[Drunken Jasmine]Chapter 10 – Jasmine Stamen

  I sat at the window dumbfounded, looking at the pedestrians under the window. I really regret it, I should have stopped her just now and shouldn’t have let her go alone. I am a man and should protect her. This is definitely the last time, next time no matter what happens, I will stand in front of her without hesitation to protect her.

  I don’t know what happened to her, whether she will be bullied by that devil, that devil is really hateful.

  At this moment, I saw her back appear downstairs. She was still carrying two bags of vegetables in her hand and walked briskly. She looked up at my window and saw me with a big smile.

  I waved to her with a smile on my face, and hurried out to open the door. Hearing her gradual footsteps, she felt uneasy, she would not be hurt there. No, I think too much, she can’t find someone to fight.

  She appeared in front of me and looked at me with a smile and a hint of pride, “I bought the vegetables, let’s have dinner at home.”

  She looked fine, and she wasn’t injured. There should be nothing wrong. I felt at ease. Thank God, she finally came back intact.

  ”Yeah,” I nodded and took the two bags of vegetables from her hand. She changed her slippers, closed the door, and went directly to the kitchen.

  She didn’t say a word, cut vegetables and cooked there. I stupidly stood at the door of the kitchen and looked at her, with an indescribable feeling in my heart. I don’t know what pushed me, I walked slowly behind her, stretched out my hands and hugged her gently from behind.

  Yes, it is meaningless to say anything at this time, this gentle hug explains everything.

  She put down the kitchen knife, took my hands, was silent for a while, and said softly to me, “I’m fine, don’t worry.”

  Why are my eyes moist? Is it cowardly? No, it’s not. Is it moved? No, it’s not. I hate myself and there is no way to protect her. Just like when my father was quarreling with my mother when I was a child, and when my mother was crying, I also hugged my mother like this. I don’t know how to help my mother, but I don’t want my mother to be so sad. Am I a child who will never grow up?

  Maybe under power, everyone can only cry like a child, or choose to run away, give up everything you have, leave your relatives, run far away and never come back.

  Soon, she prepared the meal, and we sat quietly facing each other in the living room, chewing slowly.

  We don’t talk much, but I don’t think we need to talk so much between us anymore. A look, a smile, we all understand each other.

  ”Is the food I cooked delicious today?” Her eyes were different today, especially affectionate.

  ”Yeah,” I nodded, “I’ll eat them all.”

  ”So cute, so cute. You wash the dishes today, I’m a little tired, I want to sit and watch TV.”


  While washing the dishes, I looked back at her sitting in front of the TV, I suddenly felt that this is such a warm home, I really hope she will never leave.

  But she doesn’t seem to be really watching TV, and I think she’s distracted and distracted.

  I sat down beside her gently, held her hand, and watched TV with her. Like a little girl, she rested her head on my shoulder with a look of happiness and contentment.

  Am I in love? No, it doesn’t feel like love, it’s even more than love, it feels like a family relationship. Maybe I don’t understand love at all, I’ve never been in love at all. But the feeling I know very well is that I don’t want to be separated from her.

  ”It’s too late, I’m going back. I don’t want to move, it’s good to just lie down like this, but I’m a good girl, I have to go home on time.” She whispered in my ear, With a bit of a coquettish tone.

  ”Okay, then I’ll take you back.” I stood up and said to her solemnly.

  ”Come on, you sit next to me and take me home, and then when I get home, you take the bus back, is there something wrong?” She straightened her hair and said to me with a smile.

  ”Yes, there is something wrong with me.” I looked at her stupidly and arrogantly.

  ”You can take care of your problems at home.” After she finished speaking, she got up and was about to leave.

  ”Just let me take you home. It’s so late, it’s almost ten o’clock, I’m really worried.” I said to her in a disheartened manner.

  ”You are becoming more and more like a big man. Well, then you can take me home.” She took my hand and smiled happily.

  On a cold winter night, opening the door is like opening a refrigerator. The cold wind is blowing, the stars are not visible when you look up, and the night sky is full of dark clouds. Not a rain, but a snow.

