[Drunken Jasmine]Chapter 19 – The Cliff

  ”Baby, get up soon, you’re going to be late for work.”

  In a daze, I opened my eyes and saw Ni Ni was dressing up in the mirror. This feeling seems familiar. By the way, in the school dormitory. Although the school life is short, it is really happy and sweet. I like her appearance as a teacher, pure and noble.

  But this is no longer a school dormitory, it’s another house of love, another new beginning.

  Seeing a breakfast on the table, he turned to look at her busy dressing up. Not only did I sigh, she is really passionate about life, full of confidence in her work, and full of firm hope for our future.

  ”Why are you looking silly, get up, it will take half an hour to walk, I don’t want to be sweating profusely.” She combed her hair, turned her head and said to me.

  ”Where is the pile of cosmetics?” I picked up a lipstick and weighed it.

  ”Yesterday, the travel agency boss Zhang gave it. The employee benefits and the front desk have a package. I don’t want to lose face of their company, so let’s dress up beautifully.” She said, carefully drawing her eyebrows and applying lipstick.

  ”I can see that the travel agency only recruits beauties. I see that everyone at the front desk is very beautiful.” I got up lazily and started putting on my clothes and pants.

  ”Of course, it’s a travel agency. There are not many beautiful women who act as a front door. How can you open it. These days are the era when you rely on your face to eat.” She put away her makeup and showed me her beautiful face after makeup.

  Wash up, go out.

  Two people strolled the streets of Lhasa in the early morning. Holding my jasmine flower in one hand and my breakfast in the other, biting while walking.

  Although it was early in the morning, the sun was already shining in the sky, and the blue sky and white clouds were floating for thousands of miles.

  Along the way, the surrounding stores and stalls are busy. You can smell the fragrance of butter tea everywhere, which is the characteristic of Lhasa streets, the tea fragrance is thyme.

  From a distance, I saw many people kneeling on the ground in front of the Potala Palace. Many people passed by the Potala Palace on bicycles, stopped their bicycles, got out of the car and knelt down. We looked very strange, maybe this is their custom here?

  As I walked and watched, everything here was full of freshness. I was a little tired from this journey, and it seemed that I had to get a bicycle.

  ”Then I’ll go to work, and I’ll come to find you at lunch later.” She walked into the travel agency door with a smile on her face, turned around and blew me a kiss.

  I stood in front of the travel agency with a smirk, yes, beautiful women can find jobs quickly wherever they go, so I have to work hard.

  ”Hey! You’re staring at the beauty?! Hurry up!”

  I turned around and saw Lao Zhao called out to me at the entrance of the Internet bar, and I ran over immediately.

  ”I’m sorry, I’m tired from coming here, and I stayed at the door for a while.” I said to Lao Zhao with a smirk.

  ”There are too many people in a daze at the door, and there are many beauties in the travel agency nearby, haha. I think when I was working in a state-owned enterprise, I was a director, and there were many beauties, and I was numb.”, Lao Zhao patted me his shoulders joked.

  ”Come on, sit down, I’ll teach you how to use the toll system first. Then I went back to rest. I stayed up all night, and I couldn’t stand it anymore.” Lao Zhao pulled me down at the cashier and pointed.

  ”It’s all paid by card and membership. It’s rare to receive cash. It shouldn’t be a problem. You can see it when you see it.”

  ”Okay, I understand, I know this system.” I said confidently to Lao Zhao.

  ”Okay! Talent! You can understand without saying it. You can understand it only after speaking. That’s a slave! Haha.” Lao Zhao got up with a smile.

  ”You don’t need to worry about other surveillance in the Internet cafe. You have repaired a few computers today and start it up.” After Lao Zhao finished speaking, he went out to ride a motorcycle.

  ”Work hard, boy!” He started the motorcycle and left.

  It’s just so casual, isn’t it? I stared blankly at his disappearing figure.

  ”Hello, just call me Xiaoliang.” A hand appeared in front of me.

