[Drunken Jasmine]Chapter 11 – Jasmine Garden

  The train runs quietly in the jungle, we look at the beautiful mountains and rivers outside the train, like a bird that escaped the cage, enjoying the fresh breath of nature, flying freely in the forest, blue sky and white clouds, mountains and flowing water, these natural beauty, Why haven’t I experienced it before.

  We were surrounded by strangers and it was great that no one knew us. We are like a drop of water disappearing into the sea, hidden without a trace.

  ”Instant noodles, snacks, tea, drinks.” The train attendant called all the way, pushing the cart. The cart is full of food, including the most common instant noodles on trains, as well as some local specialty fruit snacks.

  ”I want a snack, how much is it?” She looked at the large and small snacks on the cart, showing a gluttonous naughty look.

  ”Ten yuan for dim sum.”

  ”Okay, I want one.” She handed over ten yuan and took back a box of spiced dried tofu.

  ”What about him? Bring one for your brother too?” the waiter said after glancing at me.

  ”Who? Him? Haha, do we look like siblings?” she asked with a mischievous smile, putting her face next to me.

  ”Why don’t they look like they are brothers and sisters at first glance. They have similar temperaments.” The waiter opened his eyes and said solemnly.

  ”Haha.” She squinted at me with a proud look on her face.

  The waiter smiled shyly, understood the mystery, nodded and turned to continue selling.

  We looked at each other, smiled sweetly, and pulled our hands tightly together. You take a bite, and I bite into the dried tofu one by one, like a pair of brothers and sisters like glue.

  As long as we are together, time does not exist. Although the train takes a day and a half to leave, why did it arrive so soon, with half a bowl of instant noodles still in hand. We have not been satisfied with the beauty and the joy of freedom and joy along the way.

  The terminal in front, Xining.

  I saw that the people in the carriage began to get busy, and the big bags, small bags, big boxes, and small boxes were all moved out. Just the two of us, with empty hands and no luggage, hand in hand, sitting stupidly watching them busy.

  After they all went down, we finally walked out slowly.

  After stepping out of the carriage, the oncoming air is the breath of freedom. We took a deep breath together, looked at each other, showed a smile of rebirth, and our new life began.

  We don’t bring much money and try to be frugal. After leaving the train station, after walking for a while, I found a cheap youth travel agency. The large-bed room is 100 yuan a day. I will stay there first. We were exhausted all the way on the train. We, who had just escaped from the cage, were exhausted both physically and mentally.

  After receiving the key, he went upstairs to open the door, took off his clothes and lay down to sleep together.

  The facilities in the room are advanced, and there is heating, which is not cold. But we still hugged tightly, and my bottom was disobedient again, pressing her hard.

  ”Tomorrow we’re going to buy something.” She looked me in the eyes shyly.

  ”What?” I asked, stroking her body with my hand.

  ”Dureth.” She smiled shyly.

  ”Haha, I get it, I get it.” I nodded to her.

  Strangely, in a foreign land, we are so lazy that we don’t want to get up in the morning. Maybe this is the joy of just escaping from the cage, I feel a special freedom, and my life is complete.

  We slept until noon until noon, and we wouldn’t have gotten up if it hadn’t been for the belly growling.

  After getting up and washing, we went downstairs hand in hand, the winter sun was so warm, we had forgotten what we were here for, and started shopping like a tourist.

  This is a pure and simple, quiet and leisurely city, which is different from where we are, where there is a lot of traffic. It is relatively quiet here, people live peacefully and comfortably, and the pace of life is leisurely and casual. We like it very much here.

  Maybe this is not the reason of the city, but that as long as the two of us are together, no matter where we go, we will feel that life is carefree.

  The shopping mall is full of dazzling goods, and I bought some daily necessities that I needed. There are all kinds of snacks in the food street, some of which have never been seen before. After tasting the special food here, it can be regarded as a kind of market research here. Things are cheaper here than ours, and wages are not high.

  Many fruits are shipped from Xinjiang, especially sweet, especially watermelon, cantaloupe, grapes, and winter jujube. For a watermelon lover like me, this place is simply heaven.

