[How Goblins Are Made] Chapter 32

  My father quickly paid for the taxi, and we hurried upstairs with the computer in our hands. The iron door of the house was wide open. My mother was sitting in the living room with tears streaming down her face. The kitchen knife at home was on the table. what’s the situation.

  Father put down the computer monitor and looked around. Seeing that there was nothing unusual at home, he asked, “What happened to the sofa downstairs?”

  ”I get angry when I see that sofa every day. Just now, I asked Uncle Ma upstairs to help, lift it down together, chop it up! Throw it away!”, the mother yelled in tears.

  ”You’re crazy! That sofa is very expensive, why should you throw it away!”, his father widened his eyes, pointed at his mother and scolded.

  ”You bought it for 300 yuan in the second-hand market, but you told me it was 1,000 yuan. I was furious when I saw this sofa!” Mother glared at her father and yelled.

  ”You are talking nonsense!” the father retorted.

  ”I took the 1,000-dollar invoice to the market to investigate. It was a fake invoice, but it was actually only 300 yuan!” the mother cried.

  My father continued to quibble. In fact, I know about this matter, and my mother mentioned it to me before. I put the case down, and immediately hid the kitchen knife on the table so that the two would not move the knife again.

  In the quarrel between the two, I silently moved the computer into the room and assembled it on the writing desk. I didn’t expect that the scene that should have been happy turned into such a ridiculous scene. But I can understand that parents are like two opposing forces, temporarily allied for a common goal.

  Now that the goal has been achieved and the computer has been moved home, the mother can no longer suppress her inner distress, and her temper has exploded. The short-lived family harmony ended so quickly, my eyes were wet and tears were silently shed. Mother is really hard work, mother is always the greatest, there is no doubt that the father should be blamed or should be blamed. It was not easy to buy this computer. The family was very poor and had to pay off foreign debts.

  But one thing I can believe is that my parents love me, but what I don’t understand is why their marriage is so bad in that case. Maybe I was young and couldn’t understand it at the time, but when I grew up, I still couldn’t understand it. Until recently, I watched a TV series “The World”, which tells the story of going to the mountains and the countryside to settle down in the 1960s and 1970s.

  It suddenly dawned on me that the marriage between my parents was so bad because of that era, and different eras created different families and lives. In the days of their parents, they were poor, and it was happiness and comfort to be able to eat enough to live, so their marriage was based on survival, not on feelings, and they got married helplessly.

  I have always said before that poor and lowly couples fail, but that doesn’t actually apply to my parents. Later, I learned that the parents of many classmates around me were like this too. Just as the TV drama has shown, in that chaotic and poor era, just find someone and make do with it. The life of the common people is really hard, and they don’t even have the right to choose happiness.

  While wiping my tears, I connected the computer monitor to the case, but when I pressed the power button, there was no response. This scared me into a cold sweat and I was at a loss. Could it be that I touched it on the road? It’s broken.

  I have tried many times, but I can’t turn on the computer. I checked the power cord and everything is normal. Could it be that Zhao Tianhua sold me a second-hand computer with problems? She was so scared that she broke out in cold sweat, her hands were cold, and her whole body was trembling.

  ”Don’t be arguing! My computer can’t be turned on! It might be broken!” I shouted angrily at both of them.

  After hearing this, my parents stopped arguing immediately, and they were very anxious around the computer. This computer, like me, was created by the two of them together. I’ve tried multiple times, but still can’t start the computer, I’m overwhelmed and screwed.

  ”You accompany your son back quickly. If there is any problem, deal with it immediately. It’s only noon now, don’t delay it until the evening. They won’t admit it tomorrow.” The mother said to her father seriously.

  ”Well, go right now!” After my father said that, he immediately picked up the computer case and went out with me.

  ”Be careful! Find out if there are any second-hand goods or old things in it.” Before going out, the mother urged behind her.

  ”I see, I will!” Father replied solemnly.

  I really don’t know whether to laugh or cry. I was just hyped up, but now I’ve united the front again, and the guns are unanimous. Alas, I don’t even know what to say, I love you.

  The taxi fare is more than 40 yuan, but I can’t wait any longer. Time is money, and solving the problem as soon as possible is the most important thing. Compared with the money spent on this computer, the taxi fare is simply insignificant. Fortunately, it was a sunny day. If it was a cloudy and rainy day, it would be more inconvenient to come and go. If rainwater entered the computer, it would be scrapped.

