[Cinderella]Chapter 9 – Shadow of Death

  On the top floor of Oli, in Jay Chou’s office, Zhou Quan was biting a cigar, smoking blue smoke.

  ”Old Zhang’s move is really powerful. The excuse for Nini to start from the bottom is actually to find out the power of our Zhou family. Now, half of the staff will be laid off as soon as I make a move, and I will lose my troops.” angry face.

  ”Dad, I think Zhang Liang’s doing this is just a desperate struggle. Nini is just a woman who is engaged in photography and can’t help him at all.”

  ”Although it’s true, Kenini is an unmarried woman. If Zhang Liang finds a quick son-in-law to take over, it will be a bad thing.” Zhou Quan took a deep breath of his cigar, his eyes kept rolling.

  ”Then what’s your father’s countermeasure?” Zhou Shijun looked a little nervous.

  ”Fortunately, you and Nini have a marriage contract. She is your fiancee. While our power is still strong, I will talk to Zhang Liang so that you can get married as soon as possible. At that time, the entire Oli will belong to our Zhou family. “.” Zhou Quan smiled coldly, looking at his son Zhou Shijun.

  ”But, Dad. Me, although we watched each other grow up, I don’t like her.” Zhou Shijun said solemnly.

  ”I know, you like Lily. But she can only be your toy, you can’t give her a title. Men should focus on their career and the overall situation. Now our power has been cut in half. If we start a war, we will lose both. , it’s not good for anyone. Only marriage is the best policy.” Zhou Quan put out the cigar in the cup and looked at Zhou Shijun with firm eyes.

  ”Okay, I’ll listen to you, Dad.” Zhou Shijun nodded, accepting the reality.

  ”Good son, you will know in the future how correct today’s decision is. I have a heart attack and need to rest. I will get you married as soon as possible, so I can retire with peace of mind.” Zhou Quan got up and walked to Zhou Shijun’s side, stroking His scalp said melancholy.

  Afterwards, Zhou Quan adjusted his clothes, turned and walked out of the office, towards Zhang Dong’s office area.

  There was a knock on the door, “Please come in.”

  ”Old Zhang, what are you busy with?” Zhou Quan walked in slowly and sat down on the sofa.

  ”Uncle Zhou.”

  ”Ah yo, Nini is here too. Uncle watched you grow up since you were a child. You are so beautiful in this dress now.” Zhou Quan looked at Nini as if he was looking at his daughter-in-law, with a satisfied smile.

  ”Haha, Uncle Zhou, talk slowly, I’m busy.” Nini smiled politely, got up and left the office.

  The office was suddenly silent, and the two looked at each other and said nothing.

  Zhang Liang picked up the teacup and moistened his throat, “Brother Zhou, I think back then, when we fought together, we are all old now and are about to retire. We can’t leave a mess for our descendants.”

  Zhou Quan walked to the bar, picked up a tea cup, and poured himself a cup of tea, “Brother Zhang, I won’t beat around the bush when you and I meet. Although you and I each hold half the shares, the internal forces are fighting fiercely. I’m afraid. The company’s internal turmoil is being exploited by others.”

  ”Yeah, you and I will be born and die together, and we will conquer the country. Now that we are old, we are going to retire, so we can’t meet each other. Brother Zhou, what are your views, I would like to hear them.” Zhang Liang got up and sat down on the sofa. , the two talked for a long time.

  Zhou Quan picked up the teacup, put it on the edge of Zhang Liang’s teacup, pointed to the two teacups, and said, “Marriage. After we retire, the company will be handed over to them, so the family will not have to worry about it. Besides, they have been engaged since childhood. Brother Zhang how about?”

  Zhang Liang nodded and frowned, “But it’s really a solution. The two of them have watched each other grow up since they were children, and they are childhood sweethearts. That is, I don’t know what they will think. , and trillions of assets are also intact.”

  ”Brother Zhang is right, that’s what I think. Otherwise, we will leave the company as soon as we retire. The two of them will definitely face each other. Young people are not as far-sighted as we are. Both sides will suffer. This is not what we want to see.” Zhou Quan said with a deep sigh.

  Zhang Liang shook his head helplessly, “To this point, they couldn’t help themselves. If they don’t agree, they will be divided, and if they are divided, they will be in chaos. If they are not divided, they will be united. If they are united, they will marry.”

  When Zhou Quan heard Zhang Liang’s remarks, he felt sad for a while, thinking back to himself, why wasn’t he like this, he couldn’t help himself.

  After a heartfelt conversation, the two reached a consensus. That is to get the wedding done as soon as possible, before they retire.

  The investment of 10 billion is really big news in the industry, and all the newspapers and magazines have published this news.

  Sanying Network, overnight, became a dark horse in the industry and became the focus of worldwide attention.

  Haobuhao Western Restaurant has also undergone a complete makeover and has become a regular online company. After all, this business makes more money than western restaurants, at least a hundred times more.

  Xiao Su took this newspaper, but she was not happy at all. This time, he took a huge hit. This was a few hundred times bigger than the last blow. It was a complete blow, a hopeless blow.

