[Cinderella]Chapter 3 – The Prince Arrives

  There was a commotion outside the office, and there was a loud noise. Xiao Su put down the screwdriver in his hand and quietly stuck his head out.

  Zhou Junan was hanging out on the 19th floor with a tall man. This person visually measured about 1.9 meters, and there were famous brands all over his body, and there was a famous watch in his hand. He has thick eyebrows, big eyes and a high nose bridge, a wide face, big mouth and small ears, short and simple hair, and an aristocratic temperament.

  Who the fuck? Xiao Su looked at him suspiciously.

  After wandering around in the marketing department, they came to the network department. Xiao Su hurried back to his desk and continued to work hard.

  The sound of footsteps approached, and the two appeared at the door of the Office of the Network Department.

  ”This is the company’s smallest department, the network department. It used to be called the computer maintenance department, but now it has changed its name. Because there is one more job, it is to update the company’s website.” Zhou Junan pointed to the office with a smile. , said to the tall man next to him.

  Xiao Su secretly raised his head and looked at the two of them. Zhou Junan doesn’t really smile very often. It seems that this man is extraordinary.

  Looking at the man’s face, Xiao Su suddenly recalled. I saw him in Boss Zhao’s Haobuhao restaurant that day. He is the man sitting next to Jay Chou, should he belong to their Zhou family?

  ”Why didn’t such a small department merge? It’s really troublesome to manage.” The tall man asked.

  ”It was supposed to be merged, but Zhang Dong didn’t agree, so he kept dragging it.” Zhou Junan looked up at him and said.

  ”Then, who is in charge of this department?” He looked coldly at the eight people in the office.

  ”I just found someone to be in charge, the first row, the first one.” Zhou Ju Nan pointed at Xiao Su and said.

  Xiao Su raised her head and looked at them, thinking that she would choke a few words. Knowing there, the tall man gave him a cold look, turned and left. A faint voice came, “Auntie, I want to go to the next floor to have a look.”

  ”Fuck! That should be Jay Chou’s son, right? He’s so arrogant, he’s so handsome, this cold-faced rubbish.” Xiao Su cursed inwardly.

  Xiao Su continued to keep her head down and busy with her repair work. The computer she just repaired happened to be on the 18th floor. He picked up the computer and sent it downstairs to see how arrogant this Prince Zhou was in other departments.

  As soon as I got down to the 18th floor, I saw this Prince Zhou and a woman shaking hands warmly with a handsome smile. This woman was Fang Yifei. Fang Yifei was showing a smile of admiration, nodding and bowing.

  ”Fuck, it’s so indifferent in our department. This Prince Zhou is so fucking powerful.” Xiao Su held the computer, annoyed in her heart.

  Inadvertently, Xiao Su saw the woman he strongly opposed to being recruited, Nini. She was holding a tray of tea, walking slowly by the Prince Zhou’s side, and she didn’t even say hello. She really had no experience in the company’s survival, and she was pitiful.

  Xiao Su put down the repaired computer, shook his head, turned upstairs, and returned to his office.

  ”What was that man doing just now?” Brother Jie turned to Xiao Su who had just returned to the office.

  ”The Zhou family’s name is Aunt Zhou Junan, so it should be Zhou Dong’s son.” Xiao Su nodded and replied thoughtfully.

  But Brother Jie quickly typed on the keyboard without saying a word.

  ”What are you doing?” Xiao Su asked curiously.

  ”I hacked into the company’s intranet to have a look. As long as he has a position in the company, he must have information.” Brother Jie’s eyes flickered, as if he were a professional hacker.

  But Jiege’s specialty is writing code, cracking, and finding system loopholes. Hacking into a company intranet is really not that difficult.

  Soon, Brother Jie smiled calmly, “Yes.”

  The two approached the monitor and looked at the information carefully.

  This person’s name is Zhou Shijun. Father, Zhou Quan. The current assistant to the chairman, took office yesterday! American MBA degree, unmarried.

  The two looked at each other and said in unison, “Fuck!”

  As soon as the words fell, this Zhou Shijun appeared at the door of the office, startling the two of them.

  ”With a new computer, top-level configuration, you can play games, and send it to the assistant chairman’s office on the top floor.” Zhou Shijun shouted to the entire office.

  The whole office looked at him stupidly, but no one replied.

  ”You, you are the manager, right? You do it, as soon as possible!” Zhou Shijun pointed at Xiao Su and said.

  Before Xiao Su could react, Zhou Shijun turned around and left.

  Xiao Su scratched his head, with a confused look on his face, this Zhou Shijun seems very difficult to deal with, fuck!

  A computer for playing games, and it needs top-level configuration, at first glance, it is a person who is not doing his job properly.

  ”Take it, this is the configuration list of the top computer, buy it according to this, and I will install it for him.” Brother Jie handed Xiao Su a piece of paper and said calmly.

  Xiao Su put on his coat, shook his head helplessly, walked out of the office with the configuration sheet, turned around and walked into the elevator, and pressed the G floor.

  The elevator went down from the 19th floor to the 18th floor, the automatic door opened, and a familiar face appeared in front of Xiao Su.

