[How Goblins Are Made] Chapter 28

  When I walked out of Brother Ming’s house, I was greeted by a heat wave. I didn’t notice that the air conditioner was turned on in Brother Ming’s house just now. It’s so extravagant that I only have fans in my house!

  Looking up at the night sky, the bright moon is at the head, the stars are twinkling, and I am very emotional. It turns out that this society is not what I imagined. I used to think that our family was poor because my father’s salary was low. Although my mother worked hard to earn extra money at home, it didn’t help. Everything was blamed on this society.

  In the quarrel between parents, I often hear my father say, “My salary is so low, there is no way!”

  I thought that there was really no way, and the family was destitute. But what I have seen and heard today has subverted my three views. I thought that those who collect rubbish and pick up garbage are some homeless people from other places who can’t find a job, so they can do those lowly jobs.

  Now it seems that I was wrong. Everyone is working hard to make money. For their own ideals and goals, they do a few jobs from morning to night. Although the work I do makes people feel a little low, but I made money to make the family look good, live a comfortable life, and have enough food and clothing. In contrast, we don’t even have a refrigerator or an air conditioner at home. We live in poverty and poverty, and we have to eat and drink every day. Who is lowly?

  Yes, work does not distinguish between high and low, making money is the key!

  Passing through the night market in the community again, life is still full of excitement and excitement. Those who were busy in the stalls, who used to think they made a living from this, had no choice but to do so. But now I know, it turns out that they have jobs during the day and come out at night to earn extra money.

  Some sell books, some sell audio tapes, some sell DVDs, and some sell all kinds of toys and small commodities. They are all working hard to move forward bravely for their good life and their families.

  Although I am a person who does not like to read, there is one sentence I always remember. The teacher in the ideological and moral class said that “hard work to get rich” seems to be true at all.

  The key to getting rich is hard work and hard work, not complaining after get off work, complaining at home, waiting for a raise in wages, and looking forward to more bonuses.

  The same is true of reading, you can’t waste your time because you feel that the things you learn are useless, and you can’t waste your life because you learn some outdated technologies.

  It suddenly dawned on me that I have lost a lot and wasted a lot of time over the years. In the past, the teacher often mentioned that time is money, time is life, time is priceless, and time is gone forever. I couldn’t understand it at the time, but now I suddenly understand that besides playing games, I have a lot to do.

  When I went back, I passed Xiao Luo’s house and looked up. It was pitch black. It had been half a year since he moved out, and he missed it very much. Although it was later found out that their family was in the business of counterfeiting, for their own lives, from their standpoint, there was nothing wrong, at least they tried their best.

  Money is a fucking sinful thing. Honest people do it for it, they have multiple jobs, get up early and go to the dark, cunning people do it for it, cheat and deceive, crooked people, and vicious people make money and kill for it, and kill for it.

  Human tragedy!

  Turning around and walking into his own unit building, he heard his parents’ arguing resounding through the corridor, and the general content had nothing to do with money. He stood at the door and hesitated for a while, when he heard his father shout, “I have no ability, I can’t do anything, I just can’t do anything. I can go sell blood!”

  His chest was sore and his eyes were blurred. He took out the key and pushed the door in. The two parents were sitting in the living room with frowning faces. They didn’t stop arguing because of my appearance. They got used to it since childhood. I have never stopped it. I used to cry because I was young and ignorant. Now I feel like I have grown up, but I am speechless. This is the case, and disputes are inevitable.

  The mother got up and continued to cut clothes, turned her head and said to her father, “This computer must be bought! Think of a way to invest in your son’s future. You must go to college too!”

  The father bowed his head and said nothing, smoking a suffocating cigarette, exhaling white smoke helplessly. I should have been excited, excited, and happy. The family tried to find a way to buy me a computer, but I was sad, cold, and painful.

  ”I don’t want to buy a computer. It’s not very useful. I just play games most of the time. Computers are used in school computer classes. That’s enough. I don’t want to go to college either. It’s good to find a job to make money.” After he finished speaking, he immediately entered his room, and one step later, tears would fall from his eyes.

  As a result, the three of them stayed up all night, got up at midnight to go to the toilet, and saw their father standing on the balcony, breathing clouds and staring at the night sky.

