[Cinderella]Chapter 2 – Careers

  On the third day, Xiao Su was surprised to find that Lao Zhao appeared again in the Oli Building with flowers in his hand.

  ”Damn it, your fucking offensive is so fierce, is there any end to it?” Xiao Su asked with a kick on his ass.

  Lao Zhao patted his butt and smiled slightly, “What do you know? That’s what you want to chase after a girl, and take her down with a three-day attack. To waste her time is to waste her youth.”

  After finishing speaking, Lao Zhao swaggered into the elevator and pressed the button on the 18th floor.

  ”Ding!” The elevator came to the 18th floor, Lao Zhao straightened his clothes and hair, and walked in carelessly.

  Colleagues in the sales department have become accustomed to seeing this situation, and some colleagues even ran to the door of Yifei’s office and shouted, “Yifei, he’s here again, isn’t it your boyfriend?”

  Yifei frowned and stared! With a foreboding look on his face, he asked, “Sanin?”

  Lao Zhao’s figure appeared at the door of the office, and she was immediately speechless and helpless.

  ”Can I come in?” Lao Zhao asked politely, knocking on the door.

  Yifei sighed deeply and asked angrily, “What’s the matter?”

  Lao Zhao strolled in and put the flowers on the table. He took out some change from his pocket, put it on Yifei’s desk, smiled slightly, “This is your change, taking advantage of others, not my style. You don’t need to say I’m a shameless person, right? ?”

  Yifei shook her head helplessly, showing an embarrassed, slightly shy smile, looking up and asking, “Do you want to pursue me?”

  ”No!” Lao Zhao was firm and concise, “I want to marry you!”

  A sip of tea spewed out of Yifei’s mouth, she wiped her mouth, looked up, and saw an open small box on the desk, which was the ring from the day before yesterday.

  Yi Fei smiled coldly, turned her head and asked, “You don’t wear such a ring every day and fool girls everywhere, right?”

  At this moment, a tall man came in, holding flowers in his hand and looking anxious, he closed the office door, “Yifei, I’m here to explain to you, what you saw that day was my distant cousin.”

  The man suddenly found that in the corner, Lao Zhao was planting flowers. He looked confused and asked, “Who is he?”

  Lao Zhao turned his head and saw that this man was tall and handsome, with a suit and leather shoes, and brand-name leather shoes. At first glance, he was a typical scumbag.

  She turned her head to look at Yifei, although her hands were on her hips, she was looking out the window with a sad face.

  Old Zhao rolled his eyes and quickly understood the story. He smiled at the man and stepped forward, “Hello, I’m Fang Yifei’s fiance.”

  ”What?!” The man’s eyes widened in surprise.

  Lao Zhao picked up the ring on the desk and said, “I’m here to give her the ring today.”

  Yifei turned her head, widened her eyes, frowned, stared at Lao Zhao, and told him with her eyes, “Don’t mess with me.”

  But Lao Zhao calmly grabbed Yifei’s hand, put the ring on his finger, pushed it hard, and put it on!

  He raised his head and smiled, and said, “Wife, the ring is just right, the size is just right. Diamonds are forever, and one lasts forever.”

  ”Okay, Fang Yifei! You are better at playing than I am!” The man threw the flower to the ground, stepped on it, and cursed, “I only have two boats, but you are a married woman.”

  Yifei took the opportunity to show a smug expression, so angry that the man threw the door angrily and left in a rage.

  Lao Zhao turned his head and smiled slightly, and said calmly, “Then you are busy, I’m leaving too, my wife.”

  ”Wait a minute!” Yifei shouted, “What do you call me? When did I become your wife?”

  Lao Zhao slowly turned around and scratched his head, “I kneel down on one knee to propose to you. You are wearing the ring now. Of course you are my wife.”

  ”Nong’s brain is not good!” Yifei cursed, taking off the ring vigorously.

  But the ring was tightly wrapped around his finger, just because Lao Zhao had just pushed it hard, obviously he did it on purpose.

  ”Assistant Fang, the manager asked you to come over for a meeting. It’s very important, right away.” A colleague at the door passed the message.

  Fang Yifei pulled the ring hard, her face flushed red.

