[How Goblins Are Made] Chapter 20

  The next morning, when I came back from the exercise, the first session was a special math class. Obviously, there is no active atmosphere in the class. The students are taciturn, sitting with their heads lowered, in a trance, as if a storm is coming, and they are ready to submit.

  The bell rang, everyone cheered up, straightened their backs, like a primary school student, put their hands on the table obediently, and stared at the door of the classroom, nervous and silent. A few buddies even adjusted their collars, for fear that they would be kicked out of the classroom today because of their sloppy appearance.

  In the distance, there was a terrifying echo of the demon hitting the ground with the sole of her high-heeled shoes. After she made a gorgeous humanoid transformation, she appeared at the door of the classroom, with the magic chalice in her left hand and a black iron steel shield in her right.

  No, maybe I’m crazy, I’m holding a teacup in my left hand and two small blackboards in my right. She stood at the door triumphantly, and after a few seconds of disdain, strolled in. My little heart shuddered as a burst of cold air hit my face.

  ”Attend class!”

  ”All rise!”

  ”Hello students.”

  ”Old ~ teacher ~ good ~!” (Forty-five degrees bow)

  ”Please sit down!”


  Damn, it’s so neat and tidy, I feel like I spoke Japanese just now and acted a bit like a perverted Japanese guy.

  Three minutes have passed since the bell rang, hold on for another 37 minutes, hold your ground, brothers. At least so far, no buddies have been thrown out…

  The woman stood on the podium, glanced at the students in the class, and suddenly said, “Take out a blank piece of paper, write your name on it, and we will conduct a small test to check your preview results last night. The time is three minutes. .”

  What? I was confused and didn’t understand, but there were sounds of rummaging around, and the whole place was in panic and chaos. I saw some buddies who couldn’t find the white paper for a while and tore off the cover of the language book, as if they would be shot if they didn’t have the white paper.

  I also immediately opened the drawer and picked a subject that felt the most useless, music class. I tore off the cover, wrote the name on the white back, my hands trembled so badly, crossed out the name, and wrote it again…

  At this time, I found that the audience was completely silent, and when I looked up, there were two small blackboards hanging on the big blackboard, with three math problems on them. What? Is this the beginning?

  Looking around, everyone frowned, staring at the two small blackboards and reading the questions carefully. In this tense atmosphere, I suddenly don’t even know Chinese characters.

  It took more than a minute to understand the topic. This is indeed the content of the preview last night. But in this stimulating environment, I had completely forgotten about it and had absolutely no idea what to do. Turning his head and looking, the old cat sitting next to him was also in a daze, his hands were trembling, and there was not a word on the white paper, except for his name, he was also very scared.

  For some reason, I was completely unable to concentrate, as if on the verge of collapse. Some of the students around were bowing their heads and writing fiercely, some scratching their heads wildly, and some hugging their heads and crying, all kinds of miserable situations emerged one after another.

  ”Crack!”, his whole body trembled with fright, and when he looked up, the woman beat the podium with a pointer and shouted, “Time is up! Stop writing and wrapping up the volume.”

  Damn, a lot of buddies are looking at each other, and only one name is written on the white paper, what should I do? Will you be hanged?

  ”The last student in each group sits, gets up and wraps it up and hand it over to my podium. I won’t accept the last group.” She said coldly, picked up the teacup and took a sip to moisten her throat.

  This… the students sitting in the last row looked at each other, as if they suddenly understood their intention, they quickly got up and sprinted forward, grabbing everyone’s blank paper in their hands while running, and finally hit the podium. It was as if the life of the entire group was in his hands in a desperate game.

  Fortunately, at that moment, I found that many people handed in blank papers, and I felt a little comfort in my heart.

  But there will always be unlucky ones, that is, the group that was handed over to the podium in the end. Fortunately, it was not our group. Because a certain buddy was still in a hurry to write, the friend who took the paper was kind and delayed for a second, but he didn’t catch up, and the whole army was wiped out…

  The demon directly tore the pile of souls that were finally handed over to the podium into pieces and threw them into the trash can beside it. This kind of violent behavior, the whole audience was horrified, as if they had seen the massacre at the scene, and they were horrified.

  The air in the entire classroom is frozen, and each classmate’s breathing is stiff. I don’t know what tricks she will play next…

  I saw the woman carefully correcting the answer sheets submitted one by one. The classmates didn’t dare to make a sound, let alone move, and didn’t even dare to look away from the podium. If anyone dared to fart now, she would definitely be thrown into the universe by her.

