[How Goblins Are Made] Chapter 9

  It turned out that the method of punching a hole in the game currency and passing it through with a thin thread is completely outdated. In this short month, he has learned from other facts and invented a higher-end technology without any cost. , without any risk.

  After he finished speaking, he took out a 1m long braided belt from his pocket. I frowned and took a serious look. This is an ordinary braided belt, which is generally used for bundling goods. Although it is a little stiff, it can be easily bent. It’s just that this is thinner than the braided belt, with a visual width of about three millimeters. It should be cut from an ordinary braided belt.

  When I was puzzled, he gently bent the head of this braid with his hand to make a hook shape, and the curvature was exactly the same as the size of the game coin…

  I wipe! Seems to suddenly understand.

  I saw that he gently pushed the braid deep into the coin slot of the game, and slowly lowered it until he heard a sound of successful coin insertion… Then he maintained this height and twitched the braid gently, and the game points would not be counted. Stop and roll up…

  I wipe! I understand it all… I thought that I was the only genius in the world, why is there always a mountain outside the mountain, and there are people outside the person, and even the apprentices I accept surpassed myself.

  After it was done, Snot Dog gently pulled out the braid and put it back into the clothes without leaving any traces. He turned his head and said to me, “We’ve settled, we don’t owe each other.”

  High, so high, I nodded to him. He gave me this and ordinary braided tape, and I found a mahjong machine to test it. Sure enough, it’s much easier to use than my unique stunt. It’s convenient and leaves no traces. It’s so perfect…

  At that time, I felt that the arcade room would undergo a major reform, or it would slowly decline from then on. Sure enough, not long after, I saw the buddies in the arcade hall, each with a woven tape…

  The owner of the arcade room in the community didn’t have the heart to read his martial arts novels anymore, and he looked sad all day. Not long after, he finally came up with a solution. A sign was hung at the entrance of the arcade hall, and minors were not allowed to enter.

  Since then, our group of underage children have been blocked from the door and can no longer enter. It also makes sense to think about it. Adults have financial resources and will not engage in these sneaky activities.

  I don’t know if the arcade owner finally found out, maybe not yet. But I believe that the bosses of these arcade halls must have gathered together to have a meeting and studied the plan. Otherwise, how could it be possible that overnight, all the game rooms were hung with signs that “minors are not allowed to enter”?

  I was not very interested in arcade machines, mainly to earn some pocket money. Seeing that my small treasury has accumulated to 300 yuan, I was already satisfied. Although another financial road is broken, but fortunately, I will be 17 years old soon, and I am one step away from adulthood…

  Until I make a comeback and let you close your doors.

  When the third year of junior high school started, the learning atmosphere in the whole classroom was extremely tense. I really didn’t know what was going on in these people’s minds.

  Our third- and fourth-grade classes are the worst rubbish classes in the whole school. This has been doomed from the time of the first-grade class. As a top 10 honor student in my class, a fighter among the trash, I was called to the office by my teacher.

  I thought I had done something in school, but I didn’t expect that the head teacher, the physical education teacher, would actually chat with me, talk about ideals, and ask me if I wanted to go to a key middle school and go to a famous university.

  I refused at the time and told her frankly that I didn’t want to go to a key middle school or a prestigious university. My family was poor and I needed to work as soon as possible to make money.

  I still remember her expression. At that time, her eyes widened and she was speechless. She stared at me in a stunned manner, speechless, and she didn’t know what to answer for a long time…

  Finally she said a common phrase, “Call your parents over.”

  Just as I was about to leave the office, she called me back and asked me if I wanted to join the Communist Youth League.

  I shook my head and said, “No.”

  The answer seemed completely unexpected to her. It’s right to think about it, those top students who are excellent in character and study are all rushing to join the league and become members of the Communist Youth League. But I dismissed it. In fact, I didn’t know what the Communist Youth League members were doing. Do they play Warcraft online?

  It is even more incomprehensible to hear that I have to pay the group fee. I am a student, and even the tuition fee is paid by my parents. How can I have the money to pay the group fee…

  The head teacher was silent for a long time, speechless. Then he changed the subject and asked, “Do you have the confidence to enter the top three in the class this semester?”