  After Lao Zhao cleaned up the flowers that had been trampled on the ground, he threw them into the trash can, turned his head and said, “I’m sorry, I apologize to you, you go ahead and don’t pull it out.”

  Yifei frowned, glared at Lao Zhao fiercely, walked out of the office with her work materials in her arms, turned her head and said, “I’ll come to you at night! I’ll give it back to you.”

  Colleagues outside looked around and whispered, “Wow, all the rings are on.”

  Yifei hurriedly inserted her ring-wearing hand into her pocket, turned and left quickly.

  Lao Zhao straightened his clothes and hair, and left the office proudly, smiling inwardly, “It’s done.”

  After get off work, Yifei took the ring to the Haobuhao Western Restaurant next to her.

  When she walked to the third floor, she found that Lao Zhao had prepared a table of food and was sitting waiting for her driver.

  Yifei patted the ring on the table, turned around and left.

  Before he took a step, he was firmly held by Lao Zhao.

  ”Yifei, I apologize to you, I’ll treat you to dinner.” Lao Zhao’s sincere tone didn’t seem like he was joking.

  Fang Yifei hesitated, standing there motionless.

  Lao Zhao got up, pulled the stool away, invited Fang Yifei to sit down, and said, “I sincerely apologize to you, I won’t come to you again after dinner.”

  Yifei sat down hesitantly, as quiet as a rabbit, which was not quite like her character.

  Lao Zhao lit a cigarette, took a deep breath, and looked at Yifei’s shadowy figure under the candlelight, full of joy.

  Yifei lowered her head, showing a shy expression, her teeth biting her pink lower lip, her cheeks were white and flushed, and her eyes did not dare to face him.

  Lao Zhao knows that this has already happened.

  It was another busy morning, and everyone in the network department was doing their best. Hope to finish today’s task as early as possible and get off work a little easier.

  ”Manager Su, Director Zhou invited you to the conference room for a meeting.” A colleague passed by the door shouted into the office.

  Xiao Su was busy repairing a broken computer, threw the screwdriver on the table, shook his head helplessly and walked out.

  Other departments are full of people, and his department has only eight people, beating each other. Known as the Eight Heroes of Ori.

  When he pushed open the door of the conference room, he was surprised to find that the managers of the major departments were sitting there. He was the only person missing from the entire conference room, and for the first time he felt that he was treated as if he were an important person.

  ”Why did Manager Su come? Everyone is waiting for you. Come, let’s do it.” Zhou Junan pulled out a corner stool and invited Xiao Su to sit down.

  Xiao Su walked over with an expressionless face, sat down, and looked around. The managers of the major departments looked at him with a look of contempt in their eyes.

  There is no way to do this either. The company is intrigued, and the shopping mall is like a battlefield. Who made his department only a few soldiers?

  Managers of other departments, all suits and leather shoes, leather shoes and ties. Only Xiao Su is wearing a shirt and sneakers, just like a wage earner.

  ”Okay, now that the managers of the eight major departments are here, I’ll start talking.” She picked up the teacup, took a sip, and moistened her throat.

  ”The company’s new round of recruitment has begun. There will be 100 interviewees today, but our company can only admit one. Each interviewee has two minutes to speak.”

  ”It is very difficult to get a job in our company, so only if the managers of our eight major departments unanimously approve and vote in favor, he can stay, and everyone else will get out.”

  ”Our company never gives face, and tells him whether to leave or stay in person. So it’s very simple, if you think this person can, then raise your hand to agree.”

  ”Ten minutes after the interview, everyone will start preparing.” She finished a bunch of words in one breath and threw some documents on the table.

  The major managers stepped forward to ask for a copy, and Xiao Su also took one. It is full of names, ages, graduation schools, and work experience.

  Xiao Su pondered in his heart that only one person was recruited out of 100 people, and it was absolutely impossible for this person to be used by his department. Gotta mess up the interviews today so they can’t get one of them.

  The company assistant brought in tea, placed a cup in front of each manager, and opened the door. Xiao Su looked outside, and there was a rush of people outside the door, lining up neatly.

  ”Interviewer No. 1, please come in.” The company assistant shouted at the door.