  More than ten minutes passed, and doubts arose in my heart, is this a math class? After tossing and turning, it is not like the teachers in the past teach well. But it’s alright, the time is almost over, and if you stick to it, you can end the get out of class. I had never understood what the word torment meant before, but now I understand it.

  ”Ye x, Lu x, Wang x…” She called out the names of six people on the podium, which made the six classmates tremble with fear, fidgeting and looking around. Uneasy.

  ”Except for these six qualified students, all the other students will do these three math problems 100 times and hand them in before class tomorrow.” She said coldly.

  What? 100 times! Do this problem 100 times? are you crazy? I thought there would be an uproar in the audience, but I didn’t expect the audience to be silent, and no revolutionary force could be seen.

  I rely on! I will not do it! I shouted in my heart, I believe that all the students in the audience should have this idea, hum!

  I thought she would officially start the lecture next, but she took a sip of tea and started hanging out. He walked up to a buddy and stared at him with murderous eyes.

  The guy lowered his head and didn’t dare to face him, obviously he was already affected by the debuff aura, and his health dropped sharply. Later, after thinking about it for some reason, I stood up bravely, perhaps because of confusion.

  ”A person who came to school didn’t even prepare a scratch paper, and even tore off the cover of the language book, don’t you want to live?” Her tone was calm, but the more that was, the more terrified we were.

  ”I was wrong, teacher.” The buddy was still smart and quickly apologized sincerely, but to no avail.

  ”Are you worthy of the tuition fees you paid? Are you worthy of your parents? Are you worthy of your ancestors? Are you worthy of your future self? Your attitude towards learning today is simply embarrassing to your parents and acting rashly!  … “, after she finished coaxing, she picked up the pointer, slapped it twice, and hit the dude’s ass.

  These two hits were like hitting the whole class, and it could be clearly seen that the classmates shivered neatly twice.

  I thought it was over, but unexpectedly she took a sip of tea and continued to scold. At this very moment, I don’t know why, my ears are ringing, like a grenade exploding next to me in a World War II movie, my ears are deaf and my eyes are confused.

  I can only hear a few key words intermittently, “Are you going to beg for food in the future? Are you going to sell yourself in the future?…”

  Looking back now, I can’t remember exactly what she scolded, but it was extremely degrading, affecting family parents and ancestors. After more than ten minutes, if you are a girl, I will scolded you and cry, and if you are a boy, I will scolded you and want to jump off the building.

  The key is that every day in math class, I will randomly find someone to scold me. Later, it has become commonplace and I have become accustomed to it. Of course, I have also been randomly selected, and I have been scolded. I believe that if my ancestors knew about this, they would definitely wait for her below to avenge me and be ashamed.

  When we graduated, we made statistics, and every student in the class was called up and scolded, no matter your academic performance was good, or even excellent in character and study. Some unlucky ghosts have even been drawn twice, which seems to be an important part of her education.

  ”Crack!” A loud noise made me come back to my senses. It turned out that the guy slapped the table and walked out of the classroom.

  I fuck! Have backbone! Kind of! Have courage! I don’t know what the buddy’s surname is, but he never appeared in the class anyway.

  A 40-minute class, half an hour has passed, and with the last ten minutes left, she finally opened the textbook and started lecturing. But within two minutes, she began to talk about the truth of life and how to learn. Finally, she did not forget to brag about how good her two baby daughters are in the United States.

  Now I can still remember some of the content, the words are not rough. She said: “Learning depends on yourself, not the few minutes the teacher spends in class. One minute on stage and ten years of hard work off stage. If you want to succeed, you must first come from the palace.”

  No, the latter sentence was added by myself. What she meant was: If you want to succeed, you must abandon all distractions, give up all hobbies, and devote all your time to the project of struggle. If you just want to hang around, don’t come to school and pretend.

  At that time, I was very confused. I came here to learn computer science. I was forced to become a high school student preparing for the test, and it was like being pushed to apply for a prestigious university. I am preparing to study computer science to get a job after graduation. I don’t want to go to college, and I don’t want to waste time on these miscellaneous courses. What kind of educational mechanism is this, so can’t you teach me computers with peace of mind and let me specialize in computers?

  The bell finally rang, and it felt like the four seasons were reincarnated outside the window. The woman picked up the teacup and teaching materials, turned and walked out of the classroom, without letting us get up and say goodbye, as if she left everyone with the last trace of dignity.

  ”Fuck, 100 times! That mad woman.” The orangutan classmate shouted, patting the table.