  The minority population is relatively large, and they live together with the Han Chinese. All kinds of folk customs are intertwined, and it is like a multicultural exchange center.

  Maybe life is a journey. Only with the company of those who love each other can we be happy, otherwise we will become lonely and boring.

  After we were full, we also packed up what to eat for the evening. I happily strolled around the night market and returned to my residence. Turn on the TV and eat and watch together, very comfortable. Just like playing a house, happy and carefree.

  ”Call your home, they must be worried about you.” I bite the watermelon and turn to her.

  ”Well, okay. Just tell them I’m fine, don’t worry.” After speaking, she took out her phone and turned it on.

  ”So you’ve been shutting down the phone the whole time.”

  ”Yeah, otherwise, it would have been bombed long ago. I have to make a phone call before I turn it on. When someone calls me, I turn it off to save electricity, ha.” She said playfully while dialing the number.

  ”Hey, Mom. It’s me.” Her tone suddenly became serious.

  ”Yes, it’s fine, I’m fine.”

  ”Yes, how is Dad?”

  ”Okay, I see, then I won’t tell him.”

  ”Well, I see. Don’t worry, it’s fine.”

  ”Well, he treats me well, don’t worry.”

  ”Okay, then I’ll call you when I’m free.” She hung up the phone happily.

  ”Are they all right?”, I picked up another slice of watermelon and took a bite.

  ”It’s all right. My dad is still angry and ignores him. He hurts me the most and will definitely help me.”

  ”Then I’m relieved, wash and sleep, I’ll see what work I can do tomorrow, and make money to support you early.” I stroked her face and said solemnly.

  ”Really? With such perseverance, he really looks like a big man. I like it.” She patted my head mischievously.

  After washing and brushing, lie down on the bed together, turn off the lights and sleep.

  ”Hey, aren’t you sleeping? Why are your hands still rubbing?”

  ”Ah? I don’t know, why is the hand not obedient.”

  ”Hey, your feet are not obedient?”

  ”Well, that’s not a foot.”

  ”Ah, annoying, slow down.”

  ”How do you use Durex?”

  ”Stupid? Read the manual.”

  ”You can use it, you can learn it without a teacher.”

  ”Ah, ah, take it easy.”


  Why with Durex, I feel more unscrupulous, more violent, more…

  As a result, after a night of tossing, they couldn’t get up the next day, and the two slept until the afternoon.

  I only heard before that women have to dress up for a long time before they go out, but now I realize it. After waiting for a full hour, she went out with a dazzling appearance. It seems that she spent a lot of time dressing up when she came out to see me before.

  Walking by her side, I really feel so immature, it’s like my sister is dragging my brother for a walk on the street, alas.

  For a week in a row, I wandered around and couldn’t find a suitable job. I was really frustrated, but every day we were happy and free together. Later, after being instructed, you can go to the recruitment market to see that there are recruits everywhere. So, called a taxi.

  ”Where are you going?”, the taxi driver turned to look at the beauty and asked.

  ”Go to the talent market here.” She opened the door and got in the car.

  ”We don’t have a talent market here.”

  ”Ah? Let’s recruit the market.”

  ”Well, there is this one. Sit down and leave.”

  We got off the taxi on the side of the crowded road.

  I have never been to this kind of recruitment market before, there are all kinds of positions and occupations, and the recruitment market is full of people. And when she walked in, almost everyone turned their heads. Maybe they were very strange. There shouldn’t be a model recruiting unit. Why did such a beautiful woman appear.

  There are many counters inside, and there are several people sitting in each counter, busy with recruitment.

  The people are beautiful, and they are really eye-catching.

  ”Hey, beauty, what kind of job are you looking for?” An idle and bored recruiting uncle approached him at the counter next to him.

  ”Ah? Me?” She opened her big watery eyes and turned to look at the uncle strangely.

  ”Yeah, turn left ahead, there are several units recruiting front desk customer service.” He said with a smile while holding a cup of tea. This person has thin eyebrows, small eyes, high nose bridge, flat head and big mouth, and looks like a simple and honest person.

