[Drunken Jasmine]Chapter 7 – Angels and Demons

  I don’t know how long I’ve slept, maybe a hundred years, I slept peacefully and comfortably, without distractions, I don’t want to wake up, I don’t want to wake up. I don’t know why I’m waking up, waking up for what? Eating, urinating, continuing to sleep, to stay alive? Where is the meaning? Why live?

  The phone is ringing, let it ring, who’s calling? Who will call me? Accept or not, what’s the point? I want to sleep all the time and never wake up so that I have no worries.

  I have trouble? Impossible, what are you worried about? do not know. What’s the trouble for? I don’t know, and I don’t want to know. I’m not bothered anyway!

  The phone rang again, and it was so noisy! If you don’t pick up, will it keep making noise? OK, I’ll take it!

  Slowly pick up the phone and put it to your ear. Why is there no sound? But I can hear breathing, who is it? Why don’t you speak? Why is this guy calling me? Whatever, I’m lazy to say, hold the phone, and don’t say a word.

  After a minute of stalemate, I heard a voice.

  ”Hello.” A very familiar voice came. This voice, why do I seem to have forgotten her? What does she have to do with me?

  ”Yeah.” I only said one word. I know, I’m in a state of panic now, and I haven’t woken up yet. In my thesaurus, only this word can be used.

  ”That,” she said hesitantly, her tone uncertain.

  ”Well.” I can only say this one word, this word represents all my emotions right now.

  ”You’re going to remove the plaster today.” She said hesitantly. There was concern and confusion in his tone.

  ”Well.” Thanks for her reminder, I have forgotten, really forgot.

  ”I’ll take you there, my car is repaired.” Her tone was a little wavering.

  ”Yeah.” I suddenly smelled the familiar scent of jasmine flowers. This is the scent on her body. What’s going on? I miss her? No, impossible, illusion! So why do I say, “um”? Do not! I didn’t say it, I don’t believe I said it, it was just a gasp from my nose!

  ”I’m here now, wait for me.” Her tone suddenly became serious and firm.

  ”Yeah.” I replied dumbly.

  Listening to the long voice of the phone, I feel a little numb, this feeling seems similar, I seem to have lost love? Do not! It’s impossible, I don’t even have a girlfriend, I’m just a brokenhearted ass!

  What are you thinking about? Get up, get up, get dressed, the cast will be removed today, you can be free.

  When she was ready, she went downstairs and waited for her at the gate of the community. Not long after, she saw her driving in a car. She glanced at me, didn’t smile, didn’t talk nonsense, and just stopped.

  I opened the car door and sat up without saying a word. She didn’t apply lipstick today, simply tied a ponytail, didn’t wear earrings, didn’t even draw eyeliner, and she had a plain face. It’s not quite her style, she’s a little abnormal today.

  ”Fasten your seat belt.” She said simply, without any emotion or tone.

  ”Hmm.” I fastened my seat belt. What’s wrong with me? Why only say this one word? Am I being stimulated? How come, but I don’t think there is much to say.

  It’s very strange today. She no longer brakes hard and drives smoothly. Is this her? She gets serious, why don’t I know her? Well, it’s her, maybe I didn’t know her in the first place.

  Soon I came to the hospital and the orthopaedic department. The doctor looked at the medical records and tapped on my plaster, “It’s almost time, no pain? It’s time to remove the plaster, and sit next to me.”

  I didn’t notice how they removed the plaster. I was dumbfounded. When I looked down, the plaster was gone. I moved my wrist for a while, but there is no pain. I have forgotten the pain. Maybe there is another part that hurts more than the wrist. The pain caused me to lose consciousness? No, not possible, I would have been fine, no pain.

  ”How? It doesn’t hurt anymore? Okay?” she asked, taking my hand.

  ”Yeah.” I lowered my head, didn’t look her in the eyes, and simply answered a word.

  ”Then let’s go, let’s go.”, I followed her out of the hospital and got into her car.

  Along the way, we didn’t say a word. Maybe I don’t want to care about her, why should I hate her? No, impossible, why hate her. However, the fragrant floral fragrance always surrounds me, making me feel warm and comforting.

  She drove the car downstairs to my house and we sat quietly in the car. I should get out of the car and go upstairs, but why can’t I move, what’s the matter? Are you expecting what she will say? What can be said? I don’t know, I can’t move anyway, I’m dumbfounded.