  It was that Nini, holding a full express box in her hand, she moved in with a blank face, and stood beside Xiao Su. Glancing at the elevator’s light on floor G, he stood there motionless.

  The automatic doors closed and the elevator continued to the first floor.

  Xiao Su slowly turned her head, squinted at Nini, and looked up and down.

  She was full of big men, and the Hanzhu on her forehead was clearly visible. The white skin revealed a hint of ruddy, and the white was red. The hair on the sideburns of the cheeks has been soaked with the Han water, which is extra seductive. You can also smell a light jasmine scent.

  Nini’s eyes squinted and she noticed that Xiao Su was looking at her, so she turned to the side. But the delicate hands can no longer hold so many express boxes, and they are shaky.

  Seeing this, Xiao Su reached out to help.

  ”Don’t touch it!” Nini turned to look at him with hatred.

  Xiao Su scratched her head with an embarrassed look on her face, and cursed in her heart, “Psycho!”

  ”Ding!”, the elevator reached the first floor, and the automatic door opened.

  Xiao Su quickly walked out of the elevator and walked away.

  Nini slowly moved out holding a bunch of express boxes, glaring at Xiao Su’s leaving back.

  This Nini once again caught Xiao Su’s attention. Xiao Su was shopping for hardware in the computer city, but she couldn’t figure it out in her mind.

  Why? This Nini wants to hate him? Just because he voted against it? But that’s not wrong either.

  ”Crazy!”, Xiao Su cursed again in her heart.

  Xiao Su came to the storefront of Lu Xiaofu, an old friend of Computer City. This man is fat and tall, with a big mouth and a round face. He wears a pair of glasses. At first glance, he looks like a big business person. In the hardware market, there is a wide network of people, there is no goods that he can’t get, and there are no resources that he can’t grab.

  ”Maori Su? Why do you have time to come to see the beautiful women today?” Xiaofu sat at the desk, drinking milk tea and looking at the bill.

  Xiao Su poured a glass of water and drank it dry, “Damn, I’m dying of thirst. There’s a big idiot in the company who wants a computer with the highest configuration to play games. Here’s the list. According to this, the more expensive the better. , the sooner the better.”

  ”Damn, for such a high-end configuration, you need a hardware firewall? Is there something wrong with your brain? Do you want to give him a 1,500-dollar chassis?” Xiaofu took the list and took a look.

  ”Stop talking nonsense, get the goods according to this, and give him a 1500 case, hurry up. I’m going back in a hurry.”

  ”Your company doesn’t need servers or the like? I have a wide network of contacts, and I can get brand servers at the fastest, most, and cheapest way.”

  ”Bragging, there are not many servers in stock, can you take out a hundred of them at a time, can you eat them?”

  ”I can go to my friends and ask for it. 100 units is too exaggerated. 50 units can still be made.”

  ”Okay, I’ll get a business card, and I’ll give it to you when I have business.”

  ”Haha, sit down for a while, I’ll ask someone to go to the warehouse to get the goods right away.”

  A few people helped Xiao Su hold a bunch of hardware boxes, left the computer city, and took a taxi.

  Back at the company, he removed a bunch of hardware boxes and a large chassis from the big box and the small box from the car.

  He saw that the pile of things couldn’t be moved upstairs all at once, but he wanted to try it. So he piled all the boxes neatly, and picked up the box in one breath. The height of the box was beyond his head, and he swayed to the elevator door. He stretched out a foot and kicked the elevator switch.

  ”Ding!” The elevator arrived. Xiao Su slowly moved in, and managed to stand firm. However, looking at this gray elevator button on the 19th floor, I was in a rage, seeing that the elevator door was about to close, who the hell would press it!

  A foot blocked the elevator door, which opened again. A woman slowly moved in, holding a pile of coffee in her hand, already crumbling and unable to move.

  Xiao Su squinted and saw that it was her again, that Nini! How many times does she run up and down a day!

  Nini stood up, glanced sideways, frowned, and found that it was Xiao Su again, looking annoyed. Seeing that Xiao Su was holding something full, she couldn’t move, and showed a smug smile.

  I saw this Nini firmly stretched out her long soft feet, high above her head, and tapped the elevator button lightly, 18th floor. Then he put down his long feet, turned his head proudly and smiled at Xiao Su.

  ”Fuck!” Xiao Su cursed in her heart.

  The elevator door closed automatically and began to ascend.

  ”That, that. Can you help me press it again?” Xiao Su said hesitantly.

  ”Ding!” The elevator quickly reached the 18th floor.

  Nini turned her head and smiled and said, “No problem.”

  I saw that she stretched out her long soft feet steadily, and tapped the elevator button lightly, G floor. Then he quickly moved out, turned his head and said, “Goodbye.”

  Xiao Su watched in despair as the elevator door closed automatically and returned to Building G again. Unfortunately, there was no one in Building G, and the elevator door closed automatically and went up again.

  Fortunately, the elevator came to the 19th floor this time. As soon as the elevator door opened, Brother Jie stood at the door, “I just saw you get off the car. I haven’t come up for so long. I thought you hung up and just wanted to come down and have a look.”

