[Cinderella]Chapter 5 – Shelter

  It’s another Monday morning, which doesn’t mean that Saturday and Sunday are days off, Oli Company, there are no days off.

  The eight men in the network department are working hard. Suddenly two people appeared at the door! Xiao Su looked up and saw Zhou Junan and Nini.

  Zhou Junan had a serious expression, holding a cup of tea in his hand. On the side, Nini showed a sweet smile.

  ”This week, Nini is studying and working in your department, Manager Su, please arrange her work.” Zhou Junan said expressionlessly, turned around and left.

  The eight strong men of the Internet Department applauded one after another, which was so exciting. Finally, a new person joined the Internet Department, and it was still a woman.

  Nini smiled and nodded to everyone, and walked slowly to Xiao Su.

  The two smiled at each other and said nothing. Xiao Su’s straight eyes made Nini a little shy.

  ”Where’s the Nini people? Why didn’t you come today?” The voice of the marketing manager came from outside the door.

  ”She was transferred to the network department today.”

  A footstep approached, “Nini, go to my office and send all the couriers.” The marketing manager appeared at the door and shouted.

  Nini turned to look at him with a helpless expression. Xiao Su hurriedly stood up and shouted, “She is now in our network department, don’t hang around in the network department if you have nothing to do, go do your own thing!”

  ”Fuck! Su Jily! Your network department has nothing to do every day, and the things you do don’t produce any benefits. You don’t want to get involved, right? There are eight people in your network department, and you will be disbanded in minutes! Call your network department, It’s for your face, you are the maintenance booth next to the toilet!”, the marketing manager pointed at Xiao Su and scolded.

  Xiao Su walked over calmly, “You don’t understand the work of the network department, the importance of the network. Get out!” Xiao Su slammed the door shut.

  ”Okay, Su Jily, I’m going to report today, and I’ll let you get out within this month!” There were bursts of abuse from outside the door.

  Xiao Su turned around, showed a calm smile, and said to Nini, “I’m sorry, our network department is very small, and we don’t have many tables for you. You can take a stool and sit.”

  Nini smiled slightly, nodded, picked up a stool and sat down beside Xiao Su’s table.

  Looking up at Xiao Su busy repairing the computer, he turned to see Brother Jie busy entering information on the web page, and then looked around, everyone was working without a break.

  ”I, what kind of work do I do?” Nini looked at Xiao Su with her big watery eyes.

  Xiao Su hesitated for a while, then said, “You should rest first.”

  Nini smiled, her face was rosy, her mouth was slightly pursed, her eyes were looking at the ground, “But me, I want to learn more.”

  ”Department of the Internet, you really don’t have much to learn from you.” Xiao Su smiled helplessly.

  ”Then why does the company still have a network department, and there are only eight of you? I’m curious and want to know. Can you tell me?” Nini rested her chin in one hand and looked up at Xiao Su.

  ”This is a long story.” Xiao Su sat down and cleared her throat.

  ”Because now the Internet is slowly rising, everyone’s life is more and more inseparable from the Internet. Slowly, many people will buy things online. Many of the company’s products will be sold online. At that time, there will be competition in online sales. It will be very intense. If at that time, it will be too late to set up a network department to prepare for the company’s online sales. Although the performance of online sales is not high now, it will far exceed the company’s marketing department by hundreds of times in the future. “, Xiao Su said to Nini solemnly.

  Nini’s eyes widened, with a half-believing look on her face.

  ”So, the main job of the network department now is to do a good job of the company’s online image and website on the one hand. Big companies and big brands have their own websites. On the other hand, it is to maintain the company’s computers. The necessary work equipment for employees. Believe it or not, the Internet age is coming soon.” Xiao Su finished speaking in one breath and took a sip of water.

  Nini showed a charming smile, looked at Xiao Su, and said softly, “I believe. Do you want coffee? I’ll get it for you.”

