[How Goblins Are Made] Chapter 10

  After school that day, I chatted with Xiao Luo who came home the same way. Xiao Luo is my neighbor and lives in the unit next door to my house. She is my classmate. Usually, because of their different hobbies, they don’t communicate much, but they often go home together!

  His father worked in an institution, his mother was a businessman, and his family was quite wealthy. Perhaps because of this reason, his academic performance was poor. Because the teacher in the classroom said that the richer the family, the worse the children’s grades, and the less promising they are. Although I don’t understand why this is, but in our consciousness, an unreasonable seed is planted.

  When I told him the secret that the teacher gave some top students a supplementary lesson at night, he was not surprised at all, but he was a little surprised. He looked at me with big confused eyes and said, “Don’t you know it before?”

  ”do not know……”

  ”When I was in the first year of junior high school, the teacher asked my parents and invited me to go to his house to make up lessons in the evening. I paid 20 yuan a day for good grades, and 50 yuan a day for poor grades. My mother would scold me when she came back. It’s just to make money, so I didn’t let me go.” Xiao Luo said to me seriously.

  what! I was shocked at the time, thinking that 20 yuan was already a pervert, but I didn’t think that there was still 50 yuan, it varies from person to person! How did the reading results become a fight for money?

  ”My mother also said that the parents of the classmates in the class are rich and which are not. The teacher has a clear idea, so he specially finds some rich families and asks them to make up lessons. Therefore, my grades are not good, and my mother never It’s my fault that the teacher didn’t teach well.” Xiao Luo added proudly.

  I rely on, recalling the three years of junior high school, I had a safe and stable life, it turned out to be because my family was poor. Although the teacher told me to work hard, but never asked me to make up lessons, it turned out that my family was poor…

  I suddenly had a little doubt about reading and education. But I still can’t figure out what I suspect, and it always feels strange.

  ”Then after you finish the third year of junior high school, are you going to go to a regular high school or a technical school?” I asked curiously.

  ”After graduating from the third grade of junior high, I will do business with my mother and make money. Is it worthwhile to study? It’s a waste of time.” Xiao Luo Yizheng resigned.

  what! I was confused and asked, “At the beginning of the third year of junior high school, the teacher knocked on the blackboard and said, in the future, whether you will be prosperous and rich, or poor, you will look at the third year of junior high school. During the class, I emphasized many times that the hanging beams are thorny and the cold windows are hard. Reading, titled on the golden list, top school in high school, returning home, honoring the ancestors. Enjoying the glory and wealth, becoming a celebrity through the ages…”

  ”Stupid!”, he interrupted me. “That’s so ancient! Modern is about money!”

  ah? I am baffled…

  ”If you don’t have money, you are so stubborn, it’s useless to study hard in the cold window, and you can’t even pay the tuition! If you have money, you can find a famous teacher to make up your classes, key high schools, Tsinghua and Peking University are up to you to choose!” Xiao Luo frowned. Brows, showing a look of contempt, as if I was a child who had never seen the world.

  His remarks, although a bit ugly, like a little adult, suddenly made me realize a truth. Indeed, it seems that everything around me revolves around one thing, and that is money…

  Xiao Luo proudly pointed out a middle finger to me and turned to his own unit building, but I couldn’t sleep all night when I got home. In the past, I always thought that those students with poor grades were fools. They knew nothing about the world and knew nothing about this society. Today, I found out that the door is clear. I’ve become a fool, wasting a lot of time, learning some useless things, just to let the teacher say that I have good grades and top the list?

  Vanity! It’s all because of vanity! Let go of vanity, and open up the seas and the sky.

  Looking back now, I really should have dropped out of junior high school. Teaching this thing is a complete waste of my life. The classmates who used to have the worst grades in school are now either rich businessmen or bosses. And the top students with the best academic performance are now either working or unemployed.

  There are only a very small number of top students, who do well, earn a lot of money, and live a leisurely and comfortable life. And those people are like Xiao Chen in the dark Internet cafes, they know that what they have learned is useless, it is just a rule of the game. The reason for success is also very simple. There are unspoken rules in education, and there are unspoken rules in education…

  Well, I’m still a half-genius, at least in the third year of junior high school, I saw the whole education industry clearly, and I didn’t waste too many brain cells on it. The other students are miserable, day and night, sleepless nights, sleepless nights, racking their brains, and stubbornly studying. Some classmates even put on high-tech gadgets, “brain purifiers.”

