[How Goblins Are Made] Chapter 13

      What I write is not a novel, it should be a memoir. There is no gorgeous writing, only casual expression.

  I dare to write indiscriminately, dare not hand in homework, or even sleep in class, because I have no expectations for the future. What about key high schools and key universities? A poor family like me can’t afford to pay tuition fees, so it is better to work early to subsidize the family.

  In half a year, the nine-year compulsory education will end. When the time comes, you are ready to find a job. It doesn’t matter if the income is not high. Let’s start from the bottom. I don’t want to see my mother working as a tailor day and night to make money, and I don’t want to see my parents quarreling over money.

  My parents didn’t blame me for my poor academic performance, maybe they knew what I was thinking, because I was a sensible child and never asked my parents for a penny.

  They asked me what is my dream in the near future? After thinking about it for a while, I just want to work to make money. In two or three years, I can always save enough money to buy a computer. The only thing I like is a computer, and the only thing I am interested in studying is a computer, and that thing is the most expensive and out of reach.

  Even if you want to touch a computer in a black Internet cafe, you won’t be able to get in if you don’t have a lot of money in your pocket. More often, I just want to go in and have a look and feel the atmosphere and be satisfied.

  The weather is gradually entering the winter, the cold current is coming, the wind is blowing and the rain is blowing, and it is cold and humid. There are fewer people setting up street stalls in the community at night, and the dead old man has not appeared for a long time. Maybe because the weather is too cold, an old bone can’t stand it? If I could live in peace before, I’d still have time to help you see a booth. People are doing it, and the sky is watching.

  With the north wind howling, biting cold, and rainy, I walked through the night market and walked for a long time to the dark Internet cafe in the neighborhood next door. In winter, the sky is already dark, and it is already dark before 6 o’clock.

  Knocked on the rolling gate of the black Internet cafe with a password, and it took a long time to respond. Sister Zhang slowly opened the shutter, looked at me with strange eyes, and asked curiously, “What’s the matter?”

  The wind was cold and the rain was drizzling. Without an umbrella, my hair and face were soaked through. Maybe this look made her feel strange, so she looked at me in a strange way.

  ”Playing on the computer.” I shivered and replied. Suddenly I noticed that behind her, there were only two people sitting and playing on the computer in the entire black Internet cafe, and the other seats were empty…

  Sister Zhang actually nodded and smiled. I could see that there was a hint of admiration in this smile. After turning sideways to let me in, he pulled down the rolling shutters.

  ”In such bad weather, you are still in the mood to come and play on the computer. You are really a dedicated super player. Don’t delay your studies. Games are fun, but learning is more important.” Sister Zhang teased.

  I sat down in front of a computer next to Sister Zhang, typed a series of dos commands skillfully, called up the game Three Kingdoms IV, and replied helplessly, “I am not interested in what the school teaches, but what I am interested in. Schools don’t teach it. If you want to learn a computer, you must go to university, which is a waste of time.”

  After hearing this, Sister Zhang frowned and said, “Now high school can also learn computer, there is a vocational school, computer application, this year seems to be the first one.”

  After hearing this, I was shocked and asked excitedly, “Really? You can start computer science in high school? Vocational school?”

  Sister Zhang nodded and threw a newspaper beside me. I picked it up and glanced at it. It was all advertisements. After a while, it turned out that it was all advertisements for admissions. Among them, there was a “Computer Vocational Senior High School”…

  Sister Zhang seems to be an industry insider, and she is very well-informed about computer information. According to her, this vocational middle school used to educate in electrical and electronic engineering. But this school clearly belongs to the technical school category, do you really have to change its name to a vocational school, does it sound noble?

  Technical schools, in our conception, are the places where those with the worst academic performance should go. Learn a car repair or other skill, and after graduation, go to work and support your family.

  Vocational schools are actually the same. The only difference is that the entry score is much higher. The exact amount depends on how many people apply for the exam and the number of places to be admitted.

  Because the occupation of study is relatively high-end, it is easier to find a job after graduation, and the salary is also high, which sounds perfect to me.

  ”However, this kind of school does not know whether it is formal, whether it can be recognized by the society after graduation, and whether the graduation certificate is useful. This is not clear. After all, this is unprecedented, and high school has opened a computer major.” Speaking to himself.

  I didn’t want to play games anymore, so I couldn’t wait to ask Sister Zhang, “Is a diploma useful, what does this mean? Is a diploma still useful?”