  Xiao Su shook her head helplessly, “Aren’t you tired after so many days of coffee?”

  ”Well, I’m tired. But getting coffee for your department has a different meaning.”

  ”I’ll go with you, you can’t take it alone.” Xiao Su got up and went to the coffee room with Nini.

  ”Nini, help me send the courier.” As soon as he walked into the marketing department, someone handed over a courier.

  Nini looked at this person and the courier, really hesitating. Xiao Su grabbed the courier and threw it back, “Our network department is very busy, and we don’t have time to take care of your marketing department.”

  ”Nini, bring me a cup of coffee.” Another voice came from behind.

  Xiao Su looked annoyed, her eyes widened, and she shouted at the entire marketing department, “Nini is no longer a member of your marketing department, don’t Ni Ni Ni Ni Ni Ni Ni Ni Ni Ni Ni Ni Ni Ni Ni Ni Ni Ni Ni Ni Ni Ni Ni like a babysitter!”

  The entire marketing department was silent for a while. Zhou Junan happened to be in the marketing department. She held a teacup and said a fair word, “Nini is now an employee of the network department. You should do your own department’s work well and don’t affect other departments.”

  Xiao Su looked at Zhou Junan in surprise. This was the first time that Zhou Junan said a fair word.

  Turning her head, Nini was covering her mouth, holding back her smile, and walked into the coffee room.

  what’s the situation! ? Inexplicably, Xiao Su shook her head and walked into the coffee room.

  The two were tossing around in the coffee room, smiling happily towards each other, with Zhou Junan appearing behind them.

  ”Manager Su, you take good care of Nini.” Zhou Junan teased coldly from behind.

  The frightened Xiao Su and Nini trembled at the same time.

  Xiao Su picked up the tray without saying a word, ready to go back to the office.

  ”I’m at a loss. You were very opposed to the recruitment, and now you are so concerned about it. What is your motive?” Zhou Junan said softly as she watched Xiao Su walk by.

  Xiao Su stopped and turned to look at Zhou Junan calmly, “When I was recruiting, I strongly objected, because the company did not abide by the rules and regulations. Now I am very concerned, it is because the company can’t respect talents.”

  Nini nodded slightly behind her, this sentence was really inspiring to her.

  Xiao Su and Nini returned to the office with coffee, Zhou Junan stood at the door of the coffee room, gnashing his teeth. But she did admit this in her heart. If the Zhou family were not strong, how could they control the overall situation of the company.

  ”Coffee is here, everyone please drink coffee.” Nini brought cups of coffee over and placed them on the desks of her colleagues.

  ”Thank you, thank you, let’s get it ourselves, don’t bring it over the cup. Thank you.”

  ”Thank you, you are too kind.”

  ”Thank you, Nini.”

  The entire network department is happy, warm and happy.

  Nini sat beside each colleague in the network department for a long time to see what kind of work they were doing and learn how to complete their work, which was very rewarding.

  When lunch time came, everyone took time to eat in the company cafeteria and walked out of the office.

  ”Why don’t you go to dinner?” Nini asked while sitting on the edge of Xiao Su’s table, holding her head.

  Xiao Su was busy typing on the keyboard, “Wait a minute and then go, there are so many people now, and the queue is wasting too much time.”

  ”So that’s the way it is. No wonder I eat every day. I go so late and I can see you.” Nini’s mouth showed a faint smile.

  ”I see you every day, you look like you are sweating, it must be very hard.” Xiao Su said helplessly.

  ”Brother Jie, are you going to dinner so late too?” Nini turned her head and asked Brother Jie.

  ”I’m busy, so I don’t usually go to the cafeteria to eat. Xiao Su brought it back to me.” Brother Jie was seriously modifying his code.

  ”The network department is so busy, why don’t you apply for more staff?” Nini asked curiously.

  ”Of course I applied. The personnel department has never agreed. They think that the network department is redundant, and they want to dissolve this department.” Xiao Su shook his head and said.

