[Drunken Jasmine]Chapter 16 – Mrs. Yazhai

  I am dead?

  No, I shouldn’t have died. When I die, I shouldn’t smell the scent of flowers, and this fragrant jasmine scent is always by my side, so I should not die.

  she died?

  No, she shouldn’t be dead. She shouldn’t have her floral scent when she died, so she shouldn’t have died either.

  She slept warmly in my arms, and I just felt her flipping gently.

  My toes moved and my feet felt, it was a miracle.

  She must be freezing, no, her hands are hot.

  I get it, we got to heaven.

  That’s not right. Heaven should be quiet and peaceful, why is it so noisy, someone is beating things.

  What are you beating? It looks like a glass window.

  By the way, we were in the car before we died.

  That’s not right, it seems that someone is really knocking on the glass window on the side.

  My eyes can be transported, so they should be able to open, right?

  When I opened my eyes, it was dawn, as if it was morning.

  When I turned around, I was shocked!

  A Tibetan in the dark, banging on the car window, and speaking some Namek language that I don’t understand.

  Remember, last night, we survived!

  Looking down at Ni Ni in her arms, she was sleeping soundly, snoring sweetly. Really came through! Could it be that I’m really a Super Saiyan? !

  I rolled down the car window and looked at the Tibetan, but I couldn’t understand what he was saying. What did he say? It’s Tibetan.

  Ni Ni rubbed her eyes, turned her head to look at the situation, and slowly came to her senses, “Ha, baby, we are not dead. We persevered!”, and then burst into tears and burst into tears.

  ”Yeah, we don’t seem to be dead. But why can’t I understand what he said?” I said, pointing outside.

  So, we both got out of the car and gestured with the Tibetan. The black face of this Tibetan should have been tanned by the sun, wearing a Tibetan suit and riding a big motorcycle.

  He pointed to our car and we nodded.

  We pointed ahead and he nodded.

  He patted the back of his motorcycle and we seem to get it.

  We simply grabbed a few important things from the car and got on his motorcycle.

  Although it was a bit crowded, the three of us got on the motorcycle and he took us forward.

  ”He’s taking us there?” Ni Ni shouted behind my back.

  ”I don’t know! You won’t sell us, will you?”

  ”Probably sold you? I’m so beautiful, he should stay and be a Mrs. Yazhai.”

  ”Haha, maybe.”

  ”Oh no?”

  The motorcycle drove for more than an hour and descended from the rugged mountains to the plains, but this was still the plains in the mountains, and the surrounding mountains were still rolling.

  In the distance, I saw a white yurt on the plain. From a distance, it looks like a pearl glittering on the soft straw cloth, more like a white lotus blooming on the green grassland.

  The uncle pointed at the yurt and said a bunch of things we couldn’t understand. I think it should be said, that is his home, right?

  Looking around, there is such a small yurt on the vast grassland, standing there alone.

  Motorcycles seem to be the real means of transportation between grasslands and mountains, flexible and convenient. It’s just that the ability to keep out the cold is relatively poor. Sitting on a motorcycle will freeze to death, and if it is at night, it will probably freeze to death.

  The motorcycle stopped on the edge of this small yurt. I visually estimated that the yurt covers an area of ​​about 30 square meters.

  The production is quite delicate, and the patterns on the outside of the bag are fresh and beautiful, giving people a visual aesthetic. The flags are fluttering and colorful. Strictly wrapped in a swaddling spring.

  However, on such a vast grassland, a yurt so lonely, is it not afraid or lonely to live here? Maybe this is their way of life.

  The yurt has no door, so he opened the thick sheepskin curtain and invited us in.

  This Tibetan looks simple and honest, looks a little old, like an uncle, we trust him for the time being and go in without hesitation.

  This is the first time I have entered a yurt, and the small yurt is still very delicate.

  In the center is a stove, which is burning water. The chimney leads directly to the top of the yurt to the outside. There are simple two kangs and some cabinets around. This is the furniture they all live in.

