[Cinderella]Chapter 6 – Unspoken Rules

  On the first day Nini left the network department, Xiao Su looked listless and absent-minded at work, and often stayed there motionless.

  ”Hey! What are you in a daze! Are you stupid?” Brother Jie shouted from the side.

  Xiao Su came back to her senses and continued typing on the keyboard without saying a word.

  ”You, yes, it’s you, go to Assistant Jay Chou’s office.” Suddenly, Zhou Junan’s voice came.

  Xiao Su looked up and saw that Zhou Junan was standing at the door, pointing at Brother Jie.

  ”What? Me?” Brother Jie was confused and confused. Brother Jie never caused trouble in the company, why did he name him?

  ”Okay, I’ll go right away.” Brother Jie got up and sorted out the information at work on the table.

  When the elevator came to the top floor, Brother Jie stepped out of the elevator door and looked up. Zhou Dong’s office area on the left, Zhang Dong’s office area on the right, turn left. Looking up again, Jay Chou’s office, Jay Chou’s assistant’s office, yes, it’s the assistant’s office.

  ”dong dong dong”

  ”Come in!”, a man’s voice.

  Brother Jie pushed open the door and walked in calmly. This Jay Chou’s son, Zhou Shijun, is playing games, using the computer that Brother Jie assembled.

  ”Come on, sit down.” Zhou Shijun said, pointing to the stool in front of him.

  ”Brother Jie, isn’t it? Your project has spread and it’s on fire! Haha. That search system. I’m glad you’re in our company, and you’re a talent in our company.” Zhou Shijun closed the game and ignited a Yan, smiled slightly, looked up and down Brother Jie, and exhaled a thick smoke.

  ”I have prepared a plan for you. In the company, I will set up a special search system department, and I will recruit 100 starters for you, all of which will be managed by you. You can make this system well and make it bigger, but it must be used by the company. I will invest another 100 million yuan to promote this system and first occupy the online market. What do you think?” Zhou Shijun took a deep breath and smiled triumphantly.

  Brother Jie looked up at the ceiling, rolled his eyes, and asked, “So, what’s in it for me?”

  The corner of Zhou Shijun’s mouth cracked, he sneered, and exhaled a puff of smoke, “You will become a talent reused by the company, a department manager, with an annual salary of one million. Of course, you have to hand over the source code to the company, that is, let me manage it.”

  Brother Jie thought, “That’s not right. This source code was handed over to him, so what do I need to do? Just kill me. It seems that this Zhou Shijun still has a certain amount of knowledge about software and code. , and know to ask for source code.”

  ”Thank you, but this project is just for my own fun. I don’t want to play such a big game. The system is not mature. I don’t want to give the source code to anyone.”, Brother Jie replied seriously.

  Zhou Shijun smiled coldly, stood up, walked slowly to the bar, opened a bottle of wine, “You need a partner, really. You have the technology, and I have the capital. In this way, we will open a new company, each with 50% of the total. % of the shares, I will pay, and you will provide the technology. How?”

  Brother Jie knew very well that, taking Oli’s company as an example, with such a strong attitude of the Zhou family, cooperation with them would lead to death sooner or later.

  ”But my current system and technology are immature. I’m afraid your investment will be in vain.” Jie Ge cautiously declined.

  Zhou Shijun filled a glass of wine, pondered for a while, and said, “What I have is money, but what I lack is projects and talents. Think about it, this is an important opportunity in your life. Or, you can set a price, and I will buy the source from you. code.”

  Brother Jie rolled his eyes and said, “No, go around, and in the end, you still need the source code, which is absolutely impossible! If this project is really done, the power of this network can directly swallow dozens of Ori companies. If it falls into the hands of this person, the world will be in chaos!”

  Brother Jie got up and was about to leave. He felt that there was nothing to talk about. He knew in his heart that it might be time for him to leave the company.

  Seeing Brother Jie getting up and preparing to leave, Zhou Shijun calmly took a sip of wine, sneered, and threatened, “If you cooperate, you can still have soup. Otherwise, you will have nothing.”

  Brother Jie walked out of the office firmly, only to hear a sentence from behind, “You will regret it!”

  In the elevator, Brother Jie was ready. When he returned to the office, he packed up and left, but when he entered the office, he was shocked by the scene in front of him.

  The computer on his desk was gone, Xiao Su fell to the ground, and several colleagues were helping him up, his face still bleeding.

