[How Goblins Are Made] Chapter 6

  Playing on the computer is like seeing the big world, and now these arcade machines have little interest in front of us. It’s just that there is nowhere to go, so we can only stay in the arcade room, chatting, watching other people play games, that is a kind of social atmosphere for us.

  Although our group asked around about where there are Internet cafes where we can play with computers, it seems that none of them have appeared around us. There was no concept of Internet cafes in those days, and Boss Wang’s can only be regarded as a club. At that time, if Boss Wang had the funds, he could open an Internet cafe. He was definitely at the forefront of the times, and he would definitely make a lot of money.

  The arcade room has also been trying to improve. Recently, there have been fewer games of fighting and killing, and there are several more mahjong machines called “Tiankaiyan”. Every time they win a game, the background beauty will take off her clothes, which feels a bit erotic.

  Our group of children watched around several mahjong machines, and it didn’t take long for them to understand mahjong! How to play cards, how to eat and touch…

  But the most attractive thing for us is that after this mahjong machine wins, we can win game coins. Although the probability of winning is not high, if you win the last game, you will have at least 10 points, which is equivalent to earning 10 game coins. There are even players who ask the boss to return the 10 points as game currency to him to play other games or continue playing tomorrow, which sounds reasonable and reasonable.

  Therefore, our group of children are all serious about learning mahjong, hoping that one day we can spend one game coin to win a game, earn ten game coins, and then play other arcade games.

  In fact, the arcade room is a place where talents are born in large numbers, because the children in it are very smart. Not long after, we started to try to challenge this mahjong machine. Maybe it’s my bad luck, a few game coins came down, but I couldn’t win.

  But there is a buddy who is as magical as God’s possession. The first game coin goes down, and it doesn’t take long to win. The system displays 12 points, which means that he has earned 12 game coins. This person was also particularly arrogant, pressing three more points and continuing to play cards. That is, if he wins this round, his points will be tripled.

  It’s been a long time since there has been such a tense atmosphere in the arcade room. It was like watching the battle in the dark Internet cafe. The surroundings were full of people, and even the owner of the arcade room stood by and watched excitedly. It’s so much expected, this guy actually won! The system shows 12 points, three times, a total of 36 points!

  In the entire arcade room, there was a burst of amazed cheers, and the owner of the arcade room had a helpless and embarrassed smile on his face.

  This guy really got up and stopped playing. According to the regulations, he asked the owner of the arcade room to refund him 36 game coins. Under the watchful eyes of everyone, the boss had no choice but to count 36 game coins for him. That buddy happily went to play other arcade games, and kept talking to himself, “I earned it! Haha.”

  Everyone cast envious glances, and when he got up, someone immediately grabbed the seat, trying to take advantage of the limelight and win another round. The posture was also very arrogant. As soon as I sat down, I cast 10 game coins in a row, pressed three points, and started!

  The luck of the later buddies was obviously not as good as before. Although the win rate is not high, there is still an endless stream of people, and several mahjong machines are full.

  Looking back now, it may be the prototype of the gambling machine. It just started to have such signs back then, and the foundation was mahjong.

  Later, I heard that the guy who won 36 points won more than 100 points the next day and became the god of gamblers in the arcade room of the community. After that, he gambled more and more crazy. Because the number of points was too large, the boss thought it was too troublesome to refund the game coins, and directly refunded him the money. After that, the rules were changed in the game room, and the money was refunded directly, which was simple and convenient.

  I stayed in the arcade room every day after school, studying mahjong and learning different ways to come out. I fantasize that one day I can make money by playing mahjong too. But it was gambling after all. Less wins and more losses. I saw one buddy after another. They sat up ambitiously and walked down the stage in despair.

  Looking back now, the owner of the arcade room must have done something to increase the difficulty, so it became more and more difficult to win cards later, but that didn’t stop the gang of stupid gamblers.

  Today he is here again, the legend in the arcade room, the God of Gamblers! As soon as he entered the door, he slapped the boss’s table with ten dollars and said, “40 o’clock.”

