[Drunken Jasmine]Chapter 15 – Cold Mountain

  There was a constant chirping of birds in my ears, which was so annoying.

  I didn’t want to open my eyes, I was so sleepy and tired, so I touched the edge of the bed with my hands.

  A warm body, exuding bursts of jasmine fragrance. I knew she was exhausted too and slept soundly and soundly.

  I leaned closer to her and hugged her tightly from behind.

  In the warm jasmine bush, fell asleep again.

  The whole city is so quiet, there is not a single car.

  When I opened my eyes again, it was already 3pm.

  She was lying beside me, looking at me with wide eyes and a charming smile, “Are you awake? You promised to beat my back at night, but what happened?”

  ”Yeah, why did I just shove it over? Come on, I’ll slap your back now.” I tapped her back gently.

  ”Does your wound still hurt?”

  ”No, it doesn’t hurt.”

  ”Liar.” She looked at me half-squinted.

  ”We need to save a little money, we can’t stay in a hotel every day.” I said to her helplessly.

  ”Yeah, we’re running out of money. In this way, we sleep in the car all day and stay in a hotel all day.” She rolled her eyes and moved.

  ”Well, good idea. The car is parked in the hotel, it’s safe. Just taking a shower the next day, perfect!”, I raised a big female finger.

  ”are you hungry?”


  ”Then let’s get up, go out and have a look and have something to eat.”

  ”Okay, one, two, three, get up.”

  Get dressed, organize your things, go downstairs and check out.

  ”What? You didn’t leave?”, the hotel lobby manager asked Ni Ni, typing on the keyboard.

  ”Yeah, we have to rest for a few days to recover from the injury.” He pointed to my back and said with a smile.

  ”Oh?” The lobby manager looked up.

  ”Well, we want to check out.” Nini took out the room card.

  ”Don’t you want to recover? How did you check out?” The lobby manager asked curiously with wide eyes.

  ”We don’t have much money on us, so we want to live the next day.” Ni Ni showed an embarrassed smile.

  ”Oh? Then go there the next day?”

  ”That, live in the car.” Nini pointed to the car at the door and said embarrassedly.

  ”Ah? Well, let me help you think about it.” The lobby manager looked at the ceiling and scratched his head.

  ”Come, come and have a look. I have a small room here, which was occupied by employees before.” The lobby manager led us to the innermost part of the guest room. Open a door, a small room with only a single bed, and a toilet.

  ”If you are satisfied, just stay here. The price is cheap, 40 yuan a day.” He pointed to the room and said, “It’s a little cold at night in the car, really.”

  Ni Ni and I looked at each other and smiled, very satisfied, it was great.

  ”You siblings, one can sleep on the bed or the other on the floor. I’ll bring you another mattress.” The lobby manager enthusiastically helped us.

  ”Thank you so much, you helped our big gang.” Ni Ni nodded her head in emotion.

  Later, the lobby manager moved in a mattress, “If you need anything else, just come to the front desk and tell me.”

  ”Thank you, thank you big brother.” She thanked her with a grateful smile.

  After re-settling, the two of us went out looking for food.

  He was still injured, and he didn’t go very far, so he looked around casually.

  It’s really a very quiet little city with not much population. There were not many cars and not many pedestrians on the road.

  We came to a noodle shop next to us, one person came to a bowl of noodles, and chatted with the shop owner while eating.

  Knowing more about the city, it is really an outdoor peach garden, quiet and beautiful, an oasis in the desert. But the young people didn’t want to stay here, they all left and went to the big city.

  The city is full of small streams, pure and clean, with birds chirping and flowers fragrant, and green trees lined with trees.

  However, outside the city, there are vast deserts and mountains outside. This city is generally a place for passers-by to rest, so there are so many hotels and inns.

  We really want to stay in this city, but there are no suitable jobs and no computer market.

  After eating, I bought some fruit and went back to the hotel to continue to rest.

  Although the lobby manager kindly moved a mattress, we didn’t use it. Still the same, happily squeezed into a single bed, hugged each other tightly and slept warmly and sweetly.

  The city is too quiet, and I sleep until three o’clock in the afternoon every day before being woken up by a bird.

