[How Goblins Are Made] Chapter 19

  When I was a junior high school student, the school rented out half of the classrooms on the third floor. Right next to our classroom, we could often see some older social youths coming in and out. Although some people are dressed in airy clothes, they never pay attention to us, maybe they think we are too young and we are all little farts.

  In our spare time, we are also curious sometimes. In the past, we peeped, and their classes were completely different. There was no sound in the whole classroom. .

  The study seemed to be sloppy, but I felt very self-conscious. Later, I learned that he was a student of the night university. There were courses during the day and night, and it belonged to a junior college. After all, they are all adults in their early 20s, and they are not chasing and beating like our little brats during recess. After chatting in the corridor for a while, they went in.

  Their more than 100 students are as quiet as if they don’t exist. Maybe the school has regulations that cannot affect the class of the surrounding junior high school children, or they are all adults, and they are just that reticent. Sometimes I come home late after finishing my day, and I can still see a couple of college couples strolling around the campus in the dark, the scene is very warm.

  At that time, I thought that it should be like an adult reading. I believe that after the nine-year compulsory education is over, our learning state and environment will be like that. Compared to being stared at by the teacher for everything now, it is much more leisurely, I like it.

  Yesterday, I reported in the Computer Vocational High School. After paying the tuition, I had a preliminary experience of the campus atmosphere. I also felt that I had grown up and was a bit like an adult. Although I haven’t started studying yet, I feel that I will be very relaxed and comfortable. After all, it is a vocational high school, and I am not busy with university entrance exams. I went empty-handed on my bicycle in the morning, unlike before, with a heavy schoolbag on my back.

  On the official start day, the campus became a little quieter and less noisy. In the past, when I arrived at school early in the morning, I would consciously take out a book, join the morning reading in the classroom, and follow the class representatives standing on the podium to recite Tang poetry and Song poetry without any intention.

  Today, when I walked into the classroom, the classmates were already halfway there, and everyone was sitting and chatting, and there was no such abnormal thing as early reading. Yes, I like it, it’s a pretense, it’s just nonsense.

  The classmates and a few friends changed seats and sat together for easy chat. Everyone is very polite like adults, unlike in the old school, you don’t let me, I don’t move, slapstick and report to the teacher.

  But at 8 o’clock in the morning, there is still such a brain-dead activity that the whole group goes out to exercise, which makes me very confused. After the nine years of compulsory education have passed, why are we still playing such tricks? For the students to exercise? Cycling back and forth for more than an hour every day, isn’t that enough fun?

  The male strong shook his head helplessly, and told us to line up outside the classroom and swayed along with the other classes. Everyone is also very conscious, after all, they are almost adults, and the male Zhuang is also very polite, shouting repeatedly, “Everyone help, I’m sorry, speed, love tiger oil.”

  What confuses me even more is that the nine-year compulsory education has already passed, why is the school uniform still the same as before? Just to ask everyone, why are our school uniforms sportswear? Science? In school, apart from going to the playground in the morning and doing physical education classes twice a week, I sit in the classroom for the rest of the time and never lift my butt. Do I need to wear sportswear?

  Maybe the sportswear is for us to run around and make trouble during recess, right? They are so fast that they are adults, and they don’t have that hobby anymore! Fortunately, this rule was changed later, and the school uniform was only worn on Mondays, and the rest of the time was optional, so that was decent.

  Except for Monday, the whole school is full of youthful atmosphere. The female students are flamboyant, and the male students are drooling. Only the wonderful ones will wear green school uniforms. There is something wrong!

  Although there are a lot of textbooks for different subjects in the drawer, in my impression, there are only two courses in life and death, and maybe in everyone’s impression there are only two courses.

  One is English, taught by the head teacher, so you have to cheer up no matter what. This English textbook is quite thick, not as thin as in junior high school. Not as simple as junior high school, what’s your name? how are you? Fine, thanks and you?

  It’s an entire English story. Each lesson has four or five pages, about 1,000 words, and there are more than 50 new words. Just looking at it gives me a headache. The thought of having to memorize more than 50 words every day makes people go crazy, but I never imagined that the English teaching of the head teacher is very strange and very simple, and the whole book is memorized!

