[How Goblins Are Made] Chapter 3

  Although this comic book is a bit old, it is 70% new, and it is the same as the comic book sold at the old man’s used book stand. With this comic book in my hand, I stood excitedly in the warehouse of the recycling center, like Columbus on a deserted island discovering a new world.

  I immediately took this comic book, went to the owner of the recycling station, and asked him if he could sell me this kind of book.

  Although he is the owner of a recycling station, his life is also very difficult, living in a dilapidated construction site next to the warehouse. The room was a mess, a small bed and a black-and-white TV, and he was having dinner.

  After listening to me, he took a look at the comic book and said, “A dime.”

  Immediately, I was overjoyed and excitedly said to the boss, “Is there more? I want it all, I like reading comic books, I am a child.”

  ”Go to the warehouse to find it yourself, I don’t know, just count the number of books you find.” The boss said impatiently, looking at the black and white TV while munching on the food.

  I was so excited that with the permission of the boss, I boldly went in and climbed to the mountain of cardboard newspapers piled up in the warehouse, the top of the mountain! Start scrolling down. I searched for about two hours, until the sky was getting dark and I couldn’t see clearly. The recycle bin owner also came in and looked for me, thinking something had happened to me. In the end, I found a total of 12 comic books. After paying the owner of the recycling station one or two cents back, he went back full of joy.

  When I got home, my mother was very anxious. After being gone for so long, something had happened to me. Seeing that I came back, my whole body was dirty, as if I had crawled out of a garbage heap, my whole body was dusty, and my head was sweating profusely, and I couldn’t help asking, “What happened? There was a fight?”

  After two hours of work, starving to death, I devoured dinner and told my mother the whole story over and over. And told her to go to the night market in the community after dinner to sell these comic books. I thought my mother would be very happy and proud of my ingenuity, but she didn’t say anything, and she didn’t know what she was thinking.

  After dinner, I hurriedly went to the neighborhood night market. I didn’t even take a shower. I was filthy. Holding these 12 comic books, I went to the dead old man who was selling old books again. He looked at me as if he had come to sell books again, and immediately said to me, “I don’t accept books today.”

  Damn it, this dead old man is doing this trick again. I’ve already learned it last time, but I’m an honest person, and I don’t know how to measure.

  ”Fuck, why don’t you die! Bullying children!” I cursed in my heart, turned around and left.

  ”Thirty cents and five copies!” The old man’s voice came from behind, I went home without turning my head. Along the way, I also scolded myself: stupid hat? Obviously bullying people, but still want to sell it to him, can’t you sell it yourself?

  When I got home, I immediately found a piece of cardboard, took out a marker, and wrote, “Eighty cents a book.” I set out again with 12 comic books, and sat down beside the dead old man who set up a street stall. , put the sign upright and put the 12 books in front of it, hum!

  The dead old man was dumbfounded. He turned his head and looked at me up and down. He looked at the sign I put up. It said, “Eighty cents a book.” laughing out loud……

  ”Crazy!” I turned my head and ignored him, cursing in my heart.

  After sitting next to this dead old man for an hour, I found that there were still a lot of people patronizing his old book stall. What is the reason? I thought about it for a long time, and found that those who bought books mostly chose some books and magazines with beautiful covers, and vaguely saw a few titles, women’s friends, knowledge, gender health, mannequins…

  It turns out that these are the best-selling books. It seems that not many people buy comic books. Just when I just realized it, a fat big brother appeared in front of me. He crouched down in front of me, carefully checked my comic books, raised his head and asked, “Why are they all scattered and not the whole volume?”

  When I was cross-examined for the first time, I was a little flustered, but this eldest brother looked kind and kind. I had some courage, shook my head, and said, “No.”

  I had already got up and left because he would get up, but I didn’t expect him to say that all 12 books were needed, so he directly gave me ten yuan without change. To be honest, if I had asked me to find change at the time, I really couldn’t find it. Looking at his distant back, I was very grateful, good man! I wish good people a safe life.

