[How Goblins Are Made] Chapter 29

  It was past ten o’clock in the evening, and it was almost time for the father who set up a street stall to come back. He could have set up a street stall in the community, but he was afraid of meeting too many acquaintances to lose face, so he went outside the community. Setting up a street stall in the community costs 10 yuan for the management fee. I know that, but there is no one to manage it outside the community, which can save the 10 yuan. Yes, the traffic is much less.

  His father’s voice came from downstairs, and he seemed to be chatting with the neighbors for a while. He walked in with a smile on his face. It seemed that business was going well today. In the past two weeks, he didn’t sell too many things, the most a day. Two small toys.

  His mother had already told him that the night market was mostly adults, and no one would come to the night market with a child to buy your toys. It is more practical to change some daily necessities. But after entering this pile of goods, I have to sell it, or lose money, so I tried to sell small toys first.

  ”Who said there were no children in the night market, today there was an adult who brought three children and bought three guns from me, earning ten dollars each, haha.” The father laughed, “Master Shen downstairs. He is also very diligent in making money, and he went out so late, and just laughed at him, a big man rode a Phoenix brand women’s bicycle…”

  ”Ah!?” My mother and I looked at each other and instantly understood. Where did the current thief come from? He chased downstairs in just a few seconds and disappeared. I didn’t expect that it was the neighbor who did it!

  I fuck you, no, I fuck your mom is disgusting, I fuck your sister, no, fuck your sister is too old, I fuck your daughter! No, your daughter is so ugly! Even if your daughter looks like a fairy, she will come to your door automatically, I will not do it! I don’t want to be the son-in-law of an old rascal like you! I fuck the eighteenth generation of your ancestors, no, your ancestors are all in the underworld, I am in the underworld, I don’t want to die. Well Well……

  (Sorry, I was so excited that the writing flew away.)

  He usually acts like a hooligan when he treats people and things, and he is even more profitable for his neighbors. I got up and went downstairs, ready to smash open the door of his house, but was pulled by my mother.

  The father was at a loss, and then found that the mother’s bicycle was not parked in the living room, and finally reacted, looking annoyed and gnashing his teeth. But for some reason, I suddenly felt a burst of comfort in my heart, warm as spring. There is a rare tacit understanding between parents, and they are still united in the face of foreign enemies. I thought it was possible for the two of them to get back together as before, but it didn’t happen. After more than 20 years, I understand that it is not love, it is just friendship living together.

  ”You have no evidence, you will be beaten down by him.” My mother pulled me back into the house.

  Father threw the package on the table, lit a cigarette, frowned for a while, and said to me, “Don’t act rashly and startle the snake. We will observe him for a while, and then we will catch him and we will get all the stolen goods. , sent to the police station.”

  It sounded reasonable, and then the three of them went to bed after washing. I slept very sweetly that night, and felt a warm family, united in crisis, to defend against foreign enemies.

  Since then, my mother has switched to taking the bus, going out half an hour earlier every day, and returning on the last bus at night, which is later than usual. In fact, taking the bus is also quite good. After working in the store for a day, my legs and feet are sore, and I am even more tired when I come back from the bicycle. I can sit and rest on the last bus to recharge my batteries. It’s just that I got home too late, so I went to the bus stop outside the community at 9:30 every night to wait for my mother to come back and escort her home, so as not to be too late and unsafe.

  One night before 7 o’clock, there was a loud noise from downstairs. The voices were Uncle Ma on the third floor and the beast on the first floor. It seemed that he was stealing a neighbor’s bicycle and was discovered. Immediately opened the door and rushed down, I want to turn the beast with Uncle Ma to the police station.

  But when I rushed downstairs, the situation was not what I imagined. I thought that the people who stole things would be guilty and would only be caught without any thought!

  Unexpectedly, he pointed at Uncle Ma with a screwdriver and viciously threatened, “I didn’t steal a car again! Which eye did you see me stealing something? He was injured and died in the hospital!”

  Mr. Ma used to be a soldier before. Although he was over seventy years old, he was not frightened by his words. He pointed at him and shouted, “Let me see it again, and I will take you to the police station!”