  It was dark and cold outside, and we both held each other’s hands tightly. Remember the last time in this situation, her wallet was stolen. Only then did I know that every night when she went back, the road was so dark and the sky was so cold. I’m a little scared for me, but she’s so brave.

  There are few vehicles along the way. Even if she drives back, I really don’t feel relieved. If something happens along the way, it will be troublesome.

  Soon, he arrived at the community where she lived. When the car came to the door, she said hello to the security guard and drove to her house. After parking the car, she turned her head to look at me, paused for a while, and said, “I, let’s take you back. I’m not worried about you going back by bus so late.”

  We looked at each other, and after a pause, hahahaha, the two of us laughed. Good one looked at each other and smiled, stupid.

  ”This is too stupid.” I was so embarrassed that I could not laugh or cry.

  ”You’re stupid! I’m not stupid if you’re stupid.” She covered her mouth and smiled.

  ”I’m a man, what are you afraid of taking the bus at night?”

  ”Okay, man, then get out of the car. Go back, thank you for taking me back.” She tilted her head, revealing a mischievous and charming smile.

  ”You’re welcome.” I got out of the car like a gentleman, turned around and said to her.

  She got out of the car and locked the door, her beautiful big eyes looked at the night sky, as if she suddenly remembered something, “Wait a minute, I want to give you a picture I drew, I’ll go back and get it.”

  ”Okay!”, I was curious, ecstatic.

  ”It’s too cold outside, come in with me.” She took my hand and led me to her door.

  I was overwhelmed with joy. In fact, I always wanted to go to her bedroom. It must be a garden-like place, full of jasmine flowers and full of floral fragrance.

  We had just reached the door when it suddenly opened, followed by her father’s voice.

  ”I’m sorry to keep you waiting for so long, but she hasn’t come back. When she comes back, I will definitely talk to her.”

  Then came the figure of a devil, it was him! That Zhou Shijun!

  ”Don’t worry too much, she must have been confused for a while, I won’t blame her.” Zhou Shijun was saying goodbye politely.

  We were both startled, panicked hands clasped together instantly, an inexplicable sense of fear. Why should I be afraid? No, I shouldn’t be afraid, I have to protect her.

  I saw them turn their heads to see us, with completely different expressions. Her father looked disappointed, with a pipe in his hand, and looked at us blankly. But this devil showed an appearance of wanting to eat people, frowning his two stubby brows tightly, and the corners of his mouth were lined up, revealing his biting teeth.

  The devil took a step forward, grabbed her hand, stared at her fiercely with fire-breathing eyes, and said, “You came back just in time. Your father and I have something to tell you. Come in.”

  She threw off the devil’s hand forcefully, stared at the devil with wide eyes, and shouted, “Let go of me! I won’t marry you!”

  Her words gave me tremendous courage and strength. I quickly took a step forward and stood in front of her. This devil was not allowed to approach her again. I wanted to protect her!

  I glared at this devil, I’m not afraid of you, I don’t allow you to hurt her, I don’t allow you to marry her, I…

  What I want to say, I haven’t thought about it yet, and suddenly it’s dark in front of me, what’s wrong?

  ”Ah! What are you doing! Don’t touch him!” She screamed from behind.

  When I reflected, I was already lying on the ground, and my face suddenly hurt so much, this devil! I fought with you! I……

  I haven’t got up yet, and suddenly it’s dark in front of me, what’s the matter?

  ”Ah! Don’t hit him!”, she shouted piercingly.

  How do I feel, my nose is so sore, why is there still mud in my mouth? !

  I quickly shook my head to wake up. Looking up, she saw that she pushed the devil away.

  I got up quickly, I’m going to fight that devil! But a burst of pain came, and after getting up, he could hardly stand still.

  I don’t care, I will die with this devil today!

  I rushed up, kicked this or that devil, kicked the devil in the stomach, and kicked it hard. This kick has accumulated my strength for almost twenty years and the anger of my whole life.

