[How Goblins Are Made] Chapter 30

  Recently, classmates often discuss whether it is better to buy a brand-name computer or an assembled computer. It seems that many students are going to buy a computer. This trend is crazy.

  Some students often ask the teacher about the market conditions during the chat in class, but our beautiful computer teacher is not very agree with the matter of buying a computer.

  She told us frankly that there was no need to buy a computer for a few years of computer courses in school, which was not so exaggerated. What we learn is the basic knowledge, and the school arranges enough time for us to practice making perfect.

  However, if you have a special hobby for computers and your family’s economic conditions allow, you can indeed learn a lot of extra knowledge and technology by having a computer at home, and lay a good foundation for future work in the computer industry. Many computer geniuses have obtained certificates through self-study, and some become engineers at a young age, especially in foreign countries, there are many such talents.

  However, so far, she has not found a student with this special talent. After most students bought a computer, not only did they not study better, but they also lost their way. Minors are inherently poor in self-control. After they have a computer, they are even more unable to manage themselves. Most of the time they play games and watch movies when they have nothing to do. This is very common.

  It seems that Teacher Yin really knows the students very well. If I had a computer at home, I would definitely play games every day and pay close attention to every minute and every second. After all, I came into contact with computers because I liked playing games, and I became interested in computers, so I wanted to learn it well. If I can engage in work related to my interests in the future, it must be the happiest thing.

  In the computer room of the school, I can type more than 100 characters a minute, but I feel very bored. What’s the use of learning this thing, do I want to be a typist in the future? Teacher Yin revealed that programming-related languages ​​and grammars need to be learned in the second year of high school, which is a fucking waste of time. To sum up, the first year of high school is MSdos and UCdos and Wubi input method, no more…

  This kind of thing doesn’t need to be learned in school at all, buy two books and read it for a few days, go to a black Internet cafe to practice, and it will be done in a day or two. What’s more, computer is not the main subject in this school, English and math take up 90% of everyone’s energy, and I don’t want to go to college, why waste all this time. From the day I stepped into the school until now, there is only one feeling that education is a fucking joke.

  Anyway, Teacher Yin told me secretly that most of the people in the school could not find a job after graduation, and could only continue to study for university or college. Because what the school teaches is useless in society at all, if you want to find a job after graduation, you must learn additional technologies and knowledge yourself, especially the latest software and systems.

  Anyway, I plan to look for a job after graduation, preferably if I can find a computer-related job. Never waste your time and your parents’ money again on such a boring school.

  Teacher Yin is the kind of honest teacher I have never met. Maybe he is not much older than us, and treats us as friends. Coupled with her beauty as a flower, her beautiful appearance is as beautiful as a fairy, which I will never forget.

  But one day a tragedy happened. It was a tragedy for our whole class. We didn’t know what class we were taking that day. We were sleeping in a daze, and it was definitely not English or mathematics. Suddenly we heard the siren of the ambulance, and it was still in school.

  The classmates woke up one after another and looked out the window. I happened to be sitting by the window when I saw three men in white getting off the ambulance and rushing into the teaching building. At that time, I thought that some classmate must have passed out, or had a bad stomach or something.

  Unexpectedly, the three men in white carried a teacher out, followed by a few students, widened their eyes and saw that it was Teacher Yin!

  I wipe, what’s the situation! The whole class crowded to the window, watching the development of the situation. I saw the ambulance hurried away with Teacher Yin and left the school. The students whispered and talked a lot, what happened?

  Soon there was news that Mr. Yin suddenly passed out while giving the computer class to the next class. After class, I went to the next class with many of my classmates, and there was some blood on the floor. According to the classmates in the next class, she suddenly felt dizzy, and her nose bleeds. She held on to the podium for a while, and then fell to the ground.

  Although I didn’t see it, I can fully imagine the horror at that time. It was horrifying. Such a beautiful woman suddenly bleeds from her nose and collapsed to the ground, which is heart-wrenching. At that time, some classmates suggested that they should organize a group to see what happened to the teacher after school. Later, the head teacher stopped us and told our children not to cause trouble. Moreover, the situation is not clear now, and the teacher is still resuscitating.

