[How Goblins Are Made] Chapter 26

  In the past, if there were snowflakes outside the window, I would have to stay in bed, but now the ground is three feet of snow, and I slammed out the door. This is of course because of the deep friendship between Ji, and it is like every three autumns.

  During the winter vacation, I went to the orangutan classmate’s home with Teacher Xiaobai to report every day. It was a daily activity. I bought some snacks, he brought some drinks, the three of them ate and chatted, played games, and copied homework.

  Those bullshit air model aircraft, stupid King Kong, really shouldn’t appear in my world. Space fighters, fantasy simulation battles, super robot wars, those styles are just right.

  But after all, it was the cold winter and the twelfth lunar month, and without going to school, it was inevitable to sleep in late. Several times, after Mr. Xiaobai and I rushed to the orangutan classmate’s house, we found that he hadn’t gotten up yet. We sat by his bed and looked at each other, just like sitting by a patient’s bed in a hospital, waiting for him to wake up.

  A shaggy orangutan’s head stuck out from the quilt, sleepy, squinting like silk, yawned, and said in a daze, “You guys play, don’t bother me.”

  ”I wipe, big brother, it’s already afternoon, and he’s still sleeping, not a human?”

  ”I stayed up all night to clear the customs yesterday, and I can’t get up today. You two can do whatever you want, don’t disturb the weak players.”

  This is indeed a bit embarrassing. My classmate Xiaobai and I turned on the game console and went to silent mode to entertain ourselves. Several times we had to go back for dinner, but he hadn’t gotten up yet, and I don’t know if he was avoiding it on purpose.

  I feel the same way about this situation. I mentioned it in the previous chapters. When I was a child, I broke my legs and feet, and I was bored in bed. My family raised money to buy me a Nintendo game console. The incident spread throughout the residential area that day. Every morning before I got up, there were children standing at the door, waiting to enter the house to watch me play games.

  I felt good at the beginning, especially with a style, high-end atmosphere, high-end atmosphere, and arrogantly inserted wings. So many children surrounded me, like the emperor in the palace. But after a long time, it became very annoying, I wished to drag them all out and behead them, don’t come in and bother me.

  I did that once. I made an excuse to say that I was not feeling well. I turned off the game console and threw them out. Who knows, they didn’t leave. They sat downstairs in my house, chatting and playing. Every now and then, a representative would knock on the door and ask me if I was feeling better. I was speechless…

  Therefore, Mr. Xiaobai and I try to reduce the number of visits to the orangutan classmate’s house and leave him more space. After all, everyone is about to become an adult. They know how to respect each other and know how to behave properly, unlike those little brats. It’s annoying to be around endlessly.

  In my spare time, I went to the black game in the community, where as before, the dead old man charged three dollars an hour. Since I have been prostituting at the orangutan classmate’s house for almost half a year, and seeing these game consoles and the price charged, I feel that they are not worth three yuan an hour, and thirty cents is about the same.

  Riding a bicycle, I went to the address of the former dark Internet cafe again, the one from Boss Wang and Brother Curly Hair, and the one from Sister Zhang. It was still empty, and all that was left were full of memories.

  A true friendship can stand any test, and a true friendship is a brotherhood, heart, liver and kidney. Not long after, the orangutan classmate contacted me and Mr. Xiaobai by phone, and invited us to come and play when we had nothing to do. Don’t act like a bitch, and be too strict with etiquette. Can share a bed.

  kill! Here we come! I love tiger oil, so what! The harmony of the past has been restored between the three of them, but the weather is cold and freezing, and it is really inconvenient and unsafe to go home at midnight.

  The orangutan classmate thought about it and lent us a few game consoles that were not playing and eating ashes. I wiped it, and I was so moved that I fell to the ground with tears streaming down my face, embracing each other and weeping. It was really sympathy and love.

  Teacher Xiaobai and I took them home one by one. He took a Sony and more than 20 game discs. I took a Super Nintendo and more than 100 game discs.

