[Cinderella]Chapter 7 – The Princess Arrives

  Xiao Su returned to his office and sat blankly, feeling extremely annoyed and confused.

  He really didn’t expect that Nini turned out to be such a woman, innocent and lovely on the outside, but so dirty on the inside. Relying on unspoken rules, he became a project manager so quickly, which hurt Xiao Su’s feelings too much.

  Recalling just now, the two were still touching their legs affectionately under the table. A few days ago, I was still clenching my hands in this office with affection. Xiao Su’s eyes were wet, her brows were wrinkled, and her face was filled with hatred.

  Is it an illusion that the two had a good impression of each other before? Could it be that Xiao Su is being affectionate? Or, Nini wants to get close to Xiao Su’s unspoken rules? Xiao Su’s eyes were blurred, and he didn’t dare to think any more.

  Xiao Su wiped the tears from the corners of his eyes, turned on the computer, and began to draft a recruitment information. He hoped that the whole process would be as slow as possible. Procrastination is the basic strategic plan.

  When it was time to get off work, colleagues left the office one after another, leaving Xiao Su alone again. Before, he was accompanied by Brother Jie, but now he is alone and deserted. In addition, I was in a particularly bad mood today and had no appetite at all, so I continued to work in the office. Xiao Su wanted to come up with a perfect plan that would not make Zhou Shijun suspect, but also delay the time as long as possible.

  In the quiet office building, there was a cheerful sound of footsteps, the sound approached, and a figure flashed in.

  I saw a cup of milk tea appearing on Xiao Su’s desk with a sweet voice, “Please drink milk tea, the classic taste you like.”

  Xiao Su lowered his head and typed on the keyboard seriously. He knew that the voice was Nini, and he was happy, annoyed, excited, and angry. He had mixed feelings.

  He stopped typing on the keyboard and slowly raised his head to look at Nini.

  Nini was looking at him affectionately with her big watery eyes, with a charming smile.

  Xiao Su didn’t say a word, didn’t know what to say, her mind was blank, and she just stared at her so stupidly.

  ”I saw the lights in your office are on. Come and see. Why didn’t you go to the cafeteria for dinner? I’ve been waiting for you for a long time.”

  Xiao Su looked at her coldly, this coquettish appearance made him feel sick.

  ”You, what’s wrong with you? Not feeling well? Or in a bad mood? Are you sick with a fever?” Nini looked at him anxiously, stretched out a hand, and placed it lightly on Xiao Su’s forehead.

  Xiao Su slowly removed her hand, turned off the computer, picked up her bag, got up and walked out of the office without saying a word.

  ”Hey! Sujili! You’re crazy!”, Nini’s roar came from behind.

  Xiao Su walked out of the Oli Building and came to the Haobuhao Western Restaurant on the side. Looking up, the third floor was crowded. I thought that only Oli’s company worked overtime at night, but I didn’t expect that Brother Jie and Lao Zhao’s company also worked non-stop.

  When I came to the third floor, I saw that the entire third floor had been rearranged into an office building. A lot of people were also recruited. Unfamiliar faces dangled in front of Xiao Su. Seeing Xiao Su was also confused.

  ”Hi, it’s you.” A hand clapped heavily on Xiao Su’s shoulder, startled.

  Xiao Su turned back, looking blank, “Who are you?”

  ”Have you forgotten? I was the first to apply for the job, and you were the only one who raised your hand to support me.” A young man said excitedly holding Xiao Su’s hand.

  Xiao Su looked at the flat-headed young man and couldn’t recall it.

  ”Lao, Lao Jianliang.” The young man said with narrow eyes.

  ”Oh! By the way, there is such a person who can only throw eggs. Why are you here?”, Xiao Su finally recalled the poor boy.

  ”I just joined the job, working in the marketing department. I am optimistic about this company. Although the conditions are still relatively difficult, it will definitely grow quickly.” He said excitedly, full of confidence in this company.

  ”Well, you’re right. Let’s talk back, I’m going to meet an old friend.” Xiao Su shook hands with him.

  Walking through the office area to the manager’s office, Xiao Su opened the door and saw Lao Zhao and Brother Jie, but a young woman.

  She was busy sorting out information and didn’t notice that Xiao Su was at the door.

  Xiao Su suddenly found out that this woman seemed familiar, exactly like his new assistant, Wang Baihe. Visually, he is over 1.7 meters tall and has a model-like body. A set of simple business attire, coupled with a face like a net red, is simply beautiful. She also has a beauty mole on the corner of her mouth, but her appearance is pure and lovely. Could it be that plastic surgery is now a model?

