[Drunken Jasmine]Chapter 18 – Lhasa

  We can’t walk anymore. Yes, I haven’t walked for a long time, and I limped in.

  We went to hell once, and luckily came back with a life. Now I only have 1,500 yuan and I have nothing left.

  We found that the people who came in and out were clean, and when we looked at each other, we couldn’t help laughing.

  Ni Ni’s face was dark, tears had already covered her face, the sandstorm had turned her into a black man, and her hair was ruffled by the strong wind, she was like a beggar begging for food.

  We moved into the youth travel agency and came to the front desk. A young man asked us kindly, “You two, you must have just returned from a hiking tour, right? It’s amazing, I admire it. Do you want a room?”

  ”Yes, I want a room and I need to be able to take a bath.” Ni Ni said, straightening her messy hair.

  The young man typed on the computer keyboard earnestly, studied it for a while, and said, “I’m sorry, the rooms with bathrooms are already full, and there are no more.”

  ”What?! How is that possible?”, Ni Ni stared at the young man with wide eyes, and a heat wave suddenly erupted around him, angering the sky.

  Yeah, how is that possible. In our imagination, Lhasa should be a sparsely populated city, similar to Golmud. Why are you so busy?

  We saw a lot of tourists, carrying bags in and out, and many foreigners walking by in English. It seems that we got it wrong, Lhasa is a big tourist city.

  ”The accommodation has always been very busy, mainly because there are too many tourists.” The young man pointed to the tourists who came in and out of the surrounding area and said helplessly to us.

  Me and Ni Ni helpless look at each other, otherwise, let’s ask another family. But we have no strength at all and can’t walk anymore. It was like the end of a long-distance run, the whole body was exhausted and could not get up.

  ”We also have a single room without a bathroom and toilet. Would you like to stay here first? You can go to the public bathroom if you take a bath, and the toilet also has a public toilet. I think you guys are very tired.” The young man looked up at us.

  ”Okay, okay.” I nodded helplessly.

  ”Okay, please give me my ID card and register it.” The young man stretched out a hand to Ni Ni and said.

  Why tell her? Do you think of her as a sister again, and I am a brother?

  ”Here.” This was the only thing on Ni Ni’s body, and it came straight out of his pocket.

  The young man seriously typed his ID card information on the computer and raised his head with a smile, “One hundred yuan a day, how many days do you want to stay?”

  What? ! ! So expensive! ! Just a single room, no bathroom and toilet!

  ”Why is it so expensive?” Ni Ni frowned, suppressed her anger, and asked tangled.

  ”It’s not expensive, this is our price list. Lhasa is a high-consumption city, accommodation is very expensive, and there are many tourists. You know.” The young man pointed to the price list on the back wall.

  OMG! One hundred a day is actually the cheapest! crazy!

  If it weren’t for the fact that my jasmine flower had bent over, I would have turned my head and left immediately.

  ”Okay, stay for one night.” I took out one hundred yuan and paid it right away.

  ”This is your key. Go to the end of the second floor, that’s all. Do you have luggage? Are you outside? I’ll ask someone to help you carry it up.” After receiving the money, the young man gave us the key.

  ”No, thank you, we have no luggage.” Ni Ni took the key, shook her head, and smiled helplessly.

  The young man looked at us strangely and was very curious, how could there be such tourists, who had no luggage, did not look like locals, and had a foreign accent, could it be that they were robbed on the road?

  We slowly moved up to the second floor, moved to the last room, and opened the door corresponding to the number on the key.

  Oh my god, it’s less than 20 square meters, only a single bed, a small writing desk, nothing.

  Ni Ni and I looked at each other and were puzzled. We didn’t care, we walked in the door without taking off our clothes, and fell down on the cot together.

  Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and it’s all over.

  But why, we lay quietly on the bed, feeling the ground still vibrating? Not only was it shaking, it was shaking.

  Strange, the windows are all closed, why is there still a gust of wind in my ears?

  Our body is already in bed, why is our soul still in the car, bumping in the plains and mountains, never stopping.

  This is the brink of a mental breakdown. If there is a little more suffering, the two of us will definitely go crazy. This is the precursor to going crazy.

  We slept in each other’s arms, telling ourselves over and over that we’ve made it through, we’re safe, and we’re sleeping on our hotel beds.

  Nightmares were repeated, and the head was full of big men. When I opened my eyes again, it was the morning of the next day.

