[Drunken Jasmine]Chapter 17 – Barabara

  The two middle-aged men continued to murmur. The young man felt very embarrassed after hearing it, so he translated it to us.

  ”My dad said that they are often fooled by the Han people and don’t believe in the Han people. I’m sorry.”

  ”Please, tell your father, save us.” Ni Ni took the young man’s hand and said with tears in her eyes, she was about to cry.

  The young man was very entangled when he saw this beautiful woman being so sad, and after a few words with his father, he was scolded by his father.

  The young man also lowered his head and was speechless. It seemed that his father was the one in charge.

  In desperation, I came up with a solution. I said to the young man, “Look at this, I will stay, and you will take her to Lhasa. After she arrives, she will go to the bank to withdraw money and give you money. If there is no money, Then you can either kill me or make me a slave. Anyway, I am in your hands. If you have money, then you can send me to Sarah again, and pay a total of 2,000 yuan.”

  ”Don’t, don’t! I don’t want to leave you, not even for a second! I want to be with you.”, Ni Ni hugged me tightly, tears spewed out, tears streaming down her face.

  ”Don’t cry, I’ll be fine.” I hugged her tightly and comforted her.

  ”No, no,” she wailed.

  The three of them were deeply moved when they saw this scene. But rules are rules.

  After the young man understood it carefully, he translated it for his father.

  The two middle-aged men sat down, lit a cigarette, thought, and looked serious.

  It seems that this matter may be really a bit embarrassing for them.

  After pondering for a while, the three of them began to talk again, talking a lot, feeling very complicated. I saw the young man nodded earnestly while listening carefully.

  After a long time, the young man turned around and began to translate for us.

  ”My father said, looking at you, you don’t look like a bad person or a liar. I really want to help you. However, going to Lhasa from here is not an easy task. The journey is very dangerous and you may die. One thousand yuan is already very, very little reward for you.” The young man took a breath and continued, “Although we have driven this road several times, the temperature difference between day and night is very large, and the road will heat up and shrink. The road conditions are different every day, and driving is very dangerous. If you are not careful and there is an accident on the road, you can only wait for death, and no one will come to rescue us. Moreover, it will take at least 15 hours to drive this way. ”

  After listening to Ni Ni and I, I felt a little hopeless.

  ”My father said that he is willing to help you. But there are a few conditions that need to be made clear first.” The young man invited us to sit down and said slowly.

  ”Well, what conditions did you say?” Nini wiped her tears and opened her eyes.

  ”First, we try our best to ensure your safety. However, if there is an accident, we will protect ourselves first, and we will not be able to control you. Do you agree with this?” The young man looked at the ground and felt so inhuman. .

  ”Okay.” He nodded firmly.

  ”Secondly, if you have a sudden reaction to the plateau on the way, there will be no rescue, and you will die in the car. If that happens, we will put you on the side of the road for a celestial burial. Do you agree with this?”

  ”What is a celestial burial?” Ni Ni turned her head and looked at me strangely.

  ”Sky burial is to put your corpses in nature, and let animals eat your corpses and leave your bones. This is a funeral method for our Tibetans.”

  ”Okay, I’m dead anyway, whatever.” She nodded helplessly.

  ”Third, if everything goes well, you arrive in Lhasa. You and my dad stay in the car, and your brother and I go to the bank to withdraw money. If you have money, then you can get off the car. If not, we will bring you back directly. , to be my father’s wife. If you want to shout, I will kill you in the car.” The young man looked at his father, and the translation was a little helpless.

  ”No problem, we have money, really.” Ni Ni nodded quickly.

  I shook my head inwardly, well, we are siblings again.

  The young man turned around and carefully translated to them. After listening, they nodded and spoke briefly.

  ”My dad said, let’s get ready and leave right away. I’ll drive, my dad and uncle will escort the car.” The young man showed a happy smile on his face.

  Looking at the young man, he is really an enthusiastic and good person, but the world is not good, and they are forced to be very careful. But the boy, only 16 years old, can you drive? I can’t even drive.

