[Cinderella]Chapter 4 – Lianxiangxiyu

  Another busy morning, Xiao Su walked out of the elevator with breakfast in her mouth. After passing through the noisy marketing department, and then through a toilet, I arrived at my own small department, the network department.

  Waiting for him is another pile of broken computers and product information to be entered. Everyone in the network department is the same, very busy.

  Suddenly there was silence outside, and the entire marketing department was silent. What’s going on? Xiao Su stuck his head out.

  I saw Zhou Junan standing in the middle of the hall outside, and there was a woman beside her. Xiao Su frowned and found that it was Nini.

  ”From today onwards, she is studying in your marketing department. You give her more advice and let her learn more.” Zhou Junan preached loudly with a cup of tea in her hand.

  Nini stood there expressionlessly, looking around, with an unfamiliar and helpless look.

  The manager of the marketing department came forward and whispered to Zhou Junan, discussing something in a low voice. Then the three of them walked towards Xiao Su.

  Xiao Su was shocked! what’s the situation?

  As a result, the three of them came to a desk beside the toilet, and the marketing manager said to Nini, “This is your desk.”

  Nini sat down without hesitation, put her bag away, looked up at the marketing manager, and asked, “What am I doing?”

  The marketing manager turned to look at Zhou Junan without saying a word. Zhou Junan said coldly, “Let her start from the grassroots level. She will do whatever the newcomer does.” Then she turned and left.

  The marketing manager turned to look at Nini, hesitated for a while, and said, “Then bring a cup of coffee to everyone in the marketing department to get acquainted with interpersonal relationships. If they need your help, please help them.”

  The marketing manager turned his head and left, returning to his office. Nini looked up and looked around, got up slowly, and walked to the coffee room.

  Xiao Su squatted by the door, holding her head, watching her pounding in the coffee room.

  ”There are more than 500 people in the marketing department! Everyone has a cup of coffee. This is going to kill her.” Xiao Su squatted there and pondered.

  Soon, Xiao Su saw her come out with two cups of coffee. Putting it down on the desks of the two colleagues, he smiled and said, “Hello, I’m new Nini, if you have anything to help, please let me know.”

  The two colleagues from the marketing department were still polite, took the coffee and said, “Thank you.” They bowed their heads and resumed their work.

  Nini walked back to the coffee room and continued to fiddle. Not long after, I took out two more cups of coffee, put it down in front of the other two colleagues, and said the same thing with a smile.

  But these two colleagues are a bit difficult to deal with. After taking a sip of coffee, he said, “Please add two candies, thank you.”

  Nini reluctantly brought back two cups of coffee, added two pieces of sugar, and brought it back.

  ”Well, much better, thank you.” The two colleagues took another sip and said.

  Xiao Su also shook her head helplessly and looked at the poor Cinderella.

  ”Oh! I’m going to die. I never drink coffee from the company. I’ll drink coffee from Starbucks downstairs. Please bring me a cup.” The man pushed the coffee cup away and said.

  ”I want a cup of Starbucks coffee, too.”

  ”I also want.”

  ”Bring me a drink too.”

  There were a lot of disgusting sounds around.

  ”So many people want it, I’m sorry, I’ll treat you today.” The man took out 100 yuan from his bag and stuffed it into Nini’s hand.

  Nini showed a tenacious expression, nodded and counted a few people. He turned to the elevator and went downstairs.

  Xiao Su shook his head, got up and went back to his office to do things. No wonder this Nini keeps running the elevator up and down every day, there are endless things to do, tragedy.

  During lunch time, the company cafeteria was still full of people. Xiao Su sat in the corner looking for this Cinderella.

  She did appear, sweating profusely in line. Sweat had soaked her collar and back.

  Xiao Su silently watched her dining alone in the corner. I always feel bad in my heart, this is too abnormal. Even for new employees, this is not the case. Each department takes turns to suffer.

  In the next few days, Xiao Su heard the most voices from outside in the office, “Nini, help me do this.”

  ”Nini, help me do that.”

  ”Nini, help me buy this.”

  ”Nini, help me deliver that.”

  Until one time, he heard two male voices outside, “Nini, go downstairs and bring up that office chair.”

  Xiao Su suddenly frowned, what! ? Let a girl go down and move an office chair? That thing is heavy! This is too much.

  Xiao Su immediately got up and walked out quickly. He came to Nini and shouted to the two men, “You two big men let a weak woman go downstairs to carry the office chair. Do you think it’s appropriate?”

  Nini looked up at this little Su without showing any expression.

  ”Oh, it’s Manager Su from the Network Department. Are you overly controlling? Are the eight people in your Network Department not enough for you to manage? I don’t think you need to intervene in the affairs of our Marketing Department. You are still busy. Let’s go, your network department has a lot of work.”

