[How Goblins Are Made] Chapter 11

  I patted his shoulder excitedly and asked kindly, “Hey, long time no see.”

  But he slowly turned his head to look at me, and instead of showing a sense of joy of reunion after a long absence, he nodded calmly and continued to focus on his game.

  Of course, I was overjoyed, not because I saw him, but because I thought that if I saw him, I might know the place of Brother Curly Hair and Boss Wang, and where the black Internet cafe was.

  After I pressed hard, he said impatiently, “They went back to their hometown, and they won’t come back again.”

  Hearing this news, of course, I was very disappointed. What the hell are you doing? I asked you for a long time to answer me.

  No, it’s the second half of the third year of junior high. It was the most tense moment of study. How could Xiao Chen, who is supposed to be admitted to a key high school, play games leisurely in the game hall?

  After watching it quietly for a while, he was playing “Super Robot Wars”. From the point of view of operation, he was quite proficient, and he used various skill routines like fire. It seemed that he had been playing for some time. Isn’t he a computer enthusiast? When did you start playing these Super Nintendo?

  ”Aren’t you playing computer games now?” I asked tentatively, sitting behind him.

  ”I play, I just don’t play much. Recently, I mainly play super robot wars, fantasy simulation battles.” He stared at the screen and said to me.

  ”Do you play on the computer alone at home, or play against people outside?” I continued to ask tentatively.

  ”Playing single-player alone at home and playing battles outside is the same as before.” After he finished speaking, he turned his head to look at me and asked, “I haven’t seen you playing computer games recently, are you making up lessons?”

  How can I go to make up lessons? I groaned inwardly, but listening to him, it seemed like I knew there were other places to play computer games.

  ”I’m going to fill in the application form next month. I’m going to choose a technical school, how about you?” I continued to chat with him.

  ”Xuejun Middle School.” He blurted out like last time, without any hesitation, and with a hint of pride.

  I rely on it, Xuejun Middle School is a key middle school in the city. Your two exits are from Xuejun middle school. Are you making up your lines to bluff people, or are you really so confident, everything is ready, and you only owe Dongfeng.

  ”Xuejun Middle School, are you fooling people? Several of the top students in our class are all preparing to take the Xuejun Middle School entrance examination. Now they are very busy, and they are piercing every day, and they report on supplementary classes at night. Sitting so leisurely in the arcade and playing games, how can you look like a person who is going to take an entrance exam to a military high school?” I obviously didn’t believe it, and questioned and ridiculed.

  He smiled lightly, and replied while pressing the handle of the game console, “Those are all idiots. I prepared for it a year ago. I have done all the mock exam papers over the years, and it has been foolproof. Now I will wait for the exam. , I only play games when I have nothing to do. My mother is from the Education Bureau, so I know what is useful and what is a waste of time to learn. “

  what! I rely on! I thought you were really a genius, but I didn’t expect you to have an insider. No wonder you are so calm and fearless in the face of danger.

  ”However, I don’t know the specific content of the test, but I have done the test papers over the years, and there is no problem.” He added.

  He obviously felt that he was missing something, that he was talking too much, and he made some explanations. I rely on, to explain is to cover up, to cover up is to be true. Of course you know what the test is. Your mother is from the Education Bureau, so she’s still hiding it.

  I remember when the school started, the teacher tapped on the blackboard and said to us that everyone is a blank piece of paper, work together and compete fairly. Now think about it, what is fair in this world? The only thing that is fair is that everyone will die. While the method of dying may be unfair, the end result is the same.

  ”Then, where do you play computer games now?” I changed the subject and asked directly.

  Perhaps in order to prove that what he said was true, he told me without hesitation, “The neighborhood next door, I’ll take you there later.”

  I rely on, you really know, I know you must have a way, although people are not very good, but the news is still well-informed. I was ecstatic and excited. It’s been a long time since I played computer games, and I haven’t seen a computer for a long time. God helped me.

  My mother taught me since I was a child that I have to make friends of all kinds, whether they are good people or bad people, otherwise you don’t know what is good and what is bad. Whether it is good or bad, you must apply what you have learned, but do not harm others. If I hadn’t followed my mother’s teachings, I would have turned against this little Chen long ago, what a rubbish, arrogant and arrogant.

  Then he got up to pay the bill and took me to the next neighborhood. Along the way, we still talked, laughed, and laughed. Is the boat of friendship just repaired?

  After walking for half an hour, I came to a remote place in the neighborhood next door, surrounded by warehouses and sparsely populated. He took me deep into a tailless alley and stopped by a warehouse with rolling shutters.

