[How Goblins Are Made] Chapter 2

  One day, the curly-haired brother came over with his girlfriend, just saw me squatting in the corner doing my homework, and paused for a while. We looked at each other, and I saw a trace of pity or sympathy in his eyes. Maybe it’s because I took him to the arcade room to play games in the past, or I saw me squatting in the corner and doing my homework pitifully. He pulled me up from the ground and took me into the dark Internet cafe, where I was granted permission to enter. I was deeply moved.

  Later, I asked Mr. Curly Hair to find out. He said that he saw a spirit in me, a kind of passionate and crazy pursuit of computers like him, and he did not forget the hardships of life and did not give up easily. Tenacious spirit. This may sound nonsense, but it’s the truth. From the point of view of a layman, it is a fact that he is obsessed with playing computer games and cannot extricate himself.

  When Brother Curly took me in, I thought Boss Wang would scold me like the teacher. But it didn’t, and it doesn’t seem to have found it. Maybe I was too young and ignorant at the time, but looking back now, they just thought we were too annoying, and we didn’t have a lot of money on us. We took up space here all day and watched them play games. It was annoying to death.

  Seeing that Boss Wang didn’t have any special reaction, he got up and took a look, then turned around and fell asleep. It was only when my uneasy heart settled down that it was really funny to think about it now.

  Sitting next to Brother Curly and watching him play cc’s sharp operation, I learned a lot of skills, as well as a lot of bug operation methods, spaced towers, etc. But not long after, a woman suddenly rushed in, grabbed a buddy’s ear and dragged him out. This is the first time we have seen such a violent woman. Boss Wang, who was terrified and slept on the bed, quickly wrapped his naked body in only a pair of underwear with a blanket.

  I know the guy who was dragged out, a familiar face in the arcade room. He used to be from our elementary school, but now I don’t know which junior high school he went to. I didn’t expect his mother to be so perverted. I remember that he was dragged out by his mother like this in the arcade room before, and this was not the first time. In comparison, my parents are really open-minded, and I feel very happy and at ease.

  ”Fuck, crazy, this is my house!” Boss Wang yelled at the door. He got up angrily, closed the door, locked it, lay back on his mat, and continued to sleep. It seems like this is a regular occurrence, it’s just the first time I’ve seen it.

  ”Who are you, hurry up and take over!” Brother Curly pointed at the vacant seat and shouted anxiously.

  The buddy who was dragged away just now was his ally, and now he is fighting alone and is in a state of urgency. Several of us looked at each other in dismay, and no one dared to go up and play, because there was not much money in our pockets, and the fee of four yuan an hour could not be paid. But the battle situation at that time was very tense, and the victory and defeat were in those few seconds.

  I took out 1 yuan, 95 cents in my pocket, looked up at Brother Curly Hair, and then turned to look at Boss Wang, who was sleeping soundly. I had enough money but not enough money. That 1 yuan 95 cents is the popsicle money I saved in the past two months, and I still remember it fresh.

  The curly-haired brother nodded to me and invited me to sit down and fight immediately. I slapped the 1 yuan 95 cents on the computer table and sat down. It was the first time in my life that I touched the computer, the mouse and the keyboard. My whole body seemed to be reborn, my heart was beating like thunder, and my whole body was stiff.

  I actually stopped, and I couldn’t even control the mouse, and the whole screen flew around in front of me. When Brother Curly saw this, he sighed helplessly and turned to focus on his own battle. There were also whispers behind him, which probably meant that he couldn’t even use the mouse well, and he didn’t make any progress after watching it for a few months.

  Fortunately, I watched them operate before, and immediately opened the command menu and halved the movement speed of the mouse, and then the mouse was controlled. Under great pressure, I moved the mouse rigidly and continued this seemingly hopeless battle.