  ”What’s wrong?” Jack asked anxiously.

  ”Ten security guards came in just now and took your computer away. Xiao Su went up to stop it and started fighting. Outnumbered, he was knocked to the ground.”

  ”What! Fuck!” Jack yelled.

  Xiao Su staggered to his feet, wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, and asked, “Is it encrypted? Did you back it up? Did you like it?”

  ”Added! Ready! Clicked!”, Brother Jie nodded excitedly.

  ”Run! They will come to you for the password soon!”, Xiao Su whispered in Jie Ge’s ear.

  Brother Jie nodded, turned and ran out of the office, ran to the elevator, and went downstairs.

  Xiao Su sat down tremblingly, turned to look at Brother Jie’s desk, everything was snatched clean, even Brother Jie’s slippers were taken away, crazy!

  Sure enough, not long after, Zhou Shijun appeared at the door of the office with a bunch of security guards, with a cigarette in his mouth, looked in, turned and left without saying a word.

  Xiao Su looked at his leaving back, feeling uneasy, this person will definitely be a mortal enemy in the future.

  During lunch time, in the corner of the company cafeteria, Xiao Su sat alone, chewing his meal absentmindedly.

  ”Where is Brother Jie going? Should I go to him? Maybe I’ve already been targeted, so it’s better to stay put.” Xiao Su pondered.

  There was a sudden flash in front of me, a plate was put down, and there was a figure. Xiao Su looked up, Nini.

  ”You! What’s the matter with you? You were beaten!” Nini stared at Xiao Su anxiously.

  Nini’s appearance made Xiao Su’s mood suddenly bright, and he stared at Nini blankly.

  Nini is not sweaty today, with big watery eyes, long hair and shawl, pink lips…

  ”Hey!”, Xiao Su suddenly felt a sharp pain in her toes, looked down and saw that Nini was deliberately stepping on him under the table.

  Xiao Su’s heart was beating like thunder, and the wound on his face was no longer painful, but he was stiff, and hesitantly said, “No, it’s fine.”

  ”Who hit it?” Nini frowned, looking angry.

  ”Security, something happened, but it’s all right now.” Xiao Su said helplessly. Xiao Su understands in her heart, what’s the use of telling you a weak woman.

  ”That security guard!?” Nini asked with a pat on the table.

  Xiao Su was taken aback by this momentum, looking at Nini’s expression, like a princess who lost her temper, both cute and charming.

  Xiao Su actually smiled and smirked.

  ”What are you laughing at?! Crazy!” Nini frowned, got up angrily, and left with her plate.

  Xiao Su looked at Nini’s leaving back, and his heart was full of happiness, and he didn’t know why.

  When it was time to get off work, all the colleagues in the office had left, leaving Xiao Su alone.

  Xiao Su sat down dejectedly, looking at Brother Jie’s empty office with a look of melancholy. At this time in the past, Brother Jie should have been busy with his own projects and asked him to pack when he was hungry.

  ”How are you? Are you feeling better?” A soft greeting came from the door, still a female voice.

  Xiao Su turned her head to look and showed a happy smile.

  ”You, why haven’t you gone back yet?” Xiao Su asked with a smirk.

  ”I miss you, come and see you. No, I mean, I want to see how your injuries are, whether you have been beaten to the core.” Nini’s face was flushed, with a hint of shyness. Su sat down at the table.

  Seeing Nini’s fast heartbeat, Xiao Su said hesitantly, “There may be something wrong with my brain, I feel my heartbeat is fast.”

  ”No? Do you want to go to the hospital? I’ll check your pulse.” Nini grabbed Xiao Su’s hand.

  Her hands are so white and flawless, like a beautiful work of art. The pair of slender and impurity-free hands gently conveyed warmth.

  Xiao Su’s heart beat faster, and naturally held her hand. Nini didn’t dodge, just bowed her head shyly and showed a shy smile.

  In the silent office, the two held each other’s hands, not saying a word or moving.

  Suddenly, a footstep approached, and the two immediately withdrew their hands.

  Turning around, Zhou Junan was standing at the door of the office.

  Holding a cup of tea in his hand, he stared at Xiao Su and asked coldly, “Do you have his contact information?”

  ”Who? Brother Jie? I, I’m not familiar with him.” Xiao Su replied hesitantly.

  Zhou Junan frowned, looked at Xiao Su, nodded lightly, and suddenly found Nini next to her.