  What the hell is going on here? At lunchtime, everyone was having their own guesses while eating in the cafeteria. Some say that nosebleeds are caused by overwork, and others say that they may be weak and frail. Many beautiful women are like this, and many suspicions never imagined…

  One morning a few days later, as soon as I arrived in the classroom, I found something unusual. Many people were chatting around the male Zhuang, their expressions were very low, and some people were still in tears. What’s wrong?

  When I got closer, I learned that the male Zhuang had just returned from the teacher’s office and learned that Teacher Yin had a brain tumor. The situation was not optimistic, it was malignant, and it had spread.

  Although there is no research on the disease such as tumor, when I heard that it was in my brain, I was already scared to the core, wouldn’t it kill her? Or get an operation or something, in case it doesn’t work, it becomes a vegetative state. No wonder the classmates were all depressed and serious. Like them, my eyes were wet and I returned to my seat.

  It was obvious that the whole class was a little nervous. Even in the English and math classes, everyone was still in a low mood. It seems that this has hit us a lot. During lunch time, everyone ate and discussed in the cafeteria. The best hope is that Ms. Yin will recover after a brain surgery, but that seems unrealistic, and there may be many sequelae. I hope she can take care of herself and worry-free in the future. No worries, that is our greatest wish.

  In the next few days, we all forced the male Zhuang to go to the teacher’s office to inquire about Teacher Yin’s news.

  I thought it would be a protracted battle, but I didn’t expect that bad news came just a week after she was taken away by an ambulance. That day, the strong man walked out of the teacher’s office, unable to control his emotions and burst into tears. At that time, we thought that he was spanked by Teacher Zhou again, but his sad mood did not seem to be insulted, but came from Sadness inside.

  ”Mr. Yin, passed away.” He turned his head and whispered to us.

  ”What? Don’t fucking joke, it’s not fun!” Several students in the class said in unison.

  But Nan Zhuang didn’t answer, just wiped his tears silently, sat back in his seat, said nothing, buried his head in sadness. Several other classmates and I looked at each other and couldn’t accept this reality. This must not be true. He must have made a mistake. I don’t believe it, none of us believe it, and none of us will believe it!

  After two classes in the morning, the music of eye exercises sounded on time, “For the revolution, protect eyesight, eye exercises, start now…”

  Yawning and rubbing his eyes, the music suddenly stopped, and the voice of the principal came from inside.

  ”Dear students, an important announcement is now broadcast. Our school’s outstanding teacher Yin Xiaohong passed away last night due to ineffective treatment of brain tumor spread. He misses the age of 28. The memorial ceremony for the whole school starts now, and all stand up.”

  What? The whole class was shocked, and I woke up. Everyone turned to look at Nan Zhuang, he was a little helpless, and tears filled his eyes when everyone stared at him. He really wasn’t joking, everything was like that.

  The whole class immediately threw away the things they were busy with, and stood up sternly.

  ”All in silence for three minutes, playing mourning music…”

  When the sad music sounded, I really believed that our beautiful computer teacher passed away. At that time, there were no tears in my eyes, but I was dumbfounded and stood there dumbfounded. For the first time in my life, I came into contact with the event of death, and I was at a loss.

  After the mourning, the principal continued to inform, “The principal and deputy monitor of each class in the school will participate in the on-site mourning activities in the afternoon as a representative.”

  I don’t know what class the next session is. The students have long since been unwilling to listen to the lecture. Such a beautiful teacher, it is so unfair that he passed away so early.

  My mind is filled with Teacher Yin’s beautiful figure and sweet smile, lingering like tears and unforgettable like a brand.

  After lunch, the strong man and the black girl hurried downstairs, watching them get into a van with the representatives of other classes and leave the school. We stood in the aisle of the school, looking down at the white van disappearing at the turn. In fact, I really wanted to go there and see this beautiful teacher for the last time, but I was scared because I had never seen a dead person before, and I was afraid that it would destroy the good impression she had in my mind.