  The devil is down! But he stared at me viciously, as if he was about to get up and eat me!

  ”Quick!” She grabbed my hand tightly and pulled me to the outside of the community.

  I turned my head and glanced at the devil on the ground, and found that he had quickly got up and was chasing after us!

  ”Xiao Zhou, stop chasing now, this won’t solve the problem.” Her father’s voice came from a distance.

  The devil stopped chasing, staring at us, panting fiercely, with a ferocious look on his face.

  The devil was getting farther and farther away from us, and we ran out of the community in one breath. We didn’t stop and ran in the same direction.

  A goose feather-like heavy snow flew towards him, passerby A cast a surprised look, and the two lunatics ran together in the snow.

  Finally ran to the bus stop, we all know that there is only one place to go now. Looking at the timetable, there is still the last train.

  We were gasping for breath, so tired that we had run so far. I’ve never run so fast in school before. She’s actually running faster than me. It’s too embarrassing.

  ”Oh my God, you’re bleeding!” She stared at me with wide eyes, pale in astonishment.

  ”No, I’m so unscrupulous there. Haha.” I said with a smirk.

  However, I can clearly feel that the pain in my nose and face is getting stronger and stronger. Maybe I was too excited just now and didn’t feel it. It’s calming down now, it really hurts.

  She stroked my cheeks with her hands and said with tears in her eyes, “Don’t talk, it must hurt, I know.”

  ”No, it doesn’t hurt. It’s just a little cold. I’m covered in Han and soaked through.” I scratched my head with a smirk.

  I saw that she was also a big man, and she must have been soaked all over. In the snowy night, I started to shiver and it was cold.

  I took a step forward and hugged her tightly. I could feel her trembling as well. Now she should feel a touch of warmth.

  My lower back suddenly tightened, and her arms wrapped tightly around me.

  The snow was blowing and the wind was cold. Our faces were warmly pressed together, our noses were gently touched together, and our lips were naturally glued together.

  The snow in the sky has turned into swirling petals, the ice and snow has turned into a colorful sea of ​​flowers, the bitter cold wind has turned into a warm summer breeze, and the freezing weather has turned into a blue beach.

  At this moment time stopped, and there was silence around, as if there were only two of us left on the whole earth. As if there was no one else, he kissed each other recklessly. I finally understand in my heart that we have been in love for a long time, and I will never be separated from her again.

  ”Hey, are you getting in the car?”, the voice coming from there? Like a thunderbolt piercing the clear sky, it woke us both from a drunken dream, and ripped two jasmine petals from my lips!

  We both turned around at the same time. I don’t know when a bus stopped next to it. The bus driver opened the door, looked at us helplessly from the cab, and asked, “This is the last bus. If you don’t get on it, it will be gone. Will you get on? If you don’t come, I’ll close the door and leave!”

  The two of us hurriedly jumped into the car, “I’m sorry sir, I didn’t notice at all.”

  There were not many people on the last train, and we sat in the last row, facing each other, hand in hand, a scene like glue. I had forgotten the pain on my body because she was leaning against my arms like a kitten.

  At the stop, I took her hand and walked home. Fate is so wonderful, I sent her home just now, but now she is back with me.

  I took her upstairs, opened the door and entered the house, and came back here again. We both looked at each other and smiled silly, her face still a hint of shyness.

  There is an inexplicable joy in my heart, I think she will not leave, she will stay with me, we will live together, and we will never be separated again.

  The two of us sat down on the sofa as if we had just finished the long march, exhausted and exhausted.

  ”Are you still in pain? Let me see.” She stroked my cheek and asked anxiously.

  ”No, it doesn’t hurt, how could it be. Ouch! Be gentle.”

  ”Look, your mouth is full of mud. Hurry up and wash it. Fortunately, the injury is not serious.”

  ”Haha, your mouth is also full of mud.” I pointed at her and laughed.

  ”Ah! You got it all on my mouth!” She wiped her face and quickly got up to look in the mirror.

