[How Goblins Are Made] Chapter 17

  Some netizens asked, what happened to the dirty car later? Hehe, I didn’t buy a new bike, that dirty bike, I rode it for three years. A month ago, I was a little nervous, worried that I was stopped by a traffic police comrade on the road, and found that the car was stolen, and took me directly to the police station. After a long time, it gradually became numb and forgotten, and finally even forgot that the car was a stolen dirty car.

  On the day my father got paid, he was going to take me to buy a new bicycle, but I refused. The newer the bicycle, the faster it would be stolen. I was planning to buy a used bike, but I suddenly figured out a logic.

  The dirty car I ride to school every day may have been stolen more than once, and it may have been bought and sold more than once. No one can guarantee that a stolen and dirty car will not be stolen again, and a second-hand car bought may also be a stolen and dirty car.

  As for the bicycle license, is it true or false, who knows? What idiot would push a bicycle and go to the DMV for inquiries? If there is a mismatch, it means that you have bought a dirty car or stolen a car. What is really special is an advanced management system, perfect.

  The story about bicycles will be written later. Since the narrative is in chronological order, another character, Xiao Luo, will be told next. It was mentioned before that Xiao Luo moved away, but the reason for the move has not been written yet.

  Xiao Luo is my classmate and neighbor, and lives in the next unit. Over the years, when he passed by his house every morning when he went to school, he always shouted and the two of them went together. But we never go home from school together. After all, everyone has their own hobbies. I’m going to play game consoles, and he’s going to play poker. If poker could be included in the school’s curriculum, he must be number one in the school. I often come to my house in the evening. In addition to chatting, there is another important task, which is to copy homework…

  We received an acceptance letter from the school on the same day, and he was admitted to an auto repair technical school, and he got his wish. I brought two bottles of drinks and came to my house in the evening. The two celebrated and talked about the biggest regret of the three years of junior high school. (There are so many beauties in the class, none of them have ever been pursued, only busy playing cards, regretting it too late.)

  As mentioned before, Xiao Luo’s family is a businessman and can be regarded as a wealthy family, but it cannot be regarded as a nouveau riche. Occasionally when I go to his house to play, I often see a lot of goods piled up at the house. I don’t understand the camera equipment, it should be quite expensive. Because my dad loves photography, a camera and a roll of film are expensive.

  The night before the official start of school, at mealtime, Xiao Luo suddenly rushed to my house, pale and panicked, and shouted to my parents, “Auntie, uncle, call the police for me.”

  Our whole family was stunned at the time, what was going on, but when he saw his whole body trembling slightly, he seemed terrified.

  ”The robber has been to my house!” Before he finished speaking, two tears spewed out of his eyes.

  I almost choked to death with food, is it true? This kind of plot can only be seen in Hong Kong movies. At that time, my chopsticks fell to the ground, my whole body was stiff, and I couldn’t move.

  But Xiao Luo burst into tears, and her panicked appearance should not be a joke. My mom immediately picked up the phone and dialed 110. This was also the first time in my life that I made a call to the police. I thought it would be like what happened in the TV series. The police were dispatched immediately, and the special police arrived at the scene, pulled up the cordon, and rushed in to bring the bad guys to justice.

  Unexpectedly, there were bursts of busy tones on the phone, and 110 was so busy! And this kind of thing?

  ”Is it too fast?” my mother said to herself, hung up the phone and dialed again, but the line was still busy!

  I was shocked. Shouldn’t the emergency call number 110 be called every once in a while, why is the line still busy?

  My mother hung up the phone, frowned, and seriously wondered if she was too nervous and pressed the wrong button? Pick up the phone and slowly press 1~1~0~ again.

  The line is still busy! Hang up, fight again! Only got through the fourth time.

  ”Du~du~ Hey, this is 110.” A man’s voice came from the speakerphone, the background was a bit noisy, it should be the police station.

  My mother shouted excitedly, “I want to call the police, the neighbor’s house was stolen…”

  ”Okay, wait a minute, I’ll transfer the call to your community police station.” The opposite side replied calmly.

  I rub it, why is it completely different from the TV series, and the call to the police has to be transferred! ? I stood up stiffly, put my arms around Xiao Luo’s slightly trembling shoulders, and comforted him with my eyes.

  ”Beep~beep~beep~beep~”, the speakerphone made a long waiting sound, and every beep felt like an hour had passed…

  It was fairly fast, and someone answered the phone in less than half a minute. Even so, it was completely different from the TV drama.

  ”Hello, street police station.”

  ”I’m going to call the police, the neighbor’s house was burglarized.”

  ”Oh, when did it happen?”

  ”Right now.”

  ”Is the perpetrator still there?”

  ”I don’t know, I’m a neighbor, and the child came to ask for help.”

  ”Okay, got it. What’s the address?”

  ”301, Unit 1, Building 18!”

  ”Okay, we’ll be right over here.”

