[Drunken Jasmine]Chapter 20 – Finale

  Zhou Shijun suddenly stopped, he found Ni Ni’s calm and relieved expression, fearless. On this deadhead cliff, I could see that this was not the result he wanted, and he had a bad premonition.

  The breeze blew past our ears, with weeping.

  Clouds and mists swirled around us, with pity.

  And we have seen death as home and come to the end of love.

  Seeing that we had no way out, Zhou Shijun calmly lit a cigarette and took a deep breath. He looked around and exhaled a puff of smoke. Apart from us, there was only the scenery of nature.

  ”Do you think you’re a car god? You run all the way, and you drive so fast! I’ll follow you, not chasing after you, because I’m afraid that you will hurt my fiancee in case of an accident. Do you think you’re running fast? “, Zhou Shijun pointed at me and scolded.

  Ni Ni and I hugged each other’s waist tightly without saying a word, looking at this lunatic indifferently.

  ”You go back with me, your parents miss you so much. As your fiancé, I have a responsibility to protect you and make you happy. You have to achieve something, don’t go crazy with a kid. You don’t belong here, you have your own Home and life.” Zhou Shijun stepped forward and said to Ni Ni seriously.

  I took a sharp step forward, blocking Ni Ni in front. I want to protect her, I won’t allow this devil to take my jasmine away.

  ”I told you last time that I will kill you, today. I will throw your body off the cliff, the wolves will eat you clean, and there will be no bones left, no one I found you.” Zhou Shijun pointed at me with a cigarette, stepped forward and shouted.

  ”Don’t come here! Don’t force us!” He shouted coldly.

  When Zhou Shijun heard this, he quickly took a step back, widened his eyes and shouted, “Zhang Nini! Be awake! Don’t be crazy! Don’t do stupid things!”

  Ni Ni hugged me with tears in her eyes, turned her head and shouted to Zhou Shijun, “I’m not crazy, it’s you who is crazy. Why are you doing this? I don’t love you, don’t pester me like a crazy person.”

  Zhou Shijun reluctantly took a puff of cigarette, suppressed his fiery temper, and said, “You are my fiancee, we are about to get married, our two families are well matched, you will be happy. Don’t fool around with this child. ”

  ”No, he’s not a child, he’s my fiancé, and we’re getting married soon.” He took my hand, and a pair of rings shone with happiness in the sun.

  Zhou Shijun frowned and looked at it, but he let out a terrifying maniacal laugh, “Hahaha, you still said that you are not crazy, and a pair of rings on the roadside can be considered an engagement?”

  ”This is your engagement ring!” Zhou Shijun took out a diamond ring from his pocket and walked towards us.

  ”Don’t come here!” he shouted in a hoarse voice.

  ”What do you want? Jump from here? Wake up! Zhang Nini!” Zhou Shijun stopped and shouted at Nini.

  ”No, we will pull you and jump down together!” He stared at Zhou Shijun with a firm look.

  Zhou Shijun shook his head helplessly, threw the cigarette butt on the ground, stared at me angrily, and shouted, “It’s all your fault, you made a good Zhang Nini like this! I must kill you today!”

  As soon as he finished speaking, he rushed towards us! I suddenly felt my feet volley and fell hard. Ni Ni and I were thrown on the edge of the cliff by him, and it seemed that he was so angry that he died.

  I resisted vigorously, but I seemed to be suffocating. Zhou Shijun’s eyes sparked with devilish anger, and his hands were tightly pinching my neck.

  The high altitude, thin oxygen, and soon I was feeling dazed. In a blur, I saw two bodyguards behind Zhou Shijun running up quickly.

  ”Let him go!” Zhou Shijun fell to the ground.

  Ni Ni got up quickly, picked up a stone and smashed it on Zhou Shijun’s head!

  I quickly staggered to my feet, the two bodyguards had already rushed in front of me, and we scuffled again.

  Ni Ni raised the stone and threw it on the head of a bodyguard. Blocked by the fat bodyguard with one hand, he punched her hard on her stomach and threw her back.

  Poor Ni Ni was thrown three meters away and rolled three times on the ground, unable to move, lying on the ground dying.

  ”Don’t!” I yelled hoarsely.

  Immediately, my eyes dizzy, I was pushed to the ground by another fat bodyguard, and I vigorously waved my fist to resist.

  While struggling, I saw Zhou Shijun slowly get up, clutching his scalp, and staggering over.

  A punch to the fat man.

  ”Fuck you! How many times have I told you, don’t hit my woman!” Zhou Shijun coaxed to the fat bodyguard.

  Then he quickly turned around and ran to Ni Ni’s side, hugged Ni Ni, shook her and shouted, “Zhang Ni Ni! Zhang Ni Ni! Wake up! Are you alright!”

  The fat man and I continued to fight, you punched, I kicked, and rolled on the edge of the cliff.

  Ni Ni was woken up by Zhou Shijun, but immediately began to vomit, as if her stomach was broken.