  ”Nini? What are you doing here? Go back early after get off work.” Zhou Junan’s tone was a bit like a teacher.

  ”I, I forgot my stuff in the network department, come and pick it up. Thank you, goodbye.” She turned her head and said to Xiao Su, and left quickly.

  Zhou Junan looked at Nini’s retreating back, then glanced back at Xiao Su, with a suspicious look on her face, shook her butt and left.

  Xiao Su packed her bags, her mind was confused, she walked out of the Oli company building and went to Boss Zhao.

  When I came to the third floor of Boss Zhao’s Haobuhao Western Restaurant, I found that there was no one there, which was abnormal. The pig’s head that usually eats and drinks here, where have you been?

  ”Hey…, come here…, here…”, I don’t know where, came a soft call.

  Xiao Su looked around in confusion. Following the direction of the voice, he took a deeper and a shallower step.

  When he came to the end, a wall in front of him suddenly moved! Frightened, he took a few steps back.

  Lao Zhao and Brother Jie waved to him from behind the wall, “Come in.”

  Xiao Su’s eyes widened in surprise. Walking in, it turned out to be a secret room, and it was quite big inside.

  ”Damn it, what’s the situation? What are you two doing hiding here? When did you set up a secret room?” Xiao Su was puzzled.

  ”We are having a secret meeting. I use this secret room to hide cash. The front is my office, and the back is the men’s toilet.” Lao Zhao closed the door on the wall and said softly.

  ”Damn it, what is it? It’s so mysterious.” Xiao Su put down her backpack and looked around the secret room. She visually measured 20 square meters. It was very secret in the middle of the office on the third floor and the men’s toilet. He sat down in the secret room, and the three of them sat in a circle.

  ”We’ve just negotiated. Lao Zhao is going to invest a sum of money. Let’s start a new company. We are dedicated to this search engine.” Brother Jie and Lao Zhao looked at Xiao Su with firm eyes and nodded.

  ”Good thing! Make the market bigger as soon as possible. You don’t have to be afraid of that Zhou Shijun anymore.” Xiao Su said excitedly.

  ”You also resign from Oli. Come and let’s work together. Lao Zhao is going to convert the third floor of the western restaurant into an office, and then recruit some people to come in.” Brother Jie patted Xiao Su’s shoulder and said.

  Xiao Su looked up and thought, if she came out of Oli, wouldn’t she be able to see Nini? At the same time, I don’t know the code myself, so I can’t help Brother Jie at all. Lao Zhao can at least make a lot of money.

  ”I won’t be here for the time being. I’ll stay in Oli. At least I can be an undercover agent.” Xiao Su touched his chin and said to himself.

  When Brother Jie heard this, his eyes flashed and he smiled slightly. Because he just wants Xiao Su to stay in Oli, this is not hurting him, but helping him. As for the reason, in this world, only Brother Jie knows.

  ”That’s right. Knowing yourself and knowing the enemy will help you in a hundred battles.” Lao Zhao nodded in agreement.

  ”Okay! That’s it, we’ll start doing it tomorrow. Goal, kill Oli.” The three of them made a three-knot in the secret room.

  The next day, there was a new plaque next to Haobuhao Restaurant, “Sanying Network”.

  At the same time, the “Sogo” search system and the copyright information in the lower right corner of the website have also become Sanying Network. It used to be Doudou Goose Studio.

  Soon, Sanying online recruitment information appeared on the Internet and in newspapers, causing a stir in the entire Internet community.

  Zhou Shijun sat in the office and took a deep breath. Looking at the information of the Sanying Network on the monitor, I turned to look at a computer that could not crack the password.

  He let out a puff of smoke, smiled coldly, got up and walked out of the office.

  He really wanted to see what the Sanying Network was all about. So I brought a few people and came to Sanying Network on the side.

  Zhou Shijun looked down at the address, then looked up at this Hao Bu Hao restaurant.

  He looked puzzled, isn’t this the western restaurant he often comes to eat in the VIP area here. Why did the third floor become Sanying Network?

  Zhou Shijun strode in, and the welcoming lady at the door was the same familiar face.

  ”Hello, Mr. Zhou. How many are you today?”

  Zhou Shijun said nothing, raised his head and walked in. He came to the VIP area on the second floor and did see that there was a staircase leading to the third floor. However, a sign was erected. “Sanying Network, no idlers should enter.”