  Along the way full of joy, excitement, cautious. In the game bar, this is three dollars to play for an hour! Now that I have one, I will definitely devote all my energy to it, without any reservations.

  When I got home that night, I started playing like crazy, and I didn’t sleep for two days in a row. He also kept calling the orangutan classmates’ home to inquire about settings and strategies, and his home became a hotline center. From that day until the start of school, Mr. Xiaobai and I stayed at home, let alone went to the orangutan classmates. We just stayed at home and played games, not wanting to waste a minute or a second…

  Although not as good as computer games compared to computers, there are a lot of good games on the Super Nintendo. I used to spend three yuan an hour in a black game bar, and I didn’t play for long, and I didn’t get enough of it. Now, I can study it all day and night. Several games have made me forget to eat and sleep, day and night are reversed, even if I have a few emulators installed on my mobile phone, I will take them out to play when I have time.

  Romance of the Three Kingdoms Three Generations, Fantasy Simulation Battle, Royal Knights, Flame Dragon Knights, Time Travel, Romance of the Three Kingdoms Yokoyama Glorious, Final Fantasy VI, Romance Sagas, Article of Flame, Super Robot Wars…etc…

  The only thing that depresses me is why the winter vacation is only a one-month vacation, and the school has started! Stupidly stepped on the bicycle and came to the school, the students reunited after a long absence and talked about it with relish. From the second half of high school, the whole study and life have undergone tremendous changes. The class is divided by interests and hobbies, and many small groups have been formed. I usually only interacted with classmates in small groups, until graduation I suddenly found that some people in the class I couldn’t name.

  English classes and math classes are still as perverted. The revolution is still going on, and the struggle has never stopped. It used to be a dying struggle, and it felt dark, but now it is different. The much-anticipated computer class is our spiritual pillar, visual enjoyment, and soul. Moisturizing, caring for the body.

  Winter is over, and spring is full of joy, so I took off my thick cotton-padded clothes and trousers and put on a green perverted school uniform. The class bell rang, and the brutal demon had just been sent away. The whole class should have been exhausted, but now they are all full of energy, staring at the door of the classroom, listening to the sweet footsteps brought by the flower fairy in the distance. .

  The golden light flashed, and hundreds of flowers bloomed. Hua Fairy stepped on the seven-colored clouds and appeared at the door of the classroom. The whole body was exuding golden light and the scent of jasmine flowers. A set of simple white teacher’s clothes showed her graceful figure and irresistible sexy and charming. Her pink lips smeared with pale red were slightly upturned, revealing crystal clear white teeth. With confidence and pride, there is a hint of shyness in the smile, showing modesty and low-key.

  I’m fucking drunk…

  Teacher Yin walked in confidently, put the textbook and tea cup on the podium gently, looked around, showed a charming smile, and said gently, “I’m glad to see you again, I’m honored to be your computer Teacher, thank you for your support.”

  I fuck! The thunderous applause rang out, waking me up from my imagination… It’s all a fucking fault!

  Then she folded her hands behind her back and walked down from the podium leisurely, with a hint of pride in her smile, “The elimination rate of teachers in your school is really high, I managed to stay and stay in class. When the time comes, you have to give me some face, and don’t whisper to each other. Get some results in the final exam, I will give you a bonus, and invite you to eat.”

  Wow, she wafted past me with the scent of jasmine, leaving behind an unfinished intoxication. Taking a deep breath, he turned his head to look, the slim back, the golden ratio of the figure, the long legs of the fairy-like appearance, and the sexy and charming buttocks.

  I’m fucking drunk again…

  I fuck! The thunderous applause sounded again, waking me up from my madness… I’m fucking crazy!