  Afterwards, my mother became more sensitive to money, doing frequent accounting checks and asking outlandish questions. Where did the money go? Where is that money spent? How much does this thing cost? How much can that thing sell for?

  I often quarreled because of my suspicion that my father was hiding money from his private house. I stayed in my room and played games, and I was a little numb to listen, but there was nothing I could do.

  Suddenly one day, the mother’s miserable cry came from the living room, “Give me the money back! You bastard!”

  This surprised me, what’s going on? Then came the sound of a kitchen knife, the sound of opening the door, and the loud cry of my father, “Help, murder!”

  fuck! I immediately threw the game console controller and rushed out of the room. The scene in front of me completely broke me down.

  My favorite mother is slashing at my father with a kitchen knife in both hands, and my favorite father is grabbing the kitchen knife with both hands and calling for help.

  This is more terrifying than being blackmailed and beaten by hooligans in the arcade room, and more terrifying than being slashed with a knife by a rogue in the Children’s Palace. The palms and backs are full of flesh, which hurts my heart and hurts my lungs.

  Everything in front of me was blurred, I couldn’t see Lai fell to the ground, the surrounding voices disappeared, I couldn’t hear the heartache, the thoughts in my mind were frozen, I couldn’t figure out what to do, the collar on my chest was soaked. , I couldn’t move and cried.

  The door of the house opened wide, and my father’s cries resounded through the entire unit building. I believe that neighbors will soon come to help and persuade and mediate. Unexpectedly, more than ten minutes passed, and no neighbor came to help and watch. In the end, the father grabbed the kitchen knife and pushed the mother to the ground.

  Mother got up, her hair was unkempt, her face burst into tears, and she rushed out the door. Father stood still, sweating profusely, his face was red, and he scolded the table.

  ”Crazy mother-in-law, she actually used a knife! Crazy!” After his father scolded, he put the kitchen knife back in the kitchen, lit a cigarette, took a deep breath, and lingered at the door of the house.

  After crying for a long time, I came back to my senses, I believe that any person will have a nervous breakdown and be overwhelmed in such a scene.

  ”Don’t cry, you’ve grown up! You’ve seen it too, your mother is going to kill me with a knife, she’s crazy.” My father exhaled an angry smoke and complained to me.

  I was speechless and at a loss except to sit on the ground crying and sobbing. My favorite mother is going to kill my dad, it’s really crazy, my dad is so pitiful and innocent, I hate my mother, why do this!

  But where has mother gone? She is a foreigner and has no relatives or friends here, which worries me a lot, and I want to find her right away.

  Just as I staggered to my feet and wondered where to find my mother, there were a lot of footsteps in the corridor of the unit. It turned out that my mother went to the neighborhood committee, and the uncle and aunt of the neighborhood committee in the community came with my mother to help with housework.

  The living room was full of people, and my father and mother were arguing with each other. I had a terrible headache, I was deaf in both ears, and there was silence except for the ringing in my ears. Turning around and shutting the door, I picked up the game console handle and I was blown away.

  I don’t know how long it took, maybe a year, the outside finally calmed down. My mother opened my door and brought her pillow and quilt over. The parents are separated. Based on the current situation of poverty, it can only be separated, which is really a sin.

  I, an adult, slept in the same bed with my mother and went on living like that. Looking back now, I have a great responsibility for my parents to come this far. As a family member, I have never spoken out to mediate or dissuade me, I can only watch things go by, helpless and crying, cowardly and incompetent.

  Maybe my physiology is an adult, but my mind is still an ignorant child, helpless in the face of these complicated things.

  Since then, the parents have become strangers. Although they live under the same roof, they have nothing to do with each other. My mother and I ate together, and my father never participated. He just sat on the balcony smoking and reading the newspaper. After we finish eating, come over to see if there are any leftovers, take a bite if you have any, or cook a bowl of noodles if you don’t.

  Sometimes the neighbors stop by at home, and they don’t show any respect. My mother and I eat together, and my father and neighbors chat on the balcony. Facing the neighbor’s doubts, his father simply explained, “We are separated. We have nothing to do with each other.