  It’s like a charm, with a circle of magnets on the side. It is said to be worn on the head, which can purify the brain nerves, activate brain cells, and improve intelligence…

  I think this is a brain-dead circle, wearing it on the head to prevent abnormality, the teacher still promotes this in the classroom, and now thinking about it, it is so funny. Sure enough, the more you read, the more stupid you become.

  You continue to be silly, I don’t play anymore. I was going to borrow a few books to read, and the first book that flashed in my mind was the Three Kingdoms. In order to cooperate with playing games, I have always wanted to study the history of the Three Kingdoms. Now that my studies can be put aside, I have a lot of time now.

  I have read a few Romance of the Three Kingdoms before, but it is Yokoyama Guanghui’s comic, which is very interesting, but it is said that the historical content has been tampered with, so I plan to try to read the full text of the official history of the Three Kingdoms. Although the school’s library is very large, books related to the history of the Three Kingdoms are in short supply. But today, my eyes lit up, and I found a brand-new Anthology of the Three Kingdoms lying quietly on the bookshelf.

  I wipe! When did the school find out in conscience to buy a new book? I quickly took a few steps forward and picked up the book, for fear of being robbed by others.

  Just as I was about to take it to the librarian to fill in the library card, the book suddenly sank. I turned around and saw that my other hand was on it, and I was trying to grab it!

  Looking up, I know this person. He is Zhao Jian from the third class next door. This person is usually quite arrogant, he is a little bully in the school, and everyone talks about him behind his back. When I was in the first year of junior high, I heard about him as soon as I entered the school. At that time, his brother Zhao Liang was in the third year of junior high, and he was also an arrogant and arrogant guy. The two brothers often do bad things in school, bullying some honest classmates, but at least for the past three years, they have never offended me. Later, his elder brother Zhao Liang left the school after graduation. He was weak and restrained a lot.

  ”Give me the book.” Zhao Jian stared at me and whispered expressionlessly.

  I also explained politely, “I borrowed this book first. I’ve been waiting for this book for a long time.”

  Unexpectedly, he suddenly started grabbing hard, and I squeezed tightly with one hand. I know you are a little bully. You are usually arrogant, but you have to be reasonable. Everyone is in the third year of junior high, and they are generally tall. The most important thing is that there are so many beautiful female classmates watching me.

  ”Let go, or I’ll cut off your hand after school!” Zhao Jian’s words were amazing, which really startled me. She shivered and let go of her hand.

  After grabbing the book, he actually added, “Go away, don’t let Lao Tzu see you, I’ll break your leg.”

  His second sentence made me suddenly react. This sentence seems to be similar to the past, reminding me of the yellow hair in the game room.

  If I had done it before, I would have been terrified and afraid to move. But I don’t know why, but now I am full of anger. Not knowing where the courage came from, he involuntarily threw his fist towards his face.

  I’ve heard before that most people must be beaten before they beat someone. Now that I think about it, it’s true.

  This punch was unexpected, and Zhao Jian couldn’t dodge in time, or he fell to the ground before he could react. He must have felt that no one would dare to attack him, and he was still in the school library. He didn’t expect to be beaten up by a lunatic today.

  When he fell to the ground, I was so scared that I took three steps back. I didn’t expect to knock him to the ground with one punch without being hit.

  There was an uproar around, but the teacher on duty in the library didn’t see it, or pretended not to see it? This punch happened to hit his left cheek, neither light nor heavy, but why did he burst into tears? Are you a joker too?

  He slowly got up and threw the book aside, thinking he was going to fight me. At that time, I did start to feel a little terrified. I didn’t expect this person to be so lawless and dare to fight in the school.

  Unexpectedly, he covered his left face and shouted at me, “Wait for me!”

  This sentence was so familiar, it made me immediately think of that yellow hair. This kid is just a copy of the yellow hair, which is so infuriating. It wasn’t him that I was angry, but myself, thinking that when Huang Mao slapped me in the face, I was still standing there like a fool, not daring to move. The next day, I went to the arcade room to find him to serve like a slave, what a fucking shame.

