[How Goblins Are Made] Chapter 23

  There is a buddy in the class named the orangutan. I mentioned a few times before. He usually doesn’t talk much, he is taciturn, and he is always immersed in his own world.

  He often blurted out a few lines in Japanese, those were game lines, and when I replied to him, we became friends. Because they have a common topic, they both study Japanese by themselves in their spare time, just to play games. By the way, there is also a buddy in the class named Xiaobai, who is also secretly learning Japanese by himself. Later, he spent a lot of time and energy to get all the Japanese level 4 exams, and he almost became a translator, but his purpose of learning Japanese was to understand Japanese pornography at first, and then to go to Japan to pick up Japanese girls. A few years later, he did go to Japan, and he also dated a few Japanese girls. People really have to have ideals, and only with ideals can they be motivated.

  Because I have a Japanese version of the Three Kingdoms at home, I really want to know what the lines and instructions above say. At the same time, I watched a “Tokyo Love Story”, which is called “Sudden Love Story” in Japanese. I felt that Akane Reika was really cute, so I was deeply attracted by the Japanese. That era was also the era when Japanese dramas invaded China, “The Witch’s Condition”, “Long Vacation”, my favorite idol, Nanako Matsushima, Honami Suzuki, Noriko Kusui, Rena Tanaka, Ryuko Matsuda, Norika Fujiwara, etc., There are a lot of names out there now.

  And the gorilla’s house, Super Nintendo, Saturn, Shijia and other game consoles are all available, plus nearly a thousand games, it is simply a small game room. Most of the games are in Japanese, forced by the environment, and self-taught.

  At the time, I was very shocked and couldn’t believe it. Later, he took the initiative to invite me to visit his house, which moved me very much. That was the first time I realized what a local tyrant is. Before that, I always thought he was bragging, maybe the family had a game room.

  After school that day, he took me and Xiaobai home together. I live not far, and the bike ride from school is less than half an hour away from my house, just like a triangle.

  The community looks very high-end. At least there is a reception room and security guards at the entrance. At that time, it was a high-end community, with five-story apartment buildings like my home.

  For some reason, there is a security guard at the door, which makes me feel very safe. After parking the bicycle downstairs in his house, he couldn’t help but ask, “Will the bicycle be moved to the second floor? Will it be stolen?”

  ”Must be.” The orangutan picked up his stylish mountain bike and turned to both of us.

  ”Fuck, you have security guards at your door, will bicycles be stolen?” I reluctantly picked up my bicycle and followed him.

  But he carried the bicycle directly to the third floor, opened the door and pushed in. Xiaobai and I were shocked at the time. It is still the third floor to carry bicycles up and down like this every day! It’s no wonder that a whole body of muscles is so forced.

  Xiaobai and I put the bikes at the turn on the second floor and locked them together with big chains. It’s impossible for both bikes to be stolen together, right?

  Later, I learned that Xiaobai’s family lived on the sixth floor. He carried his bicycle to the third floor every day. He couldn’t see how thin and tall he was, so he could also carry his bicycle on it? Awesome! It seems that the physical fitness of our generation was trained by carrying bicycles…

  The orangutan family lives on the third floor. There are only two families on the entire third floor. Before entering the door, they saw a green anti-theft iron door, and behind the anti-theft iron door is another strong iron door…

  I took off my shoes and walked in, and I stepped on a clean solid wood floor. At the time, I didn’t know what kind of floor it was, and I didn’t study the decoration, but it felt very advanced.

  The standard two-bedroom and one-living room layout, with neat walls and decorative murals, a luxurious chandelier overhead, a glass transparent dining table full of modern art style in the living room, noble and elegant, the open kitchen and living room are connected together , the design is very avant-garde.

  I put my schoolbag on the dining table in the living room, and looked around, there was a two-door refrigerator about my height in the living room. There is a high-end range hood installed in the kitchen, and there is even a microwave! Those things are extremely rare.

  The whole room exudes a faint scent of jasmine, perhaps the scent of the pot of flowers on the kitchen countertop, which makes people feel refreshed.

  You must know that in those days, most people lived in rough houses, like my house. Not to mention a range hood, there is only an exhaust fan installed in the house, which simply discharges the fumes.

  That was also the first time I saw a microwave oven. I only saw it on a TV series before. I knew that there was this thing, which can heat food in a very short time. It is an extremely high-end luxury household appliance.

  The orangutan placed the bicycle in the living room, opened the refrigerator as soon as the door was closed, put a popsicle for each of us, and took a bottle of drinks and drank it.

