[Drunken Jasmine]Chapter 9 – Nemesis

  I remember when I was in high school, the first time I skipped class, I didn’t go to school and just hung out. I found that all the people outside were busy with their work, and I felt very free when I thought that my classmates should still be struggling in the classroom. It felt like they were all prisoners in a cage and I stayed out of it.

  That’s the smell of freedom, and now I feel it again.

  ”Why are you at the door of the director’s office?” I turned my head and asked her curiously.

  ”Brother Xiong passed by my office, made a gesture to me, and pointed at the director’s office. I didn’t know what was going on, so I came out to take a look.” She drove the car steadily, turning her head and showing a smug smile.

  Brother Xiong, Brother Xiong, you are like a double-faced undercover agent. You always save me at critical moments. I am really grateful.

  ”Where do you want to go?”, she said to me, looking into the distance, like a bird just out of its cage.

  ”I, I don’t know, it’s good to sit next to you and look at the flowers and plants outside.” Watching her driving is really intoxicating, so handsome, goddess.

  ”Foguang Mountain is in front, let’s go there to play.” She pointed to the front with a childlike smile.

  ”Okay!” I nodded excitedly. In fact, you can go anywhere, and feel that being with her is always warm and sweet.

  She drives now, steadily, and no longer has the same fuss as before. Looking at the blue sky and white clouds, small streams, flowers and grass, flying birds, wild cats on the roadside. It feels as if I have been reborn, what kind of unlucky days have passed before!

  The car passed through a forest, the air was very fresh, and I took a deep breath. It was very fragrant, full of jasmine flowers.

  She turned on the radio in the car, and a song was playing in it, which was perfect for the occasion! “Free to fly”

            fly freely in your heart

            Bright starlight wanders forever

            The direction of the way shines in my heart

            The far frontiers follow me to the far

  After parking the car at the foot of Foguang Mountain, we walked up the mountain step by step, hand in hand, just like a sister taking her brother home.

  ”Have you been here before?”, she pulled me towards the mountain, the breeze blowing her long hair, a pair of sparkling earrings dazzling in the sun.

  ”Yeah, I’ve been here before. But this time it feels very different.” I took a deep breath and climbed a few steps in a row.

  ”really? Why?”

  ”I feel very relaxed, very happy, and very free.”

  ”Haha, me too!”

  Passing by the pedestrians who are going down the mountain, they will all look back at the woman who is like a flower and jade, and then look at the boy she is pulling, feeling out of place.

  The scenery along the way, I feel relieved, and there is no trace of fatigue. I remember before, I climbed up sweating profusely with my classmates. But today, it is as nimble and nimble as a bird, jumping up and down.

  On the top of the mountain after the snow, there are still remnants of snow, and gusts of cool wind blow, but there is no trace of coldness.

  I’ve never been here on weekdays, it’s usually a holiday and it’s crowded. Unexpectedly, on weekdays, it is so leisurely, except for some old people who are fitness, there are no tourists who travel.

  We wandered aimlessly, quiet in a kind of free-spirited happiness.

  We came to a big Buddha, which exudes the solemn and solemn atmosphere unique to Buddhism.

  She raised her head and looked up at the Buddha statue. After thinking deeply for a while, she slowly took a step forward, knelt down with her hands folded, and prayed, “I pray for the Lord’s blessing. May Xiao Su always be healthy and happy, have a successful career, turn bad luck into good luck, and stay away from disaster.” , Under the warm winter sun, the corner of her eyes flashed, and a tear appeared in her eyes.

  Looking at her sincere prayer, she suddenly felt a little wet in her eyes, as if it was too late to meet. I also knelt down with my hands folded and prayed, “May Zhang Nini always be healthy and happy, free, carefree, and have a happy marriage.”

  After speaking, she turned her head and thought she would be happy. But why did she suddenly cry, two sad tears flowed from her beautiful and charming cheeks. I was terrified, did I say something wrong? This is the first time I see her cry, why is she crying?

  Soon, she wiped away her tears, smiled at me, and said calmly, “Let’s go.”

  The happy atmosphere suddenly became heavy. We sat down in the small pavilion on the top of the mountain and looked at the bustling city under the mountain. We felt that we had to face reality in the end.

  ”What are you going to do next?”, she tidied her hair that was ruffled by the wind.

  ”Find a new job, a job I like, a job I love, I have professional skills, it’s that simple.” I held my chin and watched her comb her long hair.

