[Drunken Jasmine]Chapter 12 – “Sister and Brother”

  ”How does it feel to sleep on it? Brother on the top bunk?” Ni Ni said mischievously from the bottom bunk, kicking my ass across the bed.

  ”It’s normal, I feel like I’m lying in a coffin. I’m afraid I fall asleep at night and accidentally roll over and fall off.” I looked at the ceiling helplessly.

  ”You don’t want to wet the bed, it will rain here if you wet the bed.”

  ”Haha! It’s really possible.” I rolled over and got out of bed and squeezed into her bed.

  ”Hey, this is a single bed, wouldn’t it be too crowded for two people to sleep like this?” She looked at me shyly.

  ”I think it’s just right. It’s bigger than our sofa, and we can all sleep together on the sofa.”

  ”Haha, I hate it. I have to get up early for work tomorrow, sleep well and don’t touch.” After a light kiss, she turned around and went to sleep.

  ”Got it!” I hugged her tightly from behind and closed my eyes obediently.

  Such a small room, such a small bed, could have slept so sweetly. It’s like lying in a boat, floating in the sea of ​​jasmine flowers, with rippling waves and pleasant fragrance.

  I buried my nose in her hair, and with every breath I was greeted with the scent of jasmine, which was so intoxicating, so refreshing.

  I seem to be asleep.

  ”Baby, you sleep a little longer, I’m too late, I’ll put it on the table earlier.” I rubbed my eyes as if I had been bitten by a mosquito on my face.

  It seems that it was not bitten by a mosquito, but someone kissed it, leaving a scent of jasmine.

  Looking up, it wasn’t even 7am. Only the sound of her hurried footsteps came downstairs.

  Oh yes, she said she had to go to work at 7 in the morning, which was great, and it was a perfect job to get up from the bedroom and go to work.

  No, she seemed to get up early, and she had bought breakfast and put it on the table. She has already gone downstairs once, yes, she must be dressed up, after all, it’s her first day at work.

  It seems that being a teacher is really hard work, so I have to get up so early. I can sleep two more hours, the computer market doesn’t open so early to pick up customers. I turned around, covered the quilt, and continued to sleep soundly and at ease.

  ”One, two, three, four, two, two, three, four…” What’s the situation? Why such a loud broadcast? So familiar music, it seems to be doing morning exercises, my God!

  By the way, this is school! I have to do morning exercises every morning, and it seems that I can’t sleep, so I will get up at 7:30.

  After getting dressed, walking out of the dormitory, standing in the aisle, you can clearly see that the playground is full of densely packed children.

  In the front row is the teacher, leading the children to do morning exercises. I see her! She was standing there, leading a group of children to do morning exercises, youthful and very cute.

  Maybe she knew that with such a loud broadcast, I would definitely not be able to sleep. She looked back at the dormitory from time to time, she saw me, and waved to me with a smile. She was full of joy and smiling happily.

  I nibbled at breakfast while standing in the aisle of the dormitory building, watching them walk back to the classroom after their morning exercises. It was really fun, just like kindergarten.

  After the morning exercise, the whole campus was quiet, and there was the sound of reading aloud. I went back to the dorm, closed the door and continued to sleep, another hour, perfect. This radio gymnastics every morning is like an advertisement, and I gradually get used to it.

  It took about 20 minutes to walk down from the school dormitory to the computer market. It’s not bad if it’s a daily workout time.

  As soon as I entered the store, I saw that everyone was busy, installing the machine, cleaning the sanitation. A pile of orders was still on the table yesterday, and I immediately jumped into the fray.

  This is a joyful team, working happily and speaking humorously.

  The fat boss was the last to arrive and walked in. “Comrades, a new day has begun, and the battle has begun. Follow me! The one who rushes to the front will reward you with a piece of ocean.”

  The whole store was full of laughter. But I have been thinking about Lao He, and I don’t know if his shop has resumed business now.

  At lunchtime, while everyone was eating and chatting, my phone rang.

  ”Hey! Have you eaten? Did everything go well?”, came her kind voice and the scent of jasmine.

  ”Well, it’s all good, it’s all going well, how are you doing there? I saw you doing exercises with the children in the morning, it’s so cute!”

