[How Goblins Are Made] Chapter 18

  It turned out that Xiao Luo’s family was in the business of counterfeit goods, parallel imported cameras and self-made film, and he had five stalls in the scenic area. I have my own way to buy goods, get some Kodak film casings and packaging, make my own film at home, and then sell it from my own booth, with a profit of 300%!

  My father confessed that he also helped their family last year, making fake Kodak film. The method is also very simple, no darkroom is required, just put the film shell and the inferior film in the quilt, roll them in in the dark, and you are done, very simple.

  My father is a photography enthusiast. He usually likes taking pictures and cameras. After learning the inside story of the market, his conscience can’t handle it, and he is even more afraid of getting into trouble, so he stopped cooperating with them.

  It is not a problem for skilled workers to make 100 rolls in one night, and their sales volume is more than 500 a day. It is conceivable how much money they make. With such a big business, it is no wonder that it is targeted by criminal gangs. At the same time, it confirms a sentence, making money is not legal, and legal is not making money.

  It is said that the police later asked them to report the loss. The stolen parallel cameras and inferior film materials were not reported, for fear of causing trouble and involving a lot of problems.

  Since then, Xiao Luo has moved away. He called and told me that there are houses in other places, and he will not move back in the future. At that time, our house had to pay monthly rent. After more than 20 years, I met him again and asked about this matter, but the case was still not solved.

  I couldn’t sleep that night, I had mixed feelings, I don’t know this world anymore, is this still the earth I grew up on? I don’t trust what’s on TV anymore.

  The next day I went to report to school, and I felt a strange planet and the creatures around it made me very vigilant. I carefully hid the huge tuition fee of 2,000 yuan in my chest, and rode my bicycle all the way, for fear of being stopped by some monster on the road and ruining my family.

  Fortunately, there are students riding bicycles along the way, chatting and laughing, laughing and chasing. That area is a teaching area, and they are all people who go to school. It’s just that when I saw the uncle of the traffic policeman on the road, I felt a little terrified. After all, the bicycle I was riding was stolen and dirty. Later, I heard a few classmates say that their bicycles are also dirty, and the prices are cheap and affordable. I was shocked at the time, how is it in this world! I am too naive……

  I came to this Electronics Vocational Senior High School again. It was crowded with people, and the atmosphere was similar to that of a junior high school, except that those people were slightly older.

  In the reception room at the entrance, the old man is sorting out letters. It seems that there are more correspondence in high school than in junior high school. Thinking about it, my childhood playmates went their separate ways. Except for correspondence, there was no WeChat or e-mail. It cost 20 cents per minute to make phone calls, which was too expensive. It is impossible for poor students to have mobile phones, only a pager at most.

  To keep up with fashion and trends, I also built a pager, but no one has ever called me for three years. The only time I called myself was to test it. Later, I changed my phone and threw it into the trash.

  According to the guidelines of the admission letter, I went to the third floor of the teaching building, Class 1 of Senior 1. Eighty adults have already arrived in the classroom, all of them are new faces, sitting around casually, chatting comfortably, without feeling unfamiliar. Glancing at the classroom, I was a little disappointed, there were no beautiful women, and there were even several fat girls like little aunts…

  I walked in and found a random seat to sit down, but no one noticed me. I didn’t expect that the seat I sat down casually that day would become my lifelong positioning. Looking around, I found that several boys were surrounding a burly man, listening to him brag.

  This man is not tall, about 1.7 meters tall, with thick eyebrows and big eyes, a burly stature, well-developed muscles, and an arrogant arrogance. I thought it was a young and dangerous boy, but after listening to them chatting, I learned that this person is a sailing athlete in a sports school, and now he has changed his career to a computer vocational high school.

  He looked airy, but it didn’t take long for him to feel that he was kind, and that he had rich social experience and was very old-fashioned. Later, the head teacher directly appointed him as deputy head and sports committee. We all admired his muscles so much that we nicknamed him “Men Zhuang”.

  Although the male Zhuang had turned into a big-bellied male pig when he graduated later, we still call him male Zhuang, forever male Zhuang.