  Hahahaha, Zhou Shijun looked at the third floor with a wild laugh.

  In the quiet western restaurant, there was a devilish roar. Brother Jie got up and stuck his head out, and found that Zhou Shijun was in the VIP area on the second floor.

  With a cigarette in his mouth, he raised his head arrogantly and looked at Brother Jie.

  Brother Jie looked at him calmly and stretched out a middle finger to him.

  ”The cafeteria of your Sanying Network is really luxurious! Hahaha!” Zhou Shijun laughed loudly from downstairs.

  ”Waiter! Bring the menu here.” Zhou Shijun ordered a large table of dishes and slowly tasted them in the VIP area on the second floor. With Erlang’s legs crossed, he looked up from time to time to look at the Internet company on the third floor, showing a discriminatory, mocking, and humiliating smile.

  ”That’s your Oli’s Prince Zhou, right? I’ll go down and drive him away.” Lao Zhao rolled up his sleeves on the third floor, ready to go downstairs. After all, the restaurant belongs to him.

  ”Don’t! He came to the restaurant to spend money. You should take good care of him and let him spend more money.” Brother Jie looked at Lao Zhao with smug eyes.

  ”Yes, haha. This idiot is here to give money.” Lao Zhao turned to the two waiters and said, “Go, go down and greet the Prince Zhou.”

  ”Bring him the most expensive wine, and serve him the most expensive food.” Lao Zhao proudly stroked the two mustaches at the corner of his mouth, and smiled inwardly.

  Xiao Su is sitting in the cafeteria of Oli Company and having lunch as usual.

  He looked out the window and downstairs, on the third floor of Haobuhao Western Restaurant. Thinking about it in my heart, I don’t know what’s going on with Sanying Network Company now? Have you recruited reliable talent?

  In a blink of an eye, a person sat down. Xiao Su looked up and showed a happy smile. It was Nini, with big watery eyes, tilted her head, and looked at him mischievously.

  Xiao Su felt a shock in her calf, and looked down, it turned out that under the table, one of Nini’s legs was gently leaning on his calf.

  In the noisy canteen, everyone was eating on the table. But under the desktop, there are hidden secrets.

  ”You know, I got a promotion, and I’m in charge of a project in the design department. They gave me a title, project manager.” Nini said softly in front of Xiao Su with joy.

  Xiao Su looked at her with a smile, without saying a word, she stretched out her other leg naturally. Leaning on Nini’s feet, he hugged her.

  Nini didn’t dodge, but blushed with shame, bowed her head and said nothing. But there was a happy smile on the corner of his mouth.

  Just when the two of them seemed to have nothing to do with each other on the table, and there was a lot of love under the table, Zhou Junan appeared beside them again.

  ”Manager Su, please go to Assistant Jay Chou’s office and talk to you if you have something to say.” Zhou Junan said to Xiao Su with a smile.

  The two were so frightened that they quickly separated their legs under the table. Xiao Su’s heartbeat was already fast, and seeing Zhou Junan talking to him with a smile was the first time in history! Xiao Su’s heart almost jumped out.

  ”What the hell is this?” Xiao Su cursed inwardly.

  ”Nini, are you here too? I heard that you have been promoted in the design department. Now you are the project manager. Congratulations!” Zhou Junan turned to look at Nini, and said with a smile.

  ”Ah! Oh, thank you! I’m done eating, you guys can talk slowly.” Nini smirked and got up and left.

  Zhou Junan turned to look at Xiao Su with a serious face and said nothing.

  With a mouthful of rice in her mouth, Xiao Su looked up at her, “Going now?”

  ”Yes!” Zhou Junan said one word, concise and clear.

  Xiao Su shook her head, with a mouthful of rice in her mouth, got up and walked out with her.

  The elevator came to the top floor, walked out of the elevator and turned left, Jay Chou’s office area. He came to this Assistant Jay Chou’s office again, and the door was open.

  ”Manager Su, you’re here, please take a seat.” Zhou Shijun invited Xiao Su to sit down with a smile.

  Xiao Su was startled, why is Zhou Shijun, who usually has a cold face, smiling today? There must be something tricky.

  Xiao Su sat down on the sofa and looked at Zhou Sijun without saying a word. I saw him open a bottle of wine, filled two glasses, and handed it over.