  There was actually a girl inside, probably his daughter.

  After the uncle and the girl chatted for a while, the girl greeted us with a smile, “Hello.”

  God, she can speak Chinese. Although with a heavy accent, every word is pronounced in the first tone, just like a foreigner, but finally there is a language that we can understand. Nini and I are instantly happy, thank God.

  As a result, the communication between several people began to flow smoothly.

  ”Hello, you can speak Chinese, it’s really good. How old are you?”, Ni Ni held her hand and communicated with her with a smile on her face.

  ”I’m 15 years old,” she said as she poured hot water for us.

  My God, why does a 15-year-old girl look so old and feel about the same age as me. Could it be that there is too much wind and sand on the grassland, and people age faster?

  ”He is my husband and he is 30 years old this year.” The little girl pointed to the uncle and said.

  Ni Ni and I looked at each other silently, although there was no expression on our face. But we were communicating consciously, and it felt incredible.

  The little girl entertained us with their traditional milk tea and sat on the floor with soft carpets.

  A few of us started chatting.

  It turns out that this is their custom. When a girl gets her first period, she is about to get married. She was 14 years old at that time.

  So she moved out with her husband, right here, in a little yurt, her whole life.

  If she doesn’t want to get married, she will be driven out by her family, build a small yurt next to the big yurt, and let her live alone.

  Men passing by will know that there is a girl to be married, and they will come to propose marriage.

  Ni Ni and I both sigh deeply. People here live very hard, and they are married to someone they don’t know at such a young age. However, the life expectancy of people here is quite short, and about 50 years old is their oldest age.

  We tasted a sip of milk tea, and to be honest, this milk tea is really bad.

  We also don’t understand why they live alone on the grasslands. It was only later that she learned that her husband’s job was to help herd the family’s cattle and sheep, and ride a motorcycle to manage.

  It can only be stationed on the vast grassland, otherwise the cattle and sheep will have no place to graze.

  We visited their residence curiously, and the little girl also explained it to us enthusiastically.

  Maybe it’s because we’re from the big city, and we’re talking a lot about new things. They soon became friends and chatted happily.

  We were very new to their lives, and so were they.

  Uncle is very curious, how did we survive such a cold night?

  Actually we didn’t know, when we told him the whole story. The uncle said with emotion that it was the wolves who saved us.

  We were very surprised, how could the pack of wolves save us?

  The uncle said that those wolves surrounded our car to resist the cold wind, so we did not freeze to death.

  It turned out to be so, I really want to thank those wolves. No, those wolves were trying to eat us and happened to be blocked from the car, it was all fate, a blessing in disguise.

  ”There are so many wolves outside, so aren’t you afraid of living alone here? The yurt doesn’t even have a door, so what if the wolves come in?” Ni Ni asked anxiously looking at the little girl.

  The little girl got up and invited us to visit outside the yurt.

  Behind the yurt, a very large dog is locked. No, not like a dog, kind of like a wolf, barking at us as soon as it sees us, showing sharp teeth. The little girl made a gesture, and it calmed down obediently.

  Visually, this dog is as tall as me. The little girl told us, this is not a dog, this is a Tibetan Mastiff.

  It is still Ni Ni and cultured. She told me that the Tibetan Mastiff is when the little wolf dog is born, and more than ten little wolf dogs are placed in a pit and let them kill each other. In the end, the only little wolf dog who wins will be rescued and become a “Tibetan Mastiff”. A Tibetan Mastiff can fight ten wolves, is fierce and invincible, and is loyal.

  My God, I suddenly realized after hearing that, there is only such a big Tibetan mastiff locked behind a yurt, no wonder it is not afraid of wolves at all.

  The little girl also smiled and said to me, as long as the Tibetan mastiff cooed, no wolf would dare to come within a hundred miles.

  It seems that one side of the water and soil raises the other side, and each place has its own routines and rules for survival.