  ”This is my driver’s license.” The young man handed us a small piece of paper.

  We frowned and saw that the small pieces of paper were all in Tibetan, and none of them could be read. Well, this is your driver’s license.

  The two middle-aged men were busy getting ready, and I watched them move out the blankets, water and food. A long Tibetan knife hangs on his waist, and he fills up the white Jinbei van with oil.

  Ni Ni and I stood side by side, watching them nervously.

  The two middle-aged men finally showed a smile and said a few words.

  ”My dad said, take it easy, since I decided to help you, I will try my best to ensure your safety.”

  Everyone got in the car and the atmosphere was a little better.

  The young man liked Ni Ni very much, smiled at her and said, “Sister, don’t worry, I have been driving this road with my father since I was a child, and I have walked over 20 times.”

  ”Really? Then be careful, thank you.” Ni Ni frowned and said with a forced smile.

  The young man got into the car skillfully, started the car, checked the instruments and everything was normal, then kicked the accelerator and set off.

  The villagers in the village all waved to the car, not knowing whether to see us or them.

  ”It’s four o’clock in the afternoon. If everything goes well, it should be around seven in the morning.” The young man turned his head and said to Ni Ni.

  ”Oh, drive carefully, don’t be in a hurry.” Ni Ni was afraid that there would be an accident on the road, and it was over.

  Getting in the car of the locals, the feeling is different, this rugged mountain road, the young man drives fast, the speed of 100 yards all the way, a few corners, all turn with ease.

  It’s just that, the God of Qiu Ming Mountain Bike, the same.

  Soon, the car drove out of the mountains and into the plains. We have already learned about the climate on the grasslands. For a while, heavy rain, hail, strong wind, and fog all take turns to wreak havoc, all the time.

  The whole car was so quiet, the young man was driving the car, and the two uncles were sitting behind the car, carefully observing the situation outside the window.

  I also looked out the window. Except for the vast grassland, there was nothing left. What were they looking at?

  ”Are you bored? I’ll play songs for you.” The young man said with a smile, turning on a small car TV screen and starting to play all kinds of strange MTV songs.

  Many of them are in Tibetan, which I cannot understand. But just listening to the music is not bad, it relieves everyone’s heavy heart.

  The uncle took out his hidden knife and startled me, I thought they were going to kill us.

  The uncle told me a lot about Barabara, and the young man translated it in front of me, “My father said that this Tibetan knife was handed down by the master of our family, and it has been handed down for 4 generations. It is a mascot and will bless us all. “

  I forced a smile and nodded to the uncle, well, it’s up to you. Along the way, the young man translated and communicated for us while driving skillfully.

  Slowly, a few people got to know each other and started talking more.

  ”My dad asked what you do?”

  ”I’m a teacher, I teach painting. He does computer work.” Looking at the scenery outside the window, Ni Ni said with a smile on her face, and she didn’t have the previous anxiety.

  The two uncles kept chatting with us, and we were a little annoyed.

  ”My dad said that I chat with you from time to time to make sure you’re clear-headed and don’t pass out due to lack of oxygen.”

  Oh, that’s what it is, alright. But I do feel a little groggy, a little hypoxia already?

  ”How do you feel?” I turned to ask Ni Ni.

  She yawned directly, well, this is the answer, it seems that there is really a little lack of oxygen.

  Take a deep breath, take a deep breath.

  The young man’s car was well-versed along the way, galloping fast.

  ”Drive carefully, don’t go too fast.” Looking at this kind of driving method, I was really worried.

  ”Sister, don’t worry. It’s still bright now, I can see clearly, drive faster. After a while, I’ll drive slowly.” The young man said confidently.

  We leaned against each other, looking at the endless grassland in front of us, and the car was swaying. Gradually, we fell asleep.

  What’s wrong? What’s wrong? ! We were woken up by our uncle.

  ”Don’t fall asleep. If you fall asleep, you may not be able to wake up. This is a high altitude area,” the young man shouted.

  ”Okay, okay, we got it. I just fell asleep by accident.” We giggled.

