital to try to meet her.

  When Zhang Nini saw her child, she immediately threw away the doll in her hand, tears welling up in her eyes. The whole person began to be sober, no longer talking nonsense, as if returning from fantasy to reality, and there was a major breakthrough in rehabilitation treatment.

  In the days that followed, under the further treatment of the doctor, Zhang Nini gradually recovered to health. Although her memory was sometimes broken, Xiao Su and her children always kept it in their hearts.

  Half a year later, Zhang Nini met the requirements of the hospital’s rehabilitation and was discharged from the hospital by Xiao Su for recuperation. The two also received a marriage certificate soon after.

  Not long after Chen Kai returned to Auckland, it happened to catch up with Wang Bingbing’s production. If it were a few days later, there would be no one to help Chen Kai’s store. Having a baby in New Zealand is very different from that in China. It is usually at home, so Xiongjun is very busy.

  In the first few weeks of the due date, the government will send a midwife free of charge, that is, a midwife, to check on her body and help with the delivery. If the physical condition is not well checked a few days before delivery, or the day of delivery is not smooth, the midwife will call the hospital ambulance and send it to the hospital for delivery, which can make Chinese people who are used to giving birth in the hospital feel nervous.

  On the day of delivery, it was really bad. Wang Bingbing’s amniotic fluid had broken and she was bedridden, two days earlier than her expected date of delivery. Xiongjun was so anxious that he immediately contacted the midwife, but was unable to arrive because of the traffic jam.

  Wang Bingbing was in unbearable pain, sweating profusely, and Xiongjun hurriedly called an ambulance. Before the ambulance arrived, I suddenly heard the cry of the baby. I turned around and saw that the baby was born!

  The child was crying and still attached to the umbilical cord. The whole bed was stained with blood, and the male soldier suddenly fell to the ground. Wang Bingbing looked down and was so frightened.

  At the critical moment, the ambulance and the midwife arrived at the same time, cut the umbilical cord for Wang Bingbing, made a bandage, checked her physical condition, and sent her to the hospital for observation. The whole process was thrilling. In the end, it went well. I was discharged from the hospital two days later and came back happily with my child. She is a lovely daughter.

  I don’t know if the Chinese are not as good as the foreigners, or if the physical quality of the modern young people is not as good as before. According to the midwife, foreigners usually give birth at home, and only in special circumstances will they be sent to the hospital for emergency treatment.

  That’s right, in the old generation of the elderly in China, in the days of the glorious mother, they would have five or six in their lifetime, and they usually gave birth at home or in a health center. Are today’s young people especially pampered?

  One side of the water and soil to support the other person can only follow the customs of the countryside. According to the experience of Xiongjun, it is best to go to the hospital early to give birth to a child in New Zealand.

  When a child is born, the government gives a considerable amount of milk powder. New Zealand advocates more births. The more births, the more rewards it will give. After Xiongjun and Wang Bingbing’s child was born, the nationality was New Zealand, because both parents had green cards, which made it a little troublesome for them to return to China, and they had to apply for a foreigner visit visa for the child.

  New Zealand’s law provides for up to half a year of paid maternity leave. In a store without Xiongjun, Chen Kai is a bit busy. The other two employees’ hands and feet are not as neat as Xiongjun’s, and they are lazy all day long. This is also the state of normal workers in New Zealand, and they are always slow and slow. If it weren’t for the green card application, Chen Kai would have thought of expelling them, but now he has no choice but to spend money to support them. Fortunately, Xiongjun returned to work two months later, which made Chen Kai relieved.

  Afterwards, Chen Kai submitted the green card application with confidence. On the stipulated days, the business operation was very smooth, and the turnover and income had reached the standard. Now everything is ready, and I only owe Dongfeng.

  However, the trial of the Immigration Bureau was as slow as ever, and it was only after more than two months that the immigration inspector was assigned. After more than two months, he gave a reply and asked Chen Kai to submit some supplementary business materials. I really don’t understand. I don’t know what they are doing in the past two months. I heard that they are doing some background security investigations. Who knows? Efficiency is slow, no excuses are needed.