  The boss put away the money, got up with a smile, and opened the cabinet under the arcade with the key. This is the first time I’ve seen the interior of an arcade machine, especially the coin-operated device. I saw that the boss used a finger at the bottom of the device and kept moving a thin needle, and the arcade system kept showing the input of game coins, until after 40 points were displayed, the boss stopped and closed the small button of the device. Door.

  I understood in an instant that the thin needle that the boss moved was actually the firing needle that the game coin was thrown in. When the game coin is put in, hit the fine needle once to show that a game coin has been put in. This device is too stupid, and an idea flashed in my mind, if I took a game coin and punched a hole in the middle, I used my mother’s tailor’s thread to thread it. Can’t you just throw it in, take it out, and reuse it?

  Damn, I’m such a fucking genius, I immediately bought a game coin to go home and start my new invention!

  I took a hammer, found a long nail, and knocked a hole in the middle of the coin. The copper material is not as hard as imagined, and it was knocked on the concrete floor in three or two times.

  Then I found the black thread from my mother’s tailor bag, put it on, and held it in my hand. The height was about 1 meter. It was just right. The black thread was not easy to be found, and it was perfect.

  I can’t wait to go to the arcade room again, find an arcade game in the corner, hold the line in one hand, and put the game coins in with the other. The first time I threw too lightly, I didn’t invest, but the second time I had some experience, I threw it hard and went down.

  When I heard a “Dangdang” sound, it showed that the coin was successfully inserted. At the same time, I could clearly feel that the game coin had fallen into the small game coin box at the bottom of the arcade machine, and the whole coin insertion process was over. Then, according to the original plan, I planned to take out the game coin that I put in, but it got stuck. No matter how hard I tried and how I adjusted, I couldn’t get the game coin out.

  What’s so special about this? Should not be ah. I started to feel a little nervous. According to the previous plan B, if I failed, the line would be disconnected. After several attempts, I had no choice but to break the line. This game currency could not be wasted. I continued to sit and played the game before I got up.

  The first attempt failed, is there any protection mechanism in this coin-operated device? I’ve been thinking about it for several days and still can’t figure it out. Why can’t the game coins be pulled out?

  For the next few days, I have been squatting beside the mahjong machine, waiting for the boss to open the small cabinet under the arcade machine, so that I can take a closer look at the coin-operated device, and maybe there will be a breakthrough.

  After two observations, I went back and drew a rough outline of the coin-operated device and studied it. According to my accumulated mechanical knowledge, the coin-operated device should be divided into two parts. The first part is used to judge whether the size of the game coins that have been put in conforms to the specification. If it is not the standard game coins, it will not pass.

  The second part is used to realize the counting of coins. After the standard game coins pass through, hit the coin needle to realize the coins, and then the game coins fall into the bottom box and wait for recycling.

  According to the structure of this coin-operated device, it is impossible to take out the game coins that have been put in. First of all, it will get stuck in the coin counting needle, and even if you pass that level, you will not be able to pass the detection part of the game coins, so a game coin can only be used once.

  And coin-operating also requires some skills. To calculate the distance, first put the game coins in, and pass the first part of the coin-operated device without touching the firing pin. Then slowly lower the game coin until it hits the firing pin, keep this height distance, and gently shake the thin line in your hand back and forth, then theoretically, the game coin will keep clicking on the firing pin, thus producing a coin-operated effect. .

  Well, it makes sense, I was talking to myself, the overall logic and the whole process made sense, the explanation was clear, and it was perfect.

  The next day, I brought the game coins with holes and threads, and set off again. This time, I was sure of everything. But along the way, my hands were shaking and my heart was beating like thunder. After all, this is not a good thing. I don’t know what the consequences will be.

  In order to make the whole process more real, the first thing after entering is to use the last fifty cents to buy two game coins from the boss. Pretending to be nothing, he swaggered to an arcade machine that was farthest away from the boss and sat out of sight.