  The moment he turned on and off the refrigerator, I noticed that the refrigerator was very rich, with all kinds of high-end popsicles, fruits and vegetables, and some fruits I had never seen before, so I couldn’t even name them. There was even pizza in the refrigerator!

  The whole living environment is high-end and high-end. I looked down at the popsicle he stuffed me, which was a crispy chocolate. I knew this popsicle was expensive, at least two dollars, and I felt like I wanted to go home.

  I remember when I was six years old, when we were still living in the collective dormitory of my father’s unit. It was very hot in summer, but at least we didn’t have to close the door to sleep. After playing with other children downstairs for a while, my mouth was dry, so I followed a child home to drink water.

  I have forgotten the name of that kid, but he lives not far from my house and is also a collective dormitory of the unit. After following him into the house, his mother was sitting idle on the sofa watching TV. If you know that there was a black and white TV at home in those days, it was already awesome. I thought at the time that this family was very wealthy and even had such a thing as a TV.

  What shocked me even more was that the kid opened a large cabinet and took out a large glass bottle of yellow liquid. I know about that big cabinet. I heard about it through other people’s TV commercials and some rumors. That thing is called a refrigerator. It can make things cold and cold, and it is especially cool and comfortable to eat in summer.

  I stood dumbfounded, watching the little boy gulping down the yellow liquid, his saliva could not help gushing out. I know it’s a drink, it’s orange juice, it’s sweet and delicious. I looked at him expectantly, and felt that it would be my turn after he finished drinking, and I had never experienced the taste of the drink, which was mouthwatering.

  Unexpectedly, he drank half a glass, wiped his mouth, turned around and shouted to his mother, “Mom, he wants water.”

  At that time, I was very disappointed, and even some were humiliated. My good friends who played together, why couldn’t I have a drink? Maybe the drink is very precious, he can’t bear it, well, it’s okay to drink water, his mouth is dry, and seeing him drinking the drink, his lips are even more burning.

  He turned his head to watch his mother get up, walked to the table, picked up the teapot, and said to himself, “Our house is out of water.”

  Immediately surprised in my heart, I turned my head to look at the drink cup in the boy’s hand. Now I should have a drink…

  Unexpectedly, the mother of the child turned her head and came over and said to me, “Go back, our house is out of water.”

  Then she kicked me out and closed the door. In the hot summer, the windows were wide open, and she could clearly hear her say inside, “Don’t play with children in ragged clothes in the future.”

  After hearing this, I looked down at myself for a while. My mother is a tailor. She used her skillful hands to mend my naughty and torn sleeves. Why is she discriminated against?

  When I got home, I told my mother, who was sewing and cutting fabrics, what had happened. She looked very angry at the time, but quickly calmed down and asked, “Does it feel bad?”

  I nodded helplessly. I really felt bad. Not only did my friend who played with me not share the drinks, but he was also kicked out by his mother who didn’t even give me saliva.

  ”It’s called shame, and it’s also a feeling of shame.” My mother stopped the needlework in her hand, showed a reluctant smile, and said to me: “If you see someone else’s home having delicious food in the future, don’t stop for a moment, immediately Go home and mom will take you to buy it.”

  Then my mother got up, got her work done, and took me on the bus to a department store, where she bought me a bottle of soda. On the way home, I held this bottle of soda carefully, and I didn’t open it for two days. I just savored the faint lemon scent through the thick glass bottle.

  Later, even after opening the bottle cap, I only took one sip every day, and it took more than ten days to finish it. It was the first bottle of drink in my life, I still remember it, and I was very emotional. After that, I never asked my mother to buy me a drink.

  The bottle that I finished drinking, I was reluctant to throw it away and used it to hold water. I pretended that I was drinking every day, and I felt very comfortable.

  That was the first time I realized what it means to be ashamed, what it means to be looked down upon, and what it means to be poor. Later, when I visited other children’s houses, as soon as I saw something delicious or was eating in their house, I immediately turned around and left. I don’t think they want me to see that they’re eating good food, or that all they want to see is my drooling shame.

  Until one day, when I turned my head and left, a child’s mother chased after me, gave me an ice cream popsicle, touched my head, and praised me for being a sensible child. Although I took the ice cream popsicle and thanked me repeatedly, I didn’t feel good for some reason. The ice cream popsicle was not as delicious as I imagined, and I felt uncomfortable eating other people’s food. Although others didn’t mean it that way, I felt ashamed of myself, and even more of my mother’s face.

  Today, when opening this crispy chocolate, there is still a feeling of shame, maybe I think too much, but this is a person’s character. The orangutan classmates obviously didn’t care about this. Maybe children from rich families would not have this kind of experience. The three basic friends are also pure friendships without any interests.

