[How Goblins Are Made] Chapter 12

  On the way home, I was in a low mood. Today is really happy and sad. Fortunately, I finally found a new dark Internet cafe, and I can see my favorite computer game again. Sadly, ran out of money and bought a crap Japanese version of Nintendo of the Three Kingdoms.

  Where to go to get the money has become a problem that irritates me every day. The first thing that comes to mind is the waste paper at home, because by convention, the money for selling the waste paper is mine. But not much has been accumulated so far, and it is good to have five dollars visually.

  Earning a point is a point. After school the next day, I came to the cardboard and newspaper recycling center in the community again with these waste papers.

  Although there are not many sold, 4 yuan and 3 cents, but I found that the boss’s warehouse is piled up again, and I am overjoyed. I have a chance to find some old books to sell!

  But I didn’t expect to be stopped by the boss, which made me very confused, “What’s wrong?”

  ”All the old books have been bought.” The boss took me out of the warehouse and said.

  ah? how can that be? Just looking for these old books is exhausting Half-Life, who would buy them all like me?

  Seeing that I was confused, the boss pointed to the small room next to the warehouse and said, “I have already started sorting cardboard newspapers. Waste paper is returned to waste paper, old books are returned to old books, and all used books are sold uniformly.”

  ”Ah? Can’t you sell me one copy?” My eyes were wet, this was the only way to make money, and the only way to make money was just cut off…

  The boss nodded and said, “Well, I have a contract with someone else, there is no way.”

  In the end, I had no choice but to leave, passing by the small house next to the warehouse. It was indeed full of old books, piled up like a mountain, and there was an old man squatting over there sorting old books.

  This old man still looks very familiar, fuck! What is he? The dead old man with the old book stand at the night market! ! I was instantly furious, and my anger rushed into the crown, why is this dead old man not dead yet!

  Well, things are already clear, this dead old man knows the source of my old books and has monopolized the place. I didn’t expect that such a broken business would be monopolized by others, and it was like a life-threatening involution. What a crazy poor man!

  I walked away quickly, for fear of being seen by the dead old man and embarrassed. After dinner, with curiosity, I went to the neighborhood night market for a walk. Mainly I want to see how that dead old man is doing with his book stand now.

  When I walked to his book stand, I was shocked! Sure enough, as I expected, the book source was sufficient, several times the original amount, and there was an extra old woman to help, probably his wife, and the two were still talking and laughing.

  ”Grab a child’s business, nasty, hum!”, I cursed in my heart.

  This dead old man obviously saw me, his eyes stayed on me for a second, and he smiled proudly. What an old hooligan, you must die!

  Selling old books is the way to get rich, and the game machine room is forbidden for minors. Do you really have no choice but to ask your parents for money?

  When I got home, I saw my mother cutting clothes and fabrics day and night. In order to prepare for my tuition and fees for the second half of the third grade, they had a fight a few days ago. My father went out to sell blood and brought back a few hundred dollars and a red blood donation honorary certificate.

  At that time, I burst into tears and cried a lot. I didn’t expect the poor family to sell blood. It’s really too humble to live.

  Poor and lowly couples are really bad. It is no wonder that the poor children have been in charge of their homes early, and they are used to being poor since childhood.

  When I was a child, I always thought that my father was incompetent and could not be like other men, with a successful career, a happy family, and a happy wife and children. Now that I have grown up, I have experienced the ups and downs of life. Looking back, I have deep sympathy for my father, and I can’t blame him all, but this cannibalistic society.

  But at least I still have my own room. Our house has two bedrooms and one living room, and a small suite of less than 50 square meters. This is the housing reformed house of my parents’ unit, and it is also our entire property.

  I remember paying more than 10,000 yuan to the unit at that time. For this money, my parents borrowed and owed a lot of debts. In those days, 10,000 yuan was a large sum, and usually only wealthy families were called 10,000-yuan households, that is, families with 10,000 yuan in deposits and wealthy families.

  The debt has not been paid off yet, and the phone was opened last year. It costs 2,500 yuan to install a phone, which is really a price to kill. I just couldn’t understand it, but my mother said it was for face. If you don’t have a phone, you will be looked down upon…

  I thought it would be done with a phone installed, but I didn’t expect to pay the landline fee every month, and it was like a vampire. As a result, the family did not make more than three phone calls per month, but paid a large amount of landline fees, just to save face…

  Being human is so hard, and my hobby, playing games, is nothing but a pleasure in pain. I opened the drawer, carefully took out my wallet, and took out the only 3 yuan and 50 cents left. In addition to the 4 yuan and 3 cents for the cardboard sale today, the total is 7 yuan and 8 cents. This is all my belongings.