  ”You, who are you looking for?” She raised her head to look at Xiao Su, her attitude was kind and lovely, and her face was innocent.

  ”Look, look for your boss.” Xiao Su looked around.

  ”Oh, they’re in the computer room, keep walking in and see it.” Her smile was sweet and bright, intoxicating and charming.

  ”Okay, thank you.” Xiao Su turned around and continued to walk inside.

  Before taking a few steps, an iron mesh fence blocked his way. Brother Jie and Lao Zhao are installing server lines on the sides of several racks.

  Xiao Su’s face was full of surprise, “As for what?”

  ”You’re here, wait a moment.” Lao Zhao came over, pressed a few times on a cipher device, and opened the iron door.

  Xiao Su walked in slowly and looked around, “What about you guys? It’s so mysterious, burglar, fire, and girlfriends!”

  Brother Jie got up, adjusted his glasses, and said solemnly, “It’s very necessary, this time the source code can’t be leaked again. I’ll keep it and the server under my nose, and I’ve also installed fire protection and theft prevention, it’s safe!”

  ”You put the server and source code here?” Xiao Su looked confused.

  ”Yes, the network speed is a little slower, but with cloud technology, the world can be blossomed immediately, and the speed can be increased by a hundred times. But the source, in my case, as long as the old Zhao’s building is not dropped by bombs, there will be no security problems. .”, Jie Ge’s glasses flashed, a look of determination.

  Xiao Su knocked on the reinforced walls and nodded, “Well, that’s right. But it’s a little exaggerated. Could someone rush in to kill and set fire? By the way, Oli Company is now letting me be in charge of the network department, recruiting people, and starting to develop you. s project.”

  Brother Jie took a sip of water and said calmly, “It’s okay, he only has half of the source code in his hands. My next project will be greatly accelerated, and he won’t be able to catch up. You just need to delay his time.”

  Xiao Su was surprised, “I just wanted to tell you that he only has half of the source code in his hands, how did you know that?”

  Brother Jie smiled calmly, “Hehe, do you remember? The computer he used was assembled by me. I inserted an extra hardware door behind his computer motherboard.”

  ”Haha, awesome!”, Xiao Su laughed.

  ”Shh…Take it easy, we must be careful when we talk in the future, in case the partition wall has ears.” Lao Zhao said in a low voice while pinching Xiao Su’s neck.

  ”Before he found this hardware backdoor on the computer, I could read everything on his computer. It’s just that he doesn’t seem to be doing his job properly. In addition to this source code, there are only games and pornographic films in the computer.” Brother Jie was helpless. said shaking his head.

  ”By the way, who is that girl in the office? She’s so pretty!” Xiao Su asked in a low voice, pointing to the outside.

  ”Recently, the company is recruiting people. I think this girl is pure and cute, and if Brother Jie likes the type, I will recruit him to be an assistant to Brother Jie, haha.” Lao Zhao showed a wicked smile.

  Xiao Su pointed her big mother’s finger at Brother Jie, “High, it’s really high! Get the moon first when you are near the water tower!”

  ”Have you eaten? Do you want to eat? Now the second and first floors are really staff canteens. Fortunately, the company earns more money than my western restaurant, otherwise it won’t be able to play.”, Lao Zhao said proudly.

  ”No, it’s okay, I’ll leave early. I’ll come in through the back door in the future, so as not to be seen by too many people.” Xiao Su picked up her bag and prepared to leave.

  ”Well, it makes sense. Is this playing Infernal Affairs?” Lao Zhao asked, scratching his head.

  ”It really seems like this. Open the door for Lao Tzu!” Xiao Su knocked heavily on the big iron door.

  ”Go, go, go, hurry up.” Lao Zhao quickly closed the iron gate again, for fear that a bird would fly in.

  Xiao Su walked through the office again and glanced in. The girl was sitting in front of the computer typing, looking up to see Xiao Su, with a signature smile, “You walk slowly.”

  Xiao Su nodded, this girl looks good, suitable for Brother Jie. Then he walked downstairs quickly, passed the kitchen at the back of the dining room, and headed towards the back door.

  This Haobuhao Western Restaurant and Sanying Internet Company are located in the same building, which is really perfect. In the office at two o’clock at night, Brother Jie was really typing the code seriously. The lights are bright outside, the people are surging, and all departments are busy. The company adopts a three-shift system and provides services 24 hours a day, which is the first in the world!