  She frowned and pressed her stomach with both hands, sweat and tears streaming down her beautiful face together. She was shaking all over, vomiting mouth after mouth.

  Zhou Shijun got up angrily, punched and kicked the fat man, and coaxed, “Mad! Mad! There are enough lunatics here! You’re going to go crazy!”

  At the moment when I was fighting, I saw Zhou Shijun burst into tears and picked up Ni Ni.

  Ni Ni vomited uncomfortably, looked at me with weak eyes, stretched out his hand to me, and was speechless.

  ”Ni Ni!”, I cried to her.

  But suddenly it got dark in front of me and I fell to the ground. It hurts so bad, I can’t open one of my eyes.

  My head vibrated violently again, and I suddenly felt the smell of earth in my mouth, and my nosebleed splashed in the air.

  Click! With a loud noise, I roared in pain, “Ah!!…”, I rolled on the ground in pain.

  I vaguely saw a fat man holding a big rock in his hand. Looking down again, one of my legs was broken and I couldn’t move.

  I saw that fat man lifted the big rock again and slammed it down! Click! There was another loud noise, and my whole body trembled with pain, and my breathing stopped, “Ah!!…”, I couldn’t make a sound from the pain, and my throat was hoarse.

  My hands were numb and numb, and I noticed that my palms were blurred and my five fingers were gone. The two fat men then punched and kicked me, and I was powerless to resist.

  Nosebleeds, snot, saliva, sweat, splashing everywhere. I know, I’m no longer human.

  They lifted me up and dragged me to the edge of the cliff.

  I knew I was going to die soon, and I turned my head with all my might to take one last look at my beautiful jasmine.

  She was being carried into the van by Zhou Shijun, and her hands were clutching the door tightly, and she would rather die than give in. His eyes stared at me anxiously, and his mouth kept vomiting. Sweat and tears poured down, and the hoarse throat shouted weakly, “Don’t!…”

  I was held high by two fat men, the sun was so warm, the breeze was so soft, the sky was so clear, and the surroundings were so quiet.

  An eagle flew through the sky and let out a cry. I sneered, you are so free, I am so envious.

  The two fat men turned to look at Zhou Shijun, waiting for the final instructions.

  Close your eyes and relax your body. Farewell, my jasmine, I love you.

  ”Don’t…!, I’ll go back with you, I’ll marry you, don’t hurt him, I want him to live.” A hoarse and weak plea came from behind.

  I turned my head and opened my eyes weakly, she struggled hard.

  No, don’t beg him! I cried out from the bottom of my heart over and over again.

  Zhou Shijun turned his head helplessly, looked at me with tears in his eyes, thought for a second, and nodded slightly.

  I could clearly hear her piercing voice, “Don’t!…”

  I suddenly felt dizzy, my eyes were completely black, and it was all over.


  I must be dead and I can actually see myself looking in the mirror. Looking at the lip print on my forehead, it smells of jasmine.

  ”You know, that lip print was left by me. I was holding you in the back seat of the taxi, and I know that Brother Xiong also saw me kissing your forehead.” Jasmine came from somewhere. the sound of.

  ”I know, this is an angel’s kiss, it must be yours,” I shouted into the air.

  ”You know, I wait for you with coffee in front of my office window every day, and I don’t sit down to work until I see you coming to work. This is the most important moment of my day, and it’s also the happiest moment for me.”

  ”I know, I look at your office every day before I go upstairs. I can feel you looking at me, and I miss you all the time.”

  ”You know, since you got into a car accident, I go to practice every night to drive the car steadily. I don’t want you to be hurt again.”

  ”I know, I have long felt that your car is driving steadily, and you must have worked a lot in secret.”

  ”Do you know, on Fo Guang Shan, I silently made a wish, that I can become husband and wife with you in this life, and we will never be separated from each other until we grow old.”

  ”I know, and I silently made the same wish.”

  ”You know, that day I let you in and I have a painting to give you. That painting is you and I holding hands on the grassland with blue sea and blue sky. I have been painting it for a long time.”

  ”I know that painting must be our happy future.”

  ”You know, your bed doesn’t actually stink, I just want to sleep on the sofa with you.”

  ”I know, I’ve been waiting for you to come, I’m cold.”

  ”You know, every time I think of you, my body smells of jasmine.”

  ”I know, I’ve always smelled the scent, and I can smell it now.”


  Am I not already dead? Why do I feel so sore, my legs sore, my face sore, my whole body sore.

  It must be a pack of wolves, they are biting at my body, devouring my flesh one by one.

  It’s really hard to imagine that I have no flesh all over my body, like a zombie? Or like a skeleton?

  But why the fragrant jasmine scent?

  Shouldn’t the pack of wolves exude a disgusting stench?

  Yes, she said it. Whenever she misses me, the scent of jasmine blooms.

  I still have a sense of smell? I still have pain? Then I shouldn’t be dead.