  After getting up, go out foraging. She also found a tailor shop and spent 10 yuan to mend her down jacket. The tailor was amazed that he could pull the clothes like this, it was so violent.

  The city is located in the middle of the mountains, there is no wind and sand, it is warm and comfortable.

  It’s been a long time since we had such a peaceful life. We have been happy for a few days, and soon another week.

  We went to Golmud People’s Hospital and removed the thread from my wound, which healed well. At the same time, some emergency medicines were also provided. There were very few people in the hospital, and the doctors were very free. They told us a lot of first aid knowledge and precautions.

  I can finally take a shower, and I’m almost stinking. Back in the room, I took a good bath and washed myself clean.

  The two lay happily on the bed, hugging each other, and used up the last Durex.

  At 2 am, we got up and started to pack up and get ready to go. I also bought a copycat Tibetan knife and put it on my body in case of emergencies.

  Enough water and food, as well as self-dried quilts, were all loaded into the car.

  The lobby manager saw us off, checked the car for us, and gave us some important tips.

  It takes fifteen hours to drive all the way. To climb over the majestic Kunlun Mountains and the highest Tanggula Mountains, more than 6,000 meters above sea level, sounds terrifying.

  After filling up the gas, we set off towards our happy destination, Lhasa.

  At four o’clock in the morning, the sky was not yet bright, and Ni Ni turned on the headlights and drove carefully on the road. It was cold before the sun came out. Even though he wore a lot of clothes, his hands and feet were still shivering from the cold.

  Soon, we drove out of the quiet little city of Golmud. Although the surroundings are pitch-dark, it can be clearly felt that there are endless grasslands and deserts around.

  There was no car on the road except us. After the previous experience with the team, the two of us were more courageous this time.

  Gradually, the sky lit up a little bit. There are no people around, no street lights, only grasslands and mountains.

  Along the way, although I saw a few cars, they were all abandoned cars after the traffic story.

  ”What is that?” Ni Ni said, pointing to the front.

  I frowned and looked, “Oh my god! It’s a snow mountain!!”

  ”Wow!! It’s white, there are so many snow-capped mountains!”, we have long forgotten the hardships of escaping, like traveling happily.

  On the side of the road, there is a big river, all of which are stagnant water flowing down from the snow-capped mountains. The snow-capped mountains are slowly melting, which is a natural beauty. There is a large stone tablet next to it, “Kunlun Mountains”.

  We began to drive uphill slowly, and the surrounding area gradually became white, and snowflakes were flying in the sky.

  Ni Ni slowed down and drove carefully, the ground was a little slippery.

  After walking through the snow-capped mountains for almost two hours, I felt more and more sleepy. I don’t know if it was because of the white environment or because of the plateau?

  ”Are you sleepy?” I turned to ask.

  ”Well, I’m a little sleepy, and I can’t keep my eyes open.” She rubbed her eyes and said.

  ”We may have altitude sickness, so take a pill quickly.” I took the altitude sickness medicine out of my bag, one in my mouth and one in her mouth.

  Sure enough, this groggy feeling is a reflection of the plateau, hypoxia. After taking the drug, I immediately woke up a little, but it didn’t seem to have much effect.

  At the top of the Kunlun Snow Mountain, we stopped to rest, got off the car and moved our muscles. The surrounding is a vast expanse of white, and there is no one. I reached out and touched the snow, it was so hard and so icy! Shout out and you can hear the echo! This is the beauty of nature, magical and incredible.

  We finally began to descend slowly, and the road ahead gradually became green.

  After more than three hours, we crossed the Kunlun Mountains and entered the vast grassland area.

  We drove for so long without seeing a single car, but we got used to it and didn’t have the slightest trepidation.

  ”Wow! Look!”, Ni Ni pointed to the road sign ahead.


  ”Kekexili?! Isn’t that a very famous nature reserve?” I exclaimed in surprise while nibbling on the bread.

  ”Wow! Look!”, Ni Ni pointed to the grassland ahead.

  ”Sheep! No, that’s a Tibetan antelope!” I shouted excitedly.

  ”Yes, it’s a Tibetan antelope!” Nini drove forward and stopped the car.

  We got out of the car with joy and watched those beautiful Tibetan antelopes from a distance. Although it is more than 100 meters away, it is very clear.

