[Cinderella]Chapter 1 – Ori

  A huge office building stands in the bustling city, and the entire office building is owned by a group company, Oli. This is a large listed company with several thousand employees, and it is very powerful and is second to none in the business world.

  As usual, Xiao Su walked into the office building with music in her ears and breakfast in her mouth.

  The company has eight departments, and his department is the smallest department in the company, with only eight people in total. If it weren’t for the birth of the Internet, this department would be nothing more than a computer repair department. But now there is a new term “network department”, which sounds quite tall.

  ”Chairman, good morning.” A bunch of greetings came from behind.

  Two middle-aged men took a leisurely pace and waved to the employees with a smile. These two are the company’s largest shareholders. One is Zhou and the other is Zhang.

  Passing through the crowd, they entered the VIP elevator, smiled slightly, and the elevator door closed.

  Xiao Su was squeezed into the staff elevator by the crowd. Although he was a little uncomfortable, he was used to it. He has been squeezed in and out of the staff elevator for two years.

  The elevator came to the 19th floor, Xiao Su passed through the marketing department where life was full of life, and then passed a toilet, and came to his own department, the network department.

  ”Ouch! Xiao Su, it’s early today.” A person in the office was nervously typing on his keyboard, writing a code.

  This person wears glasses with thick eyebrows and small eyes, a long face, a small mouth and a high nose bridge. He looks honest and honest, he is a computer expert, and he has the best skills in the entire office.

  ”Brother Jie, you won’t be staying overnight again, are you? You work so hard on your own project, is it reliable?” Xiao Su threw the bag on his desk and turned to talk to Brother Jie.

  Brother Jie rubbed his eyes and yawned, “I think it’s useful. Maybe the market is immature now, and it will definitely become popular in the future. I gave it a name, “Sogo”. I think this search system will have a great future. use. “

  ”Let’s finish the company’s work first. The company’s website has not been updated for several days, and new products have been released for several days. Later, Zhou Junan from the marketing department will rush in and scold people again.”, Xiao Su opened Computer, pick up a bunch of product information on the desk, silently typing on the keyboard, typing the text one by one.

  Brother Jie swallowed a mouthful of water, rinsed his mouth, spit it into the trash can beside him, picked up a piece of bread and stuffed it into his mouth, chewed it slowly and said, “It’s useless to update in a hurry, no one is buying things online now. “The concept of e-commerce is just taking shape, it’s early.”

  As soon as he finished speaking, a woman in her fifties appeared at the door. Staring at everyone in the office, he shouted, “Is your network department eating shit? Yesterday, six computers were broken, and they haven’t been repaired today. What do you guys do?”

  Except for Xiao Su and Brother Jie, everyone else looked at her in horror. This person’s surname was Zhou, Zhou Junan, Zhou Dong’s younger sister and assistant to the chairman. Relying on his backstage toughness, he showed off his strength.

  ”You little network department is really troublesome, you don’t even have a person in charge. If you want to appoint a department manager, you can’t find a suitable person, a group of wine bags and rice bags, and a burden in the company.” She took a sip of her hand. Coffee, frowning at Xiao Su. Maybe it’s because Xiao Su’s position is not good, sitting in the first row.

  ”You! It’s you! I now appoint you as the head of the network department, that is, the department manager of the network department. I will find you for anything in the future. You have arranged the work for me properly.” She pointed at Xiao Su shouted loudly.

  Xiao Su touched her scalp and looked around, with a blank expression, “Is this not appropriate, does it have to be like this?”

  ”What’s wrong? Just the few of you who have a network department, it’s just crazy.” After she finished speaking, she turned around and left.

  ”Manager Su, good morning.” Turning his head, Brother Jie showed his white teeth, twitched his eyebrows, and gave a mischievous smile.

  Xiao Su became the department manager of the network department inexplicably. But in the days that followed, you could often hear shouts from outside, “Let the manager of your network department come here for me!”. Then Xiao Su reluctantly walked out of the office to deal with some messy computer failures.

  A small network department, eight people, not only to maintain the company’s official website, but also to repair the company’s computer, very busy. The company’s business volume is huge, involving many products, and the listed stocks are also climbing steadily. Everything seems to be prosperous and prosperous. But there are so many people! More than anything! All kinds of intrigue, all kinds of bullying and humiliation, every year, many people will be dismissed, and new people will be recruited as substitutes.