  ”It starts with me, and it ends with me,” she said. “I’m very happy that you’ve recovered now. Your hands are very important. When you type and write programs, you rely on your hands to eat. Just like a pianist, take good care of yours. hand.”

  ”Yeah.” After speaking, I nodded, got up and got out of the car, I heard what I wanted to hear. What do you want to hear? I don’t know, maybe I don’t want to know, but I heard it, I understand it, I just don’t want to admit that I understand it.

  After getting out of the car, he didn’t look at her again. All I could hear was the sound of her starting the car and leaving. Strange, why can’t I smell her jasmine scent? Lost your sense of smell? No, I haven’t lost my sense of smell. I can smell the flowers and plants downstairs, but why can’t I smell her jasmine?

  Maybe there was never a jasmine scent, and I don’t know what kind of scent is jasmine.

  Going upstairs, going home, entering the door, lying down, not knowing the time, not feeling hungry, closed my eyes, I fell asleep again, the day was over.

  This day was the day when I used the least words. I only said one word, “Yeah.”

  Later I learned that after she drove out of the community, she pulled over and stopped the car. Her eyes were already wet, and she could hardly hold back her tears, and her blurred vision made it impossible for her to continue driving. But she never told me why.

  Why are my eyes open again? Is it a new day? Yes, back to work. Get up and go out to the unit as usual. Although the cast was removed, I felt a little stiff, like a zombie, especially the face, no expression.

  Not long after entering the office, I heard Brother Xiong’s voice.

  ”Your cast is removed, how’s it going? Try two punches, have you recovered yet?” Brother Xiong came in with his butt and shoulders shaking, laughing and teasing.

  ”Yes, it’s all recovered, it’s fine.” I looked up and saw him wriggling, feeling that he was very wise.

  ”You, you look like you’ve lost your love.” Brother Xiong narrowed his eyes and tilted his head to look at me.

  ”No.” My face was expressionless, and I uttered a word calmly.

  ”Oh, okay. By the way, in two days there will be an opportunity to make extra money to assemble the computer, but it has not yet been decided. I will tell you later.” He lowered his head and whispered in my ear.

  ”Oh.” Brother Xiong always took care of me very much. Whenever there was an opportunity to make money, he would share it with me. Maybe this is a reflection of my technical prowess.

  Brother Xiong happily twisted his butt and went out. He is the most well-rounded person in our place. He is indispensable for making money, and he avoids troubles far away. Like a master leading an apprentice, he led me to grow up. I really should learn from him and learn more social experience.

  It’s the happiest moment of the day again, when the unit canteen opens for dinner. It’s very strange today, how come I didn’t see her, maybe her clumsy drawing work has delayed her dinner.

  It wasn’t until I finished lunch and walked out of the cafeteria with a few colleagues that I saw her walking towards me.

  ”Sister Zhang, good!”

  ”Miss Zhang.”

  Several colleagues nodded hello to her with special respect. It has long been spread in the unit that her backer is very tough and no one dares to provoke her.

  ”Zhang, Sister Zhang.” I, like them, greeted her, perhaps out of politeness. Or, if I don’t say hello to her, I’ll think I’m very special and weird.

  ”Hello!” She smiled at us and walked in quickly. Why is her lipstick black and purple today, her face is cold, without a trace of girlish innocence and the proud look of a princess.

  In the past, if I called her Sister Zhang, she would stare at me with wide-eyed eyes and shout, “Call me Zhang Nini.”

  Back in the office, I had an inexplicable sense of loss, and I was listless all day. What’s wrong with me? Must be the aftermath of a car accident.

  After get off work, I walked out of the office building slowly as before, and habitually looked at her office, wondering if she was working overtime?

  When I looked up, she was standing at the window looking at me with a cup of coffee in her hand, expressionless. What are you thinking about?

  I also turned my head expressionlessly and walked out of the unit. It feels very strange, an indescribable feeling of being a stranger.

  The next afternoon, she suddenly trotted into my office. With a forced smile, he said to me, “Well, if you have time after get off work today, let’s have a cup of tea and chat. I have a friend who introduced you to me.”

  Her smile is familiar to me, but why is it reluctant? Ok! I listen to you, I always listen to you, I’m still a child.

  ”Oh.” I nodded succinctly.