  Sitting next to me was a tall man who was arguing with others excitedly. He heard a few key words intermittently, regular army, rebel army, laser tower, tank, mining.

  That is the real-time strategy game, Command and Conquer. I didn’t expect it to be so popular. People are playing and discussing it everywhere.

  With a common topic, I am no longer unfamiliar immediately, and I also joined the discussion. After putting forward a few points and tactics, the tall man looked at me differently, and the masters are lonely. He immediately introduced himself, and his name was: Old Cat. I want to learn a few rounds with me and make progress together.

  The two hit it off and were going to go to his residential area together after school to compete in their dark Internet cafe. Of course, I asked the price first. It seems that the black Internet cafes in the market currently charge a flat fee of three yuan per hour. And that day, I only had three dollars in my pocket.

  At this moment, a man sitting in front said to us, “You don’t have to run that far, there is a large dark Internet cafe next to the school, with more than 40 computers, and it costs three yuan an hour.”

  This person has a high nose and small eyes, and wears a pair of thick glasses, claiming that he has already explored his way around and has a clear picture of the situation. After some self-introduction, we called him: Brother Jie.

  Damn, I didn’t expect the school to be so prosperous, there are dark Internet cafes with more than 40 computers. It was so exaggerated that I felt like a countryman, entering the city for the first time.

  On the first day of school, I met two people, one sitting on my left, the old cat. The other one is sitting in front of me, Jack. A few years later, I never imagined that they would be an important person in the turning point of my life.

  The audience suddenly became quiet, and a middle-aged woman with glasses came in. She guessed that she would be our head teacher. If it was true, the teacher was surnamed Wang and taught English. Very friendly, the whole class likes it.

  After a few brief introductions, she appointed several official positions in the class. Who is the squad leader and who is the deputy squad leader, obviously, she has seen all of our profiles.

  The squad leader is a black girl with very dark skin and very sophisticated manners. At first glance, she is the kind of woman who is not easy to mess with. She sat on the podium to call and collect tuition and miscellaneous fees. The deputy monitor, Nan Zhuang, found a few people to carry books and distribute new books. The head teacher just left, and the entire classroom was left to us, chattering like a vegetable market, full of excitement.

  In the past, in junior high school, the teachers did things like collecting money. In vocational high schools, all things are done by the students themselves. It seems that we have really grown up and are one step closer to society.

  However, when the textbooks were in my hands, it felt like I had fallen into a pit. I thought that the main course of Computer Vocational Senior High School was computer, and all the miscellaneous subjects would be cut off.

  The textbook I got shocked me. Chinese, mathematics, English, politics, physics, art, music… There is no difference from ordinary high school, but the so-called vocational course, computer! The textbook is only a thin one, and it says “ms dos basic commands”…

  Open the computer basic command, the price is only 20 yuan. I rub, spend 2,000 yuan in tuition to learn this 20 yuan textbook, is it stupid!

  Take a closer look, those are the dos commands that I used to use in the dark Internet cafes, what dir list copy move…

  At that time, I felt that the education of vocational high schools might fail. It was said that it was a vocational middle school, but there were not many vocational courses, and most of them were courses of ordinary high schools. At that time, the talents cultivated will not be good at literature or martial arts.

  But at least there is a computer course, even though there is only a thin textbook, I am satisfied. I came here to learn computer.

  A buddy next to him was young, bearded, and wore thick glasses. He spoke calmly and politely. I was intrigued when I listened and saw that he was talking to a few people about computers.

  After following him for a while, I felt that there was a real computer expert in the class. This person was surnamed Jin. He had in-depth research and a strong interest in computers in his words. He also had a 386 computer at home, showing off implicitly.

  He shook the computer command textbook he just got, claiming that he had learned it all two years ago. Because of my hobbies, I deliberately applied for the computer vocational high school, and now I feel that I am a bit overkill.

  He also told us that he had already visited the school for a long time. The fourth floor is the most important place in the school. There is a security gate, which is the computer room. It’s full of computers, used for student classes and internships, but those are second-hand computers, old 386 models.