  There is a clock in the room. When I look at the time, it is only six in the morning. Why is the sun already high at six in the morning? This is so strange, this may not be Lhasa, it may not be Earth.

  We drew the curtains, staggered back to the bed, and continued to fall. When I woke up again, it was three o’clock in the afternoon.

  This time it seemed that I really woke up, and my stomach was growling. The ground is no longer shaking, and the wind is no longer whistling in my ears.

  The room is filled with the scent of jasmine, and it seems that the spirit and the body have returned to the normal fusion.

  ”Oh my God, we slept all day.”, I suddenly found out!

  ”Ah! We’re only staying for one day, and it’s past the check-out time!” Ni Ni looked at me with wide eyes.

  It was really convenient for us, the two of us got up directly and went to the front desk. No need to wear clothes, no clothes have been taken off. There is no need to organize things, not a single piece of luggage. Just borrowing someone else’s bed and lying down for a day, still a single bed, but paying 100 yuan, it’s ridiculous.

  The guy at the front desk saw us running over in a hurry, and said with a calm smile, “I know, it’s time for you to check out, and you look tired, so just stay for one more night, don’t be mean to yourself, you can 10% off for you, 90 yuan a day.”

  I met Ni Ni’s helpless eyes, took out another 100 yuan, and got back 10 yuan. In that case, let’s stay for another night, sort out, and go to Mr. Li’s comrade-in-arms Jie Ge tomorrow.

  We asked the lad about some living guides, detailing where the bathroom is, where is the toilet, where to buy some daily necessities and underwear.

  I was going to go out to buy a change of underwear and panties. When I walked out of the hotel, I was amazed by the scenery in front of me.

  The sky in Lhasa is so blue and so blue, it is the kind of dark blue, just like dark blue ink.

  The clouds in Lhasa are so white and so white that they are pure white, just like pure white cotton.

  The blue sky and white clouds are connected with the horizon, and the clouds and mists linger on the buildings of the city, like a fairyland, we have really arrived in heaven.

  We walked hand in hand in paradise. The air is so clean, without a little dust, the sun is so warm, comfortable and not sweaty.

  There are many foreigners on the road, and Lhasa seems to be an international business tourism center.

  The whole Lhasa is full of a strong commercial atmosphere, and the tourism business is booming. We found that the local people all run their own stores, the business is really good, and the money is rolling in.

  The price is really expensive, twice as expensive as our hometown, and some things are more than twice as expensive. It seems that materials in Lhasa are really in short supply, so they are expensive.

  I found a small supermarket and bought some underwear, ready to come back to take a shower and change it. There are also towels and soap, toothpaste and toothbrush.

  Hungry, I passed several restaurants and looked at the price list at the door, but I didn’t dare to go in. Just a meal, at least one hundred yuan.

  Thinking that there is only one thousand yuan now, and there are still many things to do, let’s save a little.

  In the end, I bought two buckets of instant noodles, and I didn’t feel humbled and lost because of this. Instead, I felt happy and happy, and we were ready to start a new life again.

  Go back to the Youth Travel Service and open the two buckets of instant noodles. This fragrance is really mouth-watering, it’s really been a long time, I haven’t smelled the taste of these normal foods.

  Although it was only two buckets of instant noodles, it tasted like a full-fledged Manchurian feast. Even the instant noodle soup was clean. I now understand what kind of people are released from prison, such as us.

  Then I came to the public bathroom, and the warm water column washed my body, which was so comfortable. Looking back, it was really a long time since I took a bath. The whole person stinks like a bug.

  Other people taking a bath saw the long scar on my back, which had just healed, and were very curious and pointed.

  It’s really hard to describe. It is said that every scar on a person’s body is an unforgettable story.

  Seriously, I comfortably washed myself up and down from head to toe twice, and washed it with most of the soap.

  After taking a shower, I felt a lot lighter and a little light. It seemed to wash away all my dust and sorrow.

  Standing at the door of the public bathroom, enjoying the warm breeze, admiring the blue sky and white clouds, waiting for my jasmine flowers to come out.

  This scene seems familiar. Yes, the last time was in the bathroom at the entrance of the elementary school. After she came out, she encountered the devil and began to flee.

  Fate is always unpredictable and unpredictable. From an intern in the easternmost part of China, to the westernmost part of China.