  I shook my head and said, “No.”

  The head teacher is depressed, and if you change to other students, you will definitely shout, have confidence! Or, I will try! And the answer of my filthy egg has ruined all three views.

  ”Why? Your academic performance is very good. Last semester, you made great progress and entered the top ten. There is definitely hope to enter the top three this semester. Why do you study?” The head teacher frowned and asked anxiously. .

  Seeing that I was stunned and didn’t answer, she hurriedly said, “Isn’t it to be admitted to a key high school, to a key university, to win glory for your parents, and for yourself?”

  I shook my head and said, “No.”

  ”Ah?” The head teacher was shocked, “Why is that?”

  I don’t know what to say, but let’s be honest, “In order to play games with peace of mind…”

  ”Tell your parents to come as soon as possible, you can go…” The head teacher pointed out the door with a helpless expression.

  When I walked out of the teacher’s office, I regretted it. To tell her the truth, you should shout a slogan like other classmates, “I will work hard”, then it’s over. This is over. If my parents come to school, how will I live in the future?

  The school is only 500 meters away from my home, and my parents went to the school the next day. I thought I would be reprimanded by my parents when I got home, but I didn’t expect them to be unusually quiet this time. They invited me to sit down in the living room and talk to me like an adult. This was the first time in my life.

  Looking back now, I really admire my parents. This is an extremely correct parenting direction. Unlike the parents of other classmates, they only urge their children to study hard, get admitted to key middle schools, and enter famous universities. They never ask their own thoughts and do not allow them to have their own life plans.

  My idea is also very simple. When I grow up, I want to work on computers, make computer games, and become a programmer.

  Parents looked at each other in dismay. After all, it was 1996. At that time, computers were generally the products of magazines, which were extremely rare in ordinary people’s homes and lives. Not to mention the fantasy of letting computers make games, write programs, etc., which ordinary people cannot understand. Even sometimes, I think it’s just an excuse to play computer games in the name.

  But my parents didn’t think it was a child’s whims. They took my idea seriously and did market research. Not long after, they told me that if you want to study computer, only the university has a computer department, and I am only in junior high school now, and I must finish high school before I can take computer-related university subjects.

  After listening to this, I was very frustrated. I didn’t expect that I would have to wait so many years before I had the opportunity to learn about computers, and it was still in college. There is no money at home for me to go to college. It seems that after graduating from high school, I can only find a job to make money and buy a computer myself. Five years is not enough, but ten years is enough.

  The future has become dark in an instant, and my studies have become meaningless to me. These useless things, I don’t want to learn, I just want to learn computers! Only computers are really useful! Everything else is a waste of my time!

  Life has also become meaningless, arcade halls, minors are forbidden to enter, black Internet cafes, I don’t know where to move. After completing basic homework every day, I can only play that battered Nintendo console at home.

  Contra, one life can clear the level. In the red fortress, a car can pass through the board. Sharon Man Snake, a plane cleared all levels. Green Corps, it’s so hard, give up!

  A flash of light suddenly flashed in my mind. I have nearly 300 yuan in my small vault. I can go to the department store to see if there are new cassettes to buy. At that time, there was no game console store.

  But the department store is only in the city center, and it takes 45 minutes to take the bus. I have never traveled far, and I feel a little flustered. Finally, I contacted a few friends and the three of them went together.

  Bobo and Ye Ye are my best friends and classmates. They have been playing together since elementary school, not only playing games but also playing games. This article does not narrate them too much, because it has little to do with the theme, and I have covered them in one stroke. If they are related, they will be added later.

  The three of them were very careful in the car because they all brought huge sums of money. I held the 300 yuan in my hand and never took it out from my pocket. I was very careful, for fear of being stolen. The two of them were also worried along the way, hiding the money in the soles and underwear, for fear of being extorted by hooligans.

  The society of that era was a bit chaotic. It was common for thieves to patronize on the bus, and hooligans to extort money off the bus. In the end there will be no one to help you, I have a deep understanding. If you shout, “Help,” I can guarantee that everyone around you will quickly run away from you, haha.