  ”That’s settled, six o’clock. Ivy Teahouse, I have a seat.” After she finished speaking, she turned and left. It’s really strange, why didn’t she leave a floral scent behind today?

  When it was time to get off work, I stood blankly at the window, and I saw her car drive out. She should have gone to that tea house. Before that, she would have told me, let’s go, let’s go together.

  She asked me to have tea and chat, and a friend wanted to introduce me. The tone was as if Brother Xiong introduced me to his girlfriend at the time. Is she going to introduce me to a girlfriend?

  I don’t want to go, but I don’t think it’s okay if I don’t go. I promised her, so let’s go later and play a game at the unit for an hour.

  I found out later that when I started playing the game, she had arrived at the teahouse and met her friend, chatting while waiting for me.

  ”Sister Zhang, how is your current job? I heard that you are in a government unit, which is really enviable.”

  ”Although I work in a government unit, my work is very boring. I get irritable every day when I do some design drawings. I don’t want to do this work at all.” Ni Ni helplessly took a sip from the teacup.

  ”Isn’t all work the same? Who likes work? It’s all about making money, no matter what unit you’re in.”

  ”Hey, can’t you do some work you like to make money?”, Ni Ni shoved a plum into her mouth, her two pink lips pursed slightly.

  ”Haha, of course, what kind of job makes money and what kind of work, good jobs are grabbed by everyone.”

  ”What about you? Do you like your job as a teacher at school?” Ni Ni said, getting up to fill two teacups with hot water.

  ”What if I don’t like it? I don’t have any other choice. Besides, the profession of a teacher is quite noble, and it’s a good thing to talk about it. Although the money may not be very much, compared with other professions, others will I think the teacher is very pure.”

  ”You know, I studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts. My ideal is to be a painter, but my dad thinks I have no future, so he put me in a government unit.” with melon seeds.

  ”Oh, yes! Your fiancé is from the tax office. How did you meet him?”

  ”My dad owns a small factory and often deals with people from the tax bureau. I met him at a meal. Then he often came to see me at my house, and my dad thought it was a good fit for me to be with him.”, Ni Ni sighed deeply, looking helpless.

  ”Very good, this is the dream pursued by many women. Do you like him?”

  ”Probably, he’s actually quite nice to me.” Ni Ni nodded and spat out two pieces of melon seed husks, but without any smile.

  ”Then your current life is simply perfect. You have a good harvest in both career and love. I’m really envious.”

  ”I really don’t have this feeling. First of all, I don’t like my job, so I force me to do it, and put on a show. It depends on relationships, not strength. Even if I don’t do well, no one dares to tell me. Marriage, I I’m also a little scared, I don’t have a clue in my heart. I feel like a prisoner, I can’t help myself.” She picked up the teacup with a sullen face and drank the tea.

  ”You think too much. Many people want a job like yours, but they have no chance. Many people want a marriage like yours, but they have no fate.”

  ”Maybe, anyway, I don’t feel that I have a firm belief, I always feel like I’m dodging, maybe all of this is not what I want.” Ni Ni put down the teacup and looked at the ceiling helplessly.

  ”By the way, tell me about the boy you’re going to introduce to me today.”

  ”He’s the one in charge of the computer in our unit’s computer room. He’s a nice guy and willing to help others.”

  ”And then?” the friend asked curiously.

  Ni Ni paused, unable to speak for a moment. She has many, many reasons to say it, but when she really wants to say it, she finds that there is not a single reason. In other words, these reasons are so common to others.

  In fact, there is no need for a reason to love someone, and there is no reason, it is a feeling. If there is a reason, it is not love, but exchange.

  I came to the teahouse as scheduled and saw two women sitting there chatting, and I strolled towards them.

  ”You’re here, sit down, let me introduce you, this is Xiao Zhao, an elementary school teacher, and my good friend.” Ni Ni opened the stool next to her and invited me to sit down.

  ”This is from our unit’s computer room, Xiao Su.” She turned to the girl next to her.

  ”Hello, hello.” I greeted this little girl Zhao. In just one second, I looked at her. She really had the temperament of a teacher. She was also very beautiful. She was wearing a pair of glasses and looked like a teacher. But wearing gold and silver is a bit vulgar.

  ”Xiao Zhao has just started working for less than a year. As a language teacher, this job is also very hard. I think you should have a lot to talk about.” Ni Ni’s smile was a little embarrassing.

