[Drunken Jasmine]Chapter 14 – Heavenly Road

  The surroundings were silent, except for a few dim street lamps, there were no pedestrians, and the only thing that could be seen was a few wild cats, and it was three in the morning.

  We went to the gas station first, filled up the car, and bought some maps and some food at the gas station.

  As soon as we got in the car, we locked the doors and rolled the windows, for fear that the group of people would suddenly appear next to us.

  Ni Ni drove the car steadily, quietly driving on the road in the dark of night.

  Seeing how she was driving seriously, she smirked and thought that when she was in her car for the first time, she staggered, and we were rear-ended by someone. Maybe it was fate. If it wasn’t for that car accident, she wouldn’t have come to my house, and this story wouldn’t exist.

  Now that her driving skills are so proficient, I am really relieved. But I’m a little sleepy, but I can’t sleep, the gas station master told me just now. The person sitting in the co-pilot must not fall asleep, as this will seriously affect the driver. The driver should be chatted frequently to keep her refreshed.

  From time to time I chat with her about some happy and happy past events. After driving anxiously for an hour, we finally saw the road sign ahead, and we drove out of Xining.

  After leaving Xining, the lights on the road were dim. At the same time, there was no traffic. She drove very slowly with the high beams on to ensure that there would be no traffic accidents.

  Gradually, the sky slowly began to light up. Only then did we see clearly that the road was surrounded by a wilderness, and there was nothing. Except for some mountains, there are plains. Don’t say it is crowded, there is not a single building, it is this road that starts all the way west.

  Thinking about it is also frightening. If you are robbed on this road or have a problem with your car, you will not be able to find anyone to help. Even if you are waiting in the car for other passing vehicles to ask for help, you have to wait for a day, and others are not necessarily willing to help.

  When I was driving, Ni Ni yawned, I was shocked, she must be exhausted!

  ”Or, let’s pull over and sleep in the car for a while.” I said, stroking her cold hand.

  ”I thought too, but there’s no one around here. We’re sleeping, what if something happens?” She yawned again.

  Suddenly I saw a road sign ahead, which said “Ta’er Temple” 10km. “That should be a tourist attraction. There are more people at the entrance of the temple. Let’s sleep there.” I pointed to the road sign and said anxiously.

  ”Well, okay, it’s estimated to be there in ten minutes.” She cheered up and sat up straight.

  Soon, we gradually saw a temple in front, the Ta’er Temple, and it was quite big. There were already some people surging at the door, and there were some lamas. So we parked the car in the parking lot in front of the Ta’er Temple.

  ”How is it, does your wound hurt?” she asked while stroking my cheek.

  ”It’s much better, it doesn’t feel that painful anymore, it’s still a little itchy.” I replied mischievously.

  ”I’m sleepy, let’s just sleep here for a while. There are many people here. It should be very safe. No one will come in and rob us.” She rubbed her eyes and yawned deeply.


  We put the backs of the seats down, closed our eyes, and fell asleep.

  ”Is it cold?” she asked, stroking my cold hand gently.

  ”A little bit, because of the early morning, it’s very cold.”

  ”Ha, fortunately, I’m smart and I brought the quilt.” She pulled a quilt from the back seat of the car and put it on us, feeling warm all of a sudden.

  I pulled her feet, cold feet, took off my shoes and put them on my stomach to warm her.

  She smiled happily at me and closed her eyes with her arms around me.

  Gradually, the surroundings became more and more noisy. I opened my eyes and saw that the parking lot was full of cars, many tourists, and many tour guides.

  The sun is high and the climate is warm like spring. Looking at the time, it was already noon. I slept soundly and peacefully this time. Although I was only in the car, it felt like I was sleeping on a warm soft bed.

  She also opened her eyes slightly, looked at me, and showed a sweet smile, “Sleep well, how is your wound?”

  ”I feel nothing, just a dull pain. As long as I don’t touch it, I’ll be fine.” I touched my back and replied proudly and confidently.

  We took out the prepared food from the back of the car and got out of the car while we ate.

  Taking the map and asking the tour guide, if you go all the way west, the next stop is Qinghai Lake. There are no street lights on this road, you can’t drive at night, it’s better to leave early.

