[How Goblins Are Made] Chapter 24

  At the time, I thought it was very strange. Could it be that I am overwhelmed? Won’t! I have never forgotten this person, and this man’s voice is completely different, and there are two styles of dressing.

  I can’t tell what it feels like for a while, but it’s definitely not that kind of good thing. I turned my head and glanced at the orangutan classmate. He was playing the game expressionlessly, as if nothing had happened, and I seemed to suddenly understand something.

  I turned around and said goodbye to him softly and left. This time he didn’t send me out either. I quietly closed the door and went downstairs.

  On the way home by bicycle, I was puzzled, although I just realized that there was something abnormal in his family, and the relationship between parents and marriage may be more complicated. After all, he is also an adult, and I have seen many such episodes on TV dramas, but I don’t know what the specific situation is.

  The weather has entered winter, and with the cold wind blowing in front of me, I feel a bit of desolation. I thought he lived a happy and carefree life, but now it seems that behind the company of high-end game consoles is loneliness.

  I contacted Xiaobai the next day and made an appointment with him to go to the orangutan classmate’s house to play together. Suddenly I didn’t dare to go alone, and I couldn’t say why. Maybe it was because I had never experienced a special family relationship and was frightened. .

  Riding a bike to the downstairs of Xiaobai’s house, this silly hat lives on the seventh floor, which is also the top floor. The downstairs cooed twice, saw him stick his head out, waved his hand, and rolled down.

  The two got on the bicycle and went together, chatting while walking. I couldn’t wait to tell him what I saw and heard last night. I thought he would be as surprised as I was, but unexpectedly he turned his head to me calmly and maturely and said, “His parents have long since divorced, he is with his mother, what you see is not his father, but his mother’s man. friend.”

  ”Ah?!” I was shocked at the time, and hurriedly asked, “How did you know? Have you asked him?”

  ”Do you need to ask about this? It’s normal. Many students in the class are single parents and have long since divorced. When I went to his house, I saw different men a few times, and I understood.” Xiaobai said The tone is very mature, like a grown man.

  I wipe, Xiaobai, Xiaobai, you are not stupid at all, it seems that the most stupid person is me! With Xiaobai’s suggestion, I recalled the past and found that there seemed to be little communication between the orangutan and his mother, and the taste was very rigid. At first I thought he was the kind of person who didn’t respect his parents, so he ignored them and didn’t care, but now I feel the same way.

  My parents also often quarrel over money. It’s really a poor couple, but they haven’t gotten to the point of divorce yet. Suppose my parents are also divorced and my mother often brings other men home. I will definitely hate my mother very much, because from childhood to adulthood, she was in my eyes a good wife and mother, a gentle and virtuous woman. It’s really hard to imagine the scene where she often brings different men home and closes the door. If that happens, I will definitely collapse, and even have the urge to kill that man with a knife.

  After listening to my narration, Xiaobai smiled. This smile is very strange. It contains understanding, tolerance, maturity and helplessness. I rub, I really didn’t expect that such a stupid person is actually a relationship expert.

  Seeing that I was nervous, as if it was hard to accept reality, he began to comfort me and expounded a lot of his theories and opinions.

  When a person is reincarnated into this world, parents cannot choose, and the emotional foundation between parents is not up to you. Life is not always satisfactory, most of the time it is helpless, accept the reality and let yourself Live better. After all, you will grow up slowly, leave your parents, and face life alone.

  Living with a person who no longer loves, and quarreling endlessly every day is a kind of harm to both parties, and it is also a kind of poison to the growth of children. It’s a new era now, don’t let the ideas of the old times and those episodes in Qiong Yao’s drama haunt your mind.

  I fuck! I really should call you Teacher Xiaobai. I didn’t expect you to have such a unique insight into emotions and such profound research. But I still can’t fully understand why I live with the person I love and finally get a divorce? If I live with the person I love in the future, I will definitely treat her well, dote on her like a princess, and will never embark on the road of divorce.

  After hearing this, Teacher Xiaobai smiled helplessly and asked, “You must have never been in a relationship or had a girlfriend, right?”

  ”No…” I replied humbly.

  ”This is normal.” Teacher Xiaobai nodded and said, “So you can’t distinguish between reality and fantasy. Your current expectations and yearning for emotions are all your own imagination, based on TV dramas and not reality. When a few girlfriends break up in the end, you will see the world clearly, what is real and what is reality.”