  I don’t know why, but there is a fire burning in my chest, although I don’t show it, but I can’t control my anger. The speech started without thinking, and it was rude.

  ”Okay, then do you have something to go?” I turned my head and said to Ni Ni with a blank expression.

  She stared at me with wide eyes, and felt that I had discovered the plans and ideas she had prepared in her heart.

  ”Ah? No, I’m fine, I’m not going.” She smirked, showing a forced smile, avoiding my eyes, and lowered her head to take a sip of tea.

  ”Oh, that’s good. What did you guys talk about just now?” I asked this teacher Xiao Zhao with a polite smile.

  ”Chat, blind date, marriage, love, work.” Teacher Xiao Zhao said to me bluntly. But in her eyes, I felt a kind of discrimination.

  ”Oh, I’ve never had a blind date, can you tell me how you got a blind date?” I asked Teacher Xiao Zhao curiously.

  This little teacher, Zhao, was eloquent, and he told a lot of stories and experiences of blind date.

  The point of a blind date is that two people meet and sit down and talk about their education, their occupation, their income, and their hobbies. If both parties are satisfied, they can become friends for further development. If both parties are not satisfied, just say goodbye directly. The blind date can be fast or slow.

  I asked her curiously, “What is the purpose of the blind date?” My tone was somewhat aggressive and contemptuous, and I believe she felt it.

  ”Find someone who is ideal for both parties to marry.” Teacher Xiao Zhao is simple and clear, just like her expression.

  Ni Ni was silent, sitting beside him drinking tea. She also felt the smell of gunpowder for both of us.

  ”Then what is Teacher Xiao Zhao’s ideal candidate?” I asked bluntly.

  Ni Ni put a cup of tea in front of me and wanted me to lower the fire.

  ”A lawyer, with a monthly income of more than 10,000 yuan, a good educational background, a good family background, no bad hobbies, good health, older than me, a local.” Teacher Xiao Zhao smugly said that he was as fluent as reciting Tang poetry. is a language teacher.

  From her tone, I could clearly feel that she looked down on me.

  ”Then ask, if after you get married, his occupation has changed, he is no longer a lawyer, his income has also changed, it is no longer more than 10,000 yuan, his hobbies have also changed, and his health is not good. , what are you going to do?” I asked her as if I had given an exam question.

  After listening to my words, this teacher Xiao Zhao suddenly stopped and turned to take a sip of tea. She really couldn’t answer. She looked at me with embarrassed eyes, feeling that I was here to find fault.

  ”According to what you said about the blind date and marriage conditions, it is no longer satisfied. So is your marriage going to break up and you are going to divorce?” I threw a melon seed into my mouth, spit it out with a click, and spit it out. Two neat melon seed shells.

  ”Sorry, no offense, IMHO, you sold it to that lawyer. The conditions of exchange are his occupation and his income, and there are many people who meet this occupation and income, and you are just ordinary survival. Deal.”, I threw two neat melon seed husks into the trash.

  I don’t know why I can say that today. Maybe it’s because of my rage. Why is there anger? I don’t know myself either. I’m really eager to quarrel with this little teacher Zhao.

  She was obviously unhappy, her face was frosty, but she didn’t want to admit defeat, she controlled her emotions and shook the teacup.

  ”If a person loses his freedom, in order to survive, he will do things he doesn’t want to do, marry and live with someone he doesn’t love. There’s no point in living, just like a prisoner in a cage, giving a bite to eat just to live ”

  ”Of course, what I said may be a little more serious, I’m sorry. There are also many blind date people who fall in love at first sight and live happily together. I hope you can be as lucky as that.”

  After I finished speaking, I took a sip of tea and felt that there was nothing to say. Although I usually don’t talk much, I especially wanted to scold people today. I’m ready to get up, go back, boring!

  Just when he got up, the little teacher Zhao calmed down. She figured out what to do, took a sip of tea, and said calmly to me, “If there is a person who is willing to love me sincerely, without asking for material exchange, I will hold his hand tightly and not give up. However, this world There will be no such person in the world, and we still have to be realistic, everyone is afraid of starving to death, and strives to survive.”

  ”You are really special and different. Before you leave, can you tell me about your mate selection criteria? I’m very curious.” The teacher Xiao Zhao asked with a forced smile.

  I hesitated, I didn’t want to say more, but I sat down politely.