  I have never participated in the on-site memorial ceremony. Maybe it should be like the one on the TV series, crying and screaming, and it is miserable.

  At 3 o’clock in the afternoon, the male strong and the black girl came back. I guess the scene must be very miserable. Their eyes were red, they must be moved by the atmosphere of the scene, and they could not help but burst into tears.

  A group of us gathered around the man and kept asking questions. Later, we learned that we also saw Mr. Yin’s children under the age of two at the memorial meeting. The whole family was crying and crying. It was really a tragedy in the world.

  Although they didn’t come to the scene in person, but after listening to the description of the man, everyone’s eyes were wet, their expressions were low, and they didn’t want to play. They went home after school.

  This incident is still fresh in my memory. Maybe it was the beauty of this beautiful teacher that attracted me deeply. Maybe it was the first time in my life that I experienced the true meaning of a bad life. Maybe it was the first secret love in my life.

  This article is also dedicated to my beautiful computer teacher Yin who has passed away for a long time. May she be carefree, happy and beautiful in heaven. If she is still alive, she should be a woman in her 50s. When I leave this world, I will definitely visit her and talk about the past and life.

  Nine times out of ten, life is unsatisfactory, but there are at least one or two things to enjoy.

  One day, when I came home from school, I found that my mother had come home early and was sitting in the living room ordering money. Wow, a lot of money, what the hell happened?

  My mother smiled and said to me, “This is the money to buy you a computer, and now it’s 4,000 yuan.”

  At first I was excited and full of joy, and then my eyes were wet and tears were streaming down my face. This is my mother’s salary for three months from waking up early every day! It shouldn’t be! sin…

  In this way, I will have a computer soon, and I will be reborn as a whole person.

  Later, when my father came back from get off work, he also took out a pile of banknotes and counted them. The total was 1,600 yuan. It was the money I saved over the past few months and the money I earned from the stalls that I gave to my mother and put it into my computer purchase fund.

  I was so excited that I couldn’t eat or speak. A poor family like us didn’t even have a refrigerator or an air conditioner, so I was about to buy a computer. It seemed that my parents had high expectations for me. This moved me and was also stressful. Mountain big.

  But 6,600 yuan can’t buy a computer, so my mother suggested to borrow some money from relatives first and buy the computer first, so that the study time can’t be delayed, so I can make money and pay it back slowly. It was rare for my parents to hit it off. They each arranged a time to go home and borrow money from relatives. The plan to buy a computer was brought forward all of a sudden, which made me so excited that I couldn’t sleep for a week.

  Before the computer was bought into the house, he started chattering in the class, showing off that his family was going to buy a computer, and the classmates were very envious. At the same time, I had a common topic with several other students who were about to buy a computer. There was a sudden wave of computer buying in the class. Everyone wanted to buy a computer and concentrated on researching the market conditions.

  Most people’s choice is to buy an assembled machine. Like our computer majors, how can we buy a brand computer? What kind of goods is a brand computer, I have already talked about it before, everyone is in the industry, and they can see it clearly.

  The first question is, where should I buy the computer? Everyone was silent, and there was no answer. It seemed that we idiots were just people who could play games with computers. From this point of view, the most professional student in the class was Xiao Jin. He told us how to buy parts for assembling computers, as well as some market conditions. After that, we learned that the computer was purchased in a place called the electronic market.

  What is the electronic market? What is it for? At everyone’s request, Xiaojin led us to the electronic market after school for a half-day sightseeing tour.

  Under his leadership, more than a dozen students rode bicycles and arrived at the electronic market not far from the school in less than 20 minutes. The surrounding environment is a bit desolate, a market is isolated in it, and there are four big characters on it, Electronic Market.

  A few of us parked the bicycles at the entrance of the market, and tied them firmly together, for fear of being stolen, because from the outside, this market is a bit dilapidated and cold, although it has three floors, it is not like that kind of bicycle market and The crowds of people in the vegetable market may be because of the unpopular product market.

