[Drunken Jasmine]Chapter 6 – Famous Flowers Have Owners

  ”I got on the bus and my wallet was stolen.” She sobbed over the phone.

  ”Where are you now?” I was so anxious that I really wanted to send over the phone line to find her.

  ”It’s right here at the public phone at the gate of your community.” She seemed to be about to cry.

  ”I’m here!”, hung up the phone, jumped out of bed, grabbed my jacket, closed the door, and rushed downstairs.

  I have forgotten all the pain in my body, and ran to the gate of the community at a sprint speed of 100 meters.

  From a distance, I saw her figure, and even her wet eyes could be seen.

  She felt me ​​and turned to look at me. Seeing me running towards her, there was a strong expression on my face.

  We looked at each other. Although there were tears in her eyes, she was strong and did not flow down. I felt her trembling, and I grabbed her hand, it was so cold.

  ”Are you cold?” I asked, holding her slightly trembling hand tightly.

  ”Hmm.” She nodded. She must have been frightened, and her whole body was cold.

  ”Not hurt?”, I checked her back and forth.

  ”No.” With tearful eyes, she turned to look at the side.

  A bus stopped not far from her. Several people were watching. The passengers on the bus sat obediently. The bus driver closed the door tightly and stood at the door smoking.

  ”What’s going on?”, I looked at her anxiously, pointed to the bus, and asked.

  ”As soon as I got on the bus, I found that my bag was pulled open and my wallet was gone. Then I immediately told the driver, who closed the door and no one was allowed to get off the bus, and then let me get out of the car and call the police.” , she said, trembling and sobbing.

  I stared into her tearful eyes, I really hope she’ll make it clear at once, I’m so anxious!

  ”Have you called the police?” I looked around, there were no police.

  ”Well, the police have already been called, and they said they will be there soon. Then I called you.” Why did she speak like a child, panicked, scared?

  Suddenly I heard the siren, a police car stopped by the bus, and three police comrades got off.

  I took her hand and walked quickly to the bus together.

  ”Who called the police?” A tall comrade police officer looked at the bus.

  ”I, my wallet was stolen.” She pointed to the bus with wet eyes.

  ”Okay, got it.” The police comrade answered so simply.

  The police asked the bus driver to open the door, and a policeman got in the bus and stared at it, not moving. Then let the passengers get off one by one, open the bags and check them all. Check one, leave one. In the cold wind, our hands are pulled together tightly, and there is a kind of situation that we can tide over the difficulties together.

  All the passengers were obedient, opened their bags one by one, checked and left, there were more than 20 people in total. However, her wallet was not found.

  ”Is there a lost wallet in the car?” the police comrade shouted.

  ”No.” I heard an answer from the bus.

  I saw this police comrade calmly walked over to us and said, “The wallet must have been stolen when we got into the car. After it was stolen, it was thrown to the accomplices on the side. The gang has long since left. Now they are all gangs. Do the case, be careful in the future. Make a note of what you’ve lost, and if you’re lucky, you’ll find an empty wallet.”

  So, she had to report the lost things, more than 400 yuan in cash and an ID card. Fortunately, there were no miscellaneous cards in that era, otherwise it would be really troublesome.

  After the treatment, the police comrades left quickly, and the bus also drove away. The two of us stood blankly in the cold wind, and we haven’t recovered yet.

  Both of us held our hands tightly and never let go. We should all be frightened, a little scared and overwhelmed. It was the first time for me and her to experience such a thing, and I felt that the world was suddenly very insecure and murderous.

  Pedestrians walking by looked at us, and we all thought he might be a thief, and he was a gang committing crimes.

  Do you just stand there stupidly? I should take her back, I turned around and saw a bus approaching and stopping.

  ”The bus is here, let’s go, I’ll take you back.” I pulled her and swayed onto the bus.

  She didn’t say a word, still looking panicked. I leaned against the railing, hand in hand with her, watching the people around me, feeling like they might be a gang of thieves because they looked at us every now and then. In fact, they were looking at my left hand tied in a plaster cast, and this innocent and beautiful woman.

  ”At the stop.” She pulled me to the door of the car.

  I staggered and quickly got off the bus with her.

  I’ve never been here before, it’s all villa areas, golden osmanthus gardens, lush and green inside, beautiful environment and clear air.

  She led me to the community. There are security guards at the entrance. This is really a high-end community. The parked cars are all four circles, three-pointed stars or four-square circles in white and blue.

  ”Here, I live here.” She pointed to the small villa and said.

