[How Goblins Are Made] Chapter 7

  The next day, I came to the arcade room, slapped two dollars in front of the boss like yesterday, bought eight game coins, and put it into the mahjong machine in front of him. While inserting coins, he watched the boss from the reflection of the screen. Maybe it was because he was sitting next to him, he did notice it, and he shook his head as he watched me finish throwing the eight game coins…

  In my heart, I was secretly proud that the boss took the bait, ha. I had a good luck that day. I actually made a couple of tricks and earned 8 points, but I was exhausted in the end. I got up and left. I can’t believe it. I can actually play mahjong.

  During the period, a big brother came over and asked the boss to refund the money. It was forty-two in total, and the boss didn’t bother too much. He got up and checked the situation and refunded him ten yuan and fifty cents. This gave me a bottom line in my heart. Recently, I have been struggling with how many points to refund. Now I have roughly the number.

  Finally came the planned counter-offensive day. In order to act more realistically, I spent a lot of time sitting in front of the mahjong machine for more than an hour. I deliberately played cards slowly and delayed the time. At the same time, he tied the thin line with the game coins to his clothes, and added some points as needed, so that the number in the lower right corner would not be too large and eye-catching. I had already prepared in my heart, if the boss got up and walked over, I would break the thin thread without knowing it.

  There were more and more people in the arcade hall. When I looked up, it was the time after dinner. The noise was just to cover me up. Before the action, I paid attention to the boss again. He read martial arts novels as always, but his hearing didn’t seem to be very good. Maybe his ears were slow to respond after being in a noisy place for a long time.

  Look at the four roads, listen to all directions, shake the center line lightly, and speed up the game points. Make up an integer of 40, perfect, break the thin wire, and call it a day!

  He got up and walked in front of the boss, asking for a refund, and deliberately showing a happy expression, as if he had won a lot of money, and he was very excited.

  The boss frowned, smiled awkwardly, and asked, “What? Forty o’clock?” He got up with a suspicious look, walked over to my mahjong machine, looked at it, and thought for a few seconds.

  My mood became a little nervous. From his expression, it was obvious that suspicion had arisen, but no evidence was found. In desperation, he came back and opened the drawer, took ten yuan from the money bank and gave it to me, then lowered his head and continued to read his martial arts novels.

  After I got ten dollars, my heart was beating like thunder, but I pretended to be calm and walked out of the arcade room slowly, as if nothing had happened. He held the ten dollars tightly in his hand, trembling slightly, and it took a long time to calm down.















  The boss really wasn’t idle. As if he had some inspiration, he immediately opened the small door under the mahjong machine, took out all the game coins, and put them on the table to search. Sure enough, he found a game coin with a hole in the middle. …

  I didn’t leave at the time, hiding in the crowd watching the boss’s expression. He lit a cigarette in one hand, and the perforated game coin in the other hand looked like he was thinking hard.

  I think he must not understand, but after a while, I do not understand. He found another perforated coin from the pile of coins, which puzzled me… Could it be…

  Am I not the only genius? Has anyone already used the same method? In any case, the risk factor is already very high, and I can no longer ask the boss to retreat.

  After going home and thinking about it all night, I finally decided to get a bigger one, and wash my hands in a golden basin. Of course, I did careful planning and nothing went wrong.

  The next day, I came to the arcade room again, took a shot on the table, and bought 20 game coins for five yuan. I walked to the mahjong machine farthest from the boss and sat down. Unexpectedly, the boss got up and followed me, walking around beside me.

  This is out of my plan. In order not to make him suspicious, I put all the 20 game coins into it at one time as usual. While throwing in coins, he observed the boss from the reflection on the screen. His expression was obviously doubtful and confused.

  After putting in the game coin, I pressed five points to start the game, behaving like a mature and stable adult gambler.

  The boss didn’t walk away, watching me finish the game and lose, I pressed five points again to start the game, showing a fearless look, even eating and touching, and playing cards quickly. Halfway through the second game, someone called the boss to buy game coins, and he left.

  After that, he didn’t come again and continued to read his martial arts novels. My chance finally came. According to the plan I thought about last night, I planned to put 10 points in each round, and if I lost, I would add more points until the cards were beaten, and then I would ask him to come and watch.

  It’s still the same old routine. Put the game coins that have been threaded and punched into the game, tied to your clothes, and easily added ten points, all of which are on the start.