  When employees are hungry, they go directly to the restaurant on the first floor to have a full meal and continue to work. The food in the restaurant is exquisite and the service is attentive. Employee motivation has also exploded.

  ”Brother Jie, it’s time for your supper, what would you like to eat today?” the beautiful assistant beside Jie Ge asked with a smile.

  ”Well, just give me a pizza.” Brother Jie stared intently at the monitor and tapped the keyboard quickly.

  ”Okay, wait a moment.” The beautiful assistant turned around and went out.

  ”By the way, Wang Bingbing, your off-duty time has already passed, right? You should hurry up and go back from get off work.” Brother Jie shouted.

  The beautiful assistant Wang Bingbing turned her head to look at Brother Jie, and said hesitantly, “It’s too late now, I’m going back alone, I’m a little scared, let me stay in the company.”

  Brother Jie scratched his head and looked at Wang Bingbing. This pitiful appearance aroused Brother Jie’s instinct to pity Xiangxiyu.

  He got up and dragged Wang Bingbing out of the office, turned and passed Lao Zhao’s room who was snoring, pointed to a room and said, “The company has four rooms, this one is free, you can stay first.”

  Wang Bingbing raised her head, looked at Brother Jie with big watery eyes, and said shyly, “Thank you Brother Jie for taking care of him.”

  ”You’re welcome, then you can rest, everything inside is clean, good night.” Brother Jie turned handsomely back to the office and continued to work.

  Not long after sitting down, Brother Jie found someone coming in at the door, and when he looked up, it was Wang Bingbing again. Holding a plate of pizza in her hand, she smiled, “Brother Jie, your pizza, you’re hungry.”

  ”Oh, thank you. Don’t you have a rest? Don’t engage in company affairs.” Brother Jie was serious and had the look of a leader.

  Wang Bingbing put the pizza on Brother Jie’s desk, turned around and poured another glass of water for Brother Jie, with a charming smile, “I’m here to say good night, good night, Brother Jie.”

  ”Well, good night, thank you.” Brother Jie watched Wang Bingbing leave the office, very satisfied. As expected, Lao Zhao was supposed to open a restaurant, and the assistants recruited were all as thoughtful and warm as the waiters.

  It was another busy morning, and Xiao Su was drafting a recruitment plan in the office.

  ”Brother Su, Brother Su, look.” A colleague brought in a newspaper.

  Xiao Su rubbed her eyes, picked up the newspaper, frowned, and the headlines on the front page were really explosive!

  ”Sogo” engine, the latest AI module!

  Artificial intelligence analyzes data processing, and provides the most accurate information and services based on comprehensive analysis of users’ age, gender, living habits, etc. The primary stage of artificial intelligence technology is in the process of development. This is the change of the times. Sogo will lead mankind into a new era. Major venture capital companies are targeting Sogo AI technology…

  Xiao Su only saw the beginning and was shocked, “Damn it! Awesome!”

  Open the web page again, and the headlines on the front pages of major portals are full of this news. It’s on fire!

  Xiao Su was overjoyed, “Haha, Zhou Shijun, this rubbish, holds half of Brother Jie’s source code in his hand, and he has to form a team to do this. Brother Jie has already been updated, and this rubbish will never catch up!”

  Just as Xiao Su closed his eyes and laughed, Zhou Junan appeared at the door of the office again.

  ”Manager Su, Assistant Zhou Dong is invited.” Zhou Junan frowned and said coldly.

  Xiao Su resisted the joy, pretended to be calm, got up slowly, and answered calmly, “Go right away.”

  ”Three laps to the left, three laps to the right, twist your neck, twist your butt, get up early, let’s do some exercise…”, Xiao Su danced around in the elevator all by herself, crazy with joy.

  ”Ding!” When the elevator reached the top floor, Xiao Su sorted out her clothes, calmly and solemnly walked out of the elevator. Turn left to the office of Assistant Jay Chou.

  Zhou Shijun rested his bipods on the table, holding a cigar in his hand, smoking thick smoke, frowning, and looking annoyed.

  There are major newspapers on the table, and the headlines are all Jie Ge’s AI technology.

  ”Are you looking for me?” Xiao Su asked calmly.

  Zhou Shijun raised his head and squinted at Xiao Su, then slowly got up and walked over.

  He pointed to a pile of newspapers on the table and asked sternly, “Manager Su, how is the company’s network department? They are one step ahead of us!”