  ”Haha, I also have a lot of fun. It’s very fun to be with the kids. I’ll come to you after school at 4 pm and have dinner with you.”


  ”Well then, I’m going to help manage the children’s lunch.”

  After lunch, go back to work. Although I don’t make much money, I feel free and comfortable. Soon, another busy day passed.

  ”Ah, the beauty is here.” The fat boss put down the teacup and got up and shouted.

  ”Hi, hello.”, a familiar voice, she came.

  When I looked up, it was half past four.

  ”Wait for your brother to get off work?” The fat boss took a stool and said with a smile.

  ”Oh, yes.”

  ”You guys are really close to each other, but it’s no wonder that you are in a foreign land, and you two depend on each other, and you are very fortunate. When you first arrived here, you are not familiar with life and have no friends.” He stretched out his hand and invited Ni Ni to sit down. .

  ”It’s okay, it’s not so exaggerated, hehe.” He smiled politely.

  ”I’ll go back and introduce a girlfriend to your brother, so that he won’t be too lonely.” The fat boss pointed to a little girl inside, smiled and said.

  ”Ah??? Don’t!!!”, Ni Ni frowned, widened her eyes, and answered solemnly.

  ”Ah? Why?” The fat boss was stunned and opened his mouth, stupid! How can there be such a sister.

  I burst out laughing when I heard it, it was so hilarious.

  ”Ah, that, I mean, when his career is more stable, it’s not too late to think about it.” She looked at the ceiling and said with a smirk.

  ”Haha, you’re right.” The fat boss scratched his head and said, “Then, I’ll introduce you to a boyfriend later.”

  ”Ah??? Don’t!!!”, Ni Ni frowned again and replied seriously.

  ”Ah? And why?” The fat boss really didn’t understand this time, he was confused.

  ”Ah, that, I mean, I’m not in a hurry, I want to stay with my brother for a few more years.” Ni Ni squinted at me and said with a smirk.

  Haha, I’m rolling on the ground with laughter in my heart, it’s so funny.

  ”So that’s the case. I just wanted to introduce myself to you, but it seems hopeless.” The fat boss rubbed his head with a smirk.

  ”Haha, you really know how to joke.” Ni Ni covered her mouth and laughed awkwardly.

  ”Sit whatever you want, whatever you want, I’m busy with mine.”

  ”Okay thank you.”

  Ni Ni walked up to me and sat down, “How are you? Are you tired?”

  ”It’s okay, it’s not physical work, it’s fine. Are you tired?”

  ”It’s a little bit, I’ve been standing for a long time, but I’m very happy. A child must call me godmother, saying that I look like his mother.” She picked up the tool I installed and played with it at will.

  ”Haha, when he sees me another day, he won’t call me godfather, right?” I held the screwdriver and looked up and laughed.

  ”It should be Uncle Gan.” The fat boss nodded and smiled strangely.

  Ni Ni and I looked at each other sullenly and showed a mysterious smile, haha.

  ”It’s five o’clock! Comrades! The enemy has already retreated, so let’s withdraw our troops as well. Everyone will enter the trenches on time tomorrow, make no mistake!” The fat boss gave an order, and everyone threw their things in their hands and left after get off work.

  Haha, this boss is so funny, I fainted with a smile.

  ”Let’s go.” I packed up my tools and took her out with me.

  ”What do you want to eat today? Or go back to the school cafeteria to eat?” she asked, turning her head around my waist.

  ”Let’s eat outside. The school cafeteria’s meal card has been swiped. What are you having for lunch?” I put my arm around her shoulder and pointed at the food court opposite.

  ”Yeah, that’s right. Let’s go, I want a bowl of noodles.”

  ”Okay, let’s go! Opposite Food City.”

  After dinner, we went shopping all the way back to school, then went to the bathhouse to take a shower, and returned to the dormitory leisurely.

  Close the door, draw the curtains, squeeze into the bed together, and hold a Durex in your hand, living a happy life.

  I picked up a used laptop in the market and continued learning to code in my spare time. Sometimes there is no business in the computer store, so I go back to the school dormitory early to study.