  The boss has obviously adjusted the difficulty of the Mahjong game, and Hu Pai is quite difficult. It was almost an hour before and after, and after more than 100 o’clock, there was no trump card. But that’s not a problem at all, I have an endless supply of ammo, and I just need a handful of cards.

  I was a mahjong machine in the far corner, and there was no one behind me watching, so everything went very smoothly. Finally, an hour later, under the condition of pressing 10 points, he barely made a hand.

  I immediately tore off the thin wire in my hand, put it away, got up and went to the boss. He also pretended to be very surprised, as if he had won the jackpot, “Boss, I’ve done a lot of shit!”

  ”What!” The boss slapped the martial arts novel on the table and immediately got up and walked over to me.

  At this moment, the system is still playing the picture of the beautiful woman undressing, and the backstage is still calculating the final points won. The boss adjusted his glasses and anxiously waited for the result. This stance alarmed the spectators on the side, and they all gathered around.

  It seemed that no one had ever pressed 10, and the results were surprising. An ordinary hand of Hu cards, after doubling down by 10 points, won 92 points! !

  The audience was boiling, and the boss dropped his jaw, but the data was clearly displayed on the screen. It took him a long time to react, scratching his head and turning off the mahjong machine, muttering that there must be a problem with the settings.

  But in full view, he still opened the drawer, counted 23 dollars, and handed it to me. This game really overplayed, and instantly became the mahjong gambler in the arcade room. With slightly trembling hands, he took the money and prepared to leave quickly.

  Afterwards, everyone else swarmed to play mahjong machines, thinking they could get rich overnight too. But I shook my head and hurried out of the arcade room. Everything is over, and I can no longer refund the money to the boss. On the one hand, the boss must be eyeing me, and on the other hand, I have been condemned in conscience.

  When I got home, I sat in front of the writing desk, looking at the 23 yuan, I felt a little ashamed, and even more scared. I decided to wash my hands today. I could have used this money to play on the computer, but it’s useless now, so save it first.

  There is still more than a month before the final exam of the second year of junior high school. I haven’t had much interest in arcades since I played computer games. That being the case, don’t have time to preview the future courses beforehand.

  In the next two weeks, I went home on time every day, and after I finished my meal, I began to read the book to prepare for the course, and taught myself the difficult points. With spare money and a set of unique skills around, I feel that my life is perfect. I don’t know the reason, maybe this unique stunt has opened up my second line of Ren and Du, and now my ability to understand the course is also improving by leaps and bounds. Questions that I didn’t understand before, or didn’t understand, are now naturally understood. I have read the texts that were difficult to memorize before and remembered them three or two times… Miracle…

  I feel as if I have been possessed by God, with quick thinking, unique ideas, super memory, and extraordinary understanding, I seem to be enlightened…

  Self-confidence, it is self-confidence that enlightens me, and it is also a bit arrogant and arrogant. On a mock final exam paper two weeks later, I suddenly jumped from 25th in my class to the top 10. The head teacher was shocked, thinking that I must have cheated, and a few of my classmates were also very strange, and kept asking me if I was beaten by my parents…

  In fact, after I got enlightened, I felt that the study of junior high school was really simple, with not much content, and the topics were not complicated. Just like what Brother Curly Hair and that Xiao Chen said before, I usually spend a little more time to learn it all. When the teacher talks again in class, I don’t need to listen anymore and I can sleep. Now that I understand it, it’s no wonder that Xiao Chen can balance his studies and games, and his time management is better than me.

  Listening to the teacher talk about the content I already understand in the classroom does have a different flavor, which makes me feel that the heights are very cold, and the mountains are small at a glance. Turning around to look at the top students, they are indeed learning other content by themselves, doing some complicated questions, which are all small stoves opened by extracurricular teachers for them to be admitted to key middle schools.

  And I have absolutely no idea about key middle schools, because if I get admitted to key middle schools, I must be admitted to a famous university. Based on my family’s economic situation, how could it be possible to go to college, and I don’t want to waste time in college. I can’t wait to find a job and start earning money after graduating from junior high school.

  Therefore, I am very satisfied that the school grades can maintain the middle and upper reaches. There is no need to fight to the death with those top students. Every time they compete for the first place in the exam, there is a problem with their brains.

  I like listening to Chinese class the most. The teacher has a pure face and a sweet voice. Unfortunately, he is the head teacher of the first class. The head teacher of my class is a physical education teacher… One day in class, she talked about an idiom, borrowing chickens to make eggs.