  ”I want to continue to draw, I like to draw.” She put on a ponytail and turned her head with a bright smile.

  ”Okay, then you can become a painter. I will buy all your paintings.” I smiled triumphantly.

  ”Haha, is that so? Why?” She tilted her head, revealing a mischievous smile.

  ”One day, you became famous. At that time, when you sold all your paintings, you made a fortune, haha!” I raised my head and laughed.

  ”Then, what if I wasn’t famous?” She looked at me with her big beautiful eyes and gave me a deliberate wink.

  ”That’s also a fortune, haha. No one in the world knows that I have collected all the works of a famous painter. This is the priceless wealth of my life.” I looked at her watery eyes and answered solemnly she.

  She smiled brightly, her eyes rolled mischievously, and asked, “Then do you want me to be famous? Or not?”

  After thinking for a while, he shook his head and said, “I still don’t want you to be famous. If you are too famous, you can’t afford your paintings.”

  ”If I can’t be famous, my paintings can’t sell or make money, so how can I live?” She pouted mischievously and squinted at me with a frown.

  ”I can make money to support you, no problem.” I put my hands on my hips and looked at her with a smug look.

  ”Ha! Can you support me?” She covered her mouth and laughed loudly, with joy and tears.

  ”Of course, your expenses are not too big. If you give you a pen and a piece of paper, you can stay at home for a day.” I pointed at her and said solemnly.

  ”What! I really want to bite you! Do you know how to draw!” She laughed in the wind, crying with joy. Tears gleamed with happiness in the sun.

  I shut my mouth and stopped talking. I knew I would be ashamed in front of a professional painter like her.

  But she kept laughing and couldn’t stop laughing.

  She smiled so cutely, so brilliantly, so beautifully, I wanted to kiss her.

  No, no, I’m overthinking it. I know, it’s lunchtime and I’m hungry.

  ”Are you hungry? I’ll treat you to dinner.” I said to her, pointing to the bustling city below the mountain.

  ”Well, I’m starving.” She pursed her lips mischievously and nodded to me.

  ”What would you like to eat?”

  ”Buffet! Eat inside for an afternoon!”

  ”Okay! Let’s go!”

  I pulled her up, who was sitting on the ground, and rushed down the mountain to a cafeteria in the city.

  ”Wow, there’s no one in the whole restaurant, just the two of us! We’ve reserved the room.” I looked at her with my mouth open, and whispered in surprise.

  ”Haha, yes, it’s all working hours, no one.” She looked at me excitedly and nodded.

  The whole restaurant seems to be prepared for us, we are like princesses and princes in fairy tales, sitting in the middle and devouring our meals.

  We laughed and laughed while eating a feast.

  ”Buffet! We must eat until we lean out against the wall.” She whispered to me, chewing her food. A girl with a princess-like temperament, like a wolf, is really cute.

  ”Haha, yes.”, my mouth was full of food, like a naughty child.

  Finally, we came out leaning against the wall. The two swaying people hugged each other’s waists, looking like they were drunk, but they were too full to walk. I have never eaten so full, so happy.

  There is a big movie poster at the door, sweet and sweet.

  ”Come on, I’ll invite you to a movie.” She dragged me into the cinema.

  watch movie? Suddenly I feel so strange, I haven’t seen a movie in the cinema for a long time. I think watching a movie is an activity between couples, but we are in the same breath and intimacy, it’s not that kind of feeling.

  ”My God, there are only three or four people in the entire cinema, how could this be?” I said to her in surprise.

  ”Haha, they are all working, going to work, studying, who will come to the movies, and they are booked by us again.” She smiled like a little girl.

  In the dimly lit theater, she watched the movie seriously, and I watched her seriously. We didn’t hug and watch movies together, it was a couple’s behavior, and we were more like siblings.

  A couple, sitting not far in front of us. We can see them kissing each other from time to time, which makes us feel embarrassed and funny, but very envious of them.

  It was already night after the movie came out, but our stomachs were full and we couldn’t eat dinner.

  ”Do you want to go home? I’ll take you home.” I said to her, looking up at the starry sky.

  ”Haha, how did you send me back?”, she spun around in front of me mischievously.

  ”You drive back, and I’m sitting next to you to take you back. When you get home, I’ll take the bus back home. What’s so funny?”

  ”Stupid? Of course, I’ll put you down first, and then I’ll go home. That’s the way to go.”