  ”Oh, hello, hello, just call me Xiao Su.” We shook hands. This little bright looks about the same age as me, wearing glasses, and looks like a gentleman. The smile is very cute, there is only one line left when the eyes are squinted, and there is actually a beauty mole on the corner of the mouth!

  ”My name is Lao Jianliang. If you don’t understand anything, you can ask me at any time. We will be doing day shifts this week.” He said to me respectfully.

  ”Okay, okay, thank you in advance.” I went into the small warehouse at the back to get the tools and started to prepare the computer.

  ”Well, if you’re tired, there’s a small room here with a bed and a lounge. The whole day shift is quite long. We take turns to rest.” Xiaoliang smiled and pointed to the small door next to him.

  ”Okay, okay.” We work harmoniously and Xiaoliang is an approachable colleague.

  The job of an Internet cafe is also easy, that is, to repair broken computers, deal with network failures, and collect money. Most of the time, it is just in a daze, surfing the Internet.

  I saw that I was free now, and there were not many guests online, “Little Liang, I’ll go to the side for a few minutes.”

  ”Huh? Where?” Xiaoliang asked curiously.

  ”By the way, travel agency. Take a look at my girlfriend.”

  ”Oh? Your girlfriend is at a travel agency nearby? Okay, let’s go.” Xiao Liang looked at me mysteriously.

  I jumped out of the Internet cafe, and the travel agency nearby was very lively, and all the tourists were asking questions.

  Ha, I almost didn’t recognize it. Wearing a uniform, standing at the front desk like a flight attendant, chatting with an aunt with a smile on her face.

  Yes, that’s my jasmine, dazzling and radiant under the packaging of my work uniform.

  ”Which is your girlfriend?” Xiao Liang’s voice came from her ear. I turned my head and saw him craned his neck beside me and peered in.

  ”Hehe, that, the front desk.” I pointed with a smirk.

  Ni Ni seemed to see me and waved at me with a mischievous smile.

  ”It’s so beautiful! Stop talking nonsense, that’s your sister.” Xiaoliang smiled and turned back to the Internet cafe.

  I was speechless, well, whatever you say, she is my jasmine. I proudly returned to the Internet cafe to continue working.

  At lunch time, Xiao Liang took out his bento, sat at the cashier and began to chew slowly.

  ”Hello, where’s Xiao Su?” A familiar voice came.

  ”Under the table.” Xiaoliang pointed at me with her toes.

  ”Come here.” I hurriedly put down the computer and got out from under the table.

  ”Haha, you hide and seek.” Ni Ni held a large lunch box in her hand.

  ”Yeah, I didn’t find it, right? Haha, I need to repair the computer.” I smirked.

  ”The lunch box here is such a big one, it’s a super large portion, isn’t everyone here especially able to eat it? It’s too much for both of us to eat this one portion.” She held up the large lunch box and placed it in front of me.

  ”It’s really a big portion. Are all of you here very edible?” I turned my head and asked Xiao Liang.

  Xiaoliang chewed the rice and nodded with a smile, “The locals eat meat in large chunks and drink heavily. Of course they can.”

  ”You don’t seem to have a place to eat here? Go to my place to eat.” She pulled me and said.

  ”Are you his sister?” Xiaoliang asked implicitly.

  Ni Ni looked at Xiao Liang, paused for a while, and smiled smugly, “No, I’m not his sister, I’m his girlfriend.”

  Xiao Liang’s eyes widened, “So it’s true? I think you guys look alike, and I thought they were brothers and sisters. Let’s eat in the lounge, there’s a small table there.”

  ”That’s great, thank you. What’s your name?” Nini picked up the big lunch box.

  ”Lao Jianliang, Xiao Liang.” Xiao Liang stammered when she saw the beauty.

  ”Thank you, Xiaoliang.” Ni Ni took me to the back lounge together.

  ”You have a good lounge here. There is also a small bed and a small table to eat.” Ni Ni pointed to the small bed and said.

  ”Internet cafes are tiring and open 24 hours a day. Taking turns to rest is necessary.” I sat on the cot and lay down.