  When I came to the electronics market again, Zhao Tianhua saw that the two of us had serious expressions. He hurriedly rushed over with the computer in his arms. He was startled, and quickly greeted him and asked, “What’s wrong? I just came back and the computer fell. Is it broken?”

  ”No, I can’t turn on the phone after I go back, I don’t know what happened.” I said with a big breath. It’s as if a critically ill person has just been sent to the emergency room and told the doctor about the condition.

  ”Is there such a thing? It’s been tested just now, and it’s fine. Don’t be nervous, I’ll take a look at it for you right away.” , connected to the monitor and power supply. It’s like lifting an emergency patient onto the operating table for emergency surgery.

  After Zhao Tianhua pressed the power button, the computer started up smoothly and entered the Windows system. The audience was very confused, as if I was joking. The big brother who installed the computer also joked, “Don’t you even know how to turn on the computer? Just press the round button, it’s very simple.”

  I couldn’t believe my eyes, then turned the computer off again, pressed the power button myself, and tested it two or three times. There is no problem with the computer, and it starts up smoothly. What is the situation? Made everyone confused.

  Seeing that there was no problem with the computer, my father breathed a sigh of relief, lit a cigarette, and stood on the side looking around.

  ”Maybe there is a problem with the wiring in your house. The line connecting to the computer has no power at all, so it can’t be turned on. It’s normal. Go back and check it.” Zhao Tianhua smiled and took the computer over and put it away. in my hand.

  Before sending us downstairs, he repeatedly emphasized that there is no problem with his goods, and it has been tested in the booth, and the problem is in our own home.

  It seems that there is really no problem with the computer. Maybe there is a problem with the line in the house. I didn’t notice just now whether there is electricity in the wiring board. Am I an idiot? With doubts and confusion, my father and I took a taxi home. I really love the 100 yuan taxi fare. What a sin.

  My mother was sitting in the living room anxiously in a daze, for fear that she had spent all the money and bought a fake. I was a little scared at first, but Zhao Tianhua patted his chest and said to me that there can never be fake or used goods. If there are, go over and smash his booth at any time. He sells more than ten computers every day. It’s a fool, otherwise, how could the business be so big, it makes sense to think about it.

  Put the computer case on the desk again, firstly confirm whether there is power on the wiring board, there is power, and the monitor can be turned on normally, but when I press the power button of the computer again, there is still no response, and it still cannot be turned on.

  What the hell! The whole person is foolish, did I pass through? In a different parallel world? In Zhao Tianhua’s booth just now, my father and I saw it with our own eyes, and the computers were all good in plain sight, no problem! Why can’t I open it when I move to my house? Is it not acclimatized?

  The family of three looked at the newly bought computer and couldn’t do anything about it, but the mother said that the problem must be solved today. I was also very annoyed. It was already three o’clock in the toss and toss, and I didn’t even have time to eat today. As a result, the computer couldn’t be turned on when I got it back. What the hell!

  Picking up the computer again, this time the whole family of three took a taxi and went to the electronic market together. We must figure it out and solve the problem completely. Zhao Tianhua saw that we came again with the computer in his arms, it was incredible! And the whole family came together. Could it really happen that something didn’t work out? Others were stunned when they saw us, unable to believe that there was a problem with this computer, which turned on normally in his booth, but not at all in my house.

  However, in the public eye, Zhao Tianhua connected the monitor and power supply and turned it on smoothly. Although the audience did not say anything, they must be thinking that there is something wrong with our brains. It must be a country bumpkin who has never even seen a computer. It needs someone to teach such a simple boot.

  Zhao Tianhua handed a cigarette to his father and a cup of tea to his mother, and explained to them patiently for a while. I can see that he thinks that we really don’t understand computers, and he also suspects that there is something wrong with the computers he sells. But that’s a very normal thing. After all, ordinary people don’t understand computers, and they bought this thing at such a high price, for fear of being deceived.

  After chatting and chatting for half an hour, Zhao Tianhua reluctantly put the computer in my hand again. This time he thought about it for a while, he had to say something, or I would come again later, and so on and so forth, It costs 100 yuan to take a taxi. Could it be that he was finally invited to his home to observe the scene?