  ”You can arrange some work for me, and I’ll help you.” Nini’s expression was serious, not joking.

  Xiao Su looked at the ceiling, “Do something easy, print out all orders from the network department, and paste them on the corresponding products.”

  ”Don’t you need to express the product?”

  ”Of course I do, but you don’t need to go. It’s too tiring for girls to do the work of moving things.”

  Nini leaned closer to her head and said softly, “You know what? Why did I hate you so much in the first place.”

  Xiao Su was stunned, “Why?”

  ”Because I think you look down on me and think I’m useless. However, I understand now that you treat women kindly.” Nini’s face was a little shy.

  Xiao Su nodded, “I have a reasonable division of labor.”

  ”Okay, Manager Su, someone with a reasonable division of labor, let’s go eat now.” Nini got up and combed her long hair.

  ”Okay, Brother Jie, is it still the same?”, Xiao Su turned to the busy Brother Jie and asked.

  ”Yes, yes, bring me another cup of milk tea.” Brother Jie looked at the two monitors and was very busy.

  Xiao Su and Nini came to the company’s canteen line to pick up meals together. Looking at Nini’s slim back, Xiao Su was very pleased. This was the first time he had seen Nini queuing up for meals in the cafeteria. She used to be sweaty and pitiful every time.

  After the two took their meals, they sat facing each other in the corner. In the past, Xiao Su used to watch her eat from a distance, but now it is from the front, and it is still in front of her.

  Clear and bright pupils, curved eyebrows, long eyelashes trembled slightly, and her flawless white skin revealed a touch of pink. The pink lips are as delicate as rose petals, chewing the food slowly.

  ”Hey, hey, what’s wrong with you?” Nini shouted to Xiao Su with her big watery eyes.

  ”That, that, it’s nothing, I’m too tired, my brain has been frozen for a while.” Xiao Su suddenly came back to his senses.

  Nini lowered her head with a shy smile on her face.

  I used to have lunch for ten minutes, but today the two of them sat silly and ate for half an hour.

  ”Oh, yes. I’m going downstairs to buy a milk tea for Brother Jie.” Xiao Su touched his head and got up.

  ”Let’s go, I’ll invite you to drink milk tea.” Nini picked up the plate and put it in the recycling area.

  The two came to the milk tea shop on the first floor and waited in line. There was a tall woman standing in front, Xiao Su frowned, this person seemed to be familiar. Thinking about it, in the office of Jay Chou’s son, the cold and famous face of Guose Tianxiang.

  I saw her turn around, holding two cups of milk tea in her hands, and looked down at Nini. He frowned, his face showed the expression of murdering his father’s enemy, and then he turned his head and left.

  Although Nini didn’t notice this scene, Xiao Su turned around and looked at the back of her leaving, with a confused look, do they know each other?

  ”I want matcha, what flavor do you want?” Nini poked Xiao Su’s back and asked.

  ”Classic milk tea, that’s it, two servings.” Xiao Su turned around and replied.

  Inadvertently, Xiao Su found a big headline on the newspaper shelf, “So Goose”! Isn’t this a search engine created by Jay.

  He picked up the newspaper and took a look. It was today’s “Internet Times” newspaper.

  ”Sogo”, a new concept in the Internet era, will soon unify the Internet world and promote the Internet information and sales era. The developer is a small staff member of the big company Ori.

  Xiao Su was taken aback, Brother Jie was red! Grab the newspaper now.

  When Xiao Su returned to the office with the packed lunch and milk tea, Brother Jie was already starving and passed out on the table, “Why, why are you so slow today.”

  Xiao Su scratched her head, “I’m sorry, I seem to have forgotten you.”

  ”Look at this, this is very important.” Xiao Su threw the newspaper on Brother Jie’s desk.

  Brother Jie rubbed his eyes and read it carefully, “Damn it! Who the hell wrote the article.”