  ”Get up and eat. We are half of us, I really can’t finish this much.” Ni Ni opened the big lunch box and handed me a pair of chopsticks.

  ”You know what? This front desk is really annoying. A large group of uncles and aunts are asking the same questions one by one. I have to explain patiently with a smile.”

  ”They’re just like elementary school students. They’re pretty cute. An aunt asked me if I was married and if I had a boyfriend. It made me laugh to death.” She said with tears in her eyes.

  Looking at her happy smile, I feel that she is enjoying her work and she is happy, I am really satisfied, my jasmine goddess.

  ”I’m full, the rest is yours. Don’t waste it, you have to finish it.” She got up and lay down on the cot.

  ”Ah, I’m really tired after standing for a long time. It’s the same as standing on the podium.” She stretched her waist.

  ”Want to give you a massage?” I said while chewing my rice.

  Ni Ni glanced at me, “No, no need.”

  ”Why?” I asked curiously.

  ”Because, your eyes are so sensual.” She squinted at me.

  ”What?!” I almost sprayed rice.

  ”Okay, let’s eat, I’m going back to work, see you later.” She got up and jumped out like a bird.

  I was chewing my meal when I heard from outside, “Are you gone? Come here to play when you have time, and bring all of your beauties to the front desk.”

  ”Okay, haha.” Ni Ni laughed hoarsely, and the voice gradually faded away.

  After eating, go out to work.

  ”Damn it, it’s really your girlfriend, I can’t believe it. She’s older than you, right? However, the third female junior holds a golden brick.” Xiaoliang looked at me with a wicked smile.

  ”Hehe, age doesn’t matter.” I smirked.

  Although it is said to get off work at five o’clock, the sunshine situation in Lhasa is the same as noon at five o’clock.

  ”Is everything okay? Is there any problem?” Lao Zhao shook his stomach and shook it in.

  ”It’s all normal, there’s nothing wrong.” Xiaoliang and I said in unison.

  ”That’s good, then you can get off work, then leave it to me.” Lao Zhao sat on the cashier counter and checked the records of business conditions during the day.

  ”See you tomorrow.” Xiao Liang waved to me and rode away on a motorcycle.

  ”Oh, by the way, you take this one, the seventy-yuan Japanese knot, right?” Lao Zhao handed me a handful of money.

  ”Thank you, that. I want to ask where I can buy a bicycle. I want to buy a bicycle to ride. I’m a little tired after walking around for an hour every day.” I put away the money and put it in my pocket.

  ”Do you know how to ride a motorcycle? I have an old motorcycle behind me that I can lend you to ride. Later, if you have money, buy another one yourself.” Lao Zhao said, pointing to the back of the Internet cafe.

  ”Yes, yes, I have ridden for a while, but I don’t have a certificate.” I felt a little helpless as I felt my head.

  ”You need a license, you don’t have a license to ride a motorcycle here. Look at those Tibetans, what license do you have for riding a motorcycle? Who dares to control them. If you go to control them, they will take out a Tibetan knife and slash you. “, Lao Zhao said with a big smile.

  ”Really? This is too exaggerated.”, I widened my eyes, which surprised me.

  ”Don’t worry, there’s no traffic police here to take care of you, as long as you don’t get into trouble, take it and ride it.” Lao Zhao took out a key from the drawer and threw it to me.

  ”Really? It’s too exaggerated, then I’ll ride for two days, thank you in advance, haha.”, I happily picked up the key.

  ”I’m off work, how about you?” A beautiful jasmine flower appeared at the door, looking at me with a smile.

  ”Just after get off work, the boss also borrowed my motorcycle.” I picked up the key and shook it at her.

  ”Oh, isn’t this the beautiful woman next door? Your sister?” Lao Zhao said, staring at the beautiful jasmine flower.

  We both showed helpless expressions, well, we have long been used to it.

  ”Don’t forget, take two safety helmets in the warehouse.” Lao Zhao pointed to the warehouse behind and shouted to me.

  ”I’m not his sister, I’m his girlfriend.” Ni Ni took the helmet and said to Lao Zhao with a smile.