  The curly-haired brother was in a nervous rush, fighting with one against two, with a cold sweat on his head. The other two looked like they were bound to win, they had long since left me behind and went all out to attack Brother Curly Hair. This gave me a lot of time to develop the economy and create a large number of troops. According to the strategy and tactics I watched in the previous two months, I dragged the troops directly to the enemy base.

  Just when Brother Curly was outnumbered and could not support it, at a critical moment, one person suddenly shouted: “The base has been attacked!”

  The two enemies immediately transferred their troops, but it was too late. My tanks and infantry directly blew up the opponent’s base. Before they rushed back to the base, they destroyed the electrical facilities, and then the heavy factory. After they hurried back to the base, I also stayed calm, set up a formation, and faced them hard steel in the enemy base.

  Because they were in a hurry to get back to the base, under the hasty operation, the returning infantry did not march in a concentrated manner, and were scattered in a mess. I concentrated firepower and annihilated them in turn. In the end, the less wins the more, and in the enemy base, fight hard to the end, and sacrifice all. The two of them recaptured the ruined base, slapped their legs and screamed in pain, and suffered heavy losses.

  Based on watching the battle for the past two months and knowing the two of them, I determined that they would assemble their troops and come to my base soon. I have built a lot of fortifications in the base. Sure enough, when their tank troops arrived, the three laser towers of our rebel base were already standing there, one coming, one second, easy to defend and difficult to attack.

  Just when they were in a dilemma, Brother Curly Hair had recovered his vitality, and a small group of troops were assembled to attack the enemy base. Their backyard caught fire again, and the troops were immediately transferred back. When I saw that they had withdrawn, they had an idea and immediately sold the three laser towers, returned the funds, and made the troops to organize an attack again.

  Brother Curly saw my sharp operation and said excitedly, “We will win!”

  A few minutes later, the two enemy troops rushed back to the base, eliminated the remnants of Brother Curly, and rushed to Brother Curly’s base, preparing to kill him this time. And this time, they are all out, and there is no worries, because they know that my base is full of defensive facilities, and there are no offensive weapons.

  This is where they miscalculated, when they just arrived at the base of the curly hair, my tank arrived at their base again, and started a sneak attack again. They were puzzled, how could I get so much money to build defensive laser towers and create troops to attack.

  In this way, the enemy’s position was disrupted, the battle was reversed, and we kept beating by the nose, and finally exhausted and ended by self-destruction.

  Just like when I was playing the arcade game with Brother Curly in the arcade room, there was a burst of applause from behind. I became famous in this dark Internet cafe. Boss Wang also sat up from the bed, his face full of amazement. The curly-haired brother got up excitedly, took Coke out of the refrigerator, opened a bottle and handed it to me, asking me to drink Coke.

  ”I knew you were very special. Just like playing arcades, you always have tricks.” Brother Curly said proudly, as if he had hired a proud student.

  After the small talk, they sat down and invited me to another round. Even Boss Wang shouted excitedly, “Fight them and let me see your level.”

  And what I worry about is time, 1 yuan 95 cents, this is two months, the hard money saved. Looking up, half an hour is almost up, and there are two minutes left. I just became famous here. I can’t be discriminated against or looked down on by them because I can’t play computer games. That would damage my image. In desperation, I had to get up and say to them: I still have something to do, I have to go first.

  They were a little disappointed when they saw me leave, especially the curly-haired brother, who was still in a hurry just now, but now he lit a cigarette and looked a little annoyed.

  After walking out of the black Internet cafe, there was a shout from Boss Wang from behind, “Come back after a good meal!”

  Indeed, it was almost time for dinner, and they thought I was going home on time for dinner. But I had no choice but to leave, I had no money in my mouth, and I didn’t want to lose face. The next day, I didn’t go to the dark Internet cafe again, for fear that after I went in, they invited me to sit down and play online together.

  After school, I went home early in the morning. It was a bit strange for my mother to see me coming back so early. Seeing me finish my homework seriously and sit there in a daze, it was very unusual. She would never have imagined that a 15-year-old child was worrying about money.