  ”Oh, thanks. I’m not looking for that kind of job.”

  ”Really? You look so pretty, and usually you are looking for a job like a front desk service. What kind of job are you looking for?” He took a sip of tea and asked curiously.

  ”Oh, I’m studying art, and I’m looking for some art-related jobs.”

  ”Ah, I can’t tell, you’re still studying art. How many years have you graduated?”

  ”It’s been five years since I graduated, and I’ve been painting until now.”

  ”Oh, listen to the accent, are you a foreigner?”

  ”Yeah, I just arrived in your land, I’m going to look for a job and start over.” She showed a charming smile, the middle-aged uncle’s eyes were straight, and I laughed in my heart, it was too funny.

  ”Our unit is urgently hiring some teachers. One of the positions is an art teacher. Would you like to take a look?”

  ”Teaching art class, sounds good.” She turned to look at the uncle.

  ”Come, come, come in and sit down and talk in detail.” Uncle finally tricked her into it. I stood by and listened, pretending not to know her.

  ”Come, take a seat. Our school is not a key primary school in the city. Before, we only recruited teachers with teacher qualification certificates, and the salary was not high, so we were unwilling to come. Now our school has appropriately relaxed some conditions, and those who have relevant professional knowledge are not willing to come. You can try everything. Especially art, sports and the like.” The uncle shook a pile of materials in his hand and spoke seriously. Listening to his tone, it should be working in the school, with a half-official position.

  ”However, the salary given by our school is not high, and it can’t compare with the salary of those key elementary school teachers.” After finishing speaking, the uncle picked up the teacup and moistened his throat.

  ”Oh, how much is the salary?”, she asked curiously, frowning at the recruitment materials.

  ”Two thousand a month, although it is not high, but our school has teachers’ dormitory, which is especially suitable for you who come from other places. Look, renting an apartment costs a lot of money, right? Living in the school dormitory is free, and there is a canteen. Of course. , the locals don’t care about this, it’s very helpful for people from other places.” The uncle filled himself with tea and looked triumphant.

  ”Sounds good, but the salary is not high. But you can live in a dormitory, not bad, save a lot of money.” She smiled, pretending to be calm, and squinting at me.

  ”That’s right, we’re in a hurry, we’ll go to work right away. You can try it first, and if you have a good chance later, you can change it.” The uncle took out an application form, shook it, and said with a smile.

  ”Well, can I only live in the dormitory?” she asked eagerly.

  ”It’s not a big place. There is room for two people at most. Immediate family members are welcome. You’re not married, are you?”

  ”not married.”

  ”Then there is no problem, you can live alone.”

  ”I have a younger brother, and I cannot be separated from him.”

  ”I see, then you can live together, but the place is a little smaller. After all, it’s a dormitory, not an apartment building.”

  ”That’s great. I’m just afraid that I can’t teach well, even though I teach elementary school students.”

  ”You can teach me how to draw. You are so beautiful, the children will definitely like you very much. The courses you teach don’t take the exam, that’s fine.”

  They chatted happily, and they were almost done talking. The job was found so quickly, and the person was beautiful, which was really useful.

  At last they shook hands, nodded with a smile, and seemed to have succeeded. I adore her so much, she deserves to be my baby, my goddess.

  But I really can’t find any suitable job, after all my industry is a new industry. Walking out of the job market, I was a little disheartened.

  ”Let’s go to the computer city here. I don’t know if there is a computer city here. That’s your battlefield.” Her eyes suddenly lit up and she grabbed my hand and said.

  yes! I forgot, that’s my battlefield. It was still early, so we immediately called a taxi and got ready to go.

  ”Where are you going? Beauty.” The driver asked excitedly.

  ”Go to Computer City.”

  ”Listen to the accent, foreigners? We don’t have a computer city here, only a computer market.”

  ”Then the computer market, thank you.”

  Along the way, the driver kept chatting with us, saying that this place is relatively backward, and there is only a market for computer products, not as exaggerated as the computer city in big cities. I have been to a big city before, and I have seen the development and scale there. It was only when the results arrived that we found out that it was really not big, only a quarter of the size of our Computer City.