  After she had spent half the class telling the story, a flash of light flashed through my mind. fuck! I’m going to get rich!

  After school, I prepared the props at home, brought the game coins with holes and threads, and went straight to the arcade hall.

  I haven’t been here for more than half a month. I first observed the changes around me. Everything was business as usual. The boss was still sitting and reading his martial arts novels. I spent a dollar and bought four in-game coins from the boss, mainly to see if he still pays attention to me as much as he used to.

  He took a dollar, opened the drawer, threw me four game coins, looked up at me, and continued to read. Judging from this expression, the limelight seems to have passed. After all, he has not been here for more than half a month, and he should have relaxed his vigilance.

  As before, I found a mahjong machine and sat down, and added 50 points to it with my unique skill. This is not to ask the boss to refund the money, but to borrow chickens to lay eggs.

  I whispered to an elder brother who was playing mahjong next to me and asked, “Brother, I have to go home and do my homework. I still have 50 points in it. How about selling it to you cheaply?”

  This eldest brother is an adult, visually estimated to be in his thirties, a familiar face in the arcade room, who loves playing mahjong and gambling. He glanced sideways at the numbers in the lower right corner of my mahjong machine, and said, “50 o’clock, too many.”

  It seems to be right, so many 50 points, what year and month will you play? But I had an idea and said, “You can go back and get your money back.”

  The eldest brother rolled his eyes and felt that there was some truth to it, so he asked, “How much is it?”

  I pondered for a while, and recalled how silly I was at the cardboard and newspaper recycling center when I didn’t haggle with the boss. So, he asked tentatively, “Ten yuan.”

  ”Seven dollars.”

  ”Eight dollars?”

  ”make a deal!”

  The eldest brother immediately took out eight dollars from his wallet and gave it to me. After receiving the money quickly, I gave him the seat. He placed the eight dollars carefully, and did not leave in a hurry, but stayed for another ten minutes to observe the environment. This transaction went unnoticed, and no one else noticed at all. It’s really like using chickens to lay eggs, applying what you have learned, it seems that you must have culture in life!

  On the way home, I was triumphant and full of confidence. I was such a genius that I made money so easily, which is awesome.

  From then on, I went to the arcade hall every so often, and secretly resold the points of the mahjong machine. After some big brothers bought my points, they immediately got up and asked the boss to refund the money, making a few dollars difference. Seeing that they were all adults, the boss immediately gave them the money without too much doubt. What a perfect chicken-and-egg…

  Until one day, when I was using a unique skill to add points to the mahjong machine, a hand clapped on my shoulder, and I was in a cold sweat. When I turned around, I saw a buddy younger than me, and a familiar face in the arcade hall, who often hangs out in the arcade hall. So I immediately became more courageous, and my heart was not empty, but my unique stunt was obviously seen by him, and he immediately tore off the thin thread, and got up and left as if nothing had happened.

  I didn’t expect him to follow me. If it were someone older than me, I would definitely be scared. I guess he was a few years younger than me. He should be in the sixth grade of elementary school. .

  He grabbed my hand, and I was so startled, I thought he was going to drag me back to see the boss, but he took out 20 yuan from his pocket, put it in, and said simply Two words, “Teach me…”

  I’m… speechless… this… is this really going to accept an apprentice?

  I was still struggling, and when I didn’t respond, he called out, “Master.”

  Seeing me stunned and unresponsive, he took out the last two dollars from his pocket and stuffed it to me.

  After struggling for a while, I accepted 22 yuan as tuition and accepted the first apprentice in my life.

  Just when I promised to teach him, he took out a few hole-punched game coins from his pocket. These game coins were already worn with thin threads like me…

  Shit, in retrospect, that day the boss found two game coins through the hole, the other one must be his, it turns out that since then, he has noticed me.

  Later, I chatted with him for a while, and sure enough, he imitated me as well. It’s just that he couldn’t understand the truth, he kept failing, and in the end he had no choice but to worship me as a teacher.

  Today, I earned an extra income and accepted an apprentice. It is inevitable that I am a little excited and complacent. Of course, before officially teaching him his unique skills, three chapters were made.

  First of all, it is strictly confidential and must not be known to others. Secondly, you must not be too greedy and be discovered by your boss. Finally, enough is enough, don’t get the game room closed.

  Brother Nose nodded solemnly and agreed, the gentlemen of us said a word, it is hard to chase after a horse.

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