  For what? I thought for a while. In order to escape the prison of fate with his lover, he is not a prisoner of fate.

  Yes, it’s that simple. Facing the prison of fate, we will not yield.

  I knew she came out of the shower and I could smell the strong scent of jasmine. When I turned around, she was arranging her hair behind me, shiny.

  The jasmine flowers hang buds in the rain, and the jasmine flowers display after the rain.

  Baili jasmine is fragrant, and thousands of jasmine flowers follow.

  Holding my jasmine flower, we strolled back to the youth hostel side by side.

  At this time, we feel as if we have really returned to normal, become a normal person, and gradually become interested in everything around us.

  Internet cafes in Lhasa are really expensive, surfing the Internet costs 20 yuan an hour, and they even support payment in US dollars.

  It was written on the taxi that it was ten yuan for a taxi. No matter where you drive to Lhasa, it only costs ten yuan.

  Along the way, there are many high-end bars, and there are many foreigners sitting on the side of the road. It seems that the mysterious atmosphere of this place is more attractive for foreigners to travel.

  There are also many small shops and stalls. When they saw that we didn’t look like locals, they came up to sell to us. All kinds of small commodities, especially Tibetan knives, some wholesale goods with poor craftsmanship, 30 yuan a piece, you can see at a glance that they are deceiving those who travel.

  I saw some very familiar buildings, called KFC in our place, which is KFC, but here it has become another name called “Dex”. Looking inside, some people who ran cows and horses were eating fried chicken and drinks, with a sheep beside them. It felt so discordant, it was really strange.

  It was already 9 o’clock in the evening, and the sky in Lhasa gradually darkened, and the sun began to slowly descend. The time difference is really strange.

  Going back to the room and lying on the bed again, I felt a completely different feeling, very relaxed, very comfortable, as if everything was just a dream.

  We hugged and kissed, tears welling up in our eyes. This kiss was hard-won, this tenderness escaped death.

  Night falls, and the stars outside the window are bright.

  Very strange, we have not noticed the starry sky here, it is so clear, so clear, the stars are twinkling in the sky, and the whole night sky is densely covered.

  The moon is really big, and the mountains and rivers on the moon can be seen with the naked eye. Lhasa is really a pure paradise.

  Recalling that when I was trapped on Tanggula Mountain, the night was the same, but I didn’t feel a trace of comfort, only fear and despair.

  ”I like this place, it feels really pure. And it’s bustling and lively. I want to stay here to find a job and live in peace.” Jasmine leaned against me and whispered in my ear.

  I nod my head in satisfaction, I like it here too. In fact, as long as you are with Jasmine, no matter where you are, it will be heaven.

  The charming night, the sweet jasmine flowers, we embraced each other and slept, stroking each other and kissing each other.

  Sweet nights, quiet nights, passionate nights.

  At six o’clock in the morning, the sun rose high again, and the dazzling sunlight woke us up.

  Standing at the window, I saw that on a busy morning, everyone on the street was busy. Also saw several stalls selling breakfast. We got dressed and jumped downstairs.

  Bought a cheap breakfast, two burritos, delicious bites. They looked at each other, smiled at each other, and their faces were full of food.

  Ni Ni took out the copied contact information, the old comrade of Mr. Li. One by one, pressing the phone button seriously.

  ”Hey, hello! Is that Brother Jie?” Ni Ni said into the telephone.

  ”I’m Mr. Li’s colleague, Zhang Nini, Mr. Zhang.”

  ”Yes, we’re here, the day before yesterday. I’m so tired, I’ve rested for two days.”

  ”Okay, here we are, Youth Travel Agency.”

  ”Okay, that’s hard work for you.”

  Ni Ni smiled and hung up the phone, feeling very smooth.

  ”He said that we should check out of the room and wait for him at the door. We will discuss the details later. He seems to be very enthusiastic, just like Mr. Li. It really is the People’s Liberation Army, and I feel very good.” Looking at the blue sky, Nodding to me.

  We tidied up a bit and checked out. Go to the door of the youth hostel, stand and wait.

  Not long after, a white van stopped in front of us. A man in his thirties greeted us with a smile and got out of the car and walked towards us.