  ”Take a hot bath, don’t get sick later, I’ll find you a set of my pajamas.” I went into the closet and took out a new set of my pajamas, in fact, I was about the same height as her, She should be dressed just fine.

  ”Is there a hairdryer? I want to blow my hair.” Her voice came from the bathroom.

  hair dryer? I’ve never used it, remember my mom used to have a hair dryer and rummaged through the closet to find it. It seems that there is a woman in the family who will have a lot of things to use.

  ”Pajamas and hair dryer, I’ve left them at the door for you.”

  ”Well, good boy.”

  I turned my head and saw the clothes she took off at the door. There were down jackets, sweaters, her underwear, and… bras, panties! I actually blushed, she was a woman, I almost forgot.

  I look in the large mirror in the living room. Wow, looks like I got punched and kicked. There was a big black bruise on the corner of the mouth, and the skin was broken. The whole mouth and nose were kicked, and there was nasal bleeding, which was dry, and there was some mud. This devil is so abhorrent, he must have practiced because of his lean body.

  ”I’ve finished washing, you go wash it, wash it clean, you are covered in mud. You rolled twice on the ground just now.” She walked out gracefully around the bath towel.

  I was stunned by her beauty. I have never seen her wearing so little, only a bath towel. With slender thighs, plump breasts, wet long hair, a hint of ruddy smooth skin in the white, the whole person exudes a delicate fragrance, just like the jasmine flowers in the water, the ice is clean and jade is clean, and the demeanor is all-round.

  ”What are you looking at! Hurry up and wash up, don’t get sick later.” She said shyly, sitting down and blowing her hair.

  I took off my coat with a smirk and went into the bathroom. I felt that the house was very warm and lively. It was no longer as quiet as before. I was the only one going in and out.

  ”Are you all right? Can you still take a shower? Do you want me to help you?” she asked mischievously at the door.

  ”No, it’s fine, how could something be wrong? Can you knock me down with just two taps?”, I answered her nonchalantly.

  ”Haha, you are still stubborn, you were kicked away just now!”

  ”I was a technical defense, reducing the impact.”

  ”Hahaha!”, only to hear her belly laughing outside.

  After washing and drying, putting on her pants, and walking out of the bathroom, she was watching TV and blowing her hair. The whole house is filled with the scent of jasmine, which is really like being in a garden, where the scent of flowers is everywhere.

  There is a woman in the family that is different. It becomes warm and romantic in an instant, and it is no longer as lifeless as before. I was tired enough to toss today, and my whole body hurts. I touched my face. Fortunately, my teeth were all there. I was lucky that I didn’t kick my teeth out with the kick just now.

  ”You sleep on the bed, I sleep on the sofa.” I made up the bed, turned my head and said to her.

  ”It’s so cold, can you sleep on the sofa?” she shouted to me while blowing her head.

  ”What are you afraid of? I am the least afraid of the cold. Besides, do you want to sleep on the sofa? It’s always played like this in TV dramas. Girls sleep on the bed and boys sleep on the sofa.”

  ”Haha! That’s fine.” She covered her mouth and smiled.

  ”What’s so funny, really.” I took a pillow and a blanket and threw it on the sofa.

  Whoops! I’m going to lie down, I’m really in pain, and if I don’t lie down, I’ll probably die.

  ”Ouch! It’s already twelve o’clock.” After blowing her head, she looked up.

  ”Then I went to bed, you, aren’t you cold?”

  ”No, it’s fine, it’s fine. I’m sleepy, good night.” In fact, I could clearly feel the coldness of my legs and feet. Persevere for a while, it will be hot when you fall asleep, you must not lose face, I am a man, and today is enough to lose face.

  Feeling that it was dark in front of her, she turned off the light in the living room, listened to her footsteps, and entered the bedroom. I feel at ease and comfort, and I can finally have a good rest. She has suffered too. She has really experienced frost and snow, and now she can’t even go home. I want to protect her, and I can’t let her suffer any more.

