[How Goblins Are Made] Chapter 16

  Now that you’re going to go to that school, you need to study your commute and make a long-term plan. At that time, the traffic was quite inconvenient. It took about an hour to get to the school and a 15-minute walk to transfer to two buses on the way. It was just crazy.

  In the end, I decided that it would be better to ride a bicycle. Although it was a little tiring, it only took an hour to go back and forth every day, and it was a fitness. In the end, my parents gave me another 180 yuan to go to the bicycle market to buy a car I like.

  That’s a huge amount of money, and I’m wondering how I can buy a cheap bike and save the rest so I can play games. To this end, I spent a lot of time and traveled all over the three bicycle trading markets in the city, and found that the prices of bicycles are not cheap.

  At that time, a variable-speed mountain bike was popular, with a stylish design and a cool shape. I was not interested in bicycles at first, but after reading more, I began to be picky, but the cheapest variable-speed mountain bike costs 200 yuan. And the price of each bicycle booth is the same, do they have a unified price? Still not accepting bargaining, is it because seeing me as a child bullying others?

  Three bicycle markets, shopping for a week, until one day, an aunt stopped me.

  ”Young man, I see that you have been shopping for two days. Are you buying a car?” An aunt who was in her fifties was eating melon seeds and said to me.

  ”Yeah.” I looked at her with dull eyes and answered honestly. At that time, I felt very strange. Don’t the people who come here buy a car?

  ”Oh~”, nibbling on melon seeds, she looked me up and down, nodded, and asked, “What kind of bike do you like?”

  ”The variable-speed mountain bike, that’s the one!” I excitedly pointed to the black mountain bike behind her. It was the one I liked the most after seeing three markets and several stores.

  The aunt turned her head and saw that there was a price tag on it, “199 yuan”, which was still a special price. He smiled slightly and asked, “Do you want it now? This is the most fashionable one, and there is only one left.”

  ”Well, yes. No, no.” I suddenly thought that I only had 180 yuan in total, plus the 8 yuan I usually saved, it wasn’t enough. And I was going to buy a cheaper bike so I could save some money to play games.

  ”Ah?” Auntie looked at me suspiciously with a melon seed in her mouth, as if she was playing with her.

  ”Too, too expensive, not enough money.” I said hesitantly, feeling very embarrassed at the same time, and quickly turned to leave.

  ”Come, come, come back.” My aunt called me back, looked at me solemnly, and asked as seriously as a school teacher, “Do you really want to buy it?”

  I nodded honestly.

  ”How much money do you have?” the aunt continued to ask while nibbling on the seeds.

  I immediately took out my 180 yuan plus 8 yuan, “188 yuan in total.”

  Aunt looked down at Qian, then looked up at me, “Listen to the accent, you are a local, are you a local?”

  ”Yeah.” I answered honestly, feeling a bit like being interrogated.

  ”Okay, locals, I’ll give you a cheaper price of 180 yuan. You can keep the 8 yuan, and you’ll have to apply for a bicycle license later.” Then the fingers are far away.

  Holding this list and looking in the direction of her finger, it turned out to be the market flat toll office. At that time, the market management was quite orderly. Just like the last time I bought a game card in a department store, I paid for it, stamped it, and took the list back.

  A big brother in Big Mom’s shop, like his son, was cheering for the bike. After accepting the order, I took a closer look and patted the seat of the bicycle, “Okay, this car is yours, hurry up and get the license plate and stamp it.”

  wow! Excited to see this shiny black variable-speed automatic mountain bike! If I knew that the locals could get a discount, I would have revealed my identity long ago. (childish)

  The bicycles of that era were the same as the cars of today. You need to go to the bicycle management office to apply for a bicycle license, and you will be given a number, which is the same as the current license plate number. At the same time, knock a steel stamp on your bicycle to match the ID number to prove that the bicycle is yours. What a scientific management and system! Perfect!

  Step on this bicycle, step on it with one foot, walk as light as a swallow, ride against the wind, cross the road, ride through the clouds and mist, cross the pond, and walk through the waves.

  With a bicycle, just like modern people have a car, with wings installed, the free soaring, the range of movement becomes infinite in an instant. With the warm summer breeze, wandering around the scenic spots in the city, free like a bird, happy like a mouse. (walking like a mouse)

  It was not until the sky was getting dark that he rode his horse back, ran all the way, ran red lights, disappeared with the wind, and roared up to the sky, “I’m a Super Saiyan!”