  The phone on the other side hung up, the whole living room was silent, my dad sat there, the cigarette in his hand had burned to the root. I hurriedly closed the door, for fear that a bad guy would rush in.

  ”Aren’t you hurt?” My mother hung up the phone and turned to ask.

  ”No, no.” Xiao Luo sobbed and said hesitantly, “I went out to eat dinner, and when I came back, I found that the door was open, and it became a mess inside, so I turned around and ran over.”

  ”It’s okay, it’s okay, everyone is fine, the door is open, the group should have left.” My dad touched Xiao Luo’s head, got up and walked to the window, looked out, and waited for the police. arrival.

  The atmosphere at home was extremely tense, and everyone was silent. Five minutes passed, and there was no movement downstairs, not a single pedestrian, and there was no police car whizzing by as I expected.

  Father stretched his neck and jumped around, then turned his head and said, “Come on, let’s go down and have a look, don’t be afraid.”

  His heart was beating like thunder and his limbs were stiff. He followed his father downstairs slowly, pretending to take a walk after dinner and strolling around. Come to the downstairs of the Xiaoluojia unit. Looking up, 301 was pitch black, listening with bated breath, the surrounding environment was noisy, and there was no sound of rummaging through boxes. We wandered downstairs, not daring to go up, anxiously waiting for the police to arrive.

  But more than ten minutes passed, and there was no police car roaring. What happened? In the darkness of the night, two uncles appeared, chatting while smoking. They passed us by and went to the unit building of Xiao Luo’s house.

  We stared suspiciously at everyone who entered and exited the unit building, only to see the two uncles went up to the third floor, looked around at the door of 301, and came down again.

  Just when we were confused, one of the uncles came down and asked us softly, “Did you call the police? We are the police.”

  ah? ! … I was shocked at the time, the appearance of the police was completely different from the one on the TV show. Not only did he not roar in uniform, but he also did not break into the door with a long gun as in the Hong Kong film. But two ordinary uncles like migrant workers, is this the legendary plainclothes police?

  ”Yes, we called the police.” Father replied calmly.

  ”The criminals have already left, but they may also be hiding around. Don’t go in yet and keep the scene. Let’s check around, and the main force will be here soon.” A walkie-talkie, whispering softly, not knowing what to say.

  We were taken aback at the time, and our hearts almost jumped out, especially the sentence, “maybe hiding around.”

  My father threw the cigarette butt and quickly pulled Xiao Luo and I back to the house, closing the door. With the windows open, everyone stretched out their heads and looked out, carefully checking every corner to see if anyone was hiding. Looking back now, it was so silly, silly and cute…

  Not long after, I heard the sound of a police car, I turned my head to look, and saw four police cars in the distance with dazzling lights coming in and parked downstairs in the unit. Finally, I saw some people in police uniforms get out of the car and go upstairs with some equipment. The two people in the front should be holding pistols. This time, it was a bit decent and exciting, and we hurriedly opened the door and rushed down again.

  Due to the harsh sound of police cars, the surrounding neighbors stuck their heads out one after another, and many came downstairs to watch. Two police comrades in uniform stood downstairs in the unit to maintain order.

  ”We called the police, 301 is the child’s home, and we want to go up and have a look.” My father said to the two police comrades who stopped by the downstairs of the unit.

  The two police comrades nodded, gave way, and warned, “Fingerprints are being collected and important clues are being collected. You stand at the door and don’t go in.”

  Several of us nodded obediently, took heavy steps, and came to the door of 301. I stretched my neck and looked around, the inside was a mess and a mess, like a tree falling down and a mountain collapsed after a gust of wind.

  Seeing this, Xiao Luo’s tears flowed down again, and she couldn’t cry. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders tightly, and I was so scared that I lost my mind. It was the first time I saw this kind of scene, and it was completely different from the TV series.

  More than a dozen people were busy in his house, some flashing cameras constantly, some smearing white powder on the doorknob and other parts to collect fingerprints, some surveying the scene and sorting out clues, they were very busy. With so many police around, we seem to have a sense of security.

  While busy, an uncle came out and asked us, “Who is the owner of the house?”

  This uncle is the plainclothes policeman just now. I recognized him at a glance. It turns out that he is the captain. It is completely different from the TV series. He does not have the appearance of a policeman, nor the temperament of a captain.

  ”I…” Xiao Luo replied sobbing.

  ”Oh, where are your parents? You were alone at the time? Don’t be afraid, I have some questions to ask you.” Uncle patted Xiao Luo on the shoulder and said calmly.

  After Xiao Luo finished speaking, the uncle took out his mobile phone and contacted his parents. Afterwards, these policemen stopped work and left one after another, less than an hour before and after.

  The uncle said to us, “You can go in now, check what’s missing, make a record, and I’ll wait outside for your parents to come back.”