  ”Manager Su, your chance has come. The company is preparing to vigorously develop the network department. Your department will recruit 100 new employees. You have been in the network department for so many years, and you have a wealth of experience. I hope you can seize this opportunity. Find some capable network talents to come in.” Zhou Shijun took a sip of wine and said straight to the point.

  Xiao Su was stunned for a moment, what the hell is going on? This Zhou Shijun said coldly in the network department before, why not cancel the network department. Today, however, it is said to vigorously develop the network department. are you crazy?

  ”I know, I underestimated your network department before. In fact, I only now know that all of your network departments are talented people. The one who left before developed a perfect search engine. I found some evaluations. Experts analyze this system. They all say that it has the potential to unify the Internet.” Zhou Shijun said to Xiao Su, walking back and forth on the sofa with a wine glass in his hand.

  Xiao Su was not excited at all, but panicked. He felt that this Zhou Shijun might be playing some tricks again.

  ”Well, our network department has only had eight people for many years. Suddenly, 100 people were added to me. I’m afraid that other departments will have opinions.” Xiao Su said hesitantly.

  ”Hahaha!” Zhou Sijun laughed loudly. “What are you afraid of? Could it be that they think you have followed the unspoken rules and slept with a certain executive in the company? The executives of the company are all men and not gay. Hahaha!”

  Hidden rules, good hidden rules, Xiao Su hates people who follow hidden rules the most. Xiao Su lowered his head and said nothing. He was really afraid of being misunderstood. He was a person who climbed up by unspoken rules.

  ”The company’s network department, why are you recruiting so many people?” Xiao Su put the wine glass on the coffee table, looked up at Zhou Shijun, and asked.

  ”Make a search engine! Make it as soon as possible and occupy the entire market. We have half of the source code of the search engine in our hands.” Zhou Shijun frowned and said Xiao Su, who looked sideways.

  Xiao Su was shocked! “Damn it! The source code encrypted by Brother Jie was finally cracked in half by them. What should I do now?”

  Xiao Su pondered, he felt that he should immediately agree to this Zhou Shijun and start to set up this department, delaying time. Otherwise, Zhou Sijun would definitely find someone else to do this, and he would really be out of control by then.

  ”Okay! Thank you Jay Chou for the promotion.” Xiao Su picked up the glass and drank it with a fake smile.

  ”Cool, I know you are a talented person at first glance. I will not treat you badly. From now on, the annual salary is one million, and I will start recruiting people to work on this project.” Zhou Shijun lit a cigarette and took a deep breath, showing a triumphant expression. smile.

  Zhou Shijun snapped his fingers. A tall and tall woman walked out of the side door. This woman Xiao Su had seen before, was arrogant and indifferent, with a red face.

  ”Wang Baihe, from today onwards, you will report to Manager Su’s office and help him settle down. You are his assistant.” Zhou Shijun breathed out a breath of smoke and looked at the girl Wang Baihe with an evil smile.

  ”Okay, knowing the assistant to the chairman, I will do my job well.” Wang Baihe turned around and showed Xiao Su a charming smile.

  Xiao Su looked at this beautiful and beautiful Wang Lily, with a heart like still water and a face like a zombie. Because he knew very well in his heart that this Wang Baihe was the eyeliner placed by the chairman’s assistant beside him. In the future, you must be careful in everything you do, and don’t show your feet, so as not to invite murder.

  ”Okay, Manager Su, then go get busy. The appointment letter, along with the appointment letter, will be sent to your department immediately. I wish us a happy cooperation.” Zhou Shijun turned and looked out the window with a sinister smile.

  Xiao Su turned around silently and walked out of the office slowly. He was thinking about a plan, how to delay the time as much as possible, so that Brother Jie could win the final victory.

  When he was about to turn right into the elevator, he found that the door of Dong Zhang’s office opposite was ajar. He glanced inside inadvertently, almost making his jaw drop.

  I saw a girl behind Zhang Dong, with her arms around him, acting naughty. And kissed him on the face. This woman is so familiar, Xiao Su frowned and looked at it, God! It’s actually Nini!

  Xiao Su suddenly felt nauseated and walked quickly into the elevator. In the elevator, he was extremely annoyed. It turned out that Nini just told him that she was promoted, and it was all based on unspoken rules. Zhang Dong, an old pervert, doesn’t spare even a little girl, and Nini, a lowly woman, is disgusting!

  Xiao Su suddenly burst into tears, tragic.

  To be continued…

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