[How Goblins Are Made] Chapter 25

  This is a memoir. When I first started writing it, it felt very funny. It was all good memories of the past. As I wrote it, I felt more and more desolate, and sometimes even burst into tears. To sum up, life is indeed unsatisfactory. kind of comfort.

  The happy winter vacation has begun. This is the first winter vacation after graduating from junior high school. There are no exams and it is quite relaxing. Although there are a lot of winter vacation homework, but for us it is just copying and practicing calligraphy. And there is no composition yet. I am so damn happy. I think that I have to write a lot of holiday diaries and compositions every time I have a holiday, which is simply crazy.

  In the evening, I also received a call from a few friends in junior high school. After a long absence, I missed it very much. I organized a small class reunion. More than 80 boys in the class participated, and I took a day trip to the Children’s Palace.

  Speaking of the ghost place of the Children’s Palace, I have to complain, what is that place doing? Neither can Wen, nor can Wu, I thought that the place was for gaming, but there was no game console. So, it should be training, right? But there is not a single training program. There are some small stalls inside, fooling children to spend money to buy things.

  The last time I went to the Children’s Palace was seven years ago, when I just turned ten years old and the fifth grade of elementary school. At that time, I don’t know why, and it became popular to play a car model and a car model competition on the market. It is the kind of plastic racing car with two AA batteries that can run fast on a ten-meter circular track. There are various shapes of racing cars, and the prices vary accordingly. It is a little troublesome to assemble, but it is quite a sense of achievement.

  Most of the students in the class have one, and they often bring it to the school to show off, and they also race cars in the hallway between classes. In those few years, it swept the whole city, and even some adults bought racing models and participated in racing competitions.

  I have one too, the cheapest one is nine and fifty cents. In the 1990s, this was not a small sum of money. My mother earned it by making several clothes for others, so I cherished it very much.

  It was also the first time that our group of children knew about the “motor”. Expensive racing model motors have good quality and fast speeds, while cheap ones like me just don’t run fast. But I didn’t care at all, and I couldn’t put it down. It seems that I didn’t understand cars since I was a child. It was the same when I grew up a few years later. I was a car blind person. Those stories will be written later.

  Don’t look at the small racing model, but it is very particular. If you want to run fast, you must not only have a good motor, but also have good rubber tires, special high-end oil, and even replace the battery with a high-end stroke battery. , I’ve never heard of it.

  Anyway, if anyone doesn’t have a racing model in their hands, they will definitely be looked down upon. There are even many girls in the class. Looking back now, it’s really fucking crazy.

  This racing car model appeared in that bullshit Children’s Palace. At that time, the palace was full of traffic stalls and racing tracks. Rich kids gathered around showing off their sports cars, buying new parts, and having fun. Children who have no money also crowd around and watch the fun, envious of the sports cars, and dream of owning one. Some even look for parts thrown away by others in the trash, hoping to go back and spell it out.

  When I just learned to ride the bus, I went to the Children’s Palace with a few classmates. I wanted to test my sports car on the racing track in the Children’s Palace and compete.

  It was also the afternoon of winter vacation. Just after the New Year, I arrived at the Children’s Palace wearing a new jacket my mother bought for me, taking a sports car with my classmates for a 40-minute bus ride.

  Unexpectedly, in this gloomy winter, so many children gathered together to play racing. Except for a few stall owners, there is no adult management, no wonder the children are scrambling for each other, you push me, and there is no order.

  A few classmates and I also squeezed in hard, stood on the edge of the circular racing track, put our racing cars on it, and watched so many racing cars run fast. It was very enjoyable and worth the trip.

  But not long after, the children quickly picked up their racing cars and dispersed. What happened? There was a nervous whisper from someone behind, “Run!”

  I looked left and right, at a loss, what happened? Even a few classmates who were in the group also picked up the car and quickly got out of the way and dispersed.

  Turning around and looking, there are five or six men behind them, with fierce looks, holding a few children on them, searching left and right, grabbing money when they see it. A child struggled a few times and was slapped twice in the face.

  At that time, my legs went weak with fright. Those people should be hooligans or robbers. I have seen them on TV dramas, so scary!

  ”They have knives!” a child in the distance shouted.