  ”Fuck you! You two sissies know how to bully other girls.” Xiao Su yelled.

  ”You don’t need to be in charge of our marketing department. Don’t dangle in our marketing department.” The voice of the marketing department manager came from behind.

  Xiao Su frowned, glared at the marketing manager, turned to the elevator and went downstairs.

  Nini stood there silently for a while. Take a deep breath and nod. Turn around and come to the elevator, ready to go downstairs to carry things.

  ”Ding!” The elevator door opened. Nini’s eyes widened! Xiao Su was sweating profusely carrying a large suitcase, which was the office chair.

  Xiao Su carried a large box and slowly moved it out. Putting it down in the marketing department, he turned and walked away.

  Nini looked at Xiao Su Yuan’s back, and then looked at the box. 35kg!

  ”Pack it up.” A cold voice from the marketing manager came from behind Nini.

  Just when Nini looked at the big box, she was helpless. Xiao Su appeared again, walking towards her with a screwdriver in hand.

  Xiao Su squatted down without saying a word, opened the big box, and skillfully installed the office chair.

  ”Oh, it’s you again, Manager Su. You are really eager to help others. Are you just so idle? Do you have nothing to do in your network department? Eight people are too many.” The sneering voice of the marketing manager.

  Soon, Xiao Su completed the installation of this office chair, put away the garbage, turned around and left.

  ”Thank you!” Nini’s voice came from behind.

  Xiao Su stopped and turned to look at Nini, “You better stop doing it, go home.”

  Nini suddenly frowned and widened her eyes, changing from a grateful expression to an angry state.

  Xiao Su turned around, shook her head, and walked back to her office, scolding in her heart, “Psychopath.”

  The time to get off work was long over, Xiao Su finished her work, packed her bags, and walked out of the office.

  ”Bring me a meal, I’m busy writing code, so I don’t have time.” The voice of Brother Jie came from behind.

  Brother Jie has invested a lot of time in his own project, and he doesn’t know if this thing will have a future in the future.

  The entire marketing department was silent, except for a person sitting on one table.

  Xiao Su frowned and saw that it was Nini. She was sitting in front of the computer, typing awkwardly on the keyboard, and there seemed to be a pile of documents beside her.

  Xiao Su shook her head and walked into the elevator.

  The company’s canteen is open 24 hours a day, and there are meals available. The company wants its employees to eat here, live here, and work for the company day and night. This routine is really abnormal.

  Xiao Su packed Brother Jie’s meal, carried the plate by himself, and chewed slowly in the corner.

  There were whispers on the side.

  ”That Nini is going to the 19th floor now. I miss her a lot. When she’s not here, no one will bring tea or water.”

  ”Yeah, she’s like a servant, providing services in each department. I doubt whether the company wants to add a service department.”

  ”Haha, then she must be the manager of the service department.”

  ”Just kidding, how could there be a service department.”

  ”It’s like this for all the newcomers, and she’ll be called for a while, but she’s more unlucky. She’s just kept changing departments.”

  ”Poor girl, if it was me, I would have quit it long ago. She doesn’t have a problem with her brain, does she?”

  ”It doesn’t look very similar, and people are quite beautiful. Perverted, right?”

  ”Ha ha.”

  After Xiao Su heard these words, she felt very uncomfortable, because in his opinion, this girl definitely wanted to make some achievements in the company, so she just swallowed and started from the grassroots level.

  After eating, picking up the packaged meal, Xiao Su walked to the elevator, preparing to return to the office to deliver it to Brother Jie.

  When he passed by the marketing department again, he turned around and found that Nini was still typing seriously. Xiao Su walked over, stood beside the computer, watched her type word by word, and knew at a glance that she could not type.

  ”What’s the situation?” Xiaosu asked.

  Nini turned her head and saw that it was Xiao Su. After hesitating for a while, she still said, “The manager of the marketing department asked me to enter this information into the computer, and I will use it tomorrow morning.”

  Xiao Su picked up the pile of documents and looked at it. It was a thick one. She stared at her with wide eyes, “Damn it, are you sure?”

  Nini didn’t say a word, and continued to write word by word slowly.

  ”Come on, get out of the way, I’ll help you. At your speed, it’s been three days since you finished typing this information.” Xiao Su stepped forward and said.

  ”No, thank you, this is my job, I will do it myself.” Nini looked up at Xiao Su and said seriously.

  ”You don’t have a problem with your brain, right? People are playing tricks on you. Knowing that you can’t type, they hand over this kind of work to you.” Xiao Su frowned and shouted.

  ”Damn it, I’m starving to death, so you’ve been outside!”, Brother Jie’s voice came from behind.

  The two turned their heads and saw that Brother Jie walked over quickly. Picking up the packed lunch box, he asked, “What’s the matter with you?”