  At lunchtime, in the noisy staff canteen, hundreds of people were eating. In an inconspicuous corner, the employees of the network department sat.

  ”It’s really too much work, I’m so busy. I arrived at the company at 8 in the morning and didn’t leave at 8 o’clock in the evening. The network department is too hard, just the few of us who have to manage so many things in the company. I really don’t want to. It’s done!”, the colleague complained while chewing the rice in his mouth.

  ”Brother Jie is even more fortunate. All night long, his face is yellow and hungry, and his nose bleeds from time to time. Not only does he work on the company, but he is also busy with his own projects. Are you ready to change jobs?”

  ”Changing jobs is not enough. The projects I am busy with in my spare time are just my hobbies, and they have no commercial value now.” Brother Jie chewed slowly and looked out the window with an underappreciated look.

  ”Brother Su, you can be regarded as a department manager anyway. Can you report it to the top and add a little more manpower to our network department? If we keep playing like this, we will all be killed one by one.”

  Xiao Su thought deeply for a while, then looked up at the poor colleagues around him, frowned, and slapped the table! “I’ll go to the personnel department in a while to find that director, Zhou Junan!”

  ”it is good!”

  ”Very good!”

  ”Support you, Brother Su!” Several colleagues expressed their opinions.

  After lunch, Xiao Su came to the door of the Personnel Department, and he wandered in confusion. In fact, he didn’t dare to reason so hard, after all, this company was not run by his family. And this Zhou Junan is also the younger sister of Zhou Dong, which is no different from talking to the chairman directly. To put it bluntly, it is courting death!

  Several employees passed by Xiao Su and looked at him with discriminatory eyes. Maybe they thought that Xiao Su made a mistake and was punished by the door.

  ”Just kidding, this is not at school. If you die, you will die, and I will be suffocated! It’s a big deal!”, Xiao Su finally made a decision in her heart, closed her eyes and opened the door of the office of the director of the personnel department.

  At this moment, Director Zhou is lying on the chair and sleeping soundly. It’s lunch time. Seeing that someone suddenly came in like this, without knocking on the door, I was startled and got up in a daze, without any mental preparation.

  ”You, what do you want?!” Zhou Junan shouted while putting on his glasses.

  ”Our department needs to add more staff!” Xiao Su’s eyes widened with a look of death.

  Zhou Junan sat down slowly, took a sip from the teacup, sorted out his emotions, and looked at Xiao Su calmly, “Manager Su, you must know that your network department is the most rubbish in the whole company. Department, there is no profit at all. If it weren’t for repairing some computers in the company, your department would have been shut down. You still need manpower? Are you crazy?”

  ”The workload is too much, and our entire department is too busy. If we don’t add more people, we can’t do it any more.” Xiao Su tried to reason with Zhou Junan.

  ”Humph! Working hours are originally for work. You are here to work, not to enjoy your happiness! If you don’t want to do it, you can leave immediately!”

  ”Okay, that’s it! As soon as the off-duty time is up, our entire department will get off work immediately, and we won’t do any more get off work for a second!” Xiao Su turned red and turned to leave.

  ”Stop!”, Zhou Junan’s cold tone came from behind.

  Xiao Su turned around and squinted at the vicious old woman, thinking that she had already decided to quit her job. Face the danger without fear.

  ”Young people do things, don’t be impulsive. No matter what, you have slipped into the position of department manager. Although there are not many people in your department, you still have many opportunities for promotion. Don’t be impulsive and destroy your future. “, Zhou Junan drank tea calmly, and said without a smile.

  Xiao Su pondered for a while, he didn’t care about promotion, he just fought for some benefits for unfair treatment. If it really falls out, the brothers in the department will all get out of their jobs. “Then give me a plan.” Xiao Su glared at her and said.

  ”I promised to add two more people to you, but at the recruitment interview next week, you have to listen to me. I want to recruit some new people who are pleasing to the eye.” Zhou Ju pointed to the sofa and invited Xiao Su to sit down.

  ”Our top management, that is, the two major shareholders, Zhou Dong and Zhang Dong, have different opinions on the recruitment of new recruits, so they have formulated new rules. The department managers of the eight major departments have to interview new recruits together, only after unanimous votes, Only then can you be hired. Do you understand?” Zhou Junan said as she fixed her nails and looked at Xiao Su sideways.