  I don’t know why, my movements were very slow at the time, maybe I was frightened and my mind went blank. I slowly picked up my racing car and walked to a booth next to it. There were two adults in the booth. I’m going to tell them. .

  I saw the two adults looking down at the newspaper leisurely, completely unaware of what happened less than two meters away. I was so scared that I couldn’t raise my voice, and whispered to them, “Uncle, there are bad people there.”

  But the two adults still looked down at the newspaper, as if they didn’t hear my voice at all. In desperation, I said it several times in a row. They should have heard it, but why didn’t they raise their heads and ignore me, as if they were born in a different world.

  The cries of a few children were faintly heard from behind, and when I turned my head, I saw that a few ferocious villains were coming towards me. He was so frightened that he took a few steps back, and seeing that the two adults did not respond, he had to turn around and leave in a panic.

  His whole body was fluttering, his hands and feet were stiff and numb, and his whole body was trembling with fright. He didn’t even dare to run, subconsciously thinking that if he was caught by them, he would die even worse, so he strolled and pretended to be an unknowing passerby. Obviously this kind of thinking is very stupid, and I should have run away at the time, but I was already scared.

  I suddenly found that there were fewer and fewer people around. I didn’t expect that the direction I was walking was all construction sites, and there was not a single construction worker except for the cluttered building materials. There were several other children who were running around in a panic. They were pushed to the ground one by one, looting money, and the dishonest ones were kicked a few times, and they didn’t dare to cry.

  ”If you dare to call me, I will kill you!”

  There was a low voice not far away, and the whole body trembled with fright. It was too terrifying. When he turned his head, he saw that a classmate was surrounded by two people, searching for money, and a knife was placed on his neck. That person was Xiao Luo. He was so frightened that he didn’t dare to make a sound, and stood there stiffly with tears streaming down his face.

  Several other children around didn’t dare to move when they saw this situation, and subconsciously felt that if they wanted to escape, they would be beaten even worse, or even killed by them. Perhaps, like me, they were all frightened and at a loss.

  ”Don’t run! Run again and kill you!”

  There was a low roar not far behind, and I knew that disaster was about to come, and I continued to move forward with a stiff pace, trembling slightly.

  Out of the corner of my eyes, I could see that there were two bad guys on the left and right, and they quickly followed. I admit that I was out of control at the time, and continued to walk forward stupidly, not knowing what to do.

  ”Stop, stop!”, the two behind me whispered to me.

  Suddenly there was a chill behind my back, and I felt that I was hit by an iron bar, but it didn’t hurt very much. I subconsciously felt that they must have been cut by them with a knife. I dare not look back, let alone shout, and keep walking forward.

  A few children around saw that someone had been chopped up, so they cried out in fright and quickened their pace. The two bad guys next to me immediately changed their goals and headed towards them. Only then did I wake up and realize that I had come to a dead end, the deepest part of this Children’s Palace.

  People really need to be beaten to wake up. I looked around and found that the surroundings were empty, and I was the only one left. I don’t know when they all dispersed, so I quickly turned around and went back, at least I had to go to a place with a lot of people. OK.

  When I turned around and walked back to the racing booth just now, I thought it would be empty, but I didn’t expect that it was still crowded, as if nothing had happened, and the children were still happily playing around with the racing cars. Everything that happened just now seems to be in a different parallel world. Did I pass through it, or were the children ignorant? Or is this a thing that happens often and is used to it?

  When I came to the stall selling racing cars again, the two adults in the stall who were looking down at the newspaper were busy with their business. Seeing me standing in front of him, with a smile on his face, he asked, “Are you going to buy a racing car? The latest style, the fastest speed, the best price, and the old man is innocent.”

  This is really inexplicable, and it made me begin to doubt my life. Just now, someone was robbing money and things. You looked down at the newspaper and kept silent. Now, when the two of you are doing business, you are shouting about goods and talking.


  Looking around, I could not see my classmates in the vast crowd. Maybe they have all gone back or were waiting for me at the door, so they walked outside the Children’s Palace.

  Passing by the door, I happened to see a duty room. There were two adults sitting and drinking tea and reading a newspaper. They immediately told them that someone was robbing something with a knife, and I was also slashed with a knife.

