[Drunken Jasmine]Chapter 13 – All the way west

  ”Zhou, Zhou Shijun.” Ni Ni’s eyes widened and she looked at him in astonishment.

  ”I didn’t expect you to run so far. Your father asked me to take you back, and you don’t belong here.” Zhou Shijun raised his short eyebrows, smiled slightly, and lit a cigarette in his hand.

  ”I won’t go back with you, and don’t bother me again.” Ni Ni shouted to him angrily.

  Zhou Shijun sneered, exhaled a thick puff of smoke, and stared at her coldly with a pair of small triangular eyes, “We have a marriage contract, you are my fiancee, and I will be responsible for your happiness. Do you stay in your life forever? In this small city, are you not going back?”

  ”I’m not going to marry you, I told you long ago. I see you clearly, you devil!” Our hands were tightly together, trembling.

  ”Okay, then you go back with me. I promised your father that I would take you back.” Zhou Shijun took a deep breath of cigarette, raised his head and smiled slightly.

  ”No, I have to go back, I will go back myself, you go.”, Ni Ni pulled me, ready to leave quickly.

  ”I tell you, no matter where you go, I will find you and take you back.” Zhou Shijun exhaled a puff of smoke, threw the cigarette butt and stomped it out.

  ”I won’t go with you, just kill me!” He shouted, staring at Zhou Shijun with angry eyes.

  ”I told you last time, don’t mess with this kid again, or I’ll be rude to him.” Zhou Shijun tilted his head, pointed at me, and said sternly.

  ”I love him! He loves me too!”, looked at me with firm eyes, and answered him loudly in a fearless tone.

  ”I’ll cut off one of his hands today, which can be regarded as punishment for you!” Zhou Shijun waved his hand, and two tall men behind him, who should be his bodyguards or thugs, came towards us.

  ”It’s useless for you to kill me! You devil! I love Ni Ni!”, I stepped forward, stood in front of Ni Ni, and shouted to him sharply, although my hands were shaking.

  ”I’m sorry, it’s not convenient to kill you here today. I’ll kill you if I get a chance.” Zhou Shijun frowned at me and smiled coldly.

  Ni Ni took a step forward, hugged me tightly, stood in front of me, and shouted hoarsely, “Don’t touch him! If you want to chop, chop me too!”

  Two strong men came up and pulled us apart.

  ”Help! Help! Ah…!”, Ni Ni shouted to the sky with all her strength.

  After struggling a few times, we were violently pulled apart, our down jackets were torn, and cotton wool was scattered like dandelions.

  I turned around and fought the fat guy, ripped together, I punched him, he punched me. But he punched in place, and I couldn’t take it anymore.

  ”Ah!…Don’t…!” A heart-wrenching voice came from behind.

  As she shouted, I suddenly felt a heavy blow in the back, as if someone had hit me in the back with an iron bar.

  Suddenly, I felt unsteady on my feet, and at the same time I felt how cold it was behind me, I turned my head with trembling.

  Zhou Shijun looked at me with wicked eyes, an evil smile appeared on the corner of his mouth, and he held a long knife in his hand.

  Why is there a fiery burning sensation behind you, the fire coming from there?

  I touched my back with my hand and got soaked. Where is the water?

  Why are my hands bright red? Why did they stop attacking? Why is it so quiet around here?

  I turned my head to look at Ni Ni, she was struggling and crying, and stretched out a hand to me, but she couldn’t catch me.

  Why are my legs soft? ! Useless things, stand up! But why did I fall.

  Zhou Shijun took the long knife and approached me slowly. I could see it clearly. There was red blood on the edge of the knife. It was my blood, and I wanted to fight with you! I struggled to get up, but my hands softened, and I felt that I was slowly losing my strength.

  Zhou Shijun stepped on my face with a savage kick, and I smelled an earthy smell, followed by a burst of pain. “Ah!” I grabbed his feet with all my strength and pushed him away! But I was suddenly dizzy, and a burst of soreness came from my nose. It turned out that he switched legs and kicked me in the face. My vision was blurred in pain, my whole body twitched, and my breathing stopped.