  I heard her go to bed, turn off the light, and the room was silent, but full of floral scents, as satisfying as sleeping on a warm grassland.

  The bright moonlight came in from the window, and the whole living room was hazy, like a fairyland. I lost sleep and don’t know why, maybe because she was at my house tonight. I felt at ease, my heart couldn’t help myself, and only the sound of my fast heartbeat was left in the silent night.

  ”Are you really not cold?” Her voice came from the bedroom.

  I didn’t answer her and pretended to be asleep. I want her to get a good night’s sleep. It’s really cold, but I don’t want her to know. A big man can’t be like a bitch, it’s cold here and chirping in pain there.

  I heard her footsteps getting out of bed, her footsteps were getting closer and she was right in front of me.

  I can feel her, her eyes are on me, just a foot away. I could smell the jasmine on her and hear her slow breathing.

  She was watching me to see if I was really asleep. I quietly closed my eyes and said nothing, trying to make her think I was asleep.

  She reached into my blanket and stroked my cold feet.

  Sudden! She lifted the blanket and squeezed in tightly against me.

  ”What, what’s wrong?” I yelled, looking at her with wide eyes.

  ”Your bed smells so bad, how long has it been since you washed the sheets?” She smiled shyly and whispered in my ear.

  ”I just washed it last week.” I looked puzzled. Does my bed smell bad?

  She hugged me tightly, warming my body and legs. My cold legs and feet suddenly felt the warmth of fire.

  ”I know you’re pretending to be asleep, so it’s not cold now.” She whispered in my ear.

  Not only was I no longer cold, but I was still feeling hot, and she warmed me like a stove. Of course she wasn’t that hot, I was so excited, after all, I didn’t have a woman, and I only had a layer of pajamas for physical contact like this.

  ”Ah, this sofa is too small, I’m going to fall off.”, she suddenly shouted.

  I immediately hugged her waist tightly, her chest pressed tightly against mine, and at the same time showed a shy smile.

  Naturally, our lips pressed together again and kissed softly.

  Our tongues lingered together, too, a comforting and relaxing pleasure.

  My hand involuntarily reached into her pajamas and stroked her back, so smooth, delicate and soft skin, with bursts of jasmine fragrance.

  We were all in one, hugging and kissing, warming each other, stroking each other.

  Between men and women, indescribable things happened naturally, and they stayed up all night.

  The temperature of the two of them embracing is very comfortable, not cold or else, like sleeping in a sea of ​​jasmine flowers in summer, sweet and unwilling to wake up.

  I have never slept so comfortably and sweetly, and I was still on the sofa, but the birds were chirping constantly by the window, and the downstairs gradually became lively. It was morning, and when I looked up, it was nine o’clock.

  The first time I opened my eyes, there was a woman sleeping beside me, and the two of them hugged each other tightly. She looked so charming when she was sleeping. It was the first time I saw her sleeping demeanor, as sweet as Sleeping Beauty, as sweet as a royal family. She’s as coquettish as a concubine, with a touch of Snow White’s purity.

  I lightly kissed her on the lips, I really wanted to hug her like this and never get up.

  She seemed to be awake, opened her eyes slightly, looked at me shyly, and said softly, “Good morning.”

  Seeing her shy expression, I instinctively wanted to kiss her more, and after a hot kiss, she got up and started getting dressed.

  What a charming figure, a fairy-like jade color. With such plump breasts, Yufeng stands tall. Good slender thighs, slender legs. Good soft curves, slim. Such soft skin, icy muscles and jade bones. What an intoxicating night, singing and singing all night. What a beautiful jasmine flower, extraordinary.

  ”I’ll see what’s in the refrigerator, I’ll make you breakfast.” She smiled and opened the refrigerator to check.

  ”Oh my God, there’s nothing but the frozen dumplings I bought for you!?” She pouted her pink lips and turned to look at me, frowning helplessly.

  ”That, and instant noodles.” I said with a smirk.

  ”Ha, come on, you. Eat dumplings, there’s nothing you can do.” She took out a pack of dumplings from the refrigerator, got up and walked to the kitchen.

