[How Goblins Are Made] Chapter 8

  This guy with a snot is not stupid, I just talked for a few minutes and he understood. It turned out that the reason for his failure was that he could not master the height and distance. Every time, the game coins that had been punched through the hole passed through the firing pin, so he could not achieve continuous addition of points.

  At the same time I’m curious, I’ve been in and out of this arcade room a lot, but I’ve never seen him do anything like this. It was only later that he found out that he tried it all in an arcade room in another community. According to him, the arcade room in the neighboring community was ten times larger than the one here! More than 100 arcade machines, and five game coins for one dollar, are more secure.

  Damn, how could I never know this news! Then I walked with him for more than half an hour to the arcade room in the next neighborhood.

  The facade of this arcade room is high and classy, ​​and when you push in the door, it is as spacious as the school’s auditorium. Visually, there are more than 100 arcade machines, arranged in six rows back to back, full of people and noise. As soon as you enter the door, there is a game currency sales counter. Two aunts in their fifties are selling game currency while knitting wool. At first glance, they are laymen who don’t understand.

  It’s really special, the weather, the place, the people, and the perfect.

  In order not to make the two management aunts suspicious, he took out a dollar, bought five game coins, and swaggered in to inspect the environment.

  The last two rows are full of mahjong machines, and there are more than 30 of them! But there was a piece of paper pasted on the mahjong machine with six big characters, “Accounts can be recorded, no refunds.”

  Looking at these six words, I was stunned for a while, and then I understood, that is to say, you can record the extra points and play again next time, but you cannot refund the money. Sure enough, the management concept is relatively advanced, which fills a loophole. I was secretly smug, but he forgot another loophole to resell the points again.

  I immediately found a mahjong machine in the corner, sat down with Brother Nose, and showed him the actual operation process by the way. He was indeed a genius, and he immediately grasped the essence of this unique skill. Doing bad things really needs accomplices. With accomplices, you will be more courageous and more careful, and you can easily get 100 points.

  Brother Nose saw it with his own eyes this time, and participated in the action. He gained a lot, and he was full of emotion and admired. He also went out to buy a popsicle to honor his master.

  I asked Brother Snot to sit down and take care of the mahjong machine. I got up and started looking for customers. After walking around, I locked a middle-aged man. I still used the old routine to strike up a conversation, and whispered to him that I had to go first, and I wanted to resell the remaining points to him at a low price.

  This trick really tried everything, the middle-aged man got up after losing a game, walked to Brother Nose’s mahjong machine, looked at the balance, and expressed interest. After some haggling with me, I finally gave you twelve dollars.

  Brother Nose saw that I made 12 yuan so easily, and he was even more impressed. Then, we got up and left the large game room.

  Looking back now, I was too young at that time, and I was not thoughtful enough. I even taught my brother Snot the sales part, which laid a bomb for future disasters.

  In the days that followed, I often joined forces with Brother Nose. 135 game room in the own community, 246 game room in the adjacent community, closed on Sundays. Of course, this is not for playing games, but for work. On an average day, both of them have an income of five yuan, which is perfect.

  Every day before going to bed, I will count the money I earn. I am in a good mood and help sleep. I remember that there were more than 90 yuan, and it was only a little bit closer to 100 yuan. At that time in 1996, 100 yuan was a lot of money! Genius is genius, no doubt about it. When I turned 16, I earned the first 100 yuan in my life.

  At the same time, the second grade of junior high school is over, and the final exam results are also down. The ninth place in the class is a double happiness.

  The long two-month summer vacation is about to begin, and this is the time when I will show off my skills. This summer vacation, I will definitely make a lot of money. But it never occurred to me that something would happen in less than a week.

  At 1:00 pm that day, as usual, Brother Nose and I gathered at the gate of the community and went to the arcade room in the next community to “work” together.

  Just as I used to perform my unique trick on a mahjong machine, someone tapped me on the shoulder. When I turned around, a man with dyed yellow hair stared at me fiercely.