  ”I don’t care about her occupation, her family background, education background, nor her income, let alone her age. These are not important, I only care about her, whether she is a person who dares to fight against fate. Love The person you want to love, do what you want to do.” I finished these words in a serious manner, and I felt that they had profound educational significance. Perhaps it is the words from the heart that can be blurted out smoothly.

  ”I’m sorry, I’m going to the bathroom, you guys can talk slowly.” Ni Ni suddenly got up and left.

  The moment she got up, we all saw that her eyes were wet.

  Teacher Xiao Zhao and I looked at each other, and the quarrel between us subsided.

  ”I’m very moved by what you said. I think in your heart, you already have someone you love deeply.” Teacher Xiao Zhao slowly got up and poured me tea.

  ”I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to offend. I just feel that the current world is too bad. Everyone worships money first. They all live like prisoners in a cage, imprisoned by power and money.” Teacher Xiao Zhao has a cup.

  ”What you said today is really inspiring to me.” Teacher Xiao Zhao filled my teacup with water. We looked at each other and smiled, eyes full of harmony and understanding.

  Ni Ni came back and sat down, saw us chatting with each other smiling face to face, and said excitedly, “I’m so glad you guys finally got to chat together, I thought you guys were going to fight.”

  ”When heroes meet, they don’t know each other without fighting.” Teacher Xiao Zhao smiled slightly.

  ”Sister Zhang, you told me that he doesn’t have a girlfriend, and I don’t really believe it now.” Teacher Xiao Zhao looked at Ni Ni with persistent eyes.

  ”Why?” Ni Ni frowned.

  ”Intuition.” Teacher Xiao Zhao blinked confidently.

  After drinking tea happily, Mr. Zhao got into the taxi, waved to us, and disappeared into the night.

  Ni Ni drove me home by the way, driving steadily along the way, but we didn’t say a word, like two sulking children. It can be clearly felt that our auras are fighting each other, and no one shows weakness.

  Soon I got to the downstairs of my house. After getting off the car, I turned around and went upstairs without saying a word. She also had a sullen face, turned the front of the car expressionlessly and left.

  But more than ten minutes after arriving home, the phone rang. Who is it? Is it her?

  ”Hey, that, I’m here.” Her gentle voice came from the phone, and it really was her.

  ”Yeah.” I still wanted to hear her voice, which gave me peace of mind.

  ”Well, what do you think of that little Zhao teacher today?” Her tone was a little hesitant and hesitant.

  I don’t know how to answer her, but I feel like a sister is going to marry her brother, which is really strange and funny. Inadvertently said something that I didn’t understand.

  ”On her body, there is no scent of jasmine.”

  ”What did you say?!” she asked curiously.

  ”Okay, good night.” She thought I was crazy and hung up the phone.

  Lying on the bed and looking at the ceiling, indeed, I haven’t smelled the scent of jasmine for a long time. Maybe in a dream, close your eyes quickly.

  Is it a new day? Get up, wash up, jump on the bus like a zombie, and come to the unit.

  I saw her car as soon as I entered the unit. Why did she come so early today? Looking up at her office. She was standing by the window with a cup of coffee in her hand when she saw me, smiled at me and sat down to work.

  I also went into the office and started working on some of my own repairs.

  Brother Xiong came in quietly, patted me on the shoulder and said, “It’s all done. Tonight will start overnight installation. There are a total of 50 computers, each costing 100 yuan. Let’s install them together.”

  ”Okay, haha!”, I nodded my head ecstatically, I earned some extra money!

  After work that afternoon, I immediately went to the tax bureau with Brother Xiong. We started assembling the computer overnight, laying out the network cables, the network, and it was done by the weekend. These jobs could have been done by others, but we have the technology to earn the money ourselves.

  Working with Brother Xiong is very happy, chatting and doing things while doing things, and quickly passing the time. Although they are all working all night, they are still in good spirits and live young.

  ”Brother Xiong, where did this business come from?” I asked curiously as I was busy assembling the computer.

  ”The last time I ate, the tax bureau chief Zhou gave it to Zhang Nini’s fiancé.” Brother Xiong answered me while busy pulling the network cable.

  Why do I feel so uncomfortable when I hear the words “fiance”? How strange.

  ”You know him before?” I looked at Brother Xiong curiously.