  ”I’ll go downstairs to buy you breakfast, what do you want to eat?”

  ”It’s too cold outside, I’m afraid you’ll be so cold that you still have injuries on your face.”

  ”I’m a man, what are you afraid of?”, I got up and dressed and went downstairs to buy breakfast.

  The phone rang, who would call so early? I turned around and picked up the phone.

  ”Hello.”, Brother Xiong’s voice came from the opposite side, but it was a little low.

  ”Oh, Brother Xiong!”

  ”Then, that, how have you been recently?” Brother Xiong said intermittently, what’s the matter?

  ”Okay, what’s wrong with you, brother?”

  Ni Ni came to me and listened to the phone with me. We looked at each other and felt that Brother Xiong was acting abnormally today. Did he take the wrong medicine?

  ”Then, that Zhang Nini, are you two together?” Brother Xiong asked hesitantly.

  ”To be with us, in my house.”

  ”I, I’ll see you later, I haven’t seen you for a long time, I miss you.” Brother Xiong said hesitantly.

  ”Oh, okay, when are you coming?”

  ”I, I’ll come right now, don’t leave if you’re all right.” He hesitated for a while and said half-heartedly.

  ”Oh well.”

  After hanging up the phone, Ni Ni and I showed a dubious look. Is this Brother Xiong? Brother Xiong usually speaks with excitement, but why is he speaking so slowly today? Did something happen to him?

  ”Then don’t go out yet, let’s eat a little at home.” She said as she went to the kitchen to cook dumplings.

  While we were eating dumplings, we always felt strange in our hearts, “Brother Xiong must have an accident. Otherwise, he wouldn’t speak in such a tone, and now he is eager to come to see us during work hours.”

  ”I also think so, Brother Xiong will not be implicated in anything.” She said to me in a puzzled way.

  After breakfast, I stood at the window as usual, staring at the passers-by downstairs. Brother Xiong, he should be here soon.

  ”You’re always staring at this window, waiting for me to come back?” After washing the dishes, she poured a glass of water and walked in front of me, looking at the pedestrians downstairs with me.

  ”Yes, I can clearly see your smile and the vegetables you are carrying.” I put my arms around her waist and said to her, looking at each other.

  Two cars approached and stopped downstairs. The door opened, and a person came down, so familiar, isn’t this the director!

  We both looked at each other, feeling inexplicable.

  Another person came down. This person is also very familiar. By the way, this is Director Li of the Public Security Bureau I saw last time.

  My God, another person came down, Zhou Shijun! Ni Ni’s whole body trembled.

  The last one to come down is Brother Xiong.

  ”Something happened! Quickly turn off the lights in the house and pretend not to be at home.”

  ”Shoes! Our shoes! Bring all the shoes in.”

  We quickly got our shoes in, locked the door, and turned off all the lights in the house. Went to the window and watched the situation change.

  The car behind also got out of four people, and two of them were still wearing police uniforms. What’s the situation?

  What are they underestimating? I saw a few of them talking to Brother Xiong. Brother Xiong slowly lowered his head and walked up to our unit building step by step, followed by them.

  We hurried to the living room door and could clearly hear their conversation in the corridor.

  ”Is it 201 on the second floor?”

  ”Yes.” Brother Xiong said hesitantly.

  ”Go up and knock on the door, be natural, don’t make trouble for us.”

  There were several people’s footsteps outside, all of them suddenly stopped, quiet, and then heard a knock on the door.

  ”Hey! Open the door, I, Brother Xiong.” Brother Xiong shouted slowly while knocking on the door.

  I saw Ni Ni covering her mouth on the side and staring at me with wide eyes. We made eye contact, that is, don’t make any noise, never open the door.

  Brother Xiong continued to knock on the door slowly outside, shouting, “Are you there? I, Brother Xiong, just called you.”

  ”They may be leaving in a hurry, they are gone.” Brother Xiong said.

  ”Continue knocking on the door.” A man next to him ordered in a low voice.