  No matter where you are, the computer market is always crowded with high-tech enthusiasts and young people. Although this place is a bit shabby and not as high-end and fashionable as our computer city, it is also a market for buying and selling computers.

  To my delight, we walked all the way and saw that many storefronts were posted on the door, “Recruiting temporary installers.” We looked at each other and showed hopeful smiles.

  So, I chose a store with a relatively large facade and went in to have a look.

  ”Buy something?” a girl asked with a smile.

  ”No, come and apply for a job.” I said looking around.

  ”Okay. Boss! Someone kicked the gym!”, she yelled.

  ”Come on, who is so bold!” A fat middle-aged uncle jumped out. He has a pair of glasses with thick eyebrows and small eyes, and a small nose and a big mouth with a cigarette in his mouth. With a big belly, he swayed out, with the temperament of a comedian.

  We all fainted from laughter, the people in this store are so funny.

  ”Wow, come, beauty, sit here. What job do you want to apply for?” The boss said excitedly, holding his charming hand.

  ”No, it’s not me. It’s my brother. He wants to try applying for a job in installation.” She pointed at me embarrassedly and said anxiously.

  ”Oh, have you done it before?”, the boss turned to me and asked.

  ”Of course, skilled worker, I’ll install one for you right away?” I said to him proudly.

  ”Okay, okay, who, you give him an order and let him install one and try it out.” The uncle shouted, and then turned to greet the beauty.

  ”Finally someone came to help, I’ve been going crazy these days.” A young man brought me a bunch of hardware, with a screwdriver in his mouth.

  ”Are you so busy?”, I looked at the pile of orders and hardware on the table.

  ”Sometimes busy, sometimes free, not necessarily. There are a lot of orders these days, so busy.” After speaking, he immediately went back to his desk to continue working.

  I looked at the configuration list and started to install it calmly, which was not difficult for me at all.

  The fat boss didn’t care about my skills at all, just chatted with her there, and I vaguely heard a few words.

  ”Listen to the accent, your siblings are foreigners, right?”

  ”How long have you been here? Are there any relatives here?”

  ”You’re a model, right? Do you have a boyfriend?”

  ”Drawing? Painting is good. Oh, I still teach painting.”

  As I installed the machine, I kept shaking my head in my heart, this fat boss really knows how to pick up girls, but he doesn’t know it’s a waste of time. Alas, what Brother Xiong said is right, it seems that there is a beautiful lover, and you really have to be careful everywhere. There are too many people who look at her and it is really annoying. I only heard about it before, but now I really realize it. I have to protect her carefully everywhere, don’t be deceived, my baby.

  Soon, basically half an hour, I installed one and started to install the system.

  ”Boss, I’m almost healed. Check it out.” I shouted to the fat boss. The boss was busy greeting her and didn’t have time.

  ”Well, the guy is doing well, and it’s pretty fast. We recruit temporary workers here, you know. If you have more orders, you will be busy and earn more money. If you have fewer orders, you can go home early if you have nothing to do. Calculated by the number of units, one 25 yuan per unit. Of course, if you bring customers over by yourself, I will give you a commission of 25 yuan. If you have a computer with a high configuration, the commission will also be high, you know.” The fat boss came over and glanced at me. nodded and said.

  Damn, I thought to myself, there are only 25 units? Before Lao He gave me 50 units, this fat boss is still exploiting his own employees, alas, well, let’s do it first.

  ”Okay, when do you go to work?”, I packed up the installed tools one by one.

  ”You’ve already gone to work, go ahead, young man. My surname is Zheng, just call me Lao Zheng. The door opens at nine o’clock in the morning, it’s fine later.” The fat boss patted my shoulder and said with a smile, then turned to chat with the beautiful woman went.

  I… I’m speechless… This fat boss is busy picking up girls and doesn’t care about his own shop.

  ”It’s great to have you join, I’m going crazy.” The young man next to me just looked up and smiled at me.

  ”Haha.” I gave him a stiff, silly smile.

  ”How is it? Are you tired? I’ll pour you a glass of water?” She came over, patted my waist, and said to me gently.