  Looking up, No. 39, two floors, the first floor is brightly lit.

  ”Thank you for sending me back, I’m fine.” She let go of my hand and was about to go in, but suddenly she seemed to remember something.

  ”By the way, how are your legs? Does it hurt after walking so much? Are you tired?” She turned around and looked at me with panicked eyes.

  I had long forgotten that my leg had just recovered, or maybe it was because I was so excited that I didn’t feel the slightest pain.

  ”It’s okay, I’ll watch you go in, don’t be afraid.” I nodded to her with a man’s resolute and deep smile.

  ”Why do I suddenly feel like you have grown up, like a man.” She frowned and looked at me curiously.

  ”I’m a man, haha.” I scratched my head and smirked at her.

  ”Looking at you, you can indeed go to work.” She smiled reluctantly at me. Then he turned around, walked up the steps and knocked on the door.

  A man in his fifties or sixties opened the door, it should be her father. The two of them underestimated a few words, and she entered the door. Before entering the door, she glanced at me again and waved to me. It should be meant to let me go back, so I waved my hand, turned around and left.

  My heart was beating so fast on the way back, I suddenly felt that she was a woman who needed protection very much, and I wanted to protect her very much.

  At the same time, I also feel very guilty. If she hadn’t come to my house, she wouldn’t have had her wallet stolen, more than 400 yuan, and her ID card.

  Suddenly realizing that we seem to have been holding hands tightly just now, this feeling seems similar. He stretched his hand out in front of him and smelled the faint scent of jasmine.

  I usually don’t go out at night, and today I deeply felt the cold of the night. She has gone back in such cold conditions these past few days, which is really heartwarming.

  I got off the bus and walked home. I felt colder and colder along the way. I was shivering. Reminds me of how warm we were holding hands just now. The physics teacher said that it is true that the plus sign and the minus sign are connected together to generate heat.

  Just as I opened the door and walked in, the phone rang. what’s the situation?

  ”Hey, you’re home? Why has it been so long? I made several calls, thinking you had an accident.” Her anxious voice came from the phone.

  ”Nothing happened, I’m fine, but when I walked, I walked a little slower.” I smiled silly.

  ”I knew, your legs must be hurting, walking so much.” There was a hint of pity in her tone.

  ”It doesn’t hurt, it’s fine.”

  ”Okay then, see you tomorrow, good night.” Her tone returned to a gentle tone.

  ”Okay, good night. I wish you a good dream, don’t be afraid.” I comforted her.

  ”Haha, I’m not afraid.” She said naughty and hung up the phone.

  After changing into pajamas and lying on the bed, I feel that too much has happened in the past few days. Should I go and burn a incense? It may have been too unlucky recently, and everyone else has been implicated.

  The next day I got up very early, a person who was used to work, suddenly rested for a few days and felt uncomfortable. I went downstairs to buy breakfast, and got on the bus while eating. The people on the bus gave me their seats when they saw the plaster wrapped around my hands.

  Arrived at the office as usual, sat at my desk, and could work with one hand, just a little duller and slower. Holding a screwdriver, repairing a broken computer.

  ”Damn it, you’re back to work so soon? I don’t have a girl in my hands!”, Brother Xiong’s voice came from behind.

  ”Yeah, I feel fine. Even though this hand has a plaster cast, the other hand can also do things. I have no food to eat at home, and I am starving to death.” Gone.

  ”Haha, then be careful yourself.” Brother Xiong returned to the office with two hard drives.

  ”Hey! You’re here! Are you all right?”, came the most familiar voice behind me.

  ”Well, it’s all right. Are you alright taking the bus today?” I saw her recovering her mood, warm and sweet, with a smile on her face. Her lip color is so gorgeous today, exuding a mature and determined temperament, she seems to have become stronger, she is not as fragile as I imagined.

  ”It’s alright, I can be careful now. Let me tell you, I got a call from the Public Security Bureau this morning, saying that my wallet has been found. It was in the trash can next to the bus stop. The cleaners found it this morning. The money is gone, but the wallet and my ID are still there. Let me pick it up today.” She lowered her voice and said to me, afraid that her colleagues in the past would hear the same, with a smug smile.

  ”Really! That’s great, it would be troublesome to re-apply for an ID card.” Seeing her bright smile, I felt relieved.

  ”Yeah, these people are quite professional, haha.” She frowned and smiled helplessly.

  ”Looks like yes. If you throw your wallet and ID card in the river, you’ll be in trouble.”

  ”Yeah, I’m going to work now, let’s talk later.” After speaking, she turned her hair and left. Still the same, leaving a burst of fragrance.