  Carefully put the ten dollars in his pocket, turned his head to look at the dead old man, and went home triumphantly. I laughed when I got home, took a shower and went to bed. Today was an important turning point in my life. I actually made a business and made money.

  The first time I made money, I felt very good. After school, I swaggered to the door of the black Internet cafe. A few familiar faces were chatting outside, and I knew it was full again. But I’m different. I’m going to go in and play on the computer, not just to watch the game.

  Pushing the door and entering, I was very shocked. I didn’t come for a few days, and there were earth-shaking changes in this dark Internet cafe. The four computers are no longer playing against cc, but playing a strange game.

  I rely on! Derailed from this world after a few days? The world is developing too fast, and it will not come for three days, like every three years. After I asked, I found out that the new game they were fighting against was called Warcraft. Specifically called, Warcraft 2, Kuroshio.

  After watching it for an hour later, I think this game is much more fun than CC. Whether it is character design, music or battle mode, there is a qualitative leap, which is refreshing and refreshing. This fabulous retro war game is really creative. At the beginning of the game, there was a big logo, “Blizzard”. This was also the first time I knew Blizzard and had contact with Blizzard’s games.

  This is a new real-time strategy battle game, so everyone does not know, groping, researching, and discussing, but it is roughly the same concept as CC. A few veterans quickly got started, and a few rookies were beaten and lost their armor and stopped playing.

  No one invited me this time, I volunteered to sit down and play against them, I was definitely gifted, and in a few minutes, I got the mechanics of the game. In the end, with one against two, Brother Curly and Boss Wang were defeated at the same time.

  They were stunned, looked at me differently, and even asked me for advice on what the mystery was. After playing for more than two hours, I feel that this game is slightly more complicated than the previous CC. The operation is not to drag the soldiers to fight, but to master certain skills and try not to let their soldiers die. Thereby accumulating strength, and finally crushing the opponent, if you can cooperate with some magicians, the effect will be better.

  This new real-time strategy game, Warcraft II, has me hooked, but it’s a pity that the time is almost up and there’s no money to pay for it. So I had no choice but to get up, took out my ten dollars, slapped it on the table and gave it to Boss Wang.

  Just now, Boss Wang laughed and teased me, saying that my skills are good and my understanding ability is strong. Suddenly, his face changed greatly, and he shouted to me, “This money is fake!”

  ”Ah!”, I was so frightened that this was the first time I experienced fake money. I was so scared that my face was pale and dumbfounded. The whole internet cafe looked at me as if I was deliberately cheating Boss Wang with fake money.

  At that time, I actually had tears in my eyes, but luckily the tears didn’t stay. It’s really funny when I think about it now, a big man, why are you crying?

  Boss Wang saw my teary eyes, and then saw that I was still a child, and then understood. From his expression, I could feel that he felt that I didn’t know it was fake money.

  Afterwards, he took out a few ten-yuan coins from the drawer and compared them in front of me, and told me that my ten-yuan coins were very bright in color, and the sound of throwing them was wrong, so it was fake money, and it was clear at a glance. They are very curious, where did my ten yuan come from?

  It was no surprise when they learned that my ten yuan came from the night market. The lights in the night market are dim, and fake money is often received during transactions.

  fuck! I gritted my teeth in hate. This world is too dark. I, a minor child, worked hard to do a small business, and I was deceived the first time. People, you really can’t look at your appearance. That big brother, who has a benevolent face and a good purpose, actually cheated me with fake money, so there’s no need to look for it!

  If he only buys one copy and asks me to make change, the consequences are really unimaginable, and I’m afraid to think about it now. Fortunately, I didn’t have a penny in my hand at that time, and even if I wanted to change it, I couldn’t find it. This thing made me unforgettable, take a warning.

  ”Forget it, let’s go.” Boss Wang said helplessly to me, with some pity and discrimination in his expression.