  I thought that the beast surnamed Shen would calm down, but I didn’t expect his voice to be louder, and he shouted viciously, “Try it! Believe it or not, I’ll kill you!”

  I wanted to go downstairs to help Uncle Ma, but now I was too frightened to move. I didn’t expect this villain to be so arrogant, someone caught stealing things, and the villain complained first, looking like a rascal, threatening other people’s lives! The expression on the beast surnamed Shen seemed to be telling me that whoever dared to provoke him, he would kill anyone. So arrogant and lawless, it should be dragged and shot!

  I thought that the beast would calm down a little when he saw me, but he never thought that he would treat me like a child, and he didn’t bother to care about me, and didn’t even look at me…

  Uncle Ma reluctantly turned around and pulled me upstairs with me. He came to my house and opened a door and chatted for a while. Only then did I know that the beast on the first floor not only stole bicycles, but also water and electricity. He has been an electrician for two years and has some basic knowledge. In the dead of night or during the day when no one at home is at home, he often changes the connection of the electric meter in the corridor of the unit, and connects the power supply of his own house to the electric meter of others.

  Last year, I even found a few people downstairs to turn off the water valve of the unit, saying that it was repairing the water pipe. In fact, I took a branch pipe from the main pipe and brought it to my home, using tap water for nothing. In fact, many neighbors in the unit building know it, but no one dares to report him, for fear of getting into trouble and being harassed or hurt by him.

  ”Call the police! Arrest him, ask the neighbors in the unit to correct him, and take him to be shot!” I said angrily to Uncle Ma.

  Uncle Ma looked at me with a serious expression, but he suddenly burst out laughing, patted my shoulder and said, “Society is complicated, it’s not as simple as you think, that person knew a friend in the police station, and he has been arrested several times. It happened again, and it was finally released.”

  ”Ah?”, I was stunned, no wonder he was so arrogant, even if he was caught, he would not be punished, what the hell is this world!

  ”Then what should I do?” I asked anxiously.

  Uncle Ma looked at me kindly, thought for a while, and said, “Close the doors and windows when you go out, especially the door on the balcony, keep an eye on him, don’t let him be too arrogant and hurt the neighbors, that’s all That’s it.”

  ”Ah?” Uncle Ma’s reply surprised me. It seems that my parents were right. TV and reality are completely two parallel worlds. If it were in the TV series, the beast would definitely be sent to the police station by the neighbors and locked up, and the whole community would be peaceful and happy.

  Uncle Ma got up and was about to leave. Before leaving, he said, “The poor man must have something to hate. He is also a pitiful man. We must also have compassion, and let it be enough.”

  ”Ah?”, why can’t I understand… Uncle Ma, are you getting old and confused? I complained, “This kind of beast should be dragged out and beaten, and then shot to kill the people and make slag for the society.”

  Uncle Ma sighed and shook his head, with a kind smile on his face that made me feel that I was too young and ignorant.

  ”He is also a human being, and in all likelihood, he is unsatisfactory. His father died early, and his mother brought him up. Now his mother in her 70s is lying in the hospital, and she has a lot of medical expenses. My income from work is not high, no matter what In addition to having a feisty wife and a daughter who does not return home at night, life is a mess. You have to spare others, and don’t force him to a dead end.” After Mr. Ma finished speaking, he went upstairs and looked at his back. I can’t digest it for a while, I can’t understand it, the society really seems to be very complicated, and it’s not something that a child like me can understand.

  After my mother came back and heard my report, she nodded again and again and said to me, “You have to trust Mr. Ma and listen to his teaching…”

  I know that Mr. Ma is a character in our unit building, and everyone respects him three points. I only know that he was a soldier before, but I don’t understand why. Later, my mother told me something, and I suddenly realized.

  When Uncle Ma used to be a soldier, his personality was completely different from now. Good people are good people and bad people are bad people. He can clearly distinguish between them. He is as warm as an angel and eager to help the good people, and he is as wicked as the devil when he treats the bad people.

