[How Goblins Are Made] Chapter 4

  The next day I was absent-minded in class at school, kicking the 20 dollars I earned in my pocket, feeling excited. These 20 yuan are like a reward that fell from the sky. I spend this money without any guilt or burden in my heart. This is the first time in my life that I feel how happy and relaxed it is to spend the money I make. matter.

  After school, I rushed into the black Internet cafe and threw my schoolbag aside. The first thing I did was to take out ten coins, a total of ten dollars, and handed it over to Boss Wang.

  Boss Wang nodded, took a handful of coins, and threw them by the bed, with a smile of appreciation on his face. I haven’t been here for so many days. I thought he had forgotten about this long ago. Seeing his expression, he has always kept it in his heart. In those days, ten dollars was not a small sum of money, at least it could be remembered by an adult. number.

  Internet cafes are definitely a place that is at the forefront of the times. I haven’t been here for a few days, and I feel completely out of touch with this era. Last time, their group was still studying and figuring out how to play this new game Warcraft 2. Today, they have seen that they have operated like a fire, and they cooperated seamlessly. Various strategies and tactics, and dark routines were used with ease.

  What I remember vividly is that at the beginning of the game, a migrant worker can knock on a tree, and then go to the gold mine to get 100 more wood, which is much faster than anyone else. If you don’t know this routine, people will know that you are a beginner, a rookie.

  In the entire dark Internet cafe, no one is playing CC anymore, and now they are all playing Warcraft 2. I suddenly changed from a master to a beginner, watching quietly on the side, not coming to the Internet cafe for a few days, like a lifetime.

  The four players start with 2 on 2, and the selection is all orcs. It is said that the orcs are easy to get started, simple and rude, and the soldiers have a lot of blood and can be used as meat shields.

  The human race is more delicate, the soldiers are more brittle, and it is not easy to carry too much.

  In the black Internet cafe, the four of them were engrossed in typing on the keyboard and wasting their mouse. At least fourteen people watched the battle silently. Boss Wang was sleeping soundly as always. Catch up on the learning progress that hasn’t come these days. In the middle of dinner time, someone got up and left, but fortunately I didn’t invite me to play, otherwise I would be embarrassed and a waste of money.

  On the way home, I wondered if I had a computer, but in those days, a computer was an extremely valuable item. Our math teacher has an old 286 computer in his dormitory. Once he saw him playing a fighting game on his computer and was envious. But when he told me that the old 286 computer cost 10,000 RMB, I was completely shocked. No wonder he had no wife and children at his age, and all his money was spent on computers. Of course, when I was young, I couldn’t understand it at all. I just thought it was the right thing to invest all the money in his passion.

  As the final exam is approaching, there are obviously a lot fewer familiar faces in the dark Internet cafes. This does not affect my reporting to the dark Internet cafes every day.

  One day when I went in, I suddenly found that there were a lot of people reading books in the corner of the room. When did this dark Internet cafe have such a strong learning atmosphere? When I stepped forward, it turned out that they were all books related to computer games, and everyone was holding a copy of “Popular Software”.

  It turned out that Boss Wang thought that these children stood behind the computer all day and yelled, which was too annoying and seriously affected his sleep during the day, so he thought of a way to get rid of them with some game books. It seems that the effect is good, everyone is quiet Quietly reading a book, the black Internet cafe now looks a bit like a library.

  A buddy got up and called Boss Wang to settle the bill, ready to leave. Usually Boss Wang doesn’t care about anything. Hearing the word “checkout”, he reluctantly got up and rubbed his eyes before accepting the money. Today, he was a little surprised that no one was rushing to sit down, and the computer was actually empty. In the past, as long as someone got up to check out and leave, someone would sit down and continue. The four computers were operating 24 hours a day.

  Boss Wang looked around, and saw that four or five children were reading books seriously, and shouted, “No one is playing with the computer, they are all reading books here, and when they look back, I will also collect money!”

  Several children were seriously studying “Popular Software”, but ignored him. Boss Wang was a little helpless. He turned to look at me and asked, “Do you want to play? I’ll give you a discount, three yuan an hour.”