  So I’m very curious what is this? I pointed to the piles of black flat pieces.

  The little girl explained to me with a smile, this is cow dung. They collected all the dung of these cattle and sheep on the grassland. Pinch into pieces and pile up. After being exposed to the sun and blown dry by the warm air, the cow dung has many uses.

  It can be used as firewood to burn or to wash dishes. It is rich in dietary fiber and grass, not dirty or smelly at all.

  Ni Ni and I looked at each other in shock and remembered the two bowls of milk tea we drank just now. She used this thing to wipe the bowls for us while they were making them. We felt nauseated, God, we ate cow dung.

  We suddenly remembered that we were still in danger and really needed help, so we explained the details to the little girl.

  After the little girl translated our situation to the uncle, her husband, the uncle nodded solemnly.

  The uncle said that he would rush to a few villages next door to ask. See if there is a driver and car. Can you send us to Lhasa, but the cost is definitely not cheap.

  After that, the uncle rode away on a motorcycle. We continued to go back to the yurt to chat with the little girl. The little girl was very curious about the life and technology in the city.

  It turns out that this little girl went to elementary school and learned Chinese at school, so she can speak a little.

  The small yurt is still quite warm on the vast grassland, and the temperature difference between the outside of the yurt and the inside of the yurt is really huge.

  The little girl kept adding firewood and burning the stove in the middle of the yurt. It’s also the only way for them to keep warm. But it’s boring to stay in there, why? No TV, no internet.

  Uncle has been here for a long time, and came back after a full four hours. It turned out that the journey from him to the surrounding villages was more than an hour.

  The uncle looked helpless and was very unlucky. The drivers and cars from the two surrounding villages were not there. They went to the city to purchase living materials. We won’t be back until three days later, let’s stay with him for three days, wait a minute.

  I finally saw hope, and Ni Ni and I hugged excitedly. We were saved. The uncle and the little girl looked at us so happy and showed kind smiles.

  At the same time, the uncle has sorted out his things and is ready to go. He is going to his parents’ house to help build a yurt, which is a house. Come back in three days and take us to another village.

  In this way, we waved goodbye to the uncle together, and the uncle rode away on a motorcycle with a smile on his face, disappearing into the vast grassland.

  As night fell, the little girl took out a few cakes from the cupboard. Baked on the stove for us, this is the food, dinner.

  We watched her with the milk tea, chewing and swallowing fragrantly. And we are chewing this cake dryly. The stomach is actually quite hungry, so let it be filled.

  Just like last night, there was a monstrous wind blowing outside, and the whistling sound was eerie!

  The weather was even worse tonight, with violent rainstorms and hailstones that kept hitting the yurts. If it were tonight, we would all be dead.

  There were also a few howls of wild wolves in the distance, and Ni Ni’s whole body trembled with fright.

  Immediately, the Tibetan mastiff outside the yurt also roared, and the wolves disappeared.

  ”Are you always like this? Are you afraid?” Ni Ni asked, chewing the cake with difficulty.

  ”No, I’m not afraid. I was born in the grassland, where I grew up. I am familiar with everything here, and there is nothing to be afraid of.” The little girl smiled and said calmly to us.

  ”Aren’t you afraid that we are bad people?” I took a bite of the cake and asked with shaking eyebrows.

  ”Don’t be afraid, you are not from the grassland. You can’t survive out of the yurt. In fact, you are prisoners imprisoned by me, haha, just kidding.” The little girl told us with a smug smile.

  Haha, the three of us laughed and laughed.

  But it is so, we don’t look like people on the grassland. Get out of this yurt now, and we’ll die.

  After the little girl finished dinner, she helped us heat the kang in the yurt. Let’s do whatever we want, we can rest early if we have nothing to do.

  Then she got on her own kang, covered with a thin blanket, closed her eyes and fell asleep peacefully.

  At first I looked down on this yurt, but now it seems how warm and warm this yurt is.