  She floated back to the podium like a fairy, picked up a textbook, and shook it in front of everyone, looking a little helpless, and said with a slight smile, “This semester, the school asked me to teach ucdos, which is actually the Chinese version of msdos. Although it is The document processing is relatively powerful and supports Chinese editing, but it is still an outdated software. You can’t learn it because it is outdated and has been eliminated. After all, it is a foundation for you to understand Chinese editing and the system. core concept.”

  Her voice is so clear and sweet, like the sound of heaven, it circles the beam three times, revolves in the heart, and draws the soul. What to study? No matter what I learn, I will learn it.

  She picked up the teacup to moisten her throat, her pink lips pressed against the white rim of the cup, the ups and downs of the jade neck touched my heartstrings, and the posture of drinking water was so charming and mesmerizing.

  She then told us a lot of her own views, some complaints, but also helpless. In this era, no one has used such ancient software for a long time. To edit documents by typing the keyboard under DOS, this is still what was done in the era when the mouse was not invented.

  Office software such as Microsoft word, excel, powerpoint, etc. is used in the outside office now. It has powerful functions, convenient editing, and error correction function, which is more than a hundred times more efficient. As the old saying goes, what you learn in school is the basics, and when you go to work, you must keep learning and use it as you learn.

  I was a little disappointed when I heard it. I thought that I would become a master after graduating from a computer science major. I could just find a job and start making money. I didn’t expect that all I learned was the basics, and I didn’t know what to do after graduation.

  Later, Teacher Yin came up with another textbook, Wubi Input Method. We were completely shocked when we heard that we needed to reach 200 words per minute when we graduated. Looking back now, the education in China has always been like that, the learning theory is backward, and the training is abnormal…

  After so many years, I can tell you very responsibly that the Wubi input method has definitely harmed a generation. It is an extremely unscientific and schizophrenic input method.

  For those who don’t know this input method, I can explain to you roughly, it is to re-split Chinese characters into different radicals and structures, and distribute them to 26 letters. First of all, you have to memorize the root, each letter represents a root or a structure. Then you have to re-understand the Chinese characters and split the normal written Chinese characters into abnormal structures suitable for the Wubi input method. In the end, you are schizophrenic, and you have learned this input method. From now on, when you pick up a pencil, you no longer know how to write normal Chinese characters.

  There is a characteristic of Chinese. Many times you can read the word and know the meaning of the word, but you don’t know how to write it. This is the most common. In the Wubi input method, if you don’t know how to write the word, you can’t split it, and you can’t type it at all, which is so fucking annoying. Later, many times we switched to the Pinyin input method, which is used to input some words that we can read but cannot write.

  That’s why there is now a Wubi and Pinyin hybrid input method, which removes the unnecessary switching back and forth between Pinyin and Wubi input method, making it easier for those of us who are suffering. But after a long time, you are still schizophrenic. For some words, you will always use Pinyin to input them because you don’t know how to write them correctly. For some words, you will always need to use Wubi to input them, because you don’t know how to pronounce them correctly, and they will be normal. People are driven crazy.

  Who the hell invented the Wubi input method? abnormal! Fortunately, I now use voice input, technology changes the future.

  But at that time, in order to let us practice the Wubi input method, the school added a lot of computer courses. There were computer courses every day, and the school’s computer room also let students take turns to practice on the computer.

  At the beginning, Xiao Jin, who was the fastest type in the class, could type more than 170 characters in one minute. He was praised by Teacher Yin and touched his head, triumphantly. He must use his broken 286 computer to practice typing every day at home, and we only rely on the time when we are on the computer in school to practice every day, and he is no match for him at all, although my talent is higher…

  It seems that as a computer professional, it is very important to have a computer at home. I usually practice typing, explore programming, and play games for entertainment, but it is too expensive and out of reach.

  Once in class, Teacher Yin chatted with us and discussed this issue, whether to buy a computer. In her opinion, if you are just dealing with these courses in the school, you don’t need to buy a computer at all. There is no need for that. The computer time arranged by the school is definitely enough to master these skills.