  ”Oh, back to work so soon, yes, young people are full of energy. It’s not a big deal, right? The unit needs a dedicated person like you.” The director’s voice came from behind.

  ”Director, good morning. If you can walk, come back and see. If there is anything you can do, you can do what you can.” I said to the director humbly.

  ”Well, very good, pay attention to your body, I will give you a bonus later.” After he finished speaking, he staggered away.

  what! There is also a bonus, true or false? A blessing in disguise.

  At 11 o’clock, the movement outside gradually increased, and more people began to walk, and it was time to eat.

  ”Let’s go, eat.” I looked up, she was standing at the door with a lunch box in her hand, and she waved to me with a smile.

  I stood up immediately, but I was a little hesitant when I walked over. I thought that if I went to dinner with her like this in the work unit, would I attract rumors from my colleagues?

  ”Come on, you still have a plaster wrapped around one hand, how do you carry the dinner plate? I’ll help you.” Her charming smile made me follow him mindlessly.

  It seemed to make sense, so I followed her to the cafeteria. When my colleagues in the cafeteria saw the plaster wrapped around my hand, they all asked me to take the food first.

  She helped me prepare the meal and brought it to the table. We sat looking at each other and had lunch together.

  The two of us were silent, chewing and swallowing quietly. But I heard whispers from behind.

  ”I heard that the two of them were in a car accident.”

  ”Are they husband and wife? They don’t look alike.”

  ”Let’s have a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship.”

  ”Look at how affectionate they are.”

  ”Sister and brother love?”

  ”That girl is very beautiful, why haven’t I seen it before?”

  ”I just came here a few days ago.”

  ”I heard that the backstage is tough, don’t mess with her.”

  We vaguely heard a lot of similar voices, we looked at each other, and there was an uneasy look in her eyes.

  Brother Xiong will show up at meals, why is there no one today? I looked around and found that Brother Xiong was looking at me in the corner with a lewd smile, eating with a big mouthful of food.

  I have a bad feeling, is this about to start rumors?

  ”I’m finished, are you finished?” she asked me softly, looking around.

  ”Ah? Oh, I’ve finished eating too.” I didn’t actually finish it.

  She got up quickly, took the two plates to the recycling area, and we left the cafeteria together.

  Walking out of the cafeteria, the last voice I heard was, “Hey, look, the two of them left together.”

  We went back to our respective offices without saying a word. We all knew in our hearts that there might be a scandal in the work unit. In fact, we all know that there is nothing between us.

  In the days that followed, I barely saw her. During dinner, she sat far away, passed by my office, and didn’t say hello to me. We suddenly became strangers.

  Every day I go out of the office building after get off work, I look up at her office, and I don’t know why I do it, maybe it’s just to take a look at her.

  A week has passed, and suddenly one day after get off work, I looked up at her office as usual, and found that she was at the window. She looked at me too, and I paused for a moment, then smiled and nodded at her. She also smiled and waved to me, which suddenly made me feel comfortable and warm.

  As I walked away quickly, I thought to myself, what’s going on? I thought she didn’t know me anymore, but looking at the expression she waved to me just now, she was still as bright as before.

  That night, I got a call from her.

  ”Hello.” She spoke slowly. Is something wrong? Not quite like her previous style.

  ”Yeah.” I replied to her while thinking. I have a lot of questions to ask, but don’t know how to ask? Do you want to ask? I can only reply with a simple word.

  ”How about you, hand?” she asked hesitantly.

  ”I feel better, I’m going to have the cast removed this Sunday.” I was overjoyed that she cared so much about me.

  ”Very good, then, bye.” She spoke slowly, ready to hang up.

  ”How are you?”, I added quickly.

  ”Okay, goodbye.” She hesitantly replied with two simple words. I subconsciously felt that she was not well, but she refused to say anything. Forget it, let her go.

  ”Well, bye.” I also hung up the phone.

  Lying in bed thinking wildly, what’s going on, what’s going on? Even ordinary friends shouldn’t suddenly become so indifferent. Something must have happened to her. There have been no rumors in the unit recently.

  Suddenly, I felt that the happy time we spent together before was like a dream. Is it really a dream?

  I must be thinking too much, simple friendship. Do you have ulterior motives after thinking so much? May be too sensitive, think too much, sleep peacefully.

  However, the feeling she gave me was not wrong, I could clearly feel her love, her care and concern for me. Ha ha! I get it, it’s called being self-motivated, turning off the lights, and going to sleep.