  I opened my eyes slightly, and was surprised to find that this was not heaven, but a hospital ward.

  My left hand was cold and had a dangling needle.

  My right hand was stiff, tucked into the heartbeat meter.

  My left foot is numb and in a cast.

  I feel like I can move my right foot.

  The two fat guys didn’t throw me off the cliff, why?

  Right, I remembered. Ni Ni begged the devil bitterly to let me live. And she is willing to go with that devil and marry that devil in exchange!

  Do not! no! I’m going to find them!

  Severe pain came from my whole body, I sat up trembling with difficulty, looked down and saw that one of my hands was gone, the pain was not strong, maybe I didn’t wake up from the anesthesia. Looking around, I was alone in the ward.

  She was taken by the devil, no!

  I’d rather die than have her make such a sacrifice, I’m going to find her, I’m going to fight that devil.

  I wouldn’t agree to death, my beloved Jasmine was bullied by the devil!

  Looking down, I was wearing very thin clothes, and the central air conditioner was blowing gusts of warm air.

  The warm air blows, with the scent of jasmine!

  my jasmine! She is nearby! I’m going to find her!

  I pulled the hanging needle with all my strength, threw off various instruments, and slowly rolled over and got out of bed.

  But I didn’t seem to be able to stand at all and fell directly to the ground. Overturned a pile of medical equipment, making a loud noise.

  ”What’s wrong?!” A few nurses rushed in and saw me fall to the ground, and surrounded me to lift me up.

  ”Don’t! Don’t touch me! Get out of the way!”, I yelled at them.

  They looked at me with terrified eyes, and they all flicked aside obediently.

  I know, they must be thinking of me as a lunatic or a lunatic, whatever you want, don’t bother me! Don’t stop me!

  I can crawl on one hand and one foot. I endured the pain all over my body, tried my best to move my body, and slowly crawled towards the door.

  Two nurse girls ran up immediately and helped me open the door. They seem to know I’m going out.

  Thank you, I turned my head and smiled at them, and continued to crawl forward.

  ”Slow down, are you looking for the girl with the same ring as you?” a young nurse asked on the side.

  Sorry, I don’t have the energy to reply to you, I’m exhausted.

  With the scent of jasmine, I climbed forward without hesitation. The two nurses followed me closely, not daring to touch me. They know I’m a lunatic.

  I crawled through the two wards with difficulty, and the scent of jasmine led me in. But I was powerless to push the door open, I tried hard.

  The two nurses hurried forward and helped me open the door of the ward. I saw her at a glance, my beautiful jasmine.

  She was lying on the bed exhausted, her eyes opened slightly, and she kept looking at the door, as if she knew my arrival.

  She saw me and gave me a charming smile.

  I slowly crawled towards her bed and crawled to her side. Using all his strength, he slowly sat up.

  Her exhausted eyes were half-open and she kept smiling at me.

  Our hands are tightly clasped together. A pair of rings, still shining with the light of happiness.

  ”I’ve been waiting for you,” she whispered, exhausted.

  ”I know, I’m here.” My trembling hands stroked her face.

  With all her strength, she moved her body slowly, set aside half of the bed, and said softly to me, “Tired? Sleep beside me.”

  ”Hmm.” I nodded.

  I tried my best to stand up, go to bed, and support my body with one hand.

  Just then, four strong arms lifted me up. I turned my head and saw two nurse girls with tears in their eyes.

  They helped me to lie down slowly on the bed. This is not a bed, this is a cradle woven with jasmine flowers, warm as spring and soft as silk.

  Ni Ni and I faced each other hand in hand, smiled slightly, and closed our eyes tiredly.

  We have nothing more to ask for.

  In the quiet ward, the footsteps of a group of people could be heard in the distance. The footsteps gradually came, and they entered the door.

  The sound of footsteps stopped beside my and Ni Ni’s hospital bed.

  We are powerless to open our eyes, we can only listen with our ears.

  The ward was silent, not a single sound.

  ”Throw this man out!” In a familiar voice, Zhou Shijun was standing beside him.

  Ni Ni grabbed my hand, I know, I know. I’m going to fight this devil, but I don’t have the strength at all.

  A deep voice came, “Old Zhou, the baby in my womb is more than two months old, forget it, where is there no herbs.”

  The whole ward was terribly quiet. Although I didn’t see Zhou Shijun’s expression, I knew that he must be angry and wanted to kill.

  Time flies so slowly, maybe a minute, maybe an hour.

  Finally, I heard footsteps, turned around slowly, and slowly left the ward.

  Then, a group of footsteps were heard following out.

  The footsteps gradually disappeared, and Ni Ni and I opened our eyes slightly.

  ”The man shed a tear, turned and left.” The two nurses smiled at us with joy.

  Ni Ni and I showed a happy smile, exerted our last strength, hugged tightly, and burst into tears.

  No one can separate the “three” of us anymore.

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