  Before taking action, I observed the surrounding situation again. The boss was reading a book with his head down, and the others were also engrossed in playing games. Nice, good timing!

  According to the technique that I had practiced at home more than 20 times before, I held the fine thread on the game coin in my right hand, and the game coin in my left hand, and cast it hard.

  ”Bang bang”, the game coins went in smoothly, and the line held by the right hand was quite heavy, just the weight of a game coin. I was overjoyed, the first step was a success! The coin has passed the coin-operated device smoothly and should now hang directly above the coin striker.

  My heart gradually calmed down, the most difficult level has passed, and the next step is to work carefully. I looked up and looked around again, everything was business as usual, perfect! What a perfect time and place.

  Continue to follow the method you practiced at home before, gently shaking the thin line with your right hand while slowly putting down the game coins. Sure enough, after going down a distance of about 30 cm, the system began to display a large amount of game currency input! The system voice of “Dangdangdangdang…” kept coming!

  I was so scared that I was in a cold sweat, but fortunately it was not loud. Maybe it’s because the boss usually thinks that the sound of the game is too loud when reading books, so he turned down the volume of the arcade machine to a very low level, so the system sound generated by the coin operation did not attract people’s attention at all in the noisy arcade room.

  Looking up at the game screen again, the number 21 is displayed in the lower right corner! OMG! After shaking it a few times just now, I cast 21 game coins! ? It seems that this game coin striker is very sensitive.

  Keeping this distance and height, I tried again to shake the thin line in my hand a few times. Sure enough, every time I jittered, the system increased the number of coins by a few.

  Damn, what a genius, I succeeded! Overjoyed in my heart, shaking the thin line in my hand unscrupulously, the number in the lower right corner instantly reached 99, full!

  Easily break the thin line, pull it out, and the game coins fall into the bottom, and the work is finished perfectly!

  At this time, I found out that the arcade machine I was working on was “Raiden”, and I could usually play for an hour with one game currency. Look at the number of coins 99 displayed in the lower right corner, I feel like I want to die, stupid!

  You can’t waste it, just play with it. But the number “99” in the lower right corner is too dazzling, and the display in the lower right corner is usually “00”. With an idea, he picked up his schoolbag, put it on the arcade, and covered the lower right corner, so that he was relieved. But I suddenly thought, what year and month will these 99 game coins be played? Playing with fear like this is not a solution. Yes, shut down! That’s all…

  I saw the boss operate it before, so I stood up secretly, reached out to the top of the arcade, touched the switch, and quickly switched it once. The arcade restarted successfully, and then 00 was displayed in the lower right corner. It was a real false alarm. He wiped the sweat from his forehead and sat down, his limbs stiff and unable to move.

  After sitting for a long time, I regained my senses, and I was both happy and surprised, as if I had mastered a peerless martial arts. How will the rivers and lakes go from here on out? Whether it’s a chivalrous act or a deceiver, it’s up to one’s own will…

  Maybe I was too excited. I had no interest in the game today. I got up and went home in a trance, thinking along the way, where should I use this set of skills? A flash of light flashed in my mind, and I thought of those mahjong machines in the game room…

  Damn, what a genius, I’m going to make a fortune now! The whole person was so excited that he couldn’t sleep all night, and he kept thinking about this in bed.

  Four game coins can be refunded one dollar, and if you can get 20 points a day, you can get five dollars back. No… You can’t do this every day, no one is so lucky, they win mahjong every day…

  After much deliberation, I came to the arcade room with the equipment the next day. First, I stood there for a while, pretending to watch other people play games, but I was actually watching the boss. He was reading the book seriously as usual, but he didn’t seem to find anything. But he will still find the game coin that was passed through the hole in the end, I don’t know what he will think.

  The business of the four mahjong machines was particularly good. They were occupied by several adults, and they never got up. After waiting for two hours, seeing that there was no chance, they had no choice but to go home.