  I don’t know this man, he is in his twenties, but judging from his clothes, I know he must be a gangster in an arcade hall, like the one in our community, who often extorts money from some children.

  Just as I was about to ask him what he was doing, I didn’t expect that he just slapped me in the face, which made me burst into tears, inexplicable. He must have discovered my unique secret skills, is it necessary to be a chivalrous person?

  At that time, I was still young and didn’t have much social experience, so I was so scared that I didn’t dare to speak. Turning around to look for Brother Nose, I found that he has long since disappeared… The friendship with Brother Nose ended like this…

  After the man slapped me, he dragged me out of the game room and into the alley next door, holding my ear. The two aunts who sold game coins at the door pretended not to see…

  Looking back now, what the hell was that! In those days, there were hooligans everywhere!

  In the alley, this man punched and kicked me, punching to the flesh, with vicious moves, as if he was going to kill me. I fell to the ground and cried, when two people passed by, and they pretended not to see…

  Helpless, I fell to the ground with tears streaming down my face. I didn’t dare to cry out loud. I didn’t know what he would do to me next, and I was completely at a loss.

  ”Get all the money on me!” The man said to me coldly.

  Looking back now, I was so terrified that it was the first time in my life that I had been robbed or beaten.

  Perhaps because of fear, the whole person was stiff, unable to move, and stood there in a daze. Unexpectedly, he was kicked in the face again, and his mouth was full of blood…

  Only then did he obediently take out all the money on his body, pitifully, it was only 3 yuan and 50 cents in total.

  After the man took my 3 yuan and 50 cents, he didn’t let me go. He dragged me into the arcade room, knocked me down beside a mahjong machine, and said softly, “Get 100 points.”

  I was very curious at the time. I was dragged in and out by this man. The two aunts who sold game coins at the door ignored them and pretended not to see them. There are so many people in the game room, all busy playing their own games, pretending not to see it. What the hell is this world, maybe this is that era.

  Looking back now, this matter should be considered black and black, and I am not a righteous person, so I was caught by him and did not dare to say anything.

  Seeing that I didn’t respond, the yellow-headed man threatened, “Believe it or not, I’ll break your leg!”

  Of course I believed it, my whole body trembled with fright, and I threw the threaded game coins into it, but I didn’t expect to make a mistake…

  The yellow-headed man slapped me again when he saw that I didn’t get it done. I broke down completely and burst into tears. I thought the people around me would help, but they just turned their heads indifferently and looked at me. Continue to play games to play games, and watch games to watch games, as if I were in a different space.

  At that moment, I was completely desperate, and suddenly understood a truth. I don’t need to count on anyone to help me, I can only rely on myself for everything. This is society, not school.

  Wiping the residual tears from the corners of his eyes, he took out the last perforated game coin on his body and threw it in. Not daring to make another mistake, I added 100 points with my own unique skills, and finished the job according to this yellow-headed man’s request.

  The yellow-headed man pushed me away, sat down and started playing mahjong leisurely. I actually stood beside him stupidly, not daring to move. Until he turned his head and said to me, “Come early tomorrow, or I’ll go find you, chop off your hands, and get out of here now!”

  After getting his permission, I just wiped my tears and left the arcade hall. In retrospect, it was really stupid back then. If I had done it now, I would have punched him back a long time ago. If I didn’t fight him to the death, I wouldn’t be called Zelan cat! Even though it’s been almost 30 years since this incident, he still broods over him, cursing this man to die, “There is no place to die, and there is no power to erect!”

  Covered in dust, limping, with blood on his face, he returned dejected. The loving mother saw and heard, she was heartbroken, experienced physical healing, and wanted to seek justice! Helpless, the world is chaotic, gangsters are in power, weak women and young scholars, swallowing their tears.

  I dare not tell my father about this, because he has always opposed me going to the game room and playing games. If he found out, he would definitely be scolded.

