[How Goblins Are Made] Chapter 21

  I’m not writing novels, just the past experiences of an ordinary person, don’t expect bizarre storylines, it’s just a bygone era. What I write is full of typos, the sentences are upside down, there is no literary nutrition, and the writing is extremely poor, just to vent my irritability, complain about the ugly world, and relieve a little life pressure. Of course.

  Anyone can write, and there is no threshold for writing. Anyone can be a model, there is no standard figure. Watch less those dramas that cross the palace, watch less those bikini beauties, people live in reality, not in dreams.

  When I applied for the computer vocational high school, I wanted to learn computer well, but I didn’t expect that the so-called computer professional school only had computer classes three days a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and there were only two classes. This really makes people wonder, is this computer major a title used to fool people? I thought that when I came to this computer majoring school, I could start playing with the computer as soon as I arrived at the school in the morning. But there are a lot of other miscellaneous courses, which makes me feel like I have read junior high school again, and it is an extremely terrifying junior high school.

  After two rounds of bombardment in English and mathematics every day, I was already exhausted by the tossing. Fortunately, I could sleep in other courses, so I had the last bit of spare energy to deal with professional courses and computers.

  But this high-flying computer class was not what I imagined. Instead, learn theory first, and finally get on the computer to practice typing on the keyboard. And the computer teacher seems to be very amateur too.

  When he walked into the classroom with a textbook that day, we felt very strange, an elder brother who was less than 1.7 meters tall, wearing thick glasses, looked nervous, stiff, stuttered and couldn’t speak clearly.

  Later, I learned that the computer teacher’s surname was Wu. He had just graduated from a normal school and had not been working for a long time. He lacked educational experience and was a little flustered on the spot. Growing up, it was the first time I saw such a teacher, and the class was more nervous than we were, which made us a little not used to it. If it were those Chinese teachers and physics teachers, they would talk endlessly on stage, and we would fall asleep off stage, and everything would be so harmonious.

  But in his stammering computer class we couldn’t sleep, staring at him intently. Mr. Wu is young and tall, just like a classmate standing on the podium and reading a textbook to us. Sometimes we get out of breath when we read it, which makes us so emotional that we don’t know what he’s going to do.

  In fact, what he taught was just simple basic computer dos commands, maybe it was too simple, and he didn’t know how to expand it. I just read the textbook completely and asked if we could understand it.

  We also often made fun of him and asked some strange computer questions, and his answer was always as simple as, “Don’t ask questions beyond the scope of the textbook, we are learning dos commands this semester.”

  In fact, what do you learn from those dos commands? I finished it in a few minutes, but he still had to talk for a long time, for a whole semester…

  To know these dos commands, I have learned it when I played games in the dark Internet cafe. However, it is not completely useless. After reading the textbook at least once, I have completely mastered all the mechanisms of dos. The key is the file path. Sadly, we have to talk about theoretical knowledge two days a week, and on the last day we are allowed to go to the computer room on the top floor for practical operation.

  This kind of education mechanism is completely wrong. As a computer major, you should learn and teach in front of the computer, instead of talking about the commands and running results of the computer in class, and then typing the commands on the computer again. Validation results. What the fuck does this mean? In the end is to teach people to be computers, or to let people learn the operation process and results of computers? What the hell do you need a computer for?

  The teacher kept saying that those are the basics and are very important. People like me who have played with computers can only hear it in the clouds, let alone those who have never touched a computer.

  You must know that I came to the Computer Vocational High School to touch computers, and there were only two classes a week. It is better to spend this tuition in a black Internet cafe, which is much more efficient, maybe become famous overnight, and learn a computer master.

  The teacher led the team, and the whole class came to the computer room on the top floor for the first time. I felt a chill, just like a heavily guarded data center, with high walls and iron nets. Here it is.

  Everyone has to wear plastic shoe covers. It is said that the computer room is clean and spotless, as if it is a high-tech secret military experiment center.