  ”This is the legendary Tibetan antelope that they poached. I heard that it is very precious.” Ni Ni said, pointing to the beautiful sheep.

  Suddenly, two big jeeps drove behind us with seven or eight people on and off. Everyone has a submachine gun in their hands!

  What’s wrong? ! We were robbed? ! We are overwhelmed!

  ”Don’t move!”, a group of people rushed out of the car and shouted.

  We stood there terrified, not daring to move.

  ”Volunteers in the Hoh Xil Nature Reserve”, when I saw the red armbands on their shoulders, I calmed down. Is it necessary to be so exaggerated?

  ”Who are you? What are you doing?”, a man who looked like a captain pointed at us and shouted.

  ”I, let’s pass by, get out of the car and have a look.” I said hesitantly.

  Several people unceremoniously checked our car, recorded the license plate, and opened the trunk of the car.

  After finding no suspicious items, I put away the gun. I have been pointing the gun at the two of us before, crazy!

  ”Get in the car, get out of here. No parking is allowed here to watch.” The captain shouted with his eyes wide open.

  ”Oh, sorry.” Ni Ni was frightened and swallowed her tears.

  When the captain saw a woman who looked like a flower like jade was about to cry with fright, he relaxed and said, “It’s very, very dangerous here, don’t stop parking. There are many poachers every day, all of them with submachine guns. Yeah, maybe I’ll kill you guys and steal the car.”

  The captain took us into the car and said solemnly, “You died in the wild, no one will know. In one night, your corpses will be eaten up by wolves. There are several battles here every day, if you are in the If you see people who are overturned on the road, don’t help them, speed up and leave, it is very likely to be a deceitful trap, as soon as you stop, they will shoot you.”

  The captain patted the front of the car and said sternly, “Go, go, drive forward, we’ll take you out.”

  We quickly got in the car and left. Along the way, these two jeeps followed us, and they didn’t turn around until we drove out of Hoh Xil. It was a false alarm, and the frightened people were half-dead.

  Not long after, we actually saw an overturned car in the creek on the side of the road. Four people stood beside the car and waved to us for help. Ni Ni slammed on the accelerator and passed quickly. I don’t know if it’s true or not, I can’t control them anyway, I’m sorry.

  A road sign appeared in front, “Tanggula Mountain”.

  The lobby manager told us before that this Tanggula Mountain Range is full of mountains and peaks, so you must be careful. In the event of an accident, there is no one to help.

  Along the way, there was really no one, and the air was getting thinner and thinner, and our altitude was getting higher and higher.

  The mountain road is winding and twisting, and Ni Ni is driving the car cautiously, opening her eyes wide. If this road is driven at night, it is almost finished.

  Walking around the mountains and rivers, looking at the never-ending mountains, the two of us felt more and more sleepy, and our breathing became big, like a fish that just jumped out of a fish tank, breathing oxygen in big mouthfuls.

  My eardrum suddenly bulged, “Ah! It hurts!”.

  ”What’s wrong?!” Ni Ni asked anxiously, turning her head.

  ”It hurts! My eardrums! I can’t hear anything,” I yelled in unbearable pain.

  ”…”, Ni Ni called to me.

  ”I really can’t hear clearly, I can’t hear it anymore.” I stared at her with wide eyes, trying my best to listen to the voice.

  In front of a stone tablet, 6865 meters above sea level! Oh my God!

  Just then, the car suddenly vibrated violently! stopped.

  What’s wrong? ! I turned my head to look at Ni Ni, she stepped on the accelerator anxiously, but the car didn’t respond at all. It’s over, something happened!

  We both got out of the car right away to check the situation.

  The chassis of the car was hit by a protruding mountain road, and several linkage shafts were bent and unable to operate.

  We looked at each other and looked desperate, and sat down against the car without saying a word.

  The whole valley was terribly silent, there was no sound at all, there was no slight breeze, and everything was silent.

  The sun is still in the sky and the temperature is still warm. Looking at the time, it was already noon.

  Recalling what the big brother of the team said before, our car is not an off-road vehicle, the chassis is relatively low, and we must pay special attention to the bumpy ground on the road. Now really hit the trick, it’s over.

  Ni Ni got in the car, started the car again, and tried to step on the accelerator a few times. The car made a strange sound of Kakaka and didn’t move.