  The cow was flying in the sky, he was blowing on the ground, and I began to worship him a little bit. I worshipped those computer experts. However, Xiao Jin is not a game expert. I talked to him about some topics related to games, but he could not answer. It seems that he is a typical computer enthusiast, not a computer game enthusiast.

  I vaguely heard a Japanese sentence coming from behind, and when I turned around, it was a fat guy with glasses. He’s also talking about games, but those games are obviously not on the computer, but the Super Nintendo, Sega, Sony and Saturn I’m familiar with.

  I immediately moved over and wanted to meet this friend. After some small talk, I learned that this person’s surname was Chu, and later gave him a nickname: Gorilla. Because this man is tall and big, his limbs are as powerful as that of a gorilla. Even more exaggerated, he claimed that all the high-end game consoles are available at home, such as Super Nintendo, Sega, Sony, Saturn, and hundreds of games, the size of which is comparable to a game store!

  At that time, I fell in love with him and agreed to visit him another day. Before, in order to play the trashy Japanese Three Kingdoms, I was forced to learn a little bit of Japanese basics, and the orangutan was very interested in Japanese culture and was also learning Japanese by himself, so the two of them chatted very well.

  In just a few hours, the unfamiliar young people have become close friends, and even began to call themselves brothers. According to different interests, several circles of friends have been formed.

  After careful counting, there were 48 people in the class, 24 males and 24 females, in pairs. But it seems that there are not many people who really like computers. Later, I learned that most of my classmates came here because of the college entrance examination, and they came here for the second time. I plan to work hard for another three years, get a college entrance examination, and turn the salted fish over. It’s not like I came here to learn computers.

  Looking down at the pile of textbooks, I gradually began to understand why there are so many basic courses. It turned out that the school was designed to take care of most of the students who will take the exam again and advance to college after three years. The so-called “vocational middle school” should only be aimed at those students who are ready to work after graduation.

  The black girl’s tuition and miscellaneous fees have been collected, and the male Zhuang’s textbook has been distributed. The head teacher, Mr. Wang, went back to the classroom to talk nonsense. The following classmates have long been unable to hold back their ignorance and want to go out and play with their new friends.

  I stuffed the newly issued textbooks into my school bag one by one, but I was despised by the old cat and brother Jie. Looking around, everyone left the newly issued textbooks on the table, got up empty-handed, and walked out…

  ”Shouldn’t the newly issued books be brought home and covered with covers?” I asked with a frown.

  The old cat smiled wryly, patted me on the shoulder and asked, “Aren’t you still a primary school student? Bring back the books you will use that day, and keep the useless ones, it will be much easier. Is it possible that you want to carry all the books on your back? book, and ride back and forth for more than an hour every day?”

  I wipe! You can see at a glance that you are all bad students who don’t like to study! bitch! I also threw the newly issued textbook in the drawer, got up dashingly, and ran downstairs.

  On the first day of school, I met a lot of like-minded friends. I have a hunch that these three years may be wasted. Shockingly, when I picked up the bike in the bicycle parking lot, I found that several boys and girls in the class had already paired up and left chatting and laughing. Damn, you guys are too fast!

  The atmosphere of the high school is obviously very different from the previous nine-year compulsory education. I feel that the teachers have very little control, and most of the problems have to be solved by themselves. The school does not treat us as children, but it is not allowed to cause trouble. Otherwise, you can’t eat and walk around.

  The three stepped on the bicycles, led by Brother Jie, and rode out of the campus, and suddenly found some yellow hairs standing at the gate of the school. It’s the kind of bad guy who has dyed yellow hair and looks like a hooligan who often hangs out in arcade rooms and extorts money. It seems that the society is not peaceful everywhere. We must be more careful in the future. Fortunately, the school teaching office is very responsible. Every day there are teachers patrolling the school gate, and those yellow hairs dare not approach. After all, they are almost grown-up people, and it would be difficult to get into a fight and move a knife.

  It took less than five minutes to ride to a farmer’s market next to the school, which is also the only way to go home by bicycle. I didn’t expect that there was a huge black Internet cafe hidden on the second floor.