  It’s Friday afternoon, it’s almost time to get off work. Everyone has already prepared their bags, and it’s another happy weekend.

  Sure enough, when it was time to get off work, everyone rushed out like a gust of wind. The people left in the office either didn’t finish their work, didn’t know where to go after get off work, or, like me, were going to play games in the work unit to pass the time.

  ”You haven’t left yet, what are you doing?” Brother Xiong appeared at the door of my office.

  ”Play the game for a while, there’s nothing to do anyway.” I skillfully pressed the keyboard to make moves.

  ”I’m downloading a movie, and the network speed of my unit is fast. It’s still more than an hour away. I’ll go back when I’m done, or I won’t have anything to watch on the weekend.” I understand his wicked smile.

  ”Oh, Section Chief Zhou, you’re here.” Suddenly, the director’s voice came from the quiet corridor outside.

  ”Director Wang, hello, hello, I have been looking forward to it for a long time.”

  ”Director Wang, okay.” Several people spoke at the same time.

  Brother Xiong and I turned our heads outside at the same time and listened carefully. I only heard a few people outside chirping and playing official accents, all of which were polite.

  ”Our family is here with you, please take care of you.”

  Suddenly hearing a familiar name, we all pricked up our ears and listened carefully. This person seems to have a close relationship with her, so he opened his mouth and said, “Ni Ni of our family”, who is he?

  Brother Xiong and I looked at each other in confusion and felt strange. There should be some gossip news. Brother Xiong was very curious.

  ”Senior Zhou invites guests to dinner, how can you not show face? We will come right away.” The voice of Director Qu Zunxian came from outside.

  ”Okay, okay, then I’ll wait for you in the box, see you later.”

  Then I heard footsteps of a group of people coming downstairs. Brother Xiong and I suddenly understood that this Zhang Nini’s backer is indeed strong enough, and there is a section chief-level person who supports her.

  ”You two haven’t left yet? Then come with me and go to dinner.” The director suddenly appeared at our door and shouted.

  Before we could react, he went to the next office, and we heard the same words from there, “You, go to dinner with me.”

  ”Fuck, I really don’t want to go.” Brother Xiong whispered to me.

  ”Why? Isn’t it good to eat?”, I asked like a fool.

  ”This kind of dinner is the most troublesome. Several officials are there to brag and toast. The director finds a group of people to accompany the wine, do you think it’s really dinner?” Brother Xiong explained to me in annoyance.

  Hearing what Brother Xiong said, I was really scared. I never drink alcohol and have never experienced such a scene.

  ”Then let me flash people quickly.” I hurriedly shut down the computer to organize my bag.

  ”You don’t want to mess around? The director just called you, how dare you leave?” Brother Xiong looked at me with a helpless expression.

  So, under the leadership of the director, we walked to a restaurant next to the unit. I know this restaurant. Usually there are beautiful waiters standing at the door. I have never been in it. There are all kinds of lively aquatic products in the glass fiber reinforced plastics. At a glance, I know that the price is expensive and the grade is high.

  ”Oh, isn’t this Director Wang? You don’t seem to have reserved a box today.” The hotel waiter shouted as soon as he entered the door.

  It seems that the director is a frequent visitor here, often gathering here with some officials and businessmen.

  ”No, I have an appointment, Section Chief Zhou.” The director was simple and clear, with a serious expression.

  ”Oh, I know, Chief Zhou of the Taxation Bureau. Come, please come with me.” The waiter immediately took us to the big box on the second floor.

  ”Haha, Section Chief Zhou, I’m sorry to keep you waiting.” The director shouted loudly and led us in.

  I think we were like maids and eunuchs in the palace, quietly lined up and moved in.

  Suddenly, I found Zhang Nini sitting next to a man in his 40s, expressionless. She glanced at me and quickly looked away. There is a look of shame, why is this?

  The man shouted to the director, “Come, come, three drinks.”

  This man should be the one who was talking outside just now, the very awesome section chief of the tax bureau, right? His face was thin, a bit like a monkey face. He has triangular eyes. His eyebrows were short and thick, with drooping tips like two hanging knives. When he laughs, he does not laugh. Just looking at his face, you can tell that this person is very treacherous, with a belly full of ghosts.

  The director picked up the wine glass, which is three glasses, “It’s the first thing to do.”

  ”Where, where, in terms of seniority, I should be the one who respects you first.” The man took a drink and drank it, shaking his eyebrows at the director, a pointed mouth showing a strange smile.