  ”My dad said, if you fall asleep again, I will kill you and throw them out of the car.” The young man smiled at me and said.

  ”Ah!? What?!”, Ni Ni was taken aback.

  ”My dad was joking, in order to lift your spirits, don’t fall asleep again.” The young man covered his mouth and laughed.

  Well, we don’t understand your Tibetan humor.

  How could he not fall asleep. Well, hold on, I put my arm around my jasmine, and the floral scent refreshes me.

  After a few hours of bumpy rides, both of us were on the verge of falling apart, and finally we saw both sides of the road, and some yurts began to appear.

  Then there are some small dilapidated houses with a big sign that says, “Amdo County.”

  The car was parked in front of a hotel, and it took a few hours to drive. The moment I got off the car, it was really comfortable.

  ”My dad said, take a ten-minute break. If you want to go to the toilet or eat something, hurry up.” The young man said, biting the cake in his hand, he was really familiar with this place.

  ”What do you want to eat? Please eat.” Ni Ni stretched her waist and said to the young man.

  ”No, in a small place, we eat what we bring, for fear of being drugged outside.” The young man is very experienced in the arena.

  ”Ah? So do we want to eat?”, Ni Ni asked me, looking at me.

  We looked up at this little broken restaurant. Forget it, what would be in it, maybe a few bowls of noodles at most.

  ”This is the largest hotel in Amdo County. There are not many people here.” The young man explained like a tour guide.

  ”Okay.” We went in and went to a toilet. Sure enough, there was nothing to eat except noodles.

  Okay, we’re done resting, let’s continue on our way.

  The two uncles threw the cigarette butts and got into the car calmly.

  The young man jumped into the car and seemed to like driving very much. Just like playing, he started the car and continued to play.

  The sky has darkened, and night has come.

  Next, it’s all mountain roads, bumpy mountain roads, rugged mountain roads, winding mountain roads, steep mountain roads, up and down mountain roads, high and low mountain roads.

  The car was driving carefully under the care of the moonlight with the big high beams on.

  Suddenly, we saw another overturned car, with several people calling for help.

  The young man calmed down and drove past them at an accelerated pace, as if he had no guilt at all.

  ”A car overturned.” Nini pointed out the window and said casually.

  ”Yeah, I see. But we can’t help them. And it’s very likely to be fake, there are bandits in this area.” The young man said solemnly.

  Well, the world is so cruel. You can only protect yourself, not others.

  The visibility of this rough and bumpy mountain road was very low, and the car approached slowly in the dark.

  Suddenly, Ni Ni, who was beside him, fell asleep, “Wake up, wake up!”.

  I kept shaking her, but she slept like a dead, deep sleep.

  Seeing this, the uncle said a lot and took out a small oxygen cylinder from the back of the car.

  ”My dad said that she has severe altitude sickness and is in a coma. It will take more than an hour to go down to the low altitude area. I don’t know if she can survive. If she can’t, don’t be too sad.”, boy The translation said, the tone was a little regretful.

  The uncle put an oxygen mask on Ni Ni, turned on the oxygen, and muttered a few words to himself.

  ”My dad said, try to wake her up and don’t give up.”

  My God, my heart is beating so fast, I’m so nervous. no! My jasmine can’t end like this. Wake up, wake up! Looking at her weak breathing, I was a little desperate.

  I picked up her wrist and took a hard bite. She thought she would wake up screaming, but she didn’t respond. what to do?

  ”Wake up, wake up, I love you! You can’t die, I can’t live without you,” I shouted in her ear.

  But she still didn’t respond. I kept shaking her, trying to wake her up, but it didn’t seem to work.

  The uncle stretched out his hand, took her pulse, checked her breathing, and said a few words.

  ”My dad said that she is in a severe coma now. If she stays in this state, she may suffer from cerebral hypoxia and cerebral palsy, and become a vegetable.”

  After the young man finished speaking, he suddenly increased his speed. Speeding down the mountain quickly on the rugged mountain road.

  Maybe too nervous, my heart beat too fast. My breathing also increased, and in the jolts, I stumbled and lost consciousness.