  Shit, isn’t this driving us all crazy? I thought she was joking, but she didn’t expect that from the next day, four people would get up and recite the whole text every day in class. She didn’t care about wasting half of the class time, but wanted to give us a deterrent to the whole class.

  In the first few days, the four unlucky ghosts who were randomly checked could not memorize them, and the punishment was very simple. The entire text was copied three times. I copied an article of more than 1,000 words three times, and then went to the teacher’s office to memorize it. Others were scared to death, and I was so scared that I could say shit.

  A few days later, the comfortable and laid-back atmosphere of the class was gone, and everyone began to spend time in their studies, but only in English and mathematics. Only when these two courses are properly arranged can we be an upright person.

  Fortunately, English is also a liberal arts, as long as you spend some time on it, you will be able to memorize it. If you are stupid, it will take a little more time. Many classmates carry English books wherever they go, read them when they have time, recite them when they have time, and prepare them all the time. It can be seen that they are quite stupid.

  In comparison, I am even more stupid. Since the entire English book has to be memorized, why not the stupid bird fly first? So this English textbook has become my martial arts secret book, which I carry on my body and sleep in the same bed. Many times I have memorized the text by heart, but when I suddenly remember it in my spare time, I immediately recite it again, which has become a neuropathy.

  This education method is simple and violent, very perverted, and quite effective. Every day at the beginning of the English class, the class teacher named and recited by random checking, which was simply a test of human nature. Looking around, all the classmates closed their eyes and prayed to God, despite all their preparations. Because I, like them, have already memorized the text by heart, but I still pray over and over again, don’t call me by my name, Amen…

  Prayer has proved useful, and I haven’t been checked for a year. Maybe the checks are random, maybe the checks are based on looks. Gradually I started to let down my guard, until one day I was lazy and didn’t recite…

  It turns out that God exists and punished me in the fall. Maybe during that time, I had a sleazy appearance and didn’t quite look like someone who was ready to spot-check and recite. Maybe the English signal from my body during that time was too weak for the class teacher to sense.

  After being called by his name, he stood there stupidly, unable to recite a word, he couldn’t believe it, this world is so unfair, it’s really unfortunate. I used to memorize the text every day, and I was always ready for random checks, but I could never be picked. Why did I stop praying now, and I just stole a little bit of laziness and was caught! ?

  Looking around, I thought the classmates would cast sympathetic glances, but I didn’t expect that they were all laid-back and relaxed. As if someone had already been pulled out and killed today, it was not their turn. There is no sympathy at all, and I am secretly happy in my heart, just like I used to laugh at others for not being able to recite such virtues! snort!

  Although the English teaching method of the head teacher is very perverted, everyone got used to it or became numb later, and they would consciously prepare the English texts to be recited every day, regardless of whether they would win the prize or not.

  Three years later, when we graduated, this education method proved to be extremely effective. As a foreign language, the most important thing is to memorize and recite. Even though the graduation exam doesn’t mean much to me, I’m not ready to go to college, and I’m not ready to show off with a high score. But I still got 98 points in the test by accident, and I don’t know what went wrong. Maybe it was because the teacher who graded the test paper saw that my English level was too high and was a little upset, so he deliberately deducted two points.

  By the way, the average English score of the whole class is 96. Before the test, the head teacher also made it very clear that all the content of the test comes from the textbook.

  That’s right, I added two flowers to the class, even though that didn’t make much sense to me. But I still can’t believe that in the past three years, I have recited all three thick English textbooks, and I have thoroughly mastered them.

  What I didn’t expect was that a few years later, it became an important basis for my immigration IELTS test. A lot of people are struggling with the IELTS test, but I passed the test naked. I didn’t want to brag, but the cow flew by itself, so just pretend to brag.

  In fact, during the three years of high school, I mainly studied Japanese, and the games I played every day were all Japanese versions. The idol dramas I watch are also Japanese, and the ooxx movies are even more Japanese. This is bloody cultural aggression! In order to defend the motherland, we must learn! Back to the details.