  When I got home, I moved the new car to the second floor, put it in the living room, and carefully wiped it all over. It was shiny gold and dazzling. I also want to put it on the bed and sleep in the same bed together…

  My parents checked my bicycle and vehicle ID, and they were very satisfied. They felt that I had grown up, and after so many years of parenting, I had achieved some results and was very comforting.

  The next day, I rode my beloved bicycle and went to the community to play game consoles. It was the black game managed by the old man. Going downstairs at dinner time, ready to ride my bike home for dinner, but I don’t know who made a prank and hid my car…? ? ?

  Confused, there are more than ten bicycles parked downstairs, why did they hide my car? Could it be that you stop here to obstruct traffic? Or moved to the next unit?

  I foolishly wandered around a few units around, but didn’t find my car. At this time, I gradually realized that it must have been stolen, right?

  No, not possible! Someone must be joking with me and moving the car. I started walking around the neighborhood, not letting go of any bike that came in front of me, but never seeing my black shiny, spotless mountain bike.

  It took more than two hours to search the entire community. It was already dark. I had no choice but to go back to the game and look for the old man. In fact, I don’t know why I looked for him.

  The old man was a little confused at first, your kid’s car is gone, what’s my business? But seeing that I was still a child with tears in my eyes, I comforted a few words and said: Recently, car thieves have been rampant. If a new car must be brought home, it will be stolen outside.

  ”Ah!?” People are going to sea with two dragons, and I have tears in my eyes. I burst into tears and cursed in my heart, “Fuck me!” Who did it, I’m going to kill him!

  ”Have you called the police? Hurry up to the community police station to report the case, maybe you can get it back, hurry up and hurry up.” The old man shouted to me anxiously. I don’t know if it’s sincere sympathy, or just dismissed.

  Wiping away the tears from the corners of his eyes, he followed the old man’s instructions and came to the gate of the community police station. This is the first time in my life that I have come to the police station. I have only seen it on TV dramas before, and it is not as solemn and solemn as I imagined.

  I stood at the door for a while, and looked in. Several motorcycles with public security license plates were neatly parked. Two police comrades in public security uniforms were holding iron lunch boxes. They were coming out of the cafeteria, chatting while eating. Passed by, glanced at me, and ignored it.

  I was very depressed at the time. According to the TV series, comrades from the police should come to me and ask me: Little boy, why are you standing here? Has something been stolen? Let’s go, I’ll take you to find…

  But that’s not the case, no one cares about me at all. An aunt pushed a cleaning cart out of it, looking like a cleaning worker. She had just finished her get off work and got off work. She saw me standing blankly at the door and asked kindly, “What are you doing?”

  ”Bicycle was stolen.” There was a hint of crying in my tone.

  ”Oh~~” Auntie looked me up and down and continued to ask, “Then are you going to report the case?”

  I nodded helplessly.

  Aunt pointed to the police station and said calmly, “Do you see that room? Go in and tell them.”

  I took a deep breath, followed the direction of my aunt’s finger, and walked in quickly. An uncle was eating with his head down.

  ”Report, I’m looking for a police comrade.” I whispered as if standing at the door of the teacher’s office. I have been taught since I was a child that at the entrance of the teacher’s office, the word “report” must be called first, and the teacher can only enter after raising his head for permission.

  This uncle was not wearing a uniform, just a simple sweat vest, like a peasant uncle, chewing his food, looked up at me, “What are you talking about? Who are you looking for?”

  Two grains of rice were sprayed out of his mouth, clearly visible. At that time, I concluded that he must be a cleaner working here, not a policeman here. The police on TV shows are not like this, not even plainclothes police.

  ”Why are you looking for the police? What’s the matter?” The uncle quickly swallowed a mouthful of food and asked impatiently.

  ”Report, the car was stolen.” I replied sadly. For me, this is a major blow in my life. I thought this uncle would help me find the police, and the police comrade would take me to find a bicycle, but the reality is completely different from what I imagined, I am so naive Yep, just an idiot.

  While chewing on the food, the uncle nodded and invited me in. Then he took out a form from the side, like a doctor in a hospital writing a case, and the dragon danced…

  ”What’s the name? Where was it stolen? When was it stolen? What color? What is the license plate number? What is the contact number?”, he asked while writing.

  I answered all the questions truthfully, but I actually wanted to say this to a comrade police officer in uniform, not this uncle in a Han vest.

