[Cinderella]Chapter 8 – Fiance

  I saw Zhang Nini carrying the diary and slowly walked to the podium step by step, showing a calm expression. On the stage, there is no timidity at all, but also a little pride and pride.

  Under the stage, it was terribly quiet, no one applauded, and everyone felt the chill.

  Maybe this is her true face, Xiao Su is already confused in the audience, he can’t tell which is the real Nini, maybe Nini has a twin sister, so it’s easier for him to accept it.

  Zhang Nini cracked the corner of her mouth, smiled slightly, and said loudly, “Thank you, everyone, for taking care of me during this time, I have learned a lot, and have a deep understanding of every department and every employee.”

  She raised the diary in her hand, “I have recorded all my study and life during this period in detail. This is the most valuable asset of the entire company.”

  She slapped the diary on the podium with a snap.

  Xiao Su could clearly feel that everyone around her trembled.

  ”The board of directors will readjust the deployment of various departments of the company and plans to lay off 50% of the staff. Thank you everyone.”

  The whole place was silent, and at least half of the people were shivering with fright.

  On the other hand, Xiao Su felt that the distance between herself and Nini was suddenly far away, and it was unreachable, just like the distance from the earth to the sun.

  Since the headlines of major newspapers exploded. Sanying Network Co., Ltd. received contact from various venture capitalists.

  A Rolls-Royce stopped at the door of the company, and a few people got down. The one leading the charge was wearing a black suit and had blonde hair. This person is the tycoon of the Internet industry, Gates of the micro company.

  ”Brother Jie, Mr. Zhao, someone is visiting, there is no appointment.” Wang Bingbing ran in and pointed to the outside.

  The two were busy studying the code with their heads down, and they looked up and asked, “Who is it?”

  ”He said it was Microgate’s Gates.”

  ”What the fuck!!”, the two of them were shocked, got up and rushed out.

  There are really not many people who can see Gates, not to mention that he came from the other side of the world by special plane.

  ”Ness Rabbit Oil, I love Tiger Oil.” Several people shook hands solemnly outside and sat down in the parlor on the second floor.

  ”Quick! Go down and find someone who can speak a foreign language.” Lao Zhao was so anxious that this might be a big deal.

  Soon, a young man came up, and when he met Gates, he began to greet him. He was fluent in foreign languages. This person was Lao Jianliang.

  Brother Jie and Lao Zhao had a false alarm. The company is indeed full of talents, and one can be picked up at any time to deal with visitors from all over the world.

  After a bunch of polite remarks, Shuangconveniently entered the theme.

  Gates intends to invest 10 billion to Sanying Company, does not require shares, nor does it require technical source code. It is only required to combine with his products, cooperate together, and provide exclusive technical support. Jointly promote artificial intelligence AI technology.

  When Lao Jianliang translated this sentence to Brother Jie and Lao Zhao, the two were excited. This is indeed Gates, the most influential figure in the world. He just loves to invest in some emerging projects.

  Gates also visited Sanying Internet Company and Haobuhao Restaurant. Sigh this combination of work and rest, 24-hour uninterrupted work system, unparalleled in the world.

  Several people hit it off very well, and they signed a cooperation project on the same day. Ten billion funds will be in place next week.

  After the meal, I said goodbye to Gates and waved goodbye after putting Gates in the car. The two were excited and burst into tears, and the cross-international cooperation officially began.

  ”A big event, hurry up and contact Xiao Su for a meeting.” The two ran back to the office and sent an encrypted email to Xiao Su’s mailbox.

  Xiao Su’s mind was very confused, and he staggered back to the office, lying on the desk, his mind was blank. He felt that he had passed through, everything in front of him was not what he imagined, and he was a fool.

  Suddenly there was a commotion outside, what’s going on? Xiao Su got up, walked to the door of the office and looked out.

  Many people kept complaining and finishing their things. One by one, they left the company. It turned out that the first batch of layoffs came down so quickly.

  In the crowd, Wang Baihe walked slowly towards Xiao Su with a proud smile on his face.

  ”Manager Su, haven’t you always thought the office is too small? The marketing department is now laying off half of the staff, and the space is all yours. You’d better hurry up and start your work.” Wang Baihe’s smile made Xiao Su feel a little flustered. Murder is hidden in the smile.

  Xiao Su nodded, turned around and picked up a prepared recruitment document and handed it to Wang Baihe, “This is the recruitment document, publish it, and start interviewing and recruiting people tomorrow.”

  Wang Baihe frowned, her expression a little unhappy, and she actually gave her the job. Although she is an assistant, she is actually here to supervise.