  Thinking of this, I was so angry that I reached out and slapped him, just like the yellow hair hit me back then, bitch!

  He actually cried, sobbing and standing still. I’m so stupid, where did your arrogance go? Could it be that the threatening jokes on your lips are all used to bluff people?

  I’m such a big idiot that I still believe it, afraid that you will cut off my hands, that you will break my legs, that you will kill my entire family. I really believed in your evil, and when I thought of this, I was even more angry, and kicked him on the body.

  He fell to the ground again, unable to cry…

  ”Stop, don’t fight!” The teacher on duty in the library didn’t shout early or late, but at this moment he shouted and got up.

  Without asking anything, the two of us were taken directly to the teaching office. It was also my first time at the teaching office, which is usually where unruly students come. And a student like me who is excellent in both character and academics came here, obviously a little out of tune.

  Just like a police officer asking a case, the director of the teaching office took out a pen and paper and began to record. He raised his head and asked, “Say, why did you fight?”

  ”He stole my book, and then said that he would cut off my hand after school and break my leg when he saw me.” I reported to the director of the teaching department.

  The director of the teaching office burst into laughter, and the laughing pen fell to the ground, but he quickly sorted out his emotions and gave us a formal lesson. He also warned that fights are not allowed in the school, the school is a place for learning, any personal grievances should be resolved through negotiation, and no force should be used. Then it’s over…

  Looking back on it now, it’s really funny. Most of those who speak madly are actors. Really powerful players will never talk nonsense with you. I was actually intimidated by them at first, what an idiot.

  Sitting idle on the bed, holding the Three Kingdoms in hand, I am happy and happy, it is hard to come by, and I cherish it even more.

  It’s a pity that I didn’t finish reading this book of the Three Kingdoms, I only read half of it, and my life was disrupted by a major event. I happened to pass by the arcade hall one day and found that the sign “No Minors” was gone, and I was overjoyed.

  But when I took a closer look, the inside was completely changed, and all the arcade machines were gone. In its place is a row of TVs and… Nintendo consoles? The buddies over there were all holding gamepads and paying attention.

  This… have I crossed over?

  I remember seeing this for the first time when I was seven years old. At that time, I saw a simple sign on the side of the vegetable market in the community. It was made of cardboard. I wrote four words that I only knew, “electronic game” with a marker.

  Curiously, he walked into the farmer’s rental house. There were three black and white TV sets in the living room. Many children were holding something in their hands and paying attention. It was the first time I saw a Nintendo console, and within a few minutes, I too was immersed in this happy world.

  That should be regarded as the earliest form of Chinese game industry management. Three black and white TV sets are equipped with three Nintendo game consoles. Six children are sitting there, shaking the game console handles with enthusiasm…

  Playing those classic games, Contra and so on. The fee management is also very simple, the boss sits on the side watching you play games, three lives are dead, Game over. One dime per game, for unskilled children, it will be over in two or three minutes, the boss earns a lot of money . The whole living room is also crowded with people, usually six people sit in the front to play, and 60 people stand behind to watch…

  One by one, there is still a queue, and the boss really got a hand cramp after receiving the money…

  At that time, I also stayed inside every day and watched them play games, just like in the dark Internet cafe before. Not long after, there was also a feeling of wanting to try, so I asked my parents for 50 cents and played five games. Unexpectedly, it was over in less than 10 minutes…

  Some children have paid more tuition fees, and their skills have become sophisticated. After a while, they can pass the customs with one life. The boss is also anxious when he sees this situation, and then changes the business model.

  Package time or customs clearance, two yuan an hour, or ten yuan customs clearance. In 1987, that was simply sky-high. But I didn’t expect that the seats were full. There were so many rich children, and I was the poorest.

  At that time, I was just seven or eight years old, and I was completely ignorant. Some children told me that their money was stolen from their parents’ wallets. I learned it at that time…

  God forgive me… skipped as it doesn’t have much to do with the topic…

  This ancient business model is actually back now, are you kidding me? How old is it, who doesn’t have a Nintendo game console? Still need to come to play with you?

  But when I went in and took a look, I found that was not the case…their gamepad actually has six buttons…this…

  Eight game consoles, not like Nintendo, and the games played are well-made and varied, which are completely comparable to the games on the computer. I collapsed in an instant, fell into the abyss, forgot to eat and sleep, and did not return all night.