  Xiao Su sighed deeply and pretended to be disappointed, “I’m about to recruit people, but the company doesn’t cooperate. Our office is so big, and the work is limited. It’s only a few days, not so fast. I was just the head of a small department before, without prestige, no one listened to me.”

  Zhou Shijun let out a puff of smoke, walked around Xiao Su, and looked at him suspiciously, “The day after tomorrow, the company’s anniversary, I will announce the expansion and changes of the network department at the conference, you should prepare well, don’t No more delay!”

  ”Okay, go get busy.” Zhou Shijun turned and looked out the window, expressionless.

  Xiao Su calmly turned around and walked out of the office slowly.

  Zhou Shijun turned back, looked at Xiao Su’s departure with doubtful eyes, and said to himself, “It seems that I can’t trust you all. I have to make my own plans.”

  Xiao Su walked out of Zhou Shijun’s office, in a happy mood, hummed a song, walked into the elevator, and pressed the button on the 19th floor.

  Just as the elevator door was about to close, someone blocked it and opened it again. A woman stood at the door.

  Xiao Su looked up and frowned, it was Nini! Looking behind her, she came out of the old satyr’s office again, feeling disgusted and angry. He turned his head and looked at the elevator floor, ignoring it.

  Nini stepped into the elevator one step at a time, pressed the 20th floor, and stood beside Xiao Su without saying a word.

  The elevator door closed and began to descend slowly. The two of them were motionless and terribly quiet. They could only hear each other’s breathing and their own heartbeats.

  Time seems to pass very slowly, or has stopped, and the two are deadlocked. Although the person is motionless, the aura has been turned upside down.

  When the elevator passed the 21st floor, Nini suddenly punched and kicked Xiao Su, punching Xiao Su in the chest and kicking Xiao Su’s butt, and then pushed Xiao Su into the corner with force.

  Although the force was not strong, Xiao Su’s beating was inexplicable. When Xiao Su raised her head to look at her, she found that she had tears in her eyes!

  ”Ding!”, the elevator reached the 20th floor, and the automatic door opened.

  Nini walked out quickly, and at that moment, Xiao Su clearly saw the tears flowing from the corner of Nini’s eyes.

  Xiao Su looked down at the ground, feeling very guilty, maybe she was going too far. Even if Nini follows the unspoken rules, she may be sincere to herself.

  When the elevator reached the 19th floor, Xiao Su shook her head and walked out of the elevator. No matter what, Xiao Su is the person who hates unspoken rules the most, and will never pity him!

  Jie Ge’s development progress is astounding, which is inseparable from his work environment. Three shifts, 24 hours of uninterrupted operation, of course, the efficiency is three times that of others. Coupled with the company of beautiful women, the mood is happy and the inspiration is multiplied.

  It was two o’clock in the middle of the night again, and Brother Jie was typing on the keyboard leisurely, developing an AI program.

  ”Brother Jie, it’s supper time, what do you want to eat today?” A sweet voice came.

  ”Pizza, thank you.” Jie Ge emptied the water glass in one gulp.

  Wang Bingbing filled the water glass, “Aren’t you tired of eating pizza all the time? Can I make you a bowl of noodles?”

  ”Ah?!” Brother Jie raised his head and widened his eyes, “You can still cook?!”

  ”Well, I can cook a lot of dishes. I’ll go buy some food tomorrow. Let’s make a noodle for you today.” Wang Bingbing showed a smug smile.

  ”Won’t it be too much trouble?” Brother Jie nodded in satisfaction.

  ”No trouble, this is my job. I’ll go to the kitchen on the first floor, I’ll be right back.” Wang Bingbing jumped out.

  Brother Jie looked at the ceiling and sighed, “This girl is really good.”

  Soon, Wang Bingbing came in with a bowl of fragrant noodles, “Come on, I hope you like it.”

  ”Wow! This is my favorite beef noodle dish, you are so virtuous!” Brother Jie picked up his chopsticks and devoured it.

  Brother Jie asked curiously, “Why are you always in the company and don’t go back after get off work?”

  Wang Bingbing showed a hint of embarrassment, and said hesitantly, “I haven’t found a good place to live. These days I live in the company, and I’m quite used to it, and I can save my living expenses.”

  Brother Jie nodded again and again with noodles in his mouth, “Okay, then you can stay in the company room first, so you can stay at ease.”

  ”Thank you, Brother Jie.” Wang Bingbing showed a charming smile.