  After Lao Zhao heard this, he forced a smile. I knew what he was thinking.

  ”I often come to play when I have time.” Lao Zhao smiled and shook his head, waving to the beautiful woman with a regretful expression.

  I walked to the back of the Internet cafe and saw that there was really a motorcycle parked. Although it was a bit old, it was quite big.

  ”Do you know how to ride a motorcycle? I’m a little scared and don’t dare to sit.” Ni Ni looked at the motorcycle with suspicion and said.

  ”Put your helmet on, come on.” I got on the motorcycle, inserted the key, and started the motorcycle.

  ”Slow down!” Nini sat up and hugged my waist tightly.

  ”As for the grip so tight?”, I started slowly and drove forward.

  ”Ah! Why is it wobbly!”, she shouted.

  ”I’ll be fine soon, I’ll be fine right away, this is the first time I ride someone else’s motorcycle, I don’t know the performance of the bike.” I said calmly.

  ”Ah! Slow down!”, shouted from behind.

  In fact, after driving 100 meters away, everything stabilized, and the performance of the car was mastered, and the human and the car became one.

  ”How is it now? Are you safe?” I shouted back.

  ”It’s alright, let’s be so-so!” She relaxed and didn’t grasp it so tightly.

  ”Let’s go for a ride, let’s go around.” I pointed to the front and shouted happily.

  ”Okay! Slow down! Slow down!”, Ni Ni grabbed me excitedly.

  Riding a motorcycle, taking a leisurely ride in the city of Lhasa, seeing new things and seeing the unique customs, it is really leisurely and comfortable.

  ”Where is this? Why are there so many people?”, Ni Ni shouted from behind.

  We looked up and saw three big characters, “Dashao Temple”.

  ”It seems to be very lively! Let’s go shopping.” I turned my head and said to her.

  ”Okay! Let’s go.”, Ni Ni patted my back like a horse’s butt.

  We parked the motorcycle and strolled in slowly. It was really crowded, and more people were kneeling and worshiping.

  We strolled around hand in hand, shuttled among the crowd, and there were many small vendors selling all kinds of handicrafts, pendants and so on.

  Passing by a small stall selling jewelry, a Tibetan elder sister smiled at us.

  This smile is so special, we looked at her smile and stopped involuntarily.

  ”I have something to sell to you. You will like it. I wish you all the best of luck.” The Tibetan elder sister took out a pair of rings from her small bag and handed it to us.

  We are curious to study this pair of rings, which is a pair of Tibetan rings with exquisite craftsmanship.

  ”No, thank you. We are siblings.” I returned the ring to the Tibetan elder sister.

  The eldest sister smiled slightly and said calmly, “No, although you look alike, you are not siblings. You are husband and wife, really.”

  Me and Ni Ni’s surprised eyes met, why does this eldest sister have a unique vision? !

  ”If you are sister and brother, then this pair of rings will be given to you. If you want to be husband and wife, buy them and wear them to each other. You will grow old and you will get what you want. We only charge you fifty yuan, it’s fate. No bargaining.” The eldest sister handed the ring to us again and looked at us calmly.

  We both looked at each other in confusion, smiled silly, and thought about the same question in our hearts. Is it really that exaggerated? ! Fooling people, right?

  ”Do you like this pair of rings?” I put the ring close to my eyes and observed it carefully.

  ”Well, I like it very much, and it has a meaningless meaning.” Ni Ni held the ring and nodded happily.

  ”Well, I also think it’s very meaningful.” I took out fifty dollars and handed it over to this eldest sister.

  The eldest sister accepted the money with ease, “Come on, I watched you put on each other, I am your witness.”

  Ni Ni and I put rings on each other, and it feels so arrogant. Although we knew in our hearts that this was just a business trick to trick us into buying this pair of rings.

  However, this eldest sister seems to be able to read our minds. He smiled and said to us, “This pair of rings is unique. You can’t find the same ring in the whole world. I made it myself and only sell it to people who are destined. If you see the same ring, come back to me, I will refund you a hundredfold.”