  ”Yes, there are some private business dealings, but I didn’t know he was Zhang Ni Ni’s fiancé.” Brother Xiong opened his mouth to me, surprised.

  ”The last time I ate, I heard a sentence, he said, I’m very surprised if the configuration is low and the price is high.” I scratched my head and couldn’t understand.

  ”Isn’t it simple? The price of things with low configuration is low, and then he reported it to the tax bureau, and he raised the price himself, there are a lot of difference in the middle and can get rebates.” Brother Xiong finished speaking and took out from the bag A pack of cash.

  ”Look, there is 50,000 yuan in cash here. When we are all finished, I will give him the money.” After saying that, Brother Xiong carefully put the money away.

  ”This scum of the people earns so much, and we only earn so much?” I scolded indignantly.

  ”No, his 50,000 yuan is corruption and kickbacks. What we earn is legal outside money, which is different.” Brother Xiong took out a pile of invoices and explained to me calmly.

  ”It turned out to be the case, I was thinking, if I am like him, kickbacks and corruption, then I will not do it.” I knew very well in my heart that I would not do this kind of corruption and get kickbacks.

  ”Don’t worry, we are not qualified to make that kind of money, haha.” Brother Xiong shook his head helplessly and smiled.

  Brother Xiong and I worked hard to assemble the computers, one after another, with a tired back and a sore back.

  In a blink of an eye, I was busy all night, tired, and during work hours, I fell asleep in the office. Hold on for another day and you’re done.

  ”Where did you go at night? I called you, but no one answered at home. During the day, I secretly slept in the office again.” A familiar voice came from his ear.

  Looking up, it should be her, why is it so blurry? Yes, I’m sleeping and maybe dreaming.

  ”Working for your fiancé.” I simply replied to her and continued to sleep.

  ”Crazy!” Hearing her scolding and leaving, I suddenly felt very comfortable, haha, this dream is interesting.

  1 minute before I get off work, Brother Xiong appeared at the door of my office with a packed dinner in hand and was already waiting for me. It’s time! go!

  Brother Xiong and I continued to work hard to assemble the computer, eating steamed buns in our mouths. Finally, the last one is installed, tired.

  ”Haha, it’s done, how many units have you installed in total?” Brother Xiong asked, counting the money.

  ”Twenty-eight units.” I counted and replied.

  ”It’s still you who are great and move fast. I’ll have 22 units. Take it, 2,800 yuan.” Brother Xiong frowned and handed me a handful of money.

  Ha, I am happy to receive the money. This is the second time I have done private work with Brother Xiong. The last time I was assembling computers in an Internet cafe, there were more than 100 computers.

  ”It’s already past 8 o’clock in the evening, are you going back?” I carefully put the money in my pocket.

  ”Wait a minute, I’ll call the section chief.” After saying that, Brother Xiong picked up the phone and dialed.

  ”Hey, Section Chief Zhou, the computer thing has just been done. What? Are you in a meeting? Okay, then I’ll wait for you here.” Brother Xiong shook his head and hung up the phone.

  ”Are you still working after eight o’clock in the evening? Are you still having a meeting?”, I asked Brother Xiong curiously.

  ”Shut up, chatting with important guests, it’s called a meeting.” Brother Xiong laughed.

  ”I see, these officials.” I looked contemptuous.

  ”Why don’t you go back first. He told me to wait for a while and come down immediately.” Brother Xiong said while patting my shoulder.

  ”I’ll accompany you, let’s go together in a while.” I helped Brother Xiong tidy up the packing boxes on the ground.

  ”Alright, then you can sit for a while.” Brother Xiong looked around, walked to an office, opened the drawer, and put a package in it. I know it’s a bag of money, it’s what Brother Tianxiong showed me the other day, and it’s kickback money.

  It didn’t take long for the door to be noisy. There were three or four people. Suddenly, Section Chief Zhou walked in and closed the door.

  ”Xiao Xiong, are you all done?” Section Chief Zhou always had a cigarette in his mouth, the corners of his mouth curled slightly, revealing a sinister smile.

  ”Yes, my little brother and I have done it all night for three days.” Brother Xiong handed over a pile of invoices and said confidently.

  Section Chief Zhou frowned his two short brows, squinted his eyes, glanced at me, and nodded. He picked up the cigarette, took a deep breath, and turned to look at Brother Xiong.