  Looking back now, the most sincere friends in my life were in junior high and high school. After graduation, I never made any sincere friends. They were either greedy for profit or asking for you.

  Biting the crispy chocolate, he walked into his bedroom with classmate Xiaobai, and in front of him was a TV with a size of more than 30 inches. At that time, such large color TVs were high-end goods and few families owned them.

  The most eye-catching is the Saturn game console next to the big color TV. It is the same game console as the black game bar in the community. It looks very familiar. What’s more exaggerated is that there are still not playing Sega, Super Nintendo and Sony on the side. My classmate Xiaobai and I were stunned with the crispy chocolate in our mouths.

  The orangutan classmate greeted us to take our liberties, sit at will, then turned on the TV and continued his game. In his own words, he learned that he was playing a game called Fantasy Simulation Battle III recently. I know this game, and I have played the second generation on the Super Nintendo.

  Watching him play games while eating, it feels like staying in a game bar, but the environment is more private, quieter, and more comfortable.

  Looking around, his room is not big, similar to mine. A bed, a TV, and a few game consoles are all his belongings. It seems that he has no other hobbies, other than playing games, he is really a good friend of like-minded people.

  There was another room next door, and the door was always closed. It was obviously his parents’ room. At that time, this two-bedroom, one-bedroom suite was already considered a high-end community. Although my house also has two bedrooms and one living room, the location, layout and area are much worse.

  The three of them arranged their time reasonably. Xiaobai and I first copied and completed today’s math homework and completed the task, and then the orangutan classmates copied it. Xiaobai and I started playing games. There are a lot of game discs from classmates orangutans, but most of them are rpg games and strategy games. I chose a battle game called Samurai Soul. The two fought for a long time. up and down.

  In fact, the game Samurai Soul has been around for a long time in the arcade room, so I won’t expand it here. It’s just that the orangutan classmates kept ravaging me and Xiaobai classmates back and forth through this game, and I was in a happy mood. I thought he was a taciturn person, but when there was a common topic, he was so eloquent.

  I soon noticed that there were a lot of game-related magazines in his room, especially the set of “Home Computer and Game Consoles”, which was very popular at the time, and the price was quite expensive. The book is not left behind, the collection is complete.

  While flipping through the game magazine, he asked curiously, “How much do these game consoles cost? Where did you buy them?”

  The answer from the orangutan classmate made me shiver. “Super Nintendo costs more than 1,000 yuan, Sega costs more than 2,000 yuan, and Sony and Saturn cost more than 2,500 yuan. All game discs and disks add up to about 2,000 yuan…”

  I felt depressed at the time. Your family has a lot of money and nowhere to go. Did your parents buy you these game consoles to play? But later I learned that every family has sutras that are difficult to read and that everyone has songs that are difficult to sing.

  The game is accompanied by friends, and the happy time is always the shortest. Xiaobai and I looked up and it was 7 o’clock in the evening. Although the two of them looked at each other and didn’t say anything, they were anxious and uncomfortable in their stomachs. We wanted to eat food, but your parents haven’t come back yet. What should we do?

  Not long after, the stomachs of the three resonated, and the orangutan classmate also realized that it was too late. He got up and threw the gamepad to us, walked out of the room, turned his head and said to us, “I’ll make you dinner. .”

  I wiped, I was stunned at the time. I didn’t expect you, classmate orangutan, to be so arrogant that you would cook dinner for us. No third person in this world has said that except my parents.

  At the same time, I am also very curious. Is it because his parents are not at home today that he invited us over to play? Or is it that his parents are often away from home and he is self-reliant? Looking up and thinking about it, it should make sense. After all, the family is quite rich, and the parents must be busy with their careers and have no intention of loving home.

  In contrast, my family was very poor, and my father came home every day and didn’t do anything except stay at home to eat and watch TV. Because of this, I am often scolded by my mother, “Look at other men’s men who go out to earn extra money after get off work, and then look at you. Besides smoking, drinking, reading newspapers and reading news, what else are you doing?”

  Men who smoke, drink, read newspapers and read the news are not doing their jobs properly. This is the education that made my ears callous since I was a child. Now that I have grown up, I never smoke or drink, nor do I read newspapers or news. That is my pride and my pride. It is indeed not doing a proper job. A man should focus on his career and make making money as his lifelong goal. Don’t act like a talker, you know everything in the world, but you don’t have half a dime in your pocket.