  Hearing these words was heart-wrenching. In this world, the two people I love most turned against each other. My mother even killed my father with a knife, which made me hate my mother. It is now understandable why the classmate of the orangutan has no respect for his mother’s words. Maybe the image of the mother has been shattered in his heart.

  It didn’t take long for the whole unit building to spread, and everyone knew about the situation in my home, and it became a laughing stock. Such a poor family does not hurry up to make money and improve their lives, and even play the tricks of those rich people, separate and divorce, it is simply a disease of the mind.

  One day I questioned my mother, “Why on earth did you hack my dad to death with a kitchen knife?”

  Unexpectedly, the mother’s answer was shocking, and the whole world seemed to be turned upside down because of this.

  The mother said that she did pick up the kitchen knife at that time, just to scare her father and make him pay back the money.

  Unexpectedly, the father opened the door first, then took advantage of the situation to hold the hands of the mother holding the knife, and finally shouted for help outside the door. The mother struggled hard, but the father held on tightly, acting as if his mother wanted to hack him to death. And this scene happened to be seen by me, and it was also what my father wanted to show the neighbors.

  After listening to my mother’s explanation, I was at a loss and helpless, as if I was the only one left in the whole world, helpless, hungry and cold. The two people I love most and trust the most in this world now make me suspicious. Who should I believe? My palms and backs are full of flesh, and the only thing that hurts is my heart.

  My mother also told me a lot of things. The sofa at home was bought by her father when she worked hard day and night to make tailoring clothes and earned 800 yuan. It turned out that it was 300 yuan in the second-hand market, and my father took 500 yuan and went there secretly.

  In addition, the father did not let go of the daily necessities and home appliances bought at home, and made false receipts to deceive the mother. What’s even more irritating is that she colluded with others to fool her mother, defrauded her mother from the money she had worked hard as a tailor, and shared it with others. Others really couldn’t stand it anymore, and returned the money to her mother, which made her suddenly realize, so she cried and asked her father to pay back the money that day.

  What a fucking crime, I believe my mother more now, my father is a scumbag!

  Just when I started to hate what my father did, he did one thing that made my heart hurt and I couldn’t blame it.

  That day, when my father came back from get off work, my mother and I were having dinner. He slapped the 420 yuan on the table and said, “Keep the money and buy a computer for my son.”

  Just when we were puzzled and did not explain, he took out a red book with three words printed on it, “Blood Donation Certificate”.

  At that time, my eyes were blurred, tears were streaming down my face, and I couldn’t stop crying. My father sold blood for me. Her mother’s eyes were also wet, looking at the hateful and useless man in front of her, she got up helplessly and made him a bowl of longan and eggs to nourish his blood.

  Father stroked my hair and said simply, “You must study hard.” Then he went to the balcony to continue smoking and reading newspapers.

  I finished my meal with tears in my eyes and went into my room, dumbfounded, I was going crazy, I was going to be schizophrenic. Should I trust my mother, or should I trust my father? Should I hate my mother, or should I hate my father? No, they all love me, I am convinced. But why can’t they love each other well, and the three of us are happy? What the hell is going on here? Why is fate like this? Can anyone tell me!

  Later, my father went to sell blood once a month. My mother and I couldn’t stand it anymore and stopped him. However, the relationship between the parents was not relieved because of this, and they still slept in separate rooms, like strangers, occasionally caring, just friendship.

  Not long after, my mother found a job through a friend’s recommendation. She worked as a salesperson in a sporting goods store in front of the university. The working hours were from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm, and the monthly salary was 1,500 yuan. My mother told me that this job is easier than being a seamstress. You can just stand in the store every day, fiddling around and arranging the goods. Although it’s been a long time, but you don’t need to work and be disabled, and your eyes are dim.

  So my mother went out on her bike early in the morning, earlier than I went to school, and didn’t get home until 9:30 every night. When I heard the bell of her bicycle coming home, I immediately rushed downstairs to help carry her bicycle up to the second floor so that it would not be stolen. Of course, that bike was also dirty from a second-hand dealer under the flyover.

  Then there were only my father and I left at home, and we just had a bowl of noodles at dinner time, it was simple.