  Along the way, I thought about how rich these adults are. They sit there playing mahjong all day, and every time they gamble with three or four points. There are 20 to 30 o’clock on the table, it seems that it should not be too much to have more than 20 o’clock on the mahjong machine.

  I was worried about not having a chance to sit, but a few days later, the boss added six mahjong machines in the corner. It seems that the business of mahjong machines is more profitable than ordinary arcade machines. what is happening? The rhythm of national mahjong? Even the little kid who was jerking off before is now sitting in front of the mahjong machine and tapping the keys…

  The six newly added mahjong machines are all in the corner, far from the boss’s location, ha! God help me too. I found the innermost one and sat down, put in the game coins that had been threaded, and got it easily, and got more than 30 points. Then calmly cut the thin line and put it away, leaving no trace, pretending to be nothing, and playing two games at the beginning.

  Since there are more mahjong machines now, there are fewer people standing behind to watch. If it was changed to the way it was a few days ago, with many people watching mahjong behind, it would definitely not be successful.

  After losing a few rounds of mahjong, I looked up at the time, more than half an hour had passed, and the calculation was almost done. Gritting his teeth, he mustered up his courage to stand up, walked slowly to the boss and said, “Refund the money, go home and do your homework.”

  The boss put down the martial arts novel in his hand and looked up with a surprised expression, “What money will be refunded?”

  ”That… mahjong machine…”, the mahjong machine in the corner of my finger said hesitantly, a little guilty.

  The boss frowned, got up and walked over to the mahjong machine to take a look, and said to himself, “20 o’clock”. Then he reached out and pressed the power button to restart the mahjong machine.

  I was so frightened that I shivered and broke into a cold sweat. The moment the boss turned off the machine, he thought he had discovered the mystery, just like I turned off the “Thunderbolt” a few days ago.

  Fortunately, things are not what I imagined, maybe I have a guilty conscience, the boss shut down and restarted the mahjong machine to clear the game points.

  Then he reluctantly walked back, opened the drawer, and gave me five dollars. Forget it, it’s right, at 20 points, one dollar and four game coins, a total of five dollars.

  After receiving the five dollars, my heart was already full of blood, and the joy of the eruption was unbearable, but I still pretended to be calm on the surface and walked out of the game room slowly. Before I went out, I turned my head to look at the boss, and saw that he was still leisurely reading his martial arts novels, seemingly ignorant.

  Ha ha! On the way home, the footsteps became unusually brisk, jumping and singing all the way. What a genius I am, I haven’t made any money since the last time I sold used books. I made five dollars today, which is a good start. Go back and plan well to see how to maximize profits in the future.

  School is in session, and once again becomes absent-minded. The teacher gave lectures above, and I researched the plan below. I also took out a draft and made a date plan on it. According to the normal situation, it is impossible to win every day, there must be a few days of losing, and nine out of ten bets, it should be consistent with the previous observation of other adults playing mahjong machines there.

  Yes, just do it, lose three days in a row, and then win a big one. I drew crossed circles on the draft book, and made a schedule for the next month.

  After school, I went to the arcade again, and bought two dollars of game currency from him with the five dollars the boss gave me. Deliberately found a mahjong machine, right next to him, in front of him, put eight game coins at a time, pretending to be a god of gambling.

  The boss had obviously noticed me, and his eyes moved from the martial arts novel to me for a second. In that second, I could clearly feel the strange vision of the boss. He must be thinking: This kid must be addicted to playing mahjong machines.

  In front of him, I played cards quickly, resolutely touched, pretended to be a mahjong master, didn’t worry about winning or losing, and played normally. With eight game coins, I only won one game and earned 1 point, and I deliberately pretended to sigh, “Yeah! It’s gone!”

  The boss focused on his martial arts novels and didn’t pay too much attention to me, just raised his head and gave me a look. But no matter what, my goal has been achieved, I was secretly happy, got up decisively, put on my schoolbag, and left quietly, without a trace of nostalgia and regret of failure, just to impress the boss that I am already a professional gambler.

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