  The off-duty time has long passed, and the people in the office building have long since left, leaving him alone and sitting quietly in the office. I have been thinking about Wang Baihe’s words, “Zhang Nini is Zhou Shijun’s fiancee!”

  This sentence is not without logic. Zhou Shijun and Zhang Nini are the only children of the two chairman. The combination of the two can stop the internal disputes of the company, and can work together to develop the company, and the whole company will embark on a harmonious and regular path.

  He figured it out, Nini had no choice. Even if it were him, he still had no choice. Unless, abandon the company and betray the family. For the sake of one’s own happiness, it is unrealistic and not worthwhile to give up the entire company’s stability and the family’s expectations, and be accused of being unfilial. After all, they are princes and princesses, and I am just a hairy diaosi.

  At the same time, he also felt that there was no point in staying. He stayed in the company for Nini’s sake, he was indecisive for Nini’s sake, he was in a dilemma for Nini’s sake, and he was unsure because of Nini’s sake, everything was for Nini’s sake. And now, everything has been decided.

  A familiar footstep approached, he knew it was Nini, but he was not happy at all, his heart was calm as water, maybe he was disappointed.

  ”How was your day? I, I miss you.” Nini sat down beside Xiao Su, leaned on him mischievously, and said softly.

  Xiao Su slowly turned her head and looked at the charming and lovely girl leaning on him. Suddenly tears could not help shedding, these were his tears of despair.

  He gently pushed Nini away, got up slowly, picked up the bag, and walked out of the office.

  Seeing this situation, Nini turned pale with fright, and stared at him with wide eyes, “What’s wrong? What happened?”

  I saw Xiao Su slowly turn around and said coldly, “Don’t meet again, bye.”

  Nini suddenly burst into tears, and the tears spewed out! He ran after him, looked at Xiao Su’s background, and shouted, “Su Jili! You’re crazy!”

  Xiao Su clearly heard the sound of crying behind him, but he left the company firmly and quickly.

  Distraught, Nini returned to her room on the top floor and sat on the bed dumbfounded, bewildered. But one thing, she has long understood, that is the status gap between her and Xiao Su, and it is definitely not a match. Maybe this is why Xiao Su rejected her.

  Just as she was in great pain, there was a knock on the door.

  ”Come in.” Nini said, wiping the tears from the corners of her eyes.

  ”Dad, what’s the matter?”

  Zhang Liang smiled and sat down beside Nini, holding her daughter’s hand and saying, “Dad has something to talk to you about.”

  Nini leaned on her father’s shoulder mischievously, “Well, you say.”

  ”Are you interested in someone right now?” Zhang Liang asked kindly.

  Nini hesitated for a while, Xiao Su’s back flashed in her mind, and hesitantly answered, “No, no.”

  ”In that case, do you still remember the engagement with Xiao Zhou? Do you remember what Dad told you?” Zhang Liang stroked his daughter’s long hair and asked gently.

  There were tears in Nini’s eyes and she nodded. She still remembered the agreement with her father that if she didn’t have a crush before her father retired, she would marry her childhood sweetheart Zhou Shijun and jointly manage the company. If he is interested, his father sells all his shares, gives up the company, and retire from the arena.

  But now it seems that she has no crush. Therefore, there is only one way left, which is also for the family and father.

  ”The wedding will be held next week, and the marriage will be completed as soon as possible. The childhood sweethearts are the perfect match.” Zhang Liang hugged his daughter, reluctantly, his eyes were wet.

  Nini’s tears streamed down.

  In the late-night Sanying Company, Brother Jie was sitting at his desk, enjoying a delicious supper. This is all made by the virtuous Wang Bingbing himself. Coupled with the beauty of sitting and accompany, it is really appetizing.

  The luminous cup of wine and wine, Sanying Network shines.

  After drinking and eating, Brother Jie immediately started to continue his work without resting for a moment. When he was tired, he went to the next guest room and closed his eyes. No pain no gain. That’s true of things, and it’s true of people.

  Wang Bingbing cleaned up the table, filled the tea cup for Brother Jie with water, looked around, everything was arranged properly, and was ready to rest, after all, it was past three o’clock in the evening.

  ”Brother Jie, I’m going to rest. Call me for something, good night.” Wang Bingbing showed a charming signature smile.

  ”Okay, I wish you a good dream. Good night.” Brother Jie looked at the background of her departure and thought. The information of Wang Bingbing was called up. It turned out that this girl was born on January 1, 2001, at the age of flowers and jade, with a mysterious and mysterious birthday.

  Brother Jie nodded with satisfaction, nice girl.

  Suddenly smelled a smell, this smell is not on himself, nor on Wang Bingbing, nor on Lao Zhao and others. Have an outsider?

  Brother Jie’s sense of smell is the most sensitive, he can clearly smell that there is another person in the room. At the same time, you can feel the undercurrent surging around you, and there is actually a breeze flowing in the office with closed windows.

  Suddenly I felt someone breathing behind me, is there a ghost?