  ”Well, I put all the bills in this drawer.” Brother Xiong said, pointing to the desk.

  I saw that Section Chief Zhou, exhaling a puff of smoke, walked over quickly, opened the drawer, took a bag, put it in his pocket, and said, “Let’s go to dinner together.”

  ”You don’t need to eat. You are all busy with official business, so we won’t cause any trouble.” Brother Xiong narrowed his eyes and said with a smirk.

  ”Today is Boss Tian from heaven and earth inviting you to dinner. I just mentioned you. You must show respect if you know him.” Section Chief Zhou said, pointing outside.

  A tall middle-aged man walked in outside the door, “Xiaoxiong is also here, come, come, come together. That little brother, come here.”

  ”Boss Tian, ​​you are here too.” Brother Xiong smiled and went up to shake hands.

  ”Let’s go, let’s go, talk while walking, last time I asked you to have a meal, you ran really fast.” Boss Tian said with his arms around Brother Xiong’s shoulder.

  ”No way, my wife has a baby.” Brother Xiong bent over and followed him out.

  Brother Xiong nodded and bowed to them, as if he didn’t dare to offend him. It wasn’t easy for Brother Xiong to earn some extra money.

  So, I was also pulled into the car and went to that heaven and earth.

  When I arrived, I found out that it was a nightclub! These scumbags!

  At the door are beautiful girls in cheongsams with exposed thighs, “Senior Zhou, it’s been a long time, please come inside, come inside.”

  This is a fucking dark old society! Just like the prostitute Chunlou!

  Brother Xiong and I, like two idiots, followed into a big box. The lights inside were dim, and a half-circle of the couch surrounded a large coffee table with cups and red wine on it.

  ”Sit here, sit here, Section Chief Zhou.” Boss Tian shouted.

  ”Your decoration is getting more and more high-end. You spend all your money on decoration, don’t you want to pay taxes?” Section Chief Zhou said while picking up a bottle of wine.

  ”No, with your care, I will have the opportunity to pay taxes. Otherwise, the business will not be able to do business, haha.” Boss Tian nodded flatteringly.

  ”You are too good at doing business, those who run restaurants have no future.” Section Chief Zhou patted the wine bottle on the coffee table.

  Several beautiful waiters came in, opened the wine, and started pouring.

  ”Come, come, fill it up for Section Chief Zhou first,” said a middle-aged woman.

  ”You slut, you want to fuck me again today. Last time I asked you to do a striptease, if you don’t dance, I’m going to check your taxes. You drive a shit KFC and pay a pack of cash every night. You’re going to be lucky, tax evasion! You think we can’t see it.” Section Chief Zhou frowned, showing yellow teeth, pointing at her and scolding.

  ”How come, a little coin, not much.” The middle-aged woman picked up the wine glass to toast.

  ”Stop talking nonsense, blow a bottle first, or I’ll check on you tomorrow.” Section Chief Zhou slapped a full bottle of wine in front of her, took out a cigarette and bit it in his mouth, with an arrogant look.

  I saw the middle-aged woman, picked up the bottle and started drinking. Oh my god, I drank it in one breath, wiped the corners of my mouth, and showed a satisfied look, lunatic.

  ”I’m telling you, the above has noticed you, don’t steal your fucking cash.” Section Chief Zhou pointed at her with a cigarette.

  ”With you taking care of me, what am I afraid of, right?” The woman replied slyly with a lewd smile, then got up and lit the cigarette in Chief Zhou’s hand.

  ”The last time I had dinner, I asked you to do a striptease. You ran away, so I’ll make it up now.” Section Chief Zhou narrowed his triangular eyes, sneered, and pointed at her.

  I saw that woman, really stood up and started to twist and undress, one piece, two pieces, three pieces, crazy!

  She took off her underwear, revealing a sleazy smirk, “Senior Zhou, in such a cold day, you can’t finish taking off here, right? I’ll take two young girls and take off together, how about you? “

  ”Ha, this is what you said.” Section Chief Zhou cracked his sharp mouth and exhaled smoke with a wicked smile.

  ”Section Chief Zhou is about to have a wife now. Her wife is very beautiful. She looks like a Hong Kong star. How could she still like you guys?” Boss Tian helped to dissuade her.

  ”Don’t fuck with my wife to oppress me, she’s not here. Besides, she’s my jewel, and I’m going to take care of my kids at home. These sluts are just for people to play with, don’t play with them. , they don’t trust their business.” Section Chief Zhou pointed at the two female bosses and spat out saliva.