  ”That said, you are young and promising. We are all old, and we all depend on you to take care of them.” The director laughed and poured him a drink.

  ”Speaking of taking care, our family Zhang Nini is here to cause you trouble. Come on, I’ll give you a toast.” The man picked up the glass again and drank it down. Compared with the fat pig of the director, he is well-proportioned and has no stomach. He should be a person who exercises regularly.

  The few of us were like idiots, standing there blankly, watching them respectfully come and go. But I seem to understand that the relationship between her and that man should be relatives.

  ”Come here, you all sit down and let me introduce you. This is the section chief of the tax bureau, Zhou, who usually takes great care of us. He is also Zhang Nini’s fiancé.” The director invited us to sit down and said to us solemnly. .

  ”Section Chief Zhou is next to his good brother, Director Li of the Public Security Bureau.” The director introduced them one by one.

  I was suddenly shocked, my God, this man in his 40s is actually her fiancé. I was shocked that she already had a fiancé.

  At first, I only knew that she was a relationship household who came in by relationship. It turned out that her relationship was so hard! The tax bureau is still the chief! I don’t understand how such a woman who looks like a flower and jade can’t even make simple drawings. It’s all clear now!

  I didn’t feel the slightest admiration in my heart, but a huge nausea. I didn’t expect that she was such a person. Relying on her own beauty, she became an official wife. I didn’t expect that she was such a disgusting and vulgar woman.

  Her previous image in my heart was completely shattered, and I kept shaking my head in my heart, feeling disgusted.

  The noisy wine table disgusts me, as Brother Xiong said, what kind of shit is this, it’s just bullshitting. Yes, this is the “egg”!

  But why does Brother Xiong have a respectful look on his face, pick up the wine and keep toasting it, drinking it with big gulps? It’s not that he doesn’t like this, why does he want to act? Well, maybe it’s called socializing.

  ”I’m getting old, so I can afford to drink like you young people. Come and give me a drink to Section Chief Zhou.” The director picked up the glass and pointed at us.

  That whoever stood up like an idiot, took a big gulp of the wine, and did it.

  ”Come, come, you also have a cup to Section Chief Zhou.” The director pointed at me with a perverted smile.

  ”Ah? I’ve never drunk alcohol.” I turned to the director and said loudly.

  The director glared at me, slapped the glass hard on the table, and picked up a bottle of Maotai beside him, “I need to drink more, I need to drink a little more, come, come, fill it up.”

  The director was about to fill my wine glass when he heard a clear and pleasant voice, “He can’t drink, the doctor said.”

  I turned my head and glanced at her, and she looked at me with a worried expression.

  ”This guy is the one who had a car accident with our family Ni Ni last time, right? He still has a plaster on his hand.” Section Chief Zhou looked at me sideways, exhaled a puff of smoke, and flicked the cigarette ashes. , looked me up and down.

  ”Of course, you can’t drink. Director, you are so wrong. Take good care of the children! You will punish yourself for three drinks.” Section Chief Zhou picked up the bottle and filled it up for the Director.

  The director greeted him with a smile and drank three more cups. These lunatics, corrupt officials! nausea! I kept cursing in my heart.

  ”By the way, Xiaoxiong. The batch of new computers our department wants this time is still the same. It’s almost a little expensive if you help me with something. Anyway, you know it.” Section Chief Zhou told Brother Xiong. He raised his glass and shook his two short eyebrows slightly.

  ”I understand, I understand, I know.” Brother Xiong narrowed his eyes, stood up with a smile on his face, and toasted that Section Chief Zhou.

  It seems that Brother Xiong has business with them in private, no wonder there is no way to socialize with them. What is something almost, the price is more expensive? It must be able to get a lot of rebates, the garbage of this society, disgusting! What a section chief, bah!

  I sat dumbfounded, I was not a character in their eyes, they had ignored me. They were drinking like a madman. A few poor miserable ghosts, who could have gone home after finishing their work, are now flushed and unable to wake up.

  Although I never looked at her again, I felt that she was watching me all the time, what did she want to say to me? No, it’s not possible, it’s not necessary, maybe I’m thinking too much. This woman is so disgusting!

  2 hours passed, and it was a very long time. I looked up and saw that the wine table was like a battlefield, and they all fell down. Sure enough, they all came to be cannon fodder, to stop the wine for the director, and now they have all sacrificed.

  There were also several soldiers beside that Chief Zhou, who were also drunk and unconscious. I don’t want to participate in this kind of perverted entertainment anymore, I’m a lunatic!