  If my stamina is 100 a day, after the English class, I will only have 70, which is fine. But after the math class, my stamina became 0. My perseverance is still strong, and I believe that most of the people in the class have a negative physical strength.

  The math teacher is an old woman surnamed Zhou, and I still dare not type her name out, for fear that she will rush over from the other side of the world and strangle me, or give me a nightmare from somewhere, Troubled for life.

  The day was terrifying and vivid in my memory. I believe that when I am old and have a stroke and amnesia and forget everyone, I will not forget this woman. Over the years, on countless nights of nightmares, the woman she dreamed of was actually her.

  On the second day of school, the students were still immersed in the relaxed holiday atmosphere, excited to meet many like-minded friends, sometimes talking about it, and sometimes whispering. Maybe everyone thinks that vocational high school is just, and there is no need to be so tense in the learning atmosphere, but later they all realized that they were wrong.

  The bell rang, and the students returned to their places consciously. Although there were still some whispers, they already realized that they were in class.

  The last class was a Chinese class. The old cat and I were drowsy and drowsy. Suddenly, we were woken up by a loud coax. We raised our heads and rubbed our eyes. There was a middle-aged woman standing at the door of the classroom. This man wore a pair of gold-rimmed glasses, had a serious expression, held a pointer in his hand, and was so excited that we were all puzzled.

  ”You! Stand up!”, she yelled at us. The entire classroom was silent, everyone was startled, and probed left and right. Who the hell is this talking about?

  ”It’s you! Why are you looking around?” The woman picked up the pointer and shouted angrily, pointing at the students in the front row.

  A few students in the front row looked left and right, looking confused. Finally, a buddy asked in a low voice, “Is it me?”

  ”It’s you!” The woman walked up to him and stared at him with murderous eyes.

  The buddy stood up slowly, with an inexplicable look on his face, and later learned that the buddy’s surname was Shen, and he was a fool.

  Unexpectedly, the woman raised the pointer and hit the buddy! “Snapped!”

  This sound was crisp and sweet, and the whole class trembled. What the hell is going on here? I met the old cat’s eyes, and the whole person began to wake up.

  ”I’m already standing at the door, and you’re still talking nonsense! Get out! You’re not allowed to take my class!” The woman pointed out the door and scolded.

  The buddy surnamed Shen looked around and looked at the evil woman again. He felt as if he had crossed over. He was stunned for a few seconds, and then strode out of the classroom.

  Then, the woman turned around and walked to the podium, slapped the textbook and pointer on the podium, and looked down at the class.

  Except for the heartbeat, the whole classroom was silent. I believe that if the heartbeat could be controlled, everyone would hold down the heartbeat so as not to make a sound and bring disaster.

  ”Class!” she said coldly.

  ”All, all, all stand up.” The squad leader’s daughter, obviously frightened, shouted hesitantly in her voice.

  The whole class was stunned for a while, seemingly still immersed in fear, and slowly stood up one by one. Just like in the movie, the devil pointed a gun at the common people, “Stand up! Speak! Eighth Route Army, where is the work!?”

  When the whole class stood up, she didn’t go through the process like other teachers. For example, hello classmates, hello teacher, please take a seat, today we are going to talk about…

  Instead, he walked to a buddy who was a strong male. Raised the pointer, slapped it twice, and hit the strong man’s ass.

  The male Zhuang shuddered and frowned, looking very painful, but he didn’t dare to move. The expression is a little confused, innocent and confused, and there is a need for an explanation in his eyes.

  ”Why were you the last to stand up?!” The woman stared at the man and asked.

  ”Huh?” The man was speechless. At this moment, everyone’s thoughts are the same, is this a reason?

  ”Get out of the classroom and don’t take my class!” The woman pointed at the door with a pointer and said coldly.