  ”Okay, it’s all filed, and I’ll contact you when I find it. Go home now.” After finishing speaking, the uncle continued to eat.

  I got up in confusion and walked out of the police station. Is this a report? ended? and then? And then no more?

  That uncle must be a plainclothes policeman, just file a case and let me go home and wait. Tomorrow they find the bike and they should contact me right away, awesome! mighty!

  When I got home, my parents were as frustrated as I was when they learned that the bike they bought yesterday had been stolen today.

  They all laughed when they knew I had filed a report and the bike should be found soon. The smile is full of consolation, and I feel that the child has grown up and can even handle things like reporting a crime. I haven’t raised it for so many years. (Actually they are helpless and wry smiles…)

  I couldn’t sleep that night, all the sustenance was on the police comrades. I am sure they will soon catch the bike thief, bring him to justice, and return all the bikes he stole to the victims. There’s no doubt about that, because that’s how it’s played on TV.

  As time passed, the feeling of anticipation gradually disappeared. At first, I was still standing in front of the telephone every day, looking forward to the call from the police comrade, but I didn’t even receive a harassing call, and my parents didn’t call any more. Having mentioned this matter, it seems that hope has already been given up.

  It’s a game. The old man asked me a few words, and he seemed to care about me, “Have you reported the case? Have you found it?”

  ”I have reported the case, but I haven’t found it yet. The police said they would contact me if they found it.” I said to him with confidence.

  ”China is so big, it may take years to find it. If you want to buy a new bicycle, I recommend you a place with a good price.” The old man said to me triumphantly, and handed him a business card.

  I rubbed it, and after a long time of selling it, I thought it was genuine concern. As soon as the words fell, Xiao Chen pushed open the door and walked in, and the whole person went dark. Seeing that I actually smiled, but it is really strange to think about it. Since the city’s unified examination, he has disappeared. Did he fail the examination?

  ”Your key high school, Xuejun middle school, did you get in?” I teased triumphantly, thinking that he must be doomed.

  ”Of course, it’s easy. No, my mother rewarded me for traveling and talking with my dad. I just came back yesterday.” He said more proudly than me.

  travel? A very uncommon word. My family has never traveled, and I also think that travel should be done by retired seniors, and traveling in a hotel outside will waste a lot of money.

  I’m a bit of a jerk, so I asked one more question, “Where did you go?”

  I wiped, he started to get out of control, and shouted proudly, “America! Las Vegas! Have you heard of it?”

  ”Ah, drawing and adding silk?” I was at a loss.

  Xiao Chen looked at me with a look of contempt, “A countryman like you wouldn’t know.”

  I rub it, maybe the dialogue between friends is that kind of tune, and they don’t praise each other. Even if he’s from the Education Bureau, I don’t believe he can get into that key middle school. (Fuck, referring to his mother, not swearing.)

  After chatting for a while, he took out a brown plastic cover from his pocket, put it in my hand, and smiled, “Giving it to you as a souvenir.”

  I never imagined that he would actually give me a gift, this person is really hard to fathom. When I took it in front of my eyes and looked closely, it was a brown plastic circle with 25c printed in the middle and a string of characters below it. I didn’t understand it at the time, but after I went back and checked the dictionary, I found out that it turned out to be a string of English, meaning: Las Vegas casino chips.

  It seems that he really went to the United States. What is it like abroad? I have seen some dubbed films, and the people there are blond and blue-eyed, and the technology seems to be very advanced. When I grow up, I must go abroad to see and see this big world.

  Xiao Chen is undoubtedly a son of a wealthy family. His mother is in the Education Bureau and his father is a businessman. Some people say that if you are reborn with a golden key in your hand, you will save 20 years of struggle, or even a lifetime. It seems to be true.

  However, my mother told me later that there is a place called Yiwu, and it is full of these little things…

  The official start of school is approaching, and I have noticed that my mother is finishing her tailoring day and night, and it is clear that she is working hard to prepare for my tuition. When I was young, I didn’t know what to do except feel guilty.

  When night fell after dinner, my father said to take me out for a walk, a walk, which was unprecedented. I followed my father out of the community, passed by the canteen, and he bought a popsicle for me.

  I don’t have a refrigerator at home, and I don’t have any pocket money. I rarely have the chance to eat popsicles. Usually, I can only get my wish if I come out with my parents.

  I licked the popsicle with relish, but he was smoking a suffocating cigarette with a gloomy face. We came to an elevated road overpass outside the community.