  So after we finished eating, we went to a toilet and hurriedly set off to continue our journey. If we couldn’t drive to Qinghai Lake before dark, it would be very dark and dangerous to drive.

  We bought more food and water on the advice of our enthusiastic tour guide. Going up is the uninhabited grassland, the weather is unpredictable, coupled with the high altitude, there will be many dangers, we even bought oxygen packs, and spent almost the money on our body.

  Once fully equipped, the car was filled with gas, and we started to hit the road with confidence.

  After driving for a short time, I found that the road became more and more empty, and the surrounding grassland was really endless, and even the mountains could not be seen.

  It turns out that we have already entered the prairie. The weather on the prairie is really unpredictable. It rains in the first two minutes and the sun again in the next two minutes. After a while, the strong wind blew, and the blown car swayed, and then the hail smashed down again, hitting the glass heavily.

  The clouds float very low, and the clouds and the hills are connected together. Many times, when we are driving in the clouds and fog, we can reach out and touch the clouds. It’s like we’re on another planet with no human beings but us, and it’s been a really tough road.

  But no matter how difficult the road is, as long as the two of us are together, we will be extremely happy and happy, and we will move forward without fear.

  ”Look! What’s that white in front of you? Omg, flock. Stop and don’t hit them!”

  My God, I’ve never seen so many sheep, let alone more than 500. These sheep lined up obediently, dressed on the road, and crowded the entire road. There was also a Tibetan sheep herding, who passed by on a motorcycle and greeted us with a smile.

  After the flock was over, we continued on our way. The vast grassland is simply a fantasy fairyland! Not long after, the grassland gradually disappeared, and the vast desert appeared in front of us.

  We were surrounded by a desolate and uninhabited quiet environment, but we were overjoyed. We felt that no one could find us anymore, and we were completely free.

  When we got tired of driving, we would pull aside for a little rest, chat for a while, doze off for a while, and then continue on the road. Feeling free is like a bird. When you are tired from flying, you stop in the treetops. After resting, you continue to fly, free and carefree.

  The clock on the car showed that it was already eight o’clock in the evening. It was strange that the sun had not yet set. The time difference here seems to be much worse than that of the east, which shows that we are getting more and more west.

  My door has been open for most of the day, and I really haven’t seen anyone, not even an oncoming car.

  Several times we wondered if we were driving the wrong way, but we didn’t. Before we came, an enthusiastic tour guide told us that you basically can’t see people when you go all the way.

  It can be described in one sentence, that is, “people cross the Riyue Mountains, and sows race Diaochan.”

  It means that there are no people there, and as long as you see a pig on the road, it is prettier than Diaochan.

  The sky is getting darker and darker, and our hearts are getting more and more nervous. It is almost nine o’clock in the evening. At this moment, I saw the street sign, Qinghai Lake in front. finally reached! Before it gets dark, we will not be able to drive. We have to pull over to rest. The temperature difference at night is particularly large, and I am afraid that we will freeze to death in the car.

  The sun completely went down, Ni Ni turned on the headlights of the car, and couldn’t see where Qinghai Lake was at all. Drive along this road, there are several hotels on the road, and also saw some people eating, it seems that we are almost there.

  In fact, there are not many hotels. After getting off the bus, there are only four. And they are all very simple and dilapidated, as if they were remodeled from their own old houses. There is no service at all, and even some rooms are broken and the wind is leaking.

  The two of us parked the car, and it really hurts in the back. Ni Ni’s body was stiff and tired from driving, and my butt was paralyzed when I was in the car. People are also dizzy and sleepy, but as soon as I open the door, a cold wind blows on us, and we wake up all of a sudden.

  We hurriedly ran into a hotel hand in hand and felt a little panic in our hearts. When we went in, the environment inside was like being in “New Dragon Inn”. People of various ethnic groups eat and chat inside, speaking different languages, as if they were abroad.

  ”Are you two going to eat or stay?” a Tibetan girl asked us with a smile. She seems to be the waiter here or the daughter of the boss.

  ”Let’s have a meal first, then stay for the night. Do you have a cheap room?”

  ”Oh, ok, please take a seat, here is the menu. For the room, it’s 100 yuan a night.” The little girl said to us enthusiastically.

  ”Okay, we want a room for one night.” Ni Ni gave her 100 yuan, and there was no check-in procedure.