  Maybe it’s because there are few customers in this dark Internet cafe today, and she is bored in her spare time. Maybe it was my persistent look and my love for computers that made her willing to explain a few more words to me.

  ”Not all schools are formal, especially those technical schools, vocational schools, etc. Let you hang around for a few years and give you a diploma, do you think this certificate is useful in society? Your skills are not recognized, Your certificate is naturally a piece of waste paper.” Sister Zhang told me with experience.

  It suddenly dawned on me that for all these years, I had always believed that the school was sacrosanct and that the diploma was beyond question. But I never knew that schools are divided into formal and informal, and graduation certificates are divided into useful and useless. I suddenly had doubts about the entire education system. Could education also buy fakes like business?

  ”Several of my classmates, they are going to study in technical schools after graduation, and they will get a graduation certificate to work after three years. Is this kind of graduation certificate useless?” I asked for a long time.

  Sister Zhang smiled slightly, “This kind of training institution is designed to issue certificates to those who are messing around. After three years of mixing, they have a copy of the graduation certificate. After they come out, they can’t find a job. Learning. It sounds high-end, so-and-so secondary school, so-and-so college, but it’s actually nothing.”

  ”Ah?!” Today, I have refreshed my understanding of the education industry. I feel that education is like a business, just to get a diploma, but in fact I didn’t learn anything…

  ”There are many students in our class who are excellent in both character and study, all of whom are preparing to enter key middle schools. Are their diplomas not formal?” I asked in confusion.

  Sister Zhang took a sip of the hot tea cup, and continued, “Those key schools are actually all about grades. Schools are famous, and their diplomas naturally have weight in society, but in the end, it depends on one’s ability. A lot of people only have a diploma from a famous school, but they don’t know anything. They’re a complete nerd. You’ll understand later that a diploma is nothing. If you insist on defining it, then a diploma is a brand. Brand-name bags The price of the bag is completely different from the price of the ordinary bag, but their function is the same. However, the designer bag can be used to hold things, and the ordinary bag is only used to hold things.”

  ”Hahaha…” The four people in the black Internet cafe burst into laughter. Sister Zhang’s words were really funny, and what she said seemed quite reasonable.

  ”So, no matter whether this computer vocational high school is formal or not, if you really want to learn computer and can’t wait, then go for it, after all, you are not here for a diploma. Many people study and study just for a diploma, and those who work hard to get into key schools , it’s all for the diploma, not for the knowledge they can learn.” Sister Zhang said to me seriously.

  These words are very educational, and it made me suddenly understand that learning knowledge and getting a diploma are two completely different things. And most people study for diplomas, not to learn knowledge, what a tragedy…

  ”There is no way. With so many people in China, of course, when recruiting, they first look at their diplomas, first screen out a bunch of garbage, and then choose slowly.” An unknown elder brother turned his head and replied.

  ”Indeed, it is not uncommon for 10,000 people to grab a good job. If you have no ability, you can only rely on a diploma. If you really have the ability, a diploma is just a piece of waste paper. A diploma can only prove that you can read, but it cannot prove that you can read. Make money. The teachers in the school can only teach you to read, not to make money. Otherwise, those teachers would have already made a fortune, would they continue to be teachers? If teachers have the ability to make money, they will not be teachers.”, Another unknown eldest brother joked.

  ”Haha…” The black Internet cafe burst into laughter. It seemed like a joke, but it really made sense. A teacher can only teach you knowledge, not money. If a teacher can teach you to make money, he has already made a fortune, will he still be a teacher?

  ”I advise you not to study computer, but honestly go to an ordinary high school and take a college entrance examination. Computer seems to be a high-end thing, but for ordinary people, it can only be playing games, watching movies, entertainment tools. That’s it. And computer stuff is so expensive, it’s hard to popularize, and it doesn’t have a bright future.” The big brother turned his head and said.

  After hearing this, Sister Zhang felt a little uncomfortable, and retorted, “Computers will definitely become popular, and a lot of technical talents will be needed at that time, and the future is promising. It is the happiest thing to have the opportunity to learn a major that you like and do a job you like.”

  The eldest brother nodded in agreement, but sighed helplessly, shook his head and said, “But the reality is cruel, most people are doing jobs they don’t like, just making money to make a living.”