  It sounded so exciting, and to have this opportunity, it would be a fool to miss it, and I sat down right away. Boss Wang nodded happily, wrote the start time in the record book, turned around and continued to sleep soundly.

  Brother Curly Hair is not here today. Although the other three are familiar faces in Internet cafes, their skills are poor. It is an excellent time for me to practice my skills. It was the first time I officially started to play Warcraft II, and I was a little nervous. Although my hands were slightly trembling, I quickly entered the state.

  Those idiots were just as bad as they were playing CC before, unresponsive and slow to operate. I even think that playing games requires talent, materials like them will never grow, and they will never understand the true meaning of it.

  In the next two hours or so, whoever I partner with can easily kill the other two. The rules of the game have always followed the previous practice of playing cc. At the beginning, explore the path first, and the first one you find will become your ally.

  Time flies faster than before playing cc, which is precisely because of the success of this game. The game’s screen background, character design and storyline are much better than CC. And the game actually has a new type of arms, the navy! This has never been experienced before. I have to say that Warcraft 2 is a pretty successful game, with all the navy, land and air forces in it. It has been used many times in the game, with the cooperation of the three armies of the sea, land and air, and three-dimensional combat.

  (A few years later, I don’t know why the navy was removed in Warcraft 3. I think this is definitely a failure. Maybe Blizzard is trying to make the game easier and more suitable for the public.)

  Several times, because the opponent’s base was close to the sea, I only parked a light gunboat at sea, and slowly exhausted him, and finally surrendered and quit. Maybe this kind of routine goes against the original intention of Blizzard to design this game, so the Navy was cancelled after that.

  After losing a few games in a row, a fool stopped playing and quit playing other stand-alone games. This is unprecedented, you must know that there are only four computers in this dark Internet cafe, and each time it is a four-player online battle. Today, someone was playing a stand-alone game alone, and the three of us looked at him with strange eyes.

  No way, let him go, he spends his own money, he calls the shots. So the three of us started a big fight. The three of us fought each other and did not form an alliance. In my spare time, I often peek at him, what kind of stand-alone game are you playing? In fact, in my cognitive range, only CC and Warcraft 2. Unexpectedly, there are still stand-alone games.

  I have played single-player games for so many years since I was a child, and until the advent of online battles, I felt how boring single-player games were. But the stand-alone game played by this silly hat seems to be very unique. After observing for half an hour, it turns out that it is the fourth generation of the Three Kingdoms.

  Although it is a stand-alone game, the complexity seems to be much more difficult than even a strategy game. The game involves internal affairs, diplomacy and war. Looking down on the entire Chinese land, it seems to be much taller than real-time strategy games.

  While playing the game Romance of the Three Kingdoms 4, that silly hat was still talking to himself, often telling jokes about historical stories, saying that he wanted to change history. This made me intrigued, and felt that even strategy games were too low-end.

  Seeing that the time was almost up, and the money in his pocket was almost exhausted, he got up and called Boss Wang to settle the bill. Then I sat quietly behind that silly hat and watched him play Romance of the Three Kingdoms IV.

  Guan Yu, Liu Bei, Zhang Fei, these characters, I have heard before. I miss these episodes on TV, but I don’t know the whole story at all. I’m not a historian and I’m not interested in history, but this game has made me deeply interested in history. It was as if he had become an emperor, with a heavy army in his hand, managing the group, ruling the country, and changing history.

  This silly hat, while playing, was still talking to himself, especially when it came to some historical figures: Lu Bu was not beheaded! Guan Yu actually took refuge in Dong Zhuo, which is not in line with history…

  I suddenly had a little admiration for this silly hat. He must have read a lot of history books. Usually, such people are more literate.

  Looking at the process of this silly hat, attacking the city, defending the city and resisting the enemy, I feel that this game is very appropriate, close to reality, and very interesting. So I chatted with this silly hat, and I learned from his words that he is not only a game lover, but also has an overview of all game types, not just that kind of real-time strategy game.