  The two of us shook our heads again and again. The inside was a mess and it was creepy. How dare we go in. After the uncle comforted a few words and ensured the safety of our lives, we took stiff steps and moved in. The two also held hands, like two girls.

  Shit, I admit, the first thing I felt at the time was wanting to pee, and I was scared to pee. The familiar appearance of his family was completely different now.

  Six large knives were bent and dropped on the ground, the kind of knives one centimeter thick that the owner of the meat stall used to chop and cut meat in the vegetable market.

  Such thick knives were actually bent. Later, I found out that the criminals used these knives to pry open the cabinets and boxes in his home.

  The cabinets and boxes that were pried open were all cracked, and it could be seen that they were not only pried, but also chopped with force. Imagining this violent scene at the time left me shaking and having nightmares.

  All the quilts, clothes, blankets were a mess on the ground. It was later learned that these were used to cover up the footprints of criminals, and it seemed that they were veteran criminals.

  That big TV we played game consoles together was all taken apart, crazy? The refrigerator was put on the ground, and I don’t know what it was, maybe it was used to block the door?

  All the drawers are pulled out and stacked together, with items stacked on the other side, like a junkyard. Fucking makeup smashed all over the place, colorful…

  All the books on the shelves are piled on the floor like the warehouse of the cardboard and newspaper recycling center, even the sheets and pillows have been cut by knives…

  His little bully was stomped in half, which baffled me.

  Of course, all the money and jewelry were gone, and even his family’s business goods, cameras, films, etc., were all taken away.

  Turning around, he found that the door of his house was kicked open, simple violence. At that time, there were very few people who installed iron security gates, usually just a standard wooden gate. Indeed, it can be kicked open with a single kick. That door can only be guarded against gentlemen, but not against villains and thugs.

  Xiao Luo sat sadly in his messy bedroom, picked up the toy pistol on the ground, and muttered, “If there is a real gun, it will be safe…”

  I bought that toy inflatable pistol with him at the night market, one for each person. I usually wear it when I go to school. In the Xue Hong movie, Young and Dangerous, I think it can protect myself and even scare bad guys. But in today’s scene, it feels very childish.

  I don’t know how to comfort him, so I sat beside him dumbfounded, and I was already frightened. This is completely different from the TV drama. I didn’t expect that in reality, the crime scene is so terrifying and unforgettable for a lifetime. Fortunately, Xiao Luo went out for dinner and did not stay at home.

  I don’t know when, the voices of Xiao Luo’s parents came from my ears. When I turned around, they were talking with the police uncle at the door. Their faces were pale and panic. My father stood on the side, calm on the surface, but the hand holding the cigarette was shaking so badly, it was obvious that he was also terrified.

  Later, Xiao Luo’s parents came in to check and confirmed that all valuables had been stolen. The uncle of the police closed the broken door and put a seal on it. The seal was written in large characters, “The scene of the crime is not allowed to enter.”

  Xiao Luo’s parents took him to his grandmother’s house, and his father took me directly home. Is this the end? Don’t want this house anymore? Fear made them flee? I am baffled.

  After returning home, my father told my mother and me about the incident in more detail. Xiao Luo’s mother took 20,000 yuan in cash from the bank this morning for the business. Go out for dinner and socialize at night, and plan to bring business partners home to trade after dinner.

  But the home was stolen. Obviously, the Xiaoluo family has been targeted by criminals for a long time. The criminals knew the whereabouts of Xiao Luo’s family well.

  Xiao Luo’s father often worked overtime for meetings in the unit, and his mother often went out for entertainment business, and it was common for him to be alone at home. And tonight, he did not eat the dinner prepared by his parents, but went to the restaurant in the community, which was really fortunate. Otherwise, they are either hacked to death or kidnapped.

  The police said that 20,000 yuan in cash is enough to make criminals want to kill and kill people. This creeps me out, the criminals are ruthless, it doesn’t seem like a joke. They knew that Xiao Luo’s family had money and was in business. If Xiao Luo was at home at the time and was kidnapped, it would be even more troublesome.

  Just now, the uncle of the police advised them not to live here for the past few days. When the anti-theft iron doors are installed, they will come back and tidy up slowly. On the one hand, in order to prevent that gang of criminals from killing a carbine and making money. On the other hand, if the police need other clues to supplement, they can come back and investigate again.

  After listening to it, I suddenly realized that those criminals committed crimes with a purpose, and they would not kill a poor family for no reason and make money. Fortunately, my family has no money, so I’m safe and sound, right?

  But I’m curious, why is the Xiao Luo family so rich? The in and out of the business were tens of thousands of yuan. At the time, I felt that those were astronomical figures. After listening to his father, he took a deep breath of cigarette and turned to look at his mother with a tangled face.

  ”You’ve grown up and you’re going to high school. I can tell you, but keep it a secret. The society is extremely complicated, so you have to be careful everywhere.” My father struggled for a while, spit out a puff of smoke, and said.

  I nodded solemnly, all ears.

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