  I saw a flat-headed young man walked in excitedly and sat down on the stool in front. Perhaps because of the first reason, he was a little flustered and felt unnatural, but he still showed a reluctant smile.

  Several major managers bowed their heads and opened the interview materials one after another. Interviewee No. 1, name, Lao Jianliang, education, master’s degree.

  ”Come on, tell me why you want to come to our company.”

  ”Well, you are a big company with a promising future, so I want to come in and find a job.” The interviewer said bluntly.

  ”Okay, you can leave, our company doesn’t want you.” Zhou Junan said coldly after drinking a sip of tea.

  ”Ah! So fast! Why?”, the interviewee, with a surprised expression.

  Several major managers silently looked at Zhou Junan. Xiao Su was the only one who slowly raised his hand in agreement.

  ”Humph! 7 to 1 is invalid. Our company wants talents, not slaves.” Zhou Junan smiled coldly, looking at Xiao Su and said.

  ”The next interviewee please come in.” The company assistant opened the door and shouted. I saw this Mr. Law walked out with his head lowered, scolding in a low voice, “Fuck it.”

  Suddenly turned around and threw an egg! Hit Zhou Junan on the head! Shout out, “I just throw eggs!”

  ”Cana! Security, throw this man out for me!” Zhou Junan scolded while wiping the egg on his head!

  The audience was silent, and Xiao Su shook his head helplessly.

  The interviewees are all elites, either with a doctorate or a master’s degree, and either returnees or overseas students, but they have all been brushed off without showing any affection. It seems that it is really difficult to enter this company.

  Xiao Su lowered his head and touched his head. He must keep the jobs of his colleagues in the department, because it is really not easy to enter this company.

  One by one, the interviewees kept coming in and one by one kept going out. Xiao Su was already numb, never looked up again, lowered her head, was in a daze, and was about to fall asleep.

  Until the company assistant shouted, “Interviewer No. 88, please come in.”

  Xiao Su lowered her head and was surprised to find that in the interview materials, the interviewee No. 88 only had a high school education! This is a far cry from a doctorate or a master’s degree before and after, and it is clear at a glance.

  This caught Xiao Su’s attention, and he slowly raised his head to look. She is a girl with a medium build, thin eyebrows, big eyes and a high nose bridge, a small mouth and a thin face and a pointed chin.

  Although she has no makeup, her pink lips and big watery eyes, coupled with a simple ponytail, make people feel extraordinary.

  From her standing and talking, people feel that she is noble but not arrogant, gorgeous but not exaggerated. Coupled with the graceful curves of the body and the white skin, the whole body exudes a princess-like temperament and light.

  Zhou Junan smiled and nodded to her, and glanced at the managers. The major managers raised their hands in agreement, but Xiao Su did not respond.

  Xiao Su squinted at the beautiful woman and voted against it.

  ”Su Jili! What do you mean? Tell me if you have something to say.” Zhou Junan slapped the table and pointed at Xiao Su and shouted.

  Xiao Su stood up calmly, squinted at Zhou Junan and said, “You said that the company wants talents, not slaves. This person looks like a flower, but he has no education. He looks like a vase at first glance. The company has enough vases. There is more, no need for more.”

  This beautiful woman with a princess temperament frowned and stared at Xiao Su without saying a word.

  ”Look, seven of the eight managers agree, but you don’t. You’re doing something special. How could you, who repaired a broken computer, have experience in interviewing people?” Zhou Junan was cold on the side. smile.

  Not to be outdone, Xiao Su picked up the interview documents and asked, “Zhang Nini, right? Why did you want to work in our company?”

  ”I want to study in a big company and have more work experience.” Zhang Nini showed a smug smile at the corner of her mouth in the face of danger.

  ”Then why did the company use you? Compared with so many interviewers, do you have any advantages?” Although she looked beautiful, Xiao Su looked at her coldly, unmoved.

  ”In the interview materials, I have written very clearly, I don’t want salary.” She showed a polite smile.

  Xiao Su picked up the interview materials and opened her eyes wide. Sure enough, there was a note at the end: No salary!

  ”Damn, this woman is a lunatic. I have seen a lot of lunatics these days, but I have never seen such a lunatic.” Xiao Su cursed in her heart.