  There was silence all around, so I could clearly hear some giggles coming from behind the rolling shutters, and it seemed that there was indeed a secret base inside.

  I saw Xiao Chen raised his fist and knocked on the shutter. Three heavy and three light, three yuan and three slow, as if this is the secret code, with the knock on the door, there is a sudden silence inside.

  After a long time, the roller shutter was pulled up, but it was only half open, and we got in like two dogs…

  Damn it, there is something special behind the small rolling gate. It is spacious and bright, with a total of 20 computers in the left and right rows! Seats are full!

  The one who opened the shutters for us was the boss, a beautiful sister who was under 30 years old. Xiao Chen called her Sister Zhang. I also politely followed Xiao Chen and shouted, “Sister Zhang.”

  This sister Zhang stared at me for a long time, as if trying to remember my appearance. Later I learned that only familiar faces can enter this dark Internet cafe, or friends brought by familiar faces, like a kind of membership system, the face is not a card…

  Standing in this dark Internet cafe for a while, the environment is not bad. Although there are many people, it is very quiet, with a few large characters written on the wall, “Keep quiet and speak in a low voice”, which is like a library. There are two large exhaust fans on the top to exchange fresh air. There is a trash can next to each computer. There is also a water dispenser in the corner. The side door opens to a toilet.

  The price is still cheap, three yuan an hour, but starting from two hours. The most important! I don’t have any money…it’s not surprising that I don’t have any money most of the time, when did I ever have it? Absolutely not……

  In fact, whether you play computer games or not is not the point. The point is to integrate into the atmosphere of the game. People around you are playing games. Many times watching other people play computer games is even more fun than playing it yourself. I secretly laughed at some stupid hats who didn’t know the routine, or sighed that some masters showed their stunts, just like standing in the arcade hall watching other people play arcades, and it was fun.

  I have to say nonsense again, Internet cafes are definitely at the forefront of the times. I haven’t been to Internet cafes for a few months, and popular games have taken a new look. Many people are playing single-player games, and they have never seen it before. There are more and more types and types of games, and I am overwhelmed. I only play Command and Conquer and Warcraft 2 Kuroshio, which is obviously too low.

  I was deeply attracted by The Legend of Jin Yong Heroes. Although I didn’t know much about the characters in it, the whole game style was refreshing to me. Later, I learned that the original game type was called RPG.

  Taiko was determined to pass on the second game, but I didn’t understand it at first, maybe it was because of the history of Japan’s Warring States period, but then I admired this game immensely. It combines two game types, personal RPG and strategy, and goes deep into the personal life of every military commander. It’s so awesome!

  Later I found that the history of the Warring States period in Japan is much more interesting than the history of the Three Kingdoms in China. It’s a pity that these games take a long time visually, and there are different endings that can be changed. I think if I had a computer, I could play for years without going out.

  Soon after, a buddy got up to pay the bill, and the boss gave him a 10% discount. It is said that he has been sitting for a day. He threw down 30 yuan at random, pulled up the rolling gate, and got out. He was really rich.

  Xiao Chen was actually polite to me and invited me to sit down first. It’s not that I don’t want to, but I have no money, so I politely declined.

  He originally thought he would play a battle game, such as Warcraft Kuroshio, but he didn’t expect him to call up Romance of the Three Kingdoms 4, and quietly rule the world there.

  This made me very curious, didn’t he say that he would play a single player at home and play battles in an Internet cafe? Only later did I find out that he had a very successful record archive in the computer of this Internet cafe. Some time ago, I had nothing to do, and after I played it casually, I couldn’t stop.

  ”I wanted to copy my game records and go home to continue playing, but unfortunately the computers here don’t have floppy drives.” Xiao Chen said to me helplessly.

  Floppy drive? I am confused, what is a floppy drive? Fortunately, I didn’t ask at that time, otherwise I would be embarrassed. Later, I learned that the device that the curly hair brother stuffed the disks one by one into was called a floppy drive…

  Looking left and right, I found that all the computers around did not have floppy drives. This makes me very surprised, the computer can be used without a floppy drive? In my previous impression, the hardware of the computer is indispensable, how can there be no floppy drive?

  ”What are you looking for?” Sister Zhang asked curiously when she saw me looking around.

  ”No, nothing, the computers here don’t have floppy drives.” I replied, pretending to be experienced.

  ”After copying the system to the hard disk, the floppy drive is useless, so there is no configuration, which saves a lot of money.” Sister Zhang also explained to me seriously. From her tone of voice, I think she is very computer savvy.

  The system used at that time was MS-DOS from Microsoft. Although it was already 1996, I have not seen win95. So the system at that time was a copy, not an installation.