  I picked up the menu and looked at it. Oh my god, what are the menus, there are no dishes at all. Tomato scrambled eggs, tripe noodles, beef noodles, fried beef, and mutton skewers are all these things, and the prices are very expensive.

  We both looked at the menu and looked at each other in confusion, very helpless. Forget it, let’s have a bowl of noodles.

  The food here is not delicious. I only found out after asking. Because this is a plateau, the water here boils at 60 degrees, which is really amazing.

  We eat noodles while looking at our surroundings. Those people are very well equipped, and it feels like they are from a driving tour. I heard from their conversation that some of them went to Mount Everest, and they were really laid back.

  At the same time, we also learned a lot of knowledge. In the west, the most feared thing is the cold, and the temperature difference between daytime and night will be more than 50 degrees. Don’t go out at night, you may be frozen to death, you must be fully prepared to keep warm. Don’t turn off the car, or it will freeze and it will be over.

  The road was deserted, and we had a tinge of dread about our future itinerary. However, a few enthusiastic ALICE friends encouraged us, “Hold on and get through the difficulties. When you arrive in Lhasa, it will be another piece of the sky. As long as you are careful on the road, there is no major problem, and you must make full preparations.”

  After the noodles, we went upstairs to rest, went to our own room, opened the door and saw that I almost fainted.

  Is this the room? There are only two single beds in the empty space. The glass windows are all broken, and a large hole above is constantly pouring in the wind. Outside the north wind whistled, and the wind sang a terrifying song.

  How could there be such a hotel, we both felt very strange and helpless to see each other. Looking out the window, it was pitch black, I couldn’t see anything, and all I could hear was the sound of the wind laughing wildly. Then the sky started to rain heavily, but within two minutes, the rain stopped, followed by the falling hail. Egg-sized hailstones hit the glass windows, no wonder the glass windows are cracked.

  We sat on the bed, oh my god! The sheets and sheets were damp and icy cold! What the hell is this place? ! !

  ”No, why is this!” Ni Ni got up angrily and went downstairs to find the boss’s theory, and I immediately followed.

  ”Boss, your rooms are all broken and the beds are damp, so you can’t sleep at all!”

  A few ALICE friends downstairs turned to look at her and smiled.

  ”The hotels here are all like this. They don’t let you sleep, they just give you a place to shelter from the wind and rain. You must know that if you’re outside right now, you can be chilled to death.” He explained to us with a smug smile on his face.

  ”What!?”, Ni Ni looked angry. After driving all day, I can’t even sleep well.

  We’re going to go to the car and get our own quilts. As soon as we went out, the cold wind blew us a few sneezes.

  ”Take some more clothes, put them on, don’t get sick, or your wounds will become inflamed.” Ni Ni shouted to me against the strong wind.

  We grabbed our quilts and clothes and quickly fled back to the hotel.

  As soon as we entered the hotel, we found that our quilt was also damp, which seemed to be the reason for the climate here, not the poor service of the hotel owner.

  We stood there very helpless and overwhelmed, and a few ALICE friends waved to us and invited us over.

  ”Come, come, sit here. Just rest by this big fire. Put the quilt aside, it’ll be dry tomorrow morning.”

  ”Then, put it in a big plastic bag and don’t get any more damp.”

  Ni Ni and I reluctantly walked to the stove, put the quilt down, and sat down on the broken sofa together. Now, it is really much warmer, but psychologically it always feels unpleasant.

  ”Then we paid the rent in vain, didn’t we?”, Ni Ni turned her head and asked a few ALICE friends.

  ”I didn’t pay it for nothing. You paid the rent before you stayed inside. We all paid the rent, but we didn’t go upstairs to live there. You’ll know tomorrow and during the day, there are only these hotels here, and there are no buildings. It’s not easy for them to open these hotels.”

  Ni Ni looked at me helplessly and yawned.

  ”Come on, sleep well, lean on my arms and sleep peacefully. If you’re going to drive tomorrow, you must rest well. I can sleep in the car too.” I hugged her and leaned against my arms. , kissed her forehead.

  ”Yeah.” She nodded, leaned in my arms, closed her eyes, and fell asleep peacefully.

  Although she was leaning against my arms, my wound was a little painful, but I still insisted silently. Looking at this beautiful jasmine flower in my arms, I feel a little ashamed, I can’t let you suffer anymore, I love you.