  ”Really?”, Ni Ni and I said in unison.

  ”Time will tell you, trust me.” The elder sister smiled calmly.

  ”Okay, we believe in you.” We smiled and waved goodbye to the Tibetan elder sister.

  It was really dramatic and amazing and such an adventure. We tried hard to find the same ring in the street vendors, but we couldn’t find it. Could it be that this Tibetan eldest sister is really a fairy?

  After having dinner and returning to their residence, the two of them lay on the bed and stretched out their hands to face the pair of rings, feeling an inexplicable magical power. Make us feel calm, serene, and happy.

  Well, maybe it’s all just our hallucinations, it’s just a pair of ordinary craft rings.

  But that’s how life is. When you give something meaning, it is priceless. Otherwise, it’s just a thing.

  Since it is a meaningful thing, then we don’t want to take it down when we sleep, wearing rings, and sleeping sweetly hugging each other.

  The Lord of the Rings sparkles, the scent of jasmine, smooth skin, sweet dreams.

  ”Baby, you sleep a little longer, I’ll go first.” The voice was so familiar, I thought we were still in the school dormitory.

  ”Wait, wait a minute, I got up.” I got up quickly. She found that she was all ready, one foot over the threshold.

  ”Be obedient, you start the night shift today, and sleep well every day.” She kissed my forehead lightly and went downstairs to work.

  Well, my jasmine, listen to you. I felt so happy that I went back to sleep.

  However, I suddenly found that if I was on the night shift, wouldn’t she want to come back to sleep alone? It feels so unsafe, it’s not okay. This is so tangled that I can’t sleep.

  With a gloomy mood, get up, scrub, go downstairs, get on a motorcycle, and go to the night shift.

  It is said to be a night shift, but Lhasa at 5 o’clock in the afternoon is really the same as noon.

  Passing by the travel agency, Jasmine was talking to the customer with a smile, looking like she was busy. The way she works in her uniform is really charming, I can’t help but stop and take a look.

  ”Why are you standing there stupidly! Come in!”, Lao Zhao next door shouted with a yawn.

  ”Come on, come on!”, parked the motorcycle, and jumped into the Internet cafe.

  ”It’s fine if you come, then I’ll leave. I’m too tired to stay up all night. We middle-aged people can’t afford it.” Lao Zhao packed up his teacup and bag and prepared to leave.

  ”Lao Zhao, that, look, can I not do the night shift?” I asked tangled.

  Lao Zhao’s eyes widened, and he was dozing off just now, but now he’s fully awake, “It’s impossible, I’ll tell you. If you don’t work the night shift, then I will. Then I will never be able to sleep with my wife. Yes. Internet cafes are open 24 hours a day, there’s no way. That’s why everyone takes turns. Think about it for others, lad.”

  I nodded, and what I said made sense. Others also have wives, and they have to accompany their wives. Others work night shifts, and there is only one wife at home. Sometimes life is really hard, and everyone is suffering.

  ”Are you afraid, your girlfriend is afraid of being alone at night? After all, you two just arrived here, and you are not familiar with each other.” Lao Zhao rubbed his head and muttered to himself.

  I nodded and said it very kindly, that’s all.

  ”If you really want this, let her sleep in the Internet cafe staff lounge. There are beds, toilets, and heating. When you get up tomorrow, you can go to work next to you, haha. By the way, don’t doze off at night! Recently someone secretly opened the case to steal CPU, memory, etc., be careful.” Lao Zhao turned and left with a smile.

  ”Ah, beauty, are you off work?” Lao Zhao shouted outside.

  ”Yes, Boss Zhao, I’m off work, I’m here to find Xiao Su.” Jasmine’s voice came.

  ”I know, I know, stay here and let him concentrate on his work.” Lao Zhao left with a smile.

  ”What?”, Ni Ni came in with a puzzled look.

  ”Come on, sit down, I have something to discuss with you.” I pulled Jasmine to my side and sat down.

  ”Well, you said.” She had a serious expression on her face.