  Fortunately, the injury was not serious, just some skin trauma, but the severe damage and blow to my spirit made me sleepless all night. When I thought that the yellow-headed hooligan said to me, “Come early tomorrow, if you don’t come, I’ll find you and chop off your hands.”

  In desperation, I got up the next day and prepared the props, and went to the arcade to find the yellow-headed man, for fear that he would come and chop off my hand…

  Looking back now, I laughed out loud. I was really too young at the time, so I must have been frightened. If it is now, Bi Jiang will give him a knife first and let him bleed.

  Stupidly, he came to the arcade room. Yesterday, the yellow-headed man was indeed there. He consciously walked in front of him. At that time, he was smoking a cigarette and playing mahjong. When he turned his head to see me, his face was full of surprise. After being stunned for a while, he came to his senses and slapped him when he stretched out his hand. (There are such idiots in the world, don’t fight for nothing.)

  Covering his cheeks, tears streaming down his face, his whole body trembled, unable to move. Then, according to his instructions, he added 100 points to his mahjong machine, and according to his request, he took out all the money on him, not much, two dollars.

  Maybe it was because he had too little money, and he was slapped again. He stared at me viciously and threatened, “Come early tomorrow, if you don’t come, I’ll go find you and kill your whole family! How much money does the family have? Bring it to me tomorrow.”

  These words are still fresh in my memory. At that time, I covered my face, turned around with tears in my throat, and slowly left the game room. Although the game hall was crowded with people, they all pretended not to see it. This was already expected, and I didn’t have any hope at all that no one would come to help me.

  I clearly heard two words behind me, “idiot”. The yellow-headed man laughed and yelled at me.

  But I never imagined that these two words have greatly helped and enlightened my life. I often use these two words to weigh my choices, and still do.

  At that time, after hearing these two words, I felt seriously insulted, but for some reason, a light flashed in my mind, as if I had woken up.

  I’m such an absolute idiot, I consciously came here to find him, got two slaps in the face, gave him the change, and gave him 100 game coins. He threatened to kill my whole family just because of his vicious look. Could it be that he would have to hand over all the family’s money to him when he went back today?

  Passing by the entrance of the arcade hall, I said to the two aunts who sold game coins, “Auntie, someone is going to kill my whole family and ask me to give him all the money.”

  I thought they would come up with a plan for me to help me, but I didn’t expect them to pretend they didn’t hear it, and continued to chat without even looking at me…

  My heart was completely relieved, that is, from that day on, I saw this society clearly.

  Without leaving the arcade room, I turned around and walked in. The thoughts and ideas in my mind are very clear, there will be no help from anyone, and everything can only be done by myself. Sitting down in the corner, staring at the yellow-haired man, for some reason, I really want to know him.

  Why can he command others with such a ferocious command? Why did I consciously come here to serve him? What is the logic of this? Is he just like the killers in Hong Kong movies, who can kill other people’s whole family at any time? Or as in the Hong Kong movie Young and Dangerous, there are many younger brothers around, who can hack people to death at any time? What are the police doing?

  With this series of questions, I sat for more than two hours, watching him. He didn’t do much movement either, he just smoked and played mahjong, which was not much different from other people.

  I don’t know when a few men walked behind him. I thought it was his younger brother or his friend, but I didn’t expect a man to shoot and punch him in the head…

  The yellow-haired man immediately begged for mercy, nodded and bowed, but he was still slapped, and several men took him out.

  What the hell is going on here? That yellow-haired man is simply the image of a god in my heart. According to my thoughts, he should have shot immediately and knocked down those men.

  This was so shocking to me, I immediately got up and followed out. I saw the yellow-haired man kneeling on the ground, begging for mercy. Several men punched and kicked him, but he did not dare to fight back. This yellow-haired man is like two different people, where did his vicious aura towards me go?

  I don’t know what the dispute was between them, but in the end, the yellow-haired man was beaten and promised to pay off the money as soon as possible, and these men walked away. That miserable appearance is exactly the same as yesterday’s me, and that cowardly appearance is simply more embarrassing than me.