  It was stormy outside and hail ravaged.

  It’s warm and comfortable inside.

  Ni Ni and I were lying on the bed hugging each other, lying on the hot kang, thinking back to the scene of fighting in the cold wind last night, I was really scared after thinking about it, we actually survived.

  Last night was really thrilling, we were all terrified and exhausted. On this hot kang, it was as comfortable and warm as lying in a five-star hotel. I hugged my jasmine flower and fell asleep sweetly.

  I was woken up by some loud noises. The little girl got up early and was already busy.

  I can’t believe that their small yurt has so much work to do.

  The little girl helped us prepare breakfast, or a few cakes and milk tea.

  She went out to work, and I went out to take a look out of curiosity.

  She was behind the yurt, collecting a lot of rainwater, which was part of their drinking water.

  I helped her carry the big bottle of water back to the yurt.

  Ni Ni rubbed her eyes and got up. Seeing that we were busy, she came down to help. Let’s help the little girl do some housework together.

  ”Do you usually do these things alone?” Ni Ni poured the water into the pot and turned her head to ask.

  ”Yes, this is what I do every day after I get married, take care of my family and wait for my husband to come back.” The little girl answered proudly.

  Ni Ni and I looked at each other in confusion, and felt a little sad in my heart. She was really a woman under the feudal system. Life is pure and simple.

  The little girl took some minced mutton and beef to feed the Tibetan mastiff behind. This is the security guard of their house. They must be served first, or else the wolves will come and they will all be destroyed.

  I looked at the vast grassland and sighed, the little girl was right, we are not people on the grassland. Even if you let me go now, I’ll just die outside.

  The little girl was very quiet, and she was usually alone. As soon as her husband went out, he would come back in four or five days or a week, so she was very lonely.

  Now we have us chatting with her, and she is happy every day.

  Ni Ni and I leaned against each other, sitting leisurely outside the yurt basking in the sun, looking at the vast grassland, blue sea and blue sky.

  ”How simple, how quiet, how wonderful this kind of life is!” said Ni Ni to himself.

  ”Yeah, why don’t we make a yurt to live in?” I pointed to an open space next to me.

  ”Haha, you’re so funny, you don’t understand at all. We don’t live for three days, believe it or not? Yearning is beautiful, but reality is always cruel. We don’t belong here, we have our own place, and we also have My own way of life.” She leaned on my shoulder and sighed in amazement.

  Yes, that’s how life is. We have to go to Lhasa as soon as possible and start our own life.

  Soon, three days passed. Uncle appeared on the vast grassland on a motorcycle. He smiled and waved to us.

  He came back with some food and daily necessities and moved into his yurt.

  The little girl wrote a letter, all in Tibetan, we couldn’t read it.

  She told us that the content of the letter was to tell them that we were going to Lhasa and that we encountered difficulties and asked them to help. Qian Jing, Wan asked us to keep this letter safe.

  We are going to leave here and go to a nearby village, which is really a bit reluctant.

  I am reluctant to live in such a peaceful life, and with this lovely little girl, I really don’t want her to live in such an environment, and I hope that one day she can go to live in the city.

  We took out all the cash on our body, more than two hundred yuan, and gave it to the uncle to express our gratitude to him. The uncle and the little girl firmly refused.

  Really touching, Ni Ni left her contact information. I hope to have the opportunity to take them to play in the city in the future, and then live in her house. The little girl was ecstatic, and she was very excited when she met friends in the city.

  We said goodbye happily, with a touch of reluctance.

  The two of us sat on the uncle’s motorcycle and gradually moved away from the yurt.

  The little girl has been standing outside the yurt, looking at us with a smile.

  We kept waving to her. goodbye! Thank you, you are an angel on the prairie.

  The uncle’s motorcycle slid through the mountains and the plains skillfully, and it seemed that he often took this road.

  After driving for an hour and a half, we arrived in the valley, and the uncle pointed to the front, as if he had said it.