  I never asked my parents for money, and even if they did, that would be a legitimate reason to buy some comic books or something, and old comic books on the bookstall. After my mother gave birth to me, she applied for early retirement in her work unit and took care of me at home. Usually day and night to do some tailoring work, earn a meager income. My father was also an ordinary worker in the factory with a meager salary.

  Poor and lowly couples are in bad luck, and their parents’ relationship is not very good, and they often quarrel over money. My father was a poor man, but he had a rich head. He liked photography, engaging in art, and writing articles on weekdays, all of which required a lot of money and time, but he didn’t have it, so he spent a lot of money on it. My mom’s hard-earned money. My mother knows that poor people live and work hard every day and night. Since I was a child, it is not a taste. I often fantasize that I am an emperor, so that my mother doesn’t have to do anything, just enjoy the happiness every day. . The family background is briefly mentioned, so I won’t repeat it, so I never ask my parents for money.

  After dinner, I wandered around the community, wondering how to make money. Strolling through the prosperous neighborhood night market, all kinds of vendors are shouting and promoting their products, I seem to have some inspiration, but I can’t summarize it yet. The basic concept is to do business.

  I came to the used book stand of an old man in the community. I know this old man, and he often buys some cheap old comic books from him. There happened to be a young man who sold some old books he didn’t want to this old man. My eyes lit up, there were several books in it, I recognized it at a glance, Saint Seiya, Dragon Ball, Arale, after all, I am also an anime lover. Of course, in 1995, the concept and theme of animation did not exist in China.

  I applied for ten dollars from my mother before, and I thought of going to the bookstore to buy a volume of seven Dragon Balls. There are five volumes in one volume. At that time, the price of each volume was 1.98 cents. Ten dollars was just enough to buy one volume, five volumes. And I can buy two volumes from this old man who sells old books, and the price of ten copies is one yuan. Although the books are a little old and 70% to 80% new, they can be read completely. By exchanging these books with classmates, you can see more.

  And this old man bought the young man for 50 cents a book. When he looked up, he sold it to me for a dollar and made a profit of 50 cents. I rely on! He made double the money! Big loss.

  But again, I still have a few comic books at home. If I sell them to him, wouldn’t I have the money to play computer games? It’s really a way! I immediately turned around and went home, holding the pile of old comic books, and came to the old man.

  Four volumes of the Seven Dragon Balls, two volumes of Saint Seiya, a total of 30 copies, I was thinking, for 15 yuan, you can play computer games for more than three hours. Well, it’s worth it.

  Unexpectedly, when I came to this old man with this pile of comic books and wanted to resell it to him, he said to me: I have already collected too much today, so I will not accept it.

  what! I felt sad for a while, and the beautiful idea just now came to nothing. Well, since this is the case, there is no way, come back another day. When I turned to leave, he stopped me again.

  The old man had an embarrassed look on his face, as if he had accepted my old book because I was a child and helped me out. At the same time, he said to me: a book for four cents.

  ”Ah? Wasn’t it fifty cents just now? Why is it forty cents?” I asked in confusion.

  ”The young man’s book just now is relatively new, and yours is so old. And I have received too many books today, and I can’t sell them all. Since you are a child, that’s why I help you.” This old man Yiyi Said rightly.

  I thought about it for a long time, and it seemed to make sense. I didn’t want to sell it to this old man, but I thought about playing computer games, and finally I compromised.

  One-handed payment, second-hand delivery, I received 12 yuan from this old man, and I was very excited. This was the first transaction in my life, even though it was a business that lost money.

  But this old man said to me: the book is mine now, the money has been given to you, you can’t go back, don’t come to me later, take the book back.

  It’s okay if he doesn’t say it, but he said it, and it hit my self-esteem badly. In his eyes, am I an ignorant kid? It was precisely because of his words that I felt that he was cheating on me.