  The students lined up to enter one by one, and before I stepped into the computer room, I smelled the familiar scent, the jasmine scent that comes out after the computer hardware is heated. Every time I smell this scent, it makes me excited, as if I was there on the night of the battle of fame, and I can’t help but think back to Boss Wang and Brother Curly Hair.

  I found that these computers in the school are the same as those in the black Internet cafes, they are all 386 broken computers that are about to be eliminated. At that time, the design of desktop computers was also very strange. The chassis was pressed under the monitor, which was very unfavorable for the heat dissipation of the computer.

  Sitting in the computer room of the school, although I didn’t play games, I felt the same as in a black Internet cafe, which was very comfortable, because I didn’t have to pay for prostitution.

  Although it is a 386 broken computer, but it does not run the game, I feel that it is overkill, sitting there silly, typing a few dos commands, completely wasting its performance. If you can play games in the computer room of the school, it will be exciting. (Spoiler alert, later on.)

  After all, it is the computer room of the school. It is not like a black Internet cafe, where the air is turbid and smoky. Sitting in front of the computer is refreshing and pleasant. I imagined that if I had such a computer at home, it would be a complete life, and this life would not be in vain.

  Looking around, I found that many students in the class are “brain-blind”. They seem to have no contact with computers at all. A few classmates who had played with computers quickly finished typing the dos command on the book, and after completing the teacher’s task, they began to look around and chat about everyday things.

  Xiao Jin sat next to me and joked that the computer configuration at school was not as good as his home. What is configuration? I’m confused. Later, after listening to his explanation, I realized that the computer is composed of different hardware. He also gave me a spoiler, saying that the third grade of high school will teach hardware, so let’s not worry.

  Students who have computers at home just feel different. They are superior and better than others. He seemed to be the only student in the class with a computer. Suddenly, he had an idea. He wanted to sit at his house, play computers, play games, and learn more about computers.

  He quickly agreed to my request, but he just asked for another time. I didn’t expect that there were many students in the class who had secretly made an appointment to play on the computer at his house. !

  He’s the second person I’ve ever seen who boasted about having a computer at home and was so awesome. The first is Xiao Chen, who claims to have a 586 computer at home. He is too lonely at a high place, so he went to a black Internet cafe to have fun with everyone. This gave me a preconceived impression that people with computers must be very rich at home. After all, in the era when computers were not popular, computers were like atomic bombs at home, and it had to be handled day and night. If the computer at home was stolen, I would definitely not want to live.

  School afternoons are usually some extraneous subjects, music, geography, politics, sports, etc. Maybe the school knows we’ve exhausted our energy in the morning, especially in math class, so be considerate of our physical and mental health and let us relax in the afternoon.

  And I still don’t understand why those irrelevant courses, neither exams nor homework, waste our time and life every afternoon? That’s why I’ve been complaining about education so far, it’s complete nonsense.

  After school, I found two people standing at the school gate. They looked very familiar, and I was pleasantly surprised. It turned out to be my long-lost buddies, Xiao Fan and Xiao Dai. After graduating from junior high school, they were admitted to key middle schools, Xuejun Middle School, with excellent grades. They have just started school, and they have nothing to do to wander around the surrounding schools to see the current learning environment and happiness index of a few former friends.

  The first one came to my school, Electronic Vocational and Technical Senior High School. They also love to play computer games and yearn for learning computers. However, due to the pressure at home, they had no choice but to go to high school, college, and even postgraduate entrance exams. .

  The two of them looked up at the anti-theft doors and windows and corridor iron nets on the fourth floor of the teaching building. They all gave thumbs up and said in unison, “This school is awesome.”

  I believe that if the two of them go up to take a look, they will definitely be disappointed. The computer configuration inside is not as good as the second-hand goods from the black Internet cafe. Maybe in the eyes of outsiders, “computer” is a high-end term, plus the title of “vocational technical senior high school”, it sounds like a high-end atmosphere, and it is amazing.

  Looking at the steady stream of students coming out of the campus after school, the two of them actually said in unison, “There are so many beautiful women in your school.”

  I wipe, have you? All I had in my head was the computer, and despite paying attention, I never found a beauty. The two of you have such low-level requirements for beautiful women. Is it possible that in your so-called key high schools, you are all invisible dinosaurs?