  Passing by the teaching building, I happened to see Ni Ni teaching the children. I secretly stood on the side and watched it for a while, which was really interesting.

  She taught the class vividly and taught the children how to draw. Her expression was so vivid and her smile was so bright. No wonder the children liked her so much. It seems that she likes this job very much, and it is much more fun than the previous drawing.

  I love you, my baby, my goddess. I will also work hard, and the future will definitely be better. I turned around slightly, walked back to the dormitory, and continued to learn how to code.

  ”You came back so early today.” She went back to the dormitory after class.

  ”Yeah, I have no business today, so I came back early and learned to code.” I typed on the keyboard earnestly.

  ”Let’s eat in the cafeteria that night. If we don’t run out, I have to prepare lessons.” She held a pile of picture albums in her hands.

  ”Well, ok, I’m ready to go down to buy food.” I took out two iron lunch boxes.

  The entrance of the school cafeteria was very lively, and the teachers were standing to eat and chat.

  ”Mr. Wang, is your girlfriend here?”

  ”Yeah, yeah. It’s very tiring to run here every three days, so why don’t you just move in and live together.”

  ”We thought the same thing, but she’s too far away, and it’s inconvenient for me to go back and forth to work. The school dormitory only allows immediate family members to live together, there’s no way. Just hold on for a few more days, we’re getting married soon.”

  ”Yeah, the school dormitory is like this. After all, it’s a school. I’m afraid it will not affect it well.”

  ”Yes, yes, you are right.”

  After hearing this, Ni Ni and I glanced at each other quietly, and we both knew in our hearts that we must not let them know the real resemblance, otherwise they would be confused. Fortunately, we look alike, they see us as siblings, no doubt, haha.

  The days passed quickly, and half a month passed in a blink of an eye. Every day is leisurely and comfortable. There is no business today. I got off work early again and went back to the dormitory to continue learning to write code.

  ”Xiao Zhang, Xiao Zhang.”

  I’m on my way back to the dorm.

  Suddenly, someone grabbed him and said, “Xiao Zhang, I’m calling you.”

  ”Huh? Call me? Teacher Li.” I turned my head to look at this teacher Li, who taught sports, for no reason. I didn’t understand.

  ”Yeah, it’s not too much to call you Xiao Zhang, right? Haha.” He grabbed his scalp and asked with a smile.

  I suddenly thought to myself, yes. Zhang Nini’s younger brother, of course, should also be surnamed Zhang…

  ”Ah, where, of course it’s not too much. I was just thinking about something and didn’t hear you calling me.” I scratched my head and smirked.

  ”Brother Li, what’s the matter?” I see that his expression is a little strange, what’s the situation?

  ”It’s nothing, I just want to ask, does your sister have a boyfriend?” He hesitated and was a little shy.

  ”No. What’s wrong?”, I replied stupidly. When I said it, I immediately reacted, I really regret saying it, I am an idiot.

  ”Oh, that’s it. Okay, I, I want to pursue your sister, are you not against it?” Teacher Li asked embarrassedly with a shy expression.

  ”Ah? I, I, I have no objection. Of course, Brother Li, you are very kind and often help us. It’s just that my sister has quite a few suitors, really.” I said hesitantly. In fact, I want him to give up, don’t waste time.

  ”Well, I know this, your sister is beautiful, professional and noble. There must be many suitors.” He touched his head and looked at the sky, thinking seriously.

  He was stunned for a while, thinking that he was about to give up, and I was ready to comfort him.

  ”Don’t worry, your sister and I are both teachers. We have a common topic, and we will eventually come together.” He patted my shoulder confidently and said to me.

  ”Oh my god.” I rubbed my forehead and turned away.

  ”Little Zhang, are you alright?”

  ”No, I just have a headache.”

  ”Oh, pay attention to rest, young people can’t work too hard.”

  I was speechless and walked into the dormitory building with only one thought in my mind, to make more money and move out with my Jasmine.

  ”You came back so early today, I just finished class.” She took some pictures and went back to the dormitory.

  ”Yeah, I finished all the work yesterday, and I have fewer orders today. Come back early to learn how to code. I’m going to change jobs early and make more money.” I had a serious expression on my face.