  Brother Xiong and I were sitting in a corner without making a sound. My heart is burning with rage, these disgusting devils!

  A few devils were drinking and talking, and a few goblins were dancing around. How can there be such a place in the world, such a beast!

  I couldn’t bear it anymore, my head hurt so much, I picked up my bag and turned to look at Brother Xiong.

  ”Let’s go, Brother Xiong.” I whispered to Brother Xiong.

  ”Can’t go, calm down.” Brother Xiong stared at me with serious eyes, grabbed my hand, and replied me gently.

  Brother Xiong and I are really not a character, or a person, or a fart. These devils have no time to talk to us, they’ve been going crazy there. It spit out milky white smoke boringly, and greedily drank the dark purple venom.

  Another group of beautiful waiters came in and brought in a few dishes and some fruits, “Senior Zhou, please take it easy.”

  ”Boss Tian, ​​where did you find such a beautiful waiter?” Section Chief Zhou widened his small triangular eyes, pointed at the beautiful waiter, spit out a puff of smoke at her, cracked the corners of his mouth and asked with a smile.

  ”These are all country girls. How can they be beautiful? You must be drinking too much? I’ll show you a few beautiful ones in a while.” Boss Tian pulled the waiter girl away with a smile and pushed the door towards the door. , let her leave.

  ”Girl, I think you must have undergone plastic surgery, right?” Section Chief Zhou grabbed the waitress’s hand and stared straight at her chest.

  ”That, no, Section Chief Zhou.” The waiter shyly lowered his head and replied.

  ”Come, come and sit next to me, I’ll see, you must have plastic surgery.” Section Chief Zhou pulled the waiter to his side with a wicked smile.

  ”Okay, okay, go get busy. Section Chief Zhou is joking with you.” Boss Tian stepped forward and pulled the girl back, trying to help the girl.

  ”You’re just joking, I’m serious, girls who use plastic surgery, unfair competition! Tax increase!” Section Chief Zhou seemed to be really drunk, Lai fell on the sofa and pointed his head at Boss Tian.

  ”Okay, okay, okay, come, come, come, sit down and give a drink to Section Chief Zhou.” Boss Tian shook his head helplessly, picked up the wine glass, put it in the waiter’s hand, and pulled her over.

  I saw the waiter sitting next to Section Chief Zhou, picked up a glass of wine, and started drinking. Then he lowered his head and wiped the corner of his mouth, staring at the ground without saying a word.

  ”I can’t see it, Boss Tian, ​​all the girls here can drink so much. Where is your hometown?” Section Chief Zhou picked up the wine bottle and continued to fill the wine glass in the waiter’s hand, bowing his head in fascination. Peeping, a hand on her shoulder.

  devil! devil! devil! These devils! I kept yelling in my heart, I couldn’t stand it any longer.

  Brother Xiong handed me a piece of watermelon and looked at me kindly, “Come on, eat watermelon, hold on for a while, come on, calm down.”

  This little piece of watermelon saved these demons, otherwise, I might have used the Eighteen Palms of Subduing Dragon to beat these demons back to their original shape!

  I’ve lost hearing in my ears, and I can’t hear the loud roars of demons and goblins. Maybe I’ve blocked them all.

  But I suddenly thought of her, she is going to marry such a devil? She must be crazy, or she doesn’t even know this is the devil.

  Why can’t I see her struggling in the cage of fate? Maybe she is just an ordinary prisoner. In the cage of fate, she did not dare to struggle, she accepted her fate, and I am utterly disappointed in her.

  So why am I sitting here now? Sitting in this cage of fate? No, it’s not me, I won’t be locked in the cage of fate, and I’ll raise a glass with these goblins.

  My mind was almost blank and my head was dizzy. But suddenly I smell the scent of jasmine, where is the scent coming from? I stood up involuntarily and walked out slowly looking for the fragrance of flowers.

  I vaguely heard a sentence behind me, “Who is this? You don’t respect the wine, so you dare to leave?”

  I didn’t understand what this sentence meant at all, I just followed the scent of flowers and came to the door of the nightclub with full concentration.

  It really was her scent, she was standing in front of me, her eyes were full of emotion, and she saw my surprise intersection!

  To be continued…

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