  I could clearly hear the wind blowing and howling outside.

  Torrential rain and hail rumbled throughout the night.

  I fell asleep by the fire with a few ALICE friends.

  I didn’t seem to have slept for long when I was woken up. In a daze, I saw a few ALICE friends checking their equipment, as if they were going out.

  Turning to look, the sky is already bright, it is already early morning. This day and night is really the climate of two planets!

  Ni Ni was also woken up, got up and rubbed her eyes.

  ”Baby, did you sleep well?” I asked softly, wrapping my arms around her waist.

  ”Well, it’s very comfortable to lean against your arms, and it’s especially good to sleep.” She sorted out her torn down jacket. She didn’t seem to notice her messy hair, although she was sloppy, but with her princess-like temperament, it made her feel particularly charming and naughty.

  We heard that it was very lively outside, so we got up and went out to have a look.

  Everyone is starting the car, waiting to chat, we are very curious, what is the situation?

  Fortunately, Ni Ni is beautiful, and many people are eager to help her. Tell her that the car must be warmed up first, for half an hour, and then check the car. You can go on the road only after there is no problem. Otherwise, if there is a problem halfway through, you can only wait to die.

  So, we also started the car. Everyone checked each other’s cars, and it seemed that there was no problem, so they continued chatting and eating breakfast with confidence.

  We took out the map, and the next stop was Golmud, a small city, where we were going to rest for a few days. It takes 9 hours to drive normally, so it looks like we have to leave early.

  Fortunately, there is a team of cars, and we are on the same road, and also go to Golmud. There is a person who looks like the captain, and the commander arranges there. This person’s surname is Liu, with short curly hair, dark skin, attractive ears, thick eyebrows and big eyes, a leather jacket, and a cigarette in his mouth. He looks like a big brother.

  ”Brother Liu, let’s go to Golmud too, can we? Let’s go with you! We’re a little scared.” Ni Ni stepped forward and looked at him helplessly, with a shy smile.

  The captain turned around and saw that the beauty asked for help. She was very excited and agreed immediately. Turn around and come over to help us check the car to see if everything is in order.

  As we set off with the team, we immediately felt much more at ease. They let Ni Ni drive in the middle so as not to be left behind, which is really appreciated.

  When we set off with the motorcade, we saw this Qinghai Lake. It is really big. It is like the sea. We are like driving on the seaside. This is a sea, not a lake.

  They also left a walkie-talkie in our car, and we chatted happily. The escape route really turned into a self-driving tour.

  ”Golmud 714KM ahead”, my God, I pointed to the street sign and shouted in surprise.

  ”Well, don’t worry, I’m getting enough sleep and I’m full of energy.” Ni Ni calmly turned his head and smiled at me and said.

  ”Follow everyone, be careful on the road. We have to cross several hills today, and hope to reach Golmud before sunset.” The captain’s deep voice came from the walkie-talkie.

  I looked out the window, the vast grassland, the changing weather, hail, torrential rain, strong wind, fog, this is simply not on earth.

  ”Xiao Zhang, Xiao Zhang, you are not driving an off-road vehicle. You should pay special attention to the bumpy road surface, which is prone to accidents. You should pay attention to the chassis of the car. If you crash, you will be finished.” The captain in the walkie-talkie instructed.

  ”Understood, thank you.” She replied politely.

  I stared blankly ahead, so sleepy. Gradually, the grassland disappeared, and the surrounding desert was endless.

  ”Everyone pay attention, we are entering the sky road now. Keep the distance, this is a straight road, without any forks, without any traffic lights, without any speed limit, without any pedestrians, and without any rescue. Everyone, be vigilant and don’t fall asleep!”

  We looked around and it was magnificent! In the vast desert, there is only one road, which leads straight to the distance, and it goes uphill all the way, so this road feels like it leads to heaven.

  This is the “Heavenly Road” to Tibet.

  Ni Ni held the steering wheel straight, maintained a speed of 130 yards, and followed the team with full attention.

  This one, all straight, takes more than four hours to drive. It’s really easy to fall asleep, and I keep chatting with her in case she gets tired and sleepy.

