[How Goblins Are Made] Chapter 14

  After returning home, I took this newspaper and read it carefully for half an hour: Electronic Vocational Senior High School, located at No. xx Jiaogong Road, newly opened two majors of computer application and office information automation, and cultivated high-tech technical professionals…

  The introduction of this school sounds very tempting, but I don’t know how many marks and tuition fees are required for detailed application. I looked at the map, and it was a bit far from my home, which was a 30-minute bicycle ride. But deep down in my heart, the idea of ​​wanting to learn computer is unstoppable.

  I showed the newspaper to my parents that night and expressed my willingness to learn computer science. My father felt that this kind of school was definitely not formal. It taught you a few words and played a few times with the computer, and it was abandoned for three years. You should honestly go to ordinary high schools, take university entrance exams, and high-end technology such as computers should be taught in universities. Only undergraduates and colleges majoring in computer science can have a future. High school computer, unprecedented, or a technical school! Don’t do it at that time, neither in literature nor in martial arts, and you will lose your life and money if you work hard.

  And the mother’s attitude is very simple, if you want to learn, just work hard, tuition, she will find a way. Tears welled up in my eyes. I planned to work part-time to earn money after graduating from junior high school, but now it seems that it will be three years later, and I really feel very guilty. But all of this is not necessarily the case. Maybe this school has a high admission score. It is too late for a scumbag like me to catch up.

  But I don’t know what motivated me, so I made a detailed study plan that night, made up all the courses I missed before, and arranged the content to be learned properly. After all, there is still the last half of the semester before the city’s unified examination! Time is running out, transform, Super Saiyan!

  This is the first time in my life that I have seriously started to study the school’s curriculum. I don’t know how the previous days came together. When you do something seriously, you will find that it is actually not difficult. The reason why it is difficult is because you are not interested in this matter and are unwilling to spend time thinking about it, then naturally it will be difficult.

  This time, instead of learning with tasks as before, with a research mentality. What exactly does this school teach? Why can you make your classmates crazy? Crazy crazy, stupid stupid! Crazy, trying his best to compete for the school’s performance ranking, he came to school with two dark circles every day, and went to make up lessons day and night at night! Stupid, I don’t know anything except picking noses and sleeping in class every day. The test scores are in the single digits. What the teacher teaches is like hypnosis, which makes them lose their souls.

  After a week of intensive research, I found that learning is actually a game. It’s not about being smarter than anyone else, it’s about scheduling time more reasonably than anyone else. In fact, everyone needs to learn the same knowledge. The game is memory. The more things you remember, the better your grades will be.

  I know I’m not a smart person and take twice as long to memorize the damn things, so I plan to finish the things that need to be recited early. At that time, many classmates laughed at me for being stupid, and joked: Those recited things can be recited a week before the exam. Too early is a waste of time and easy to forget.

  And I just have a different kind of stupidity. When I focus on doing one thing, I must thoroughly understand it, and I know it like the back of my hand. The content of recitation must be thoroughly cooked, and the knowledge of logic must be clear and clear. It doesn’t matter if people are stupid, but if you don’t understand, you have to ask, and if you understand, you won’t be stupid.

  During that time, I became the most problematic person in the class, and my classmates were a little bored when they met. The teacher has talked about many questions, but I don’t understand it, so I have to ask someone to know the bottom line. Later, I found out that learning is not difficult at all, as long as I understand all the things I don’t understand.

  The hard part is that, instead of having to memorize something that is useless, you have to memorize it thoroughly to deal with the exam. This is definitely a test of a person’s patience and tolerance. But if you really give up, then you have nothing to fear.

  Strangely, during those days of transforming and studying, there was not a single image of games in my mind, nor did I go to a dark Internet cafe, nor did I turn on the game console at home. The whole person worked hard and studied hard as if possessed by demons, as if entering another enchantment.

  My parents also thought that I was very strange. At first they thought that I was enlightened and would study hard. They were very comforted and gave me delicious meals every day. Later, I found out that I was insane. They kept comforting me and told me not to have too much pressure. Even if I didn’t get into the school, it didn’t matter, just work hard. I have indeed heard of people who read books and read crazy before, maybe they are in my realm.

  One month before the city-wide exam, the school distributed volunteer forms, as well as some school lists and last year’s admissions scores. On the list of vocational schools, I saw the familiar name, Electronic Vocational High School, Major: Computer.

  Later, I learned that four students in the class also filled out this computer vocational high school. They have the same idea as me, learn a skill and find a job to make money after graduation. What university, undergraduate, doctoral, masters, knight, do not toss.

  I am now suspicious of that crazy volunteer application system. Before the exam starts, filling out the volunteers is like gambling. It is also the first choice, the second choice, the third choice…

  Anyway, I filled out the three volunteers exactly the same, Electronic Vocational Senior High School, if I don’t pass the exam, I will not read it, what a waste of time.

  On the way home from school with Xiao Luo, the footsteps became a little heavy, as if I had just signed the application form, and it was all scum if I failed. Xiao Luo, on the other hand, seemed extra relaxed, whistling along the way, taking a leisurely pace, and tossing a half-empty schoolbag.