  ”Hello, it’s Teacher Zhang.” He smiled and took off his sunglasses and waved to us. This person has thick eyebrows, small eyes and glasses, a long face and a small mouth and a high nose bridge. He is tall and strong in build, with an honest and honest heart. Coupled with the righteousness on his face, at a glance, he knew that he was an old soldier who had served as a soldier.

  ”Yes, yes, you are Brother Jie. Hello, hello.” He held out his hand politely.

  ”I knew at a glance that it was you. Lao Li had already spoken to me on the phone and told me about your situation. I already knew it.” This brother Jie shook hands with Ni Ni and invited us to get on the bus.

  This van is big, with twenty seats. Ni Ni asked very curiously, “Brother Jie, why do you drive such a big car?”

  ”Oh, I’m working as a field guide now. I don’t have anything to do. I often take guests on a tour.” Brother Jie answered with a smile, puffing out a cigarette.

  ”What is a wild guide?” Ni Ni turned her head and asked curiously.

  ”Haha, the wild guide doesn’t have a tour guide certificate, and is a part-time tour guide. In the wild, find a relationship to get some guests to take them to play around.” Jie Ge started the car and said as he drove.

  ”Oh, so that’s how it is, how’s the business going?”

  ”Look at the streets of Lhasa. There are people traveling. There are only a few travel companies that can’t do it. If there is no help from people like us, it would not be a mess. Of course, the business is very good.” , Brother Jie smugly took a cigarette and nodded.

  Soon, the car stopped in front of a big hotel. He skillfully turned around, reversed the car, and parked the parking space.

  ”Let’s go, eat, first respect the friendship of the landlord.” Brother Jie invited us to get off the bus and enter the restaurant for dinner.

  ”Ah, no need, Brother Jie, really. This is too much trouble for you.” Ni Ni refused with an embarrassed face.

  ”Just kidding, Lao Li knows, he has to hack me. Let’s go, let’s go, let’s eat a little.” Jie Ge took us into the restaurant.

  ”Then, thank you Jackie.”

  ”What are you talking about, what are you polite?”

  After sitting down, Brother Jie ordered a few dishes and drinks, but didn’t order any wine, and said, “I picked up a group in the afternoon to go to the Potala Palace. I’ll take you to play first.”

  ”Brother Jie, you are so kind to us, thank you. Wouldn’t it be too much trouble?”, Ni Ni opened a bottle of Coke.

  ”What are you talking about! Don’t be polite. Old Li told me that you are born and die together, and you will overcome difficulties together. How about it, is the stab wound on the boy’s body healed?” Brother Jie patted me on the shoulder and said.

  ”Um, um, okay.” I nodded as I ate.

  ”Don’t worry, I believe it’s impossible for these gangsters to come here. I will take care of you. I can beat Lao Li, and it’s not a problem to beat ten.” .

  Ni Ni Ga and I looked at each other with a smile, and we knew in our hearts, this brother Jie is so good at bragging, but looking at his strong body, he must be very skilled.

  ”Well, I’ve already found a place for you, and I’ll take you there after I’m done with the group. Let’s see if you like it or not. It’s not a big place, with one room, one living room, and one bathroom. It’s like you two live together. It’s just right. The rent is not too expensive, 800 yuan a month. It’s very close to the city center, and it’s easy to find a job in the future.” Brother Jie picked up a bowl of rice and ate it in big gulps. At first glance, he is a bold and unrestrained person.

  ”Thank you so much, Jackie.”

  ”Don’t be so polite, really, I’ll be embarrassed if you are so polite.”

  We talked freely and talked about it with relish. It has been a long time since we have eaten such delicious food.

  ”Don’t you have luggage? Why did it take me so long to contact me? I thought you weren’t coming.” Brother Jie filled us with drinks and asked curiously.

  We told Brother Jie the details of what happened along the way. With a cold sweat on his face, he lit a cigarette, and his expression was serious, as if he was listening to a horror movie.

  ”I really didn’t expect you to endure all the hardships along the way. It’s creepy. But now, you finally see the rainbow after the storm, and it will be very smooth in the future.” Brother Jie sighed deeply and comforted us.

  ”It’s almost time, let’s go, otherwise we will be late for the tour.” Brother Jie got up and paid the money, and took us out to the van.

  The urban area of ​​Lhasa seems to be a small place. It took five minutes to drive to the other end and stopped at the entrance of a hotel. There was already a group of people waiting for Brother Jie at the entrance of the hotel.