  ”Ah!…Don’t…! Stop hitting him! Don’t! Help!”, in the dazed and dazed voices, only a painful cry was heard.

  I just took a sigh of relief, only to feel a shock all over my body, a twitch in my stomach, a huge pain, and the fat man kicked me hard again. I didn’t rush to reach out to block it, and Zhou Shijun kicked me viciously in the face again. Immediately, I felt dizzy. The person rolled on the ground twice, and I couldn’t open my eyes in pain.

  ”Ah!!”, my hand hurts! Zhou Shijun stepped on my hand vigorously, raised his long knife high, frowned his two short brows tightly, and was about to slash down with a knife.

  ”…Don’t…!” A hoarse cry came from behind.

  At this moment, a bathtub hit Zhou Shijun’s head! Then a flying leg kicked him. Zhou Shijun fell to the ground and rolled three times in a row. After sitting up, he looked confused. What happened?

  ”Mr. Li!”, Ni Ni shouted excitedly with tears in her eyes.

  In a daze, I saw Teacher Li’s figure!

  I saw the fat man in front of me, turned around and rushed up to fight with Teacher Li, battling into a ball.

  Mr. Li’s moves are quite driving, and a set of consecutive armed police punches knocked Fatty to the ground.

  Seeing that the situation was wrong, the other fat man immediately let go of Ni Ni and went up to help. Zhou Shijun also got up, rushed up with a knife, and the three of them formed a group.

  ”Baby! Baby, you’re all right, hold on.” He rushed over with hot tears in his eyes, hugged me tightly, and shouted sobbing.

  She used all her strength to help me up, but why are my legs so unsatisfactory, why are they soft at this time?

  As a result, the two of us fell to the ground together, and fell heavily to the ground.

  She got up immediately and tried to pull me up again, but I was exhausted.

  Teacher Li can’t beat four hands with one punch.

  Accidentally during the fight, Teacher Li also fell to the ground and was kicked and punched.

  At this desperate moment, a siren was suddenly heard, and two police cars approached in the distance.

  Several people were punching and kicking Mr. Li, and they were stunned for a while when they heard the siren.

  ”Let’s go! The police are here!” Zhou Shijun shouted, and the three immediately turned around to get back into the car.

  As a result, the three of them turned around and suddenly found that Ni Ni was already in the car, pulled out the car keys, threw them into the grass in the distance, and shouted with tears in their eyes, “Look how you run!”

  The fat man stepped forward and slapped Ni Ni Ni in the face, knocking her to the ground.

  ”What the hell are you doing?! Beat the old woman.” Zhou Shijun slapped Fatty in the face and yelled at him.

  Seeing that the sound of the siren was approaching, and it seemed that there was no way out, Zhou Shijun shouted impatiently, “Let’s go!”

  The three of them ran away and quickly disappeared at the end of the street in the middle of the night.

  ”Hold on, baby, the police are here, hold on.” With hot tears in her eyes, she hugged me tightly, warming my icy body.

  Why did my body start to tremble slightly? Is this cold? I am too useless.

  Two police cars stopped in front of us, and six police officers got off. Looking around, three of them ran towards Teacher Li, and three of them ran towards us.

  ”Yes, yes, ambulance, emergency, the entrance to the elementary school.” The policeman called for an ambulance while examining my injuries.

  At the same time, two teachers rushed out of the school with sticks in their hands.

  ”What’s going on here? Who called the police?” the police comrade shouted.

  ”I, I called the police. I just heard someone calling for help, so I immediately called the police.” Teacher Xiao Wang in the dormitory said tremblingly.

  Mr. Li limped over and was supported by several police comrades.

  ”I, I know! They are underworld, and they are here to trouble Teacher Zhang and her brother.” Teacher Li shouted panting over there.

  Mr. Li was also injured in multiple places, and he was also stabbed in the arm.

  ”The ambulance is here, the ambulance is here, put them in the ambulance first, and go to the hospital to make a record.” Several police comrades lifted me up and stuffed them into the ambulance.