  ”Yeah.” I nodded to her.

  ”Open your mouth, ah.” She fed me water directly, a scene of love.

  ”Ah, you brothers and sisters are really affectionate, making people jealous.” The fat boss sorted out the invoices with an envious smile.

  ”Then you should be nice to my brother. I dote on him like a husband.” She turned her head and said to the fat boss with a smug smile.

  ”Sure, I won’t treat him badly, and I won’t tire him. Will you come to sit often when you have time?”

  ”Of course, I’ll come to find him after get off work.” She wrapped her arms around my waist and turned her head.

  I’m so happy in my heart, hum, you don’t know, she’s my baby, she’s my goddess.

  The day I was looking for a job, I went to work directly, installed 3 computers, and settled my salary, ha! rich!

  We walked hand in hand, got off work together, and went to the nearby food court for dinner. Walking out of the fat boss’s computer shop, I heard a female voice say softly inside, this sister and brother are really sticky, like a couple.

  We looked at each other and smiled, knowing in our hearts, haha, and jumped out with a smile.

  ”Today we all found jobs, great, let’s eat something to celebrate.” She pulled me up the escalator and pointed to the food floor on the second floor.

  ”Okay, what do you want to eat?”, we looked around the food court, there was a dazzling array of food.

  ”eat hot pot.”

  ”Okay! Let’s go.”

  She ordered several servings of meat, continued to look at the menu and said to me, “You should eat more meat, I noticed that you have lost weight recently.”

  ”Is there? Haha!”

  ”Did you know? The uncle who was talking to me about work today is the deputy principal of the elementary school, so he couldn’t tell.”

  ”Really? I can’t tell. I feel like an old pervert, hehe.” I opened a bottle of Coke to her.

  ”Haha, I can’t help it, who made me look so beautiful, the whole country and the city.” She raised her eyebrows and smiled smugly.

  ”He said, this Friday we can move to the school’s dormitory first to get acquainted with the environment. Then I will start class next Monday.”

  ”So soon! Not bad, it seems that there is a shortage of teachers here.”

  ”Maybe, anyway, if you live in a dormitory, you can save a lot of rent money. Let’s talk about the rest later.”


  ”That elementary school is not very far from your computer market. I’ll buy you a bicycle tomorrow. Your bicycle will arrive in ten minutes.”

  ”No, I can just walk. Bicycles cost money, so they might be stolen.”

  ”Well then, I don’t want you to be too tired.”

  ”I don’t want you to be too tired. Do you know that being a teacher has to stand for a long time every day? Your throat will still be very tired, so you must pay attention to rest.”

  ”Oh, I see.”

  The waiter brought the dishes and gave us a shy look. She thought the two of them were strange. Sitting together to eat hot pot, the hands are still pulled together, conjoined babies?

  After eating, go back to the youth hostel, settle the room, stay one more night, and prepare to check out. There was no luggage to prepare, so the two of them got up easily and set off for the elementary school.

  On Friday morning, we came to the primary school. The school was very quiet, and the sound of reading books could be heard everywhere. It made me suddenly think back to my own childhood years, the innocent, carefree good times.

  Walking into the campus, the teaching building is clean and bright, and the five-star national flag flutters in the wind. A cute kid walked past us and yelled at us, “Hello, teacher.”

  ”Haha, hello, good.” We waved to him and replied with a smile and a nod.

  ”It seems that I also look like a teacher, haha.” I turned to Ni Ni and said with a smile.

  ”Haha, go get some glasses and put them on, it’s more like.” She pinched my chin and looked up and down, left and right.

  On the playground, some lively and lovely children are having gym class. Under the warm sunshine of winter, a vibrant scene, these are the flowers of the motherland, and there is a jasmine by my side.

  ”Excuse me, teacher, how do I get to the principal’s office?” Ni Ni asked a physical education teacher who was in class.

  ”The teaching building, the third floor, the innermost one.” The physical education teacher pointed to the teaching building and said to us. This person has short hair, thick eyebrows, big eyes, a wide face, a big mouth, a high nose, strong muscles, a tall figure, and a righteous look. At first glance, he is different.