  Xiao Su sat on the sofa and pondered without saying a word, “In this company, there are enough of the Zhou family’s henchmen, and every time they recruit, some cronies come in. Although this company is boasting, it has nothing to do with me. However, the Zhou family’s power is too strong, and there is absolutely no chance for us to talk. Damn, all this is a dark deal, a dirty deed!”

  ”Hey! Say something!” Zhou Junan asked curiously while looking at Xiao Su’s mind. But Xiao Su got up immediately and walked out of the director’s office. Is this accepted? Or not accept it?

  The corners of Zhou Junan’s mouth twitched slightly. It’s really a waste of emotion to talk so much nonsense with you that a small role is not worth it. She shook her head and continued to lie down for an afternoon nap.

  ”How is it?” Brother Jie asked while typing on the keyboard, looking anxiously at Xiao Su who had just come in.

  ”How is it? Brother Su.” Several colleagues also gathered around.

  Xiao Su lowered her head and said helplessly, “She wants us to be her dog, and she only adds people to us after listening to her words.”

  ”Shit! Fuck it!”

  ”I don’t do it anymore!”

  ”Don’t listen to her! It’s a big deal, everyone resign and go out and start a business together.”

  ”Yes! That’s right.”

  Xiao Su reluctantly picked up the screwdriver in his hand, lowered his head and started to work, repairing a few broken computers. As a department manager, take the lead, tragedy.

  ”Where are you going after get off work?”, Brother Jie’s voice came from behind.

  Xiao Su listlessly packed her bag, “Go home.”

  ”It’s boring, it’s been a long time since I went to Lao Zhao’s place. Let’s sit and chat.” Brother Jie patted Xiao Su’s shoulder and said.

  ”Zhao Yi’s western restaurant? It’s boring, don’t go.” Xiao Su shook her head and prepared to leave.

  ”This person has directly inherited his family business since he graduated from the Department of Computer Science and started to manage a western restaurant. He was bored to death every day. He even contacted us yesterday. Go! Su went downstairs.

  ”Hao Bu Hao Western Restaurant”, the name is good, the location is also good, right next to the company building, many familiar faces come and go.

  A man with thin eyebrows, small eyes, a hawk-like nose, short hair, long face and a small mouth, with a cigarette in his hand, was patrolling his western restaurant.

  Suddenly, in the corner of the VIP area on the second floor, a woman caught his attention, and he walked over slowly.

  The woman is dressed in work attire, showing off her slender figure and graceful curves. Two long legs crossed each other, holding a cigarette in their hands. A wisp of blue smoke was wafting out of her pink lips smeared with lavender lipstick, her eyes were dull, she must have something on her mind.

  Taking a closer look, this woman has thin eyebrows, big eyes and a high nose bridge, beautiful black hair, a pair of stylish and dazzling earrings, and a delicate and charming face. The lips are slightly separated, and the teeth are white and neat.

  A faint crow’s feet on the corner of her eyes makes her whole person pure and mature, charming and solemn.

  Lao Zhao was deeply attracted by her and stopped beside her.

  ”Girl, do you have something on your mind?” Lao Zhao asked softly.

  The woman turned her head slowly, glanced at Lao Zhao, then turned back, looked out the window, and exhaled a faint puff of blue smoke.

  Seeing that the girl ignored him, Lao Zhao shook his head and walked away helplessly.

  Xiao Su and Jie Ge came to the door of the western restaurant.

  ”Sir, how many are there?”, the two beauties at the door asked.

  ”Zero, I’m looking for your boss Zhao to eat Bawang’s meal.” Brother Jie and Xiao Su went straight upstairs.

  ”Two gentlemen, you are not allowed to go up to the third floor. It is our boss’s reception area and office.” A waiter stopped Jie Ge and Xiao Su and said.

  ”Hey! Pig’s head!” Jie Ge raised his head and shouted.

  ”Ah, you are here. Come, come, come up.” Boss Zhao waved to the waiter.

  ”Come up directly when you come, don’t shout, this western restaurant is a little more elegant. Come, come and sit.” Boss Zhao invited the two to sit down in the private reception area on the third floor.

  ”You kid, business is good. Looking down from the third floor, there are people below.” Xiao Su pointed to the downstairs and said.

  ”That’s right, it’s crowded during dinner time, and half of it is in your company building. The first floor is the dining area in the lobby, and the second floor is the VIP booth. I can look down from the third floor here, and you can see the bras of several beautiful girls on the second floor. Clearly.” Boss Zhao pointed to the downstairs and smiled.