  I lay down and looked, “The axle below is broken! The car can’t move!”

  After listening to it in the car, Ni Ni shouted, hugged her head and cried.

  I reluctantly returned to the car, put my arms around her, and said to myself, “We’ll be fine, we still have a lot of food and quilts, and a car will pass by to save us.”

  ”Yeah.” She nodded with a strong smile and tears. Take out your phone and turn it on.

  no signal.

  After getting off and going back and forth for a few laps, it was still the same, no signal.

  As the big brother of the team said before, there will be no mobile phone signal, no help.

  Looking back, the continuous mountains, not a single vehicle.

  Looking forward, there are endless mountains, not a single building.

  Looking up, a few eagles parked leisurely on the cliff, staring at us, do they want to eat us?

  Back in the car, I sat down helplessly, the silence in the valley could only hear my own heartbeat.

  ”Why don’t we walk down the mountain, it’s still light now.” I asked her, looking at her with firm eyes.

  She frowned, looked at me, and thought seriously, “No, we walk down the mountain, and before we get out of the valley, it will be night, and we will freeze to death. Even if we run down the mountain for a long time, there will be a lack of oxygen within a few steps. And fell to the ground.”

  ”As Brother Liu of the team said before, the best solution is to wait in place. There are thermal equipment in the car, so we shouldn’t be frozen to death.” .

  ”Don’t be afraid.” I said, hugging her tightly.

  ”Yeah.” Ni Ni turned on the double jump lights of the car, hoping that someone could see us.

  Time flies by second by second, watching the sun move westward little by little, my heart is burning! If the sun goes down, we might freeze to death.

  There were a few bird calls from the quiet valley, and a few free birds flew unfettered from the sky.

  Looking up at them, I am really envious. If there is a pair of free wings, then the sea is really wide and the fish leaps, and the sky is high for the birds to fly.

  Watching the birds go away, we reluctantly returned to the car, head to head, quietly, quietly.

  ”Tell me, when did you fall in love with me?” Ni Ni asked softly in my ear.

  ”Well… when I smell the jasmine fragrance on your body.”

  ”Ah? I never wear perfume.” She turned her head to look at me strangely and said softly.

  ”I don’t know, I just can smell the jasmine scent on you.”

  ”Perhaps, you are the only one in the world who hears the Tao.” She smiled slightly and leaned gently against my arms.

  Maybe because of lack of oxygen, we both fell asleep in a daze.

  Suddenly, the sound of a motor came from the silent valley, and gradually, it was getting closer!

  ”There’s a car coming!”, I rubbed my eyes, stared, and shouted!

  Let’s get out of the car quickly and look forward and backward. Is there a car coming over there? !

  ”It’s in front! There’s a car coming!”, Ni Ni pointed to the front and shouted excitedly.

  We jumped, waving our hands at the car, and shouting with joy, “Hey…here…”.

  The off-road vehicle was moving fast towards us, getting closer and closer, and they should be able to see us clearly.

  Unexpectedly, this off-road vehicle drove past us quickly, and the speed did not decrease.

  In an instant, we could clearly see four people sitting in the car, all of them looking at us, but without any expressions.

  In this way, it gradually went away, disappeared into the distance of the mountains, quietly, quietly, there was no echo at all.

  Just as just now, we saw an off-road vehicle rolled over in a creek, ignored them, and drove past them quickly. The same story happened to us.

  This is really retribution. Perhaps, this is the natural law of survival, you can only support yourself.

  We stood dumbfounded, looking in the direction the car had disappeared, hoping they would change their minds and come back to see us.

  But two hours passed, and there was no movement at all. We knew in our hearts that it was impossible.

  A gust of breeze blew, and we suddenly felt a little coolness. We walked back into the car hand in hand, head to head, and continued helplessly in a daze.

  We feel as if our whole body is getting weaker and weaker, our minds are beginning to become groggy, and we want to sleep very much.

  Yes, this is the reflection of the plateau. We have to go down the mountain as soon as possible and lower the altitude, otherwise we will soon fall asleep and will not be able to wake up.

  She quickly took out the medicine, and we each took another pill, but it didn’t seem to have any effect. Is the plateau reflection too strong?