  At that time, only high-end department stores in the city center had game console counters, but they were just Nintendo game consoles and some cassettes, not to mention sfc, ps, Saturn, Sony, etc., I never saw it…

  The three of them came to the tallest department store in the city center at that time. Of course, it has already closed down. When they climbed to the fifth floor, when there was no special elevator, they finally came to this long-lost game console counter. game console. The scale is not large, there are only two counters, holding Nintendo game consoles and some cassettes.

  At that time, the Nintendo game console did have some more classic games, Mario Brothers, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, and Dragon Ball, which were quite impressive.

  Among a bunch of game cassettes, I fell in love with the Three Kingdoms game at a glance, but it cost 280 yuan, which was a crazy price in those days. Looking back now, those merchants are simply more vicious than hooligans.

  But I still bought that plate of Three Kingdoms and paid 280 yuan at the cashier. I still remember the expression on the cashier’s face at that time. She widened her eyes and looked at me with a look of incomparable admiration, as if she was looking at a rich boy. It made me feel that being rich is really different…

  Bobo and Ye Ye used their lucky money to buy a collection of Dragon Balls and Mario. They are the children of rich families. And for a poor man like me, all the lucky money is handed in as tuition…

  The three of them invariably hid the newly bought game cassette in their chests, as if they were afraid of being robbed, they cautiously took the bus back to their home.

  Since the last time I played the game Romance of the Three Kingdoms on the computer, I have a good impression of it. I didn’t expect to be able to play it on the Nintendo game console. I am so excited.

  But I didn’t expect that after plugging in the cassette and turning it on, it was actually a Japanese version…

  I was dumbfounded. This was the first time I came into contact with Japanese. Most of them were pseudonyms with only a few Chinese characters. How can I play this way? In desperation, I can only grope and play around…

  Fortunately, I have played Romance of the Three Kingdoms IV on the computer before, and I have a certain foundation and common sense.

  At that time, I felt very strange, why the Romance of the Three Kingdoms on the computer is beautifully made and Chinese-Chinese. The Three Kingdoms on Nintendo is all in Japanese, and the production is rough, completely two concepts, two sets of systems and mechanisms. But despite this, I still enjoyed the game and spent a lot of time, unifying the land of China time and time again, and half a year was so wasteful.

  In fact, in the absence of other games to choose from, this game is still very fun. I don’t know if any of my classmates have experienced it. A military general brought a few soldiers, two teams of cavalry stood in front, and archers shot indiscriminately at the back, and they ruled the world like this…

  Only later did I find out that I was playing an old-fashioned game, junk that the Japanese devils have long since eliminated. At that time, there was no Wikipedia. This thing was released in Japan at the end of 1985, and it was already 1996 in China! Playing games that others have eliminated for more than ten years is so relish, so cheap…

  This made me realize the importance of computers once again. At least on computers, Romance of the Three Kingdoms follows the release trend and keeps pace with the times.

  Later, I exchanged games with Bobo. I didn’t expect that the Dragon Ball he invested in was a classic! I don’t know if any of my classmates have experienced the Dragon Balls on the Nintendo game console, the turn-based card game, the interface like a rich man, and the dice to determine the moving distance.

  Anyway, this game is beautifully made, and it can slightly change the history of comics. It also took me a lot of time, but unfortunately the whole game ended when it reached Namek…

  But no matter what, as long as you have played games on the computer, something like Nintendo has simply become a pediatrician. When you have no choice, you have no choice but to enrich your free time.

  The first half of the third year of junior high school is coming to an end soon. According to many mock tests, my grades are still ninth in the class, no better. The class teacher has also encouraged me many times that as long as I work harder, I can rush to the top three and don’t give up.

  In fact, I didn’t work hard in my studies, but I just planned the time. I previewed all the knowledge that I was going to learn early. I didn’t know how to ask early, and recite the things that should be recited earlier, so as not to be in a hurry at the end.

  The learning atmosphere in the class is also divided into two parts. The classmates who are going to take the key high school exams are buried in the piles of books every day, and they don’t hear anything outside the window. Those who have given up on the future and plan to find a random student in a technical school, sleep in class or read comic books, and have a very leisurely life.

  For the future, I still haven’t given up. If I want to engage in computer-related work, I must study computer science. In this case, I must go to high school and go to university.