  Ni Ni sat next to me, held my hand tightly, and looked at me with tears in her eyes. But I smiled at her, “It’s okay, I can’t die.”

  Did I say something wrong? Probably not, why did she start crying?

  ”Don’t cry! I’m fine.” I held her hand tightly and comforted her.

  ”Yeah,” she nodded to me, wiped away tears, and gave a strong smile.

  The ambulance was quite comfortable, but it was cold, and I was so cold that I staggered and wanted to sleep, but it stopped quickly. The door opened, and a group of doctors and nurses came up and carried me out.

  ”What about the injured?” they asked as they pushed me to the emergency room.

  ”Stab wound, back.”

  It’s so bright all of a sudden, dozens of headlights can’t open my eyes, but it’s very warm and comfortable.

  ”Turn him over, get ready, one, two, three.”

  ”Scissors, cut the clothes.”

  ”The incision is a bit deep, but luckily it didn’t hurt the blood vessels. First stop the bleeding, sterilize it, and then sew it up.”

  I felt a sharp pain in my back, I gritted my teeth and insisted, I must not shout, I knew that if she shouted, she would definitely be sad.

  It was terribly cold just now, and now it’s terribly hot, sweat dripping from my forehead, sweating profusely. Maybe it’s sore, maybe it’s hot, I can’t figure it out.

  ”Come on, family members wait outside, family members don’t stay here, family members go outside, thank you.”

  ”No, don’t push me out!”

  ”It’ll be fine, don’t worry, we’ll sew him up soon.”

  ”Is the anesthetic ready?”

  ”Already injected.”

  ”Hey, hey, boy. What’s your girlfriend’s name? Come on, tell me her name.”

  ”She… she… is called… Jasmine…”

  ”Alright, alright, hurry up!”

  I fell asleep, and slept warmly and sweetly. In my sleep, someone has been holding my hand. I know it’s her, she’s always by my side. But why does someone keep talking? Noisy me! Every time! bother!

  ”So, after you took a shower, you went back to the school dormitory, and saw three people besieging them at the school gate. And you know, these three people are underworld, you immediately went up to stop them, right?”, a A police comrade took a pen and took notes seriously.

  ”Yes, that’s it.”

  I opened my eyes and saw Mr. Li lying on the bed beside me in a daze.

  ”Baby, are you awake? Does it hurt?” Ni Ni held my hand tightly by the side, looked at me anxiously, and asked softly.

  ”I-I feel like I’m fine, no pain at all.”

  ”That’s because you were given anesthesia and you haven’t woken up yet. You had 12 stitches on your back. Fortunately, the incision didn’t hurt the blood vessels. The bleeding stopped soon, and the stitches were sutured. After a period of rest, the stitches will be removed.”, she I wiped my tears, swallowed, and looked at me with wet eyes.

  ”It’s so uncomfortable to lie down, I want to sit up.”

  ”Come on, let me help you, be careful.”

  I slowly got up, sitting on the hospital bed felt okay, not very painful, “I feel like there is a zipper behind my back, and it’s pulled up.”

  Ni Ni looked at me dumbfounded, holding my hand, tears welling up in her eyes.

  ”Then, how do you know they are underworld?” The police comrade asked Mr. Li seriously.

  ”Yes, I just know. I talked about it last time when I had dinner with Teacher Zhang and his younger brother. They told me that they got into the underworld in their hometown and fled here from their hometown.” Mr. Li Yiyi Said rightly.

  ”So, you immediately concluded that these people were underworld, right?”

  ”Yes, one of them even took out a knife and slashed Teacher Zhang’s younger brother.”

  I can see that Teacher Li’s face is also bruised and swollen, and his hands are still bandaged. It seems that the injury is not light.

  ”Okay, then Mr. Li, do you have anything to add?”

  ”No, no, I hope to catch those people as soon as possible and bring them to justice.”

  ”Okay, I believe it will. Then Mr. Zhang, tell me now, what’s the situation?” The police comrade turned to Ni Ni, picked up the pen, and asked seriously.

  Ni Ni was silent and didn’t know how to answer. In fact, I didn’t know what to say. It was too complicated.