  Just when Brother Jie was pretending to be calm, he suddenly found a flash under his neck, and a sharp knife was standing under his neck!

  I rely on! what’s the situation! From the reflection of the monitor, Brother Jie can clearly see a masked man in black behind him. He has no idea when this man is behind him! Could he be invisible? !

  ”Who?!” Jake asked, trembling.

  A deep voice came from behind, “Hehe, you can call me, Shadow of Death, what is the password to open the computer room?”

  ”Hahaha”, Jackie laughed! “What do I still think? I’ve watched a lot of movies and TV like this. If you ask me for my password, you won’t kill me. If I’m dead, who are you going to ask?”, Brother Jie couldn’t help it. Laugh out loud.

  The man in black was confused by Brother Jie’s answer. This was the first time that he had encountered such a situation.

  At this moment, Brother Jie picked up the water glass on the side and smashed it back.

  ”Bang!”, hit the forehead of the man in black!

  Brother Jie got up, and it was a punch, and then a kick. The man in black dodged two backflips, and then disappeared with a burst of blue smoke.

  Brother Jie’s eyes widened, “Damn it, what kind of technology is this?” Still dreaming? !

  But the smell is still there, in the room, Brother Jie can smell it clearly.

  ”Security! Security! Security…” Just as Brother Jie shouted twice, he found that his mouth was covered from behind.

  The man in black appeared again, and Brother Jie struggled hard, but after all, the other party was professional and extremely powerful.

  ”Ah!…” Brother Jie couldn’t cry out in pain, and was stabbed in the leg!

  ”Tell me! What is the password to open the computer room?!” the man in black asked coldly from behind.

  Brother Jie hesitantly said something, the man in black leaned close to his ear and listened, “Are you a fucking idiot? You cover my mouth, what can I say!”

  The man in black was confused again by Brother Jie’s answer. This was the first time that he had encountered such a situation.

  So, the man in black said calmly, “I will let you go, you are not allowed to shout, or I will kill you.”

  Jackie nodded in agreement.

  After the man in black let go of Brother Jie’s mouth, he saw Brother Jie blowing a loud whistle! “Huh… uh…!”

  The man in black is sweating! “Damn it! You’re kidding me!”

  The two scuffled! Tables and stools smashed.

  Both Lao Zhao and Bingbing were awakened by such a big movement and ran over. Even my colleagues working downstairs are watching.

  If it wasn’t for a big sign on the third floor, “No idlers in the executive office area!”, colleagues would have rushed up.

  Lao Zhao ran over, rubbed his eyes, and found that Brother Jie was fighting with a man in black. Immediately turned around and ran back to the room, pulled out a pistol and killed it!

  But when he came back with a gun, the situation has changed.

  I saw the man in black holding Bingbing in his hand, a knife resting on her neck, leaning against the door of the computer room. Brother Jie stood on the side, a step away, not daring to approach, there was still blood on his legs.

  ”Tell me, what is the password to open the door? And that fat man, put down the gun!”, the man in black threatened.

  ”Brother Jie… help me…” Bing Bing shouted with tears in her eyes.

  Seeing this, Lao Zhao put his gun on the ground at a loss.

  ”Secret, the password is 123456″, Brother Jie shouted while covering his bleeding feet.

  ”FUCK!”, the man in black yelled, almost fainted by the password.

  After pressing the password, the door of the computer room really opened! “Fuck!” the man in black yelled. He took out a grenade from his pocket, pulled the safety cover, and threw it in. Then he pushed Bingbing away and fell to the ground.

  ”Get down!” Lao Zhao shouted.

  Jackie fell down.


  The third floor was filled with smoke and dust. Lao Zhao got up quickly, picked up the pistol and pulled the trigger at the man in black!

  ”Crack, click”, twice! “Fuck! How come there are no bullets!??” Lao Zhao cried.

  ”What’s going on upstairs!” The security team on the first floor rushed up!

  Perhaps it was because Lao Zhao had a gun in his hand. Although there was no bullet, the man in black professionally threw the knife in his hand at him, hitting his thigh directly. “Ah!” With a loud cry, Lao Zhao fell to the ground!

  It wasn’t over yet, the man in black took out a pistol with a silencer installed on it and aimed it at Brother Jie. Unexpectedly, Bingbing got up quickly and blocked in front of Brother Jie.

  ”Enough! Don’t kill!” Bingbing shouted.

  The man in black hesitated for a second before pulling the trigger.

  It’s six bullets for Bingbing and Jie Ge!

  Lao Zhao looked up and shouted, “Jie!”

  It turned out that Brother Jie hugged Bingbing and turned around, got six bullets, and the two fell to the ground together!

  Six security guards on the first floor rushed to the third floor, raised their guns at the man in black, “Don’t move!”

  The man in black flashed and disappeared into the air.

  ”Shoot! Hit Lao Tzu!” Lao Zhao roared.

  A few security guards shot at the air in front of them, “Da da da da da da da da…”

  All the bullets were fired, but the man in black didn’t move at all. However, there was a long bloodstain on the ground, and the man in black should have been shot.

  To be continued…

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