  Brother Jie got out of the car, talked to them a few words with a smile, and then connected his head. The group got into the car one by one, just in time to fill the car.

  We sat in the middle of this group of uncles and aunts, twittered and listened to the parents’ short stories, and soon integrated into the travel team.

  When the car came to the foot of the Potala Palace, Jiege parked the car, took the whole car in, and handed over a group ticket at the door, as if it was from some travel company.

  We mixed in like this and visited the Potala Palace for free in the tour group.

  The entrance to the Potala Palace, especially exaggerated, is checked like an airport security. Everyone went to a full body x-ray and I actually saw all the bones in my body.

  After entering, enter the second level, take down everything on your body for inspection, and check whether there are any dangerous items.

  The third pass is the most exaggerated. Forcibly searched the body, they all touched us, up and down, regardless of gender.

  After all the inspections are passed, we only get our things back and let us go in and visit. This is too exaggerated.

  Later I learned that if you visit the Potala Palace through the official channels, you need to make an appointment three days in advance, and a ticket of 100 yuan can only be visited for one hour inside. The entire Potala Palace is limited to 500 visitors a day.

  The Potala Palace is really magnificent. The whole palace is built on the mountain, built on the mountain, and looks proud.

  ”You can take pictures outside the Potala Palace, but you are not allowed to take pictures inside. Attention all tourists.” Jie Ge waved the small flag and shouted loudly.

  We were surprised to find that the walls of such a large Potala Palace are made of grass and soil.

  Following the group led by Brother Jie, we finally climbed to the top of the Potala Palace, which is the entrance to the palace. Looking around is really a glimpse of the mountains and small, and the whole city of Lhasa has a panoramic view.

  Entering the palace, I found that there are some wood and earth buildings inside, and there is nothing particularly unusual.

  ”In the Potala Palace, the least valuable thing is gold. There is really too much gold in it. Everything in it is made of gold and agate.” Jiege explained to everyone while visiting. It seems that this is called a wild guide, an uncertified tour guide, but he is more humorous than the certified one.

  In fact, the road in the Potala Palace is narrow and small, and in some places only one person can pass at the same time, and it feels like the whole Japanese architectural style.

  Walked through a few rooms, resplendent. I heard Brother Jie say that this is the cemetery of the Panchen Lama, and it will be placed there after each Panchen Lama passes away. There are also detailed records on it, how many tons of gold and how many gems were used, which are invaluable. Visitors passing by here are like throwing money in and bowing down.

  It took one and a half hours to visit the entire Potala Palace. In fact, there are still many places that have not been seen, and tourists are not allowed to visit. It seems that this place is mysterious and unpredictable, attracting many foreign tourists.

  Jie Ge pulled the group of tourists back to the door of the original hotel. They took the two of us to a residential area.

  The residential areas here have ethnic characteristics. They are all two-story buildings. The walls are colorful, and various streamers and wind chimes are hung on the walls. It is a breath of Tibetan culture.

  Brother Jie found the landlord and took us up to the second floor. The landlord opened the door of the room and invited us in to see if we were satisfied.

  The room is nice, not big or small. There is a bedroom, a small living room, and a toilet where you can take a shower, but there is no place to cook. So-so, outside the window is a busy street.

  We didn’t have enough money, so we negotiated with the landlord and paid a month’s rent first.

  The landlord and Brother Jie are very familiar. Brother Jie calls him an old dog. He is thin and wears a pair of glasses, and he is polite. Seeing Brother Jie’s face, he agreed immediately. Accepted 800 yuan, handed us the key and went to work.

  ”Then, let’s settle down first and rest for two days. I’ll take you to play when I’m leading the group when there is space.” Brother Jie said to us, looking at the street scene outside the window.

  ”Thank you so much, Jackie.”

  ”You’re welcome, then you should clean up and tidy up first. By the way, are you looking for a job? I have a travel agency run by a friend who is looking for customer service at the front desk. I’ll show you guys when I’m free the day after tomorrow.”, he went down Lou left and turned to us.

  ”Really? Thank you so much, Jackie.”

  ”You’re welcome, I live on the street across from you. I invite you to come and sit down another day. I have something to do today. Call me on my cell phone.” Brother Jie left a business card.

  ”Goodbye, Jackie, you’re on your way!”

  After seeing Brother Jie off, we stood in this room, looking at each other with satisfied smiles. This time, we can finally start our own happy life together.