  ”What? Fuck that crazy woman 100 times? You’re amazing!” someone teased.

  ”Haha…” The classroom returned to the relaxed atmosphere of the past. After the storm, the air was particularly fresh, everything continued to grow, and flowers were budding.

  Do the problem 100 times, is this a whim or is it true? A few buddies studied it for a while, and went to inquire about it in other classes. The result was terrifying. The woman was not joking, and the students in other classes were treated the same way. These 100 times, they copied three exercise books…

  In order to continue to survive tomorrow, the students consciously took out the exercise books and used all their spare time to copy them over and over again. I hope I can finish copying it early, and I can let myself free in the rest of the time, but fortunately, it took three hours and I copied it 100 times, which is a full three exercise books.

  There were a few buddies in the class who were unconvinced at first, but seeing that everyone consciously took out the exercise book and copied the questions, they silently lowered their heads and slowly raised their pen.

  Looking back on it now, it’s really terrifying. I tore off the cover of a music book that day, and I escaped unscathed. I don’t know if that woman didn’t see the music book, or she deliberately let me go, maybe she was just looking for a sloppy, unlucky ghost to kill the chicken and set an example.

  After the toss of the math class, the stomach growled, and when lunch time came, everyone took the iron lunch box and went straight to the cafeteria. Now it seems that the school cafeteria at that time was really a conscientious price tag, with a unified price of four yuan, punched consumption, one meat and two vegetarian meals, and a bowl of soup.

  I can actually eat four or two meals, but there is no seat for the meal, and everyone stands and chats while eating. Complaining about the hardships in math class has become a daily topic of discussion. In fact, it is the math class representative who is most stressed. He has to see the witch several times a day, so he doesn’t dare to neglect. Several attempts to give this opportunity to represent the math class to others were dismissed. Many times some buddies did not complete their math homework, and the class representatives suffered along with them.

  I thought it was just the beginning of the school year. In order to establish his image in front of the students, the teacher deliberately made things difficult and demanding. If you persist for a while, it should gradually improve, but who knows, every day is a tragedy.

  Before the math class the next day, everyone obediently prepared a blank sheet of paper, and no one chatted between classes, seriously reviewing the math class last night. No one wants to do the problem 100 times again, not to mention that there is already a lot of homework, and 80% of the time is spent on mathematics. Even if you have to memorize English thoroughly, there is no such pressure.

  We can survive only by grasping the two subjects of mathematics and English, don’t talk to me about other subjects, what Chinese, politics, geography, bullshit physics, etc. I don’t even know what the teacher looks like, let alone tell me homework, I never do it, because a person’s energy is limited, we are not robots!

  The bell rang for the class, yesterday’s tragedy repeated itself, the devil transformed, walked into the classroom, hung up the blackboard, looked back and laughed evilly, everyone went crazy, picked up their pens and danced wildly.

  A buddy shouted to a classmate, “You hurry up, don’t hurt us!”

  The buddy held the paper tightly and wanted to finish writing the topic, but it was too late. There were eight groups in the class, seven groups had already handed in, and the remaining group was not accepted as usual. That selfish buddy has become a sinner through the ages, scorned by the entire group!

  There is no doubt that the next stage of scolding must be him. He was scolded first, and then got out of the classroom. The whole group followed the teacher and scolded, but the sentence was not reduced because of it, the whole group was still 100 times…

  To be tossed like this every day, normal people can’t stand it, plus a lot of math homework, life is better than death! Especially those a lot of repeated practice questions, after at least 9 o’clock, wash and sleep!

  There are policies and measures to counter! Mastering the stick, but aiming for the yard! No, the devil is one foot tall, and the Tao is one zhang tall! She is the devil!

  I came to school early in the morning, walked into the classroom, and found that the classmates no longer chatted about everyday things, but wrote madly. When I got closer, I wiped it, it turned out that Tetsu was copying homework!

  I suddenly realized, like waking up from a dream, what a fool I am! Every day, I spend two hours foolishly, honestly completing the mountains of math homework, repeating those exercises, silently wasting my beautiful youth! I really should cut my belly, I’m sorry for the precious life my parents gave me and Cui Can’s life.

  I also want! Copy homework! Looking around, I found that even the monitor was copying homework! I am the dumbest in the class!

  It is true that unity is strength. Since the students united to defend against foreign enemies, life has been easy. Take turns to complete the homework, share plagiarism with everyone, get twice the result with half the effort, and always be happy.