  ”We might die here, are you afraid?” she asked softly, leaning against my arms.

  ”I’m not afraid.” I stroked her hair and answered fearlessly.


  ”When we die together, we can be reborn together. In the next life, we can be a pair of lovers who will never be separated.” I kissed her cheek and forced a smile.

  She showed a moved smile and burst into tears, “So, I’m not afraid.”

  We kissed each other with tears in our eyes, and every touch of our lips brought us great faith and spiritual strength. We must persevere!

  There was a breeze blowing outside the car window, with a hint of icy coldness. It turned out that the sun had slowly started to go down, and the sky began to gradually darken.

  We started to feel the cold, and the temperature dropped very fast.

  ”Eat, eat more, keep warm.” Ni Ni handed me bread and water.

  We try to eat as much as possible to keep ourselves warm.

  We were prepared to spend the night here.

  At the same time, I also knew in my heart that I might freeze to death here tonight.

  The wind outside the car window was getting stronger and stronger, and the chills were blowing again and again. We rolled up the car window, leaving only a little gap for ventilation.

  The sun went down so fast that it didn’t take long for the entire sun to disappear, leaving only a crimson sunset in the west.

  We stared blankly at this last sunset, watching it disappear little by little, just like the fire of hope, completely extinguished.

  There was a strange wind blowing outside the car, and all kinds of strange wind sounds.

  It is really getting colder and colder. Although we are holding hands, the two of us obviously feel colder and colder.

  We pulled over the quilt from the back of the car, and the two of us hid under the quilt. Although it was a little warmer, it didn’t feel like much, and we both started to shiver.

  ”Come on, sit on my lap and I’ll hold you.” I hugged her.

  This is actually better, we hid under the quilt, and I hugged her tightly, and she didn’t seem to be shaking so much.

  ”I feel so sleepy, I want to sleep.” Ni Ni narrowed her eyes and said softly to me.

  ”Don’t, don’t sleep, you won’t wake up if you sleep, hold on.” I shouted in her ear, biting her ear hard.

  ”Ah!” she exclaimed, awake.

  We are in the cold, holding on to every second, every second is so difficult. I know that if the temperature difference is 50 degrees, it is now more than minus 20 degrees.

  Everything around him is cold, and the water he just drank has turned into ice. Both of us could barely keep our eyes open, and our speed of speaking was noticeably sluggish.

  ”Look, the stars in the sky are so bright.” She looked at the sky and said silly.

  Really, really bright and bright, the Big Dipper can be seen clearly.

  ”Look, the moon in the sky is so bright.” She looked at the sky and said blankly.

  Yes, the moon is so bright and bright, just like a small sun, illuminating the earth.

  ”In the next life, I will be a man and you will be a woman, okay?” she asked softly and mischievously.

  ”Not good.” I kissed her with tears in my eyes, and replied with a sob.


  ”I want to protect you, you are my jasmine.”

  ”Well, in the next life, what do you want me to look like?”

  ”It’s as good as it is now, better, with bigger boobs.”

  ”You are so annoying.” She smiled softly and turned her head to kiss me.

  In a daze, I saw how there were two red dots in front of me!

  ”Look, there are two red dots ahead!” I shouted to Ni Ni excitedly.

  She immediately cheered up and opened her eyes wide, “Yeah! Really? There are two red dots. There’s a car coming!!!”

  We quickly got up, opened the door, and with the last of our strength, walked quickly forward.

  In the cold wind, we hugged tightly. The two red dots are getting closer, our hope is growing, we are going to be saved!

  Four red dots, six red dots, eight red dots!

  So many cars, one convoy! A convoy is coming! saved! !

  We cried together with tears in our eyes, “Here!! Help us! Here!”

  The red dot is getting closer and closer, and under the illumination of the moonlight, we gradually see it clearly. It doesn’t seem to be a motorcade, it’s some animals, it’s a dog.

  They are slowly walking towards us, getting closer and closer, a lot.

  wrong! It’s not a dog! It’s a wolf! ! !


  We were so frozen that we could hardly walk, ran with difficulty, and swayed towards the car.

  When the wolves saw us running, they started rushing towards us quickly, and roared.

  Their speed was obviously much faster than us, and they were about to be overtaken. At a critical moment, we rolled and climbed into the car and quickly closed the door.