  Unexpectedly, after the yellow-haired man got up and saw me, he immediately showed a ferocious appearance. I don’t get it at all, are you an actor at all? But I figured out one thing. This yellow-haired man is not a god-like existence. He will be beaten to the ground and beg for mercy.

  He raised his hand and walked over to me, obviously angry, trying to vent, and looking at this posture, he wanted to slap me again.

  I don’t know where the courage came from. It must not have been given by Liang Jingru. Maybe it was the cowardly look who had just seen him be beaten on his knees and begged for mercy. Before he could walk in front of him, I learned the martial arts moves from the Hong Kong movie and kicked him with one foot.

  That was the first time I hit someone. I didn’t expect that I was strong enough to kick him in the stomach. He took a few steps back and fell to the ground. I rolled up my sleeves, I thought I was going to have a big fight with him, but I had already decided to fight to the death today, and I will die!

  Unexpectedly, after he got up, he pointed at me fiercely and shouted, “Wait for me!”, then turned and left.

  Damn, I suddenly woke up, this sentence scared me half to death, he must be looking for someone… I ran away and ran all the way home… I was afraid that he would find someone to beat me, it would be dead .

  Thinking back on it now, I burst out laughing. But I was really frightened by him back then. Since then, I have never been to that arcade again. I have stayed at home for a month, staying at home, and usually watching TV and the Nintendo game console among the players.

  Later, I came to understand, why didn’t the yellow-haired man tell the men who beat him to wait, but told me to wait? Because he is an actor!

  I stayed at home for a month for the whole summer vacation, and it was quite boring, so I finally decided to go out and play arcade. During the safety period, I plan to only play in the arcade hall of my own community and not go to other places to cause trouble.

  It’s been a long time since I came to the arcade hall of the community, and it was still so crowded and lively. Came to the boss, slapped a dollar, and bought four game coins. But it’s very strange that the boss didn’t read his martial arts novel today, but stared at the pile of game coins next to him in a daze.

  I turned my head and saw more than 50 game coins on the side. All the game coins had a hole in the middle…

  fuck! At that time, I turned around to look for that snot dog, and I had to beat you up. Snot Dog couldn’t find it, but found that many buddies have game coins with holes in their hands, and are secretly adding some to themselves…

  At that time, I felt that the end of the world was coming. I wondered if the boss would call the police, and would the police call me in the morning? No, we must find the snot dog, he must be in the arcade hall of the next neighborhood.

  I immediately set off and ran to the arcade hall in the next neighborhood. Even if I met a yellow-haired man in the arcade hall, I would have nothing to fear! I’m so angry right now, I really want to kill someone.

  With a ferocious look, he rushed into the arcade hall of the neighborhood next door. The first thing he saw was the yellow-haired man. He turned his head and glanced at me. He pretended not to know him and continued to play his mahjong machine. Maybe it was me. Today’s ferocious look frightened him.

  Walking past him, he cursed in his heart, “Fuck you, you yellow-haired actor, if you dare to provoke me again, I will beat you into a dog.”

  Looking back now, I used to be as timid as a mouse, but since hitting that yellow hair, I have become bolder. I feel that I am not afraid of the sky and the earth, I am young and ignorant…

  Then, as expected, a snot dog was found in the corner, and without saying a word, he punched him in the head when he went up.

  The snot dog was beaten inexplicably. When he turned his head and saw that it was me, he immediately understood, nodded and bowed, apologized repeatedly, and tried to explain.

  When Huang Mao saw me being so violent, he widened his eyes and stood up, thinking he was coming to find fault, stared into his eyes and clenched his fists, but he turned around and left the arcade room. I thought he would turn around and say something to me, asking me to wait, but he left without saying a word…

  Turning my head, the snotty dog ​​invited me to sit down first and be safe. After some nonsense explanations, he actually wanted to teach me new techniques, and he made three chapters of the law, and the past was irrelevant.

  With regard to the relationship between mentoring and apprenticeship, I restrained my impulsive emotions and calmed down to listen to his explanation.

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