  ”Everyone pay attention, everyone pay attention, there is a traffic accident ahead, everyone slow down, be careful, be careful.” Scary news came from the walkie-talkie.

  Ni Ni slowed down, we slowly followed the team and bypassed the accident scene.

  How miserable! Two large trucks collided head-on, the car no longer looks like a car, and the people have been transported away. All I saw was a big hole in the cab window of the big truck, full of blood, and it was estimated that someone flew out of the cab.

  ”Everyone has seen it, everyone pay attention, don’t fall asleep! This road is all straight, and it is easy to fall asleep. This is also the only transportation road connecting Lhasa. They are all big trucks, and they will die if they hit it.” The captain said on the walkie-talkie shouting.

  ”Captain Captain, I want to urinate and apply for parking.” A team member’s voice came from the walkie-talkie.

  ”Everyone pay attention, everyone pay attention, slow down and step aside. 5 minutes is convenient, men are on the left and women are on the right.” The captain shouted on the walkie-talkie.

  This trip, for more than 4 hours in a row, did not stop, Ni Ni was also exhausted and exhausted.

  Let’s get out of the car and stretch, by the way, for convenience.

  Where are the toilets? absolutely not.

  I saw that the male and female team members consciously began to squat on each side of the road, and it was convenient everywhere. OMG!

  Well, I also went to the left, the male left and the female right.

  The wind was so strong that the urine I urinated was blown directly into the sky. Fortunately, it is a tailwind, if it is a headwind, I can’t imagine it.

  After the convenience was over, everyone got into the car consciously, and did not dare to stay outside for one more second, it was cold.

  The convoy continued to set off, one after another, and followed on the road.

  ”Everyone, pay attention, the biggest salt lake in China is ahead. It’s all salt flowers, so we passed by.”

  ”Everyone, pay attention, there is another traffic accident ahead, pay attention to slow down and bypass.”

  There are so many traffic accidents on this “Heavenly Road” that it is numb to watch.

  ”Everyone, pay attention, we have entered the mountains. Be careful to slow down and keep up with the convoy. There is Xuan Ya next to you, don’t drive further!”

  In the mountains, how come the more you drive, the more sleepy you get. Ni Ni started to yawn, stop! My Goddess!

  It was only when we got to the top of the mountain that we realized that there were three big characters, “Rubber Mountain”, with an altitude of 3821 meters.

  ”Attention everyone, this is a high altitude area. Take a deep breath! Oxygen levels are low! If you can’t stand it and you’re going to sleep, slap yourself in the face.”

  ”Hold on for another 10 minutes, there is a restaurant above, everyone rests and eats.”

  We looked around, where is the restaurant? OMG! Just such a small house, on the mountainside, the size is less than 100 square meters. There are four words written on it, “Stop for dinner!”

  The convoy stopped one by one in order, at the main entrance of this “hotel”.

  ”Baby, you’re lucky to drive, I’ll give you a massage.” I thumped Ni Ni’s back, pinched his shoulders, and softened his neck.

  ”Fortunately, thanks to following the team, otherwise I would have been a little scared.” She turned her head and smiled calmly, revealing the temperament of a heroine.

  ”How is your wound? Let me take a look.” Nini pulled my clothes off and looked behind me.

  ”It doesn’t seem to have changed, so it should be fine. It doesn’t hurt, right?”

  ”Well, it doesn’t hurt.”

  ”Alright then, let’s go.”

  We both staggered into the “restaurant”, sat down wearily, and picked up the menu.

  There are only four lines on the menu: tomato noodles 20 yuan, egg noodles 20 yuan, beef noodles 30 yuan, big ribs 30 yuan, no more…

  Oh my God! We both widened our eyes, speechless.

  ”Be full, there’s only one restaurant here, there’s no food left. We will drive to Golmud in a while, and there will be no restaurants along the way.” Captain Liu drank a cigarette, looked at us with a smile, and said calmly on the side. we said.

  ”Brother Liu, thanks to you for taking care of me along the way, otherwise we would be really embarrassed.” Ni Ni raised her head and showed her signature charming smile.

  ”It doesn’t matter, we all go all the way and take care of each other. Your siblings don’t look like they are traveling by car.” Captain Liu was smoking a cigarette and frowned as he looked at us.