  Only when Brother Xiong continued to knock on the door, the sound resounded throughout the unit building.

  ”What’s the matter? There are so many people around here early in the morning? Murder? Set fire? It’s noisy.” the next door neighbor shouted.

  ”What’s the matter with so many of you?” There seemed to be more and more neighbors coming out to watch the excitement.

  ”Hey, from the Public Security Bureau, what happened?”

  ”It’s okay, it’s okay, you are all busy with yourselves.” This voice can clearly be heard from Zhou Shijun.

  ”It doesn’t seem to be there, what should I do?”

  ”So, we have too many people here, let’s go back first. Lao Li, you leave two people here to guard. When you see them, you will be handcuffed, the men will be locked up, and the women will be taken home. ”

  ”Okay, you, you, you two are guarding here, don’t be too obvious. They may have come back from the outside, or they may have been inside.”

  ”Understood, Director, don’t worry.”

  Then we heard the footsteps of a group of people going downstairs, we quickly and quietly climbed to the window and looked down.

  Sure enough, they all got into the car, and the two cars left, leaving behind two people in plainclothes. Smoking a cigarette and chatting downstairs, blocking the door.

  ”These lunatics must be insane.” Ni Ni scolded.

  ”Is this going to arrest us? There has to be a crime, right? Can you arrest people arbitrarily?”, I looked at her stupidly and asked.

  ”Are you afraid?” she asked, rubbing my head.

  ”Don’t be afraid, don’t say you caught me, even if you kill me, I will tell them that I love you.” I held her hands tightly and looked at her firmly.

  The two of us hugged each other so tightly that I didn’t feel like I needed to say anything more, and it proved it all. I heard her soft voice in my ear, “I love you too.”

  We both looked downstairs from time to time, and the two stayed there the whole time, not even going to eat when it was time for lunch.

  The phone rang several times, but we were afraid to answer it, for fear of being a trap.

  ”We seem to have run out of ammunition and food. After the dumplings are eaten, only instant noodles are left.” I said to her anxiously.

  ”Well, let’s eat instant noodles, I’ll cook.” She took the last two packets of instant noodles.

  ”Don’t turn on the exhaust, you will be found.”

  ”Got it.”

  After we finished our instant noodles, we went to the window and saw that these two people were still there. Haven’t eaten dinner yet? These two people are also not to die.

  Who are they greeting? We looked to the side, and there were two more people. God, they are here for the exchange class, are they going to stay here and wait forever? So aren’t we finished?

  ”I’ll go down and lead them away, you run away.” I got dressed and prepared to go out.

  ”You can’t beat them, I don’t want you to be beaten by them again. I’d rather starve to death here with you.” She grabbed my tears.

  Night fell, and snow fell like a feather outside. The two walked back and forth downstairs to keep warm, and it seemed that they were preparing to stay overnight.

  Time passed minute by minute, it was already one o’clock in the evening, and they were still wandering under the street lights. At first glance, their physical strength showed that they had been soldiers. If they really wanted to go down, they would definitely be beaten to death by them.

  ”Why don’t we go to bed first and talk about it tomorrow, anyway, if we don’t go out, there’s nothing they can do, they never dare to forcefully break in.” I said, holding her cold hands.

  ”Well, okay.” She looked at the two robots walking back and forth downstairs, and nodded helplessly.

  Suddenly, there was a soft knock on the window from the balcony behind. Scared us both to pieces!

  Someone is on my balcony! Special forces? crazy! The two of us crouched down, slowly crawled to the back, and took a look. In the dim light, the man looked familiar. Brother Xiong!

  The two of us immediately got up and walked over, opened the balcony door, and brother Xiong was standing on the balcony, shaking his eyebrows and showing a sinister smile.

  ”Brother Xiong, when will you fly?” I looked at Brother Xiong excitedly.

  ”Flying wool, don’t you see a ladder? The second floor of your house is not high. Not much nonsense, you understand, I was forced, but fortunately I acted like, you are smart, you can hear I didn’t open the door. If you open the door, you’re done, I’m here to meet you.” Brother Xiong patted the snow on his body and said to us solemnly.