  She smiled coldly and nodded helplessly. After taking the documents, he turned around and walked towards the elevator, preparing to go to the Propaganda Department.

  Xiao Su looked at the people in the marketing department and left the company alone, feeling a little dark in her heart. It’s long overdue for this rubbish to get out of the way. The company keeps these worms, it’s a waste of food.

  He took a leisurely pace, walked out slowly, stood in the middle of the marketing department, gestured the space and calculated the rearrangement.

  Turning around, I suddenly found that the general manager of the marketing department was also holding a cardboard box and walked out of the office in a dejected manner. Ha, it turns out that he was also fired. This big rubbish really deserved it.

  Several other colleagues in the network department stuck their heads out one after another, with happy smiles on their faces. “Wow, this is a carnage. Half of the people in the marketing department died.”

  Xiao Su walked slowly into the office of the general manager of the marketing department and looked around. I pondered in my heart, “Nicole is really cruel. The marketing department is the largest department in the company. If you say layoffs, you will lay off staff. Once layoffs are half of the staff, even the general manager will get out of the way.”

  Xiao Su turned around and suddenly found a person standing at the door. This person is very familiar, isn’t this Lao Zhao’s girlfriend Yifei?

  When the two met, they smiled slightly, and saw her stretch out her right hand and said proudly, “Xiao Su, I’m here to take over as the general manager of the marketing department. We will be neighbors from now on.”

  Xiao Su giggled, not expecting such a thing to happen in this world, holding Yifei’s hand and saying, “Congratulations on your promotion, happy cooperation. Let me know if you have anything to help.”

  The two turned around and suddenly found Zhou Junan standing at the door. He looked at them with cold eyes, turned around and left without saying a word.

  Xiao Su knew in his heart that the Zhou family had suffered a major blow this time. All the members of the Zhou family were fired, and the Zhang family began to fight back.

  Companies that have long lost their balance of power are now gradually returning to normal.

  It was long past get off work hours, and Xiao Su was sitting in the office alone, thinking about problems.

  The situation is changing so fast, should he start formal work?

  In the past, he fought against the Zhou family, but the other half of the company belonged to the Zhang family. The Zhang Nini he liked in his heart was actually the daughter of the chairman.

  If you’re serious about starting a corporate cyber division, it’s against the brothers.

  If you continue to delay time and do nothing, it will hurt Nini.

  This is so nerve-wracking.

  There was a sound of footsteps in the silent office building, it was the footsteps of a pair of high-heeled shoes.

  As the footsteps approached, Xiao Su raised her head and looked at the door. He expected that this might be Zhou Junan.

  But to his surprise, it was actually the one, with dark purple lipstick, long hair upturned, white business attire, purple high heels, exuding the charm of a mature woman, plus some arrogant and glamorous new versions of Nini. .

  The two looked at each other, expressionless.

  I saw her probe the probe left and right, looked around, and found that there was no one else.

  He walked in quickly, showed a mischievous smile, and placed a cup of milk tea in front of Xiao Su.

  Sit down next to Xiao Su, leaning on the desk, holding his head in one hand. Her pink lips pursed slightly, and she looked at him with a shy expression.

  Xiao Su’s heartbeat is so fast, this feeling seems familiar. Although her appearance has changed dramatically, her inside is exactly the same as before.

  It’s still the pure, naughty, cute Nini who makes Xiao Su’s heart move.

  ”This is your favorite flavor, classic milk tea.” Nini said hesitantly, “I’m sorry.”

  Xiao Su frowned, looking at her full of anger. But it was instantly doused by a basin of tender ice water.

  He picked up the milk tea, inserted the straw, took a sip, raised Erlang’s legs, turned to stare at Nini, “Say! Besides your dad, who else knows about your secret employment?”

  Nini raised her head and smiled when she saw Xiao Su drinking the milk tea she bought. He pouted and said mischievously, “And the Zhou family, Zhou Quan, Zhou Shijun and Zhou Junan.”

  Xiao Su sighed deeply, patted his head and passed out on the desk, my God, I was really played to death.

  Recalling that when Nini first came for the interview, Xiao Su strongly opposed her, thinking she was a vase. However, Zhou Junan nodded with satisfaction, but Xiao Su had no doubts.

  Zhou Junan took Xiao Su to meet the two chairmen. They both signed with a smile and agreed, but Xiao Su had no doubts.

  Everyone in the company nodded and bowed respectfully to Zhou Shijun. Only Nini casually walked past him without saying hello. It turned out that they had known each other before, and they were both children of the chairman and had the same status. Xiao Su didn’t even doubt it.