  ”Look, such a thick document needs to be entered into the computer and will be used tomorrow morning, is it possible? She can’t type.” Xiao Su picked up the document and shook it in front of Brother Jie.

  Brother Jie took the information and flipped through it, “Damn it, it’s a bit too much. Do you want to help her?”

  Xiao Su nodded silently.

  With a “click”, Brother Jie split the document in half.

  ”You record the first half, I’ll record the second half, and I’ll finish it in two hours.” Brother Jie handed over half of the materials and nodded calmly.

  The two went back to their office and started typing on the computer. The typing speed of the two of them flew fast, and Brother Jie was still chewing rice.

  Nini got up slowly, walked to the door of the network department, and saw the two people inside focused on the computer, quickly entering information, and a smile appeared on her face.

  She turned around and went into the coffee room, made two cups of coffee and brought it in. Putting it on the table of the two, he said shyly, “Thank you.”

  Xiao Su and Jie Ge turned their heads and smiled slightly, and continued to bury their heads in typing.

  ”In the whole company, the two of you were the first to help me. I will always remember you.” Nini sat down with a smile, took out a diary from her bag, and began to write one by one. Draw and write.

  Xiao Su asked curiously, “Are you writing a diary? Record your daily life in the company?”

  Nini turned her head and smiled, “Secret.”

  After two hours of hard work, the two finally entered all the information into the computer. I made a copy on a USB stick and you’re done.

  ”Damn it, this is really not made by people. The manager of the marketing department is too much.” Brother Jie scolded while eating.

  ”Thank you very much today, it’s getting late, I have to go back, see you tomorrow.” Nini showed a charming smile.

  This was the first time Xiao Su saw her smile, so bright and charming.

  ”Well, ride back at night, be careful on the road.” Xiao Su shouted to Nini.

  ”Thank you! I live very close, and I’ll be there in three minutes by bike.” Nini turned around and left with a slight smile.

  ”Really or not, you’ll be there in three minutes by bike. Where are the houses around here?” Brother Jie turned his head and looked at Xiao Su curiously.

  ”Why do you still ride a bicycle for three minutes? Are you pretending?”, Xiao Su looked at Brother Jie with strange eyes.

  ”I’m back, are you staying overnight at the company today?” Xiao Su looked at Brother Jie’s computer monitor, where there was a pile of densely packed codes.

  ”Yeah, there’s no way, I’m going to add two new servers tonight, and there are more and more users recently.” Brother Jie nodded proudly.

  ”Is your stuff reliable? I see you do it day and night.”

  ”I think it’s reliable. There are not many people buying things online now. When the conditions are ripe in the future, many people will use my search engine. I only need to put what I want to promote first, They will see it. At that time, I will become the king of hell who has the power to control the life and death of online sales.” Brother Jie’s eyebrows twitched, and he looked triumphant.

  ”Sounds awesome, you’d better not use the company’s computer. When you get it, your source code will be stolen, and the result will fall short.” Xiao Su patted the company’s computer and said.

  ”Yes! You really reminded me that I have to take some safety measures now.” Brother Jie looked up at the ceiling and was thinking of a new plan.

  The next day, Xiao Su walked into the elevator as usual with breakfast in his mouth.

  ”Ding!”, the elevator came to the 19th floor, and the elevator door opened. Just happened to see Nini holding a lot of express boxes again.

  Xiao Su took it without hesitation and helped her share half of the burden.

  The two looked at each other and smiled without saying a word.

  ”Where are you going?”

  ”Delivery on the first floor.”


  ”Not tired.”

  Xiao Su took the elevator and Nini went back to the first floor and took out a bunch of express boxes.

  I happened to meet the manager of the marketing department, “Oh, Manager Su, when did you become our marketing department? You are so diligent in helping out.”

  Xiao Su looked at the marketing manager with a sneer, “You’re not called the marketing department, it should be renamed the punishment department.”

  ”I tell you, Sujili. Don’t make trouble for me, your department will be merged soon, and the entire 19th floor will be our marketing department. It’s annoying to see you at the toilet door every day.” , the marketing manager looked at Xiao Su with discriminatory eyes and walked into the elevator.

  Xiao Su looked annoyed, but Nini on the side was always smiling.

  During lunch time, the company cafeteria was crowded. Xiao Su sat alone in the corner, chewing slowly. He looked around, paying attention to that Cinderella. Did he appear in the cafeteria again sweating?

  Suddenly, a person sat down beside him, and there was a faint scent of jasmine flowers. Xiao Su slowly turned her head and saw that it was her.

  She was sweating profusely, and the beads of sweat on her forehead were clearly visible. She smiled at Xiao Su, then turned around and started to eat.

  Xiao Su watched her sit and eat alone every day. He was always curious who would be the first to sit and eat with her. It turned out to be himself.

  To be continued…

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