  I thought they would take me in to find those bad guys and bring them to justice, but I was so fucking naive. The two adults nodded to me, indicating that they understood, and then told me to go home.

  I just can’t understand, according to the plot of the TV series, they should at least tell the police uncle and let the police uncle come over immediately and catch those bad guys, shouldn’t that be the case?

  But what these two adults said was right, I really should go home immediately, I was already shivering with fright, my heart was pounding, and I was still racing some bullshit.

  I looked around at the entrance of the Children’s Palace, and found that some of my classmates were in a corner, looking around anxiously, looking left and right, and immediately ran to them.

  Xiao Luo burst into tears, and there was still a slap print on his left face. Seeing me running over, he asked anxiously, “Are you all right? I just saw that you were slashed.”

  I immediately took off this new jacket, I saw a big hole on the back, and then I touched the back with my hand, and found that the sweater and cotton sweater I was wearing were all chopped, but luckily I didn’t hurt my body.

  Everyone was going to leave as soon as possible, but the classmates hadn’t arrived yet, and three or two little friends didn’t know where to go. Suddenly a classmate gave me a shove and turned around to see that it was Wang Lv. He looked at me with a look of disgust, which made me puzzled.

  ”Don’t follow us, the bad guys will come over later, and they will hack us all to death, stay away from us!” He pointed at me and scolded.

  A few other classmates saw this situation and immediately walked away from me, as if the bad guys were about to find me, hack me to death, and hack them to death along the way. Wang Lu took other classmates away from me, pretended not to know me, and left me alone at the entrance of the Children’s Palace.

  At that time, in addition to fear, I also felt helpless and indifferent, and I didn’t understand what kind of mentality this was. It was as if they would be fine if they pretended not to know me, as if it all started because of me.

  Dumbly stood at the entrance of the Children’s Palace for more than ten minutes, although the crowd was surging, but I couldn’t feel that they were all people. The indifference and helplessness made me instantly understand a truth. No one would help me. Everyone pretended not to know me, or pretended not to know what happened, for fear of being implicated.

  A familiar face in the distance ran towards me, and upon closer inspection it was Xiao Luo, his expression was stiff, and he quickly pulled me out of the gate of the Children’s Palace. The two of us took the bus home, silent all the way, and looked around as if it was full of bad people.

  ”You idiot, why don’t you run? Wang Lu just treated you like that, why didn’t you beat him?” After getting off the bus and walking into the community, Xiao Luo said to me.

  In fact, I haven’t recovered yet, I’m still immersed in fear, and I don’t even know what he means.

  I walked into the house wearing a ripped jacket. Seeing that my face was pale, my mother said nothing, and immediately put down her needlework, knowing that something was wrong. My mother asked anxiously, but I was speechless. The fear made it hard for me to speak.

  When my mother found out that the jacket I bought just for the New Year had a big cut, and the sweater and cotton sweater she was wearing were cut, she was so frightened that she checked my body up and down and saw that there was no injury. , put down seven distractions.

  It was long after dinner that I came to my senses and told my parents what had happened. My parents were thankful that I was not injured and took the opportunity to teach me a social lesson. I was in fifth grade at the time, and couldn’t understand what my parents were saying at length, but they told me to keep the following in mind, which I’ll understand when I grow up.

  1. Don’t expect someone to help you, rely on yourself at critical moments, be clear-headed, and be flexible and self-help.

  2. Run away when you are in danger, let alone help others. You can call the police only after ensuring your own safety.

  3. Don’t call for help. Not only will no one come to help you, but everyone will leave you quickly. Change the way of shouting, the police beat people!

  4. What’s on the TV, what’s on the textbook, that’s another world.

  5…I can’t remember, there are ten items in total, and I have been reciting them over and over for several years, but I can remember the first few items. As I grew up, I understood and understood the true meaning of these ten points more and more.

  Later I also understood why the two men in the racing booth looked down at the newspaper and kept silent. If they were driven out to take care of things, and the monks could not escape the temple, those bad people would definitely go to them every day to trouble them, and even stab them a few times.