  ”How’s it going? Manager Su, if you don’t have any comments, then raise your hand to agree. Our interview meeting can also end today.” Zhou Junan smiled coldly while drinking tea.

  ”I still oppose it. Since I have the right to object, I will tell the truth. The company’s recruitment is not a joke. You can come to the company to do things without salary. What if you steal the company’s secret information and technology?”, Xiao Su firmed her position and looked up and down this wonderful woman.

  The meeting room was suddenly silent, and no one spoke. Several big managers have been raising their hands, not daring to put down neatly, tired.

  Zhou Junan looked at the ceiling, rolled his eyes, and thought of a good idea.

  ”In this case, I’ll give you a chance. You can take her interview documents and follow me to the top floor, and find the two chairmen to see what their opinions are.” Zhou Junan got up, picked up the documents and walked in front of Xiao Su and said.

  ”Okay! Let’s go! I don’t believe it. The two chairmen are also confused.” Xiao Su followed Zhou Junan out of the conference room.

  There are still a bunch of people waiting for the interview at the door, watching the situation anxiously, these people are pitiful.

  The elevator came to the top floor, a completely different office environment. Zhou Quan on the left, Zhou Dong’s office area, and Zhang Liang and Zhang Dong’s office area on the right. The decoration is luxurious and luxurious, like a palace. There are actually waiters walking around, serving tea and water.

  Zhou Junan pushed open the door and broke in directly, his own brother was not shy.

  ”Brother, there is an interview today. Take a look and sign if you agree.” Zhou Junan threw the interview documents on Jay Chou’s desk, put his hands on his hips, and looked at Xiao Su impatiently.

  Xiao Su stood aside and looked at Zhou Dong without saying a word. This person has short eyebrows, small eyes and a pointed mouth, with shiny hair combed upside down, a face full of flesh, and a cigar in his mouth, smoking blue.

  This Jay Chou was watching his company’s stocks on the computer, and impatiently picked up the interview materials and glanced at them. He actually smiled, picked up the pen and signed, and said, “Okay, I agree.”

  Xiao Su’s eyes widened, shocked, what’s going on? Is this a fucking old pervert?

  Zhou Junan picked up the signed interview documents, squinted at Xiao Su, turned around triumphantly, and walked out.

  With a helpless expression on his face, Xiao Su shook his head and followed him out to the office of Zhang Dong on the right.

  ”Dong Zhang, I have interview materials today. I would like to invite you to take a look. If you agree, please sign.” Zhou Junan gently placed the interview materials on Zhang Dong’s desk.

  Xiao Su silently watched the Zhang Dong from the side. This person has thick eyebrows, small eyes, wide chin, small mouth and wide ears and a high nose bridge. He wears simple and generous clothes, has short and neat hairstyle, and has a honest and reasonable face. He is only thin and small, and drinking a cup of tea, he seems to be in bad health.

  This Director Zhang was reviewing the company’s financial information, and took a look at the interview information in his busy schedule.

  He actually smiled, picked up a pen, signed it, and said, “Very good, I agree.”

  This time, Xiao Su was really dumbfounded. Is this Zhang Dong also a pervert?

  There is such a thing in this world. The two chairman of the company are actually confused and have problems with their brains.

  Zhou Junan picked up the signed interview documents, smiled proudly, turned around and walked out.

  Xiao Su was completely lost, and moved out slowly. He was very confused, he knew that the world was full of lunatics, and there were not many normal people like him.

  The interview ended just like that. Unexpectedly, the company recruited a beautiful woman with a low degree of education and no salary. This may be a miracle that has never happened in history.

  Today’s events have once again subverted Xiao Su’s three views. He wondered if there was something wrong with his life? Or is the world just so incredible?

  At eight o’clock in the evening, “officially” got off work. Xiao Su and Brother Jie came to the side as always, and had a meal at the Haobuhao Western Restaurant.

  ”Sir, how many of you are?” the greeter asked with a smile, “Oh, I’m sorry. Two people on the third floor, please. I remember you, the boss’s friend.”