  ”Looks like it’s really hard to take you home.”

  ”I don’t want to go back, let’s go have coffee.” She raised her head and pointed to a nearby cafe.

  ”I, I’ve never had coffee.”

  ”Stop talking nonsense, let’s go!”, she dragged me into the cafe.

  ”I want a cappuccino, give him a chocolate mocha.” She smiled and nodded to the waiter.

  This is the first time I have been to a coffee shop. I feel magnificent and unique. I looked around and found that a couple of couples are enjoying coffee romantically.

  I found that some people peeped at us from time to time, and felt that there was a pair of sisters and brothers there, which seemed very discordant. A beautiful woman who is all over the country and a sloppy yellow-haired boy, aren’t they sisters and brothers, are they a couple? This is totally impossible.

  ”I’ll give you a little more chocolate, and a little more sugar, and it’ll be delicious, try it out,” she told me, stirring the coffee cup.

  I picked up the coffee cup and smelled it. Is this chocolate? Why is it all jasmine scented?

  After taking a sip, wow, what a sweet jasmine tea.

  ”Why, you always smell of flowers?” I asked curiously, putting down the coffee cup.

  ”What? Really? Is there? I never wear perfume.” She looked at me with strange eyes and answered blankly.

  After listening to her answer, I felt that I must be confused, maybe it wasn’t the scent of flowers, it was a feeling for her.

  ”Actually, sometimes, I think you also have a smell.” She looked at me solemnly.

  ”What does it taste like?” I asked dumbly.

  ”The smell of a newborn kitten, zealot.”

  ”Haha! Xilan cat, he is a novelist, and his personal homepage is the pinyin of Xilan cat, xixi, lanlan, mao cat, point resistance!”

  But not long after, I suddenly felt so sleepy that I couldn’t open my eyes. Must be intoxicated, this cup of jasmine coffee is so intoxicating.

  ”Didn’t you say that the more coffee you drink, the more energetic you are? Why do you feel so sleepy and can’t open your eyes.” I yawned and said to her.

  ”Ah! It’s your first time drinking coffee? Maybe you drink too much, you have a coffee allergy, and the symptoms are just wanting to sleep.” She looked at me with a frown and said. Really can’t believe there are still people drunk from coffee.

  My mind slowly came to a standstill, my eyes were sluggish, and my eyes were slowly closing, and my whole person was dumbfounded.

  ”Are you really going to sleep? My God! Let’s go, I’ll take you home.” She pulled me up and dragged me out of the cafe.

  But I felt as if I had fallen asleep, dreaming of being in the cradle, shaking, shaking, shaking, sleeping sweetly and sweetly, lying in the sea of ​​jasmine flowers.

  Just when I was sleeping soundly, why did the cradle stop? I opened my eyes and saw a very familiar environment. Isn’t this downstairs in my house? Turning around, she looked at me with a smile on her face.

  ”You’re awake, you’re really drunk, you’re so cute. People are drunk with alcohol, but you’re drunk with coffee. Do you want to help you upstairs?” She touched my head, playfully said.

  When I looked at the clock in the car, it was already 9 o’clock in the evening. God, I slept for so long. But I still felt sleepy and wanted to go upstairs and continue to sleep.

  ”Hehe, good night.” After speaking, he staggered out of the car and went upstairs.

  Seeing her laughing all the time, laughing all the time, laughing at me was actually drunk by coffee.

  As soon as he entered the house, he didn’t think much about anything, fell on the bed, and continued to dream.

  In the end is the coffee intoxicating, or jasmine intoxicating, I do not know, it is drunk anyway. It turned out that people fell asleep with a smile when they were drunk.

  Only later did I find out that Ni Ni drove home and found Zhou Shijun’s car parked in front of the house, and felt a bad premonition.

  She hesitated for a while in the car, and there was a reason why she couldn’t go back to her own home, so she calmly got out of the car and entered her house.

  The moment she opened the door, the atmosphere at home was completely different from what she expected. Zhou Shijun was chatting happily with her parents and talking about it.

  ”You’re back, Xiao Zhou has been waiting for you for a long time! The phone seems to be turned off when I call you.” Ni Ni’s father was pouring tea for Zhou Shijun.

  ”She must have forgot to charge her phone, she often does.” Zhou Shijun raised his two short eyebrows and explained to her with a smile.