  I rub, I really didn’t think about it. If I have a girlfriend, I will definitely treat her very well. She has no reason to break up with me…

  Under the earnest teaching of Mr. Xiaobai, I understood a lot of emotional theoretical aspects. Before I knew it, I arrived at the downstairs of the orangutan classmate’s house. We carried our bicycles to the second floor, tied them together, and jumped up and down. building.

  Looking back now, that was the day when I established my emotional values. Obviously, I am an idealist. I pursue perfection in everything, do my best, and be perfect, rather than follow the crowd, laugh at life, and follow fate.

  The two knocked on the door of the orangutan classmate’s house. His mother was having lunch with a man in the living room. My classmate Xiaobai and I looked at each other, knowing each other, and said in unison, “Hello, uncle and aunty.”

  His mother looked up at us and smiled, “Hello and welcome.”

  But the man didn’t say anything, just smiled slightly, which is not beyond our expectations, he is not the master of the family.

  After all, the two of us were regulars in their house, so we took off our shoes and rushed into the room of the orangutan classmates.

  I saw the orangutan classmates holding a large plate in one hand, eating in large mouths, staring at the TV, and holding a game console in the other hand.

  When I saw this kind of scene before, I only thought that he was dedicated to his work, playing games and eating. When I saw this scene again today, I obviously felt that he didn’t want to have lunch with the man outside.

  I didn’t expect me to be so slow, it took me so long to understand. Then the three of them looked at each other, smiled slightly, sat on the ground at will, and chatted with each other.

  His mother and the man outside cleaned up after dinner and left home as usual. But before leaving today, he came in and asked us, “Are you eating here tonight?”

  Xiaobai and I looked at each other, a little embarrassed, and obviously wanted to stay here to eat, but it’s not good to eat, drink and prostitute like this…

  ”I’ve prepared dinner for you as well. If you have nothing to do, let’s stay and eat together. The three of us have a good time.” His mother said with a smile, and went out after a few busy moments in the kitchen.

  When I heard his mother say this before, I thought she was polite and very friendly to us. Now that he heard his mother say this again, he felt a little helpless, as if his mother wanted us to stay a little longer and spend more time with this lonely child.

  Since then, I have been very curious about his mother, especially her career, what is it? Later, Mr. Xiaobai told me that his mother was an executive of a real estate company. She usually entertained a lot at dinner parties, so she often stayed away from home, and her career was quite successful. Women who are not at home have many troubles, which may be one of the reasons for their divorce.

  Teacher Xiaobai said to me at that time, he said, “A woman who succeeds in her career must fail in her family.”

  At that time, I didn’t understand the meaning of this sentence, I thought he was joking. After a few years, looking back at life, it was true.

  As Teacher Xiaobai said, every family has hard-to-read scriptures and everyone has hard-to-sing songs. These gossip and trivial matters did not affect the friendship between the three of us. The relationship between friends is the most reliable in the world.

  After a happy weekend, it’s back to the bullshit computer school that makes people complain every day. Teacher Xiaobai is right. Reality is cruel and ideals are beautiful. This sentence applies to any place on earth.

  I applied desperately to this computer professional school, just to learn computer. How do you know that half a year later, you are still talking about that shit ms-dos, that book that a normal person can read in an hour. I really admire this teacher, how did he talk about the first half of the year?

  In the six months since the beginning of the school year, I lived only for the two subjects of English and mathematics. If this is the case in the future, we will be played to death, and I will drop out of school…

  I’m quitting school!

  I’m going to drop out of school!

  After the baptism of English and mathematics every day, the whole class collapsed on the table, and no one could stand upright, which was a habit.

  The bell rang again in the campus, as if the horn of attack was blown on the battlefield again. I can’t control that much. English and mathematics are over. Today is closed for a rest, let me sleep for a while…

  The classroom was very quiet, there were no more whispers, and the students were exhausted. If they didn’t recharge their batteries, they might not even be able to eat lunch. It’s already winter, and I’m sleepy, and it will be over after a few more days. The long-awaited winter vacation is coming, such as the expectation of a new life.

  It felt like I had slept for a long time, but the classroom was still silent. There was no teacher chanting scriptures on it, so I slept a little unsteadily. Looking up, it should be a computer class. It’s really strange. Why didn’t the big four-eyed head come today?

  With the sound of hurried footsteps in the distance, a woman appeared at the door. She was panting, apparently running over, her face was still a little rosy, with a hint of shyness.

  who is she? What is she going to do? I rely on! Rubbed his eyes, shook his head, and opened his eyes.

  This woman has big eyebrows, big eyes and a high nose bridge, short hair and a small mouth and a melon-seeded face. She looks 26 or 17 years old, with neat and simple makeup, and a height of 1.65 meters. She appears in front of everyone like a Cinderella. method.