  Later, he retired from the army and was transferred to the detention center, where he specialized in guarding the felons and death row prisoners. When my mother and Uncle Ma were chatting, I heard him say that life in prison is like hell on earth, and work in prison is like a butcher in hell. Of course, these are all in my words, and the old man’s narrative is too complicated and outdated.

  Uncle Ma is a person with a strong sense of justice. When he was first transferred to work in the detention center, he was never soft-hearted in the face of the strict supervision of those prisoners, because they were all felons, and those on death row were not human at all. In addition to his usual job, he has to attend regularly and physically punish prisoners. Saying it was corporal punishment was actually a beating.

  For those felons who resist prison management and are not disciplined, hit! The gang of beasts they beat are honest.

  For those felons who have no intention of repentance and refuse to admit their guilt, hit! The gang of beasts begging for mercy.

  For those felons who are unwilling to confess and be lenient and shield their accomplices, hit! Until the beasts who beat them open their mouths.

  beat! beat! beat!

  Later, Uncle Ma received the task of corporal punishment for three days on a felon who was covering up his accomplice. The felon was beaten all over by Uncle Ma. He knelt down and begged for mercy. He couldn’t help but cry, complaining about the disappointment and difficulties of his life. On the third day, when Uncle Ma walked into the prisoner’s cell again with a leather whip, he found that he had hanged himself.

  At that time, Uncle Ma realized that there are no good and bad people in this world. If there must be, then he is the most evil and unforgivable, the executioner who tortured the soul in the hell on earth and sent it to the underworld.

  Every night after that, Uncle Ma could dream of the felon who committed suicide and hanged himself, kneeling and begging for mercy, crying and crying about his tragic experience. This often caused him to wake up from nightmares, sweat profusely, or suffer from insomnia and neurasthenia. Even though he is in his seventies now, he often wakes up in the middle of the night, feeling uneasy. This is what Grandma Ma told his mother.

  Not long after, Uncle Ma left the detention center, changed jobs, and worked as a security guard in a unit until he retired. He believed in Jesus and joined Christianity. Since then, he has worshipped every week, repented bitterly, and prayed for forgiveness.

  That’s why Uncle Ma said to me that he has to be spared, and he still has room for the beast on the first floor. His soul has been sublimated, and he has a mentality of tolerance and forgiveness for the vicissitudes of the world and ordinary life.

  Of course, young and ignorant I can’t understand it at all, I’m still fucking! no, forget it…

  In the blink of an eye, I’m in my 40s. I believe that good will be rewarded with good, and evil will be rewarded with evil. People are doing it, and God is watching. The beast downstairs surnamed Shen should have died long ago. If he was still alive, He must be lying on a hospital bed with tubes inserted all over his body. Life is better than death. This is also a curse I put on him.

  I felt that I was writing and writing and writing was useless, so I went back to the topic and continued to tell the story of the growth of the goblins.

  The autumn wind rises, the leaves are yellow, the chrysanthemums are blooming, and the heart is cool.

  Foxiao left home at night and returned, tired of getting up early in the dark.

  If you are happy for your family, you will have no regrets through hardships and hardships.

  Although the family of three lives under the same roof and the parents are strangers, my mother and I have to wait for my father to return every day before we can sleep peacefully. When I grew up, I knew that every family had a hard-to-recite scripture, but I didn’t know whether the living situation in my family was sinful or helpless.

  Tonight, the night was hazy and the wind was blowing. It was past 11 o’clock and my father hadn’t come back. I was a little worried. Although the mother didn’t say anything, her fidgeting and walking back and forth already showed her inner restlessness.

  ”Go outside the community to see what’s going on with your dad. It’s so late, there should be no one outside.” My mother finally couldn’t hold back and said to me.

  In fact, I had long thought of exploring outside the community, put on my coat, jumped downstairs immediately, and ran out of the community. There were not many people in sight outside the community, and the autumn wind made people shiver. The road where the street stalls were originally set up was already empty except for the messy waste paper and garbage.