  While watching him play Romance of the Three Kingdoms 4 while chatting with him, I was suddenly at a loss. It turns out that the game is divided into many types, and before that, I only knew that even the strategy was one. This made me suddenly feel a little ignorant and ashamed of being a real game lover. It turns out that games are such a profound knowledge that there are not only classifications but also different concepts.

  This silly hat saw that I was also interested in stand-alone games, so he made a long talk and told me a lot of his experiences and opinions. I became friends with him. The silly hat’s surname was Chen and his name was Chen Yi. I’m a game theorist, and I’m a game techie.

  The difference between the theoretical school and the technical school is that the theoretical school is erudite and proficient, has an overview of the overall situation, and knows how to perceive and taste the game. The technical faction is quick in response, sharp in operation, and only understands the winning, losing and confrontation of the game.

  Xiao Chen also reported the names of several games that I hadn’t heard of before, “quake”, he also explained that it was a first-person shooting game, called Thor’s Hammer in Chinese, and it only needed a graphics card to run up.

  Graphics card? I’m at a loss, although I love to play computer games, but I don’t know anything about computer hardware. Although he explained the importance and functions of the graphics card to me in detail, I still didn’t understand it. At that time, I thought that the graphics card was the hardware needed to play some special games. At the same time, I feel that the graphics card is a very high-end thing, as if the computer has a graphics card, it is a high-end computer for playing games.

  Speaking of the four computers in Boss Wang’s black Internet cafe, Xiao Chen shook his head and said, “Computer 386 should have been eliminated long ago. Now that I can barely play some games, it’s already worth the money.”

  Later, I learned that Xiao Chen’s family was very rich and had a 586 computer with a high-end graphics card. Usually playing alone at home is boring, so I went to the black Internet cafe to have a good time with everyone.

  I really can’t see that Xiao Chen is an expert-level figure with such a research on computers. In contrast, it felt like he was a lot shorter than him, which hit me hard. I feel that I am not a real game lover, and I have no in-depth research on games, but I am just an ordinary person who usually loves to play games. Although he has mastered some game mechanics, he can only be regarded as a high-end player, and he does not have a deep understanding and research on the game.

  It was past 9 o’clock and I had to go home. I clapped hands with Xiao Chen to say goodbye. On the way home, I kept reminiscing about his views on games. It seems that games are not just e-sports, but a meaningful art. That night, I couldn’t sleep all night, and today my cognition and three views of the game were overturned. I, who have always had absolute confidence and a proud attitude towards games, felt a little timid. It turned out that he was so insignificant. He used to be arrogant and arrogant. He was really ignorant and ignorant.

  The next day after school, I went home to finish my homework. The original plan was to go to the night market and sell the books I had. But suddenly I thought that the rogue would charge ten yuan for the management fee, and I couldn’t make a lot of money, so I gave up. I’ll go to the cardboard and newspaper recycling center tomorrow to get some new books and sell them together.

  Maybe it was just an excuse for myself, because I still had some spare money on hand, so I went straight to the dark Internet cafe.

  As I said before, Internet cafes are definitely at the forefront of the world, and there will be new changes every day. I saw Brother Curly Hair today, holding a pile of disks in his hand, one by one being admitted to the computer. Seeing that the curly-haired brother was beating the dos command seriously, changing the disks one by one. A few words were written on the disk, Heroes of Might and Magic Invincible.

  This should be a new game. Boss Wang and a few other friends are gearing up and looking very excited. Today is also very strange, no one in the dark Internet cafe is playing against each other, except for Xiao Chen who is playing his own Three Kingdoms 4, other computers are being upgraded.

  It was also the first time I saw the internal structure of a computer. Boss Wang, holding a handful of sticks in his hand, carefully inserted one after another. It is said that it is memory. After adding it, the speed of the computer will become faster.

  The thing with the fan must be called the CPU. I saw it in a computer magazine before. It turns out that the internal structure of the computer is so simple, just a main circuit board plus some small parts, why is it so expensive?

  A few other friends and I stood by the side, watching them busy, like an intern standing by and watching an old doctor perform an operation. Both fresh and excited, I feel like I have discovered a new world, I earnestly study the internal structure of the computer, and I keep asking questions.