  ”Hey, what’s the matter today? It’s so serious, what’s wrong?” she asked in my ear, wrapping her arms around my neck.

  ”Do you know that Mr. Li? He just pulled me.” I closed the door and whispered in her ear.

  ”Oh, that big guy who teaches sports? What’s the matter?”

  ”He said he was going after you and asked me if I had any opinion.”

  ”What?! Haha!” Ni Ni covered her mouth and burst into laughter.

  ”Yeah, I’m speechless. I told him to stop wasting time. He was also very enthusiastic, saying that you are both teachers and have a common topic, and will eventually come together successfully.” I frowned. , with a helpless expression on his face.

  ”Haha, I laughed so hard, although this teacher Li is a good person. But I only love you, I am yours.” She sat playfully on my lap.

  ”Well, take a bite.” I took a bite.

  We were kissing when there was a knock on the door.

  She was so frightened that she immediately bounced off my lap.

  She quickly straightened her hair, opened the door, and said, “Oh, it’s Teacher Li.”

  ”Yes, yes, I just saw you come up. You are covered by the curtains, I thought you were not there.” Teacher Li said shyly.

  ”Oh, ah, huh!”, Ni Ni smirked awkwardly.

  ”In the school, everyone sent a box of oranges, and I moved them in for you.” I saw Teacher Li put a box of oranges at the door.

  ”Thank you so much, I’m so sorry, I was just about to let him move over there.” She touched my shoulder and said.

  ”It’s okay, it’s okay, I just came back, by the way. Have you had dinner yet?” Teacher Li asked with a smile.

  ”Ah? It’s just after school, so early for dinner?” He looked at me curiously.

  ”Oh, no, I’m just asking casually. You’re not familiar with this place just now. There is a very delicious western restaurant next to us, and it’s good to eat steak. I’ll take you to eat steak?” Teacher Li raised his hands with his hands. Looking up at the ceiling, he asked shyly.

  ”Okay, let’s go!” She smiled and turned to pull me up from the stool, ready to go out.

  ”Ah, that, Xiao Zhang, are you busy?” Teacher Li asked me with wide eyes.

  ”I-I’m not busy.”

  ”Oh, that, that, that is great, let’s go together then.” Teacher Li turned around with an embarrassing smile and led us downstairs.

  We looked at each other, understood in our hearts, and had a helpless smile on our faces.

  We followed Mr. Li on foot for five minutes and came to a western restaurant next to the school. Although it didn’t feel like a very high-end restaurant, it might be a relatively high-end restaurant here.

  Ni Ni pulled me to sit next to her, I secretly laughed in my heart and didn’t give up the seat next to him, haha!

  They each ordered a steak and started chatting while eating.

  ”Mr. Zhang, did you know? We are currently selecting the top ten outstanding teachers. I have already recommended you to the principal.” Mr. Li poured us a drink and said to her with a smile.

  ”Ah, no, but I’ve only been working for half a month, and there’s nothing outstanding.” Ni Ni took a sip of the drink and smiled a little embarrassedly.

  ”The principal has already talked to me and said that my recommendation is very good, and I need someone like you. On the one hand, you are new here, and you work very hard. On the other hand, your image is very good. This is going to be published in the newspaper, Your image can help our school gain a lot of fame and popularity.” Teacher Li said solemnly.

  I sat with my head down, biting my steak, silently. Well, I understand that being pretty is a lot.

  ”Oh, that’s it, then I see. Actually, I want to keep a low profile.” Ni Ni picked up the knife and fork, cut the steak, and delayed with a smile.

  ”You’re already very low-key, and you’ve done a great job. You can get a prize of 1,000 yuan when you are selected as the top ten outstanding teachers.” Teacher Li cut a piece of steak and put it in his mouth, saying proudly.

  ”Ha, doesn’t it? Sounds good.” She turned to look at me, her eyes wide and excited.

  ”Did you know? Actually, you are really humble. You have been here for half a month, and you are so serious in every class. The children like you very much. In addition to your image condition, it is really true. It is very suitable to be elected as one of the top ten excellent teachers. You are simply the image spokesperson of our school.” Teacher Li spewed a lot of words that made hair stand up, which was indescribable.