  The feeling of death is actually not uncomfortable at all, I still feel very comfortable, and the whole person is floating. The last thing I remember is that I know I can’t wake up. I’m dying.

  So cold! Why is it so cold? My face is so cold. Who woke me up from my sweet dreams? God, it’s so cold, I shivered from the cold, someone was throwing cold water on my face, I suddenly opened my eyes to see.

  In a daze, the uncle took a piece of ice and smeared it on my face, which made me shiver and woke up.

  We were by a icy stream, and I suddenly remembered, didn’t I just die? As for Ni Ni, I turned my head and saw that Ni Ni was already awake, and was also looking at me in a daze, with a dull gaze and speechless.

  It’s over, she has cerebral palsy, she has become a vegetative state, she doesn’t know me anymore, my favorite, my jasmine, I cried and hugged her tightly.

  ”Do you still recognize me? Do you know what my name is?” I shouted to her with tears in my eyes.

  ”Baby, I’m fine. I just woke up, but I feel weak all over.” She leaned weakly into my arms.

  ”We have to leave quickly! Go down to another 1,000 altitude and you will be back to normal. It is estimated that it will take another half an hour. Hold on.” The young man shouted to us nervously.

  ”Did you hear it? Hold on for another half an hour.” I shouted swayingly.

  Ni Ni nodded to me slightly, barely showing a smile.

  ”Speak softly, don’t shout, you’ll pass out due to lack of oxygen in a second. I’m afraid I won’t be able to save you.” The young man said anxiously beside him.

  The two uncles helped carry Ni Ni back into the car, and we continued on our way. It seemed that they really didn’t want us to die.

  I leaned against her and kept my eyes open. Always remind each other, don’t fall asleep, don’t sleep!

  ”Remember when we first met? You almost smashed that computer, I’ll tell you a secret.” I whispered in her ear.

  ”What secret?” she replied weakly.

  ”The hardware of that computer was configured by me. It used old parts, and it was very slow.”

  ”Did you do that on purpose?”

  ”Yes, the director asked me to configure a computer at will, and I don’t want you to work hard at all.”

  She showed a slight smile.

  ”That day, if you hadn’t walked in, I would have gone home and stopped coming to work.” She whispered softly in my ear.

  ”Really? So you didn’t like this job in the first place.”

  ”Yes, but I changed my mind after seeing you. I don’t know why, I just want to see you every day at work.”

  I smiled at her, “Me too, maybe we were really siblings in our past lives.”

  ”But in this life, I don’t want to be your brother and sister, I want to be your husband and wife.” She said softly in my ear with a smile.

  ”Well, of course. You have to hold on.” I hugged her tightly.

  ”I, I will hold on, I love you.”

  ”I love you too.”

  But not long after, we lost consciousness again.

  ”Hey, wake up, baby, wake up! Wake up baby!”.

  ”Ah!”, who slapped me in the face?

  I opened my eyes in a daze, watching Ni Ni smiling at me, “Baby, we’re going down the mountain.”

  I turned around and saw that the car was parked next to a restaurant. In the dead of night, only this restaurant is still open. The young man is sitting in it eating noodles, and the two uncles are sitting in it and smoking. There is a big sign next to the hotel, with two words written on it, “Naqu”.

  I got out of the car leisurely and looked around. There were many tall buildings and buildings. It turned out that this was a relatively large city.

  Ni Ni helped me in and sat down with a bowl of beef noodles in front of me.

  The two uncles were smoking cigarettes and laughing at us, Barabara said.

  ”My father said, congratulations, you survived, and several times thought you were going to die. We have already walked halfway, and halfway to Lhasa.” The young man ate the noodles.

  ”Hurry up and eat, we have to hurry.” Nini pointed to the surface on the table and said to me with a smile.

  ”What about you, don’t you eat?”, I looked at her strangely.

  ”When you just slept in the car, I had already eaten. I couldn’t wake you up no matter how I called you. Forget it, I’ll let you die.” She said to me with a mischievous smile.