  ”Yes, we are fleeing. Someone is chasing us.” Ni Ni frowned, sighed, and said solemnly.

  ”Haha, I can’t see it, such a beautiful girl doesn’t change her face or her heart beats when she tells jokes.” Captain Liu burst into laughter, baring his white teeth, and a thick plume of smoke shot out of his nostrils.

  Ni Ni and I looked at each other silently, well, no nonsense.

  We felt a little groggy, maybe a reflection of the plateau, and we didn’t have any appetite. The two of them asked for a bowl of egg noodles and ate a few bites.

  After everyone finished eating and rested for a while, they continued on their way.

  ”Everyone, pay attention, we are going through the mountains now. There are mountains and deserts along the way. Follow the convoy. If you see a rollover on the road, don’t stop and watch, so as not to be robbed by bandits.”

  ”Got it.”

  ”it is good.”

  ”Got it.”

  The team started again slowly, we followed in the middle of the team, it was very safe, there were cars in front and back.

  The temperature in the mountains can be cold for a while and hot for a while, I really don’t understand. Through the mountains, and into the desert plains. My wound is a little sore, maybe I’ve been running around for too long.

  ”Everyone pay attention! Close the windows! Sandstorm ahead! Scale, small. It’s okay, it’s okay, calm down!” Captain Liu shouted on the walkie-talkie.

  Ni Ni hurriedly closed the car window, only to see the black sky ahead, getting closer and closer. A doomsday scene!

  Gradually, I felt as if we had entered a foggy area. The surroundings were all overcast, and everyone was driving very slowly, with their headlights on, and they could see it faintly.

  I heard sand pounding against the windows, making sounds like rainstorms, and I could smell a very heavy earthy smell.

  ”Everyone pay attention, we are going through a small sandstorm, everyone slow down, follow the car, don’t rear-end.”

  Ni Ni was full of energy and drove the car tremblingly. After about half an hour in the sandstorm, we felt that the sky was gradually getting brighter.

  ”Everyone, pay attention, we have already passed through the sandstorm. Everyone can speed up and pay attention to safety.”

  It’s really thrilling, you can imagine how violent those big sandstorms are.

  Along the way, the car swayed, the desert was all around, and there was nothing else. Slowly, I lost consciousness.

  Omg! I am asleep! No, I want to wake up now!

  I tried my best, opened my eyes, and shouted to Ni Ni, “I fell asleep?! How long have I slept?!”

  ”Baby, you slept soundly. You have 3 hours.” Ni Ni turned to me and said with a smile.

  ”Ah! Oh my God! I shouldn’t have fallen asleep, it’s affecting you.”

  ”Well, your snoring is so annoying, so loud, I don’t feel sleepy at all.” She poked my stomach.

  ”Ah! Is there such a thing? I never snore!”

  ”Maybe you are too tired, you are injured.”

  I suddenly realized that the big change in the surrounding environment, what happened? This is where? Heaven has arrived?

  The desert is gone, surrounded by small streams and trees, and the motorcade is driving on the main road. Flocks of birds, the air is clear. This is where?

  ”Everyone pay attention, we have entered the Golmud area. We arrived before the sun went down, and it went very smoothly.”

  A group of people cheered from the walkie-talkie.

  ”Let me give you some popular science. Golmud is an oasis in the desert. There is abundant groundwater. As long as a hole is made, the water will spray up. There are small streams and trees everywhere here.” Begin to introduce the city like a tour guide.

  Wow, Ni Ni and I were cheering, it’s been a long time since we saw the traffic lights in the city.

  We entered the urban area. There were few pedestrians on the road in the urban area. It felt like there were no people in the city and it was very quiet.

  After all, this is a small town in the desert. All living materials have to be brought in from outside, and there are really not many people living here.

  We followed the convoy and came to a hotel in the city. This is called a hotel, a hotel that can really live in people.

  I saw Ni Ni had dark circles around her eyes, and I knew she must be very tired and worked very hard. I kissed her forehead, “Goddess, you’ve worked hard.”

  ”Of course, give me a good back at night.” She pouted and said mischievously.

  All the fatigue has disappeared. Everyone parked the car, checked into this hotel, and had dinner together in the lobby on the first floor.

  Delicious dishes came to the table, and we were so excited to see them, that we hadn’t had normal meals for a long time.