  I really couldn’t bear to spend it and use it to play computer games, but after struggling for a long time, I still put the money in my school bag and plan to spend it in a black Internet cafe after school tomorrow. This may be the last time I walk into a dark Internet cafe, I hope tomorrow is full and there is no chance to spend the money.

  The next day, when I entered the school, I was absent-minded. Maybe I couldn’t wait. Not only did I not pay attention to the lectures in class, but also various game battle scenes kept popping up in my mind, fantasizing that I could also become famous in the new dark Internet cafe.

  In fact, what I want to play the most are those stand-alone games, such as Legend of Taige Desire, Legend of Jin Yong Qun Xia, Three Kingdoms IV, etc. But with my little money, it is not enough to spend at all, so after considering it comprehensively, I still play some battle games. Let’s count a game.

  After the whole day, I was groggy and lost my soul, and after a while, I was dismissed from school. If it weren’t for the new Chinese teacher this semester, I would have been ready to skip class.

  The school is also neurotic. There are two Chinese classes on Friday afternoon. How is this arranged? What the language teacher is talking about is cloudy and foggy, and what we listen to below is also half-dreaming and half-awake. Apparently, everyone was waiting for the bell to finish school.

  Later, the Chinese teacher also learned to be smart, and changed the two Chinese lessons on Friday afternoon into Chinese writing lessons. Come up and write a title on the blackboard, and then let us start writing after a few nonsense. It’s so painful. I don’t like Chinese classes the most, and I hate writing the most.

  The teacher simply wrote a title on the blackboard, and we have to make up a 1,000-word story below. In order to make up these 1000 words, first write a 500-word routine essay, for example: today the weather is sunny, the sun is shining, there are no clouds, and the breeze is gentle. Get up and open the window, looking downstairs, a busy scene. It’s been a good week x…

  This semester, I have a new Chinese teacher, who is young, in her early 30s. So impressed with him because last year we saw him play games in an arcade room. At that time, we were so frightened that we all escaped, thinking it was the teacher’s routine inspection to arrest people. It turned out to be his own personal hobby. He played games after get off work, but the next day he was called by the principal to reprimand him, and he never appeared in the game room of the community again.

  I didn’t expect that he would become our Chinese teacher this semester, maybe he wanted to give him some face, so I didn’t skip class, but whether to listen to his lectures or not is another matter. He was talking at length above, and I was waiting anxiously below, chanting the mantra in my mind, “get out of class is over, get out of class is over.”

  ”Your writing is so poor, and you can’t listen well in class, what are you underestimating?” the language teacher coaxed loudly.

  I’m curious, who is the unlucky person today, who is the turn of daily reprimand? When I looked up, I saw that the language teacher was staring at me…

  ”You stand up!” His expression was a little serious.

  Although he didn’t call my name, I actually stood up obediently and smiled silly. Now think about it, what a fool I am, maybe he is not calling me?

  ”What are you laughing at? Do you think I’m praising you? Or criticizing you?” He put down the book in his hand, put his hands on his hips, and said to me seriously.

  The Chinese teacher’s surname is Jiang. He is not very old. He usually jokes with us, so we are not afraid of him and often talk to him. Therefore, I just smiled silly.

  ”Well… I think it’s a compliment.” I replied confidently.

  ”Ah? Why?” Teacher Jiang was a little surprised and asked curiously.

  ”Last year, the teacher said that what I wrote was not written. This year, you said that I had written, but it was just too bad.” I replied solemnly.

  ”So you think it’s progress, right?” Teacher Jiang almost fainted, adjusted his glasses, and joked.

  ”Yes.” I answered without question.

  What followed was the roar of laughter from the whole class.

  ”You, get up and talk, what is writing?” Teacher Jiang said to the representative of the Chinese class.

  Wenya, the representative of the Chinese class, got up, cleared her throat, pretended to be calm, and I wiped it. I have long disliked this girl. I usually put a romance novel under it no matter when I am in or out of class, and I read it secretly, just like a girl with a spring in her heart, every day, she is a slut.