  I wipe! what’s the situation? dreaming? Just as he was about to turn around and wake up the old cat beside him, who knew that he had already widened his cat’s eyes, stared straight at the door, and said to himself, “So beautiful.”

  She is indeed very beautiful. Looking around, she can see that all the classmates, male and female, are staring at her. This woman is pure and beautiful, and her sweet appearance makes everyone smile involuntarily.

  Perhaps it was these smiles that eased her nervousness, those clear silver eyes became natural, and a smile appeared on her face. This smile makes us feel like a close friend whom we haven’t seen for many years, as cordial and warm as before.

  She strolled in, stood on the edge of the podium, and said, “Hello, I’m a substitute teacher, sorry for being a few minutes late.”

  wow! ~~This voice, like the sound of nature, lingered in my ears and echoed in my heart, like a warm summer wind, which warmed the entire classroom, and even more like a violent storm, which made me unable to breathe, I was drunk…

  Never imagined that in this hellish school, in addition to demons, there are angels! I don’t plan to drop out of school, I want to fight side by side with angels, fight against demons, guard the light, I am crazy…

  ”My surname is Yin. I just came here. The computer class on your behalf may be temporary, or I may teach you for a semester. I don’t know.” She shook the computer class textbook in her hand and spoke to us. And talk. There is no teacher’s pretence, just like the age, and there is no official announcement of the greeting etiquette in class.

  The audience was full of laughter and excitement. Another classmate asked loudly, “Where is the big four-eyed head? Isn’t he coming?”

  The four-eyed and big-headed Teacher Yin covered her mouth and laughed. I didn’t expect her smile to be sweeter than her appearance, like a rainbow piercing the sky, sending my soul to the beach with blue sea and blue sky.

  I wiped, the whole class was sleepless and full of energy. It seems that how important it is for the teacher to be beautiful.

  ”Teacher, are you married?”

  ”Teacher, do you have a child?”

  ”Teacher, where are you from?”

  ”Teacher, have you just graduated?”

  The classmates scrambled to ridicule and ask questions, which made Teacher Yin feel embarrassed. If I had been another teacher, I would have whipped the table with the pointer, turning my face and not recognizing anyone.

  However, she finally answered these questions one by one with the voice of nature. It was true that she had just graduated, was a local, got married soon, and was a substitute teacher.

  I rub, there is such a beautiful woman in the local area, we have never seen it before, what a hell.

  Obviously, the whole class likes this beautiful and beautiful computer substitute teacher very much like an angel. There was silence in the classroom, everyone closed their mouths, and let her sound of nature revolve around the beam three times, revolving in their hearts.

  She was also very modest. After chatting, she shyly said to us, “I may not speak very well, please bear with me.”

  I’m rubbing it, which need to be forgiven! Our souls have already bowed down under your pomegranate skirt, and our bodies have long been disobedient to you. Love tiger oil, touch it!

  The same boring computer class content, when I listened to Big Eyes talking on it before, the classroom was dead and swaying, sleeping and dazed, and didn’t take him as a person at all.

  But now, the eyes of Quan Te are shining, the saliva is flowing, and the eyes have not taken away from the teacher. They are all fucking beasts.

  All eyes are so big, staring at the teacher for a class without shouting tired, it’s just a change!

  The end of get out of class bell rang, and there was a burst of boos in the audience. I have never hated the end of get out of class bell so much in my life.

  ”Then, classmates, get out of class is over, I’m leaving, see you later.” Teacher Yin waved to everyone, turned and walked out of the classroom. After leaving the classroom, she did not forget to look back at everyone and smiled.

  The whole class reluctantly said goodbye to this beautiful computer substitute teacher with an angelic face, a devil-like figure and a Snow White temperament.

  My heart is turbulent, the waves are turbulent, and I can’t calm down for a long time. It is really a blessing to be able to study in such a good school.

  ”Crack, snap!” There was a sound of fighting from the front row, and when I looked up, it turned out that two buddies were arguing. Only later did I find out that some people thought that they couldn’t see the teacher’s face when they were sitting in the corner, and wanted to change seats with the classmates in the front row. Of course, the classmates in the front row refused.

  From then on, I went to school every day, and finally I looked forward to it, looking forward to the computer class, looking forward to seeing this beautiful teacher again.

  This teacher Yin’s teaching method is also unique. She is not busy talking about the content of the textbook, but listens to everyone’s ideas first. Maybe because she was a substitute teacher and didn’t prepare lessons, maybe that was her style.