  ”Come on, don’t be afraid, just tell the truth. What is your relationship with those people? Why did they treat you like this?”

  ”Don’t be nervous, it’s nothing else, just record the details of the case, otherwise this case won’t be easy to handle, right?”

  ”You are victims, don’t be afraid, tell me, do you know all three of them?” The policeman stared at Ni Ni with a suspicious look.

  ”Yes, there is one I know, his name is Zhou Shijun, and the other two I don’t know, they should be his bodyguards or thugs.” Ni Ni lowered her head and said hesitantly.

  ”Oh, so, what does this Zhou Shijun do? What is your relationship with him?” The police comrade carefully wrote it down on the notebook.

  ”He’s from our city, the head of the tax bureau, and he’s my fiancé.”

  Mr. Li, who was lying on the side,’s eyes widened, and it was difficult to understand why Mr. Zhang had such a fiancé.

  ”What?! That man named Zhou Shijun is your fiancé? Then why did he slash your brother with a knife?” The police comrade frowned and asked curiously.

  Ni Ni hesitated for a while, then glanced at me, wondering whether to tell the truth or not. Soon, she showed a firm, strong, fearless expression.

  ”He’s not my brother, he’s my lover. That Zhou Shijun didn’t want us to be together, so he killed him.”

  ”What?!” Teacher Li and the police comrades said in unison, looking at us with unbelievable eyes.

  ”Is this guy seven or eight years younger than you? Is he your lover? What about your fiancé? It seems really complicated.” The police comrade frowned, earnestly recording this bizarre story.

  Mr. Li’s eyes were wide and his mouth was wide open. He looked up at the ceiling with a stunned look.

  ”It’s already 12 o’clock in the evening. Are you all hungry? I’ll get you something to eat. Come back and continue.” The police comrade scratched his head and walked out of the ward with a helpless look.

  ”Mr. Zhang, Xiao Zhang. No, I shouldn’t call you Xiao Zhang, your surname is you?” Teacher Li accepted the fact and faced it calmly.

  ”Your surname is Su.”

  ”Xiao Zhang, Xiao Su, although I don’t know the whole thing, but listening to your brief descriptions and what I have experienced today. I understand you very well, and I support you very much, a fiancé like a triad, it’s just too scary. .”, Teacher Li looked helpless.

  ”Mr. Li, I really want to thank you today. You saved our lives. It hurts you like this. We are really sorry.” Ni Ni thanked Huaide and thanked Mr. Li.

  ”Teacher Zhang, don’t say that. Anyone who sees this situation will come to help. Besides, I am a former soldier. It is my duty to serve the people.” Teacher Li smiled proudly. .

  ”Mr. Li, we will never forget your life-saving kindness to us. We will repay you in the future.” Ni Ni tightly held Teacher Li’s hand and said excitedly.

  ”Don’t! Don’t say that anymore, I’m embarrassed to say it. What I’m worried about now is that they will come back to find you. You have to leave the school for a while and hide in other places.” Teacher Li He looked at us anxiously and said solemnly.

  Ni Ni bowed her head with a helpless, helpless look.

  ”Mr. Li is right, we should leave temporarily, there is no other way.” I held my hand and said firmly.

  ”But, you need to rest now. I want you to recover from your injury and stop suffering.” She swallowed, tears welling up in her eyes again.

  ”I think I can go, it’s fine. The wounds have been stitched up, and I can find a hospital to remove the stitches in a while. We’ll leave tonight.” I looked at her seriously with firm eyes.

  ”How about you take two more days off? Then we’ll go.”

  ”No, I can’t rest here for a moment. They’re nearby and they’ll be there soon. It’s impossible for the police to protect you 24 hours a day.”

  Two tears streamed down her beautiful face, and she wept like rain and asked, “Where are we going?”

  ”Let’s go to a place that no one can find.” We hugged each other gently and wept each other.

  The man didn’t cry easily, and Teacher Li next to him was moved to tears, “It’s not easy for you two, so let’s go all the way west to the farthest place.”