  But there is nothing in the room, only a bed, what should I do? If we spend money on sheets and quilts, then we have no money to eat. Well, let’s sleep in the clothes first, save some money, and buy them later.

  Brother Jie invites you to dinner at noon today. We are so full that we will not eat for the time being in the evening to save money for a meal. After washing, I lay in bed and rested, tired.

  ”I need to find a job as soon as possible to make money.” I said to myself.

  ”Don’t be under pressure, if you have technology, there must be no problem. You are a high-tech talent, haha.” He said, stroking my cheek.

  ”Well, looking for a job tomorrow, good night.”, kissed her forehead.

  ”Good night, baby.”

  Lhasa is not a big city, we visited the city center the next day, but we couldn’t find any jobs. There is no computer market, no IT-related jobs, and the most seen is the recruitment of waiters. After all, it’s a tourist city, and of course it’s a waiter.

  The two came back disheartened, disheartened, eating instant noodles, and seeing that they still had more than 400 yuan in their wallet, they were really anxious.

  Looking at the street downstairs from the window dumbfounded, you can’t just set up a street stall like them. This is not a long-term solution. It seems that living in a foreign land is really not easy. Alas, wash and sleep, tired, troubled, sleepy, anxious, chaotic. It is almost impossible to solve the food and clothing, so I don’t have the heart to think about other things.

  Early in the morning, Brother Jie came to knock on the door.

  ”Are you ready? Go.” He stood at the door and knocked on the door.

  ”Where are you going?”, we asked curiously.

  ”Didn’t I tell you, go to a friend of mine, a travel agency. Let’s see if it works. If it works, take a temporary job and change it later.” Brother Jie said confidently.

  ”Oh, really! I thought you were joking.” Ni Ni got up and looked in the mirror, straightening her hair.

  ”I never joke, seriously. Go, go, go.”

  We got into Brother Jie’s car and went to a travel agency not far away. The facade seemed to be quite big, “Zhang Dalu Travel Agency”.

  When Brother Jie got out of the car, he walked in familiarly and shouted, “Old Zhang! Where is the passerby Zhang?”

  ”Old Wu, you came just in time. There is a group tomorrow afternoon, and you are looking for someone to take him. Do you have time?” A fat uncle walked out of the office, probably the Boss Zhang. This person has thick eyebrows, big eyes and a small flat head, a wide face, a big mouth and a high nose bridge.

  ”Okay, no problem. By the way, that, you said before that you wanted to recruit a beautiful front desk, and I brought it to you.” Brother Jie said, pointing to Ni Ni.

  Boss Zhang turned his head and glanced at it and nodded with satisfaction, “That’s good, you found such a beautiful girl there?! This kind of beautiful woman is really rare. You know, when I was studying, I was in the crowd of beauties. to survive.”

  ”My comrade-in-arms’ colleague, who was a teacher before, just arrived here, can you see it?” Brother Jie patted Boss Zhang on the shoulder and said.

  ”Hello, my name is Ni Ni.”, Ni Ni showed a charming signature smile.

  ”Okay, okay, just call me Lao Zhang.” Boss Zhang said excitedly, “Such a beautiful girl, I’m afraid I won’t be able to keep her for a long time, and she will quit her job.”

  ”Then your salary is higher, you travel agency, the business is so good, right.” Brother Jie invited everyone to sit down and talk slowly.

  There are acquaintances introduced, it is really convenient. In addition, Nini people are already beautiful, and there is really no difficulty in this job. Stand at the front desk, ask a few questions, and sell a smiley face.

  ”The salary is 2,500 yuan a month, including lunch, and free travel for employees. After all, we are a travel agency.” Boss Zhang took out an employee application form and said to Ni Ni with a smile.

  ”It’s really good, thank you in advance, Boss Zhang.” He took the application form with a smile.

  ”You can just call me Lao Zhang. Everyone’s surname is Zhang. We were a family five hundred years ago, haha. That’s it. We are in a hurry to hire people here. You are the signboard and facade of our travel agency. You can start working tomorrow. “?” Boss Zhang asked eagerly.

  ”Well, no problem.” Nini nodded with a smile and filled in the information seriously.

  ”Who is that, Xiao Jie, come over here. Let Ni Ni get acquainted with the working environment. She will start working tomorrow. Please arrange her uniform and work.” Boss Zhang shouted to the door.