  ”Come on, sit down, we are discussing, the two families will meet for a meal on weekends and set the wedding date.” Ni Ni’s father pointed to the sofa.

  Ni Ni took a deep breath and reluctantly sat down beside his father.

  ”You should be fine on weekend nights, right? No matter what happens, let’s put it off first. We have a family dinner on weekends.” Ni Ni’s father took a deep breath with his pipe in his mouth, and said cautiously.

  Ni Ni sat on the side without saying a word, but there was no need for her to speak, everything had been arranged.

  ”Then it’s settled, Uncle Zhang, it’s getting late, I’m going to go back first.” Zhou Shijun got up politely, ready to go home. In front of Zhang’s family, his image is completely different, I really don’t know that is his true face.

  ”Okay, then be careful on the road. Ni Ni, you can show him off, he has been waiting for you for a long time.” Ni Ni’s father got up to open the door, turned his head and said.

  Ni Ni helplessly looked up at Zhou Shijun, but Zhou Shijun looked at her with a smile and said, “Come on, I just want to tell you something.”

  Ni Ni got up and followed out, her face expressionless, but she knew in her heart that it must have something to do with the work of the unit today, and she was already prepared.

  The winter night was indeed a bit cold, and Zhou Shijun invited her to sit in the car.

  He lowered the window, lit a cigarette, took a deep breath, and exhaled a puff of smoke out the window.

  He pondered for a while, frowned, turned to look at Ni Ni, and said unsmilingly, “No matter what happened, I will forgive you. I will not investigate the relationship between you and which boy, as long as you Marry me next month, and don’t have any dealings with him anymore, I’ll just pretend it didn’t happen. But let’s face it, if you’re still entangled with him, I’ll kill him and let him stay here Can’t stay in the city.”

  Ni Ni raised her head and stared at him with wide eyes, her face turned pale.

  ”You know, I’m all for your own good, all for your family’s good. You really don’t want to do this job, you can do something else, or you can start over with your paintings. But you can’t hang around with a kid. , what is that?” Zhou Shijun took a deep breath, scratched his forehead, and looked at her without looking sideways.

  Ni Ni turned her head and looked out the window, staring at the starry sky without saying a word, taciturn.

  ”Don’t think about it any more. Our two families sit down for a meal on the weekend, set the wedding date, and this matter will be over.” Zhou Shijun breathed another cigarette out the window and said calmly.

  ”Okay, I’ve made it clear what I should say. You’re not too young, you should be sensible.” Zhou Shijun threw the cigarette butt out of the window and started the car.

  Ni Ni got out of the car and walked back to the house, without saying a word, she didn’t say a word from beginning to end. She is not afraid, she is worried that Zhou Shijun will find trouble with others.

  Zhou Shijun looked at Ni Ni’s back home and felt that everything was still under control. How could a little kid be as powerful and powerful as him? Of course not. He stepped on the accelerator and walked away in peace.

  Ni Ni went back to her room, sat for a while, picked up the brush, and continued to create her new painting, blue sky, green grass, and two people. But there was an uneasy look on her cheeks.

  The phone rang for a while, and it was so noisy that I just fell asleep not long ago.

  ”Hello.” Brother Xiong’s voice came from the opposite side.

  ”Brother Xiong?” I said, rubbing my eyes.

  ”Well, are you still sleeping? It’s noon, I guess you won’t come back to work again.” Brother Xiong’s tone was a little regretful.

  ”Yes, Brother Xiong, thank you for always taking care of me like this.”

  ”You’re welcome, you’re a capable young man with skills and strength. I’ve always been optimistic about you, and I didn’t see you wrong, amazing!”


  ”There was a rumor in the unit today that you stole someone else’s wife. Everyone in the building saw you leaving hand in hand.” Brother Xiong lowered his voice and said.

  ”That, it’s not like that, really.” I don’t know how to say it.

  ”I contacted Boss He from Computer City in the morning. He has been in great need of help to assemble the computer recently. If you want to go, go directly to him in the afternoon. I won’t say more about your friends who are very familiar.”

  ”Oh, I see. I still want to take a rest for a few days, hehe.”

  ”Okay, no more to say, hang up.” Brother Xiong whispered.

  ”Well, Zhang Nini, has she come to work?”

  ”Of course not anymore. Didn’t you kidnap me? Why are you still asking me. Ha, hang up, handsome guy.”

  ”Goodbye, Brother Xiong.”