  Teacher Li took out an address book from his pocket with one hand and opened it, “Tibet, Lhasa, there is one of my best comrades in arms, here is his contact information. His surname is Wu, you can call him Jie Ge . I’ll call him tomorrow, and after you pass, he’ll help you arrange your place.”

  ”I know that your fiancé, what section chief, must have a lot of connections. If you go back to the old city, he will definitely find him immediately, so it’s best to stay far away.”

  Ni Ni took out the paper and pen, and carefully recorded the detailed contact information and name.

  ”I believe that no one can find you in that place, but you must pay attention to your own safety. After the summer vacation, I will go there to see you.” Teacher Li said to us with a tearful smile.

  ”That’s great, thank you, Mr. Li, we’ll be leaving in a while.” Ni Ni looked at Mr. Li with emotion.

  ”Young man, you are really lucky to have found a lover who loves you so much and is so beautiful. You must be strong and live a good life for her.” Teacher Li gave me a thumbs up.

  ”But you are injured now, and you can’t take a plane. The pressure at high altitude will make your wound burst open. There is no train right now.” Mr. Li felt his head and thought. (Note: The Qinghai-Tibet Railway opened to traffic in 2006.)

  Ni Ni suddenly raised her head, stared at me with wide eyes, with a smile, she had a good idea.

  Just then, a police comrade came in with some snacks and put his hand beside us, “You must be hungry, everyone has a share, I’ll treat you.”

  ”Comrade police, I want to go back and get something. We plan to leave tonight. I’m afraid they will come back to us again, but I’m afraid to go back alone, can you help me?” Look at the police comrade.

  ”That’s okay, I was thinking just now, I just want you to hide for a while, and we won’t be able to catch them right away. Even if we catch them, we don’t necessarily have evidence to sue them, and this matter is more complicated now. They will definitely find someone to replace the murderer and get away with the crime, I believe you should also understand.” Comrade police officer with a helpless expression.

  ”We still have three police comrades who are still at the scene, protecting the scene and collecting evidence. Well, let me take you there.”

  ”Thank you so much, thank you so much.” Ni Ni smiled with tears in her eyes.

  ”Baby, you have a good rest for a while, I’ll come over after I go back and organize my things.” She kissed my forehead lightly and turned to leave.

  ”You must be careful.”, I held her hand tightly, and told me all the time.

  ”Don’t worry, there are police comrades with me. They don’t dare to show up. I will come when I go. Soon, I have a plan.” She smiled and winked at me, turned around and went out with the police comrades. I’m very curious, what plans does she have?

  Turning his head to look, Mr. Li covered his eyes with one hand and whispered, “You guys are too numb. You can take a baby and kiss it.”

  Hahaha, we laughed together, and the pain from the vibration of the wound stopped the laughter.

  ”Can you tell me, when I told you that I wanted to pursue your sister and asked if you had any opinions, what did you think?” Teacher Li asked me with a smirk.

  ”Didn’t I touch my head and say, oh my god, just turned around and left?” I said to Teacher Li with a wry smile.

  ”Yeah, why didn’t I react at the time? But the two of you really look alike, and no one doubts that you are siblings. You must be very married, right?”

  Teacher Li looked up at the ceiling with an envious smile.

  ”Don’t worry, I will keep it a secret. I hope that after this matter is over, your sister, no, I mean Zhang Nini, she can go back to school and become a teacher.”

  ”Thank you, Mr. Li, you are such a nice person.” I turned to look at him gratefully.

  ”It’s delicious, I’m so hungry. Is this a snack brought to us by the police comrade? The police comrade is really good. Hurry up and eat it. It won’t hurt when you’re full.” Teacher Li handed me a piece of cake.

  After eating the dim sum, I had a long talk with Mr. Li. The pain of the wound made us not sleepy.

  It turned out that Mr. Li served in Tibet when he was in the army. There are a large number of troops stationed on the high mountains of Tibet, on the one hand to defend the frontier, on the other hand to maintain law and order. One of his best comrades-in-arms, Brother Jie, was born and died together. After retiring, he found a beautiful and virtuous girl there and got married and stayed. He had traveled to Tibet before, it was a beautiful place, isolated from the world, an outdoor peach garden. Most of the common people are pure and simple, where they can forget everything, forget the time, and live a leisurely life.