  I couldn’t help asking curiously, “What kind of volunteers did you fill out and walk like you won the lottery?”

  ”Technical school, car repairs, no test score requirements.” Xiao Luo replied triumphantly.

  I wipe, isn’t this the whereabouts of the most scumbag people in the teacher’s mouth! What are you proud of? Tong Yan Wuji, I asked with contempt, “This is the worst technical school, how proud are you?!”

  I thought that Xiao Luo would get angry and turn his face, but he didn’t expect him to tease triumphantly, “Brother, you don’t understand. Thousands of troops and horses cross the single-plank bridge, it is better to brave Xiaobai to cross the river alone.”

  ”Huh?” I was speechless…

  ”Think about it, so many people are applying for key high schools, but the number of places is limited. There will definitely be a lot of people who will be brushed off. At that time, they will be in a dilemma, whether they are high or low. University, how many people are left in the end? The successful people are chosen one in a thousand, and the rest are cannon fodder. My mother said that those people are all brains, and the future world will be a world of capital, rich If you have the ability, you are the king.” Xiao Luo said to me triumphantly.

  ”Your mother is a businessman. Maybe it makes sense, but why is it a car repairing technical school? It’s dirty and tiring.” I asked curiously. I am not surprised by Xiao Luo’s answer and Xiao Luo’s mother’s thoughts. Because he had already experienced their views on tutoring and supplementary lessons before, it seemed that his mother did have unique insights and ideas about society.

  Xiao Luo threw his half-empty schoolbag into the sky and landed it 10 meters in front. He turned his head and said to me triumphantly, “My mother said that she has done detailed market research. In recent years, my country’s The production and sales of automobiles gradually increased. Finally, I came to the conclusion that after five or six years, the market needed a large number of auto repair talents. At that time, I had graduated and had certain work experience. Maybe I became a repairman, or I could myself If you open a repair shop, you will definitely make a lot of money. My mother also said that in 20 years, there will be one car per person in big cities in China, and even the car will be full. I am a golden rice bowl, a lifetime meal ticket. “

  ”Huh?!”, I was confused and confused.

  He picked up the dirty schoolbag, turned his head and continued, “My mother also said that those people who are now crossing the single-plank bridge with thousands of troops and entering key high schools may not be able to find jobs in the future. Because there are only a few of them. The dead knowledge in the book has no skills to make money at all, and the office does not need so many people, when the dilemma comes, the situation will be very embarrassing.”

  I turned my head and looked at the main road next to me, and there was no more than one car coming and going. I really can’t imagine what he said and his prediction for a few years later, it was 1997…

  Shortly after graduating from junior high school, Xiao Luo moved. We kept in touch with each other, but we didn’t meet much. Now he is the owner of three car companies, mainly engaged in car repair, car rental and car sales and other related businesses. As he said at the time, he made a lot of money. Looking back now, I am very emotional. It turned out that the truth will always be in the hands of a few people, and the opportunity will always be in the hands of those who are prepared, not those stunned young people who cross the single-plank bridge with thousands of troops.

  The days of busy studying passed quickly, and in a blink of an eye, the day when the city’s unified examination was approaching. It’s been a long time since I went to the dark Internet cafes. I miss Sister Zhang very much, not the computer games in those dark Internet cafes. I feel like I’m sorry for her if I don’t get into the vocational high school majoring in computer science.

  Although these days, I have done a lot of preparation for the exam, not only have all the knowledge and formulas clear, but also the things that I have to recite and dictately memorize, but I still feel a little scared. After all, I haven’t studied hard for so many years, and I don’t know if my learning method is effective.

  The most intense discussion in the class was not the exam questions, but which teacher invigilated the exam. I heard that this time the city’s unified examination, the Ministry of Education will send teachers from other schools over to invigilate the examination together with the teachers from the school. It is very strict one after the other. There are also teachers from other schools patrolling the corridors to catch cheating. You are welcome! It was horrifying to hear, and it was hard to imagine what the scene would be like at that time.

  No matter what, the days go by day by day, time goes by minute by minute, it won’t stop because of your cowardice, you have to face what you should face, and finally the day of the city’s unified examination.

  It was not as bright and sunny as expected. On that day, the drizzle, the heavy rain, the breeze mixed with the chill, made my whole heart hang in the air.

  I was assigned to a certain classroom on the third floor, with one desk per person, and 20 candidates in the entire classroom. In broad daylight, all the lights were on and brightly lit. I tested my eyesight. The distance between the front, back, left, and right candidates was too large to see clearly. It seemed that there was no chance of cheating.

  When all the candidates sat down, a few candidates were full of joy, because they sat behind a few top students who were both excellent in character and study, which meant that there might be a chance to take a peek. But I sat behind a certain idiot, and another idiot sat behind me, and my heart was half cold.

  The cool wind was blowing in from the window, my legs were shaking so badly, it was really useless, scared to pee? The test bell rang, and two invigilators walked in with the test papers. According to the rules agreed before, one was a teacher from the school and the other was from a foreign school.