  ”Damn it, isn’t that Zhou Junan?” Xiao Su pointed to a VIP booth on the second floor.

  ”It’s really her, who is she with. Her brother, Jay Chou. Who is this young guy next to Jay Chou? His son? He’s tall and big. They got up and seemed to pay the bill.” , Brother Jie stuck his head out and looked downstairs.

  ”Enemies?” Boss Zhao also stuck his head out.

  ”The company’s executive, the chairman’s sister, damn, I had a fight with her today, disgusting.” Xiao Su turned to sit down and picked up the teacup.

  ”The company is so lucky, so don’t do it at all. Come to me, I will give you two manager positions, help me manage and manage, I like to play games.” Boss Zhao sat down, took a deep breath, and threw it over a menu.

  ”Stop talking nonsense, two Australian snowflake steaks, seven mature.” Jie Ge pointed to the menu and said.

  ”No problem, eat whatever you want. You come and eat every day, and you can’t eat me, haha.” Boss Zhao waved the waiter to take away the menu.

  ”You live like an emperor. You eat while watching the beauties in the VIP on the second floor. If you see that one, you can go up for free, right?” Xiao Su pointed to the VIP area on the second floor.

  Suddenly a waiter came up, “Boss Zhao, in the VIP area on the second floor, someone has no money to pay.”

  ”Ah?! There is such a thing?” Lao Zhao turned his head to look in the direction of the waiter’s finger, “Ah, it’s that beauty!”

  ”Who?” Brother Jie and Xiao Su said in unison.

  ”A beautiful woman!” Lao Zhao took something from the drawer, went downstairs quickly, turned his head and said, “Doudou her, ha.”

  ”What?” Brother Jie and Xiao Su turned to look at the second floor.

  I saw Lao Zhao straighten his clothes and hair, and calmly walked to the woman.

  The woman slowly raised her head and looked at Lao Zhao with big watery eyes, with a hint of embarrassment and a hint of shyness, “It’s you, are you the boss?”

  Lao Zhao smiled slightly and said calmly, “Yes!”

  ”I’m sorry, I’m in a bad mood today. I forgot to bring my wallet when I came out.” She looked a little nervous, but pretended to be calm.

  Lao Zhao greeted the waiter beside him to go, turned to look at the flower-like woman, stepped forward, and said softly, “Girl, you have three choices. One, you can work in my store, and you can leave after two hours. Two, I’ll go back to your home with you and withdraw money.”

  ”One, no, I don’t have time. Two, no, I’m afraid you’re a bad person. Three, what is it?” The woman looked at Lao Zhao, and she spoke cheerfully.

  Lao Zhao suddenly knelt down on one knee, took out a small square box from his clothes pocket, and opened it! Inside is a ring! Said, “Third, marry me, be my wife, and be the proprietress of a western restaurant. Girl, I fell in love with you at first sight, and I liked you.”

  The woman was stunned. After a long time, she frowned, glared at her eyes, and scolded, “It’s a pus brain!”

  I saw her pick up her bag and get up to leave.

  ”Girl, you can’t leave! The matter hasn’t been resolved yet.” Lao Zhao slowly got up and put the ring on the dining table.

  ”You! What do you want? I’ll send the money tomorrow, okay?” The woman was a little annoyed and had a bad temper. A few guests around the table watched, whispering at the bottom.

  ”No, if you’re in a bad mood tomorrow, don’t come. What should I do?” Lao Zhao’s mouth cracked and he smiled slightly.

  ”You!” The woman stomped her feet angrily, her two white front teeth biting her pink lower lip, and her whole body exuded a delicate temperament.

  Lao Zhao handed over a pen and a piece of paper, and said calmly, “Write down your name, birthday, and work address. If you don’t send money tomorrow, I’ll go look for you.”

  The woman stared at Lao Zhao with wide eyes, “Okay!”

  After writing his name, birthday, and work address, he slapped the pen on the dining table, turned and left.

  Lao Zhao looked at the back of her leaving, smiled and nodded, until her news was at the door of the restaurant. Well, this girl is so pretty.

  ”Fang Yifei, birthday, work address, Oli.” Lao Zhao came back and sat down, looking at the piece of paper seriously.