  Although it is said to be delicious food, it is only compared to those copycat restaurants that have been eaten before. It is really far from the food in my hometown.

  Captain Liu opened a bottle of wine and poured everyone a glass.

  Ni Ni poured a little from a small glass, raised the glass and said to Captain Liu, “Brother Liu, thank you for taking care of us along the way. I don’t know how to drink, so a small glass to you, I’m sorry.”

  ”Ah, the beauty is toasting me, I’m so excited, thank you.” Captain Liu quickly got up and clinking glasses.

  The two drank, I admire her so much, my baby, my goddess, my heroine.

  ”What’s your plan next?” Captain Liu asked.

  ”We’re going to rest here for a few days and wait for the stitches to be removed before continuing on our way to Lhasa.” Ni Ni put down his glass and said with a smile.

  ”Oh, your brother is injured? Then this journey is really hard. What kind of surgery?”

  ”Knife wound, slashed in the back.”

  ”Ah?! Are you really fleeing?!” Captain Liu asked in astonishment with wide-eyed eyes.

  ”Yes, I won’t lie to you. It’s hard to say, thank you for taking care of me along the way.”

  ”You’re welcome, it can be considered a fate.” Captain Liu smiled and nodded.

  ”Well, thank you.”

  ”When you go back to Lhasa from here, it will take a long time to drive. The whole way is dominated by plateaus and mountains. You are not driving an off-road vehicle, so you must pay attention to the uneven road surface. The temperature here changes too much during the day and night, and the heat rises and the cold shrinks. The road surface changes every day. Be careful, bring your oxygen pack, if you have altitude sickness, it will be very troublesome, I hope you all go well.”

  While drinking wine, Captain Liu told us some things we need to pay attention to. Altitude sickness is caused by hypoxia. The oxygen content on the plateau is relatively low, so do not run. Take things slowly and minimize the need for oxygen. If you feel that you are groggy and about to fall asleep, it means that the altitude sickness is serious. If you fall asleep at this time, you will never wake up again.

  And there are no street lights along the way, only a few villagers or cottages live on the road. Try not to park as much as possible in case there are bandits or traps.

  ”It’s best to leave early in the morning when it is slightly bright, so that if it goes well, you can enter the urban area of ​​Lhasa after dark.”

  ”Before you set off, you must check whether there is any problem with the car. If there is an accident on the road, it is really a disaster. The temperature in this mountain area is very different at night and during the day. There can be a difference of fifty or sixty degrees up and down. Freeze people to death.”

  ”There is no need to ask for help at all, and there is no mobile phone signal at all. Everything depends on self-help, but I believe that you are lucky. It is not as exaggerated as I said, but you have to be fully prepared to be prepared from time to time. needs.”

  ”It is important to note that when parking is convenient, you must first observe the surrounding environment. The vast grassland is clear at a glance, especially be careful of those wolves! They are very fast, and they can run over and bite your throat to drag you away.”

  At the same time, let’s go to Golmud People’s Hospital before we set off, and prepare some medicines for first aid. At the same time, check whether your body can resist altitude sickness. If you can’t, just turn around and go back. Don’t go to Lhasa.

  ”Thank you, Brother Liu, you are really grateful for our advice. When I arrive in Lhasa, I hope to see you again.” Nini shook hands with Captain Liu gratefully.

  Ni Ni really can go to the hall, go to the kitchen, she is a heroine, my goddess, love tiger oil.

  After dinner, everyone went back to their rooms and said goodbye briefly. Captain and the others will set off for Lhasa early tomorrow morning when the sky is slightly bright.

  When I opened the door of the room, it was called a room, with a high bed with warm pillows and a stream of water outside the window. I haven’t felt so comfortable in a long time.

  I watched Ni Ni take off her clothes one by one and go in to take a shower. I stared at a jasmine flower, dancing gracefully in the water.

  The wound on my back didn’t hurt anymore, I lay on the bed quietly, closed my eyes, and felt as if I had just come back from hell.

  So soft bed, so comfortable, so fragrant jasmine scent.

  I fell asleep peacefully. I slept so soundly. My bones fell apart. Ni Ni must be more tired. Thank you, my baby.

  To be continued…

  (All the scenes in the article are my own personal experience, not exaggerated, not fictional.)

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