  This gave me an ominous premonition that my father should have gone home long ago, what happened. Walking along this road, there is a person sitting under the dim street lamp in the distance. The figure is very familiar. He is smoking a cigarette with his head down. Quickly ran up, walked in and saw that the toys around were scattered all over the place, many of them were trampled, and a black plastic sheet spread on the ground was slowly going away with the cold wind.

  ”Dad, what, what’s wrong?!” I don’t know if it was because my whole body was shivering from the cold wind, or my whole body was trembling because of this scene, and I even stuttered when I spoke.

  Father slowly turned his head and glanced at me, his expression was low, his eyes were moist, and the left side of his face was a little red and swollen. However, he quickly adjusted his mentality and showed a reluctant smile. He got up and put his arms around me and said, “Let’s go, let’s go home.”

  I turned my head to look at the toys scattered on the ground behind me and the plastic sheets scattered in the wind, and my eyes burst into tears. I know that something must have happened to my father, that he must have encountered some unfortunate things like a robbery by a bad guy.

  After returning home, the father went directly into his room, and the mother pulled him out of the room when he saw his miserable face. The three sat down in the living room and asked what happened.

  It turned out that when my father was setting up a street stall today, he met a local ruffian who charged him ten yuan for protection. The other stall owners around him obediently paid the money, and his father did the same. But those hooligans found out that his father was a newcomer, and asked him to pay double 20 yuan. Father obviously did not agree. They immediately slapped his father, and then smashed the floor to a shreds. All the toys were scattered on the ground. The trampled ones were trampled and the broken ones were broken. Finally, they took away the father’s wallet and returned them. Kick him to the ground.

  What’s even more chilling is that the other stall owners around them continued to run their own street stall business as if they had not seen it. The pedestrians passing by the road just glanced sideways and passed quickly, as if they were watching a play in a different world. , as if these rascals had absolute power over life and death. No one dared to resist, no one dared to make a sound, and no one dared to stay for one more second.

  Father got up from the ground and wanted to ask for help, but he didn’t expect that the stall owners around him would look at him discriminatively and asked him not to set up stalls again in the future. Those hooligans who saw that he was in a bad mood would hurt everyone.

  Hearing this, I was even more angry, how can there be so many idiots in the world, just like that classmate Wang had the same attitude after I was slashed in the Children’s Palace, asking me not to follow them, lest those bad people come behind.

  In the end, my father went to the public telephone next to the community to call the police, but he did not expect to get a reply: it is illegal to run a stall on the side of the road, and he should bear all the consequences. The police station is already very busy, and will not call the police because of this, unless there is a fight and people are injured.

  Disheartened, my father returned to the smashed booth, lit a cigarette, and couldn’t sit still. When some passersby saw this, not only did they show no pity, but they also asked their father, “Do you want these scattered toys?”

  Father looked up at them and ignored them. Unexpectedly, they began to pick them up, put some undamaged toys into their pockets, and left happily.

  What the hell is this world! I cried aloud when I heard it, I couldn’t stop crying, I wanted to kill, I wanted to kill all those people!

  There were only 80 yuan in my father’s wallet, both in denominations of one and five yuan. In order to find money conveniently, I was left with no money. After the mother listened, she took out 100 yuan from her wallet and stuffed it to her father. The father stubbornly postponed it. Finally, under the coercion of her mother, she collected the 100 yuan, washed her face and went back to the house to sleep.

  The TV tells me that society is mutual aid and people help people, but reality tells me that society is cannibalistic and people cannibalize.

  After resting at home for a few days, my father regained his energy, bought another batch of daily necessities, and started to set up a street stall again. I was afraid of losing my face in my own community, and I was afraid of encountering local gangsters outside the community, so I could only go to the next community to set up a street stall.

  I thought that I could operate with peace of mind after paying the management fee, but I didn’t expect that I would often receive counterfeit banknotes under dim lighting. Under the constant tempering of the society, my father has gradually matured. Although he has not made a lot of money, he has been working hard.

  My father is not a scumbag, he is just an ordinary person who was forced to do something against his conscience in a poor living environment. Just like the felons that Uncle Ma tortured in prison, everyone is a human being, forced by life, but helpless to do what they do.

  I love you, father.

  I love you, mother.

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