  ”I promise, there is no problem with the computer, you can take it back to study the wiring at home. If it still can’t be used, I will come to your house tomorrow, and I will help you solve the problem. Don’t keep coming here by taxi, it is useless, The computer is good.” Zhao Tianhua patted his chest and promised our family of three.

  Well, this is already the third trip. Now it seems that there is a problem with the line in our house. In desperation, the three of us took a taxi back home. It cost me nearly 300 yuan to take a taxi back and forth three times today. This is so heartbreaking. This is my mother’s wages for ten days of hard work. Am I cursed?

  When I got home and plugged it in again, I tried to press the power button a few times. As expected, there was no response, and it still wouldn’t turn on. My mother asked me to study and cook patiently and slowly, while my father resignedly stood on the balcony smoking a cigarette. Although the two of them didn’t say anything, I felt that they, like everyone else, felt that there was something wrong with my technology. Computer school was a year of study for nothing, and I couldn’t even figure out how to turn on the computer, and I couldn’t even turn it on.

  I began to wonder if it might have something to do with the voltage. The circuit in our house is not normal, there is a problem with the voltage, and it often trips, so it can’t be turned on? Based on my existing knowledge of physics, this should be possible. However, it is also possible that the taxi has bumped all the way, and some parts in the chassis are loose, and it can be opened just after it gets there, and it can’t be opened after the bumpy return.

  In desperation, I put the case down, opened the cover of the case, and looked at a bunch of hardware inside, helplessly tortured, the hardware is obviously new on the surface, it can’t be second-hand, what the hell is this? The reason!

  Inadvertently, I pressed the power button again, and the beeping sound startled me, and the computer turned on! Fuck, scared me to death, I thought it exploded!

  Seeing that the computer started up normally and entered the Windows 95 system, I felt relieved. But I don’t understand why it is only turned on now, why can’t I turn on the computer just now? What the hell is this?

  The parents also hurried over and found that the computer started normally. They were relieved and went to work. Then I shut down normally, installed the case panel, but it couldn’t be opened again! I was mad, and I was furious. There must be a problem with the computer, it is a substandard product!

  My mother told me to take it easy, eat dinner first, and study slowly after eating.

  After resting for a while, with a calm mind and the experience just now, I opened the chassis panel again, and it was able to turn on again. What is going on? Forget it, don’t study it, just open the case cover, put it horizontally on the desk, and talk about it in a few days. After thinking about it for a while, the writing desk was too small to fit the keyboard. When the computer was turned on, the chassis was erected again.

  Suddenly, a golden light flashed in my mind, and I became enlightened. I noticed that when I could turn on the computer, it was lying down, and once I stood it up, it wouldn’t turn on. As for the reason, I don’t know, but at least I have a way to turn on the computer. For the next year, I honestly used this vertical computer lying down without any problems.

  I consulted a lot of people, including teachers, but they all thought I was joking, how could there be such a computer in the world, it can only be turned on when lying down, but it cannot be turned on when standing up.

  Until one day I learned one thing, jumpers. It’s a pin-thin connecting wire that connects the chassis to the device that controls the power on the motherboard. The puzzle was finally solved. It turned out that the big brother who installed the chassis in the booth at that time did not insert the jumper all the way, and the contact was poor. Therefore, the machine can be turned on when lying down, but not when standing up.

  Do you think I can stop scolding people! This event will never be forgotten! Jumper! Pain for a lifetime! Computer, whether it is hardware or software, has a lot of strange problems, and then I will talk about it slowly.

  But there is one thing I must stress that only if you have experienced using the computer yourself, will you have enough experience to deal with related problems, and the physique of each computer is different, just like a different person.

  By the way, I played games all night and didn’t sleep that night, what game did I play? Minesweeper comes with Windows 95.

  Didn’t the big brother who installed the machine sent a CD of Dune Magic Castle? Yes, but I don’t know how to install games, so I don’t dare to tamper with it, for fear that the computer system will be damaged and the computer will be scrapped.

  I’m rubbish, and a student who has been in a fucking computer school for a year, can’t even do this, it’s a fool to the extreme.

  It’s not that I’m stupid, it’s that what the school teaches is useless, it’s wasted for a year, and now is the time to really start learning to explore computers.

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