  That classmate named Wang Lv is just a fucking beast. I don’t know if he is still alive now. He curses you to die without a burial place and without the power to get an erection.

  When I grew up, I heard Xiao Luo talk about him once. I heard that he was in the clothing business, and he lost a lot of money. It really made me laugh to death. He didn’t lose him to the rooftops because of his kind of human virtue. It’s been lucky.

  I remember meeting him in the community more than ten years ago, and he was hanging out with his newborn child. The two of them met and looked at each other, but he still looked down on people, I fuck you! No, fuck your mother is disgusting, fuck your sister!

  I’m sorry to go too far. I wrote and wrote, and I wrote it, mainly because it was too annoying, and I also scolded people and swears. No, no, I didn’t scold anyone, that’s a beast.

  Bringing the theme back to the Children’s Palace, that place is like a slaughterhouse for children, but it has a “Children’s Palace” sign on it, which makes it look taller. In fact, inside, the operation and management are chaotic, the local gangsters are rampant, the small businesses and hawkers are occupied, and they are kidnapped and framed. I really don’t understand, in such a shabby place, after so many years, the business is still booming and life is full of excitement. What the hell is this wonderful world?

  After so many years, I came to the entrance of the Children’s Palace with my junior high school classmates again. The memories of the past are clearly visible. It’s just that with the changes of the times, the things that are popular in the whole city are different. Now they are all aero models, nautical models, and a lot of Transformers. It’s just fucking childish.

  This place is still called the Children’s Palace. In my opinion, it should be renamed the uterus. All the idiots in it are like fertilized eggs, no more than three months!

  Accidental friendship is a disaster. In desperation, I followed a few fertilized eggs into the womb. I thought I was just wandering around and reminiscing about my childhood. How could I know that these few fertilized eggs took out the lucky money to buy various aviation models and sailing models! The price is not cheap, ranging from 300 to 600 yuan!

  I shook my head helplessly, and sighed as I looked at this group of lively fertilized eggs! If this money is used to play computer games in a black Internet cafe, it will not only increase knowledge, but also activate the mind. Even if you save this money, you can buy a computer in the future.

  Perhaps, poverty limits my imagination, wealth drives his mind, and it is impossible for the rich and the poor to be friends. Since then, I have rarely interacted with these idiots. I really don’t understand how these idiots got into key high schools. Although they wear glasses and look polite, their minds are full of shit and smelly. Smoky.

  Although it was only half a year after graduating from junior high school, I found that there was already a generation gap between them and I was in a completely different world. From this point of view, the curriculum of my computer vocational middle school and their key high school is completely different. They’re still as naive as they used to be, and I’ve already been far-sighted and far-sighted. The more you read, the more stupid you are. This sentence is true!

  I came to the racing booth that was many years ago, the appearance of the booth has not changed, but the items that are sold are different. They were all brain-damaged models and idiots. Four or five people were very busy, and there were drinks and snacks on the side. It seemed that business was booming.

  Turning around and walking in, along the route that was chased and chopped before, the surrounding is no longer a construction site, and many shops have been built, large and small, and there are some incomprehensible handicrafts inside, perhaps tall or fooling people. , I don’t even understand why there is such a mess in the Children’s Palace.

  Those idiot classmates were eager to install the models on the spot, while I looked around bored. After so many years, I don’t know if there will be gangsters robbing with knives. I started to pay attention to every suspicious person in the crowd, and sure enough, I found a lot of thieves. I am not afraid, but more and more accepting of this society, maybe I have really grown up.

  They kept going back and forth in the crowd, and inadvertently stole the money from the children. The society has indeed changed and become more civilized in the past few years.

  Although I’m not a racist, but to be honest, most of them are Xinjiang and Hui people with knives, petty theft, extortion, and no business.

  That was also the last time I went to that shit Children’s Palace. Not long after that, the door of the Children’s Palace was demolished and turned into an extracurricular training center. There were no more small traders, peddler models, and idiots in it. It was full of classrooms.

  As I grow up, the society is indeed progressing and moving towards civilization, but it is not as fast as I imagined. Many things can only be pointed to, and I dare not analyze them thoroughly. After all, I am just an ordinary person. Everyone has different experiences, different opinions, and naturally different conclusions.

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