  Like other people watching from the back, after researching for a long time, I finally understood. It turned out that it was a new generation of game consoles, Md, sfc, Sony, Saturn…

  I was caught off guard by the appearance of these things, and I really regret it. I spent 280 yuan to buy the Japanese version of the Three Kingdoms. If I knew this earlier, why should I be rude! Well now, Meiyu has no money in her pockets…

  There are five or six game catalogs posted on the wall, as well as a price list, which is clear at a glance. The fee is reasonable and reasonable, three yuan an hour, if you find a buddy to play doubles together, that is 1 yuan and 5 cents an hour per person, so cheap!

  These game cards use computer disks, which look very high-end, but the game is a little troublesome to read, usually two or three disks. At that time, I was deeply attracted by a game, fantasy simulation battle, Langrisser.

  Although it is a full Japanese version, it does not affect the operation and gameplay at all. The turn-based strategy game masterpiece is awesome!

  Although there is no money to experience, but sitting in the back watching them play, everyone discusses with each other, it is also relish and reluctant to think about it. Most of them are the familiar faces in the arcade hall, and there are also a few hooligans and gangsters, but they are very quiet, and they are not like before to cause trouble and blackmail.

  The sign of the arcade hall was changed to the game hall. Perhaps it is for this reason that the game hall is relatively quiet and not as noisy as the arcade hall. Everyone is sitting there obediently watching a movie. Those little hooligans and gangsters can’t extort money to buy game coins. After all, playing games now is a package of time, not coins.

  This has given us underage children a lot of security. Unlike before, we were always on guard in the arcade room for fear of being extorted and extorted by hooligans.

  The boss is no longer the nerd in the arcade hall, but an aunt. Later, I heard that this aunt used to be a policeman, I rely on it, she is awesome. No wonder her expression is always so serious, as long as anyone speaks loudly, she reprimands them harshly, and if they are disobedient, they get out. No wonder those little bastards are so obedient.

  The arcade room in the community was replaced by a game hall, and the adjacent community was “banned for minors”. My financial path is so cut off, it’s really annoying to have no money.

  But looking back now, fortunately there was no money at that time, otherwise it must have been a bottomless pit. At three bucks an hour, it looks cheap, but most games are time-consuming. Fantasy simulation battles, super robot wars, Romance of the Three Kingdoms and other strategy games can’t be won without one or two hundred hours. Sitting in the back and watching others play, in fact, the experience is the same, and you can also free up one hand to eat melon seeds, which is pleasant…

  As soon as the second half of the third year of junior high school started, the class ranking dropped to 30th, and going up and down was like taking an elevator. There was no need for excuses, and the time was spent in the game hall. It seems that the entrance examination to high school is about to be taken, and it is impossible for a key high school. You can only choose an ordinary high school or a technical school.

  If you go to an ordinary high school, you must go to university after graduation, otherwise you will not be able to find a job in society, which is troublesome. Might as well go to a technical school, have a skill, at least be able to eat after graduation.

  At that time, the technical schools were also varied, except for the common car repairs, electricians, and so on. There are also wonderful service industry technical schools, what etiquette vocational schools, and there are really special female students to sign up. Only later did I know that those who came out were all waiters, and most of them were at night…

  But I feel that other than computer-related careers, everything else is a waste of time for me. If there is no computer school, I would rather give up school and go to work after graduating from junior high school. Therefore, I don’t care much about the school’s curriculum, and my grades have plummeted.

  The second half of the third semester of junior high school is a critical moment of hard work. Those top students in the school have long forgotten to eat and sleep, hanging on to the beams and working hard for the final sprint. And someone like me with a poor future walked into the game hall leisurely after school.

  Obviously, there is some garbage in the game hall, and I belong to the garbage classification. But today in the game hall, I suddenly saw a familiar face, he was holding a gamepad, with a relaxed and relaxed expression, full of confidence as before.

  That is… Xiao Chen…

  (This article is not a novel, it is a personal biography. I have nothing to do to vent my feelings and share the past. It has been banned from major websites because it has exposed too much of the dark side of society. It doesn’t matter.)

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