  However, if you want to really explore computers, study and study computers, and do computer professional work in the future, make computers an important part of your work. It is very necessary to buy a computer. The sooner the better, after all, the computer is to be used while learning, rather than using it first. She has said this before.

  Moreover, with the reform and opening up and the continuous growth of the market in the past few years, the price of computer hardware has become cheaper and cheaper, and it has been cut in half compared with a few years ago.

  I rubbed it. After hearing it, I was excited for a while, but when I heard her say that the price of a computer is about RMB 8,000, I spit out a mouthful of blood.

  Some students in the class really plan to buy a computer, and they have consulted the teacher a lot of related questions, whether to buy a brand computer or an assembled computer.

  In fact, the choice of brand machine and assembly machine has troubled many people, but Mr. Yin pointed out the key points, and I often use this method to explain to people.

  The brand machine and assembly machine are equivalent to quick-frozen dumplings and home-made dumplings, she said. If you know how to make dumplings, then the home-made dumplings are your choice. What kind of stuffing and how salty it is depends on your taste. If you don’t know how to make dumplings, then you can buy frozen dumplings. You can choose which flavor you want according to the label above. The difference is that homemade dumplings are cheap and have suitable taste, while quick-frozen dumplings are relatively expensive, with unified taste and no choice.

  Finally, she added a personal position, as a computer professional, buying a brand-name computer is a shameful act, which only proves that you are not good at learning.

  I rub, Teacher Yin, I adore you so much, you wake up the dreamer with one sentence. In the earliest days in a black Internet cafe, I saw Boss Wang and Brother Curly assembling computers by themselves. They were all computer majors. I believe computers are the most affordable DIY option only by assembling them yourself, and those branded machines should only be sold to idiots.

  Facts have proved that my thinking at the time was absolutely correct. Although Mr. Yin’s narrative was subtle, it had already broken through the mystery. After graduation, a classmate entered the hardware department of Lenovo Group Brand Machine Company. Later, he told us that Lenovo’s brand computers are all sealed, and as long as you take it apart, they will not be responsible for repairs. At first we thought they were afraid that people who didn’t understand computers would take it apart and break it themselves, but that’s not the real reason.

  An old classmate told me that, in fact, the hardware used in Lenovo brand computers are all second-hand, and they are all used goods, so they put a seal on it to prevent you from opening it, for fear of being discovered by you. Hardware-assembled computers are also two or three percent more expensive.

  Damn, I was shocked at the time, this is fucking doing business, building a brand to make a name, loading up old stuff, and selling it at a high price.

  However, after the Nuogan years, I gradually began to understand. After all, most people are brain-blind who do not understand computers. Buying a brand computer is guaranteed after-sales. As long as you make a call for after-sales service, Lenovo Group will still quickly send engineers to solve your computer problems. Although you are using second-hand goods, as long as you can use it, you will not delay work and study. Also feel at ease.

  Lenovo Group has saved a lot of high-end geniuses like me and thousands of brain-blind rookies, so it makes sense to exist, and Lenovo is awesome.

  Later, many friends called me because the computer at home was broken. I fucked, and I was annoyed at the time. You only think of me when your computer is broken. Why don’t you flatter me at ordinary times! This is something I hate very much. In the end, I didn’t bother to pay any attention to them, I just told them to buy a brand computer and call after-sales service if there was anything, except for beauties!

  Of course, it is absolutely impossible for a computer science graduate like me to buy a brand computer. It is necessary to DIY a computer. I want a virgin.

  Sorry, it seems to have gone too far, so hurry up and pull it back. After Teacher Yin finished talking about buying a computer, the class was eager to move. Many students began to study computer hardware and plan to buy a computer. A gun will not do.

  Of course, I really hope to have a computer, although it is an unattainable dream, and I have never mentioned it in front of my parents. After all, it is impossible for the computer to be used for learning, and there is no doubt about playing games until one day. …

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