  And I nearly squirted the steak out of my mouth, and it was bullshit, bullshit. Yes, this is the “egg”.

  ”Really, Mr. Li, you’re really over the top.” She chewed elegantly and answered modestly.

  ”At the same time, I’m also very curious, why doesn’t a woman as good as you have a boyfriend?” Teacher Li took a sip of the drink and finally got to the point.

  I was also very curious, not knowing how she would respond.

  I saw Ni Ni cleared his throat very seriously and said, “Mr. Li, I am really ashamed to say some things, and it is very strange. Of course I have a boyfriend. But my boyfriend, there are some problems, we have been dating for a year. Later, I found out that he actually is.”

  ”What?” Teacher Li opened her eyes wide and looked at her nervously.

  ”Underworld.” Ni Ni said three words calmly.

  ”What! Your boyfriend is a triad?!” Teacher Li was shocked! I saw the knife and fork in his hand tremble.

  I suddenly fainted with laughter, but it didn’t take long for me to realize that it was really like this, that Zhou Shijun was really no different from the underworld!

  ”Yeah, only after we met, did I know that he was a gangster. Later, I forced me to marry him, but of course I didn’t want to. In the end, my brother and I ran out and left our hometown.” Turn to look at me.

  ”It turns out to be like this, it’s too much. But don’t worry, as long as you are here, in the school, we will all protect you. The public security bureau is next to the school, so don’t be afraid!” Teacher Li patted his chest, said excitedly.

  I was really moved when I heard it, Mr. Li is really nice. It turned out that Mr. Li was a retired military soldier. After he retired, he was assigned to be a physical education teacher here.

  People who have been in the army are different, their conversation and behavior are all righteous.

  Mr. Li was very sincere. We happily finished the western food and went back to the dormitory together. Before Mr. Li entered the door, he turned around and said to us that if there is any difficulty, let him know at any time, and he will definitely help.

  I am really touched, good man, but sorry, Jasmine and I are truly in love.

  ”Mr. Li is really nice.” Under the covers, we hugged and kissed.

  ”Yeah, unfortunately I only love you.” Her pink lips kissed my forehead.

  ”Well, I only love you too.” I kissed her neck tenderly.

  The two fell asleep warmly, with sweet dreams and fragrant flowers.

  Soon, on that day, the top ten outstanding teachers commendation meeting. There were many people in the school and many reporters taking pictures there.

  The principal read the manuscript over there and read, “The following is a request, ten outstanding teachers from our school came to the stage to receive the certificate.”

  I saw ten teachers lined up and walked to the stage step by step. When Ni Ni came to the stage, the children in the audience laughed and shouted, “Mr. Zhang~~Mr.Zhang~~Mr.Zhang~~”.

  I was excited and applauded as enthusiastically as everyone else, watching the ten teachers holding their certificates and standing on the stage, the reporters stepped forward to take pictures.

  So amazing, really capable, promising, my baby, my goddess, love tiger oil!

  It seems that she really helped the school win a lot of glory, and even I saw her front page headline in the newspaper, Zhang Nini, one of the top ten outstanding teachers in Xining Primary School.

  It seems that she is really suitable for being a teacher.

  ”Ha, look.” She jumped into the bedroom, holding an envelope and shaking it in front of my eyes.


  ”The bonus that the principal gave me just now, the top ten outstanding teachers, 1,000 yuan, although not much, but it’s pretty good, haha.” She proudly opened the envelope and counted the bonus.

  ”You are really good, my goddess.” I looked at her with admiration.

  ”Ha, that’s of course.” She smiled and entered the room, and many times I found her as cute as a little girl.

  ”The salary will be paid in another week. Let’s go to the side to see if there is any house for rent. Let’s rent a small room to live in.” She said to me while counting the money.

  ”Well, alright, I went to see that there is a house for rent nearby. It’s a small one, one bedroom and one living room. It costs 500 yuan a month.”

  ”Ha, that’s not bad, we’ll rent a smaller one. You don’t need to live in this dwelling.”