  ”I’m back.” Ni Ni rushed in excitedly.

  ”Look.” She reached out to me with a car key in her hand.

  I looked at her very curiously, “Where is the car?”

  ”Ha, that Zhou Shijun’s, when they were about to run away, I threw the car key into the grass in the distance. When I went back just now, the police comrades were all at the scene. I looked for it and found it. Then I put our dormitory’s Everything was loaded into the car, including the quilt, hum.”, she smiled smugly.

  ”I remembered, I just saw this scene in a daze. A fat man also hit you, come here, let me see if it hurts, is the injury serious?”, I stroked her cheek , asked anxiously.

  ”It’s okay, I’m okay. Then let’s go quickly, just go quietly now.” She squatted down and put my shoes on.

  ”Yes, hurry up and leave. I’ll take care of the rest. Don’t worry, can you drive with your injury?” Teacher Li asked worriedly.

  ”No, I drive, I can drive.” Ni Ni said proudly to Teacher Li while helping me up.

  ”Oh, I can’t see it. I can’t hide it, Mr. Zhang, you can still drive?” Mr. Li was surprised and convinced.

  ”Then Mr. Li, thank you very much. Really, we will have an appointment in the future. I will repay your life-saving grace and your warm help another day, and I will never forget you.” Ni Ni smiled at Mr. Li with tears in her eyes. Say goodbye.

  ”You have to be careful along the way. If there are unfamiliar road conditions, ask more passersby and local people. I’m really a little reluctant to see you go. I wish you a safe journey!” Mr. Li sat sadly. On the hospital bed, wave to us.

  Ni Ni took a step forward, gave Teacher Li a gentle hug, and said, “Thank you very much, Teacher Li, and wish you a speedy recovery.”

  ”You’re welcome, you all pay attention to safety. By the way, that, do you have a younger sister or elder sister?” Teacher Li asked stupidly.

  Ni Ni was stunned for a while, then suddenly understood, smiled and said to him, “Yes! I have a cousin who is younger and more beautiful than me. She doesn’t have a boyfriend yet, a brave and righteous man like you is really There are very few. I will contact her back and introduce her to you.”

  Mr. Li happily closed his mouth, and the atmosphere of farewell became extraordinarily festive.

  ”You don’t need to help me, I can walk, really, it’s not that serious.” I tried to walk slowly by myself, and I could walk, not so badly. The injury was on the back, and the rest were just skin injuries.

  ”Be careful, just suture, don’t push too hard.” She supported me and walked towards the hospital door.

  ”By the way, do you really have a beautiful cousin?” I also asked curiously.

  ”Yes, I’ll go back and introduce you to Teacher Li.” She was serious, not joking.

  ”Ha, Mr. Li didn’t take this knife in vain.” We both rubbed our hands together and laughed.

  When I walked out of the emergency room, I saw that it was Zhou Shijun’s car, with a three-pointed star in the circle. The back seat was stuffed with daily necessities, including quilts, washbasins, towels, and clothes.

  ”Have you brought your money and passbook?” I asked anxiously.

  ”Of course I brought it all. There is only one bed and one writing desk in the bedroom, ha.” She smiled and said proudly.

  The two of us looked at each other, smiled slightly, and sat in the car. Although the wound was a little painful, it was not a big problem, just stick with it.

  Zhou Shijun’s car had a map and some special passes, as well as a newspaper, “Top Ten Excellent Teachers”.

  Ni Ni and I looked at each other and finally understood. People are afraid of being famous and pigs are afraid of being strong!

  We looked at the map, followed the directions of the map, and prepared to go all the way west.

  After I got in the car, I put on some thick clothes, and I was wearing a torn down jacket. It was like we were escaping.

  We hugged and kissed, showing a happy, strong smile, and she started the car.

  We’re on the road to escape again, and this time we’ll go far, far, far.

  No, this is not an escape, this is a happy, wonderful journey.

  To be continued…

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