  Under the overpass, there are some homeless sleeping, and some strange people hanging out smoking cigarettes. When you pass them, he will whisper to you, “Do you want a radio? Do you want a TV? Do you want a VCR?”

  My father took me under the flyover, brushing past strange people, until a young elder brother whispered to us, “Would you like a bicycle?”

  Father stopped, took a deep breath, looked him up and down, and asked softly, “Are there any variable-speed mountain bikes? How much?”

  The elder brother smiled and said repeatedly, “Yes, yes, 80 yuan.”

  ”50 yuan.” Father counter-offered.

  ”Big brother, the minimum is 60 yuan, it’s not easy for everyone, please help.” The big brother replied politely.

  I was secretly delighted that my father brought me here to buy a bicycle, and it was a mountain bike with variable speed, so it was so cheap!

  Father hesitated for a while, then nodded. Afterwards, we followed the eldest brother away from the overpass and walked for more than ten minutes to the wilderness, where there were only a few dilapidated peasant houses and no one was there.

  The elder brother skillfully opened the door and invited us in. There were two other men inside, playing cards and watching TV.

  Go through the living room to the back room. OMG! There are more than 50 bicycles piled up in a room of less than 30 square meters! My heart has begun to feel a little strange, what’s the situation?

  ”These are all mountain bikes, take a look at them slowly.” The elder brother pointed to the corner of the wall and said to us.

  ”Which one do you like?” My father touched my shoulder, pointed to the mountain bikes and asked with a heavy tone.

  I stepped forward and watched carefully. These are the same mountain bikes as the one I had stolen, just in a different color. The price here is only 60 yuan, which is really too cheap. Due to the strange atmosphere around, I didn’t dare to delay too much time, so I just chose a silver one.

  My father checked it out for help, and found that there was no major problem, so he directly paid the eldest brother 60 yuan. The eldest brother smiled happily. After collecting the money, he sent us out with a smile. He kept saying, “If there is any problem, come back and change at any time.”

  I also politely waved goodbye to the eldest brother, what a nice guy. Stepping on the bicycle and stepping on it with one foot, I once again experienced the feeling of being as light as a swallow and walking against the wind. Except for the color, there is no difference.

  I happily rode my bicycle to and fro around my father, but he had a serious expression and kept puffing out blue smoke. He gave me a stiff smile and asked, “Is it weird?”

  ”It’s so cheap, I can’t believe it.” I shouted happily.

  Father looked serious and whispered, “Come here, Dad has something to tell you.”

  Seeing my father so serious, I suddenly became nervous, what was the situation? The heart has been hanging in the air, this thing is indeed a bit strange.

  Father put his arm around my shoulder and put out the cigarette with the other. After a moment of contemplation, he turned his head to look into my eyes, and said solemnly, “Son, you have grown up and are about to become an adult, so you should slowly realize that The complexity and darkness of this society. And you are a man, you will start a family and take care of your wife and children in the future.”

  I was at a loss when I heard it, and I felt that what my father wanted to express was that there are many bad people in this world.

  ”Those bicycles were stolen. They are actually thieves. We bought what they stole.” The father’s tone was a little remorseful.

  ”Ah!?” I felt something was not right just now, but now I suddenly realized that it was so! Looking down at the bike, thoughts came to my mind. How they stole this bike, the owner of this bike must be very sad right now… fuck.

  The father sighed and continued, “It’s obviously wrong to do this, but sometimes, it needs to be overdone. Next month, when Dad gets paid, he will immediately give you a new bike.”

  ”Dad, what if the police find out? They’ll say I stole the car.” I asked in a panic.

  My father said to me without hesitation, “If that’s the case, tell them that it was Dad who stole the car, and Dad will deal with it.”

  I was speechless, my father’s vision became blurred, the tears couldn’t stop falling, and I was crying like a man.

  When I got home, I moved the dirty car I bought to the living room on the second floor, wiped it clean and shiny. The mother didn’t ask any further questions, and seemed to have known about the arrangement long ago. That night, my father also gave me a special gift, a five-pound chain. He also told me to lock the car on a tree or a telephone pole after parking it to prevent it from being stolen.

  I was sweating profusely, took a shower and went to bed, and I couldn’t sleep all night. With my stolen bicycle license in hand, I suddenly giggled. It turns out that growing up is really so scary, what is right and what is wrong? Confused already. Before, Xiao Luo told me that this is a cannibalistic society, and now I am starting to believe it…

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