  ”I’m working the night shift, and you’re going to sleep over there alone. Are you afraid?” I asked, looking into her eyes.

  She struggled for a second and said, “Don’t be afraid, don’t worry.”

  Sure enough, it is my jasmine, my baby, my goddess, so brave.

  ”But, I’m afraid. I don’t worry about you spending the night alone. We have never been separated, and we slept together at night. Besides, we don’t know each other well, so I’m even more worried.” I held her hands , said to her solemnly.

  She showed a charming smile and looked at me mischievously with her beautiful big eyes.

  ”Boss Zhao also agreed just now. You will sleep in the staff lounge at night, with a bed, toilet, and heating. When you get up tomorrow morning, you can go to work at the company next to you after you wash up. That way I’ll be there all night. Work, you can also feel at ease. What do you think?” I shook my eyebrows and said to her with a smile.

  She put her head in my ear and said softly, “If you say you’re not afraid, I’m lying to you. I’m really scared. I’ve been worrying for a day. I originally planned to accompany you in the Internet cafe, but when I was sleepy, I would sleep on the sofa in the Internet cafe. For a moment. I don’t want to be separated from you, and we’ve never slept apart, I’m not used to it.”

  We looked at each other and smiled silently.

  ”Xiao Liang, I sleep in the lounge at night, are you okay with that?” Ni Ni threw a mischievous wink.

  Xiaoliang blushed and said with a smile, “When, of course, there’s no problem.”

  ”Haha, thank you.” I pulled Ni Ni, opened the side door, and entered the staff lounge.

  Ni Ni lay down on the bed and stretched, “Ah… I’m tired after standing all day. This bed is really good, it’s just right for a person to sleep in.”

  Watching her naughty tumbling on the bed, I said to her, “I’ll get off work tomorrow morning, and you’re going to work. I’ll go back to bed and grab some of your clothes so you can take a shower in the bathroom next to you after get off work.”

  ”Ha, perfect. I don’t even have to go back, I’ll be lazy here for a week.” She sat up ecstatically.

  ”Well, then I’m relieved.” I nodded to her.

  She kissed me lightly on the cheek and said, “Sometimes I find that you are really a big man. I’m hungry now. I’ll go out to buy fast food and come back, half of us.”

  ”Well, there is a fast food restaurant on the left when you go out.” I also lightly bit her cheek.

  ”Ah, just kiss, don’t touch your hands, you are at work.” She naughtyly threw away my unruly hand and went to buy fast food.

  Xiaoliang and I stared dumbfounded at the back of her going out, and Xiaoliang said to me with a smirk, “I, that, can I go home now, and I don’t have to use the night shift, so I’ll leave it to you here. I feel that I It’s just a big light bulb.”

  Hahaha, we giggled together.

  Ni Ni and I were really relaxed, we had no luggage, except for a few changes of underwear. There is no need for a fixed residence, as long as they are together every day, they will be satisfied. It feels like a romantic wandering life, but it’s all temporary, and slowly we’ll build our own love hut again.

  After eating fast food, Ni Ni and I went to the nearby bathroom to take a shower, and bought some snacks on the way back. Sitting at the cashier, surfing the Internet, watching movies, eating snacks, resting, and sleeping in the staff lounge when sleepy.

  It feels more relaxed and comfortable here, at least you can surf the Internet for free and watch movies. And where we live now, there is nothing but a bed.

  Several times I sneaked in to see her, she showed a sweet smile and fell asleep deeply. It seems that she slept warmly and comfortably, relaxed and at ease. She knew that I was working outside and she had nothing to be afraid of.

  Maybe our hearts have always been uneasy, but they were deeply crushed by sweet love.

  Seeing her sweetly asleep, I felt all sorts of comfort in my heart, we really depended on each other and couldn’t be separated for a moment. I love you, my beautiful jasmine.

  The night shift of the week is a pleasant night shift. It feels like I’m back in Xining Primary School, the kind of days where I live and work in peace and contentment.

  In fact, as long as the people who love each other are together, no matter how hard the days are, no matter how simple the dwelling is, life is just as sweet.