  ”Without the floppy drive, how can these games be copied into the computer?” I continued to ask curiously.

  Sister Zhang showed me a smile, “You seem to be very interested in computers. Everyone else is playing games, but you are studying logic.”

  ”Well, I really want to learn computer, but I have to wait until college.” I said with a silly smile.

  Sister Zhang frowned and asked, “I really want to learn, why wait until college? Go out and buy a book, and you can start.”

  This inadvertent remark suddenly woke me up. I was a little confused before, why wait to learn something? Waiting to get the textbook, will the teacher teach? Can’t you teach yourself? Self-study is not a difficult thing. So many courses in the school are completed by self-study in advance, and it is quite effective. Otherwise, how can the grades improve by leaps and bounds.

  ”I’m self-taught. In fact, I don’t have much content, just a few commands and some paths.” Xiao Chen said on the side.

  Damn, is this really real or fake? Xiao Chen is so arrogant? Fooling people, right? But in retrospect, when Brother Curly copied the games into the computer one by one. Many people watched from the side and were very curious, but only Xiao Chen was alone, playing his Romance of the Three Kingdoms 4, looking like he was not surprised. Could it be that Xiao Chen is really hiding?

  ”Have you learned the LAN?” Sister Zhang looked at Xiao Chen and asked curiously. It felt like the two of them were very familiar, and they actually talked about common topics. I know about the local area network. It’s just a room with several computers connected together. What’s the big deal.

  ”In theory, but I haven’t practiced it. I only have a computer at home, so I don’t have this opportunity. I want to copy the game records home.” Xiao Chen said calmly while commanding Guan Yu to lead the troops to fight.

  ”I can lend you a disk and copy the game records home myself.” Sister Zhang pointed to a computer beside Xiao Chen and said to Xiao Chen. It was the only computer with a floppy drive, probably the main computer.

  And Xiao Chen took out a disk directly from his body and said with a smile, “As long as you allow me to use a computer with a floppy drive, that’s fine.”

  Sister Zhang smiled and nodded, showing a look of admiration, holding the teacup, got up and moved away.

  I saw Xiao Chen happily get up, and asked professionally, “What’s the address of this love fart?”

  What? Love farts? Still the address? I’m so confused…

  ”″, Sister Zhang counted the positions of the computers and reported a series of numbers.

  What’s even more amazing is to see Xiao Chen sitting in front of the computer, inserting a disk, typing a series of commands on the keyboard quickly, and then his disk began to rattle…

  ”Amazing, the LAN commands are so clear, do you learn computers?” Sister Zhang nodded and asked with a smile.

  ”No, it’s just a hobby, thank you.” Xiao Chen put away the disk and got up, said modestly.

  Depend on! I was totally shocked! I always thought I was a genius, watching other people play games in a dark Internet cafe, and learning a little bit of experience and skills, I can beat a fool like Xiao Chen to the ground.

  But I didn’t expect people to be so knowledgeable, master the underlying technology of the system, operate skillfully, and still hide it. I’m so stupid, arrogant, arrogant, and destitute all day long. And people are not only rich, but also diligent and eager to learn, God is so unfair…

  ”You are very talented in computers, why didn’t you apply for a major in computer science?” Sister Zhang sat down and joked with a smile.

  ”The computer is just a tool, and it can’t be eaten as a meal. You still have to learn mathematics, physics and chemistry well, and you are not afraid to travel all over the world.” Xiao Chen said with a smile.

  I suddenly felt ashamed, like a loser, and felt extremely ashamed for what I just said. I just said that I want to learn computers, and people are already proficient in computers, and practice makes perfect. No wonder Xiao Chen has always looked down on me, I am such a stupid hat, a poor and stupid hat.

  It seems that the computer is a toy for the rich. Only rich people are qualified to learn computers. For a poor person like me, just play it once in a while and enjoy it. Suddenly there is a kind of hatred in my heart, I hate myself for not reincarnating well…

  ”You have a seat.” A sentence from Sister Zhang came from my ear, breaking my thoughts. Turning around, a buddy was standing up to pay the bill.

  I am most afraid of this situation. If all the people are full, I can stand behind and watch them play games with peace of mind. Now that there is an empty seat, I can’t sit down because I have no money.

  Looking up at the wall clock on the wall, he excused, “It’s getting late, I have to go back to eat quickly.”

  Then he went out with the buddy who had paid the bill. Sister Zhang’s expression was a little confused. After waiting for so long, she actually had to go back to eat. I felt that I was not dedicated at all. Look at others, which is not playing games without sleep or food.

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