  Seeing her so lively and lovely, everything has returned to normal, and I finally feel at ease. I ate the noodles in big mouthfuls, but this side was really unpalatable.

  In this restaurant, there are only a few people who are rushing to eat at night. It seems that there are really not many people on this road.

  Gradually, my sense of taste finally recovered. It seems that I have lost my sense of taste just now. This bowl of noodles is still delicious, maybe I’m hungry.

  After eating, Ni Ni got up to pay the bill. But these two uncles insisted on distinguishing clearly. What they paid for them and what we paid for us had nothing to do with each other. It seemed that they really obeyed the rules.

  This made us very embarrassed too, we wanted to treat them to dinner as a way of saving our lives.

  We continued to get in the car and drove on. The young man was really refreshed and didn’t sleep at all.

  Driving on the road in the city is very stable. After sitting on the mountain road for so long, people are really going to fall apart. But soon the car drove out of this small city, and the vast grasslands and rugged mountain roads appeared in front of me. Oh my God!

  The weather in the wild is still so bad. From time to time, there will be a heavy rain, a hailstorm from time to time, howling winds, and thick fog. Occasionally, some wild animals can be seen jumping across the road.

  The altitude is not as high as before, it is more comfortable now, and we are more awake. It feels like the future is bright, and we are about to reach it successfully.

  ”You can sleep if you’re sleepy, it’s fine.” The young man looked at the reflector and said to us with a smile.

  This road is bumpy and bumpy, how can I sleep? I feel like my skeleton has long since disintegrated, and we both leaned on our heads and hugged each other’s bodies so that we could maintain our sitting position, otherwise we would have collapsed.

  Don’t treat us as two people, just treat us as two lumps of mud.

  Suddenly, the car screamed! A sudden stop! Everyone in the car was startled, what happened?

  I looked around and saw that we were on a mountain road. Directly ahead, a fallen tree blocked our way.

  In fact, the tree is not very big, we can get out of the car and four men can move it away.

  ”Let’s get out of the car and move the tree away.” I said to the young man.

  The young man turned his head nervously and made a gesture to me, telling me not to make a sound.

  We suddenly got nervous, what happened?

  I saw the young man and two uncles, nervously observing the situation around.

  Uncle Barabara said something in a low voice.

  ”The tree obviously didn’t fall down on the road naturally. Someone cut it down and placed it on the road. It must be a trap. If we get out of the car now, the people in ambush will definitely rush up, we should immediately I’m going to be robbed.” The young man said to us solemnly.

  Several people sat in the car calmly, looking around.

  Apart from the whistling wind and the flowing water of the creek, there seemed to be nothing unusual. There are a few trees swaying in the wind, and there are many large and small stones.

  The sky has begun to light up slightly, and the young man has put the car in reverse gear, ready to step on the accelerator to reverse the car at any time.

  The two uncles held the Tibetan sword tightly and said something they couldn’t understand in a low voice.

  ”The time and place meet the conditions for robbery. Many thieves robbed vehicles that have been tired all night. We will definitely be robbed when we get off the car now, and they must be ambushed by the side.” The young man translated to us. .

  We have been so nervous, waiting quietly. The surrounding quiet is terrible, maybe this is the quiet before the storm.

  Ni Ni and I clasped our hands together, I could clearly feel her trembling, she was terrified.

  The sky was getting brighter again, the uncle suddenly looked back nervously, and Barabara spoke.

  We turned around and found that a tree had been placed not far behind the car, blocking the way back.

  It seems that someone is really ambushing around, and the retreat has been cut off, and this is over.

  The uncle quickly got out of the back of the car and took out a few knives. So big, the kind of watermelon knife that can hack people to death.

  One for the boy, one for me. Seriously looking at us Barbara and speaking incomprehensible things.

  ”My dad said, we might have a fight, let’s do our best. If you are captured alive, they will take you to the mountains to be slaves.” The young man translated to us seriously.

  I held the big knife tightly and looked at Ni Ni with firm eyes, “Don’t be afraid, I will protect you, if you want to die, I will die first.”

  With tears in her eyes, she grabbed my hand tightly, trembling, and said, “I, I’m not afraid.”