  ”I think writing is like a person’s appearance. Some people are handsome, while others are crooked. This is the embodiment of writing. Good writing gives a beautiful impression and makes people feel refreshed. It’s refreshing. The poor writing gives a sloppy impression and makes people sluggish.” After the cowardly finished speaking, he also glanced at me, fuck!

  The whole class laughed for a while, Teacher Jiang nodded with satisfaction, then looked at me, paused for a while, and asked, “Do you have anything to say?”

  Damn it, my heart was on fire at that time, I hated language classes the most, writing most, and talking about bullshit writing the most. I don’t have any writing, only a three-inch tongue!

  ”If you have an idea, just say it, don’t be awkward, what do you think of writing?” Teacher Jiang threw the textbook on the podium, propped up his hands, and looked at me triumphantly.

  ”Mr. Jiang, if I really want to talk about it, I’m a lot of nonsense.” I said to Teacher Jiang seriously.

  ”But it doesn’t matter, let’s also listen to a student who has poor writing skills and how he understands writing.” Teacher Jiang picked up the teacup, took a sip, and looked at me with a smile.

  The surrounding classmates also whispered and whispered, and a good show was going on. In desperation, I started a long speech.

  ”I’ve known since I was born that I’m ugly and crooked. I shouldn’t go out, and I shouldn’t make friends. Because I can’t give people a beautiful impression, and I can’t make people feel refreshed. “

  Teacher Jiang almost spit out a sip of tea, what exactly is this talking about? The whole class laughs and whispers…

  ”I should have plastic surgery first! Only by making myself handsome, can I go out to meet people and make friends. Only in this way can I give people a beautiful impression and make people feel refreshed.”

  Teacher Jiang smiled slightly, “Interesting, you continue to say.”

  ”Is the face that has undergone plastic surgery still me? Of course not. It is a product tailored by plastic surgeons to cater to the public’s aesthetics, a hypocritical mask.”

  ”Since the writing style is like a person’s appearance, the same is true. In order to improve the writing style, I borrowed the words and sentences of the writing masters, interspersed with aloof and uncommon idioms and allusions, and finally came up with an article with excellent sentences, which was praised by everyone. .”

  ”That’s not your writing at all, just like plastic surgery, it’s a product tailored to suit the reading tastes of the public.”

  ”Haha.” Teacher Jiang couldn’t help laughing out loud, and the whole class laughed.

  ”Then what do you think of writing? Summarize it.” Teacher Jiang asked with a smile.

  ”Writing is like a person’s appearance. Everyone’s appearance is different, so everyone’s writing is different. Those who are more accurate in writing and writing have their own problems, because they judge people by their appearance. .”

  ”So I think that writing is an excuse to discriminate against a person. There is no writing in the world, and when there is discrimination, there is writing.”

  The audience suddenly fell silent, and Teacher Jiang put away his smile, looked at me seriously, nodded, and invited me to sit down. Then, he turned and wrote a caption on the blackboard, “What is writing?”

  This is the content of the writing class that afternoon. Looking back on it now, I still remember it. I don’t know where the inspiration came from.

  I ranted in that article:

  Writing is the embodiment of personality and thought, there is no good or bad, only truth and hypocrisy.

  Hypocritical people write for grandstanding and eye-catching, borrowing words and sentences from famous teachers, interspersed with cold and unfamiliar idioms and allusions.

  In order to convey ideas and express individuality, real people’s writing uses everyday communication sentences, interspersed with easy-to-understand personal feelings.

  Those who say that what I wrote is Xiaobaiwen can only reflect your arrogant personality, arrogant, arrogant, ignorant and ignorant.

  Do you usually see so many handsome guys and beauties that you have forgotten the appearance of real human beings on this earth?

  Do you usually watch too much time travel in ancient costumes, and have forgotten the tone and grammar of normal speech?

  Do you draw too much from your writing and have forgotten your true personality and thoughts?

  There is never any bullshit grammar in Lao Tzu’s writing, only the truth! That’s all rants, not novels!

  What Lao Tzu writes are works, not products. Products are tailor-made to make money for the masses. The works are to spread ideas, reflect the personality and purify the self.

  I’m a zealot cat, I don’t agree to argue, I vomit when I’m upset, I love tiger oil!

  The next day, I received Mr. Jiang’s reply:

  There are many indecent words in the article, zero points!

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