  But the good times didn’t last long, I don’t know if it was betrayed or if it was an outsider tipping off. Early one morning, the woman rushed into the classroom, scared to the point that the little friends who were copying their homework were in a state of panic, they were pissed, panicked, and hid!

  A buddy sitting at the door was unfortunately grabbed. Teacher Zhou picked up two math homework, tore them to shreds on the spot, and growled, “The one who copied the homework will be punished 200 times, and the one who copied the homework will be punished 300 times! Go to the office and stand in class for a month!”

  Then she turned and left, and a cold wind blew up, causing the whole class to shiver badly. There are a lot of people copying homework in the morning, almost half. Fortunately, there was a fool sitting at the door to copy and sacrificed on the spot, which gave us time to escape the disaster!

  That great buddy was a strong man, and the one who copied his homework was Xiao Yao, the representative of the math class. After all, male Zhuang is a sports athlete, how can he have so many brains to engage in such things as mathematics. After all, people with well-developed limbs have simpler minds and cannot complete their homework every day. Xiao Yao, the representative of mathematics class, also has a headache. Therefore, to make up for him every morning is actually to copy his homework.

  This time, both of them are stupid. However, Xiao Yao said at the time: Great, after the punishment is over, you don’t have to be the representative of the math class! I have had enough!

  After the two dutifully copied it hundreds of times, they handed it over to the teacher’s office before school. But Xiao Yao was not dismissed because of this. His wish did not come true, and he continued to do the drudgery represented by the math class until he graduated three years later…

  After all, copying homework is a hugely rewarding business. The greater the risk, the greater the profit. This sentence is true. Do you choose to spend more than two hours a day to complete a huge number of math problems? Or spend 20 minutes copying it? No sane person would make the wrong choice.

  For the benefit of the people, everyone made a detailed plan, and every time they copied the homework, the four of them cooperated. The two of them went outside the classroom, stood guard one after the other, and looked out for the wind. If there was any situation, come back and report immediately! The other stood at the window, blocking the plagiarism with his back to prevent the teacher from jumping over from the opposite office, perfect!

  From now on, you don’t have to worry about copying homework anymore. How important is teamwork, and unity is strength!

  The matter of copying homework, according to the needs of the market, quickly formed a perfect process system. After the math class is over every day, a few students who are excellent in both character and learning will first hurry up to complete the homework, and then distribute it to the students who want to plagiarize. The output will be doubled and the whole class will stop work before school!

  But I never imagined that one day when the male Zhuang was copying homework leisurely in the corner, a stranger from the next class ran in, patted the male Zhuang on the shoulder, and said to him, “Brother, I’m sorry, Zhou. The teacher asked me to come here, so you will be fined 200 times.”

  What? The man was full of surprise, he was a fool at the time! Including the people around me and I was also shocked! How did such a careful homework plan get cracked? Could there be an adulterer?

  I immediately grabbed the stranger and asked, “Brother, how did Teacher Zhou know?”

  The buddy was a little flustered, as if he was afraid that I would beat him, and said honestly, “I, I was just handing in the homework in the teacher’s office, and was pulled by Teacher Zhou… She was in the office, holding a telescope, you guys Every move in the classroom is clear!”

  I wipe! Everyone was shocked, and immediately turned to look at the teacher’s office opposite! The woman was standing at the window, holding a teacup in one hand and a telescope in the other, nodding triumphantly!

  Once again the entire army was annihilated, with heavy casualties! But the revolution continues…

  Since then, we have had a new battle plan. After school, we first made an appointment to go to a classmate’s home. Everyone first copied the homework to be copied, and then went their separate ways, perfect… Since then, there have been no mistakes.

  Regarding this math week teacher, I want to forget her completely, she is the devil in my life and the nightmare in my mind.

  But I can’t get rid of her nightmare in my life. It has been more than 20 years since graduation. I still dream of her from time to time. When I wake up, I sweat profusely and panic.

  A few years ago, at a gathering of old classmates, I talked about this teacher Zhou. I didn’t expect that my classmates were like me, often dreaming of her, and woke up in the middle of the night. It seems that she and her way of education have left us with an indelible wound for life.

  Strange to say, I got a 97 on the math graduation exam. The average score of the whole class is 98 points, and there are still several perfect points, 100 points, it’s crazy, why are you scoring such a high score? Don’t go to college! Waste so much time, energy, and emotion.

  The past is unbearable, and I don’t want to say more about the painful things in school. Next, I plan to write some happy things. The three years of high school are not all bad things, but there are also some good ones.

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