  Several wolves slammed into the car door heavily, the door was sunken, the car body shook, they rolled around on the ground a few times, got up quickly, and glared at us.

  We counted, my God, there were more than twenty wolves in all, a pack of wolves.

  They surrounded the car, sat down beside the car, and a few jumped on the roof. One jumped in front of the car, staring at us with red eyes and gnashing of teeth. He also tried to hit the glass with his head a few times, and finally lay helplessly on the car, looking at us, showing his sharp teeth.

  We can clearly smell the stench on them, it’s disgusting.

  We ran for a while, and we felt obviously uncomfortable breathing. The altitude sickness became more and more severe, and the lack of oxygen made both of us unable to open our eyes.

  Ni Ni fell headfirst into my arms, closed her eyes, breathing weakly.

  ”Don’t! Don’t die! I don’t want you to die!” I shook her desperately, heartbroken.

  With the last of my strength, I took the oxygen bag from the back of the car, turned on the oxygen, and put Ni Ni on a respirator.

  Cover the quilt, hold her tightly, warm her, see her still breathing weakly, I am relieved, if I want to die, I will die first.

  Then, then I lost consciousness.

  The fragrance of jasmine, your warm embrace, my happy smile, the warm wind in summer, I am dead.

  No, I shouldn’t be dead, I can still smell the stench of wild wolves clearly, what’s wrong?

  I opened my eyes and saw Ni Ni smiling at me with tears in her eyes, “Are you awake?”

  ”Are we dead?” I looked at her in horror.

  ”Not yet.” She burst into tears.

  I found that with oxygen in my mouth, she started the car and turned on the hot air conditioner on the car.

  I quickly turned off the oxygen and used it sparingly.

  ”How long have I slept?” I asked in a panic.

  ”About three hours.”

  When I looked at the car oil, there was still a quarter left, “How long can this air conditioner last?”

  ”I still had half of the oil just now. Now, it seems that I can last for 3 hours.”

  Although the hot air conditioner is on, it still feels cold. Does this air conditioner really work? Maybe a little bit.

  But why is it so stinky!

  It turned out that these wolves were also very cold, and they were all lying on the car. Envelop the whole car for warmth.

  In front of the driver’s window, several wolves were clinging to the glass, and they seemed to be too cold.

  I hope we can hold on a little longer, and we continue to hug each other tightly and shiver together.

  ”I thought you were dead and scared me to death. I just opened my eyes and saw you fell down beside me.” She burst into tears and hugged me tightly.

  ”No, I just slept for a while, no, I’m awake.” I stroked her head and comforted her.

  ”I won’t let you die.” Her throat was hoarse.

  ”Well, I’m not going to die, I’m a Super Saiyan.”


  The air is getting thinner and thinner, and if you open the window, you will freeze to death, and if you don’t, it will suffocate.

  The time was tormenting hard every second, and the air conditioner in the car seemed to be working a little bit. In the end, the car ran out of fuel and the car turned off.

  Suddenly, a strong cold came from all around, and the cold made my feet instantly lose consciousness.

  We were shaking all over, and I could clearly see that the wolf outside the window was shaking too.

  We hugged tightly, and the wolf outside the window also clinged to the car, trying to get the last bit of engine warmth.

  ”Baby, I’m really sleepy this time, I’m going to sleep.” Ni Ni said softly and weakly in my ear.

  ”Don’t, don’t sleep. When I’m asleep, you can sleep again.” I wailed bitterly, my vision blurred.

  ”Ni Ni, Ni Ni!”, I shook her vigorously.

  She didn’t reflect, but there was still a weak heartbeat, and weak breathing.

  I quickly put an oxygen mask on her again and turned on the oxygen. This is the last bit of oxygen.

  I hugged her tightly, warmed her, watching her still breathing weakly, I know she is not dead, she will not die, she is my goddess.

  I don’t allow you to die, if you want to die, I will die first.

  I love you.

  But why, I can’t feel the cold anymore, I can’t feel my hands and feet, I can’t feel the odor, why can’t I see, why is it pitch black.

  It seems that I am dying.

  To be continued…

  (All the scenes in the article are my own personal experience, not exaggerated, not fictional.)

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