  Xiao Su felt that she was too stupid, this Nini lied to everyone and lied to him.

  He picked up the milk tea, took a sip, pretended to be serious and asked, “Why?”

  Nini looked at Xiao Su helplessly and told the truth, “I studied photography, I don’t understand company management, but I want to join the company to help my dad. So I made an agreement with the Zhou family. If I can hide my name from the bottom If I start, they will recognize me and recognize me. At the same time, my father also wants me to start from the bottom and understand the operation and management of the company. Find out the henchmen of the Zhou family and balance the family power of the company. “

  Xiao Su sighed helplessly and looked at Nini, who was wearing heavy makeup and light makeup, “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have treated you like that. I passed by Zhang Dong’s office and saw you hugging him from behind and kissing him. His cheeks. I, I thought, you’re… unspoken.”

  ”What!!? What are you thinking?! He’s my dad!” Nini couldn’t help laughing and laughed.

  ”Humph! Am I so pretty, like someone who follows the rules?” Nini showed a smug look.

  ”Oh, I’m really a sinner. Even though I can rely on my face to eat, I have to work hard without complaining. It’s stupid.” Nini looked mischievous.

  Xiao Su shook her head and looked at the naughty Nini in front of her, completely incompatible with her serious business attire. Maybe only in front of Xiao Su, Nini showed a natural and lovely look.

  ”So you go home from get off work and ride your bike in three minutes. Is that a lie?” Xiao Su smiled and pretended to be angry.

  Nini pointed to the sky mischievously, “Well, I live in the guest room next to my dad’s office. I went out for a bike ride and went up through the back door.”

  ”So you don’t go home after get off work, just hang out in the company.” Xiao Su drank the dry milk tea and squinted at Nini.

  Nini nodded mischievously, “Well, walk around the company to see those employees who are working overtime and give them bonuses.”

  Xiao Su threw the milk tea cup into the trash can, turned her head and squinted at Nini, “What about my bonus?”

  Nini’s big watery eyes turned around twice, revealing a shy smile.

  He slowly moved his face closer, leaving a lavender lip print on Xiao Su’s cheek.

  Xiao Su pretended to be calm, but she held Nini tightly and refused to let go.

  Every time this time, Zhou Junan will always appear, and today is no exception. There was a sound of footsteps in the distance, Nini quickly released her hand, got up and walked out quickly.

  It’s just that today’s title has become extraordinarily peculiar.

  ”Aunt Zhou.”

  ”Xiao Ni, haven’t you rested yet?”

  ”Check the company’s overtime work.”

  ”Okay, the new officer takes office three fires, pay attention to your body.”

  ”Got it, Aunt Zhou.”

  Xiao Su shook her head helplessly when she heard the conversation and salutation coming from outside, this is called Infernal Affairs.

  ”Manager Su, arrange an interview tomorrow morning to recruit new people. At 9:00 in the morning, be in the conference room on time.” Zhou Junan shouted at the door of the office, turned around and left.

  Xiao Su raised her head and looked at the ceiling, scratching her scalp, this is really nerve-racking, and back to the previous question, do or not?

  When he opened his mailbox, an encrypted email caught his attention. He decrypted it and read a short sentence, “SOS Secret Room”.

  Xiao Su immediately deleted the email, turned off the computer, and walked out of the office.

  Passing by Haobuhao Western Restaurant, I was surprised to find that the words “Haobuhao Western Restaurant” had disappeared. There are only four big characters left, “Sanying Network”. What’s happening here?

  Xiao Su went around the back of the building, walked into an alley, and came to the small door of the back kitchen.

  I probed the probe left and right, and seeing that no one was following, I opened the door and walked in. After the back kitchen, go to the front hall, and then go up to the third floor.

  Sanying Network, which operates 24 hours a day, is so lively at night.

  Xiao Su lowered her head through the crowd and walked into the men’s toilet. After checking that there was no one else in the toilet, he pushed open the secret door and entered the secret room.

  Lao Zhao and Brother Jie were frowning, Xiao Su sat down curiously, “What’s wrong?”

  When Xiao Su found out what had happened, she was overjoyed, “Good thing! Why are you frowning?”

  Old Zhao sighed deeply, “Think about it, such a large investment will definitely be published in the newspaper tomorrow. At that time, everyone will know that we have new technology here, and there will be black hands reaching out. It is possible to cheat, burn, kill and snatch.”