  It turned out that she really stopped going to work and started painting at home? It’s fine, live for her ideals, I know she will.

  I also have to work hard for my ideals and not become a prisoner in a cage! Get up, scrub, go to the computer city, and find Lao He.

  The computer city is always so lively. After all, it is new technology and new products. Everyone is loyal to this industry. The business is very good, but it is manpower, but skilled workers. If you can bring more customers and business, you can really become rich overnight!

  ”You’re here! It’s great to hear that you’ve quit your job in the unit! Stop talking nonsense, help me first, I’m going crazy here.” As soon as he entered his shop, Lao He was right. I shouted.

  ”It’s not what you think, I, that…”, I was about to explain it to Lao He.

  ”Don’t push me, I didn’t see that I was installing the machine. I’m so busy. Hurry up! Enter the battle! It’s the same, a 50, kill!” Lao He said and threw me a packer tool.

  It seems to be really busy. Even Boss He is assembling the computer by himself. This is really a booming business. I picked up a configuration sheet for a computer and immediately got into the fight. Boss He is a shrewd and capable person, and his business is getting bigger and bigger. He never hired workers who installed machines. He either did the work himself or gave it to his classmates and friends. In this way, even if business is not good that day, there is no need to overpay idle workers.

  ”If you have time, learn about the operation of the market. I will open a branch later, and you can help me guard it.” Lao He whispered to me while busy.

  ”No, business is so good? Good enough to open a sub-base?”, I was really surprised.

  ”Well, it’s a big market right now. It’s estimated that after three years, it will gradually fade away. There are still fewer people in this industry, and the demand is huge. I guarantee that the income here is twice as much as your unit.” , Lao He patted me on the shoulder and said to me seriously, it doesn’t seem like a lie.

  ”Oh, good.” I bowed my head and started to assemble the computer, entering a combat state.

  As I said before, in the work of installing machines, one person has limited time, and at most five or six machines can be installed in a day. It’s the limit, it can’t be more. It seems that he is still going to open his own shop just like Lao He. It’s good, let’s learn from market experience first.

  Soon, the two computers were assembled. In order to make money, I was full of energy and transformed! Super Saiyan! continue working!

  ”Your girlfriend is here!” Lao He shouted to me with a wicked smile, shaking his eyebrows and showing his teeth.

  my girlfriend? Where is my girlfriend from? When I turned around, it was her!

  A jasmine flower stood at the door of the store, tilted its head and waved at me with a smile.

  ”She, she is my sister.” I swallowed and said to Lao He calmly.

  ”You are stupid! I’m not stupid.” Lao He shook the screwdriver in his hand and said to me seriously, with a bit of ridicule.

  ”Why are you here?”, I immediately put down the tools, flew in front of her, and scratched my scalp with a smirk.

  ”I called your house and no one answered. I called Brother Xiong and he told me.” She looked at the busy scene around the store with a hint of shyness. It feels a bit reckless to come to me directly like this, after all, this store is not opened by her family. It’s not like in the planning and design institute, everyone has to let her.

  ”Well, wait for me, I’ll be busy right away, I’ll invite you to dinner.” I shook the screwdriver in my hand a few times and continued to work with my head down.

  Like a kitten, she sat obediently beside me, holding her head to watch me work. Her lipstick for today is pale pink, her lips are shimmering, and a pair of Mickey Mouse earrings is especially childish. Coupled with a simple ponytail and leisurely sportswear, she is as youthful as a girl, pure and lovely.

  ”Why don’t you buy a cell phone?” She raised her head and looked at me, pointing to the pile of cell phones on the counter next to her.

  ”Mobile phone? No one called me, I don’t need it.” I was busy plugging in a graphics card, screwing in the screws, turning my head and saying to her.

  ”Me, I’ll call you.” She whispered with a charming smile.

  ”He! It’s always been like this, it’s mysterious, and I never use a mobile phone.” Lao He shouted.

  ”Oh, that’s it, you are so tugging.” She frowned and tilted her head to look at me with a strange smile.

  ”Come on, I have so many brands of mobile phones here, you can help him choose one.” Lao He pointed to his mobile phone counter and said.

  ”Haha, that’s great!” She happily jumped up and jumped over.

  ”That’s it, Ericsson’s, it looks good.” She picked up a mobile phone and said triumphantly.

  ”Well, beauty, you have a good eye, this is good! Now take your mobile phone and go to the first floor. There is a telecommunications store, and it has not closed yet. Immediately select a number for him to open.” Lao He smiled wickedly.