  ”Fang Yifei? This girl is the assistant manager of the sales department. I’ve seen it a few times. She’s really pretty on the 18th floor.” Xiao Su nodded and sipped her tea.

  ”You help me stare, don’t let people dig it!”, Boss Zhao stared at Xiao Su with wide eyes.


  ”Boss, the steak you asked for is here.” The waiter smiled and placed the two plates in front of Brother Jie and Xiao Su.

  ”Damn it, your steak is not fresh, be careful to close down!” Brother Jie said after a sniff.

  ”I’m going, you can smell it? I know that your sense of smell is the most sensitive. You can smell ghosts in the room.” Lao Zhao shook his head helplessly.

  ”His eyesight is not good, so his sense of smell is very good, haha.” Xiao Su laughed aside.

  ”You guys eat slowly, I look at this steak every day, it’s disgusting. I’m going to meet two old customers on the second floor.” Boss Zhao got up and went downstairs after finishing speaking.

  The next day, Xiao Su was surprised to find that Lao Zhao appeared in the Oli Building with flowers in his hand.

  ”What the fuck is going on here?” Xiao Su followed, kicked his ass, and asked.

  Lao Zhao patted his butt and said calmly, “Pick up a girl, don’t bother me, just learn.”

  ”Ding!”, the elevator came to the sales department on the 18th floor. Lao Zhao straightened his clothes and hair, holding flowers in his hands, full of confidence, and walked out swaggeringly.

  When the noisy sales department saw this person come in, they suddenly became quiet, and there were whispers.


  ”This man looks familiar. By the way, the owner of the Haobuhao Western Restaurant downstairs.”

  ”You know him?”

  ”I don’t know, I know.”

  Fang Yifei happened to be walking out of the office with a pile of documents, and turned around to see this situation with a look of anger.

  But in front of everyone’s eyes, she suppressed her anger, showed a forced smile, walked up slowly, and said in a low voice, “What are you doing? This is where I work, you dare to mess with me!”.

  With a smile on his face, Lao Zhao gently put his head to Fang Yifei’s ear and whispered, “I’m here to ask for money. I’m afraid you’re too busy with work, so I’ll come to the door in person.”

  Hearing the whispers around, Yifei looked around at her colleagues with an embarrassed expression, and asked in a low voice, “You want money for money, why are you still holding flowers?”

  The corners of Lao Zhao’s mouth lined up, he smiled slightly, and said softly, “I swaggered over to ask you for money, how embarrassing, how embarrassing you are in front of your colleagues. So I gave you a handful of flowers, and they mistakenly thought you had another one. The suitor. You should thank me for not embarrassing you or making you dazzling.”

  ”You! Your brain is in tatters.” Yifei frowned, her eyes widened, she took out her wallet and prepared to pay.

  Lao Zhao stopped her and said calmly, “In the eyes of the public, if you give me money, they will know that you are buying flowers for yourself. What a shame, you should invite me in and sit in private. give me money.”

  Yi Fei was stunned, paused for a while, then came to her senses and scolded in a low voice, “A thick lunatic!”.

  Lao Zhao smiled slightly, turned around and waved hello to his colleagues.

  Yifei turned around quickly, opened the office door, put her hands on her hips, and said to Lao Zhao with a fake smile, “Come in, pig head!”

  Old Zhao walked in triumphantly, and looked around, “Your office environment is good.” He found an empty vase and put flowers on it. She turned around and sat down at her desk.

  ”Your money! Take it away!” Yifei slapped the money on the table.

  Lao Zhao calmly counted the money and frowned, “No, I didn’t bring change to you today, so I can’t charge you more. Taking advantage of others is not my style.”

  ”Stop looking, take your flowers and leave my office.” Yifei put her hands on her hips with an impatient look.

  Lao Zhao slowly got up, put the stool back, and smiled, “You’re wrong, how can I give you face when I came, how can you let me take the flowers back? Under all eyes, how can I Be a person? I am the owner of a western restaurant. In the future, your colleagues will come to my restaurant for dinner and make irresponsible remarks. Where should I put my face? Besides, your vase is empty, which means that no one has sent you for a long time. Flowers. Just let me fill this vase, give flowers, and leave a lingering fragrance in my hands.”

  Yifei sighed deeply and shook her head, “I have never seen such a brazen person!”

  ”Goodbye!” Lao Zhao smiled and left her office.

  To be continued…

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