  More than a month after Chen Kai supplemented the materials, he finally received the final decision letter from the Immigration Bureau. According to New Zealand’s immigration law, according to Chen Kai’s business plan and business situation, Chen Kai’s green card application is approved in principle.

  Chen Kai’s family cheered and cheered, and it was finally complete. After arriving in New Zealand, an unfamiliar place, after more than two years of hard work, I finally got the green card as scheduled and successfully immigrated. This green card is not easy to get, it contains more or less sadness and hardships. Next, as long as you have lived in New Zealand for two years, you can apply for a permanent visa, that is, a permanent green card. This is a New Zealand-specific resident visa, with a permanent green card, no matter how long you leave New Zealand. You can return to New Zealand to live at any time, and you will always be a resident of New Zealand and enjoy the benefits of New Zealand.

  Of course, this is not the end, everything has just begun. In this new world, Chen Kai has to start working harder. Two years later, he will apply for the reunion of his parents and immigrate, so that he can take over the elderly as soon as possible so that they can support them in the future.

  Chen Kai told me later that he couldn’t imagine the tragic situation in which all four elderly people fell ill in the hospital one day. A middle-class family like him will definitely go bankrupt. Reuniting and immigrating to the elderly is his next desperate goal.

  Compared with Chen Kai, Wang Baihe is not so smooth. He and Robert have been living together, and he filed a spousal green card application due, but was questioned by the Immigration Service. First of all, the age difference between the two is too big, more than 20 years old! Secondly, after living for nearly two years, there is no child or pregnancy, and a reasonable explanation is required.

  After all, Wang Baihe and Robert have lived for nearly two years, and they are considered friends. Robert helped to the end and wrote an explanation letter to the Immigration Bureau in person. The statement is that he took the initiative to not have children, and on the other hand, he asked his neighbors to write letters of proof to prove that Wang Baihe and his husband and wife were in love and lived together for two years.

  Unexpectedly, the Immigration Bureau actually sent a special person to visit the door unannounced. Fortunately, the two were well prepared, and they entered into pairs during that time. When the Immigration Bureau could not find any flaws in the end, it approved Wang Baihe’s spouse’s green card application in principle.

  Wang Baihe finally got the green card, but there was no joy, and the days were still worrying. I heard that the Immigration Bureau will return to visit regularly for spot checks. If they reveal their faults, they will be prosecuted by the Immigration Bureau for fraud. Not only will the green card be cancelled, but they will also have to be deported.

  This made Wang Baihe in a dilemma and was very embarrassed. If he moved away and separated from Robert, it would obviously be after he got the green card and parted ways. If I continue to live with Robert, I will feel very different. After all, the races are different and the living habits are different.

  After getting the green card, Wang Baihe went to visit her sister Wang Bingbing. The two sisters hadn’t seen each other for a long time and had a long talk. The sister’s residence is warm and romantic, and the couple with Xiongjun are in love, and the baby is lively and cute. All this made Wang Baihe suddenly feel a little desolate. After going abroad for so many years, apart from trying hard to make money and getting a green card, it seems that he has never been happy.

  What is the meaning of green card? For some, it’s a new way of life. And for some, it’s just a green sheet of paper.

  Later, Xiongjun told me that Wang Baihe had returned to China, and like those “successful” foreign girls, with a diploma and a large amount of cash, he never returned to New Zealand. Her green card also expired after two years, and she recently married into a wealthy family and held a grand wedding.

  Half a year ago, Wang Bingbing and Xiongjun returned to China with their two-year-old daughter, attended the wedding of their sister Wang Baihe, and visited Xiao Su and Zhang Nini by the way.

  Zhang Nini has gradually recovered, but her memory is often confused. In order to restore her memory better, Xiao Su took her back to New Zealand.

  That day, I happened to follow Chen Kai to the customs to pick up the goods. He dropped by the airport to pick up the plane. This was also the first time I saw Xiao Su and Zhang Nini. Their family of five people packed the car.

  That girl, I am very impressed, she looks pure and beautiful, but her eyes are dull, looking out the window stupidly. When Xiao Su asked her where she wanted to go, she smiled sweetly and replied, “Manuka Hotel.”

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