  ”Ha, okay. How much is it?” She picked up the phone and shook it in front of Lao He.

  ”Don’t worry, I will deduct the money from his salary. Haha, I sold a mobile phone.” Lao He laughed and turned around to applaud everyone proudly.

  ”Haha, you really know how to do business!” She hugged the phone case and went downstairs with a smile.

  ”I, you, this…” I looked around and was speechless.

  Not long after, she jumped up, like a rabbit, put the phone and the list in front of me, looked at me triumphantly, revealed two small dimples, and said with a smile, “It’s already opened. Now, the number has been selected, and the call fee is all paid by me, you are not allowed to take it or not to pick up.”

  ”Well, sometimes, I find that you are also quite naughty.” I took the phone and nodded helplessly.

  ”Old He, what time do you get off work? It’s almost 5 o’clock in the afternoon.” I turned around and complained while frowning.

  ”Fuck off work, you’re so busy, all you earn is wasted money!” Lao He shouted from a pile of cabinets.

  ”Ah? How long will you be busy then?”

  ”At 8 o’clock in the evening, the lunch box will come in a while, eat it and go on! Come on, boy!” Lao He gave me a thumbs up, nodded and smiled at me.

  ”Why don’t you go back first.” I turned to look at her and said helplessly.

  ”No, I’ll just watch you work. I’m fine. After a while, I’ll take you back.” She rested her head in one hand, and turned the disc on the table naughty with the other.

  ”The boxed lunch is here, classmates, eat in 10 minutes, and continue to fight!” Lao He pointed to the takeaway aunt at the door and shouted.

  ”Go eat quickly.” Lao He handed us two lunch boxes.

  ”Ha, do I have a share too?” She took the box lunch in surprise.

  ”Of course, you are a supervisor, you stay here, this kid works very fast. You are still a facade, you stay in my shop, you see, more and more people passing by are looking at our shop, I’d better come every day, haha. No, you just helped me sell a mobile phone, I have to thank you, so let’s take a commission. You can help me get some customers to buy computers, I’ll give you more Commission.” Lao He gulps and sprays rice grains, just like Brother Xiong, said excitedly.

  ”Then, thank you.” She smiled slightly and picked up two lunch boxes. The two of us sat down at a small table on the side and began to chew slowly.

  ”Ha, I feel like a migrant worker on the side of the road. I start squatting down to eat at mealtime.” I chewed my rice.

  ”What’s wrong with migrant workers, it’s honorable to work hard to make money.” She elegantly put the vegetables into her mouth and chewed slowly.

  ”I’ll take you to eat something good later.”

  ”No, this box lunch is very good, and I’m not that delicate. Although this dish is not as good as me, it should be so-so.”

  She looked very elegant at dinner today, chewing slowly. Compared with the buffet that day, it was completely different. She picked up a few green peppers with chopsticks and put them in my lunch box. She smiled mischievously. It seems that she doesn’t eat green peppers.

  There were whispers from behind, which could be heard clearly.

  ”This is his sister? Impossible.”

  ”He said it was his sister, why is it impossible?”

  ”It’s definitely not his sister that they are looking at each other when they eat.”

  ”Well, it’s her girlfriend, but it feels much older than him.”

  She seemed to have heard it too, and there was a hint of shyness on her face. But I felt so happy, holding a box of jasmine flowers and eating with big mouthfuls. No, it’s a lunch box.

  After eating, she continued to work. She helped clean up the garbage in the store, threw it into the trash can outside, and wandered around looking around.

  With her, Qingqing me, time flies so fast, in a blink of an eye it’s eight o’clock in the evening.

  ”Classmates, get out of class! Computer City is about to close, everyone will fight tomorrow!” Lao He shouted as he turned off the lights and closed the door.

  It was really the same as when the get out of class was over. A group of students rushed out of the computer city with their schoolbags on their backs. We came to the parking lot, ready to go home.

  Lao He rode an electric bike past us, shouting, “Damn it! Four circles! You guys are awesome! Haha. You are the boss.” He walked away.

  ”Haha, this old man is so funny!” She started the car with a smile and drove out of the parking lot of Computer City steadily.

  ”I installed a total of five computers today.” I moved my fingers, turned my head and said with a smile.

  ”Great, come on.” She turned her head and glanced at me, smiling happily.