  Jie Ge suddenly had a better appetite, a bowl full of noodles, full of stomach, satisfied, comfortable and happy.

  Turn around and wipe your mouth, and continue to write code. This is one of the reasons for high efficiency. Men and women are matched, work is not tired, and beautiful women accompany each other, and the efficiency is doubled!

  ”Good night, Brother Jie.” With Wang Bingbing’s sweet smile and gentle tone, Brother Jie was revived with blood again and went to work.

  ”Well, good night.” Brother Jie smiled slightly, lowered his head and started typing on the keyboard.

  Early in the morning, Xiao Su moved the desk in the office of the Network Department, making a mess. He wants to create an illusion and is busy preparing for the expansion of the network.

  With a teacup in his hand, Zhou Junan stood at the door watching Xiao Su’s nonsensical behavior, shaking his head again and again, how could Zhou Shijun hand over the heavy responsibility to this fool.

  ”It’s alright, don’t move, it’s annoying. Today’s company anniversary, go to the lobby on the 9th floor early, you are the department manager now, you can’t be absent!” Zhou Junan sneered.

  Xiao Su straightened his clothes, shook his head, followed Zhou Junan out, got into the elevator, and muttered in his heart, “What a crap New Year’s Day, isn’t it just a few leaders giving speeches and bragging, what’s the matter.”

  ”Ding!”, the elevator reached the 9th floor, rely on me! Xiao Su was shocked! It was crowded with people, and there were more than 1,000 people. The seats were full. Half of the people in the company arrived!

  He moved forward slowly. He used to sit at the back, but now he is the manager of the department and has to go to the first row of seats, although there are only seven people in this department.

  Xiao Su managed to squeeze into the first row, and saw an empty seat that read, Manager of the Network Department, Su Jily. Looking left and right, it is really a narrow road for the enemy, the marketing manager is on the left, and Zhou Junan is on the right.

  He shook his head helplessly and sat down, looking up at the big screen on stage. The above is playing Oli’s achievements and future plans for the past year.

  ”Oli’s anniversary officially starts now…”, the pair of hosts on the stage were talking a lot of clichés, Xiao Su was already in a daze and was about to fall asleep, maybe it was too laborious to move the table in the morning.

  Sleep well, very comfortable.

  Suddenly, a loud applause woke him up, rubbed his eyes, looked up, and it turned out that the chairman was speaking.

  Baking Sou yawned and stared blankly at Zhou Quan, a fat man with a face full of flesh, who was still working on the manuscript in a serious manner.

  Xiao Su didn’t hear a lot of muddle-headed words, but the last few sentences are especially important.

  ”My only son, Zhou Shijun, the current assistant to the chairman, will take my place in the second half of the year, and I will officially retire.” This chairman Zhou pointed to Zhou Shijun and said.

  I saw Zhou Shijun, with a smile on his face, standing on the edge, looking at the audience triumphantly.

  A burst of applause sent the two of them off the stage, followed by another chairman, Zhang Liang.

  This person was obviously in poor health, and swayed onto the stage, stood on the podium, and took out the manuscript.

  Xiao Su looked at him with contempt from the audience, and cursed in her heart, “Old pervert!”

  Zhang Liang picked up the manuscript and read slowly, “Thank you for your concern, I will officially retire in the second half of the year, and someone will take over my position. Today I want to introduce this person solemnly.”

  The audience was silent for a while, everyone was very curious, and looked at the stage with all the attention.

  ”Since he joined the company, he started from the lowest level, not afraid of hardship or fatigue. He integrated into every department of the company, got to know every employee of the company, learned every business of the company, and finally overcame all kinds of difficulties and completed the learning task. She is the little girl, Zhang Nini.” Zhang Liang pointed to the other side of the stage, a dignified and beautiful girl who was walking up the stage.

  Xiao Su was completely awake, her eyes widened, her mouth wide open, and she stared at the girl on the stage.

  A pair of purple high-heeled shoes, a set of white business attire, long hair rolled up high, pink lips smeared with gorgeous purple lipstick. The whole body exudes the charm of a mature woman, but also the liveliness and cuteness of a pure girl, holding a familiar diary in her hand.

  Yes, that’s her! Nini! ! !

  The girl who kicked his ass in the elevator with tears in her eyes.

  The girl who held her hands tenderly in the office.

  The girl who hugged her legs under the dining room table.

  The girl who makes people pity Xiangxiyu angry at the company.

  That Cinderella that Xiao Su has been silently protecting.


  To be continued…

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