  ”Quick, take the handle.” Xiao Su shook his head and shouted, and fell to the ground.

  Brother Jie took the screwdriver seriously and assembled the computer, “So, you were tricked by that Nini?”

  ”Yeah, crazy!”, Xiao Su scolded while sitting on the side.

  ”Hahaha.” Brother Jie laughed, “People don’t like you, so you are the only one who objected to her interview.”

  Xiao Su shook his head helplessly, turned around to work on his own, and scolded, “These guys are all lunatics.”

  During lunch time, the company cafeteria was full of people, and Xiao Su and Brother Jie were sitting in the corner to eat. Xiao Su chewed his meal, looked at the crowd of people surging ahead, frowned, and he saw that Nini at a glance.

  Nini was expressionless, holding her plate, walked slowly to the corner, sat down by herself, and chewed slowly.

  Xiao Su looked at her silently from the face, and suddenly found that the corners of her eyes flashed, and tears filled her eyes. However, she quickly adjusted her emotions, and the tears did not flow.

  This deeply attracted Xiao Su’s attention. Xiao Su shook his head helplessly, thinking, “What sins did you do, what sins did you suffer? Leave the company early.”

  ”Everyone in the company treats her as a servant, so she probably won’t last for a few days.” Brother Jie said calmly while chewing his meal.

  In the afternoon, Brother Jie assembled the computer and installed the system, and Xiao Su went to the top floor with the case and monitor.

  ”Ding!”, the elevator reached the top floor, Xiao Su went out and turned left, Jay Chou’s office area.

  Next to Jay Chou’s office, the door plate reads, “Office of the Assistant Chairman.”

  Xiao Su hugged the computer and gently kicked the door a few times with her foot.

  ”Come in!” A woman’s voice came from inside.

  Xiao Su frowned, when did this Zhou Shijun become a woman? He opened the door with his elbow, and on Zhou Shijun’s desk sat a woman who looked like jade.

  The woman held a coffee cup in her hand, and when she saw Xiao Su, she got up and walked over. She was over 1.7 meters tall and had a model-like body. A set of black dress and a face like a net red, it is simply the allure of the country.

  ”What’s the matter with you?” The woman had a beauty mole on the corner of her mouth, and her attitude was a little arrogant.

  ”Assistant Zhou’s computer.” Xiao Su said to the woman, looking around the office.

  ”Pretend.” The woman stretched out her orchid finger and pointed at the desk.

  Without saying a word, Xiao Su moved the computer to the desk and wired it carefully.

  The woman was standing beside Xiao Su with a coffee cup in her hand, with a proud look on her face.

  ”It’s all installed, then I’ll go.” Xiao Su glanced at the woman, then turned and walked out of the office.

  The woman didn’t say a word, didn’t even say thank you, she was extremely arrogant.

  When it was finally time to get off work, Xiao Su and Brother Jie walked out of the office building, preparing to go to the Haobuhao restaurant next to Boss Zhao for a meal.

  I saw a simple woman riding a bicycle past Xiao Su. Xiao Su turned her head abruptly and saw that it was Nini again. This was the first time Xiao Su saw her returning from get off work.

  Xiao Su looked at her distant back, and suddenly realized that this girl seemed very simple and lonely. It was not easy to have no friends in the company. Just a modern version of Cinderella.

  The two came to the third floor of Haobuhao Western Restaurant. Boss Zhao was chatting with Yifei.

  ”Xiao Su, Brother Jie, you are here, take a seat.” Boss Zhao invited the two of them to sit down, “What do you want to eat today?”

  ”No appetite, let’s have a bowl of rice.”

  ”Oh, the only thing I don’t have here is rice.”

  ”Two pizzas, then.”

  ”Okay, okay, I’ll serve you right away.”

  ”The assistant to the chairman who came here today feels quite arrogant. He swayed around the company for a day.” Xiao Su said to Yifei.

  ”Oh, you don’t know. That assistant to the chairman is Jay Chou’s son. He just came back from studying in the United States, and he is very arrogant. Now the company is dominated by the Zhou family. I think this Zhang Dong may be very soon. It’s about to fall.” Yifei said in a low voice.

  ”No way, so exaggerated?” Brother Jie said with wide eyes.

  ”Oh, you really don’t know. Now the company has already chosen sides. Look, there is no reliable person beside Zhang Dong. If he didn’t have shares in his hands, he might have stepped down long ago.” , Yifei looked anxious.

  ”It seems that the company is going to be in chaos soon, and many people will be cleaned up.” Brother Jie said calmly while drinking tea.

  ”That’s not it, I think it’s too soon. One mountain can’t hold two tigers. Sooner or later, the company will be annexed by the Zhou family. However, I’m on the Zhang family’s side, and I was promoted by Zhang Dong.”, Yi Fei Yao said shaking his head.

  ”We will all be fired sooner or later, so come here to be the lobby manager.” Xiao Su looked downstairs helplessly.

  ”If you don’t want to be the lobby manager, I’ll turn the third floor into an office, and we’ll start a company to work together.” Lao Zhao suggested by flicking the ashtray.

  ”Well, good idea!” The three of them said in unison.

  To be continued…

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