  I finally have to pay the bill and leave, and I’m going crazy.

  ”Where’s the waiter? Come, come, pay the bill.” Section Chief Zhou threw the cigarette butt into the wine glass, turned his head and shouted.

  ”Why is this so embarrassing, I’ll come, I’ll come.” The director quickly got up, kicked away the drunken zombies beside him, and prepared to go out to pay.

  ”Senior Zhou, you came to eat with me to give me face. Paying for the bill is to slap my face, haha.” A middle-aged fat man came in with a wine glass in his hand and stepped forward to toast.

  This person squinted his eyes, his face was full of flesh, and he nodded and bowed his head. This should be the boss, right? Yes, he should be the boss, that’s right.

  ”You kid, come in and give me a toast when I’m done eating! Do you think the tax payment is too little?” The Section Chief Zhou picked up a peanut and threw it in his face, shouting shamelessly road.

  ”Ah, Section Chief Zhou, if it wasn’t for your care, my shop would have been open until now. You are all big roles today, so I’m afraid to come in and disturb you. No, when you finish eating, I’ll come in to make up for you. A toast. How good I am, right, haha.” The boss touched his face and said slyly.

  ”Come here, fill him up.” I saw that the boss picked up the wine glass and drank a large glass of wine in one sip. Then continue pouring wine into your glass, drinking like a drink.

  ”Director Li, I also toast to you. If it wasn’t for the protection of your people’s police, my shop would have been demolished by the gangsters, haha. Come over for dinner if you have time, this box is specially reserved for you. “, the boss finished, and drank another large glass of wine. After pouring the wine glass, there is not a drop left, and show it to everyone.

  This Director Li didn’t say a word, but the corner of his mouth was slightly tilted and he smiled coldly. It doesn’t seem like a good thing, disgusting.

  ”Look, we have drunk several people here. In your store, you are responsible. Get a few girls and sober them up.” This Section Chief Zhou picked up a cigarette and put it in his mouth inside. The boss hurried forward and took out a lighter from his pocket.

  ”Ah yo, Section Chief Zhou, we are here for dinner, not for massage. Besides, Chief Li is here, how dare I have a girl who can sober you up, haha.” The boss lit a cigarette for him, slyly rapping.

  ”Haha, I’m joking, you idiot.” Section Chief Zhou exhaled a puff of smoke at the boss’s face, turned his head and smiled at everyone.

  ”Yes, yes, if I hadn’t been a fool, you would have brought me a promotion and a fortune. Now I can only serve you with food and drink. I hope you will take care of me.” glass of wine.

  ”Let’s go, get up, go.” Section Chief Zhou threw the cigarette butt on a drunken idiot, got up and shouted.

  ”Section Chief Zhou, walk slowly. There are two boxes of good wine prepared for you at the door. Please bring them back and help me check. If you think the wine is good, I will dare to buy it next time.” Section Chief Zhou said softly in his ear.

  Several of their “leaders” walked out the door while talking and laughing. Our group of zombies also got up slowly and moved out.

  It’s really disgusting, this is social entertainment, this group of scumbags, I keep insulting in my heart.

  When the director arrived at the door of the restaurant, he bowed and shook hands, asked cold and warm, and sent them away one by one. We’re a bunch of zombies standing in the wind watching, I feel like a fool, it’s a real shame.

  I glanced at her, she wore a foxtail scarf around her neck, and got into the car of Section Chief Zhou with a blank expression. The moment the car started, she turned her head to look at me with a reluctant smile on her face, then turned her head away without saying a word. I watched her silently, watching her disappear from sight.

  ”It’s too late, take a taxi back, remember to issue the invoice, and reimburse the unit tomorrow.” Brother Xiong patted my shoulder and said. After he finished speaking, he also burped a wine burp, taking a sip of alcohol. Brother Xiong is also working hard, why?

  I took a taxi and went home. Along the way, I was upset. I hated this group of people, and even more hated these miserable ghosts like zombies, meaningless accompanying drinkers, being drunk and unable to wake up, what a pitiful creature. This society is too dark, this group of garbage is really lawless! No, in their eyes, maybe I’m just trash.

  When I got home, I was lying on the bed, looking at the ceiling, and I felt like I was a little numb.

  The few in the unit are also colleagues, just like prisoners in a cage. Under the play of fate, they have no resistance and no idea of ​​resistance, which is too sad.

  Well, what about her?

  I don’t think about anything, thinking about anything is a waste of time and energy.

  Close your eyes and let me sleep, only then can I feel relieved.

  To be continued…

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