  As soon as I entered the gate, I saw a few people wearing the same school uniform shaking inside. It seems that there are usually quite a lot of students here. But why are the first floor all low-end electronics like neon diodes and circuit boards? Is this where computers are sold? I can’t believe it. In my opinion, something as high-end and high-end as a computer has to be sold in a formal and stylish store, and this market is like a second-hand trading center.

  Passing by the stalls one by one, some of the stall owners are chatting about their daily life, while others are watching TV with melon seeds. It seems that the business is cold, thinking about it, who would buy these messy electronic circuit boards, which are useful…

  A group of us followed Xiao Jin up to the second floor. The second floor was even more deserted. Half of the booths were empty and the booths were being rented. After passing through these empty stalls, I saw a row of popular storefronts, saying it was a storefront, but in fact it was just a counter in the stall.

  I wandered in and looked left and right. There were a lot of computer cases, second-hand hardware, and old laptops in the booth. Some people were disassembling and assembling with screwdrivers, as if they were dismantling some useful hardware and assembling them into a new one. computer. Everyone in the booth was busy with their heads down, and they didn’t have time to take care of our little boys.

  In the end, classmate Xiaojin took us to a booth. The booth was not big, two people were busy assembling computers, and two accountants were counting the finances. I saw him go in and chat a few words with an uncle wearing glasses, and the uncle walked out with a smile on his face. It turned out that Xiao Jin’s second-hand computer was bought here, and the boss helped him to assemble the hardware that took a long time to assemble into a usable computer.

  ”Hello, classmates, are you all going to buy a computer?” The uncle wearing glasses smiled and handed out the business cards to us one by one.

  After getting the business card, he looked down and said, “Tsinghua Peking University Computer Hardware Co., Ltd., general manager, Zhao Tianhua.”

  It’s strange to say that at that time, the names of computer companies all had the word “Tsinghua” in their names. People who don’t understand, think they are all one company, as if it can’t be a computer company without the word Tsinghua.

  We nodded to Zhao Tianhua, who was wearing glasses and had a simple and honest face, with the helpless and confused expression on his face that he should have when buying a computer for the first time.

  Seeing such an expression, he was relieved and chatted with us like brothers, asking us what kind of computer we wanted to buy, what our budget was and when we planned to buy it.

  After a while of our gossip, he clearly found out that we are all little kids who don’t understand computer hardware. Although he is a computer professional, he does not know anything about professional knowledge. When it comes to games, it’s rhetorical. It seems that they are all people who can only play games with a computer, and only play games with a computer.

  It’s all to blame at our school, it’s been almost a year, what the hell are the computer majors teaching, Ms dos, UC dos and the Wubi input method… It’s a fucking sin.

  Although Zhao Tianhua introduced us to the latest CPU and memory and other related hardware knowledge, and told us that the computer configuration has three grades: mid-range, high-end and low-end, we still looked at each other, confused and ignorant.

  In the end, he took the configuration sheet and wrote three computer configurations, namely high-end configuration, mid-end configuration and low-end configuration. A few of our classmates have one share. For such a big thing, we must take it back and show it to our parents.

  I took a computer configuration sheet with a mid-range configuration, and it was densely written with a lot of hardware names. I didn’t know it at all. I didn’t expect the hardware to be so complicated. I admire Xiao Jin more and more. He is really knowledgeable. He bought second-hand hardware at the cheapest price and assembled it into a usable computer. Talent.

  I vaguely remember that the computer configuration sheet said that the CPU is mmx166, the memory is 16mb, the hard disk is 2.1gb, the motherboard is ASUS, the optical drive and floppy drive are unknown, the chassis and power supply are unknown, and the total price is 9255 yuan. The 55 yuan was also deducted, and the price was re-marked at 9,200 yuan, saying that we were all children and giving us a cheap student discount.

  At that time, I was holding the configuration sheet, my hands trembled slightly, I was a little overwhelmed, and my heart was beating violently. This is really a sky-high price, so expensive!

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