  The form of the class is not as serious as other teachers, and she often stands in the middle of the classroom and chats with everyone.

  Many classmates complained to her that the things the school teaches are too outdated, and they are still teaching ms-dos. Doesn’t the school know that Win95 already exists? Even if you don’t know, win32 always knows, right? It has long since passed the era of typing commands to perform tasks, and everything is done with the mouse, just double-click.

  If he changed to the previous four-eyed big head, he would definitely say to everyone seriously, these are the basics, and only when you have a good foundation can you learn better, and so on.

  But this teacher Yin is very real, admitting that the school’s educational mechanism is somewhat backward, and the things he teaches cannot keep up with the times, especially the computer field. Computers have always been at the forefront of the times, but school textbooks and lesson plans are always two steps behind, the first step is hardware, and the second step is software.

  I really can’t see that this beauty is smart when it comes to computers, and has her own unique opinions. Later, I found out that she also studied computer, graduated from a computer science teacher, and then came to teach us, which is regarded as an internship. It’s not like we imagined before, just randomly found a teacher to come over and make a fool of it.

  Since I was a child, I felt that women who knew computers were the most attractive, which reminded me of the sister Zhang in the dark Internet cafe. I don’t know where she is now, whether she is healthy, loves tiger oil, etc.

  And this beautiful computer substitute teacher in this school has become an important enlightened person in my life to learn computer. Her earnest teaching is still fresh in my memory.

  She told us that she has learned an experience in the years of studying computers, which is also a unique feature of the computer field. Unlike other industries, computers are learned first and then used, but they must be learned and used.

  Because the hardware and software of the computer are developing rapidly, the hardware is updated, the software must be updated, the software must be updated, and the hardware must be improved. Therefore, the development of the computer has increased exponentially, and now it is only the initial stage of computer development.

  It is precisely because of this characteristic of computers that any organized and planned learning is an outdated performance. In other words, teachers must learn computers first, and then develop teaching materials after mastering the knowledge, and then teach the knowledge to students. After students have finished learning, these technologies have long been eliminated.

  Students who have learned a software or technology that has been eliminated can only be considered to have experienced the computer and accumulated some experience. However, computer learning is a process of accumulation of experience. Only by accumulating rich experience can we master the latest computer technology faster. This is the highest state of a high-end technician, and these high-end technicians rely on self-study and mutual communication.

  Computing is completely different from other traditional courses, so if you wait for your computer teacher to hand you the knowledge and then put it to work, you’re already failing. Computers are not like those in the liberal arts. A liberal arts teacher can prepare a class for ten years, but after a computer teacher prepares a class, the class has been eliminated.

  Therefore, what any computer major teaches is something that is eliminated, no doubt about it. It is only used to help you accumulate experience, so that you can enter the society after graduation, have rich experience to master the latest computer technology, learn and use it, and put it into production.

  Computer learning varies from person to person, and everyone’s progress is completely different. Faced with the same textbook, some people have already mastered it, and some people don’t know anything about it. There is no doubt about this. Everyone’s perception is different, and everyone’s knowledge of computers. accumulation is also different.

  So in her class, if you have already mastered the classroom knowledge, you can do other things, or learn newer computer knowledge. If you don’t understand, you can ask her, but don’t talk to her and affect the learning of other students who don’t understand.

  It’s really amazing. Teacher Yin not only has an angelic face, a devil-like figure, and a Snow White-like temperament, but also has a god-like enlightenment ability. I often suspect that she is an emissary sent by God to enlighten my life.

  Since then, I have never complained about the computer class at school. Even though I have mastered the classroom knowledge, I am seriously learning other (game) content.

  The first half of the semester is over soon. Fortunately, there are no exams. Unlike elementary school and junior high school, it is difficult to have a stable year with a failing score.

  Surprisingly, I received a questionnaire from the school. Everyone has it. Looking closely, it is about the evaluation and rating of several trainee teachers. When our eyes lit up, we only saw Mr. Yin. The other three had long been ignored by us. Everyone did not hesitate to write a full score of 10, and praised them on the comment column. Some students even talked at length.

  I also wrote a few simple sentences at that time: Teacher Yin is beautiful, and her class is even more beautiful. I want to listen to her class every day, but I don’t want to graduate at all.

  Later, I learned that the other three intern teachers had all gone, and this teacher Yin, as expected, walked into our classroom with a smile after the start of the second half of the semester with a computer textbook. She turned into a regular and became an official faculty member of our school. The whole class was happy and loved tiger oil.

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