  I walked out of the Internet cafe, turned around and said to Boss Wang, “I’ll give it to you if I have money another day.”

  But I didn’t hear his reply, maybe he doesn’t hold any hope, maybe he thinks I’m a child and doesn’t care about me anymore. In any case, I am a person with integrity, and I am ready to take it when I get rich. But in these days of no money, I didn’t step into that dark Internet cafe again, and I didn’t want to be embarrassed.

  When I got home, my mother saw my tears and thought I had been beaten, so she got up and checked my whole body in a hurry. Then patiently asked me what happened.

  Maybe because of the resentment, or the first blow of my life, I cried. I cried to my mother about the whole story. I looked up inadvertently, and tears were shining from the corners of my mother’s eyes. Seeing that my mother felt the same way, I cried even more.

  After crying, I got up, washed my face, and was about to go to bed. Suddenly, I saw 20 yuan on the head of the bed. I was pleasantly surprised at first, and then I realized that this money must have been given to me by my mother. Although I am not very sensible, I know that my mother can only earn 20 yuan as a tailor from morning to night. The surprise in my heart vanished, replaced by a burst of desolation, and the tears that had just been wiped from the corners of my eyes flowed again.

  He picked up the 20 yuan, wiped away the tears from the corners of his eyes, walked quickly to his mother’s room, returned the 20 yuan to her, turned around and left. Go to bed, close your eyes, empty your mind, think about nothing, try to fall asleep, and meditate in your heart, “I want to make money!”

  When I woke up the next day, I put 30 yuan next to my pillow, and there was an extra 10 yuan. Later I found out that the 10 yuan belonged to my father. Maybe my parents discussed it while I was sleeping last night. During breakfast, my parents told me that the 30 yuan is pocket money, which will be given every month from now on.

  After listening to it, I was overjoyed and smiled, and now I have money. But suddenly I thought that the money was saved by my parents for me, and the joy disappeared in an instant, and I felt a little ashamed. I knew from a young age that my parents often fought over money, and growing up, I heard about money several times a day. Therefore, I have been very sensitive to the word “money” since I was a child, and even afraid, especially when it comes to spending money, I will be terrified.

  I carefully put the 20 yuan in the drawer, for fear of taking it out and losing it, leaving the 10 yuan on my body. This is not to play computer games, but to buy some old books at the recycling station after school today.

  During the day at school, I have been distracted, wondering which corners of the recycling station warehouse can find books, most of which are waste cardboard, useless.

  After school, I rushed into the community recycling station again, and spent three hours in the warehouse. Today’s grades are good. I found 40 books, but there are only 3 comic books. A book with beautiful women on the cover.

  Tired and sweating profusely, he carried a pile of books to the small dilapidated house of the owner of the recycling station, put the books on his shabby table, and took out the ten dollars in his pocket, thinking that he still had to find it. six bucks.

  Unexpectedly, the owner of the recycling station counted the books, glanced at me at the ten dollars, and said to me, “It’s ten dollars in total.”

  ”Ah! Isn’t it four dollars? How come the price has gone up!” I panicked at first, but then I realized that this dead boss must have blackmailed me when he saw that I had ten dollars in his hand.

  ”Ten yuan is still cheap for you. Before you were all small books, but now they are all books for adults. It’s not that price. It’s more expensive if you go to the second-hand book stand in the night market.” The boss patted the book, proud of me laughed.

  Damn, it turns out that he knew about night markets and second-hand book stalls. Did he do market research, so he raised the price for me? Well, I put down the ten yuan, picked up a pile of books, and turned to leave.

  It was only after I left the recycling bin that I realized that this was just doing business, bargaining. It was really stupid at the time, why didn’t you bargain? Maybe five cents cheaper…

  Holding a pile of books, instead of going home for dinner, I went straight to the night market, and sat down beside the dead old man who set up the old book stand. This dead old man was still chatting and laughing with others just now. When he saw me sitting down with a pile of books, his smile disappeared instantly.