  At the end of the nine-year compulsory education, I began to study the study, or the education industry. There is one thing I am puzzled by, why I finished all the content in the school textbook early, and I still understand it, but the test results are always at a critical point, and I can’t go up.

  In theory, this shouldn’t be at all. I went back and checked the previous exam papers, and found that the questions that lost marks did not seem to have much to do with the textbook, but there was some subtle connection. And every time on the test paper, there are always two or three questions that make me lose points, and the scores of these two or three questions are the distance between the top few places in the class.

  Even if it’s for us to be able to learn from practice and infer other things, that’s not in the scope of these. At first, I thought it was because of my intelligence that I wasn’t as smart as those top talents were born. Later, when I took these doubts to ask our monitor who is both excellent in character and study, I learned of it only after I was a class leader. It turns out that every night after school, from 7:00 to 10:00, they spend three hours at the teacher’s house to make up lessons and open a small stove!

  I was angry at the time, this is completely unfair competition! Perhaps because of my tall and handsome face, she revealed some inside stories.

  It turned out that going to the teacher’s house in the evening after school to make up lessons has long been the norm. The content taught is also some special skills that cannot be learned in the classroom. It is specially tailored for those students who want to prepare for the key high school entrance examination, which is why I always lose the part of the test…

  After so many years, the nine-year compulsory education is almost over, and I only knew this happened. However, she explained to me that not everyone can go to the teacher’s house to make up lessons. Only those students who are both excellent in character and study, motivated to take the key high schools, and have potential, the teacher will ask him to take supplementary lessons.

  I wipe! It turned out that the teacher asked me to work hard. Those are all gimmicks. It’s really true that I opened a small kitchen behind my back and educated a group of special forces. Teach something that isn’t taught in class, and that’s what makes them secure top spot, fuck!

  I was depressed to death before, the content in the textbook, I have learned everything that I should learn, I have understood everything I should understand, and I have memorized everything that should be memorized. I have already learned it over and over again. It’s just that they failed the test, and now I understand it all.


  But things turned around immediately, when she told me that the teacher stipulated that the number of places was limited, and there were a maximum of 20 students every night, including students from the entire grade and other classes. It is also emphasized that they are all excellent in character and study, eager to make progress, motivated to take exams in key high schools and famous universities, and each student charges 20 yuan a day.

  A bunch of other Barabara didn’t understand it, but I am the most sensitive to money… I reacted in an instant… I took back the two words I just said and used the other two.


  These two words scolded all the students, including me and those top students. Under the same test paper, there are actually two different sets of education mechanisms, and we are so desperate to fight, which is actually unfair competition.

  My mood was relieved afterwards. It wasn’t that I didn’t work hard enough, or that there was a problem with my intelligence. It was because I was overcast by the teacher.

  The most important thing is to charge 20 yuan per head per day. I did some calculations for him. It is 400 yuan a day, and more than 10,000 yuan a month. Fuck!

  In the warehouse of the Cardboard and Newspaper Recycling Center, I dug three feet of ground to find books to sell. I worked hard to earn more than ten yuan in one night, and I had to pay ten yuan for management fees.

  I lingered in several game rooms, earning extra money with my unique skills, and it was only a dozen times a day, and I was still nervous and cautious.

  And the teacher teaches some things that are not available in the classroom, and it is easily 400 yuan a night. Don’t blame me for despising you! I used to think that the teacher was teaching for free, how young and ignorant!

  Thank you for being excellent in both character and study, the class leader who is alluring the country and the city, for helping me lift the veil and know the answer! Please rest assured, I will not be your enemy, nor will I compete with you. 20 yuan a night, our family can’t afford it, and I’m not that stupid!

  Since that day, I have understood a truth, there is no fair thing in the world, only a fair price, as long as you pay more than others, you can succeed!

  Even if the teacher asks me to make up the class, I will not do it. The tuition fee of 20 yuan a day insults my IQ! This is also the principle of my life, just like some online games now, you need to recharge to be better than others, so I don’t do it!

  In fact, the above are all excuses, there is only one reason, I am poor! Even if you are poor, you are so stupid!

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