  Boss Wang and Brother Curly didn’t find us annoying, and explained it to us seriously. What is a CPU, what is a computer motherboard, what is a memory, and there is a thing called a sound card. Without a sound card, no sound can be produced. It’s a pity that none of Boss Wang’s four computers have graphics cards, because their motherboards are too old, and there are no suitable graphics card slots…

  Looking back now, those four broken computers were like old antiques, but at that time, they were already amazing things. If I could have one like that, I would die. Yes, willing to die, this is indeed the idea at the time, young and ignorant.

  Seeing the curly-haired brother under ms-dos, knocking orders quickly, made me feel small again. It turns out that I am just a person who can play a few games with a mouse and keyboard, and the computer is not that simple at all.

  The curly-haired brother turned his head and saw that I was staring at the monitor attentively as he tapped the command, so he explained to himself, “I’m doing decompression now, and I just copied all these compressed packages into it.”

  unzip? I was bewildered and bewildered.

  When the curly-haired brother saw that I had a strong thirst for knowledge, he began to explain it to me seriously. It turns out that the capacity of a single disk is extremely limited, only more than one megabyte, so the file can only be compressed and subpackaged and copied to multiple disks. Simultaneous compression can reduce the storage space required for the file. It’s like crunching a piece of bread down to 1/10 of its original size. When you want to eat it later, you can loosen it and still eat it…

  Although this metaphor is a spoof, I actually understand it, and it is unforgettable to this day. But I don’t understand the commands he typed under ms-dos with a black background. After all, I have never studied computers, so I have no idea about the structure, paths and commands of computer software. But at the time, I didn’t feel a little irritable. Instead, I felt very curious. Maybe this was the trigger for me to enter the IT industry in the future.

  After finishing the decompression work, Brother Curly typed an exe file name. With the accumulation of knowledge during this period, I know that in general, the exe file is the startup file of the game.

  Sure enough, the game screen appeared, but after a few seconds, it automatically jumped out and ended, displaying a string of English letters. At that time, I didn’t know English, and I didn’t know what it meant. I only knew the words “Memory low”.

  Boss Wang and Brother Curly Mao studied carefully, and muttered to themselves, the memory is too low, and they need to add more memory. Then I disassembled the computer case and made some adjustments. I was full of admiration for both of them. At that time, I was determined to learn computer science and become a computer expert in the future. At the same time, I think that as long as you learn computers, you will definitely have computers to play. In the final analysis, it is mainly for playing with computers.

  After some adjustment, after tossing, rebooting, and finally successfully entered the game. I suddenly realized that the whole game is in English, all in English. Although the previous cc and Warcraft 2 are also in English, but it does not affect the game play at all, I didn’t look at the English letters at all, and the building uses shortcut keys. But this game presented piles of English at a great length, which left me at a loss.

  On the other hand, Boss Wang and Brother Curly were very calm. They quickly chose the settings in the face of piles of English, entered the game, and started to try it out. My God, do they understand all these piles of English? Once again, I fell in love with the two of them. It seems that English is essential to learn computers well.

  The two began to study the content of the game without anyone else, and also read the English sentences in it fluently to themselves. My God, this dark Internet cafe has suddenly become a high-end atmosphere, and it has become a foreign language center.

  After watching them for more than an hour, I finally understood that this is a turn-based strategy game. This is a new type of game again, and I’m blown away. How many different game types are there? Why do I seem like a novice and don’t know anything!

  Several other buddies also muttered behind, why have they been changing games recently, the previous game has not been figured out, and a new one has been replaced.

  After hearing this, Boss Wang turned his head and smiled, pointing to the pile of computer books on the bookshelf and said, “If you have nothing to do, read more books, don’t always think about playing games, and study more. If you like to play games, you should also follow the trend. . The games you played before have already fallen behind.”

  Although I didn’t understand what he meant at the time, I basically had a concept. That is, Boss Wang and Brother Curly have always played the latest games, and we will only play some old games, or learn from watching them play. It seems that my knowledge of computer games is just the tip of the iceberg.

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