  I followed his example and lined up the magazines and old books neatly. Before I could finish, someone came up to ask the price, “How do you sell this book?”

  ”I, haven’t figured it out yet…” Looking up, it was a middle-aged man who was looking down to select books, holding two magazines with beautiful covers in his hands.

  ”One dollar a piece, four copies.” Before I could reply, he gave four dollars and took four magazines and left…

  I carefully put the four dollars away, and I was secretly happy that I could earn back the cost by selling six more books. Turning his head to look at the dead old man again, his expression was obviously unhappy, but he still pretended to be calm.

  The magazine with the cover of beauty is really popular, and it sold 17 copies not long after that. It should have sold 20 copies, but because of the principle of not asking for money, it only charged one dollar, so I persuaded a few customers to return. .

  Just when I was full of joy and smugness, an uncle appeared in front of me with a red armband on his sleeve. I thought he was going to buy a book, but he didn’t look very similar. The man took some printed tickets out of his pocket, similar to tram tickets, and tore off one and handed it to me.

  With a blank look on my face, I took it over and looked at it, “The management fee for the night market is ten yuan.”

  Shit, I was terrified at the time and stayed there, feeling like I had done something bad and got caught. It took a long time to react and realize that there is a management fee to set up a street stall here to sell things.

  This uncle wearing a red armband saw me staying there motionless, and explained to me, “Last time, I saw you setting up a street stall here, and there are not many things for sale, so I didn’t come to you, and I sold so much today. For things, according to the standard, you have to pay the night market management fee.”

  With trembling hands, I took out the coin and counted ten dollars to him, feeling like I was being blackmailed by a hooligan. The uncle the administrator turned around and left with ten dollars in hand. Looking at his back, I cursed with tears in my heart, “Rogue!”

  The joyful mood just now disappeared, and when he turned his head to look, the dead old man beside him was full of a smug smile. It seems that no matter the size of the business, it is not easy to do. A large business is subject to income tax, and a small business is subject to management fees. It seems that making money in this world is definitely not as simple as I thought. I was still young at the time, but I already had a concept in my heart. Money is not so easy to make, there is a force that does everything possible to stop people from making money.

  The customers who patronize my little book stand are all from the dead old man, and they take a look at me by the way. There is an endless stream of people at the dead old man, and it is obvious that it has more books than me. Visually estimated that four or five hundred books were on the ground, and the driving was indeed like a book seller. And I just had a few broken books in front of me, and from a distance I felt like a beggar.

  It was almost 9 o’clock in the evening, and there were ten books left to be sold. Mosquitoes kept biting me, and there were several bags on my legs. Forget it, give up and go home.

  When the dead old man saw me getting up to leave, he smiled and said to me, “How many books are left? Would you like to sell them all to me? Two cents a book.”

  I didn’t turn my head back and ignored him. I got up and walked away with the book in my arms, cursing in my heart, “Damn, there’s something wrong. Bully children, and pay two cents a book! I’ll sell it tomorrow.”

  When I got home, I carefully counted the money I made today, a total of 20 yuan, no more or less. It should have been 30 yuan, but 10 yuan paid for the management fee of shit, these hooligans.

  I turned around and thought, if I could earn 20 yuan a day, that would be 600 yuan a month. My God, I could make so much money. You must know that the average salary at that time was only 1,000 yuan a month. It is no wonder that so many people set up street stalls at night to earn extra money and earn a lot of money! It seems that the dead old man must earn more than me.

When I looked down, I found the schoolbag at the foot of the table, I almost forgot, I was still a student. I haven’t finished my homework today. I rely on it. I won’t be able to hand in my homework tomorrow, but I will be punished by the teacher. Quickly open the bag and work overtime to finish my homework. Although I don’t like to study, I still insist on completing the daily tasks. I think reading is just a task, and it is meaningless. The homework at that time was not as perverted as it is now. It was completed in more than an hour, and I finished work, took a bath, and went to bed.

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