  I shook my head helplessly. It was almost impossible to say. If you have taken my math class, I guarantee you will drop out immediately. If it wasn’t for computer science, I would have left school long ago.

  ”Damn it! Are you still not satisfied? With your current learning environment, you are simply the number one among your classmates! You can play computer games for free every day, and you have so many beautiful women to accompany you. What else are you not satisfied with?”, Xiaofan patted my shoulder and joked.

  Xiao Dai went on to say, “If you don’t go to our school, it’s long past school time, and most of the people are still staying in the school for self-study. Walking into our school is like walking into a dead library. There is no campus atmosphere, everyone is silent, sitting with books. It’s just a few days after the start of school, and it’s like a final battle!”

  I was stunned when I heard it, is this the so-called key middle school? So I went with the two of them, and there was nothing to do, to find out.

  The distance between the two schools is not far, a five-minute bicycle ride to the gate of their school. The school gate does look different, with the style of a key middle school. A huge stone stands in front of the school gate with four characters written on it, “Xuejun Middle School”.

  The entire campus is shrouded in shade, lush and green, and the natural environment is excellent! In contrast, our so-called computer high school does not even have a tree. Walking around in a key middle school is really not as vibrant as our school. As the two of them said, school time has passed, and there are still many people sitting in most of the classrooms on the campus. Reading and writing seem to regard this place as home similar.

  It seems that if you stay in this key middle school for one more minute, you can absorb more of the concentrated essence produced by the school, add wisdom and luck to yourself, and get close to the luck of the famous university.

  Beauties, there aren’t many. As the predecessors said, if a woman is not beautiful, the only way left is to study.

  I rub, who the fuck did I see? A wretched man was laughing and chatting with a long-haired woman, walking along, walking out of the teaching building. I read it right, this is really Xiao Chen, he was admitted to Xuejun Middle School!

  I really don’t know whether he was admitted to a key middle school by his own strength, or by his mother’s relationship with the Education Bureau. This is not important, it seems that what he bragged before is the truth.

  ”Xiao Chen!” I waved to him and shouted. I didn’t expect to see Jiyou here, and I was excited for a while.

  He turned his head and glanced at me, paused for half a second, obviously recognizing me. But this kid didn’t stop, followed the long-haired girl and pointed his middle finger to the sky, as if he was complaining about why I bothered him, I wipe! bitch!

  It was at that time that I suddenly realized that social classes had been formed. Recalling that in the dark Internet cafe of Boss Wang and Brother Curly Hair, I asked Xiao Chen, which technical school do you plan to go to in the future? At the time, he said dismissively, he never considered technical schools, he only considered key middle schools.

  At the time I could say he was bragging because we were still in the same social class, but now I can only say that he is awesome, he is already above others, and he has stood on the top of the social class division. This is already doomed. From now on, he and I are two-way people. No wonder he didn’t stop and threw a middle finger at me. He didn’t want to waste a second on someone like me.

  Xiao Dai next to him asked curiously, “Do you know each other?”

  ”Yes, we are friends, we used to play games together.” I explained to the two of them.

  ”So that’s the case.” Xiao Dai nodded silently, with a strange expression on his face.

  Later I found out that Xiao Chen and Xiao Dai were in Xuejun Middle School, they were classmates, and they were also competitors in learning. According to Xiao Dai, Xiao Chen’s learning style is very unique. Not only does he spend less time studying every day, but he also spends a lot of time playing with girls. He really couldn’t understand why such a person was among the best in learning. Is he really the kind of genius in the legend?

  That time at Xuejun Middle School was the last time I saw Xiao Chen. As I mentioned earlier, Xiao Chen went abroad to study and immigrated to live in the United States. That’s what I heard from Dai when I was young. This man is really awesome, but after a few years, I found that I learned one advantage from him, that is, “confidence”, and it will benefit me for life.

  This is the end of my relationship with Xiao Chen, and it’s a full stop, and I don’t want to talk about it any more in the future.

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