  I got up curiously and walked out. On the one hand, I wanted to see what the orangutan classmates were going to cook for us. On the other hand, I also want to see if what he makes is reliable, and will it cause diarrhea?

  I saw him take out half a can of luncheon meat, a large sausage and a package of quick-frozen sweet corn beans from the refrigerator, and skillfully cut them up on the kitchen chopping board.

  Wow, those are all high-end stuff, especially that jar of lunch meat, I had it once a long time ago, and it tasted pretty good, but it was so expensive that I never bought it at home. That big sausage has only been seen in western restaurants in TV dramas. It is very different from the small sausages we usually eat. I heard that there is beef in it, and that package of quick-frozen corn sweet beans has never been seen before, but I never expected corn and green beans. It can also be made into quick-frozen products.

  Looking at the skillful movements of the orangutan classmate, I felt very relieved. It seems that he often cooks his own dinner, and his craftsmanship should not be too bad. He diced the luncheon meat and large sausage, sprinkled it over cold rice with corn beans, and put it in the microwave.

  Along with the noise of the microwave oven, the aroma came out, mouth-watering.


  He put on thick gloves and took the whole plate out of the microwave. Full of color and taste, strong fragrance, luncheon meat and sausage pieces are still sizzling with oil and water. I wiped it, and my saliva was all over the floor. This is the same as the high-end fast food made in the restaurant outside. The materials are exquisite and the food is high-end!

  Xiaobai also threw the game console controller and rushed out with the fragrance. The two gathered around, watching the orangutan classmates do the final processing, picked up a bottle of ketchup, shook it in the air for a while, and squeezed it.

  Damn it, it’s perfect! The three of them took their plates, sat down in front of the game console, and played while eating. The happiest thing in life is this, enjoying food with friends and poke the machine.

  I didn’t expect such a simple dish to be so delicious. It seems that the ingredients are very important. The price of the half can of lunch meat and sausage must not be cheap. The two of them were busy playing games, so I brought out the plates for the three of them and put them in the kitchen. But I didn’t expect that yesterday’s tableware was still piled up in the kitchen sink, which made me very curious. This kind of thing is impossible in my house. The tableware and chopsticks that night must be washed that night. How can it be possible to spend the night? unless……

  I washed these three dishes for the simple reason that I couldn’t put them in the sink, even if I made a little contribution, let’s eat this free dinner. But for some reason, I felt a bit of desolation, this house is a little cold, maybe it’s too late?

  Looking up at the wall clock, it was indeed half past nine. I rub, today is not a weekend, there is still a class tomorrow, the first class is still the most terrible math class. With a loud roar, “It’s half past nine!”

  Xiaobai panicked, and immediately threw the game console handle, got up quickly, and muttered, “Fuck, it’s so late! I’m going to be scolded when I go back.”

  The happy atmosphere disappeared in an instant, and the smiles on everyone’s faces disappeared. Xiaobai was afraid that he would be reprimanded by his parents for going back late, but I was afraid that going back late would make his parents worried.

  On the other hand, there was an inexplicable loneliness on the face of the orangutan classmate. At that time, I felt that he was very lost. Maybe it’s because my parents haven’t come home yet, and my friends are leaving again, and I feel a little sad and lonely in my heart.

  He got up and escorted us out the door. When he said goodbye and turned around, I noticed that he locked the security gate. This made me even more curious. Although I didn’t ask any more questions, I felt that his parents might not go back that day, or they said they went on a business trip.

  Xiaobai obviously didn’t find these details. I believe he has never been lonely since he was a child. I remember when I was four years old, when I was just starting to jump around and want to find someone to play with. But my mother was too busy with work, so she worked as a tailor at home day and night to cut clothes. She didn’t notice that I was getting older, and she kept me in the stroller like she did when she was a child.

  Many times I crawled out of the stroller and wandered around the house with only my mother around, so busy I didn’t even have time to look up at me. I felt very bored at the time, but later I learned that it is not boring, it is loneliness. Sitting at the window and looking at the chasing friends downstairs, I am very envious, and I want to go down and play with them. They are surrounded by parents or elderly people, while my mother is very busy. I was even more worried that I would go downstairs alone. If she was kidnapped by the traffickers, she would be devastated, so I was very sensible and stayed at home obediently watching my mother work and play with my building blocks.

  Suddenly one day, a child from the next door neighbor came to visit my house, and was about my age. I experienced the joy I had never experienced before, the joy of playing with my peers, even though we were just sitting and chatting and playing with blocks.