  The uncle slammed the car window open and shouted outside, saying something I couldn’t understand.

  ”My dad yelled at them to let them come out. We are Tibetans, and we don’t kill each other,” the young man translated.

  Sure enough, four or five people came out one after another from around the road. I counted them carefully, and six people, all with knives in their hands and their faces covered, approached our van.

  A big man was holding a knife and talking to the uncle, who should be their leading big brother.

  I looked at them in a panic, not understanding what they were saying. Feeling that I could do it at any time, I held the knife tightly, ready to kill.

  The big guy looked inside the car, looked at us, pointed to the two of us and said a lot to Uncle Barabala.

  I saw the uncle shook his head at them after listening.

  ”They said they could let us through, but they wanted to keep the two of you. My dad disagreed, saying you two were our guests and we were doing business,” the young man translated to us.

  ”My dad told them that everyone is from the same clan, don’t fight each other, help. But if we insist on coming, we will fight to the end with them, it’s pointless.”

  ”They asked my dad to take half of the money. The money earned from you, my dad told them no, your relatives will pay when you get to Lhasa.”

  The big man walked around the car twice more, watching us, looking up and down, Barabara spoke to the uncle.

  ”They said, let’s leave the two of you behind, or we’ll start.” The young man translated in a panic.

  I saw the uncle took out the hidden knife, pointed at the big man outside the car window, and started to coax him.

  ”My dad said, we’re ready to fight to the death, come on. At the same time, tell them, there’s no point, everyone loses.”

  At the same time, several people around came up to surround the car. As soon as it is triggered, the battle is about to start!

  The big man also drew out his knife and pointed at the uncle Barabara.

  ”They said they didn’t understand why we should protect you two Han people like this.”

  ”My father said that because of honesty, Tibetan compatriots are honest. We promised to send the two of them to Lhasa safely.”

  The big man put away the knife, and Barabara said a lot to the uncle.

  ”They said, throw all your valuables and money out of the car.” The young man turned his head and translated to us.

  At the same time, the two uncles looked at us and nodded to us, as if this condition was acceptable.

  So, Ni Ni and I immediately took out all the valuables on us. He threw out two mobile phones, a wallet, the only two hundred yuan in cash in the wallet, and two earrings on Ni Ni’s ears. We really don’t have anything else left.

  The big man picked up these things on the ground and looked at them, feeling very strange and dissatisfied, Barabara said.

  ”They said, why do you only have so many things, not even luggage.” The young man translated nervously.

  Ni Ni touched the pockets of her clothes and took out the last thing on her body, the letter, all in Tibetan, written by the little girl in the yurt. Hand it over to the big guy outside the car window.

  The big man took out a flashlight and looked at it seriously according to the letter.

  After reading it, he nodded. He returned the letter to Ni Ni, and asked his men to move the tree in front of him and let us go.

  The young man stepped on the accelerator immediately and left quickly.

  A few of us turned to look at the group of people behind us, stood there looking at us, didn’t move, didn’t seem to catch up, and didn’t turn around until we disappeared.

  Everyone’s expressions finally relaxed, it was really too thrilling.

  Turning her head, Ni Ni was already scared to tears, tears kept flowing down her face, she washed her face with tears, and held the letter with trembling hands. I am very curious, what exactly is written in this letter?

  After the young man read the letter, I asked him curiously.

  The young man smiled slightly, “The letter said: These two are good-hearted messengers who were sheltered by the mountain gods. They survived on the Tanggula Mountain. Even the wolves helped them out of danger. They are also my friends, and they will meet again in the big city. Please help all Tibetan compatriots to help them go to Lhasa. I am Tashi Dorje from Tanggula Mountain, Qugu Plain.”

  After listening to the young man’s translation, we both had tears in our eyes and were so moved. Just such a letter saved our lives, this little girl is the messenger protected by God.

  Turning to look at the two uncles, they looked at me with wide-eyed smiles, and for the first time they found that the smiles of these two uncles were also so kind.