  Entering the valley, we were startled by our surroundings. Just like the orcs in the movie “Lord of the Rings”, the villagers here live in caves.

  Along the rows of caves, outside are some shops. Some repair motorcycles, some sell meat, and some work iron.

  We seem to have traveled through ancient times, such a backward village.

  The villagers looked at the two of us as if they had seen aliens, fresh and curious. How can foreigners come in?

  A few Tibetan children were chasing motorcycles and playing behind us, pointing at us. It’s strange, I’ve never seen such a person before.

  This kind of environment makes us a little creepy, and we carefully observe the surrounding environment. It was found that they all lived in caves, and the entrances of the caves were covered with thick animal skins as door curtains.

  The motorcycle stopped at the entrance of a cave, and the uncle invited us to get off and took us into the cave.

  As soon as I entered the cave, I felt a burst of warmth. The temperature difference was really big from the outside, and it was as warm as spring inside.

  But there is a very strong CO2 smell and I found them burning wood in the cave. Wouldn’t this be carbon dioxide poisoning? I was shocked.

  Inside the cave, it was brightly illuminated by fire, and there was no need for electric lights at all. Inside stood two middle-aged men and the uncle, chattering a bunch of things they couldn’t understand.

  After speaking, they waved to us and smiled, as if they understood the situation. At the same time, Ni Ni handed over the letter, written by the little girl.

  After reading it, the two middle-aged men nodded and invited us to sit down.

  The uncle came over and shook hands with us. From this look, it seemed that he was saying goodbye to us and that he was leaving.

  We went out to greet the uncle and said goodbye to him. In fact, we were uneasy. He put me in this strange place. What should we do next?

  The uncle waved to us, turned around with a smile, and left on a motorcycle.

  Two middle-aged men came out and spoke to us a bunch of Tibetan that we couldn’t understand.

  Seeing that we didn’t understand at all, he took us in again, sat us down, poured us water, and gave us some bread.

  Ni Ni and I were holding the cake and looking at each other, we were really dumbfounded.

  What’s next? We have absolutely no idea. Just sit and wait.

  Tired, we slept next to each other, the smell of carbon dioxide was too heavy.

  We want to get some fresh air outside. But it’s too cold outside. There is also rain and hail from time to time.

  We could only sit at the mouth of the cave and stick our heads outside for some fresh air.

  Night fell again, and the whole village was quiet, and no one was walking outside.

  We stayed in this cave with two middle-aged men. They looked very calm. After eating, they lay down and fell asleep. And we dare not close our eyes.

  ”What the hell is going on here?” He looked at me worriedly.

  ”I don’t know, it doesn’t look like it’s going to kill us anyway. Give us something to eat.”

  ”You won’t really leave me as Mrs. Yazhai, will you?”

  ”I don’t think it’s easy to say, there is no law in this place, they are the law. It’s not guaranteed to eat me tomorrow.”

  ”Ah, don’t scare me.”

  She leaned in my arms, trembling, and we sat at the entrance of the cave and fell asleep.

  Another day passed, and the day dawned, and all the people in the village came out of the cave and got busy.

  Two middle-aged men brought us milk tea and cakes. We laughed, but it was really unpalatable.

  ”Hey, I want to go to the toilet, go and ask where the toilet is.” He said, pulling my ear.

  So I found two middle-aged uncles to compete with them, making it look like I was going to pee, and the uncles laughed.

  The uncle took us to a large rock at the entrance of the village and pointed.

  We saw that the ground was full of feces, and we understood that there was no toilet at all, it was just that everyone found a place to defecate together. So we reluctantly squatted behind this big rock and relieved our worries.

  The two of us wandered around the village, watching them work in the smithy and repair motorcycles in the garage. It feels like a little tribe out of a movie.

  They all looked at us with strange eyes, and we looked at them with curious eyes, and everyone smiled at each other, unable to communicate.