  ”This damn old man, cheating me for a dime and a book, bullying children.” I cursed in my heart, turned and left. But it didn’t take long for me to understand the reasoning. This is doing business and bargaining. If I lose, he will make a profit. On the contrary, if I make a profit, he will lose.

  With these 12 yuan, I straightened my back again, and walked into the black Internet cafe swaggeringly. I haven’t seen it for a day. For example, every three autumns, they still miss me, asking me if I am cold or warm. But I don’t sit down and play with them easily. I just watch the battle. The 12 dollars will be spent, and my heart will tremble. In the end, it persisted for a month. Under their repeated invitations, the 12 yuan was spent, and it was divided into three days, playing for an hour every day.

  This money is like a knife, and it is worth the money. During these three hours, I gave full play to the tactics and strategies I had learned in the past few months. Every battle made everyone in the Internet cafe feel This kid is outstanding. Boss Wang of the Internet Cafe also personally went to battle with me, and finally got a draw with me.

  Just when everyone was watching and in high spirits, I left the dark Internet cafe again for the simple reason that I ran out of money. I wanted to talk to Boss Wang about whether the price could be cheaper, but there are only four computers in the black Internet cafe, and the seats are full every day. There are a lot of rich people, and the four computers are occupied 24 hours a day, just like a factory. Just like the four machines on the assembly line, it keeps generating profits. If they hadn’t invited me to participate in the war, they wouldn’t have had a chance to sit down at all, and there’s no reason to think about it. Why did Boss Wang treat me specially and lower the price for me?

  Fortunately, I am a self-aware person. One day, a buddy asked Boss Wang if he could lower the price a bit cheaper. Boss Wang is also helpless and expresses his difficulties. First of all, these old 386 computers are expensive, and the peasant house he rented has to pay monthly rent. He is already living in poverty. Now he lives in this dilapidated rental house every day, and he doesn’t know what to do in the future. manage.

  Hearing this makes me feel a little sad. In the past, when he was asleep, everyone would consciously throw the fee to be paid by his pillow. But since then, when I saw this picture, I felt that Boss Wang was like a beggar. We threw alms to him, not the fee to play the game. It seems that everyone’s life is very difficult, even the owner of a black Internet cafe is destitute.

  In the past, I always thought that those who were in business were making a lot of money, driving Santana, holding a big brother the size of a brick, and they were handsome and unrestrained. It seems that they are also struggling on the line of death, and they are just a little more courageous. Maybe they will overturn the car, and they will be down for life. They look like big money, but they are actually pretending to be actors.

  I’ve since learned that even business people don’t have an easy life. It’s not like what he said at all, cows fly in the sky and people blow on the ground.

  I haven’t been to a dark Internet cafe for several days, and I don’t dare to go in without money. It’s like in this society, I can’t raise my head without money. I didn’t expect that at a young age, I would actually worry about money. It seems that what they said is that if you study hard since childhood, you will have a good job when you grow up, and you will have a high income. No wonder everyone is studying hard and learning those useless things.

  The old cardboard newspapers at home have been piled up in a cardboard box for several months. At the request of my parents, I packed them up and took them to the cardboard newspaper recycling center. I can’t sell a kilogram for 60 cents. As usual, all the money belongs to me. This time it sold for a total of 3 yuan, 20 cents and 6 cents. The owner of the recycling station put the money in my hand, gave me 3 yuan and 30 cents, and asked me to throw these things into the back warehouse. This is also the first time I have come to the warehouse of the recycling center. In the warehouse as large as the school hall, there are piles of cardboard newspapers. It is impossible to walk in and can only climb up like a mountain. I threw the box of cardboard newspapers at random, and when I was about to turn my head to come out, the corners of my eyes suddenly lit up, and I found that among the piles of cardboard newspapers, there was a quarter of the corner of a familiar comic book. I immediately climbed up, grabbed the corner of the comic, and pulled it out. That’s right! It’s a comic book, Dragon Ball, Namek Scroll!

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