  ”Oh, thank you!”, nodded politely.

  ”What are you here for?” the physical education teacher asked curiously.

  ”Oh, I’m here to report for work. I teach art.”

  ”So that’s how it is! Nice to meet you. We will be colleagues in the future. My surname is Li, Muzi Li, and I mainly teach sports.” This teacher Li excitedly held Ni Ni’s hand. is a bit unaccustomed to. His eyes are full of admiration, do you see beautiful women like this?

  ”My surname is Zhang, Zhang Nini.” She shook hands awkwardly and replied politely.

  ”Okay, Teacher Zhang, then. This one? This is your younger brother, right?” This Teacher Li pointed to me and asked.

  ”Ha, yes. It’s my brother, how did you know that?” Ni Ni rubbed my head and said with a smile.

  ”It looks like ah, you two brothers, you look alike.”

  Ni Ni and I looked at each other and thought at the same time, do we really look alike? This is also a husband and wife, haha.

  ”Well, all right then, we’ll talk later, let’s go up first.”

  ”Okay, okay, let’s talk later.” This teacher Li waved to us excitedly.

  Going upstairs, I came to the principal’s office, and saw the uncle again.

  ”Xiao Zhang, you are here, please take a seat. This is your younger brother, right? Your siblings look like you. Come, come, and you will sit too.” said.

  ”Hey Principal, you seem to be very busy.” She pulled out the stool and sat down politely.

  The principal took out a key from the drawer and gave it to Ni Ni, “Long story short, I’m going to class soon. This is the key to your dormitory, the teacher’s dormitory, the second floor, the first room on the left. Go clean first, tidy up, Settle down. Next Monday morning at 7:00, the report will be in the teacher’s office on the first floor, and I will tell you about the detailed work later.”

  ”Okay, I see, thank you principal.” Ni Ni took the key with both hands and got up politely.

  ”Let’s do this first, and we’ll talk about it in the office on Monday. By the way, this is the dining card for the cafeteria. Swipe this card to eat.” The principal handed her another card.

  ”Okay, thank you, let’s go to the dormitory first.”

  ”Okay, okay, let’s do this first. There are still some entry forms, you can take them back and fill them out slowly. Come back and supply me with your academic certificate or something.” The uncle continued to be busy sorting out his textbooks. , and left voluntarily.

  After I got down from the teaching building, I walked through a small garden on the campus and came to the cafeteria. It turned out that this cafeteria was a fast food restaurant opened in the school, and the other end of the store was outside the school, mainly for the business of selling fast food to the outside world.

  The place is not big, there is no place to eat and sit, it seems that they all go to the cafeteria to get food and go back to their dormitory to eat.

  The cafeteria and the dormitory are connected together.

  We jumped up to the dormitory building, the first room on the left, opened the door and took a look.


  So small, so shabby.

  A writing desk, a bunk bed, a wardrobe, a small toilet, there is no place to take a bath, the whole room plus toilet, less than 20 square meters. There are windows in front and back, white paint on the walls, and a ceiling fan on top.

  The disappointment on both of our faces was like a cage, and it was only the first time.

  ”I’ll make more money later, we’ll move out and live in a better place.” I put my arms around her waist and said confidently.

  ”Well, it’s not too bad. With you, it doesn’t matter where you live.” She patted my shoulder and said with a satisfied smile.

  ”Ah yo! You two brothers and sisters are so loving, I didn’t know they thought they were husband and wife.” A laughing voice came from behind.

  We were startled, we quickly let go of each other’s waists and looked back.

  ”Li, Mr. Li.” Ni Ni’s eyes widened and she smirked awkwardly.

  ”Yeah, just after class, you two want to live together? Oh, it’s a little smaller, but the bunk beds, one above and one below, is not a big problem.”

  ”Here, where can I take a shower?” Nini pointed to such a small bathroom.

  ”Oh, take a shower. Turn right after leaving the school, walk for 5 minutes, and you can see a bathhouse. It’s a bit expensive, but it’s nice inside.” Teacher Li pointed to a distant place outside the school.