  A beautiful woman in a work uniform appeared at the door, “Oh, okay. No problem.”

  It seems that this travel agency only recruits beautiful women.

  ”Zhang Nini, right? Come with me. I’ll introduce you to the situation and work uniforms.” She said to Nini with a smile.

  ”Come on, please.”

  ”You’re welcome, we are all colleagues.”

  The two went out talking and laughing.

  ”This, this is Zhang Nini’s younger brother, right?” Boss Zhang pointed at me and asked.

  My God, why is it always like this? ! I was no longer silent, “No, I’m Zhang Nini’s boyfriend.”

  ”Ah!?” Boss Zhang looked surprised, but immediately pretended to be calm, “Oh, so, you are so young, you look like a young master.”

  ”Yes, he works on computers, a technician. He is also looking for a job, his surname is Su.” Brother Jie pointed at me and said.

  ”Computer work? By the way, an Internet cafe next to us is looking for a network manager. Master Su, why don’t you go and have a look?” Boss Zhang pointed to the wall and said to me.

  ”Really? Really? Then I’ll go take a look right away, thank you so much.” I was instantly overjoyed.

  ”Well, remember to tell them that it was recommended by Boss Zhang of the nearby travel agency.” Boss Zhang gestured to me, OK.

  ”Okay, haha, thanks.” I got up happily and jumped out.

  Boss Zhang and Brother Jie continue to discuss the matter of leading the group tomorrow. I will not be involved, nor is it a job that I can do.

  When I went out, I saw that there was really an Internet cafe next to it, so I went straight in.

  A lot of people in the Internet cafes are connecting online or playing games, but the front desk is really empty and no one is there.

  ”Is the boss there?” I called out.

  ”Here!”, an uncle drilled out from under a computer desk next to him, and he was repairing the computer with a big head, as if there was a problem in the case. This person has thin eyebrows, small eyes, a hawk-like nose, a small mouth and a wide face with a goatee. He is sturdy and slightly fat, with a cigarette in his mouth, and he looks like a leader.

  ”Do you want to surf the Internet? It’s full, and the rest are broken computers that are being repaired.” After that, he got under the computer desk and got busy.

  ”No, I don’t surf the Internet. Boss Zhang from the travel agency next door recommended me to come and have a look. He said he had a job.” I said to the uncle under the computer desk.

  ”What?! Really!” The uncle crawled out immediately and asked excitedly, “What do you know?”

  ”I, I graduated with a major in computer science. I used to assemble computers, and I also did related work, such as setting up the network. I did everything.” I looked at the mess under his desk, which was full of hardware and tools. Seriously said.

  ”Really or not? Almighty?” The uncle looked at me dubiously, “Then help me first, what’s wrong with this computer.”

  ”Okay, okay, don’t worry.” I crawled under the computer desk, turned on the computer, and saw nothing. It is estimated that it is a power supply problem, “Is there any other power supply?”

  ”Yes.” Uncle took out a new power supply from behind.

  This kind of installation work, for me, is really like a child playing with building blocks. I installed a new power supply in three or two times and turned it on.

  Everything works fine, enter the system.

  ”Okay, there is a problem with the power supply. Maybe the power supply is broken. Look at this power supply. It has been 3 years since the factory date. In theory, it will not be broken, but some are so short-lived.” The power was lost to the uncle.

  ”Not bad, it seems that you are really an experienced person. I told Boss Zhang the other day that I need someone who understands computers to help, so I recommended you to come here so quickly. That’s great.” I am very satisfied.

  ”You’re over the top, I just eat this bowl of rice, and I don’t know anything else. Well, that I’m looking for a job.” I sincerely said to the uncle.

  ”Okay, okay, yes, didn’t you find a job? I’m here.” The uncle patted my shoulder and nodded to me.

  ”Really? Then you want to try me out?” I looked at him in surprise.

  ”Well, I’ll try you out for a month. You’re quite skilled, and you can see that you’re a skilled worker. I’m also in this business, but I only specialize in software.” The uncle told me humbly.

  ”Oh, that’s great, shall I come over and start work tomorrow?” I helped him pack the case and turned around and asked.

  ”Tomorrow, let’s start now. There are still so many computers that are broken over there. After fixing one, I can start operating one. Hurry up, hurry up.” The uncle pointed to the four broken computers in the back. .