  Suddenly, there was a burst of cheers in the audience, looking up, it turned out to be two male teachers. The one from the other school, wearing glasses, is Sven, and the one from our school is our beloved PE teacher, Mr. Wang. He usually laughs and jokes with us, slapsticks, and has no respect. He also gave us a small smile and a wink, which gave us infinite strength and encouragement, love tiger oil!

  Haha, all the classmates in the classroom suddenly felt relieved by three points, my legs stopped shaking, and there were bursts of warmth flowing through my body.

  With the smell of wood and ink, the test paper was passed to me. I browsed it as a whole, and I didn’t seem to find any unfamiliar questions, and I felt a little bit of peace in my heart.

  After that, the entire examination room was silent, and the only thing I could hear was the rubbing sound of writing and my own heartbeat. It is precisely because of this atmosphere that many candidates roll over in the examination room, and they are usually overcooked, and the examination is a complete mess.

  The invigilators walked back and forth one after another, and there were also inspecting teachers in the corridor outside looking back and forth. The atmosphere was very tense, which made my reading speed a lot slower, and I felt a little stuck. This kind of thrilling feeling is still clearly visible in retrospect decades later, and this kind of examination system is really a tragedy.

  But on the whole, it went smoothly. Except for a few questions that were uncertain, others were answered smoothly. Looking up, there were still 20 minutes before the end of the test. There were more and more mixed voices in the entire test room, and the candidates were looking around, as if looking for some opportunities to communicate.

  I don’t know if it was intentional or intentional. Teacher Wang started chatting with the invigilator from the other school, and handed him a cigarette. The two stood outside the classroom and started smoking. Teacher Wang turned his head and smiled at us, spit out a puff of smoke, which made everyone understand the intention immediately!

  In the examination room, there was a chatter and whispers, and I also took this opportunity to make changes to a few questions that I was undecided about. Two idiots kept kicking my stool, so annoying. Not long after, Teacher Wang coughed a few times, and there was silence in the examination room, and then the two of them walked in again.

  Perfect… This year, our school may have several more places to be admitted to key middle schools. Bonuses? reputation? still is……?

  When the bell rang for the end of the exam, the candidates got up and left the classroom one after another. The exam papers were covered upside down on the table, and the two invigilators put away the papers one by one.

  After a half-hour break, another exam started. In the next few exams, everyone was in a relatively relaxed mood, and Teacher Wang’s routine was tacit. Every 20 minutes before the end of the exam, there is always a chance for us to whisper and whisper.

  During the half-hour break, everyone quickly exchanged answers with each other based on their own memories, judged whether their questions were right or wrong, and evaluated their scores. I feel good, and I should answer the question.

  In two consecutive rainy days, the city’s unified examination was over, and everything was a foregone conclusion. The next step is to wait for the announcement of the test scores and admission lines. Many classmates stayed in the school for intense discussions and arguments, and were reluctant to leave for a long time.

  ”A bunch of idiots, it’s a foregone conclusion, and they’re talking about shit! Why did you go early?” I muttered and left the school quickly.

  With the 12 yuan saved in the past two months in her pocket, she was going to go to a black Internet cafe to have some fun. Sister Zhang didn’t know what was going on recently. She missed her very much, just as she missed Boss Wang and Brother Curly Hair.

  For some reason, the rainy weather made me uneasy. Maybe it’s been a long time since I went to the dark Internet cafe, and I was a little excited. Maybe it’s been a long time since I saw Sister Zhang, so I’m looking forward to it.

  But when I walked quickly to the black Internet cafe, everything in front of me was like the end of the world, the shutters were pulled high, and the warehouse was empty…

  I wipe, is this the wrong place? I looked around and touched my head, I was right! What the hell is going on here? !

  My eyes were suddenly wet, and the sadness and grief came to my heart. Just like the last time Boss Wang and Brother Curly moved out, they left without saying goodbye, which broke my heart. Everything in front of me is unbelievable, and I strolled in to find out.

  There was nothing left in the entire warehouse except the smell of the aftertaste from the heating of the circuit boards. I’m very familiar with this scent, it’s coming out of the computer case, that faint, familiar, soothing scent…

  I walked around the warehouse three times and carefully observed every corner. I really hope that Sister Zhang can leave a contact information in a corner, but there is nothing. It’s all over. It’s different from the last time when Boss Wang moved out, and I also felt a sense of brokenheartedness. Is this first love?

  Unexpectedly, the last time I returned the umbrella was the last time I saw Sister Zhang, and her impression had become blurred in her mind. I don’t know how well she is living now, is she happy? happy? She must be an aunt in her fifties.

  She’s the only woman I’ve ever seen, and she doesn’t dislike men playing games, which may be why I miss her all the time. Looking back at history now, she was one of the important guides in the turning point of my life.

  Just as he was about to leave, the corner of his eyes flashed, and he found that there was a small yellow stone next to the place where Sister Zhang had placed on the table. Quickly stepped forward to pick it up, and I finally showed a smile with a frowning face. This is the cute yellow duck eraser from Sister Zhang’s daughter. It was left here for some reason. Is it a souvenir for me?

  Carefully collected this cute yellow duck, and strolled out of the warehouse. Goodbye, Sister Zhang, I wish you happiness and happiness.

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