  ”Oh, that’s it. I see, thank you.” We craned our necks together and looked into the distance.

  ”Oh, you’re welcome, if you have anything to help, tell me. I live in the last room. By the way, you need to buy some quilts, pillows, etc. A little further from the bathroom, there is a supermarket. There are all there.”, Teacher Li showed a scissor hand and smiled mischievously.

  ”Okay, thank you Mr. Li.” Ni Ni nodded politely and smiled.

  ”Don’t, don’t, you’re welcome. Then you’re busy first. I’m going to rest. I’m the only physical education teacher in the whole school. I’m tired.” After speaking, he turned and walked into his dormitory.

  We started cleaning the dormitory, which was not a big place, and was done in a few minutes. go! Go to the supermarket to buy bedding.

  Walking on the campus, the lively and lovely children passed by and said hello to us, “Hello, teacher”, which is really not used to listening.

  Passing by the bathhouse I mentioned earlier, men on the left and women on the right, take a bath for ten yuan. There are quite a lot of people going in and out. It seems that this is the only bathhouse nearby. I’ve never taken a bath in a bathhouse before. It’s quite novel. “I heard that there are various back scrub services.” I pointed to the bathhouse curiously.

  ”Haha, I’ll rub it for you, you pay me.” She rubbed my back mischievously.

  I saw a supermarket not long after passing by the bathhouse. This supermarket is very small. Maybe the supermarkets here are so small, but the things inside are quite complete. This is the characteristic of small cities.

  ”This teacher Li is not very old, he should be in his early thirties, right? It’s called tired, I’m still surprised. It turns out that he is the only physical education teacher in the whole school. That’s tired.” I was picking out bedding in the supermarket, while talking to Ni Ni. said.

  ”Yeah, the salary is low, the work is too much, and no one wants to do it. In the whole school, I am the only art teacher.” Ni Ni picked up a pillow and squeezed it, the elasticity was not bad.

  ”Ah? You’re the only art teacher, so don’t be too fortunate.” I said while pounding her waist.

  ”It’s weird, I feel pretty relaxed, maybe because I can draw again.” She showed a relaxed and happy smile.

  We bought bedding, daily toiletries, and returned to the dormitory in large and small bags. Lay out the top and bottom sheets, put the pillow, roll up the quilt, hang the towel, and put away the toothbrush.

  A love cabin is finished, we close the door, draw the curtains, and secretly kiss a few times.

  I heard footsteps outside, “Mr. Wang, are you going to grab a meal?”

  ”Yeah, hurry up, they’ll be sold out in a while.”

  ”Okay, I’ll go right away.”

  We look at each other, ah! Go grab a meal! Ha ha.

  The two of us grabbed the lunch box we just bought, opened the door and rushed down.

  There are already several teachers lined up at the cafeteria window, some chatting, some having already taken their meals, standing and eating and chatting, a lively scene.

  We looked at the dishes in the cupboard with a very familiar feeling.

  ”What did you think of?” she said, turning to look at me with a smile.

  ”The cafeteria of our previous unit, the Planning and Design Institute.” A nostalgic smile appeared on my face.

  ”Mr. Zhang, come to eat.” A familiar voice came from behind, that Mr. Li.

  ”Comrades, this is the new teacher Zhang, who teaches art.” He shouted to everyone.

  ”Hello, hello.” Everyone nodded and said hello to each other.

  ”Your sister and brother look like you…”

  ”LOL, really?”

  ”You can tell it’s your brother at a glance. How old is your brother? Is he working?”

  I kept shaking my head in my heart, these people, they insisted that we were brothers and sisters, okay okay, whatever you want.

  After we finished our meals, we returned to our beloved hut and ate slowly on the writing table.

  Although there is no TV to watch, and no Internet to access, I look at the quiet campus in the front window, and admire the remnant snowy countryside in the rear window. It feels very warm and comfortable. Although the place to live is so small, it is completely satisfied.

  Extraordinary freedom, extraordinarily safe, extraordinarily relaxed, extraordinarily beautiful.

  It’s a small Jasmine Garden with only Adam and Eve in it.

  To be continued…

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