  ”Oh, that’s fine.” I happily agreed.

  So, I checked the problems of these computers one by one. Some of the memory is broken, some of the motherboard is broken, the problem is not big, just replace the new hardware.

  ”Don’t worry, I see that you are so skilled, a skilled worker, and I will not treat you badly. During the probation period, I will give you 2,000 for one month. After the probation period is over, if you are willing to leave the job formally, I will give you 3,000. One month.” The uncle chatted with me while watching me work.

  ”My surname is Zhao, and my first name is Yi. You can just call me Lao Zhao. But the work here is very hard, not only managing computer hardware, but also collecting money at the front desk, often all night. I don’t plan to invite For the rest of the people, there are only four employees in this Internet cafe. If you are in the daytime, then I will be at night, and if you are at night, then I will be during the day.” Lao Zhao pointed to another employee next to him and said to me.

  ”Okay, no problem. I live not far from here, and it only takes half an hour to walk there. Also, my girlfriend works at the nearby travel agency, she is the front desk.” Zhao said.

  ”That’s right, that’s great. The right time and place are right for people. This is fate, young man.” Lao Zhao patted my shoulder and said with a smile on his face.

  ”These broken computers need to be replaced with memory and motherboards. Is there a computer market or electronics market here?” I asked with a charred motherboard.

  ”Yes, it’s a very small store, and things are very expensive.” The uncle’s face was accustomed to being tricked.

  ”That’s it, I’ll replace the old motherboard with a usable motherboard first, and turn on the computer first. Then let a friend mail some hardware to be used, which will be much cheaper.” I explained to Lao Zhao.

  ”Good idea, come, come, come here, the warehouse is full of old hardware, can you see which ones can be used?” Lao Zhao greeted me to the back warehouse.

  ”So you’re here. I’ve been looking for you for a long time. That Boss Zhang said you were looking for a job in the Internet cafe next door. Why are you busy?” Ni Ni appeared at the entrance of the Internet cafe, looked at me and asked curiously.

  ”He has found a job, and he has started to work now.” Lao Zhao turned his head and said to her with a smile.

  ”Ha, so capable baby. You actually went to work before me.” She ran in and sat next to me.

  ”Yeah, this boss seems to be very busy here. You see, I’m already busy. Why don’t you sit down and wait for me for a while.” I turned my head helplessly and said to her.

  ”It’s okay, you are busy, I like to see you busy, very handsome.” Ni Ni gave me a wink.

  ”Haha, really?”, I smirked and went to the warehouse to find hardware.

  As a result, I was busy until the evening. I counted it carefully. There are more than 60 computers in this Internet cafe. It seems that the workload is really heavy.

  ”Brother Zhao, can you give me a daily paycheck? We don’t have much money left. It’s good to stick to it for a month.” I said helplessly to Lao Zhao.

  Lao Zhao looked at me, rubbed his head and said, “Of course there’s no problem with giving you a Japanese knot, I’m just afraid that someone as capable as you won’t come the next day and change jobs, then what should I do? Would you sign a work contract with me?”

  ”Okay, I can’t ask for it.” I happily agreed.

  Lao Zhao immediately printed out a contract, but didn’t read much about it. Just fill in the salary and working hours. I happily signed the contract.

  ”This is your salary for today, take it, 70 yuan.” Lao Zhao put the money in my hand with a smile on his face.

  ”Thank you, thank you Boss Zhao.” I happily put the money in my pocket.

  ”Just call me Lao Zhao, don’t be so serious, come early tomorrow, that’s all for now, I’ll be busy.” Lao Zhao turned around and went back to the cashier to collect the money.

  Although it was 70 yuan, we were all overjoyed. Today is a double happiness, we have all found jobs. Just like last time, we also found a job on the same day. This may be the arrangement of fate. It is really hard work and sadness.

  We finally dared to spend a little money, we came to a tea restaurant, ordered the dishes we liked, and tasted slowly.

  I haven’t had this kind of comfortable life for a long time. As Brother Jie said, after the wind and rain, there is a rainbow.

  ”You know, that uniform is so exaggerated, dressed like a model standing at the front desk,” she said to me, crying and laughing while eating.

  I’d really like to see what she looks like in her uniform tomorrow. She should be like a model, right?

  Yes, without a doubt, because she is my unparalleled jasmine.

  To be continued…

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