  Soon after arriving downstairs at my house, she turned to look at me, paused for a while, and asked, “I’ll pick you up tomorrow and take you to work?”

  ”Ha, it sounds good, it’s good. However, I don’t want you to waste too much time, you can do your own thing, I’m not a child.”, I opened the door to get out of the car.

  ”Well, I’ll come to see you when I have time in the afternoon and have dinner together. Anyway, I don’t have to go to work now.”

  ”Um, okay.”

  ”That, that, see you tomorrow.”

  ”Okay, call me when you get home.” I got out of the car and watched her leave.

  ”No, I’ll send you a text message on my cell phone. Haha.” She smiled and left.

  I looked up at the starry sky, life is really unpredictable. I was just fired yesterday, and I am working happily today. So happy to be with her, I really hope she doesn’t marry that devil, alas.

  No, maybe I’m thinking too much.

  Lying in bed, studying the phone. I used to think that the phone was useless, and no one contacted me. Now it seems that it is really needed.

  ”I’m home, good night, I wish you a good dream. If you can’t type on your phone, you don’t need to reply. Haha.”, a text message from her.

  I rely on, typing on the phone is really troublesome. After researching for a long time, I finally got it. I simply replied with two words, “Received.”

  ”Haha.” She sent another short message.

  ”Good night, I can already type.” I typed for a long time.

  ”Haha, good night.” From the text, she felt like she was happy. Well, I’m pretty happy too.

  ”Asleep?”, another text message, endless.

  ”Well, I’m already asleep.” I yawned.

  ”How did you reply to text messages when you fell asleep?”

  ”I closed my eyes and replied.”

  ”How do you read my text messages with your eyes closed?”

  . . . . . .

  Close your eyes, open your eyes, get up, scrub, go!

  Although the computer city is busy with work every day, the income is really much higher than in the unit. Fortunately, I am very happy. In a blink of an eye, another morning has passed. After eating the lunch, continue to work hard!

  ”Ah, you’re here. Why are you here? This kid has been absent-minded at work all morning.” He heard Lao He shout.

  Looking up, she walked over leisurely and smiled at me. Today she wore lilac lipstick, a light-colored suit, and a pink bobby pin. It exudes the charm of a mature woman, without losing the elegance of the public, and it also has the liveliness and cuteness of a girl.

  I looked around, lowered my head calmly, and continued to work.

  She just obediently stayed by the side, watching me busy without saying a word.

  ”Girl, do you have hard disks for sale here?”, an uncle’s voice came over us.

  ”Ah? I, I don’t know, I don’t work here.” She turned her head and smiled, answering awkwardly.

  ”Oh, that’s fine.” Uncle looked at her with a smile, ready to leave.

  ”Wait a minute, wait a minute.” Lao He rushed out and shouted.

  ”What do you want to buy?”

  ”hard disk.”

  ”Yes, yes, there is everything, see the details inside.” Lao He bent down and smiled and asked the uncle to come in and sit down.

  ”I came in when I saw a beautiful woman, but it wasn’t from your store.” The uncle stared at Ni Ni and said with a smile.

  ”Of course she is in our store. She is our signboard. She is only responsible for attracting customers, not selling things, haha.” Lao He joked.

  ”Haha, no wonder I was tricked in by you guys.” Uncle covered his face, a little embarrassed.

  The uncle paid the money, took the hard drive and left. Before leaving, he looked at her and shouted, “Let’s go, girl.”

  ”Go slowly,” she replied politely.

  ”Haha, why don’t you just sit at the front counter, help me attract the attention of customers, pull them in to buy things, and give you a commission for selling everything. Anyway, you are idle when you are idle.” Lao He said to her ecstatically. .

  ”Ah? Haha, but I don’t understand.” She showed an embarrassed expression.

  ”It’s okay, it’s okay, it’s very simple, you just sit at the door, as long as someone looks at you, you ask him, do you want to buy a computer? As long as he doesn’t shake his head, you take him inside. As long as he places an order and pays If you buy a computer, a customer will give you 50 yuan. You are so beautiful, don’t waste it.” Lao He pointed to a stool at the counter at the door.

  ”Haha, then, well, I’ll try.” She straightened her hair and sat down at the counter.

  Sure enough, everyone who passed by looked at her, she blushed a little, and I felt a little annoyed.

  However, a lot of people really came up to chat up a few words and ask about the goods, and she really brought in a lot of customers. Some buy hardware, some install computers!