  Is this on earth? I even started to wonder.

  Another day has passed, and we are uneasy, they won’t keep us here forever, will they?

  Shouldn’t it, just keep us like this? It seems that it is not expensive to support us, just give us two loaves a day.

  The next day, a van drove into the village. A young man got off the car. From the perspective of his clothes, he was fashionable and fashionable, not quite like the Tibetans here. But they do look the same as them, they should be of the same race.

  The young man got out of the car and saw us at a glance, waved to us and shouted, “Hello!”

  Damn, Ni Ni and I were excited for a while, hugged tightly, and finally came to someone who could talk!

  Ni Ni excitedly stepped forward and chatted with the young man a lot in one breath.

  The young man is very fluent in Chinese. He is the only one in the village who reads. He is still in middle school, so he is only 16 years old.

  He took us back to the cave. It turned out that there were two middle-aged men in the cave, one was his father and the other was his uncle.

  After the young man read the letter, he talked a lot with his father and uncle. The two middle-aged men looked serious, discussed solemnly, and lectured the young man earnestly.

  Then the young man came over, a little embarrassed, and said to us, “My father said that he would charge you 1,000 yuan to take you to Lhasa.”

  We are willing to pay 1,000 yuan, even if it is 10,000 yuan, but now we only have more than 200 yuan and no cash.

  We explained the situation to the young man, the young man should have understood it, nodded, turned back and talked a lot to his father and uncle, Balabala, and the two middle-aged men looked very puzzled.

  ”My father asked, do you have any friends or relatives in Lhasa?”, the young man turned his head and asked us.

  Ni Ni and I looked at each other in confusion, shook our heads at them, no.

  They looked suspicious and talked a lot together again, Barabara.

  ”Well, my father said that he felt very strange. You have no relatives and friends in Lhasa. Why do you go to Lhasa? If you are traveling, you don’t have any money with you. What is your reason?”, the young man translated seriously His father’s words.

  Ni Ni was in a hurry, her eyes were wet, and she was about to cry. Pulled the young man to her Barabara and said a lot of things after. Told him someone was trying to kill us, so we escaped.

  The young man listened carefully, nodded, and honestly translated all our original words to his father and uncle. But his father and uncle suddenly burst out laughing, shaking their heads at us while laughing.

  ”I’m sorry, my dad said you were lying. He didn’t want to send you to Lhasa either. The journey is very far and dangerous. He didn’t want to make trouble.” The young man looked apologetic and listened to his father’s words.

  Ni Ni and I look at each other, what should we do?

  After a while of silence, the two middle-aged men talked to each other again, and they should be coming up with a good plan.

  ”My father said, if you want, you can stay in the village to do some work and live here. If you don’t want to, you can leave at any time.” The young man helplessly translated his father’s words.

  This time we are really in a hurry, this is the end of the game. It seems that Ni Ni is really going to stay here as Mrs. Yazhai, and I will stay here as a coolie, no, a slave.

  It suddenly occurred to me that we still have a passbook with 2,500 yuan in it.

  So I quickly took out the passbook and gave it to the young man, and said to him, “We have money in the passbook, 2,500 yuan, show it to your father, it’s true. After we arrive in Lhasa, we’ll take it out from the bank and pay. Please. They help us.”

  The young man took the passbook and gave it to his father, Barabara, and said a lot. The two middle-aged men took the passbook and read it carefully for a long time. They had never seen this thing and couldn’t understand the words on it, right? !

  I pointed to the figure above, 2,500 yuan. It’s always clear, right?

  The two middle-aged men began to discuss Barabara again.

  ”I’m sorry, my father said no. After sending you to Lhasa, if you run away, or don’t withdraw the money, or you can’t withdraw the money, it will be bad.” The young man also translated to us with a helpless expression.

  The situation has become very embarrassing, what should I do now?

  To be continued…

(All the scenes in the article are my own personal experience, not exaggerated, not fictional.)

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