  ”It’s nice to be young. If you have a dream, go after it and don’t give up.” Sister Zhang patted my shoulder and said.

  After some small talk, I suddenly found that two hours are coming, and the money spent in these two hours is too unfair. I didn’t play the game well, and I just focused on chatting.

  Helplessly got up, took out the last six dollars on his body, gave it to Sister Zhang, settled the bill smartly, and pretended to underestimate: It’s too late, I’ll be scolded when I go back.

  Sister Zhang got up and opened the shutter, and I quickly got out. The surroundings were already pitch black, the night was quiet, the weather was still windy and rainy, and the wind was cold. In such bad weather, it is only a fool who insists on coming to the black Internet cafe.

  Before the shutters closed, Sister Zhang threw me an umbrella, “Don’t forget to take it back next time and give it back to me!”

  ”Thank you!” Holding the umbrella that Sister Zhang borrowed from me, I walked briskly on the road despite the wind and rain. There was no passerby around. I was naturally a little flustered, but there was a hint of warmth flowing in my heart. I suddenly felt that Sister Zhang, she… …very beautiful……

  At that time, I was sixteen years old, at the age of ignorant youth and the beginning of love. I didn’t expect that it was my sister or aunt who was much older than me who triggered the feeling of love. It’s very strange, that night, I actually dreamed of her, and I was really thinking about it every day and dreaming at night.

  The next day after school, I went straight to the black Internet cafe. On the one hand, I returned the umbrella to Sister Zhang. On the other hand, I had an inexplicable impulse and expectation, just want to see her, walk briskly and feel at ease.

  It’s strange that when I knocked on the door today, there was no picture of the game in my mind, but I was looking forward to Sister Zhang’s dress today.

  After a knock on the door, the rolling shutter was halfway up, and I quickly got in. Even though it was winter, Sister Zhang was wearing the same red down jacket as yesterday, which still couldn’t hide her graceful and tall figure. I just noticed today that she is much taller than me…

  Maybe it was because the weather was sunny, the black Internet cafe was full today, and the seats were full, and Sister Zhang also had a slight smile on her face. I even felt a little sentimental that it was because of seeing me, not the booming business.

  ”Thank you for your umbrella.” I folded the umbrella she had yesterday neatly and handed it back to her.

  She smiled slightly, took the umbrella, and didn’t answer. She turned and walked in, looking at her back, feeling extra kind. I am an only child and have no siblings growing up together. If there is a sister, it should be like her.

  I originally planned to leave after returning the umbrella, because there was really no money in my pocket to sit down and play with the computer. Fortunately, it was full today and the seats were full, so I had an excuse to stand there and wait and watch others play games. In fact, it was to stay a little longer and look at Sister Zhang more.

  It’s very strange. Today, there is a little girl of five or six years old in Sister Zhang’s seat. She is holding a pen and writing seriously. She also holds a cute little yellow duck rubber in her other hand. She shouted to Sister Zhang with her mouth closed. ,Mother. Sister Zhang carefully checked on the side. She wrote pinyin letters, a picture of happiness and warmth.

  Sure enough, a good girl does not worry about marrying, so it seems that Sister Zhang should be almost 30. If I have a girlfriend or a wife in the future, I should be like her.

  Strange, how could I have this thought? I’m only 16 years old and have nothing. I can’t let my beloved woman suffer. I wish I was a million-dollar household. Of course, this is a daydream. (The ten-thousand-yuan household was the name given to the rich at that time, equivalent to the current billionaire.)

  Sister Zhang noticed that I was staring at her, she was stunned for a while, as if she had remembered something, she picked up yesterday’s newspaper on the table, and handed it to me, “Hey, the computer school I mentioned yesterday, go back to study. “

  ”Oh, thank you Sister Zhang.” I took this newspaper from her as if I had taken over her expectations for me, full of joy and excitement. My future seems bright, and under her guidance and expectations, the future is bright…

  But her eyes were a little strange today, as if she was urging me to go home. Is it because the black Internet cafe is full today and the seats are full? Or does she want me to go back early to prepare for the exam?

  Anyway, I took this newspaper in a daze and left the dark Internet cafe, as if today was a simple date, returning the umbrella and accepting blessings. I had even forgotten that I entered an Internet cafe just now, and I didn’t even feel that there were no empty seats in the Internet cafe. It was as if the whole world was just me and Sister Zhang.

  Looking back now, this should have been typical self-assertion…

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