  When I walked to the third floor, I saw that Boss Zhao was having dinner with a girl. This girl has long hair and a dress, which highlights her figure and curves. She also wears a pair of glasses on the high bridge of the nose, and she has an elegant temperament. Xiao Su recognized her at a glance, “This, isn’t this Fang Yifei from the sales department?”

  The two were shocked! Lao Zhao got this girl so quickly! The brute force of the cow! sharp!

  ”Ah, you guys are here. Come on, let me introduce you. These two are my good brothers, Xiao Su and Brother Jie. They are in your company building.” Boss Zhao stood up and pointed to Xiao Su and Brother Jie and said to each other Yifei.

  ”Hello, you are from the Network Department. I saw that you are busy recruiting today, Xiao Su.” Fang Yifei greeted Xiao Su and Brother Jie politely.

  ”Hello, I recognize you. You are from the sales department, you are quite busy there.” Xiao Su and Brother Jie sat down, picked up the teapot and poured water.

  ”What do you want to eat today? Chat while eating.” Boss Zhao narrowed his eyes and handed over the menu with joy.

  ”Pizza and salmon, eating steak every day is boring.” Jie Ge said to the waiter next to him with the menu.

  ”Okay, please wait a moment.” The waiter politely turned around and stepped back.

  ”You fought with Director Zhou this morning. Everyone in the company knows about it.” Fang Yifei said to Xiao Su while drinking red wine.

  ”Yeah, I think there is something wrong with this group of people. I hired a little girl who was hired by high school, and I don’t know why. This little girl also has a problem and doesn’t want salary. I just said a few truths.”, Xiao Su shook his head and said helplessly.

  ”Haha, Manager Su, you’re so funny. The company isn’t yours. It has nothing to do with who we hire. Don’t take it too seriously and make trouble for yourself.” Fang Yifei picked up a piece of jelly, Put it in his mouth and said with a smile.

  ”Let’s call me Xiao Su. There are only eight people in our department, and some managers are not managers. You’re right, I also think I’m a lot of things. It’s just that I’m an honest person. Good is good, bad is bad. I never refer to a deer as a horse, and flatter the right and wrong.” Xiao Su picked up the teacup and took a sip.

  ”Xiao Su, you have a unique style. The company needs people like you. I think you are doing the right thing. Many people support you. It’s just a matter of eating and being lazy.” Fang Yifei held up the glass of wine. , Shaking, said.

  ”If this goes on, this company will be finished sooner or later. Get ready early.” Brother Jie said while shaking his head.

  ”Large companies usually don’t go bankrupt. There is a possibility of chaos, and then it will depend on whether you choose the right side.” Fang Yifei drank red wine and smiled proudly.

  ”Oh, that’s right. What’s the name of that new girl Nini? She was sent to our department this afternoon. She can’t do anything, clumsy. Our supervisor asked her to bring tea and water.” Fang Yifei shook her head, A sad look on his face.

  ”You two, your dishes are here.” The waiter served pizza and salmon and politely left.

  ”I guess she will give up and leave after a few days of work. She doesn’t get paid, she does it for nothing. She is also a wonderful person.” Xiao Su shook her head, biting on the pizza helplessly.

  ”This kind of person must have a purpose in entering the company. She looks pretty, maybe she came in to know Gao Fushuai.” Brother Jie said while biting the salmon.

  ”Perhaps, with such a pitiful appearance, it makes people feel pity and cherish jade.” Fang Yifei raised her eyebrows and nodded.

  ”So this kind of vase, the less the better in the company, the more trouble.” Xiao Su complained.

  ”Okay, okay, don’t talk about work. Let’s talk about something else, did you read the news today? Now there are more and more guns in society, the underworld is more and more rampant, and there are terrorists.” , Boss Zhao said with a drink.

  ”Calm down, what time is it now. The underworld won’t kill people and set fires indiscriminately. People like us who have no money are nothing. Boss Zhao, you are rich, you have to be careful. Maybe that day will be scary. The elements rushed into your western restaurant!”, Brother Jie said, biting the fruit in his mouth.

  ”I’m a western restaurant, not a bank. Come in and grab the meat? Haha. Just blow me up, and I’ll open a nightclub!” Boss Zhao laughed while holding his stomach.


  To be continued…

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