  Ended a week of night shifts, which happened to be Sunday. Get on a motorcycle and bring my jasmine. After preparing to go back for a rest, take her to the side for a stroll.

  Clear blue sky, white clouds within reach.

  Fresh air, warm sunshine.

  Riding a motorcycle, shuttle in the fairyland-like city of Lhasa, like a free bird flying on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau.

  ”After I go back, I’ll wash my clothes first, hang them up, and then let’s go out to eat.” Jasmine, who was sitting on the back of the motorcycle, shouted.

  ”Okay, I’ll wash for you later. What do you want to eat today? Let’s eat something good.” I slowed down the motorcycle and stopped downstairs.

  Suddenly, a low and familiar voice came from the side, “You’re finally back, I’ve been waiting for you for several days.”

  Ni Ni and I turned around and saw a few people got down from a white van next to me. Oh my God! How could it be him! Zhou Shijun.

  ”Zhou, Zhou Shijun! You lunatic!”, Ni Ni shouted.

  Zhou Shijun smiled and said calmly, “I’m not crazy, it’s you who is crazy. When the traffic police contacted me and said that my car appeared on the top of Tanggula Mountain, I knew you were crazy, and it was not light.”

  ”You lunatic, we have run so far, you have to come here.” Ni Ni scolded with a frown.

  Zhou Shijun sneered, “I told you a long time ago that I can find you wherever you go. I knew you were in Lhasa when you registered for a hotel check-in with your ID card. I also deliberately pushed the busy work at hand. Flying here to find you, it’s all for you.”

  ”Don’t pester us anymore, I’m tired of it, don’t let me hate you for the rest of my life.” He pointed at him and shouted.

  ”This place doesn’t belong to you, you can go back with me. Your father is old, and he asked me to take you back. I know you are crazy, you should be sober. Is it interesting to hang out with a child?” Zhou Shijun greeted the van The two fat guys came down.

  ”In broad daylight, what do you want to do?! Murder and set fire to you? You devil.” She hugged my waist tightly.

  I immediately understood what she meant, and I quickly turned the motorcycle around and left quickly.

  We turned around and saw that Zhou Shijun and several people had quickly got into the car and started the car. It seemed they were about to catch up.

  ”Hold me tight, I’m going to speed up!” I shouted to Ni Ni who was behind me.

  ”They’re catching up!” Nini grabbed me in horror.

  I pick up speed and move forward.

  Soon, we left the urban area of ​​Lhasa and entered the plains and mountains.

  We ran all the way, not knowing where we were going. Zhou Shijun’s white van followed.

  There are several forks along the way, and I don’t know where I’m going, so I can’t manage so much.

  The chase for more than two hours couldn’t get rid of them, and they kept following closely behind. And the surrounding people are getting sparser and sparser, entering the no-man’s land.

  We drove all the way up the mountain trail, hoping that Zhou Shijun’s car had an accident, but he followed steadily.

  I suddenly found that there was blue in front of me, as if there was no way, I rushed to the emergency brake and stopped.

  A long motorcycle tire print, dust drifting in the wind. Everything was silent, only the sound of the wind was quiet, and there was indeed no way.

  Ni Ni and I slowly got off the motorcycle and looked at each other and smiled. We didn’t show a hint of fear, on the contrary, we felt relieved and calm.

  Perhaps, we are already tired of never-ending escape. It doesn’t matter anymore, come on, let’s face it calmly.

  We walked forward hand in hand, the scenery here is so intoxicating.

  The deep blue lake water and the sky merge into one, and the rolling snow-capped mountains and clouds and mists swirl around.

  The breeze, softly blowing on our cheeks, the sun, warmly shining on our chests.

  We turned around and saw a large stone tablet with three characters written on it, Namtso, 4718 meters above sea level.

  This is not the deadhead cliff, this is the entrance to heaven.

  We smiled at each other and turned away fearlessly.

  Zhou Shijun and the others were jumping out of the van and running towards us.

  To be continued…

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