  ”Ha, alright, then we’ll announce it again, tell them we’re not siblings, and make them all stupid.”

  ”Haha! Maybe Teacher Li will go crazy.”

  ”It’s time to eat, let’s go down to eat.”

  ”Okay, let’s eat in the cafeteria.”

  Ni Ni and I went downstairs with our lunch boxes, and many teachers ate and chatted happily.

  ”You know, the used condoms in the trash can in the bedroom, I saw it when I took out the trash that day.”

  ”Ah, no. How is that possible?”

  There were whispers from behind.

  ”That means, there are female teachers and male teachers in the dormitory?”

  ”Yeah, how could such a thing happen? If it is discovered, it will definitely be fired.”

  ”There are only so many female teachers in the dormitory, who are they?”

  Ni Ni and I looked at each other silently, with embarrassed smiles, took the food without a word and went upstairs quietly.

  It seems that paper can’t hold fire, let alone dry wood. I’m sure it will be discovered soon, and we decided to move out as soon as we get paid.

  Look for at least one that has a bathroom so it’s easy to take a shower. As the weather gets warmer, the frequency of bathing will also increase, and it is inconvenient to go to the bathroom every time like now.

  And sometimes there is a problem with the hot water in the bathroom, and you have to take a shower, which is really troublesome.

  The most important thing is that I finished washing quickly and had to wait for her at the door for half an hour. She has many parts on her body, and she washes it slowly, and she has to blow dry her hair after washing.

  ”Hey, Xiao Zhang, come take a bath too!” Teacher Li appeared at the door of the bathroom with a bathtub.

  ”Yeah, um, I’ve finished taking a shower, so come take a shower too.”

  ”Have you finished washing? Oh, I see, you are waiting for your sister.” Teacher Li pointed to the women’s plain clothes room nearby.

  ”Yes, she walked back alone when it was dark, I’m not very worried, there’s nothing to do anyway, just wait for her for a while.”

  ”What a good brother, you did the right thing.” Teacher Li smiled and went in to take a shower.

  The surrounding area of ​​the school is busy and lively during the day, but at night, the children all go back, and many stores are closed. Except for a few restaurants and bathhouses, there are really no pedestrians.

  Some time ago, I heard that there are Hui people and Han people fighting at night. Generally, we don’t go out at night, so we are very careful.

  Standing at the door of the bathhouse, humming a song, looking at the sky and blowing the wind. At this moment, I really feel homesick, don’t you want to go back in this lifetime?

  ”I’m done taking a shower! Is it fragrant?” A jasmine flower popped out of the bathroom door, jumping over like me.

  ”Well, it smells so good.” Leaning on her shoulder and smelling it, bursts of floral fragrance came from her hair.

  ”Haha, then let’s go back.” We held the bathtub in one hand, held the other hand together, and jumped back.

  ”Why are your hands so cold? You’ve been waiting at the door for a long time. It’s getting cold. Next time you wash up, go back first, don’t wait for me.” She clenched my hand and turned her head.

  ”A little bit, it’s okay, it’s okay. I don’t want to wait inside, people think I’m a pervert.”

  ”Haha! You say that, I feel a little perverted.” She covered her mouth and smiled.

  ”Wow, look, the moon is so big and round today.” She pointed to the sky.

  ”This is called Yueheifenggao, you can see that there are no people around, just the two of us, you are not afraid.” I squinted at her and said with a smile.

  ”Ha! I’m not afraid of anything with you.” She gave me a smug look.

  ”Ha, then I have no reason to be afraid.”

  It’s already nine o’clock in the evening, and the surroundings are silent and empty. We walked hand in hand on the path. Just walked to the gate of the school, and suddenly a car came on the other side. Who else would come to the school at this time?

  The car stopped in front of us and we couldn’t keep our eyes open from the headlights of the car, which was rude. The door opened and three people got out of the car.

  When the lights went out, I gradually saw these three people, one of them was very familiar, and he smiled proudly at Ni Ni.

  ”Mr. Zhang, hello, I finally found you!” There was a deep and terrifying greeting.

  Ni Ni shook her whole body, and the bath tub and towel all fell to the ground.

  To be continued…

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