  I parked my bicycle downstairs, took out my big iron chain, and fastened the bicycle to the iron fence by the roadside. The old cat and brother Jie were very shocked when they saw it, and they ridiculed me at the time: He must be a very unlucky person, and he often gets stolen. Looking back at history a few years later, I didn’t expect their words to sum up my life…

  Passing through the noisy farmers market, Jie Ge led us up to the second floor, passed a dirty public toilet, and knocked on a dilapidated wooden door a few times. A middle-aged man half-opened the door, stuck his head out, and looked at us. Seeing that they were all students, he tilted his head and invited us in.

  Unexpectedly, there is a cave behind the door. Visually, the size of the classroom is normal, with more than 40 computers arranged neatly on both sides, and the occupancy rate is over 90%. I have played a variety of games. I didn’t expect so many new games. As I said before, Internet cafes have always been at the forefront of the trend of the times. If you don’t go to Internet cafes for a few days, you will be out of touch with this era. After a long time, I walked into the dark Internet cafe again today, and I felt like a countryman. Command and Conquer, the real-time strategy battle game, can only be regarded as an old game now, replaced by a more exaggerated, red alert. But I think it is too brainless and has no technical content. It is enough to pass a along the way, lowering the threshold and attracting players.

  The ventilation equipment in the black Internet cafe is not very powerful, and there is a strong smell of cigarettes everywhere. Half of them are adults in undershirts, and the other half are students in school uniforms. These adults looked a bit like homeless people, wearing slippers and picking their toes. These students have a variety of school uniforms, but they are of similar age, so it can be seen that they are all people who go to school around.

  There were two empty computers in the corner, we quickly sat down, the boss came over and took the notepad, looked up at the time, turned around and left after recording. Turn on the computer, look up, and there is a list of games posted on the wall. All games have been batched. There is no need to enter complicated commands. Just type a number and press Enter to enter the game.

  By the way, I just don’t understand why all Internet cafes are black Internet cafes, can’t they operate well? Maybe it’s a product of that era, I don’t know.

  Brother Jie sat between me and the old cat, probing left and right, watching the battle silently. It’s been a long time since I touched the mouse, and my hands are shaking a little. This computer is obviously very fast, much faster than the previous computers of Boss Wang and Sister Zhang. Time is very fast, in just one hour, we played a total of eight rounds, four wins and four losses, and the tie was tied.

  Afterwards, Brother Jie commented that our two mouse clicks were fast, the building sequence was basically similar, and the combat style was the same. They belonged to the same wave, and if a wave of desperate attempts failed, it failed. Therefore, in just one hour, eight rounds of battles were quickly carried out, which was economical and economical. Both of them were game masters, and the identification was completed.

  Looking back on it now, I am very emotional. Did I go to school or go to school to meet my friends? On the way home, I was still complacent. It seems that it was not luck to become famous in the black Internet cafe in the community.

  When I went back and passed by Xiao Luo’s house, I looked up and saw two workers were installing the security gates. I went up to take a look. A thick security iron door, like a prison door, is visually indestructible and terrifying.

  The wooden door that was kicked open at the back was still slightly open, and no one had touched the seal attached to it, and it seemed that no one had entered. I believe that the neighbors will be horrified when they see this seal, thinking that it is a murder scene and blood splattered on the walls.

  Unexpectedly, when I got home, I found that my father was installing an anti-theft iron door with a master. I wiped, I just finished complaining about Xiao Luo’s house, but my own house is also installing anti-theft iron doors, which is sad.

  The story of Xiao Luo’s family quickly spread in the corridor, and for the next two weeks, people were installing anti-theft iron doors every day. After just two weeks, every household in the corridor of the unit has installed a security gate, which shows that everyone is afraid.

  I thought I would start a happy high school life, but I didn’t expect that when I went to school the next day, I saw the Great Demon King, and I wanted to drop out…

  I feel like I’m writing and I’m writing. I originally planned to focus on life, games, and career. Now it seems that I have written a gossip memoir.

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