  The man’s face was flushed red. Although he had thick eyebrows and big eyes, he didn’t dare to face him directly. It could be seen that he was very angry. As an athlete, as a man with muscles all over his body, as a man whose explosive force can instantly knock this woman flying, she was spanked twice by her. It’s not a primary school student anymore, and the old man is not young, and he loses all face in front of everyone.

  The male Zhuang angrily threw the textbook on the ground, protesting, and then strode out, complaining repeatedly outside with the buddy who just got out.

  The whole class stood dumbfounded, not daring to move, not even lowering their heads, their eyes looking left and right. What the hell is going on here? Corporal punishment of students, which is strictly forbidden, actually occurs in this school, is there any kingly law!

  Fortunately, she was sitting by the innermost window, so she wouldn’t kill her, would she? The distance is a bit far, it shouldn’t be…

  Then the woman walked slowly to the black girl, looked at the black girl up and down, and asked seriously, “Are you the monitor?”

  The black girl was so frightened that she didn’t dare to make a sound. The old-fashioned look of yesterday’s social experience disappeared today, like a well-behaved little girl, nodding her head again and again.

  ”To give orders, the voice must be loud and energetic, understand? Do it again.” The woman glared at the black girl and said.

  Although the woman said, do it again, but without her giving orders, everyone stood stupidly, not daring to move.

  ”sit down!”

  ”Huh~~”, I fuck, the whole class sat down neatly, it’s not a fight alone.

  ”Attend class!”

  ”All rise!”

  ”Huh~~”, I f*ck, it’s neat and tidy, even the soldiers of the army can’t stand up neatly in 0.1 second like this.

  ”Hello students!”

  ”Hello teacher!~”

  ”The sound is not loud enough, not neat enough, come again! Hello, classmates!”

  ”Old ~ teacher ~ good ~!”

  I can guarantee, “Hello, teacher”, these three words resounded throughout the school. Because I looked down and saw the chef of the school cafeteria passing by downstairs, he looked up at our classroom, and said three words to himself, “Insane.”

  His three words are crisp and sweet in the quiet campus. I sat by the window and heard it clearly. These three words also resonate in the hearts of all our classmates.

  ”Sit down.” The woman’s tone changed a little and dropped a tone, which reassured us a lot.

  But she didn’t start the class seriously. She walked around the classroom with a pointer and looked at each of us up and down.

  I could clearly feel that she walked past me with a gust of cold wind, and left behind a piece of snow after she left. The seasons in early September changed suddenly, like the middle of winter, making people tremble involuntarily.

  Halfway back to the podium, she stopped beside a buddy, her face was very ugly, and she predicted that a storm was coming. The buddy looked up at her stupidly, although his eyes were very innocent, but for that woman, it was simply a provocation, seeking his own death.

  ”Stand up!” She glared at the buddy and cooed.

  The whole place was silent. More than ten minutes have passed since the class. I guess she doesn’t want to teach us today. Does she want to kill us?

  The buddy got up quickly, honestly, nodding and bowing. Although he looked a little wretched, it could be seen that he was very friendly. Later I learned that the wretched buddy with pale eyebrows and narrow eyes was surnamed Xu, referred to as Xiao Xu.

  Xiao Xu stood there with his hands crossed in front of his abdomen, his body slightly bent, and he looked very respectful. Everyone could see that he was going to be reprimanded and resigned.

  ”Are your parents dead? No one cares about you?” The woman scolded Xiao Xu.

  Although the audience was silent, I could sense that everyone was booing in their hearts. This woman dares to insult her personality like this and speak madly. It’s really too much. You must complain to her back!

  After hearing this, Xiao Xu did not show anger or annoyance. He stood there motionless with a sincere face, and replied calmly, “No.”

  ”No?” The woman squinted at him and said coldly, “Then why are you disheveled and sloppy? Look at your appearance, dirty clothes, half collar outside, half collar in Inside. Walking by your side, there is still a smell of sweat, are you still human? You are disrespecting your classmates and teachers, and you are not qualified to take classes here. “

  Damn, I believe that the whole class is the same as me, very angry, but there is no trace of it on their faces.

  Xiao Xu nodded again and again and flattered, “I’m sorry, teacher, I’m sorry, I will pay attention next time.”