  Turning around, Lao He was happily counting the money beside him.

  As a result, three computers were assembled in one afternoon. She has attracted customers who have placed orders for six computers and sold many other computer accessories, mice, keyboards, etc. Old He was mad with surprise.

  When she got off work, Lao He gave her a commission, three hundred yuan!

  My God, I’m so fortunate, I haven’t made as much money as she sits at the counter selling laughter, and my heart is too unbalanced.

  ”If you have nothing to do, you have to come every day anyway, come early tomorrow, just in time to help my shop.” Lao He said to her excitedly.

  ”Haha, okay.” She waved the money to me and happily agreed.

  On the way home, I didn’t say a word, thinking that I could start making a lot of money, but I was instantly killed by her and fainted.

  ”Ha, I’ll pick you up tomorrow morning, let’s go together. Come back together in the evening, it’s great.” She said happily while driving.

  ”What? Unhappy? I made more money than you just by smiling a few times outside. Are you angry?” Her tone was a little naughty.

  ”No, I just, I just want to be better than you.” I followed her example and raised my mouth.

  ”Haha, then come on, come on.” She looked complacent. Many times, I found her like a child, much younger than me, hum.

  From the next day, she came to pick me up every morning, and we went to the computer city to work as a temporary worker. In the evening she took me back and went home again.

  She is happy every day, but I am a little depressed. It’s all men who send women home, where women send men home every day, and it’s not a good feeling in my heart. Well, I’m a man, let her order, she’s a woman.

  But a few days later, a group of people in uniform suddenly entered the store. Old He, who was still joking just now, suddenly became serious and went up to ask.

  ”Who are you? Is there something wrong?” Lao He’s voice was a little hollow.

  ”Oh, we are from the tax bureau, and the industry and commerce bureau. There is something wrong with your business, come and see.” These people looked serious.

  ”How could it be, what’s going on in detail?” Lao He asked nervously.

  ”There is a tax problem, and there is a complaint that you are selling obscene pirated CDs here.”

  ”Ah? I don’t sell pirated CDs here. There are more than a dozen of them selling them, on the third floor!”

  ”This is a notice. You should close down for rectification first, and then deal with it slowly. You have to come to the tax office.”

  ”Ah! What the hell is going on here?” Lao He was puzzled and took the notice with a sad face.

  After Lao He took a serious look at the notice, he told everyone to stop and get off work first. I sat there in a daze, wondering if there was a problem there.

  Ni Ni took a step forward, picked up the notice and glanced at it, and asked, “Is your leader called Zhou Shijun?”

  ”Yeah, what’s up?” The two men in uniform turned to look at her, their eyeballs looking up and down.

  She didn’t say a word of nonsense, picked up her bag, and walked out quickly. I have a bad premonition that she must go to the devil to settle accounts, and the aura of her going out is the same as when she dragged me to the director’s office before, transformed!

  ”Don’t go!”, I quickly chased out.

  After hearing my voice, she stopped and turned around. He walked up to me with a smile, took my hand, and said, “Wait for me at home.”

  I feel bad, I want to protect her, but I don’t know what to do, as if I can’t do anything, I think I can only trust her and listen to her.

  ”Yeah.” I nodded to her.

  She turned around and quickly disappeared into the crowd of Computer City.

  I packed up my things, said hello to Lao He, left the computer city, and took the bus back home. I was in a daze at home, and I could only be in a daze, she said, let me wait for her at home. Why, I feel like she is going to a duel for me.

  I’m really afraid that something will happen to her. I’m so worried and anxious. Why do I worry so much? Because that person is the devil.

  I learned later that Ni Ni first drove home and took out the engagement ring Zhou Shijun gave her from her drawer. Then, drive to the tax office.

  After arriving at the tax bureau, after parking the car, she walked quickly to Zhou Shijun’s office, her expression was so firm, so fearless!

  ”Zhang, Zhang Nini?” Zhou Shijun was very surprised to see her suddenly appearing in his office, but he knew in his heart that it would not be a good thing.

  I saw Ni Ni’s eyes widened, staring at Zhou Shijun with glaring eyebrows, and threw something at him, which just hit him on the forehead.

  Zhou Shijun was dizzy, frowned and saw that it was a ring that was still spinning on the desk, and it was the engagement ring he gave.

  He carefully picked up the ring, looked up, and saw that Ni Ni had disappeared without a trace.

  To be continued…

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