  He has grandparents and grandparents to accompany the children who go downstairs to play every day. Obviously, he feels very bored in my house and wants to leave after a few minutes. But I closed the door, didn’t let him go, and took out the best food in the house and put it in front of him. But he dismissed it, forced the door to open and ran out, and never came to my house again.

  I looked at his retreating back and burst into tears, a feeling that I will never forget. Therefore, I am very sensitive to the look on the faces of the orangutan classmates, which is a sense of loneliness.

  Waving goodbye to Xiaobai at the crossroads, they each flew home. I was so excited along the way that I couldn’t sleep when I got home. I didn’t expect that I could make friends with such local tyrants, and they had the same interests, similar hobbies, and three views.

  In the days that followed, my life finally had some happiness and joy. I had nothing to do with it. Both Xiaobai and Xiaobai went to the orangutan classmate’s house, prostituted for free, and played games, and they became regular guests of his house.

  Many times we have brought instant noodles as our own dinner, and if we always go to other people’s houses for free, even if we eat and drink for free, that’s not good. After all, they have grown up and are about to become adults, how can they be as ignorant as children? Although the orangutan classmate doesn’t mind that we eat and drink for free in his house, but if we keep doing that, we will definitely be looked down upon and resented by others. We are all good friends, respect each other, and treat others as equals. We are together because of like-mindedness, not In order to cheat food and drink.

  Later, my mother found out that I often ran to my classmates’ house, where I would eat and play games, so she gave me 20 yuan to buy something to eat when I went there.

  With these 20 yuan in hand, I am a little confused, what should I buy? After thinking about it, in the TV series, they go to other people’s homes to buy some fruits…

  On Saturday afternoon, carrying a bag of apples in his left hand and oranges in his right hand, he appeared at the door of the orangutan classmate’s house. When he saw me, he rubbed his eyes and was very surprised, “What are you doing? Why are you buying some fruit?”

  I also felt very embarrassed at the time. Good friends have long since been informal, and they even bought some fruit to greet them. It seemed very restrained, but it complicated the friendship, but that kind of thinking may be limited to friends.

  His mother happened to be there that day, and it was the first time I saw his mother. Wearing a set of professional attire and light makeup, she looks like a female leader in a large group company, and her tone of speech is full of official flavor.

  She looked me up and down, saw my fruit in hand, smiled, invited me in, and said a few words of courtesy. Later, I learned from the orangutan classmates that my mother said that I am a very sensible child. But that day, I did something stupid.

  There was also a man in the living room, wearing a pair of glasses and looking Sven, who was cleaning the table after lunch. I yelled at him, “Hi, Daddy Gorilla.”

  The man looked at me and was stunned for a while, his expression a little embarrassed, but he still smiled and nodded.

  Then I followed the orangutan into his room and started the game show. Soon after, his mother was heard shouting from outside, “Let’s go! Remember to eat on time at night!”

  At that time, I felt that the life of the orangutan classmate was simply too happy. He stayed at home and played games, and the adults didn’t bother him. It was perfect. But the orangutan classmate did not reply to them, and his expression still looked a little annoyed. I can’t understand it. Maybe the children of rich families have such arrogant virtues, but the orangutan classmates did not do that to us. Then I thought about it, maybe it was because my parents were often away from home and didn’t spend much time with him.

  The two of them chatted while playing games, very comfortable. Xiaobai also came to sit for a while, but he had an appointment at night and left soon after. Soon it was dinner time, and Ben was going home for dinner, but his mother also prepared a dinner for me.

  Looking at the two plates of fried corn and green beans with diced luncheon meat on the table, I was stunned for a while. Is this the only thing they do at home? And eat this every day?

  The orangutan classmate handed me a pair of chopsticks, “What are you doing? Hurry up and continue after eating.”

  I smiled silly, took the chopsticks, and the two sat down and devoured them. I know that his mother must think that I am a very sensible child and a worthy friend of the orangutan classmates, so she prepared a dinner, maybe let me stay with him for a while.

  After the meal, I washed the two plates and put them away, and the two continued to play games. Saturday night is very leisurely, and I don’t have to go to school tomorrow. I have already said hello to my parents and will go back later. So today I plan to accompany the orangutan classmate until his parents come back, and then go home. In fact, it’s just to prostitute the game for a while, haha.

  But did not expect to wait until 11 o’clock, there is no movement. With the sound of the door opening, a man and a woman were heard laughing in, and it was obvious that his parents had returned. I packed up a few magazines and prepared to take them back to read, but I didn’t have time to get up and say hello. He saw his parents staggeringly into the bedroom with their arms around them, closed the door, and faintly heard a few bursts of laughter.

  And that man is not the one I called at noon…

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