  We looked under the balcony and saw that Brother Xiong had built a small ladder, which was really not high, and climbed to the second floor with one ladder.

  ”I think you two should leave here for a while. Everywhere you go is life, just be happy.” Brother Xiong looked nervously outside the balcony and said.

  ”Yeah. Yes, I think so too.” Ni Ni held my hand tightly and answered firmly.

  ”Then hurry up and prepare, there is not much time, bring important things, bring money, bank passbooks.”

  We quickly split up and started sorting and getting dressed. I rummaged through the closet and took out the passbook, and the remaining hundreds of dollars in cash.

  Brother Xiong grabbed the passbook and opened it, “2,500 yuan! Is this all your money?”

  ”Yeah, what’s wrong?”

  ”You guys are going out this time, I don’t know when you’ll be back, but you’re going a long way.” Brother Xiong said, taking out an envelope from his pocket.

  ”There are four thousand yuan in it, I have a little thought, don’t talk nonsense, take it first.” Brother Xiong stuffed a bag of money into my pocket and zipped it up.

  ”Thank you bro.”

  ”You’re welcome, I’m optimistic about the two of you. Hurry up! Be careful when climbing the ladder.” After speaking, Brother Xiong first climbed the ladder and went down. Brother Xiong is agile, I think he should be called Brother Monkey in the future.

  Ni Ni and I also slowly climbed down the ladder, and I closed the window of the balcony at home, for fear that others would climb in again.

  Brother Xiong put away the ladder, folded it, and carried it. They took us out of the community quietly, just like the special forces.

  There was a car parked at the gate of the community, and a lady in the car waved to us. This, this is Mrs. Xiong.

  Brother Xiong quickly opened the trunk, put the ladder in, and said, “Get in the car and go!”

  A few of us hurried into the car, and Mrs. Xiong stepped on the accelerator. We quietly disappeared into the vast snowy night.

  ”Do you have any plans?” Brother Xiong turned to us and asked.

  ”We’re going to leave this city.” Ni Ni held my hand tightly and said to Brother Xiong with no regrets.

  ”Okay, then I’ll take you to the train station. You don’t have to tell us where you’re going, I hope you all go well in the future.” Mrs. Xiong smiled in the rearview mirror as she drove the car.

  ”Thank you so much, Mrs. Xiongxiong.”

  ”You’re welcome, you two are the bravest people I’ve ever met.” Brother Xiong gave us a thumbs up.

  Soon, we arrived at the South Railway Station, and we shook hands with Mrs. Xiong Gexiong to say goodbye.

  It was already two o’clock in the night, the wind was biting, and the snow was flying. I remember the last time I was crying at the train station. And this time at the train station, I took my favorite person to escape the city. Well, she was the one who took me out of the city.

  Braving the cold wind and drizzle, I came to the ticket office, and the conductor asked kindly, “It’s so late, where are you going?”

  ”Anywhere, as long as you stay away from this city.” Ni Ni looked at the conductor with firm eyes.

  The conductor hesitated for a while, feeling very strange. After tapping on the computer keyboard a few times, he frowned and said to us, “There will be a passing train bound for Xining in half an hour. Do you want it? The fare is 440 yuan for a day and a half.”

  ”Okay, yes, two.” She said decisively without hesitation.

  After taking the train tickets, we sat down in the waiting hall. We sat side by side, sitting side by side, watching the people around us with big bags and small bags, but we simply didn’t take any luggage except the clothes on our body.

  We feel that as long as each other is there, nothing else is needed.

  The train arrived on time, and we entered the carriage hand in hand. Looking at the vast snow outside the car window, I felt incomparable joy and comfort.

  ”Woo, woo, woo.” With the whistle of the train, the train started slowly. We both hugged happily.

  What greets us is bound to be a happy future.

  The speed of the train is getting faster and faster, and it gradually disappears in the snowy midnight.

  To be continued…

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