  Later, I don’t know what he thought about it, but he brought back a lot of children’s toys, saying that they were brought back by a trustee from the Yiwu Small Commodity Market. After finishing some things, I put them in my backpack, got on my bike and went to the night market, trying to set up a street stall. A few days later, he may have learned about the market conditions. My father went home after get off work, ate a casual meal, prepared the small commodities, and went straight out. Usually, he didn’t go home until ten o’clock in the evening.

  Now I’m the only one left at home, as if my parents have left me and I live alone, and I don’t see my parents for more than an hour every day.

  But making money is not an easy task, and not long after, the parents had problems one after another.

  It was almost 9 o’clock in the evening. I paid attention to the movement downstairs, waited for the bell to ring when my mother came back, and rushed downstairs. A woman riding her bike back so late every day is really apprehensive, but the sporting goods store doesn’t close until 8:30 every day, so she can’t help it.

  With two bicycle bells rang downstairs, I knew she was back, dropped her work, and dashed downstairs. Only then did I notice that my father’s small goods were piled up in a mess on the floor of the living room, and there was no free space for bicycles.

  I went downstairs to discuss with my mother, and planned to carry the bicycle to the turning corner on the second floor first, then go home and sort out these small commodities together, and finally move the bicycle into the house and place it in the living room, so that it is safe. It’s totally my fault. I’ve been at home for so long, I don’t know how to clean up, and I just focus on the game.

  After moving the bicycle to the turning corner on the second floor, and entering the room with my mother, when I closed the door and was about to squat down to sort out my father’s small goods, I heard a “sway” downstairs. This sound was crisp and sweet in the silent night, and it was quite familiar. It’s like the sound your mother makes every morning as she moves her bike downstairs and hits the ground.

  Mother’s eyes widened, she turned to look at me, and shouted in horror, “No, the bike was stolen!”

  How can it be? I just carried it to the turning corner on the second floor, and it took less than a minute to enter the door. How could it be stolen so quickly? Could it be that the person who stole the car was standing next to us?

  Mother opened the door, rushed out, and heard a voice from outside, “Give me the car back!”

  I immediately followed and chased out. When I went out, I saw that the bicycle at the turn on the second floor was no longer there. Oh my god, it was so scary to be gone in just one minute.

  The mother had rushed downstairs and looked around, but there was no one in sight. It was a Phoenix brand bicycle, and it disappeared so quickly after less than a month of use. It is unbelievable why the thief is so fast, as if he has the ability to hide from the ground…

  Could it be that the car thief is hiding in the adjacent unit building? Fuck, I’m gonna fucking kill him! I searched the left and right units with my mother in a small range, but found nothing.

  The two quickly turned around and went home, suddenly realizing that the door was still open, and if they were killed by a thief, it would be a huge loss. There is also a Super Nintendo loaned to me by an orangutan classmate, which is worth more than 1,000 yuan!

  Fortunately, such a thing did not happen. We locked the door, our hearts were beating like thunder, and the two looked at each other with fear in their eyes. It was not a big problem that the bicycle was stolen, but there was an ominous premonition, as if Like being targeted by a certain criminal gang, it could come in at any time and kill us.

  The mother’s eyes were wet, and she sat in the living room, terrified and out of breath. I was even more angry and manic, “If I went out and caught him just now, I would beat him to death.”

  My mother calmed down, turned her head and said to me, “Fortunately, I didn’t hit him just now. What if you get injured? Remember that in the future, if something is stolen, don’t do anything with others. But they, the bad guys are all prepared, and there must be knives on them.”

  Hearing what my mother said, I couldn’t help shivering, my back was cold, and I was sweating. Those criminals are all desperados. Thinking about the burglary of Xiao Luo’s house before, the whole house was turned upside down. The one-centimeter-thick pig-killing knife was bent several times. The police said that they brought some big knives to kill people. , and secondly, in order to open the box as a tool.

  What the hell is this world, not to mention living a poor life, but also frightened, a good citizen is afraid of being a person, and he is being victimized everywhere.

  After a long time, my mother came back to her senses, got up and took out a set of sportswear from her bag, gestured on me, and finally a smile appeared on her face, “This suit was given to me by the boss, he said that I have a special memory. Well, the price and location of more than 500 items are never wrong.”

  There was happiness and consolation in my mother’s eyes, and yes, I was everything to her. It seems that I must protect myself well and must not be hurt, which will make my mother heartbroken.

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