  ”What’s wrong?” Xiao Su asked strangely.

  ”In this way, I was shocked by the grass. There will be many similar products coming out soon, but I didn’t expect the competition to start so soon. I want to optimize the code, encrypt the code, and also add a security system, so that the original code will not be hacked or stolen. , I still want to…” Before Brother Jie finished speaking, he sat down and started to huff, and he didn’t even eat.

  It seems that the problem is very serious, Xiao Su said anxiously, “Hurry up and do it, and leave everything else in the company to me. Don’t be fooled.”

  There was no leisure for a moment after the meal, and everyone began to devote themselves to the intense work.

  ”Today’s online order has been printed and pasted, what else can be done?” Nini sat down at Xiao Su’s table and asked with her sleeves rolled up.

  ”Of course there is a lot of work, but you may not be able to do it for a while,” said Xiao Su scratching her head.

  ”Tell me, I will try my best to learn to do it.” Nini smiled proudly.

  ”Look, there are problems with the product photos on the company’s website. There are very few pictures of each product, and there is no information on key parts. It is difficult to sell online. You go to the design department and ask them to put The photos of these products are taken seriously. However, they must not be willing. Then you can borrow their digital cameras and we will take them and make them ourselves.” Xiao Su pointed to the design department downstairs.

  ”There are problems with the cooperation between departments, so the sales volume of your network department has been very low?” Nini asked curiously.

  ”This is just one reason. They don’t want the network department to achieve success and steal the limelight of the marketing department. But in the end, it is the company’s interests that lose.” Xiao Su picked up the product information and shook his head helplessly.

  ”Okay, then I’ll go now.” Nini picked up the product information, got up and went out.

  Xiao Su looked at her back when she went out, and felt very emotional. It seemed that she was really wrong when she thought she was just a vase. At work, she is really not afraid of hardship or fatigue, she is full of motivation to learn and has a bright future.

  It didn’t take long for Nini to come back, holding a digital camera in her hand and shaking her head helplessly, “The people in the design department are really lazy to re-shoot the production. They are too lazy.”

  ”I said long ago that the manager of the design department should get out! Cut corners and affect the quality of product promotion.” Xiao Su scolded while busy typing on the keyboard.

  ”Then I’ll take another shot and find a better background.” Nini picked up her bag and went out again.

  Xiao Su looked up at her and saw that the moment Nini turned around, there was a smile on her face. Xiao Su felt very relieved, because Nini was very happy with her work. Not as busy and sweaty as before, just making a coffee for someone and sending a courier.

  Soon Nini took a set of photos with bright backgrounds and clear products, and handed them over to Xiao Su for re-production.

  ”The shots are very good, very talented, much better than the group of people in the design department.” Xiao Su praised.

  ”Of course, I studied photography.” Nini smiled smugly.


  Soon, it’s time to get off work.

  ”It’s time for get off work, you can go home.” Xiao Su turned to Nini, who was lying on the table.

  ”Why didn’t you leave? I found out before that the people in the network department were the last ones to leave.” Nini asked curiously.

  ”We are different from other departments. It is very normal for others to get off work at the same time. However, the things we have in our hands must be completed, otherwise other departments will go to work tomorrow, and the data, materials, and repaired computers are not ready. It will delay their work and affect the company’s operations.” Xiao Su explained seriously while typing on the keyboard quickly.

  ”Then I’m not leaving either. I’ll accompany you. I’m also a member of the Internet Department.” Nini smiled mischievously.

  ”Okay, let’s go eat first.” Xiao Su got up and prepared to go out.

  ”Hey! Hurry up, don’t eat for another hour!” Brother Jie shouted from behind.

  ”Haha, I see, Brother Jie.” Nini covered her mouth and laughed.

  Nini’s happy week in the network department passed quickly. In the end, everyone was reluctant to leave, so she went to the design department.

  To be continued…

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