  Brother Jie pointed to the computer room behind him with a worried expression, “If someone rushes in and destroys it, then the global service will stop and everything will be over.”

  ”Then what should I do?” Xiao Su’s eyes widened, feeling helpless.

  ”When the investment arrives next week, I’ll recruit security guards and arm them. It’s not uncommon for people to snatch the technology with tens of billions of investment.” Lao Zhao lit a cigarette and said with experience.

  Brother Jie and Xiao Su nodded. Lao Zhao is an expert in this area. After all, he is a business person, and he has acquaintances in both the underworld and the white. Brother Jie is a technical person, Xiao Su is a management person, and he doesn’t know anything about the affairs of the rivers and lakes.

  ”By the way, your Yifei has been promoted and is now the manager of the marketing department, right next to me.” Xiao Su said while poking Lao Zhao’s belly.

  ”Stupid? Of course I knew it before you. She is my undercover agent in Oli. In the future, Oli’s customers and business will flow in little by little. Oli’s market value is now one trillion, and it is not easy to defeat them. Yes.” Lao Zhao took a deep breath of cigarettes with a foresight look on his face.

  ”Do you have to beat Oli?”, Xiao Su asked helplessly.

  ”Offensive is the best defense, otherwise we can only sit back and wait. You see, this time Gates is here to talk about investment, and the first shot is 10 billion. What if we come back to Oli to talk about acquisitions?”, Lao Zhao opened a A bottle of wine, pour it into a glass, and take a sip.

  ”If these tens of billions of advertisements are smashed, our popularity will explode immediately. At that time, our business volume may be ten times that of Oli, but it is still weak now.” Jie Ge pressed the computer and carefully calculated the data.

  ”What?! Ten times that of Ori?! That’s the market value of 10 trillion? Too exaggerated? Will I be directly assassinated when I go out?” Xiao Su asked excitedly.

  ”It’s very possible that the dark forces will come to plunder the technical achievements or kill the key people. Tomorrow I will go to buy body armor first. Brother Jie is the key figure.” Lao Zhao took out a pen and paper and carefully recorded the purchase list.

  ”As for that, this is too exaggerated. Could it be that a wave of people will suddenly rush in, shoot machine guns, kill people and set fires, destroy computer rooms, or rob source code?” Xiao Su smirked.

  Brother Jie and Lao Zhao looked at Xiao Su seriously, it didn’t seem like he was joking. Xiao Su also put away his smirk and realized the seriousness of the matter.

  At 9 o’clock in the morning, Oli’s recruitment interview started again.

  The recruits this time are all from the network department, and the interviewers are also very concise. Xiao Su, Zhou Junan, Wang Lily.

  As Zhou Junan said before, these are all slaves and no talents.

  Xiao Su was very tangled in her heart. If she recruited some trash, it would hurt Nini. If she really recruited some elites, it would hurt her brother.

  After a busy day, no one was admitted. The excuse is that these people are too bad and can only be porters.

  Back in the office, Xiao Su was dizzy, while Wang Baihe, the assistant in the corner, was leisurely manicuring his nails.

  Xiao Su looked around the office and sighed in her heart. Why is there still only eight people in this network department? It’s just that Brother Jie has been replaced by Wang Baihe, a person who supervises him all day.

  ”Manager Su, the board of directors is very concerned about your network department. These are the technical talent information recommended by Chairman Zhang, you can take a look when you have time.” A small cardboard box was placed on Xiao Su’s desk.

  Xiao Su looked up and saw that it was Nini, she turned and left.

  Why does it feel like I don’t know her a little? With such a serious look and such a cold and arrogant attitude, Xiao Su felt annoyed for a while.

  Looking at the back of Nini’s departure, he opened the small cardboard box. In addition to some personal information, there was also a cup of milk tea.

  Xiao Su took out the milk tea and took a look. It had a classic taste. There was a string of words on the cup, “I miss you, come and see you.”

  His annoyance was instantly doused by a basin of tender ice water. Pick up the milk tea and taste it leisurely.

  But all of this was seen by Wang Lihe in the corner.

  Wang Baihe got up, walked slowly to Xiao Su, looked Xiao Su up and down, with a sneer on his face, “We finally have something in common.”

  Xiao Su looked confused and looked up at Wang Baihe.

  ”You may not know that Zhang Nini is Zhou Shijun’s fiancee.” Wang Baihe shook his head, smiled coldly, turned and walked out.

  Xiao Su almost choked to death by the milk tea, her mind paused for a while, the corners of her eyes flashed, and tears filled her eyes. He threw the milk tea into the trash can!

  To be continued…

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