  The sky was getting brighter and the sun was gradually rising. The car is not so cold anymore, the warm sunshine and the fragrance of jasmine surround me, and I seem to be back in the real world again.

  We’re used to this bumpy mountain road, don’t ask me if my butt hurts, I don’t have a butt anymore. Think of it as a cradle, we slept together.

  Maybe the journey was really tiring, we were exhausted and slept soundly.

  We have nothing left, only one passbook, two ID cards, and nothing to fear.

  Why do I feel like I’m flying? The car is driving balance, is it no longer in the mountains and plains?

  I opened my eyes and saw that there were no longer mountains and plains around, there were decent buildings, and there were some people riding motorcycles on the side of the road.

  There are also some storefronts, clearly see the words “Sara Fur Local Products Store”, God! Already in Lhasa!

  ”Baby! It’s Sarah!”, I pushed the sleeping Ni Ni.

  She opened her lazy eyes, scratched her disheveled hair, stretched, yawned, and looked around, “Ha! Finally to Sarah, finally to live to Sarah.”

  We both hugged tightly, weeping in tears.

  It’s really a life-and-death experience! Is this a test of our relationship? Or the punishment for defying the cage of fate?

  None of this matters, what matters is that we are together and we should never be apart.

  The young man was still driving the car full of energy, nodding and smiling at us from the rearview mirror.

  The two uncles finally relaxed their vigilance and showed kind smiles.

  ”Wow! Look! Potala Palace!”, Ni Ni shouted, pointing to the distant hill.

  ”Wow! Really! It’s so far, so spectacular!”, we cheered ecstatically.

  The car stopped at the gate of a bank in the center of Lhasa. The young man backed up the car and parked the parking space and opened the door.

  Ni Ni and I looked at each other and she nodded to me. We knew in our hearts that, as we said before, I would get out of the car to get the money.

  Standing on the road in the city, I am really not used to it, and I feel that the whole person is swaying.

  Looking around, it was already noon, there were not many pedestrians on the road, and the bank door was wide open.

  Looking back at the young man and the two uncles, they all smiled, “Go, we believe in you.”

  They were not as scary as they said before, and asked the young man to accompany me to withdraw money. Also did not use a knife holder in the car Ni Ni.

  Maybe it’s the trust built along the way, maybe they are good people, but they have been deceived many times by bad people, and they are disheartened.

  I walked into the bank, took out my ID card and passbook, and took out all the money smoothly. I felt calm all of a sudden, took a deep breath, and it was finally over.

  With a pile of money, he walked out of the bank, got into the car, and counted 1,500 yuan to the uncle, thanking them for their life-saving grace.

  The uncle seriously refunded 500 yuan to us and smiled at me.

  ”My father said that we Tibetans are the most trustworthy. If we say a thousand, it is a thousand, and we don’t charge any more.” The young man translated with a smile.

  The uncle ordered some money with satisfaction. After receiving the money, the young man continued to drive, “I’ll take you to a cheaper youth hostel.”

  ”That’s great, thank you.” Ni Ni excitedly looked out of the car, a strange sight.

  ”A lot of delicious food and fun, let’s have a good time shopping later.” I hugged her and cheered, my heart surging.

  ”Yeah.” Ni Ni grinned.

  The car stopped in front of a youth travel agency.

  ”It’s here, then, I wish you all the best.” The young man turned his head and said to us with a smile.

  Looking at the people coming in and out of the hotel door, we got out of the car excitedly, and we haven’t seen so many people in a long time.

  The two uncles also smiled and waved to us.

  ”You’ve been driving for so long, and you’re lucky. Shall I treat you to a meal?”, Ni Ni said to them sincerely.

  ”Thank you, no need. Let’s find a place to sleep, buy some daily necessities and go back. Take care of you.”

  We stood at the entrance of the youth hostel and looked at the car they were leaving. We were really reluctant to part. What a good person, it’s a pity that there will be no future.

  Bless you, always be happy and healthy.

  Thank you for the rest of my life.

  To be continued…

  (All the scenes in the article are my own personal experience, not exaggerated, not fictional.)

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