  But the woman kept squinting at Xiao Xu and kept silent.

  Xiao Xu was stunned for a while, nodded, and said to himself, “Okay, okay, I know, I’ll get out, I’ll get out.”

  We watched Xiao Xu walk out of the classroom quickly, his heart was beating like thunder, it was too terrifying, is it possible that the entire army will be wiped out today, all get out of the way?

  The woman was on the podium, her eyes kept glancing at every student in the class. I believe that everyone’s heart is praying, don’t focus on yourself.

  When the woman turned her head, I quickly turned out my collar and tidied up my clothes.

  Outside the classroom, the three buddies started whispering and complaining, but they didn’t know the silence in the classroom, they heard it clearly, obviously angered the woman, and it was dead.

  The woman rushed out with the pointer, only to hear three slaps, just like three prisoners were shot on the execution ground, and there was no sound…

  The classmates sitting in the first row at the door of the classroom turned around and whispered, “Men Zhuang, I’m crying…”

  what! ? Damn… the most fierce man in the class was beaten and cried! Alas… no need to struggle, everyone is down.

  Then the woman walked in, stood proudly on the podium, and introduced herself. The surname is Zhou. He teaches mathematics. If you want to survive, follow my instructions. Don’t force me. I guarantee that you will be admitted to the university and the salted fish will turn over. If you don’t want to live, get out consciously, don’t let me see it, lest I whip you a few times and scold your ancestors for the eighteenth generation.

  Wow…even though the whole classroom was silent, but everyone resonated inside, and I felt it.

  ”Cult Master Zhou, for thousands of years, to rule the rivers and lakes, to achieve martial virtues, and to be invincible in the world.”, I said silently in my heart…

  Halfway through the 40 minutes of a class, she finally took out the textbook, and said a few simple words without much nonsense. Start the first lesson tomorrow, go back today and read all the formulas and test questions clearly.

  Then he began to brag about his educational philosophy and his two excellent daughters who were studying in the United States. All the classmates in the class stared at her intently, not daring to make any guesses, and there were all kinds of expressions of admiration and approval on their faces, and I didn’t know if it was true or not, at least I acted like this…

  The bell rang for the end of get out of class, and I felt that a year had passed. I believe that all the students in the class felt the same way. During this year, I exhausted all my physical, mental, energy, intelligence, endurance, etc. .

  After the math class, the whole class lay on the table as if they had experienced a tenth-level typhoon. The only thing left was a dog’s life and its own gravity.

  As a result, the three strong men who rolled out of the classroom were dragged to the teacher’s office, and were given additional punishment. And the group of buddies who originally needed to be on duty went straight home and were not allowed to help.

  The woman who taught mathematics, after Teacher Zhou left, there was a lot of discussion in the class. Who gave her such great power, who allowed her to physically punish her classmates, who allowed her to manage our class affairs, who allowed her to designate someone to do hygiene, who… special who! ?

  All this was in vain. Later, I heard that someone went to the principal to complain about her, but it was useless. The principal also respected her three points. That woman claims to be the school’s gold medal teacher. With her there, the admission rate is…

  I thought it was over like this, but I didn’t expect that the great thing was still to come. Some of the buddies even want to drop out of school. If it’s been like this for three years, if they don’t suffer from neurosis, they will also suffer from hemiplegia.

  What computer class, what computer game, after the math class, the six parents have long been disowned, and the only thought is to survive. Hurry up and finish the course preparation for tomorrow. The ins and outs must be clearly understood, and the mathematical formulas must be memorized. It made me lose sleep for several days, everyone lost a few kilograms, I didn’t talk about nightmares, and I lost interest in playing games.

  More than 20 years later, I can still write so many words to describe those scenes, which shows how frightened and hurt I am. Maybe this is why, after a few years, I ran to the other side of the world without hesitation, which gave me a sense of security.

  Even though I went back that night, I seriously previewed the math class I was going to take tomorrow, and the formulas and examples were also clear, but the tragedy still happened.

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